The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1948
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1048 Bt-YTHKYTU.?! (ARK.)' COURIER NKWS PAG* THREB U.S. to Exercise Veto Power, If Necessary, to Oppose Any Forced Partition of Palestine Ky K. II. Sliackfnrd VnilE'd I'ri-ss Staff <'oj rcspmitlcnt WASHINGTON", Kob. 2$. iU.P.» —T|IR United States will I>))UIMP with all Us power- the \elo, of necessary—uny attempts by Thp United Nations lo impose partition of Palestine by force, it wax learned today. This rioe.s noi m?Mi the U. S. is now opposing partition. One i lie contrary, U supports partition as the only just solution. And It is ready to support, the principle of a UN army, including American RK we]) as Russian tioups, to maintain jx>ace and security in Palestine, Bui authoritative quarters here* between an Army In nuumjun peace and one to enforce a political dceis- jj,,m such as jmution. The UN charter, They said, m\ rs [ho world organization nci aiiiiunitv lo impose a political dm-irjii by force. This {Jcies nor doom partiUou in the eyes of ihr<p otfu'iriN. They .see a good chance of putting the plrm through if tho UN acts to restore law and older hi Palestine. These statements, as complex they may appear, are sTill an of ptrhups the America's Educational Expenses Still Not Enough Decree Validating Disputed Divorce Will Be Appealed I.riTI.f: ROCK. Ark., Fob. 25. 'UP' — Aumnry Onoi'KC 1 W. Shepherd was prppnriiiK today to A|>- , i peal In tho Supreme Court Ilic ac- i lion of Puliifki Cliaiicrllnr Frank iivcr- j IJiKlpi- in sisimip one (if llic nr>0 unst \ t'^'ently invalidated divorce <!e- sn.irled issued in American history, j crocs. They Arc .supported licre by farmers] Shepherd's ilppnal was intended nl Amei ](•?!> policy by involved luirt; 10 be a test for Die MiRRiwtcrt so!u- tedious li-nnl reasoniuK. There are.' 1 ™' to tho problem of tile li-palily a lot of "its", -anils", ami "Duts."; 01 tlu ' derives. But ufticinls insist they arc MITPI-I I •)'»"!<• Dodgo signed I lie cleerer Aiiipinn VU\K\IHI „, . V«)»7 ,yH vl... V»4 V.U,V^V*J1| % ,M *A ¥ >' i _/><**. 11' > -$!»«» ,*Y M V* COHM V*» Beyers' Dummy Oilers Testimony Form»r Air Fore* General's Business Connections Aired ' is a slale-by-slnlc breakdown ot what America spends, per pupil jicr year, on etHicalliiK id children. The lop (lnuic for each slate indicates the 1946-47 expense. UIMOW thul is the tiKtn« which, according lo the Nalirm;il Education Associalion v must be reached, because ot the dollar's lessened purrhusinp power, beloie educational sl;md;nds can regain prewar levels, Th« national average was $09 per pupil in lfl<l(i-47, with $112 the ipcornmended outlay for tmtay. statements of American policy. They rxprrvssed (he:.f vieu-s in an offnrt to clarify the staleniPtUs of Palestine policy rend lo (lie UN' Security Council yesterday by U. S, Delepale Warren R- Austin. As these officials put \\ t ihe United Stales tins decided: 1, The UN lias no authority in any rase lo by force of nuns any of its political decisions. If it did, (lie Americans argue, it would mean Ihe UN was a world government. Use Korce for Pence Only . 2. The UN can use force only to restore or maintain international pence and security. 3- Each UN member i.s obligated to respond to n call by' (lie Security Council to help it maintain or restore pence. 4. Whatever action is take-n in Palestine can be and probably will be a precedent for attempted UN act-j ion elsewhere—Grece, Korea, In- i ^•-ia, Indonesia, etc. Therefore the 1 i^'. S. will insist that the strict letter of the charter be observed. In addition, the United State.s has also decided—admittedly with reluctance—that the, only uay to keep the Russians out of Palestine if the -Security Council calls for H UN army to restoro prace would be dishonorable, ft. would require repudiation of the obligation we assumed when we .signed and ratified the charter. Behind this decision Ls the realization Umt the United States I which was originally Branted to I Mis. M;uy Grnrnde Pope by spi*- | cial chancellor [tilth Hale last May. linking ihe decree as a m-ontiuen- ciation from a master in chancery. Mrs. Pope's divorce was in vail- j dated month by the Supreme ' Court, which rilled Mr.s Hnlc's court to bt? unconstitutional. \ Shepherd planned to appeal the action as attorney fer Klmer Pope. Unsigned Note Expresses.VA Employe Indicted Thanks for Church Funds , By Federal Grand Jury Pilicred from Open Safe War Dead En Route to US TAN A PAG HARBOR, Saipan. Fob 2n. f UP k 'Die U. S. Army Transport Walter H, Schwenck, bearing 3,200 World War U dead will leave here tomo - ow for the I United States. The bodies are being j returned for burial. 1 Read Courier News Want Ads. time and apiln has proclaimed its faith in the UN: it has also vigorously slated that Ihe UN is tliR i>roper body to handle Palestine. "Now the riuc.slion is: Do we. mean it. even if it involves joint. action there with the Russians?" One. authoritative source asked. His own answer was "Yes", The cfitch to nit this—if there Is catch—could be that the United i States can subscribe to a general | principle which would Include Russian forces in Palestine with fair assurance that there may never be any agreement among ihe Big Five on how to put it into effect. Thai has happened time and i again. Examples are: agreement on inter national control of atomic eiiOi^y it mi agreement in principle on reduction of conventional arm| amcnis. But each has bogged down | when it came time to spell out "how" of the general principle. RHEUMATIC i Pain Sufferers 1n The South Now TaV* lien rain, itampnc?.! anrl TEX AH KAN A, Tex.. Fob, '25. <UP> —Mejnbcrs of the cony re Cation of " 1f ^ Hisliland Baptist Church ol Tcxarkana \vore in something of a ihleinrna ;<Kiay, all because of a person who .said he was in need. While cliui ch in t- in J) e r s nu'i downs!HITS, a burglar entered the office aji'i took W2.27 in ai:d checks. Before he left he lypnd om a thank you note on the back, of a Sunday School attendance card. It read: '•While yon were downstairs last night 1 came up.stnir.s. Found tho sale open. Thanks a million. 1 need it." UTTLE ROCK. Ark,. Feb. 25. UP'-AVilUi'in F. OstH>rno, veterans administration employe, today Inc-i. eri a chniKP of altering H "physl- „ n's ijititm. He wiw indicted by a f ode nil jivtuul jury ycsicrduy. JiAtru'i Attorney Jnmc.s T, Gooch .'nid O.sborne chiinj-ed the presctii)- tioii in ^el more than the specified amount of a narcotic. Gooch said the otlense had mi connection with ihe man's otficlal duties. The urn ml jury it?Uunnl 25 Indictments in 27 cases presented for con.sloeratinn. 'I'he tinmes of the (Irfendanis in oifih were wiih- hrld ]>cndinR their Apprehension. P/cine Carrying Fur Coat Cargo Crashes, Burns; Pilot Dies ot Injuries coujMuua. o, Feb. Cnrrrnt population of New M*x- iro If pRllinntrd "t Male horsefllcB don't bllt, Tb«f get their food Jrom plant Jutc*», d rr im-nHy ' Mississippi Governor To Speak in Arkansas Children's Home Heads Dismissed /or Brutality LITTLE ROCK. Ark,, Feb. 2=). i UP i—President Truman's outspoken opponent. Grtv. FJeldinj; Wright of Mississippi, \vas scheduled to address a proup of some 400 Aikiitisa.s Democra's in Little Rock today. The speech was behif! spon.sorc<l by ihe Arkansas Free Enterprise lion. As.sociatio]]. nnd broadcast arrange- mcnt.s called for .seven-.slate coverage through an 18 station hookup. Wright was expected to call on Arkansaus to IJP livrn in their o[>- posiuon to the Truman civil rights iN'ASHVILLK. Tenn,, Feb. 25. *UP) --•Thr MI per intention I a nil house mother of tho Municipal Children's Homo line huvc bern dismissed as ;lie ITS tilt of charges of brutality at tlu> home, City Welfare Director J. T. Tipps said lodnp. Thr two. Rev. and Mr.s, Roy N. Sandefur, \vvrp removed on instrut:- frorn Muvor Thonuus L. Cum,. Ti]ip^ Mim, Several welfare nrpnuiKntions liatl charped brutnlitv ni i lie hrnin! and nn in vest IK a I ion ot reports by city .school health RU- tboritii's revi-aied that a child was brutally beaten. Tipps said. the pilot u Hie co-pilot. State hiithwuy pulrolmeu iilcnll- fted the pilot us IVIe Dtrclcco. about 2S, ot IlitckoiiKiick. N .1. The m- pllol. Jack Cole, 'Jfi. of llaslnook llcf«his, N. J.. wa.s iRken lo R j liosplinl here with sevei'p head liu:- cratUms mul |>o*slhte ijtick Injuries. The plane was demolished by the crash nnd It.i cnrK« (if in-w tur conts w^s strewn about Ihe wreck- ape. The pltnu-, owned by Brmuilnj; Airlines, crnshcd tt\ ti:l2 RJU. Crusading West Memphis Publishers Seek Broader Field for Weekly Poper KLEEREX Makes Pimples Disappear Fast waiir.unK, iiiCrwrnDl »ni ci'U IHIMU*, JQc iHjti lAnirr o« DOOIJI vtujt MOHIT j»c*i ««| fg w "Drug Stores everywhere" rles f*'fl so sore jnnl i^tufuE. Often start to ffd quirk relu-f after llie flpoonful. CmitiouL l T se only ^ns reeled. Today—get a bottle of C-i lie was to be accoinjiatiieti lo Little Hork by eight members .of the state !(•{• isla(ure, includine: Sneaker of the House Walter Sillers. Faces Felony Charge MEMPHIS. Trim.. Feb. 2li. (UP) . Cm;.<iter Myers. 21-year old truck driver of Dyersburg, Tenn., was in police custody totirTy uwsutinR a srnnd jwy hearing on charges of embcp-zlement nnd using an nuto- mobilc wilhout the owner's consent, He Ls chared with collet-ting nl- tnosi $3CO from hi.s firm's customers. Youngsters Ruled Off Streets by Curfew FIRKHAUCiH. Cul. (UP)- A ci few bell is now sounded at 10 o,clock cvny n i phi here from the fty of the city hall lu accordance with n new ciiy nutincvce retiring minors to be off the street at night- Police Chief Thomns Siirubo warned thai the my uoxincil lias made it, unlawful Ior any person under the age of 1ft to \oiler on the streets or be in public places after 10 p.m. unless accompanied by an adult. Parents luive been matte responsible for their children. Fines lanR- ing from $L'5 for ihe first offense to 5.500 for cacli .subsequent offense and imprisonment from 10 to 90 days are provided. Among the scirntilic ilovolni)-. niciUs for hRtter living is a new niplU liRht, rtcsijincd tor [ilacc- rncnt \]nricr one leg r»[ the bed— thi.shc.s o]i vhen you gtil up a:ul olf when 3011 return lo bod. WK3T MEMPHIS. Ark., FVb. '^>. UPi — Jack ami Pete CoiiRhtln, publisher.s of the West Memphis News n mi on nee (I plans I oduy to publish a statewide weekly neu.s- pi\]iev Ior Arkansas with hrartm»nr; tors In Little nock. Tlie brothers, who recently won n $10,000 libel -suit (lied nitnlnsi them by the CrLllriideii Counly sheriff expect lo slarL publishing the Arkansas News this Fall. "We plan to have oflices in fcev IOWIIR throujrliont Arkansas, I lie iu Blythcvlllc," Jack Couuhlln said. 'The Ai-knnsns News will b*- a stntc paper, but H will also l>e a locnl paper, becnusi- (he people m tlie offices over the slate will srnd • in locnl news and adveillsdmiiiiLs ' pertaining directly lo ihpir town. [ "We will print editions for racii of lhas« towns. Wr will, for In- .stHiure, lun oft Mctnptils **tU- lions then pull out the JIUK^.S car- ryiiiB Memphis New.s and nd- > - er me ills and put In p^ReA ic'- , L-rring to Blytlicvlllfl, running olf tlie BlyihcvilU- edition." Jack Cough 1 in siild Ibal he and hi.s brother bought Ibeit linmc.s In West Memphis and will continue 'c» live 1 litre. Pete will supervise operations in Liule Rock. Gen. Baldomir Dies , MONTEVIDKO. Fob. ?ft. 'UTl — Gen. Alfredo BaldDinlr. former ; president of Uruguay, died thl.s i morning, WASHINGTON, VVb. ^fi iUI»» — laj. Oen. Dennett K. Mcyi'r.s' rhiel ccust'i' WBS to liOl B federal court iry linlay how he signed cliock.s >r thf Kencral'ft wur conliuclliiH rm bin 1 seldom K»l A ckrnuce to ash one for hlmscU. H. Luiuurie. Meyers' onr-llini 1 ! Irtti*. WHS sluU'd lo l»- Uic HOV- enl's chief witness nt ilu- r*- Irt-d Air Forer Reneral's trial for Lib<irniitlon of perjury. Spmfically, \lpyiu s Is (\iTUAed of Indiu-lnn \ t \\ - narre to ll« to A Ronnie ALibcommll- ft lo coi\cenl the nenonil's con- iKTiioii with Avh\iion Klrc'trli* ('orp. in Ohio wivr subconiLacting linn. l.anmi re cliilms lu- was only u mnelieiui officer lu A\'lntlon lOlcc- Irlc. lie nHihUuiti-v he kicked buck mosl of his S18,0tm-ii-ycm ,-uiliiry to Meyers who. he says, wus tin- real owner i>f Ihe linn. The lasl tttur (he t^ p o men mel fncf to [He* 1 , l.innarre asked, tin- -Sennlo Wnr InvcslifiatliiR r«mnul1 tee 10 "nuiki! (ict\, Mi-yi'rs crawl ' J friMit Mils room on his belly like Ihe i Muikc lie is." TUut wus. lu Nuvi'tuuci. -• 'I'tii! Kcncral had just li'sl I fled be- j' [ore the com mil lee tlml he si'l up * Aviation Klct'Ulc as a favor to l,n- t no i re's wife. Ml la red, v>'hitiii he (is his Conner "uti'l tricud." ilt'for^ .sunuiKinln^ l.iunano to the .stiuul, Ihr K'lvenuui'nl w;xs tn complete prt'M'nOtiK Ihe li'.si hi* my of M>verul slane-si'lt Li IK wltnosc-s, As the Iriul opened ycsu-rday. the [ testimony ranu- (miti Iliu'old .Slpe. i'H-.hli'i- of the Third Nallonal Hank of Dayton. O. .Sl|u- .suit! l.a- niru re iind his wife bad ncciniiUs In Iluil jiiMklullcm. Clnirli's E. Shu wen. Jr., luulllnr of Ibe Winter.s Nallonal Hitnk of Dayton Identified several ra.shlrr'.s checks. " InrlnilliiR one tor $^l,OI>[) OIIP. for $15.000 imviltt unyubk to Meyers. The ^ovuriniicnt said It would provi? thai Meyers K"l £1MI,(KXI Cioui Aviation Electrlf and lhal hi-^pied upon Latnat u- to Hr under tmlb lo cover up his lu-livULe.s. Thp defense emphatically chnl- lencfd the chiLr^e and promlscu 1 io shuw thnt Meyers advised l.n in "toll Ihe truth and ever 1 is all rlRUl." AT DREIFUS 3 Great RADIOS FIRST for Famous Qualify FIRST for Finest Value! Emerson A Rimming plusllc cnht- IH-L .. . famous ICmei'son OimlUy al a new low pi Ice, 1.V Weekly $29.95 Modern styling mul rU'h lone In llil-s pov/rrful iriblc nuiio. $1.00 \\Yi-kly Telefone DHEIFLS \lni:l llrnil'iis . . . Wi:;n Iliin Is 31U \VESI \\\\\ ST. , IITIHEVIUI AK9 QTIHllUfll Silk, licrnusr it IK Ihr pnulni'l. I f)f M worm. Is considered undrmi I by the MolirnnmiHlnn*. t NOTMJK Nollre IA hereby fj'vrn tlint, the ainiiml school I'lccHon «'lll bn held Mnrch "20, 104B. from 2:00 to fi:^n . in. Thp of this elect Ion Is to select dirertois for enc.h school • dlstrlcL. levy I nc MIIOO! tax, nnd el ret County llonrd NTfiubefs from Tours three and lour. Sigurd: .John Mnyp.s. County &:hool Supervl.v.'.r Mi.ssl.sslppl County Kchool. 1 : " Draughon's College ol Mechanics Post Office Box 835, Memphis, Tenn. Will nhc yon spccinliy.vd I ruining on nuilors, motor liinc-iii), jmintiiiK. mii o oli'i-li icily, hndy mid fender work, i-liiU'h, liriikc, trmiKinissUm nnd di'fcrenlinl fompU'lK IrntiilnK. a))pi'i)vt'(l fur VKTHHANS. Call write for free infoi mutiim. And while you're waiting for thnt beautiful new Chrysler, we'll keep your old car acting and looking young! We use factory-approved maintenance methods . . , time-saving tools ... expert mechanics. A check-up now may prevent costly breakdowns later, and protect the trade-in value of your car. Why not talk it over with us soon? WATER is essential to your Good Health -and- Good Health is Largely Dependent Upon CHRYSLER * PLYMOUTH 121 East Main Street •^^^ Motor Company Phone 2122 then go GREYHOUND and SAVE • • • Save money every trip... to a ncar'oy community or to a far away city. And Greyhound's.low round-trip fares mean added savings. Wise travelers also like Grcyhound'i luxurious Siirxr Coarli comfort and the extra convenience of frequent, well-timed *nd dependable schedules. GREYHOUND DEPOT Kin North Fifth SI. ink Plenty of It Bathe Frequently GRITHOUND FARES . . . or* r«olly low Wotcr Is Your Cheapest and Best Commodity/ Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity"

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