The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 22, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, SKI'TKMr.KK '.!'.>, (AUK.) COURIKK MOWS r pAGE THREE Picking Contest Donors Nai 185 Contributors, $2,943 Shown on First- List Published A MM of lc'5 do no:':•: in tlic solicitation arive coiuhu'U d by \\\- .Jim- kir Ch:i]i:i::'v of ComjiU'i'i-f U> obtain UnutS to fin UK i' the F.i^lui: N.Uiomil Cell on Picking Contest IIIMV O;:l. U wn.s r'.-li'ast'u tncl;iy by cm;; ps t oTfiriiils. The donors oi\ ihis Usl have Cfiiurivuu'd ii lolul oi $2.943. Natiii'.s f>l all contributors in iho solu-itu- tios: dj-ivc will appear in tlu- oi'li- L'liil i;ome:;L prn^ruut. Additional lisimjis will b;> :m- Jinunred Inter by COTUC.SL *j! The coniributors. );>-Le(t bv anr.Hit:', iiivi-i). follow: S1DO.CO —KarniiTJi Rank ;md Trust Co.. p,i'.st National Hnnk. 11 C, L-.tml CrimpnMv and Ark-Mo Pcnvi-r Coni' ^'> ' > y/Q.OD—Anrtor.son-Clay ton CulLon • Co, Cr.ifum Co.. Vh.Uip.s Motor Cu.. ' IAV Eifh Chevrolet Co.. Mi^.s: o Tin- ' plfLiiiMU. C:>., O-SC^-olu, Jmr.CM 1 Lu:tl- ; lici' and Hardware Co,, Blyiiu-i'ilh> | Ca:M)jri>.'LS, Rod Top Giti. Huddk-ston ; Co., Arkansas Grocer Co.. unti HI/- | liu-vilk 1 Colion OH Co, ! S4!).G f J—Bnford Merlin ami Lon- ' Map Shows Nice Terrain Thousands Pay Last Respects To LaGuardia NtlW YORK. H?pt. 22. (UI^ — I-'iHU'iul sorviros will bi i lu'ld ul ^:li f j p.m. lochiy for l^iiH'cUo H. Ui- <Jiiai'<l1it. Nt'\v York's fiery I'x-muyor who iliotl Siitunlsiy. The 1 lllKht Ui'v. Oharlos KciulivU Cilljcrl, I'rotcstatU Kpisoojiikl llislitip ut No\v York, \\ill conduct iho siM'v- iro in Uu- vuultt'd CuLlu'drnl uf HI. John thr Divim 1 . Iiu uputwai from UH- li-t'ininp. Kasl KUU 1 IciumwiiL clistrit'i whcrr l.aCiiianliu was b»rii nearly [if> yoar.s i\m>. National, city ami stale cUunl- tcn ics. and nicjnln'rs of I ho Immediate family situl fviiiuLs will uileiuK I.riCiiiLtrdla'.s liotly lay in slate in Un 1 Callurdral ycsvorday and hiKt Fadeout Must m:»ps me pretty dull things, but this one is quite intoreslim,'. Thiii large tiinnnlion shown in Ihe center is M;iri:in Anderson. Site's ^ot a rij^hi lo her location, loo. Marian works for the U. S. Loiircl on Gi'o^raphiL' Nomes. She's picluird us, it) licr slocking feet, she makes important name changes on ihe !;u - se m;iiJs. nii;ht. Polico t-stlnialrti MnU persons \vlio cli-cled him I href limes rauu i to pay lli 50,003 innyor ir Last Harry Corey Dies 'Eoydstun. $35.CO—Mis.sissil>|>i Cnunly Pi litireiui. i HOLLYWOOD. Sept '22 (UP) — S 33 " 3 -Blylhevir.e Waiter Co. and .Harry Carey. r,:>. one O f Ihe few re- AliC Cab Co. j mrirmni; I'.vo^un, sti-ely-eyed movie -2o.O'J—MMd\ qein^Iheater.^o.-;- ; cowboys who never .strummed a yui- ^" T ^—•' ' ' j- kisscxi ; condUioi ccola. Planters' Gin Co.. Hoseland i tin .. Ciin, I-Jiowah Gin. Slill and Youiu; |h r -:irt Motor Co.. L. K. A-:l:;-r:\ti Co.. Bl;- I Carey llu-ville Mo'.Gi- Cn.. A. G. Little. K. ' lady, died from a yestenUiy. rolled bis own ' cigarettes in scores of westerns, cut thousand's if nolchc-.s on iiis trusty .six-.s!ioolcrs. looked eye. tiie villains L. links, O. M. A. C.. Ciyt Electric- t-.'u Hnbbitrd Fin nilure Co. iNmni Provision Co.. Curler's Grocerv, Universal C. I. T.. Huffmiuj Bros. Lbi-. Co. p.nd PepsL-Col-i Uoillin,! Co. S20.00 A K. Wetenkamn and Co., ilitys Store. Blylheville llospitiil. Wade Furniture Cc>.. Dr. Pepper fiOTliiiK Co.. KLiby DI-UK C ;.. Ch:,::l'olin Sales Co., K L C. N.. lvi;:lc BCiUitv School. Guard's Jewelry S:ore, Floodv/ay Gin, Midw.iy F.irmeis Co-op Association, W. 11. and \V. R. Bryant. J. L:e ErnicU:'! Gin Co., Liltle Ri\er Co-oj) Gin, Pc-rlis Mercantile Co. altd AI-inclalay Gin Co. S!.>.fJO- Playmore Hilliardr;. Bislini) Grocery. GocKlyciu- ServicL-. Dr. I. ii. Jnbnson. .le.^se While nnti K. ii. David RC-alty CO. ,,= .=... .™,,,,. i-mums- V.O.. SinO'J- Suu'cr Sew 1 ))" Machine I Mo "' trl< '- 1'ckirds Grocery, . Co.. Stewart "brtlB Store"and Whis- j Ule:i.:i-. is. R. E. "Bob. ' Harris. t:ey Store. Ca!<.', -I*,:-! the Plumber," Ralph Rushmi,', Col- j Lo;.- Welch.'s D.-ii'.; Store. Jcnkin's Variety Store. Holland ami Taylor. Hii'.hrcck Dim: Store, nlytlicviUi; i : l\i''r'. Service. !^u:'liaiir.u ami Dunn G;o<:!."iy. Os;-eul.i. City Drug Store. Cs:cola, Dane Pi-i-jiis Co., Osccol.i, Htfvcn Kalpli Auto Supply, Oscca- h>. Dr. Tiimintino, Osteola. ItaHei-.s Quality siio.- shop. Becliive, Beauly Bar. Lanskv's B-n-gain Center. Archie Lovelace. Plumber. O\i Hickory ln;i. Cecil Lowe. Jodie Na- ber.i. Kills Iiiiplement Co., Morse I nncJ Kirshllrt. Philip Applebiuim, Nonis Printinsj Co.. Camb Boone You- Do-H Liumdry. Blyiheville Ciin Co., Djha Lumber Co. Nu Wa Laundry, Heaton's Home Ask Tern Executive Branch i LITI'LU ROCK. Sept. '>•>. (MPi-- Four-year l?tnis fcir elective oMI- cials in the executive branch of Stale Govei mnent would hi; possible under a proposed constitutional [amendment which will be .sponsored ! next year by the Arkansas Depaii- i incnt. Veterans of Foreign Wars. | The Department's policy-making council of administration meeting Here yesterday directed Judi;e Advocate Tilghman Dlxoti of Little Rock to draft the proposal and petitions uece.ssarv lo place U un the 1948 bullol. The plan would limit the terms of elective state, district, county and city officials to four years and per- tne i'liminer. • Hn:]iii Kasnmi,'. <^m- I ,. - — ••--• — ton Thomas E Reeves Con0:1. ] tvn Wa Laundry, Henton's Homn Phillips Petroleum Co.. ' Biyeans;' j ol Flowers. Euffinston Grocery. E. Taxi. Goff Hole!, -limmic Ed\var-Js i °- -'><' ; '»«- Matthews Gin Co., Arj- Taxi. Goff Hole!, -limmic Furniture Ca.. L?e Sntc \uy Theater. GHn Il.-.rrison uu-r.t Co.. C. G. !dwar-:ls Sales, Sa Is i . ,_ ! IJebaum Ladies Toggery, J. Rayj mond Smith. l-']-anklin Press, Lotlis iir; Motors. OsJecla. Hart's Mo- Co.. Oiceola. L. K, liai-warg, mit an official to seek re-elec-tioti four years after expiration of hi:, first term. \ Under the proposal a former governor would become a inembi-r-itt- Inrge. of the stale Senate one year after his term expired: a former county judge would become a mem- Three and four abreast, they moved in Imshed .sll<'nce Ihi'ou^li Ihe tiilhednil and pasl Ills bier. The crowd shnlYled lhroui;h Ihe ureat cathedral at the rale of 4.00(1 an hour, pausing only brlelly to look into the open casket. Then 1 were women in furs and urn n in slacks; men In lup hats ind open-ni'cked sports shirts, and •hilclicn wlit> had In stand on tiptoe to :-i:e I tie face of Hie man who ustd 10 i Tad them the .Sunday funny papers over the radio. Kven u blind man made the pilfji iniaui- lUroiiKh the church, escorted by a friend. An honor guard of two policemen, twti llremeu and two employes of Ihe ncpurtmelil of Sanitation slomi at strict attention on each side of the bier. So great wns Ihe crowd Hint the b?r-at-larfje of the (inorutu court; and a former mayor a membcr-at- 1 arise of the city council. In other acllon. the council proposed a moratorium on war talk from ili-adviscil and Ill-informed persons lo the detriment of the best interests of Ihe nation," and pledged full confidence In the United Na- lions. The council set- June 26-29 as the date for next year's annual encampment at Fort SmilJi and invited National Commander Ray Iliannnmnn of Denver to attend. Textile Workers Of South Ask 15c Pay Hike ATLANTA. On., Sept. M, (Ul>> — The Textile Workers Union uf America (OIO) was on record lod»y for u 15 cent hourly wujjo Increase (or (he southern Icxllfc Industry. OelfKiilPs of (lie union reprcsenl- Inu i:>5,0(K) workers In 190 mills In eight sniitlierii states met here yesterday and mithorlml local affiliates of the union lo reopen nc«o- (lulloiis lo secure the Increase. In u resolution, tiu- (lelenales sulcl Ihe Ifi-cent Increase wits necessary Ui eliminate dllferenlluls In .sec- llonul pay scales und lo help the .son!hern worker nu'cl Ihn rising of living. Oeorne Ualdan/.l of Charlotte, N. C., TWUA exeenlh'e vice-president, said Dint all southern employers with whom lite union Imd conlt'iiet.H would bii notlllcd of the demands and Dull lU'Koilaliims would stall us soon as possible. The resolution sulcl Hint cui-rcnl prolll.s In Ihe textile Industry an: sufficient lo penult payment of tin: Increase and .si111 Inive 111-17 prolllf higher than In ID-Ill -all-lline hluh lor Ihe liulnslry. The Union nalnc<i a 10 per cent Incrcnsi' for southern ; workers last February. HOLMES & EDWARDS *My Own\ 3-P1ECE SETS ' I In* cuii-ht M'l yoii'vo i-vcr m-cnt lively crown iit'.slitn hpoou mul fork \vlln IIUiiiiuiii'ii piuli'. All J i>1cc<-n hi ihlA Kin* UAV |irin>. To satisfy n life-Ions ambition lo be a fashion (lesijmer, comely sm'un actress Marllm Vk'kcr.1 has deeided to nbaiutun her JUm career. Above, Ihe 22-year-old bcanly, who has ncceptod n pu- silinn on the. editorial slolt of c- nnlionnl fashion imiK^mc. Rym- bolicidly Irars up ii movie script lujdy wivs i>hieeil In slule two nml one-hull, hours enrlier Hum line) hem plunnetl. Al cme lime the (jui'iie covered iilmosl Ihe entire tlircc blocks nromul the Cathedral grounds. Wind and Rains Tumble Mercury to 55 Degrees •I'ho wind and ruin which wns Northeast Arkansas' sluire of UK effects of tlie now-spoilt null hur- rlenne brought reduced Irniiiorn- lure.s nml more Ihaii half an Inch or ralnlall over Ihe weekend. Maximum temperatures of ;,',T degrees were recorded here holh Rut- unlny aticl yc.slerduy, ammllm; u Robert 12. Illnyluck, ofllcial wealhei observer. The mereui-y tumbled to n lo\i of 55 decrees diirlnu lust. nlRhl. The low durlni: Satuidiiy nielli was Gf decrees. Total rainfall received here yra- terday wns .51) of an Inch. DANGERS OF .CHRONIC AILMENTS FRKK HOOK— On Piles And Colon Troubles Learn interesting facts uhont i I'iles. Fisuila and other rectal and colon disorders; al.^o such ccun- inonly nssoeinted ailments as headaches. nervousness, constipation or tions. Write today — for a frank and informalive 'lO-pa^e BOOK.' Explains mild Institutional Heal-' mem. Thornton fc Minor Clinic.' Suit:- 072. !K>G Mcfif. St., Kansas City. Mo. So'.ithcrn Auto Store. Ciiy iy --larket, Saliba's Cafe and The Nickel Stand. S~> C5—Erui'St Halst-11. Massengill r )ru« Co.. Csceola, H. H. Wilmoth. Deli Service Station, Sinclair Oil Cn.. L:. C. Hiomeye' 1 . 'Drs. Carl and F.rii'.a \':es. United Insurance Agency. Genera! InsuranL'c Agency, Deadly Clinic. U. S. Branson. Wai:.;;k- Elcaric Shop. H. W. Wiley. C.ijves Place, lilychevillc Cabinet Shop. Hucy's Grocery, Twin'Gables. HiliitL'.s Caie, Ho.^p'j Ii-on and Mela] Co.. Wall's Hospital. Wade Wrecking Co.. Ur. .J. A. Saliba, Caldwell Beamy Shop. Henry Westbrook Ma- eiiiu-' Sh(i]) and W. M. Williams In- .-!; Co. S=.CO — Metropolitan Life Insur- amv Co. and Acllcr Hotel. S2L'J-Fair Deal Grocery, Peyton's Grocers, C. f-;. Stevens Gro- crr:,. Un.'iianan Grocery. Gateway Service SI at ion. J. D. Landrum PVUit .^Lr.nd. Cooley's Grocery. William'-i I-'^)i Muket and SJu-]>pberd's Gro- .\-ry. ?1.C[) Ivnery Grocery. Perry Bro- ilirr.s Grocery, Tot Shop, Lost Boy C'ri\j;vry. >U^hv;ay 18 Service Sla- tion. O. K. Tire and Welding Co. and Bracken's Bnrb^r Shop. : Wanted to Buy • * Highest Prices * I Paid for Used • I Tractors and • • Equipment J : Russell Phillips] J Tractor Co. • . Highway 01 Phone 2171 , WHY GET UP NIGHTS DUE TO KIDNEYS? flUSH THEM OUT THIS DOCTOR'S WA1 9 If you tct up niclils—Imve frequent tk- »irc to JKIES your uutcr—but have only scmily pii33a;;cs—ycj, ntul hnve backache, tluc lo CMCCS^ ncitlily in the urine, be glnd you're rending tliis: Tiiicc nentrntioiu ago Dr. Kilmer, • famou'j doctor, foiiiid hiiuclicdn of hit iindtnta \vith ihla trouble, rtiinstflkinfcly !ic r.inilc a nirdicinc of 16 Jicrbs, rcots, vegetables,bnlsiiina—Nature's owtt v;oy to ttllif. He called it "Swamp-Root" fltid mi 1)ion3 of grateful mm and women hayo taken it—ofteti witii amozine results. iivvnmp-Root goes rialit to work to ffi/a/i ou( kidneys . . . increase! flow nf I urine, Lclplng relieve excess nciclity . . . so I the Irritated bladder sets n ROCK! HusluiiK lout, too. Mnr.y report Retling n good j nielli's sleep after tliu firtt four tfoscs. j Cniilion: ini:e, ns directed. For free trial supply, srrd to I>ept. V rf Kilmer b Co.. Inc.. Box 1255, Stnmfora, <!o»n. Or—Qd riill-sircil bottle of Swuni^*- ?to;t lodny ftt your ilrupstrte. Daws 0. K. Garage 120 Lilly St. (icncral And) ItepniriiiK ftatliulor Cleaning it Itepitir I'ninlin^ & Hocly Kepair Welilinff,. All Types All Work Guaranteed Phone 805 MANUFACTURERS METHODS f&%ft Savings and Safer Service! I'lulrr rprsnnal Supervision of Mr. HARItY C' SCATTKKDAV ivho lias .inst joined our stuff On];.' rxpi rtr; iiRlti£ ractorv methods '.Viifi h Kv- rv :;c'IOIlll[fc IhsUllmulU for :H:<;ur.ttr n'p-filui; mill [ino U'.stiilR t.s luio In <Mir thop. DHEIFUS . U'rnr Iliamnnrts 316 \VEST MAIN ST R FALL "See Jimtrtie First!" Piece | Living Room Massive pieces . . . with inlcr- c.stiiH. wood insets, ready to cn- scmWn witli Hie acce.ssorics you clierish. rcgarrtless of their style it's so adaptable. • Only $99.95 2 PIECE STUDIO SUITE What stupendous value! ! Uively Studio Couch suite of malchini: tapestry; blue, wine or rust colors. Soft downy-llke sprhii! construction. This is so flue a buy that yon will wonder how It can be offered for so little! See this suite lodny—it cannot be equaled elsewhere for much more money. only $89.95 9x12 I Firth j Axminster i All Wool 1 RUG j $99.95 | In Wine, Blue ', or Red ! i Pldstitone Rug j $19.95 j This Week's Special Coffee Tables Only $9.95 This Week's Speciol OCCASIONAL TABLES $7.95 This Week's Special END TABLES $1.75 JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO DO NT MISS •/']^7^^<x' - Features m^rr^^, Presented Daily CPCEI In Front of Grandstand ' SJUaaBal 301 East Main Street Phone 2487 ('liico, the ovJKitiatoc of I lie "Slide For Life", first gained I'ainc when lie appeared in the dramatic show : which scored xiich M hil (in I3rond\viiy, "Excess ling- j ^iigi;!" Chico ascendM In the top of the Kvandstnnd, u'lilkinsc up <"' :i rope and 1'i'oni there, makes n slide ' nl' one hundred and fifty feet, will) nothing to support him. Chico'.M oilier act is a juggling act that is iiuil.i: different, as he uses a Diablo instead of the usual balls and chilis, which most jugglers use. "He" will present his two act.i at the Northeast Arkansas Fair Walker Park— Sept. 24-28 FARM LOANS Home Ofilce, Newark, N. J. 10.--.:. 7r.?.?l PROMPT CLOSINO LOW RAT« CAM., WRITR OR SE« RAY WORTHINGTON U5 S. Third St., Blylhcville, Ark. Scrvlns This Section 25 Yean Authorized Mortgane Loan Solicitor for TIIK PRUI)RNTI,\L INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA MINNIE LEE JONES MUSIC STUDIO Teacher of PIANO THEORY — HARMONY Special Classes for P re-School . Children and Beginners 807 Chicknsawba Phone 2994

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