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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, September 22, 1947
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BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEK OF NORTHEAST ARKAN3AS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLIV—NO. 154 Blythevillc Dully News Blylhevlllc Courier Blylhevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTHKVIL1.B, AHKANSAS, MONDAY, SKl'TKMKKK 22, 10-17 SINGLE COPIES FIVE GENTS Paris Conference Cites Urgency Of Aid From Outside WASHINGTON, Sept. 22. (U.I'.)—The IG-Nalion Kir I'opcan Recovery Conference today estimated Biirojie's rehabilitation needs during the next four yeni's at $22,<MO,000,000. from llic rest of the 111 the Western iieml- An official summary of Ihc final Paris report on the Marshall Plan released here and In the 16 Eu- roix-an capitals said Ihe major pkrl. of Ihc deficit must come from Ihc United States and "thc vest or the American continent." Of thc $22,M0.000,0000 total, thc Paris conference estimated Ihat $15.810,000,OCO would be required from the United Stales plus 970.0CO.OCO countries sphere. The other WG.000.000 presumably would be supplied by Ihe Europeai counlries themselves. The summary said that the Europeans had done the best. Ihcj could tn work, out their requirements under the Marshall Plan. Jlnp* to Trim Budget "But these undertakings can be successfully carried out only with the assurance of a continued riow of goods from thc American continent—it that flow should cease thc result would be calamitous' the summary said. Tho report held out thc hope Ihat the $22,440.000.000 deficit, might be trimmed to $19.330.000.000 through a world bank loan of $3,- /'The report shows that even after taking full account of the supplies they can produce for Ihem- sclves, and which they can hope to obtain from the rest nf the world., the participating counlries wilt require large quantities of food, fuel, raw materials and capital equipment from the American continent." the summary said. "Without this flow of goods the whole.recovery program will be in jeopardy." •. •.It rioted at. the same time that thc shortage of American dollars in. Europe in already forcing "one country after another" to cut down vital imports of food and raw materials from thc Western Hemisphere. '.'If nothing is done, a catastrophe will develop as stocks become exhausted," the/ summary said. "If Wo little Is'dorft. arid if "if is done too late. It will he Impossible to provide momentum needed to get the program under way. Ixwk to U. -S. For Airt "Life in Europe will become crea'singly unstable and uncertain: industries will grind to a gradual halt for lack of materials and fuel and the food supply of Euroix will diminish and bcfcin to disappear: In. thc last analysis. Ihe summary said. Ihc external means of recovery can in thc largest measure only come from the United States. It pointed out that American assistance in thc past two years already has rescued Europe "from collapse and chaos." The 16 Western European nations said their report was based on .the fullest use of their own existing productive capacity, and in its drafting they had sought lo reduce their needs from thc American continent to a minimum. "The American people, through Iheir government and Iheir Congress will consider this program and determine whether thc means can be found to supply those nerds.' the summary said. "On their decision will depend whether Europe can achieve economic make h '?"" UlCTrhy . bc enabled to MCC coNF^R r nNc":"fliJ 0 p agt c 7UlC U. S. Denounces Albanian Trials Of Deputies Enters Contest Issue Warnings As New Storm MovesNorthward Labor Crews Seek Dead, Misting Atong Gulf coast Area Challenges Russia To Open Door, Let WorW See Weapons Percy White Percy While. 13-year-old litylhc villc cotton picker, Is shown her training for the Eighth Nation al Cotton Picking Contest hel Oct. 2 when he will l>5 compctin in one of the l\vo new divisiol opened this year. He will be seeking the $50 sp cia! prize which will go to the trant 13 years of age or und which picks the most clean cotto He will, however, still be eligib to .win .any of the pri/cs .hi t open- division, including the 1 '$1.00 first place award. Young While resides with 1 grandfather, T. w. Goforfh. 5 Lumerate. fc'o far, no entries have been .su mitted in Ihc other in which another $50 given the entrant 65 GULFPORT, Miss.. Sept. 22. IU.P. I — Strong gales swirling ab'JUt a new tropical storm moved nc-rthward toward Florida loday as Ihe stricken Mississippi Gulf Coasl cleaned up from last week's hurricane which left between 50 and 7f> dead, hundreds missing and thousands homeless. Strongest winds In the new disturbance were rcimrted by the Weather Bureau at 5 1 ) to fiO miles in hour In squalls. .Southeast storm warnings were ordered at 10:15 n. m. north from Palm Beach to Fcrnandlna, Fin., near the Georgia line and small craft from Fernandinn to Cape attcras. N. C., were warned lo ay in port tonight and tomor- w. Center of thc storm was locate;! . 10:15 a. m.. about 20 miles west f Dry Tortugas, moving norlh- ard Inward Florida at 18 miles > hour. "It in emphasized." the Weather! said, "that this storm is ot of hurricane force and there liltlc chance of It becoming a. lurricane while In the vicinity of lorlda.' ' It said llio c,en(er would reach le Florida coast in Ihe Fort. lycrs-Tampa area early tonight ml cross ijito the Atlantic by norning near Jacksonville. The term may increase after passing nto the Atlantic, the' advisory added. The new blov, was expected to ause further damage lo citrus and ruck crops which had been badl> batlcrod by last week's huge hurricane. .'•.!'' Meanwhile weary rescue workers and labor crews ,,tqi!|ng: along the Mississippi and '..Louisiana coasln areas still were unable- to get ai accurate count of the dead am missing. The devastated area was unde what amounted ' to martial law with National Guardsmen palrollin hard hit areas with orders lo shoo anyone ,found looting. " Rep.ijjphn Rankin. D.. Miss., an UNITED NATIONS HALL, FLUSHING. N. Y.. Sept. 22. (UP) —Great Britain, halllni! the United Slates plan for atomic energy control one o[ (he most remarkable offers in recorded history, directly challenged the Soviet Union today to make a similar gesture on uny exclusive weapon it may have. | British UN Delegate Hector Mc^ Neil hurled the chullcngp al Soviet Delegate Andrei Y. Vtshlnsky at the UN General Assembly and defied him to come tn the rostrum and mnke such an oiler. I'nlM-s (I. S. nan Praising Ihc U. S. plun for Inler- nationaliv.filion o( atomic control nnd placing full blame on the Russians for blucklnu iii'recincnt. McNeil, gesturing In the direction of the Soviet delettntlnn. shouted: "If 1 am to he disputed, then come agnln in this rostrum. Mr. Vlshin- and mime sonic exclusive armament which your government will be willing to give up and put under International control." Vishlnsky sal silently at his desk and. unlike a British delegate a year ago when Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov hurled a illsiii'imiincnt challenge In the British, did not rush tu the rostrum. McNeil closed his hour-Ions speech, which presented a pessimistic survey ot world a/Inirs, with solemn warning to tho assembly ot to let the common men of the mrld—"the real authors of Ihc. UN hauler"—down. "If we fail." he snld. "history, which is the common man,- will ivertake us and damn us forever.' McNeil placed the onus for UN ailnre and the division of the work quarcly on the Russian shoulders ml gloomily predicted that the No- rember Big Four meeting In Lon- lon will be the "Insl hope" (or the restoration of peace. Failure there indicated, mny increase the tern y> toward war. In Britain's llrsl major nddrcs o the assembly. McNeil denounce! Vlshinsky's "war mongcrlng" chur against the U. S. and Dritali as "monstrous." But Britain remained cool to Sec retaiy of Stale George C. Marshall Ci»«riM for '" relief -»nrt his state and l-asl llop« fur McNeil bluntly admitted Unit "we ale no lunger the same company ol nutlom" who fought the win. He claimed that Soviet Insistence uixiii Imposing Its will upon the majority will not only destroy thc UN but bring the unstable nciici crumbling uiul crashing around oui heads In n "hideous" war. Accusing Ihfi Sovlels of thwarting jviid frustrating U. S. nnd Hrltlsl efforts lo restore IHMICC, McNeil solemnly predicted: "The November meeting of tin Council nf Foreign Minister (scheduled for IXMidon) seems nl most the litsl hope of securing nnj agreement on Europe. He wns bitterly critical of Vlsh Insky's pro|>os«l lo apply crlinlnn punishment of war mongers—u pro posal which would impose rigid gov eminent control over the press. He deplored slatemeiils by Americans that Kussla was preparing for wur ml was n win-monger. "But the reply." he admonished / "is not too Imprison any iidlvldunl or to supuretis American r British newspapers. Thc reply Is o open (he doors of Russia so ihal oilier) nations can see what is going on." McNeil's long, detailed address wns among the closing arguments n Ihe general debate which hus witnessed serious Soviet charges .grtlnsl Ihe West nnd replies of Truman Confers With Cabinet On Price Crises 'liar" from the western states. The assembly hopes to complete pro-' iminarles -tomorrow nnd get down lo committee work Wednesday. Referring to Marshall's twin pro- ixjsnls to limit the big power veto ami set up a watchdog assembly committee on security which could bypass the Security Council, McNeil said his government in view of past fnllurcs to deal with these problems, was "not sanguine nhout the nosslbillllcs of reaching fresh ngrecments" unless the Big Five first ugrce upon u basic "code of conduct." "My government had no foreknowledge of the lAmerlcunt proposals nnd we have not been consulted in Its formulation," he saUl. He admitted I he need for expuml- ing UN facilities for crystnlllainK public opinion in view of the pros- Call Congress Into Special Fall Session WASHINGTON. Re-pi, -fl. IUI'1 — Pri'Sliunt Truman Uxlny railed momentous series ol nmfcrciKCH with Secretary ol State Clroigc C, Marshall and other lop cabinet «d- vlsers on means of meetlnit price crlsns :\t home nnd economic and political crises iibnnid. Al Issue was wlieiher lo uiuter- take oiueiBoney action on both (ho domi'sUi: and foivlijn from.s with- oul benefit o( Congress or whctlier to 'summiin Ihr House und Seniilu Into 11 special fall session. 'the President scheduled In qul'.'k surcrwilun: 1. A 13:30 p.m. HOT meeting with Marshall ut which to receive u grim repnrl on worsening reiullcms with Hussla ami prospects of slnrvution und hardship In Europe this winter. 2. A 1 p.m. luncheon niccllug of the Cnliinet. a. A 3 p.m. White House confer ence with his Cnblnet I^iod Com- mittee—Miirsluill. Secretary of Commerce W. Avcrcll Itarrlmun, nut Plans For District Fair Complete; to Open Wednesday I'liiiiH are iieuriiiK completion today for all phase?,of the Norlhcust Arkansas District Fair which opens- at \Valkov Park K»irKruuml» Wednesday and crowds which liiivi; jimmied Hlythnvillc streets and siflewwlks since Saturday indicate a lui'ffc atlonduncfi :it this ycHr'n Fair. Tim ftui'Krouml gates will .swiiitf open at ft 6'clock Wednesday ninniing and the Fair will lie officially underway to last until (> |>. m. Sunday. proposals for circumventing the So-1 peel that "arbitrary use of Ihe veto Viet veto in llic Security Council,'by nussla will continue But he withholding endorsement of the U. cautioned the U. S. Ihat there must S. plan to create a rival permanent' be no question ol contravening the assembly committee and dismissing charter. The Russians claim Ihc U suggestions for trying to change the, S. plun charter. would grossly violate the stricken areas. other new division'! " If 'here are not sufficient funds prize will be available for this purpose, 1 ' Rankin said. "I shall insist pn thc Prcsi- Frost in Iowa Skyrockets Corn Prices years of or older who picks the most clean coUon. Ment calling a special session at once." V 3-Year Sentence For Missco Man Upheld by Court LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Sept. 22. IUP) — Thc Arkansas Supreme Court today arfinncd a lower court judgment which sentenced Mississippi County man to three years in the state penitentiary for assault with intent to rob. | Tn an opinion wilU;'_ foy Senior Justice Frank G. Smith, the court upheld a Mississippi C'.»unty jury in sentencing Richard Hodjxe a trial in Ihc Osccola District Ci.'- cuit CourL Testimony introduced revealed that Hodge and n cotton-picking friend. Eugene Belcher, conspired lo nib their employer. L). L- Matthews on Dec. 7. I94C. Hodgr met Matthews and to:ik yrvrral drinks with him before offering to drive him home. Untcr a previous agreement, - he balled llic car on a lonely road where lly United Press The. threat ot frost damage In . I Northern Iowa sent corn prices A =0-mlle_ stretch of coast alons soaring today, as'the government/ launched a concerted attack on high food costs. The nation closely ,, . -cpt. 22. i UP i United States todnv vlrov- denotinccd Albania 'for ii, c lnal ° f ' B .J» rt !l.™»'">- icputlc, M, . ously The covcrnment of th stale has charged Sovic! , the 24 Eclcher advanced from bushes, masked and carrying a gun. The fake hcldup went off on schedule until Malthev:s recognized Helch- cr's voice nnd starlcd a scufMc. When a second car advanced. Belcher ua\o up. Belcher later was sentenced for his part and was a leading witness against Hodge. In upholding the low-cr court decision. Justice Smith said that e >,......... - ..... ••- - .......... .... n...* accused with dealing with the Anie- I Belcher's testimony wns substan- riciin nii«l, m whlcll rnw|1 frcm Albania last November. Thc Stale Department said in a slalcmcnl today that thc trials now proceeding m Tirana "are clearly nn allcmpt of th c Albanian re B lme lo pcrpclualc Itself by means o' oppression and terrorisilion of Albanian liberal, patriotic, opposition elements. "The charge Ihat the ncoiswl worked in any way in the pay or service of the United States or any of its representatives in Albania is entirely untrue," th« statement said. The State Department reviewed thc long history of friendly relations between the United Suites and Albania and pointed out Ihat i; was largely through thc error's or Woodrow Wilson in 1919 that thc Albanian stole was established. N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 22. |UP) — Cotton closed easy: open i.-.igh low close Mar 3142 3173 31C2 3134 May 3128 3160 3120 31S2 July 3i)CC EC36 3C60 3062 O:t 3163 3193 3153 313S IVc 3U2 3170 3130 3130 lipol.i rli»i.-d 32.10 down 2J. [iiUed when Ilrxlues failed lo aid Matlhcws durinj; Ihe holdup, when Hodsjc.s tock Helcher home, and when Hodges slopped the vehicle at thc appointed place. In other cases. Ihc Supreme Court affirmed lower court judgments in tour other criminal coses, reversed a sixth and approved n Pike County decision refusing to f:rant a workmen's compensation claim. the old Spanish trail between Biloxi and Waveland, Miss., took the hurricane's most powerful punch. A 22-foot .wind-borne wave engulfed the little : town of Fiay St. Louis, according to' eyewitnesses. Damage to the community of 5,090 was estimated at $7,000.000—as much as at Nev.- Orleans which is the Simth's largest metropolis Eimilnr destruction was limped on other towns—Wavelnnd. Biloxi, Gulfpoft. Long Beach and Pass Christian. Their beaches made a graveyard for ships and an unkempt yard ot splintered build- Ings, wharves and houses. Memphis Woman Dies When Car Overturns A Memphis woman was killed an.l her hush-rind slightly injured yesterday afternoon when (heir automobile overturned several miles North of Slctlc, Mo., on Highway 61. Mrs. {Catherine M. Weiss, 55. was pronounced dead on arrival al Walls Hospital at 3:35 yesterday. Her husband. Harry Weiss, escaped wi'.h only bruises. The Weiss car over turned about 2:3o as thc couple .were on route home Irom a trip. Mrs. Weiss was driving, her husband said. After making a sharp curve in the highway, the right front wheel vent off the highway, he snid. When Mrs. Weiss attempted lo pull he car tack on Ihe highway, tho vhecl caught on the edge or the lavement and flipped the aulomu- )i!c onto its lop. Mrs. Weiss' death was attributed o a head injury. They were brought :icrc by an ambulance of thc Gcr- nan Undertaking Co. or Stcclc. National Funeral Home or Mc)n- i>hh is in charge or arrangements. . watched Hs big grain nnd commodity markets, hopeful Ihat last, week's decline in prices had set thc pace for lurther reductions. With the rirst word or frost from the cornhelt. prices on (he Chicago Board of Trade, thc nation's largest grain market, shot up again. •Following an opening spurt, in thc market, however, prices dropped from opening highs. May corn futures opened at .$2.18 -$2.20'i a bushel, up the eight-cent limit permitted tn n day's trading. July wheat sold in the. first. 10 minutes, ot trading for $2.3;f to $2.34 a bushel, up f>'.- to 6M- cents over Saturday, and May oats were up nearly four cents selling for $1 a bushel. The early advances in grains an immediate effect on the cotloa market, however. Cotton futures were moving toward new high:; frr the day nl New York City, ranging 'rom one to 17 points higher. It, was hoped that if prices cor.- linued lo follow lusl week's down- wnr<i trend on the livcstlck. ' grain and commodity exchanges, retail prices would rollow. Scottish Rite To Hold Reunion Tomorrow Night 'there will be a Mississippi County Scottish mtc banquet and reunion al Al Sullivan's Restaurant. 114 N'orlh Second St.. tomorrow night, at 7:30 o'clock, it was announced tooay. Thc restaurant will be closed to thc public after 7:30 o'clock, Mr. Sullivan, proprietor, sakl. E. H. Ford and C. A. Cunningham are members of the program committee for thc occasion. Weather ARKANSAS — Fair and coolci loday and tonight. Tuesday, fall :<nd continued mol. New York Stocks 2:30 p.m. Stock Prices AT&T |.-,91'4 Amer Tobacco n I 2 Anaconda Copper 3458 Chrysler 59 Coca Cola iso Gen Motors 53 Montgomery Ward 57 N -Y Central 1434 Int Harvester 84 Republic Steel 26 5 8 Radio' g Etudcbaker 20 5,8 tandard of N. J 753;4 Texas Corp. 56 Packard 4 3,4 Service Station Suffers Slight Fire Damage Fire believed caused by a short circuit in neon sign wiring rcsulled In slight damage to thc roof of the Kich Service Station, Wnlnlll. and Railroad, early yesterday moi ning. Bell'Agreement' Revealed to PSC Disclosed as Reason Phone Service Denied West Missco Towns LITTLK ROCK. Ark.. Sept. '21. (UPl — An "undccover agreement" between Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. and E. nitter and Co. of Marked Tree was brought out today n.s the apparent reason 58 out of 300 persons In the Dell Crews Liit cm I and Mllllgan nidge areas of Mississippi County have been denied telephone service. The agreement was revealed in " hearing before I he Arkansas Public .Service Commission held today after the Commission ordered the firing to show cause \vhv service should not be exlended into Western Mississippi County. Under the agreement, which was not riled with the Commission, the companies divided property near Dell nnd Crews Lnlcrnl hut failed to lake into consideration potential customers around Mulligan Ridge which Bell had oiici- nnlly intended to serve. 'flie fight for adequate service was led by Charles Coleninn of nrnr Osccola, who said that he and otjiers rctiuesled direct, lines to Osceola and h:id been told that the only available service would be through the overcrowded exchange at Hlythevltle. Bell officials denied, however, that the direct line lo O;coo!n was being avoided because or what Coin- mission Chief Knpinecr W. H. C'obb termed the "undercover agicement" between the two firms. M, A. Ladd. (onncr district manager at Joncshoro and nov.' sii|>cr- visor of rural telephone development In .St. l.ouis. admitted 1h;it the agreement Ix'twcen the" two firms "is not in the public inter- The bla-ffi broke oul about 1 a.m.'cst" because it is depriving people It was discovered by employes shortly after it .started rind was brought under control ^by firemen before it had a chance' to spread. The damage was restricted lo one corner of the roof although gusty winds nl that lime made it a potentially dangerous hlax.c. A Iransformcr used in the wiring system of neon signs across the rront or the station is located inside the building iinmeduitcly below the spot where the lire broke oul. Soybeans Nov. Mur. .. 319 322 319 322A Mill Reports $100 Stolen From Under Car Seat Willie Bcnslcy. of Blytheiille. re- porlcd lo the Shcrilfs office here Saturday that a while envelope containing $1CO In cash was stolen from his Jeep while it wns parked near the Valley Field Gin in Yarbro Friday. The envelope and money was reported taken from its hiding place nnder the front scat ot the Jeep while Mr. llcasley was alluding to business in the gin. Members of the Sheriffs office :uv invi'.sli".ilin", Ihi* IhrU. the area »f telephone .service which they deserve. I.ndd said that both llic O.sraola ant) Blythcville exchanges were overcrowded but thni. plans were underway ror expansion. Ho said. Jiowcver. that hn knew of no plan for a dial system at Ostcola. Commission Chairtnim C, C. Wine recessed the hearings nl I2::tfl p.m. as Interested V'^rsons hiflicnl- ed II might last the rest of the day. Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P Anderson. Rnyull Altnuls Meethi); Thttt Hie doun\;ti'j nnd forclgi crises nre actually one with hlgl prices and grain shortages hen JccpnrdlKlng aid In hungry Europe wni pointed up by n stnteincnl Is sued by Anderson. He said the Cnijluct Food Com tnlltec, which me'. In ailvunec of the conference with Mr. Truman, had ngrccd on a program dealing simultaneously with the price nnd lorclBn aid prnblems. 'Mceliiu; with llic coininlllcr SccinUiry of Army Kenneth C. Roy- nll. On Snliirdny nnyull had to!d the Scnrtle Appropriullons Coiiuiiitlci: that sniiriint pricen and Britain's Inability lo pny her share of Anglo- American occupation costs In Germany would Increase U.S. occupation expenses all over the world irnm WOO.000,000 to *1,100.000,000. There had been reports Unit the Slate nnd Agriculture dcniulincnl:: lifrcrcd on footl amounts this coun- ry could .^afely spare for Europe. The State DJimrtmnnt war, said to eel that maximum food shipments are necessary to prevent spread of ommunism hi Enrn|X!. But • Anderson suld-that as a result of todny's meeting the (lepnrt- ments were "In agreement." The vital cuicsltnn hclorc the President and his lop Cabinet nd- vlsBrs Is whether t.o suniLnon Con- yress into special session lo approve ' European roller plans nntl to act cm high prleus at home or whether , to undertake cineraenuy price rxnrl i nld projects of n temporary nature without calling Congress. C'linRrefcS Must Approve They hnd hrtforn them a F.uro- penn reconstruction program, approved by 16 nations at n Mnrsluill plan conference! In Paris, calling for abrmt $20.000,0(10,000 In U. S. aid over Ilie. next four years. This long-rtinge program would require Congressional nppioval. MarsliFill. who (lew here yesterday from the United Nations General Assembly meeting In New York, li;i.s snid Hint stop-^ap aid Is ncccl- roi'c the end of the }car ir Europe is lo avert "Intolerable" hunger. lie has said I hat such aid Tims', be approved by Congress, thus making I', plain thul he feels a .s]>cclal n is necessary since the leii- islalors normally would not reconvene until next .Ian. 2. Ilcpubljciin leaders have ;:aid they see nn need for a .<pecinl session. Marshall also is expected lo give Mi*. Tnun:m an up-lo-lhr-minulc fill-in on the international crisis, which was pointed ii[) by lusl week's hot vcrb;il cxrlringi* b:t.'*'crn Ihc, United .Stales and rtussia hcforc the genrrnl nsscmbly. , any effort to mcci Eurojio'.s immediate needs is the domestic price inllalinn and crop shortages which threaten lo cut .sharply inlo food :.hipnicn!s from this country. The food committee v.'.i.s expected lo report In Mr. Truman on .steps it believes should be taken to carry out American lond comtnltmcnUs in Kurope without Mirthcr aggravating the economic siluati'in in this country. John H. Slcehiian. n. l sislant ,11 the President, also will attend tlv rrcsidcnt'? conlcrcnce with the food committee. Mr. Truman spent, the week end ralehinc up on det.'ils n[ the wor- scninp F.\iropcnn economic and po- litiinl crisis and the domestic price silualk n. Wallace Renews demand for Special Session Of Congress BOSTON. Sept. aa. (UP)—For- ni!r Vice I'l-csldcnt Henry A. Wal- .nce today renewed his demands -hut President Ttuinnn immedlate- •y call a niM'Cltil session ot Congress lo enact u rationing and price control bill "with teeth in It," He told the 12th convention of llic United Klcclrlcnl. Rndlo * iV'i- elilue Workers of America (CIO) that "tin- terrific spiral of living ct»ls .should bs met head-on nl n spt'dnl session or Congress... the times cnll for bold action nnd pl»n- nln« to avert ch'»os." Wtillnrn also suggested that Congress lake nclton on the Tnft- Harttry l.nbor Hill and the loyalty test now given to Federal employes ' \vhlch ho described (is a "witcV hunt." "Employes of the Federal Clov- nrnincnt are being harassed In the daytime nnd In the nlghttliiio b: nvrfiltgntors who (lufslioli thel oyally ntul v;ho delve InixD thel .hounhls," Wallace snld. Four Killed In Accidents Over Weekenc + Judging of the numerous i nnd livestock entries will be carried i throughout the I list days of t ha ilr and wlil culminate Saturday thc "Parade o[ Winners." in this parade, the time for which be announced later, all owners f livestock receiving first, second nil third plsce awards will pass .in rout of the grandstand. ', • :' Nearly $10,OCO In premium money 111 b3 n warded to exhibitors this car Is there is competition in -all telds. in cases of no com'pcUllon, wurd.i will be left I* thc dlscrutlon if tlie Judges. ' . • - ' The premiums will' ba ;awarded vlnnm In Ihc swlno department, tveslork division — Including beff met dairy cuttle, .ihe Farm and Ionic Department, community education!!) exhibits. National Rabbit Show, poultry division, ' Moral nnd irt department, apiary',department, and thc Negro department. 4-11 and H-A lo Exhibit Many of the departments have Junior divisions In which toys r.rid glrln of 4-H Clubs nnd Future Farmers of America groups .will "exhibit their furm and htiinerna.k.lng projects of thc past ycnr.'' ; Hlghllghllng fnrni youth activities will Ire Iho 4-H Club dtslrlct dairy nnd livestock JU(Iging'contests and Hit; District 4-H Corn Show. To provide entertainment during the P.ilr days. Fiddler's .United Showc has bacn booked: is this year's curnlviil, M.iktng Its llrst np- pcrirnncc In the South, this 1 , carnival will fd up on a new.concrete mUhviiy constructed this. Summer. Among the many exhibits.of'the 1M7 Pair will bo the. Apiary Exhibit set up Uy members of'the Northeast Arkansas Beekeepers Association ol which C. L. TrmMon' of Blylheville. In President. .' .'•" P.'nturcs in the exhibit.this week will Include different tyjies.of,honey from thc nectiitv.p^roduclhs ( j. >..,A.iJLa.'--V " U ch-: m.v Al iciist four persons, three ol them Iccn-iigers. died In accidents In Arkansas over Ihe week-end. Bobby Young, IC-year-old Balcs- vlllu High School football sUir, nnd 18-year-old Ella Fayn Dodd were killed In an iiutoninbll? collision made on Hie While Rlvor bridge at Vate*- plants of NoH.heas 1 vllle curly Sunday. Eorir olher Bates- ! ns willow, cViVcr, : cii... .. vllle youths, Including three oilier' ntul (tolrtenrrxf;^Trie.rc *rtif'miio"bc football players, were Injured. complete Individual exhibits "from Young was burned to denth nnd commercial f apiarists of ,Ihe state Miss Dodd died from head nnd neck I Including equipment hives, Injuries. The car In which Young j extractors, steam heated .knives and wns riding was driven by Conrad < many other Items. • •.' Sims, a guard on the Iciuu, who | Herswax Articles on Dfcplay suffered u com|>ound traclure on Ihe right leg, Two olher grldsters, also in Sims' cur. were Jimmy Benr- dcu, caplaln and fullback, who suffered minor burns Irying lo reficup Ycnmg, nnd Tommy Nelll Do/ler, co-captain and end, v/ho suffered bruises. Jack Nnst. 21-year-old driver of the trnr hi which Miss Dodd was n passciiBcr. .suffered minor chest Injuries. The Nnsl car plowed into the rear of the 31ms' cor and exploded the gaMilInc tank. Don Tilly. H-year-olrt ton o[ Mr. and Mrs: W. T. Tilly. Sr., of Plum Bayou hi Jefferson County. WHK crushed to (icath when hn over- nuiglng btink on ttic Arkansas River fell on him yesterday. Tilly, his brother Leo. nml Ru- enc Welch, were walking along the rlverbnnk when rain drove them jeticatli the cliff for shelter. Hevernl .ons of <ilrt caved In oil the Ihree youths, but I,co and F^ugenc escaped wilhout Injury. Mason Young, 40, assistant office manager of the DIamom! Alkali Co. at Pine Bluff Arscntil. was killed when he wns struck by a Cotton Belt freight in downtown Pine Bluff Saturday night. To Hold Carpenter Rites At Manila Tomorrow Miss Berthn Estella Carpenter ol Manila died yesterday in (he Baptist Hospital In Memphis. She was 43. Complete plpns have not been made but funeral :.frvices will b^ tomorrow al 2:33 p.m. al ManiU Church of Christ. She Is survived by her mother, Mrs. Ada Carpenter, a sister, Mrs. George stcele of Hollandalc, Miss.. mid a brother, Bill Carpenter of Manila. Howard Undertaking Co.. of Ma- nilri iv; in clkii-".!'. Last Rites Held Today For Mrs. Flora Collum One feature will be , a group ot articles manufactured from beeswax. These articles Include adhe- slves used hi wigs and masks, ce- inenls for gluss, chemical and elec Irlcal cements, candles .used, in church services and In making false .eelh, ; Not many ladles know, that, but for n beeswax base, their 'cosmetics would not stay on. Th» bee also helix 1 ? inake lipslick 05 well as crayons, Insulallons for electric wires, chewing gum, printing :'.lnks, shpn iKillfihes. coating for .wax ammunition, waterproof tent I*brlcSi-waxed paper, camphor ice, salvee i)hd ointments, nnd Iloor and' jiulomobilc wax iralishes. ' ,, Other items on exhibit s :Wlll..,bc honey breads, cakes, paalry < and candy us well ns a large arfay"'o' literature on bees to be distributed tree. - , Tills exhibit will bo in th« Main Exhibit Building'." School KaSheTs of this section have been Invltecf lo permit their classes in nature, biology and entomology to-visit'this booth. Two Arkansas apiarists will be on hand lo judge thc exhibits find provide information for Ihc • public. jThey arc Slate Inscctqr of-Apiaries i .1. H. Uavls or Little Flock and J. V. Ormond of Elba, a former slate, in- vector '.vho wns also connected with '(he Apinvy Division- of the U. S. Department or Agriculture ... , Xffcro Kxbibits Flammd Final plans for the Negro exhibit at thc. Fair have been completed. Bessie P. Ivy. secretary ot the Negro Pair commiltee, said loday. Fourteen communities arc >x- Mrs. Flora Collurn. t«, died at her homo at in K. Cherry early I yesterday morning. She was thc i pcc ted to set up exhibits in the ) wife of Walter C. Cultum. who Is I Ncsro Exhibit Building'built this teacher nt Blylhevllle Higl.1 Hold Dctl Youth On Forgery Charges A IG-yenr-old Dell youth Is being held In thc County Jail here of forgery and uttering following his arrest in IJcll Saturday by Sheriff's Deputies Brrwin Jones and Holland Alkcn. The youth Is alleged lo have rorg- cd three checks in the amount ot S3G.SO and were cashed al the St. T. Freeman Store In Dell last week. All three of the checks were drawn against his brothers' account at a Walnut Ridge, bank. Originally docketed for the Municipal Court, thc youth's case today wns Iransfcrrcd to Juvenile Court upon recommendation Ijy the I'rosernMn^ Altorncy. School. They were married on Nov. 3. Ifl22 and moved to Blythcville two years ago. Funeral services were held at Cobb Funeral Home Chapel this afternoon and another service will be held in Alma. Ark., tomorrow at 3:M p.m. with the Rev. r(. S. Balrri. pastor or First Christian Church, officiating at both services. Burial will he al Alma. Other than her husband, she is tirvivcd by six brothers. and Hugh Stclnsiek of Alma. Dent .Steinslek of Haywood. Okla., Fred Stelnslek of Popcau. Okla., Waller Slelnsiek of New York City and John Stclnsiek or Oklahoma and a sister, Mrs. W. H. Duncan ot Conway. Cobb Funeral Home is in charge. Summer. The- Negro exhibit will Include he followins divisions: education ind health, swine and poultry, community women, dairy and beef cal- llc. -1-H exhibits, vocational agricul- urc and home economics." U. P. Grisby is chairman ot thc Negro Fair committee and Mnry M. Uanks is superintendent of women's exhibits. There two. with Bessie Ivy, A. E. Lfslcr and J. L. Douglas, comprise Ihe advisory committee. Local Attorneys Attend Municipal League Meet Municipal Judge Graham Sudbury and City Attorney Percy Wright will represent Blythevillc at a meeting of Ihe Arknnsas^Iunici- pal League In Little Rock tomorrow. Osceola will l» represented by Its mayor, Ben F. Buller Sr., who Is in Little Rock today nnd plans to remain fur the merlins. C. M. Gray, hoiiand, Suffers Heart Attack C. M. dray. 52. died suddenly .nt his home near Holland. "Mo., at noon yesterday becuuse of-a heart attack. Ho formerly made his home In Blythcville and was a member ot Company M. 153rd Infantry, during thc wirst World War.' He Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Olive Gray: two sons, Charles Gray Jr., of Holland and Jerome 'Gray, stationed with the X). S.-Navy on Guam; a sister, Mrs. Minnie Daugh- . erty or Holcomb, Mo., and .» brother, Edgar Gray of Holcomb. Funeral arrangements were incomplete today "pending the arrival of Jerome from Guam. ;•.,-' . C<M)h Funeral Horn*, is in r.harge,

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