The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 22, 1947
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Soviet Radio Hits U.S. Newspapers ,, V • RuMioh Pop«r Aiks ' " Anwtricain to Reflect OnFtitcof Germans ! Now You See It, Now You—See It Again »y BOXER J$NKS. LONDON. - Sept.' ; 22. (U.IM — Radio Ifoioow- poured out a flood cf propaganda against the United StatM ini Us ~ newspapers today, and the"' Soviet Army's newspaper In Berlin r advised Americans to reflect upon what Russia did lo the Nazis. „*_, " ; ' The Rtusian. radio tirade, which begin yesterday, was ]>egged generally upon ' 'the United Nations G?ne't>lv Assembly meeting and e-- peclally;'\ipon * American reaction W Soviet JDeputy Foreign Minister Andrei . Vishlnsky's speech, against the United States Thursday. Amerjcart 'newspapers, Radio Moscow said; - quoting a Tass Agency j dispatch,,-were ."resorting to vulgar nbusT and personal attacks on i irrrrbers 'of the Sdv'et' delegation. iTpudsnUy .disregarding Ihc rules rf elementary de-ency." It sald_ the speech had enraged tfce comrpieritotcrs of most American newspapers, which arc "con- trbll'-d By large monopolies." Tho commentators, Radio Mcscow said, were "unable .to disprove the es- r"nce of his (Vlshinsky's) accusations." The New York new=o'\ucr PM. Radio Moscow said, "recognized tbe justice of n nur..-..-r of statements bv the head of the Soviet delegation." Hlnte U. S. Would Lose The Soviet Army's German language newspaper, Tacgliclu Pur>d r chpu rf Berlin, said it would be a mistake for Ihe Ameri-aiis who want to make war on Russia f> ,b?li:v5 that It would be won in advance. "Americans forgel that German farcists when they started the war were ccnvinced of their strength." Taegllchc Rundschau »id. "How It ended, everyone knows." The recrnt line of Russian prop- n«a"c 1 a has be r n that the Soviet defeated both Germany and Japnn P'actlcallv slnrrlc-haudedly. although the Soviet Union 'did not ;g;t Into the war against .Japan until six days before it ended. A London newspaper, the Sim- day Times, insinuated yesterday that Russia had adopted n "get tough" policy, in the United Na- :tions because it wns within reach of the ptomic b^mli Th^ disrmtn' written in New York by the Times WASHINGTON. Sept. 22. lUP)- corresFondent, O. H rirwido. was, civll Scrvia . commission official prnted m early editions but lat?r: said tnriay tllL ,, hop[ , lo comp ie:,, withdrawn v.ithout/evplannttcn. | v;itllill lw : o .,, ccks .',,,, |milc , 0 " f J5 Russia s irreconcilable attitude , ;e rsor.K who will hear appeals of gov- t wrsra the United Slates. I have eminent workers accused of dis- reason to believe, is based on th- loyalty. I .great progress Russia has made in Under President Truman's loyalty ' .development of atomic energy." projinni, special boards of at leas'l ] jBrandon wrote. "I understand that tl.rce Judges «i'.l be Ihc last com',' :,in the next few days an announce- cf r.ppeals for employes who are ^merit will be made In Moscow re- ordered dismissed lor disloyally. ' .gardlr.g Rmsia's prcgress in the Civil Service Commissioner Ar- ! ifield of atomic development—an thur Ficminini; said the commis-siou ' piinouncement to startle was using, "meticulous care" in I ^tho world." choosing tbc panel because of the' : | imj.uii<ui::e 01 it.s worK. isy namm;.; •u 15-metnber panel of judges, he said, Ihe commission seeks to avoid giving any one person too heavy Soy Anderson Unfair In Crop Estimates WASHINGTON, Sc,,t. 2.. <UPt- 'Ihe Agriculture Commissioners of two southern states today accused Secretary of Agriculture Clinton !> Anderson of using his dcpai linenfs official cro|> reports to hold down farm prices. CoinmJ.vslonor 'ijim Under o f Georgia and J. E McDonald of lexas In a joint statement issued here said thai the Agriculture. Department overestimated the size of the cotton crop In 1945 and 1946, thus depressing speculative prices. Tlic statement also repeated a charge that McDonald has made In the past — that the Government's restrictions on the cxooit of food have "arbitrarily" held down the price of lard. The two commissioners also criticized Anderson for two speeches In;;'- week. In the first. at Albuquerque. N. M.. they said, Anderson predicted a critical .shortage of Brains and urged the American (iconic to ration themselves voluntarily. "Three days later In Chicago, "they said, "Mr. Anderson said thai tin? slice of the wheat crop compared with exports made tiie situation so favorable thai far lower prices were in order." Livestock HT. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Sept. 22. (UP) —(USU/U — Livestock: Hogs 8,000; salable 0.000; barrows and gills mostly 25c lower than Friday's average. Sows, .steady to 25c lower. Bulk 180 to 250 Ibs.. $28.50; scattered sales $28.65 and 28.75. Heavier weights scarce. IfiO to 110 Ibs., lights. S27.25-S28: 130 to 150 Ibs. 524.15-327; 100 to 120 1I)S.. 521.15S24: sows, 450 Ibs. down, 525-S26.SO; 1 MONDAY, SEl'TEMBKR-22, 1947 occasional sales »26.75 on light sows. Cattl* 9.000; salable 7,000; calves. 1,500 all salable. Supply Includes about 40 loads of native steers and 10 cars of southwest grnssers. Cows' making up approximately 30 per! cent of supplies. Opening trade 1 rather slow, but initial deals about' steady with last week's close on all I classes. A few loads of good and choice steers, »28-*32; some held] higher. Good heifers and mixed yearlings, around t25-»27; medium kinds, $17. 50-$2<; little done on good cows. Some common and medium beef type, $13-»lS; carmen; and cut- ten-. $10.75-$13; good lx:ef bulls quotable around. $18-$18.25; good sausage bulls, $17-»17.50; good and choice vealers, $23-$28; common and medium, *13-J22. Swedish, soivaiils .sit at the Inblc his family wail on them on Christmas Eve. Scientists are continually searching for means of diluting radium and making It work by proxy, due to its excessive rarity. ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS Prolecl and I'reserve Your Roof Have me to inspect your root' now, before bad weather and winter sets in. Eddie Solibo Let me solve your roofing problems Phone 25:iG ' Rlythevillc, Ark. u s E D C A R S Open Nights 'Til 10 p.m. For' the convenience of those people who have to work crops during the week, our auto sales department will remain open Sundays and nights 'til 10:00 o'clock. Our Used Cars Have New Car ZIP! The reconditioned car you buy at 1'OOLE MOTOR COMPANY is as fine as our .siilesmuii says it is . . . truly represented and fairly priced Uic way you want it! Plus that, you can finance your auto if you wish, with easy monthly payments thai make the yours in no time at all! We Sell Goodwill With Our Cars! car POOL E MOTOR CO. EMis Poole, Owner & Mgr. South Highway 61 at Steejje, Mo. Phone Stecle 49 fc'moke nnd debris (lop) obscure a huge air raicf shelter and flak tower in Berlin's Tiergatten a- British r.rmy e-.ginocrs blast the building with 50,000 pounds of TNT. Members of the German press i di in (he left foreground for protection. But when newsmen examined the result (bottom) l..^. 'uiiJid thai the explosion failed to destroy the lower, which was marked for destruction as part of the Allied demilitarization program. | Clark was completing a master list Tru- '• of Comniunist-fron'.-'i and other sub- 1 versive organizations to which government workers cannot belong \vilhouL inviting Mispicion. Clark aiso was perfecting plans for hearings on organizations about whose aims he stlil is doubtful. Parcel WiH Hear Appeals in U. S. Disloyalty Probe a burden. The review board, under Mr man's order uf March 21, has an- | lliority to review any case of recommended IM grounds of disloyalty, and lo advisory i i-cconimciulultutt.s to the head of the employe's agency or department. The review 'can be tiskccl by either the agency or the person involved. i.L.iiiM..ue. A.iuiiKy ochsrui loin ' Read Courier News Want AO*. Sacrifices Life In Effort To Save Others \VASHINGTON, N. c., sept. 22.11 0 a capsized skiff. (npi—coast Guardsmen dragged The l»al overturncc in a heavy Pamlico River near here today for squall yesterday and Woolard and .the body of Jack Woolard. 40, fish- his five passengers clung to the .Ing boat master who gave up his skiff. Sheriff William Rnmley of -life so. that his weight would not Beaufort County snid the skipper ,jeopardize . flvc^passengers clinging ignored the pica of another mcm- " : —.-^~_ ~-'-"—.-.---.--.-_-_- - -_T J . bcr of the party to "hold on" and ,..'.-. . w-is orownuu lour miles from the • NOTICE-TO PUBLIC fi s l TOt where his brother died in a -..'.'• M similar accident in 1935. •The law offices of Gene E. Brad- SI Rumlcy said Larry Adams of - ley-hkve been moved to 411 \V. i! Rocky-mount, N. C.. swam a half- By Security Farms, Inc. In Cooperation with the United States of America 24.62 acres, subject to Eik Chute Ditch right-of-way, located Approximately five miles cast of Ciirutliersvillc, Missouri. This Innd is partly cleared, some cotton planted. Scaled bids in duplicate, on prescribed forms, will be received in the office or n. M. Morton. Area Chief, Administrative Services Division. G25 E. Wnlnut Street. Indianapolis. Indiana, until October fi. ID-n and then publicly opened. For furiher Information and proper bid forms see Charles H. Brock. County Supervisor. Farmers Home Administration, Courthouse Building, Kennetl. Missouri. . Wain. (Across street from Mont- Sornery Ward.) mile through the storm-tossed water lo Hawkins Landing and secured aid fov the other survivors. SCHENLEY LMDS FAVOR iERICAS Sunny Mowing Flavor is th SUNNY SAYS « for pleasure, Schenky 6eafs tie band, that S'jnnv Morning f/aior's gnjnd f Treat Your Car to Skilled SERVICE Expert Nnsh service is now available for nil make cars. This means that your car—no matter what make it moy be- can now receive the benefit of the experience of our skilled mechanics who work with the latest tools and equipment to give fast, efficient service on nil jobs. Make it a habit to treat your cnr to the best in service-skilled Nash Service. ^ ft- fs "i^ IK 4- SCHENLEY LTON a E S E K V E MOTOR COMPANY 119 W. Ash Rhone 4438 IMPORTANT NOTICE The Undersigned Stores Will WEDNESDAY SEPT 24th In Observance of a ELIGIOU LIDAY Your Cooperation Will Be Appreciated GRABER'S LANSKY'S BEE HIVE ZELLNER'S NEW YORK STORE JIEDEL'S FEINBERG'S HESS' ,. %

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