The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1948
Page 5
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WKDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1018' BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NE\VF Czechoslovakia Coup Expected U.S. Officials Feared Soviet Intervention Back in September Life Raft Su>vivor Sofe By R. II. ShMkford United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, FCO. 25. lUP) The Stain Department predicted secretly last September that Rus- »ia might decide al any time to make Czechoslovakia a total Communist state, it was learned today. Thus the current events "in Prague, however disliked here arc no .surprise. The State Department prediction was made in a seem document last Pall. It came shortly after ihe Kremlin had served a humilialinK ultimatum ordering the Czechs '.o abandon plans to participate in Ihe Marshall plan. The Czechs al first formally accepted the invitation lo attend the Paris conference on Ihe Marshall plan. But then inulor the .severest threats from Moscow, they withdrew. Officials Here date the "downfall" of the Czechoslovak attempt to maintain relatively &ood rcli'.iior.s '.t'it.'i the West to (hat Incident. Tiie Stiv.e Department's September prediction was made, in a 27:1- pa^e European analysis prepared [ mi for congressional committees on'n,, for.^isn aid. '['he document is still marked "restricted." but the United Press learned today that the analysis nf Ihe political situation in O.ccii- oslovakia said In pan "The. criical question in future That "moment Czechovlak developments is wheih- have pa.ssod. A er the boldness of the government i viewed with alarm and grief the in acceptance of the invitation in I prospect that Czechoslovakia ptob- the Paris meetings (on the Marshall • ably will fall victim to total Corn- plan* and ihe resulting Soviet ill- munism. If the Kremlin has .so de- timiilimi will lead to Soviet or I crewl -and f-vents of the Inst. Memphis' Miss America Departs To Judge South African Beauties PAGE rrvt By William .1. fan «. (I'llKerl I'rfss S<arr <Virr<>.srmndi>n|| MEMPHIS, Temi.. Peu, 25. <Ul>i —Barbara Jo Walker, the- collcuc- KO!UK Miss America of 1948 Is off tcxluy mi a aO.UOO inlle international liiur of charm lo .JoluuincMmri;. South Africa, but her fiance Is forlorn. Din-burn Jo-loKOthev with Miss Grout Britain and Miss Fiance vi ill serve on an Intel naltoiiul ; boaril of bounty judyes lo sHecl ["Miss .South Ad-Ion." It's a hiy Ineuk for llarbara (he beauty i|iioen who spumed the movie screen -hut luisbiind-to-he John Ikmimcl figures It'll be lor- | ribly lojii'sorm* without her. | Younii llmunii'l will be .stuck here completing his internship al | a hospital u-lilte nnrbani .In Is; Russians Take Floating Dock; Allies Protest NVjcru roller ,M:ikr c.'inwl SAVANNAH, On. (Ul'l-^J'hc first Neuro policemen appointed here, since reconstruction days hivvo made Midi H «<>(«! record that Savannah has decided lo add ilncc more. Nino Noiiro patrolmen were population U prtdoinlimuly March to work In aieas where'N. M. Hutns of an Indian pueblo Inrge niiiiKli lo have nmm>mod«tert 2.000 persons were found near EUHlco, it v\ is i iupp\ pilot who vias peeled h> his oleinti ulfc on his arrival in Browrsville. 'iex., aboard a banana bout. Kslcban dc I.con |L>. co-pilot of an ill-lateu C-47 caiuo pine till crashed in the Gulf of Mexico, spent, days alx.ard a life rail Iroin which it is believed sharks drugKi'i'tt )0ily .>f liis injured pilot, Neil \vomak. into Hie waters. Esleban's hi.s son Ksuban, the internal sphere -in return for complete cntudmauon \vilii tilt 1 So| vie:.-, in loreiyn polie/.' now seems lo Creeled him. Telcptioto.) Tlie trip is the biggest adventure for the dark-haired beauly .since she won the Miss America title last September. Harbnra Jo's first stop Is New York where .she'll underuo the preliminaries for Ihe journey. She'll remain in Gotham uinil Friday afternoon, when she will model hi a fashion show in liosion. Then it's back lo New Yovk lo be fitted for n special woo] wardrobe ior wear In South Africa Mayor William O'Dwyer will tor- j mnlly ^he Dariwrii Jo his mert- ! IllKs to -lie mayor of Johannesbnni • Bhe'll leave New York I; LONDON. Feb. 25. illl'i- Deputies of the American. British and l-'rench foreign mhilMers protested ^riotously yostei-day the removal by KUssia of a la>tfe Dmuiiir l^ivei- Iliialint! dock from Austria, at A time when the Bit: l>\Hir were supposed to be lnlkhiR over Soviet claims on Austrian shipping assets. British nopuly .lames Marjorl- l^an^s told the ineotlnp of the dix-k! " tin Ihe nanube- -was taken iUMiy hy (ho Russians lust "Friday or Sntuidiiy and [loalcd down-river In R^iviel-dominated iiunRar.v. ] Marjorlbanlis. barked by'' the American and l-'reneh deputies. .said then- «as lillle <;so ritsciiu-lni; |.Soviet claims if the Husslnus In- j li-nded lo remove assets "unilato- rally" from Auslrln. Amerlcfin Do- putv Sannie] nehcr demanded nil j Austrian n.ssels be fro/en until tin- •imnci! rules on Uns.sla claims HnsMa's N. P. Koklomov admit- ed tile lloatlnf! dock—only snrh itrnclme n the Danube — had been Communist action intendrd to create a typical satellite state in a tightly coordinated and exclusive eastern bloc "For the moment, at least, Moscow seems content to maintain iis previous relationship with Cswcho- slovakia—H tolerated immunity in indicate thai it has- these officials American officials view the rocenl evenus us meaning an end to Moscow's "tolerated immunity' 1 of Czechoslovakia's handling of her own internal aflrths. Agri Deportment Studies Prospect For Rice Exports . WASHINGTON, Feb. 25. <UP) The. Atii-irulutre Department i.s 1 .sciuan-! a Lom.siana iJrofc.s.sor on -t detit Miss I?n\vls wilt sorve us chniv- fone mid tuloi—for Uurhnra still is a hcauty \vJtii brnin.s rt 'ul \VLint.s a rienrco pjTliniloiiry to doln^ Knui- uatc work, she pluns to tc.u-h, On licr rouirn ivi|) Untbam win slop iU Clinllanoogft. Tenn., ^HMT shr is ^^l)e(Ullccl lo ncklros.s the Tcniics.srp F:<Uici\ti(>n Association on March Ifl. Hlir'll ictut \\ liorr thr\t nipht tn home, school mid John Hummel. i dot; disi'iiNs'fons, wlilrh UTIT 1 nt ronsuirrinv. rc'i>iuatlon.«; c\ i he inrluiin! | n [!ip A\IS',!i:n i LtTiitv. 000 EmUitns wlio I in Mt'Xiin. ait MjtpnixtiiiiiU'ly 1.000.- WE DOCTOR AILING AUTOS! Located In the Business End of Blythevillc! UV look ,,«,• floe-tor's (iojrrco In mechanics. 'I'luit'ti why wo i-nii spot I rouble liisl and f^x it ju«l. iis .mifkl.v! AL l|, e (\nl s\ Kn of lro,,l,] C| 'in'vfi in nnil lul lls dnK'k inul repair your car. (W« CnU'r lo Tnit'liors . . . N,, liellcr Service!) LEE MOTOR SALES 307 Easf Main Street (.'MC TIU1CKS OI.DSIMOUll.K Phone 519 Spanish ' -^^^. NOW! A Body Shop Thot Gives You Real Handwork CraHsmanship! FLOWERS BODY SHOP • ALL WORK DONE BY HAND No stretching or cryshilizing by jiir hose or other danuiffiiij; mciins! OUR WORK SATISFIES OR NO CHARGE It's Our Guarantee That- Counts LOCATION: 118 South Lilly Street „ . .. . ................ pro.s]loits lor U. S. rice exports. Dr. J, Norman Efterson. rice s[)C- j -------------------- .............. rialisi Irom Stale Uin- ' of (Do fwlcni) alcohol la.v unit vc'i'.sity anri A. and M. College, will jsnld. ', sluriy market pio;.])eet.s hi Asia, thn | "Hut. In 1941; vve Keixed 22 nn<l in .Middle E:ist uiicl Europe. (19.17 we not 31." Couerty siiiil. j The departnicnt snid Efferson svill , Couerty . said the continuing I 1 is hubby huffy 0 | for indb fluffy? ffr HunKo seek aiuswc-rs to these questions: | popularilv ' o( mnniisliinhiK How Ions will U. S. rice export.s ;o cause of the price of S21 Asia continue al present high lev. ; |Wr rsll (|I \\] fKn i Alcohol. Di els? How soon will Asiatic producers prohibition it cost, only 51.M regain their prewar level of rice can. cxpoits? What competition will this ' '- oiler tlie United States? What a.-™ the market possibilities in Europe and E::ypl? Excrpt tor the Caribbean Ai'e.i, Europe in prewar days was this nations most important foreign rice market. is be- j lo 528' per _. THE ftainty COOKING FAT MWonderful! V IL'S all vegetable Moonshtning Continues In Spite of Repeal CHICAGO (Upi— Daniel J. Con erty. chief of "revenue men" says that in sjjite of repeal, vuoonshJn- ing still is going on. It costs about 58.0(10 lo sel tip an ordinary 500 gailou-a-day stiH. Conprty. who is district supervisor BOUGHT A COKE IN 1886-STILL DOES 10IUED UNDIR AU1H08IIY Of THE COCA-COLA. COMPANY IY COCA-COI>A liO'rn.ING CO. nf m.YTHBVlU.h TH»S MORNING NIGH Sleeping on S]irin(;-Air put« pep in yum step . . . renews energy ,-inil vitality! Cum* i» for de nslralithii of fea- iV^'VJ '""' 5 ' ; ""' ''"•' "''''•'' '" si ' le iN^ V- V ''I' A\. sl "ry" ''lionl niattreis i.-oin- S|>rin«- \ir "Cnnlnilli-il (."infiir!" relaxes \..n fn,, M In S,, T .n t .Air l»in..rr<)i.: (; units ^i\ f you aiilniriatic » - ' i ur\e ami Inuly movemenl • • . .liii in |>ii'iriiiin» mi. naiural -piua] ^.i^ .mil nms- i-lr \t\ivtit. A\.-iil,iMi. now, in Usmm full sue mattress ...,! mnuliin. $4050 l»>\ >|irinj>,c.Kd 4Q Furniture Company 'More For Your Money All The Time' i The very first si^ris ,,f S j,,.| nK h|1V( , n| . ri vc(l_ hriRlH anil I.enutif,,! 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