The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on January 13, 1968 · 8
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 8

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1968
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9 January 13. THE DAILY OKI. VHOMAN COSTJIMILLION , Fine Arts Building Dedicated at OCU "To (ho cultural ,n& spiritual enrichment of all who rha'l cni( hero," the 51 million Kirkpatrick Fine Arts : Building at Oklahoma City University was dedicated Friday. -Honorary rloctral degrees -were awarded during the one-hour ceremony to' Mrs. John E, - Kirkpatrick; Miss Eleanor Steber and Dr. Alexander Capurso. -Rev. W. Angie Smith, Methodist bishop o the Okla-' homa-New Mexico; area, giving the litany of dedication, '--oifered-the new-structure ;to; "the holy service of dedication" and to cultural ands'pirituaL enrichment of all who ' enter; ' '"'. ." " ., Dr. John F. Olson, president of OCU, briefly outlined the' .history, of the university for the faculty members, trustees and guests attending the ceremony. ' , A gold key to the remodeled fine arts building and its ; new.additibn .was.;'presented : to' the Kirkpatricks by Luther T. Dulaney, Vaiioia'i f the etua t ronmittee of . the OCU Lmsteea. Capurso, president of Stanislaus State College, Tur-lock,1 Calif., addressed the dedication , audience, calling the building an indication of "a spectacular awakening of interest in the art , " It will provide "more opportunities to create and en-Joy man's highest creative efforts," he said ' .' . But he cautioned -that popularization of the arts could ; lead to -'dilution 'of artistic standards and their quality." ' Mrs. Kirkpatrick-, who nth her husband made a 5400 jOOO gift to OCU which" enabled the new building, re-. ceive'd an honorary doctor of humane letters degree. Miss Steber; Metropolitan Opera star and head of the voice department at the, Cleveland, Ohio,, Institute of Music, was awarded, an honorary doctor of fine arts degree. ' Capurso was presented. an honorary doctor of law degrees. In connectiqn; with the-dedication, busts of Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick and a bronze plaque designating, the auditorium in their name, were unveiled. -. r..-.. . . The dedication concluded OCU's mid-winter, institute which had begun Monday. WASHINGTON (AP) T h'e jj u;s.,t ice department asked , U. s; -Uistrict Court Friday to dismiss a lawsuit filed to prevent draft boards from hastening induction of individuals who interfere with the operation, of the draft. The action was brought by the National Student Association' last December after Robin Strom admires bust of. John E. Kirkpatrick;, Powell Cancels 2 Appearances jSAN FRANCISCO (AP) r j Adam , Clayton Powell; , confined to his hotel, by flu and- : exhaustion, canceled two of three scheduled college appearances Friday but hoped to be well enough to preach at a San Francisco church Sunday. The former Harlem congressman' ' appeared" before University of ..California students in . Berkeley. He called off talks at San Francisco State College and Stanford University. '"A. conflict developed over the cancellation at San Fpancisco State. ITerry Francois, a San ; Francisco supervisor, said ; that on the drive back from; Berkeley Powell told : Him, "I'm just not up to it. , . I, think I'm getting the flu." r. Francois said Artie Ar- yin, Powell's west coast field man, notified both eMleges that the scheduled i talks were. off. because of ; illness. '" At San Francisco State ; Cpllege, a spokesman for the Black Student Union (jerry Vernardo) said the ENJOYING THEIR LAST ROMP TOGETHER are air force Staff Sgt. John Wells and his two sons. Ralph, 4, back, and George, 5. Sgt. Wells, a widower from Columbus,-Miss., has been ordered to Vietnam and plans to place three of his six children in an orphanage while he's gone. AP Wirephoto) Justice Department Attacks Suit Against Draft Boards Lt . Ge n . - Le wis B . Her shey Selective - Service; director recommended, that draft! boards reclassify as 1-A those who interfere with the draft. The justice department at tacked,, the, '.NSA; suit on two grounds: 1. That the, court does not have ;the jurisdiction to v i e w reclassifications anDearance was1 canceled brecaus e white students would not move out of the first five rows of the auditorium. .-; ; ": Francois; San Francisco's only Negro supervisor, "said .that Powell was not "aware of this controversy when he decided to cancel. Fran col s added that Powell's principal reason for visiting San Francisco was. to preach at the Third Baptist Church. "This is why, I am concerned about my health," the supervisor quoted him as saying. Earlier, it was reported that ? Powell had canceled all his California appearances and would remain at ' the Jack Tar Hotel until well, enough to return, to Bimini in the Bahama Is- lands. ' "'' . Beyond his Sunday sermon, thejex-congressman's ..schedule. could not be confirmed. At San Francisco State, Vernardo told students: ; "Because of your refusal to co-operate, Adam Clayton' Powell will not speak ! today." '.;.;';; Heart Patient Defeats Virus CAPE TOWN,' South Africa j (AP) ' - Philip Blaiberg's transplanted heait is supporting 'his blood . circulation weilv'andj;' 'I- think he is .50 to percent ' better than .he was before the; operation," Christiaan N. -Barnard said, Friday., . The surgeon told a news conference a virus infection in .., the throat . of the year-old retired dentist has almos t been cleared up: ;Biaiberg, he said, is in good spirits, has, ah excellent appetite' and:;-is' showing no signs of infection or rejection. ; "You could not ;; ask for more than that," he added. Barnard said the fluid which; had to be drawn Thursday from the sac sur rounding the heart had been caused by bleeding following the transplant operation Jan uary 2. A certain amount of bleed ing follows any heart opera tion, he said, and the tube used to remove the blood in Blaiberg's case had not tak en all of it. Home Show far the Birds; ;! Oklahoma'' County bird-i housa builders will show their , products in a two-day ;t competition starting Mau-li 2 . afeRtne wui Kogers ; Ciarden Fihibition building, 3400 NW Tbe show, an annual affair, i tfK nsovcd by the ''CMahesna City Parks and BrmUm Department in asbptrMhn -with the Oklaho-mi C'iy . Audubon. Society! arid the state Department of Wildlife Conservation. ; - : Boys, girls, men and. wom en will '.. compete ;in ;eight 1 separate divisions with exhi bits judged on basis of workmanship, imagination, 'suita bility; .and ..ability ., to follow specifications, .. All exhibits inus'. be tin- original -work of the contest ants.-'; v ; STANFORD, Calif. (AP) Mike Kasperak, who re ceived a transplanted heart Saturday night, has been able to sit in a chair for 15 minutes but is still on the critical; list, Stanford Medi cal Center reported Friday. spokesman said blood pressure, pulse arid temperature were normal, but liver and kidney func tions were abnormal. said use of an artificial kid ney might have to be re sumed unless progress was snown soon. The 54-year-old steelwork er still was beinc fed intra venously but was breaming spontaneously without aid of a respirator part of the time. STEAK HOUSE Lobsters Shlskebsb sttaks-Cholet a Ltbantss - Prime, Hors d ceuvret .'" mii ROOM NOW AVAIUBIE OPEN ! s p.m.Ctswd Stindayi For Reservations Call 787-2944 -Am H. Meridian Is OIU. City ;" Fuss Looms; Draft Chief Cancels Talk PHILADELPHIA (AP) I-t. Gen. Lewis B. Her- shey, TJ. ,S.--Selective . Servr ' ice director, ' has, canceled a Saturday speech' in suburban St. Davids; because of the threat of ah anti-war demonstration. - Leaders of the proposed demonstration .,: , deplored Hershey's action and said he missed an opportunity open a "constructive dialog" with those who op posed his conduct. Hershey was to address the annual business meeting of the Valley Forge Council, Boy Scouts of America. He said 5t was the "first time" he had been forced to cancel a speech because of protesters. But he said, he had "a responsibility as a Bov Scout leader to see that scouting does not get involved in a controversy unrelated to it. He has, come under fire for suggesting draft boards classify any ann-war demonstrator as 1-A. The Philadelphia Anti-Draft Union said the demonstration would have in cluded some draft card burning. Selective Service registrants before they are actually ' in ducted, and, 2. That the student associa tion, because it is not direct ly affected by any actions of a drart board, has no stand ing to bring the case into court. The department said in a 29-page, paper' that, a 1967 amendment to . tne: selective i c e Act specifically emoves ' jurisdiction from the federal courts to review the classification and pro cessing of any draft regis trant before he receives an order to report for. induction. The department said the plamtills are trying-to. pre: vent use of. the .Selective Service laws "without show ing .that , they have-sustained or are"iri immediate danger 1 of sustaining some'' injury .to a legally protected right. It noted that any registrant who is . dissatisfied with his classification can cc-ntest the action before his local board, then before an appeal board, and finally to the president. And. the department acmea furthermore, under our sys tem of .government, the courts are not open to plain tiffs who set , themselves up as self-appointed champions of the public at large." ' Seville Room . . WONDERFUL STEAKS J Group Meeting Rooms For Pike Question Again Before City Council The Oklahoma City toll- road question is due for revi-i val - Tuesday when , - the ; city ' council receives for consideration an indenture for a turn pike trust. . ' Preparation of . the inden ture by the city legal depart ment 'was . o r d e r e d. . four 1 weeks ago by a 5-4 vote, with Mayor JNorick breaking a. tie. At that time, Rowe Cook, Ward 8, author of the resolu tion ordering drafting of the document, argued the action would not commit the coun cil to constructing road. He said the indenture would be valuable as a starting point for further discus-1 sions. Also docketed for Tues day's meeting is the report maoe oy tne council's h- nance committee favoring early submission of a one- cent increase in the city sales tax to the voters; Oklahoma Citv successful ly opposed the attempt made oy UKiahoma County com missioners to create a turn pike authority to build the proposed downtown toll road connection with Shields Blvd., and a southwest ex tension. A court decision blocking he county effort held 'the county could not buiW an ur ban tollroad without city's cooperation. Council opponents of the turnpike trust inde nture argue no action should be taken by the city until a report is made by a citizens' committee studying proposed capital improvements tor UKiahoma City. .Doubling of the present one-cent city sales tax has been proposed by City Manager Robert Oldland as a means of solving the city's continuing financial difficul ties. Spy Offering His Memoirs To U. S. Firms NEW YORK (AP) H A. R. Philby, the British intelligence official who defected to the Soviet Union five years ago, has offered his memoirs' to at least a dozen U. S. Book publishers, it was disclosed Friday. Representatives of several American publishers said they had been offered the Elnglish-Language publication rights of the 80,-O00-word manuscript. Perry Knowlton, a literary agent," made the offer on behalf of Philby. The book covers Philby's espionage activities for the Russians for 30 years. Writer to Talk To Dinner Club A free-lance writer and former first chief African correspondent for Newsweek magazine will address the YToung Men's Dinner Club Tuesday night in the .Persian Room oi tne bKirvin lower hotel. John Peer Nugent, author of "Call Africa 999," will cuss "Africa, Continent in Tumult." ForStateGOP Oklahoma j republicans will take their first step Monday toward selection -of a presidential n o m i n e e. On Tuesday they will hear one of the leading contenders for the spot. . Precinct meetings will be held at 7:30 p.m. : Monday across the state. Precincts will be selecting delegates for county conventions February 27. On T u e s d a y. California Gov. Ronald Reagan will de liver a fund-raising address at Tulsa's Fairgrounds Pavi lion. Reasran will arrive in Tul sa liv nrivate iet at 4:45 p.m. and "will hold a press conference at 5 p.m. The $5 a ticket chicken box supper begins at 5:30 p.m. with Reagan speamng around p.m. Following the speech tne California chief executive will attend a reception. Oklahoma Republicans on February 10 will stage district conventions at Lawton, Alva, Lake Texoma Lodge, Muskogee, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Two national convention delegates will be chosen at each meeting. The remaining 10 delegates of the 22 going to Miami Beach, Fla., August 5, will be chosen at the state convention February 24 in Oklahoma City. I T Fri. & Sat. Night i (HAPPY HOUR 6 to 8 I Every Evening Setups .I0e i2o2L,lj!ll,H,h--i ood and' "steaks '"J," SSSUn For Lunch ,SMOHGASiOBD i Chuck j Mitchell n And from IM " " g HARRY RANCH RAND U i CLUB U H RIO MOTOR HOTtL S U 540 NW JMh Wl S-J311 TRADE WINDS & Restaurant DANCE SAT. NITEl WESTERNEER BALLROOM FABULOUS WESTERNEER BAND 10,000 S. SOONER RD. SW 4-7103 STG. 1300 SW -M6 The Gridiron 'Home or Touchdown Burner" 481 6 N. Western VI 2-6221 T cubiud d a ciyr-r ?W Have The Biggest . "mW JaV Best Shrimp In Town ...... . I 1 X Genuine Italian ! 4- SPAGHETTI & MEAT SAUCE ) INSIDE OR OUTSIDE SERVICE -TxfittjC Serving fBf Barbeque as you llkeir hank's mm rtf BURLESQUE 3 SHOWS NITELY 9 PM-ll PM-1 AM Girls-Comedy-Songs SPECIAL Every Tuesday 5:30- PM AMATEUR DANCE AUDITIONS Any Female over 20 CASH PRIZES CLUB STAGE DOOR TONIGHT (COME ALONE OR BRING A FRIEND) FEATURING SMOOTH MUSIC OF BILL HUDSPETH'S QUINTET (Special Class & Circle Mirs Stort 8 P.M.) )Dahce Starts 9 P.M. 1 1 Meet your friends at the beautiful new PROW LOUNGE & Oyster Bar, 3th Lincoln ifvd. 3 POOL- TABLES HAPPY HOUR Every Night 5 to 6 P.M. 15" MUG OF m BEER ALSO. FOOD SERVICE Open 11:30 A.M. Sunday 4:00 P.M. SERVED TIL 3:00 PM LUNCHEON SPECIAL A combination platter of fish, shrimps, oysters, fish balls, french fries, cole slaw Jj m 5 and hush puppies I ZuiderZee N 7 DAYS A WEEK- 11:00 AM 11:00 P BALLADEERS Joe Davis Quintet 7:45-11:45 W'kdays 10:00-12:00 Frl. & Sat. r j i -mm VJpR fplwia Habana Inn 2200 NW & Espy ' Superb Italian & American Food Served by Candlelight SEYMOUR DAVIS at the organ Wednesday thru Sunday evenings. "iiri-".;-. Z)ony & VIA ROMA 27-(3 Northwest Highway THIS NIGHT ONLY "the Great BILL WILB0 URN CATHY MORRISON Plus , PERRY JONES, & the DiarnOindair$ r ALL THIS AT A SPECIAL -ADM. OF $2.00 . ,.: Setups 2Sc No lni, itiorn or Hln llmi please, Let's Get Acqualned With the New v m. ja iHUi-nv tM RESTAURANT MONDAY NIGHT ; . Family Special After 5 F.M. Spaghetti, Sussy Sauce, OTC Coffee or Tea r . SUNDAY NIGHT Teen & Young At Heart Specials (After 5 P.M.) Cheese Pina & 0"af 6 'l Soft Drinks " - 'A -Lb. Beefburger with your choice of Picadilly Oti or Smoked Hickory Sauce & Soft Drink Jack Sussy's TALLY-HO Restaurant 36th & Lincoln Boulevard FAMIaLY STEAK NIGHT Ituy one Steak at Regular Price :aiicl G5l One ir 12. Price -vf Choice of Delicious Steak - f V Baked Potato V Asserted Relishes Hot Rolls & Butter SATURDAY ONLY 5 pm to 9 pm ijj COFFEE REFILLS FREE 'jL'f Clavdinai MS-' n the SKATE-ARAM RESTAURANT r0$h and South Western

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