The Courier News from ,  on September 20, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from , · Page 6

Issue Date:
Saturday, September 20, 1947
Page 6
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, SEPTEMBER 20, 1947 BLYtHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SIX r , , *~* r-> j i McLaughlin Seeks New Court Appeal .HOT", SPRINGS, Ark, Split 20. (UP)—Attorneys for Leo: P. Mc- L»ughlm were " prepared, today to c»rr> IQ the Supreme Couit their fiiht to- prevent Circuit Judges Clyde H. Brown of Hot Springs or Maupiir Cummings • of FnyctteviHe frbnj;,.presidlnjj at the trlnl of the former resort city major Mclaughlin Is expected to be tried ift gctober "on charges of malfcas- ancfc' and bribery •It. was with the backing of the se-calted "G: I .Independents" that the-McLaugliiii) political faction was bvisfieti; from office Inst yenr. Both Judge Brown nnd Judge •Cummlngs ore-veterans of, world War II. ,'licI$ughUn's'.attorneys nmioun- ced.their intention to appeal for n the high court after Judge BrofcTV overruled a defense motion t$a£.$£^disqualify,himse)f. However, Judge, Brown said he was leaving the•foourt- calendar open from Oct. 6"to"I8 111 order to permit -Judge Ciimmings to exchange "circuits with • Mm. • :'"If-Brown had consented to the difense motioii, it is likely that the Garland County Unr Association would have been asked to appoint a*temporary trial judge. Cadillac Plant Is Hit By Shortage of Steel ;DETROIT, Sept. 20. (UP)— The Cadillac Division of General Motors Corporation said today U would be forcied to halt part of its operations fftr^two weeks because of a shortage of steel in plants of suppliers. Graveyard for Once-Mighty Navy Planes This [>ile ot wreckage cortliiiiis Die remains of 500 plnnes, which once soured tilutl. as u;irl of Ihe wartime Navy Air Force. Here, al Norfolk Niiviil Base, Norfolk. Va.. the wierked planes ntc token to Ihc salvage depot, where they ;ire dismantled and melted clown-for aluminum ami iron. In the I>asl year, 3,120,000 pounds of metal for making future equipment hns been recovered In this manner. 3 Hurt When Fringes Of Hurricane Hit Mobile MOBILE, Ala., Sept. 20. IUPI — Three persons were injured tocHy when Mobile wns hit hy the fringe.* of the guH hurricane. D. B. Wovlhiim, 67. was blown to the ground by hiiih winds, City Fireman A. K. Miller, 35, was (rut by broken f;laxs, nnd Gcorye W. Welch was struck by r.n automobile during the storm. Year's First Waterfowl Move Into Arkansas LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Sept. 20.— i UP)—The first waterfowl of the .season moved into Arknnsns this week on the White River Waterfowl Refuge, according to Burton We!>- ster, manager lur the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Webster said trW. a targe nmn- lx?r of teel an dgadwell moved in on llu'lr animal flight South for tile Winter. Tee] is ii fast-flyinK bird, nnd the gndwcll is aboul the size of a mallard nnd sood to ea'.. The duck season opens in Arkansas Dee. 8 and continues throii';h Jan. (i. Destroyers In downtown New York City, :t family of falcons, with headquarter.-; atop a 23-stor.v building, destroyed an estimated 1000 pigeons rendezvous a short time ayo. "Dorothy is very disappointed in her first impression of college—she says the boys at school are twice as hopeless as the ones at home!" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL .BLOS3ER Consternation © LyCrrzebclhSeibil, Distributed by NEASCRVICC, IMC •"=***•; XXX -i <*,**- j A S he talked, Dr. Gregor man; | aged to speak to Woodward, ; and at the same time to pass over him*. 'It was .quite n performance. Malcolm, his head aching in sharp frfashiesTbf while-hot pain, sat back and^Tvatcned ; 'and listened. This ^Gregor was quite a fellow. He ^was'clever, wltly, and charming. ;His crisp accent was fascinating; *ifjspoke freely, without any sort 'ot-inhibition, yet Malcolm sus- jl^ted Beep pifrpdsc iu everything h*-choEe to talk about. The pur- ipose at a man carefvilly laying jth"e v foundation for future wovk. i He answered questions put to !him about his clinic in Chicago. ; * ''He had a wonderful shop e/^-AVppdvyajd said, trying' to 'hold .his: pi ace as the discoverer of [IVan Gregor; 'The Lair's going to Itfe a come-down, I'm afraid/' : : Dr. Gregor took a cigarct from •a, tray of them upon the table, lit jit with his supple fingers. Not a tntcm at the table but noted nnd jadmired the skill, the grace of his Stands. "I haye.spent the morning Scxamining the hew orthopedic ;\ving, Woodward," *he said softly. I'H'erhaps this is as good a lime as any to mention the terms ol the contract which 1 have signec with the Directors of the Hospita Group. : '.'.!". ( ''While., I .anticipate no more han a professional interchange 6t ideas with the Gynecologi< ?hief, I have declared myself t< >e unwilling to stand subscrvien the Pediatry department, li dll orthopedic cases, I must havi a free hand, and the final won if those cases come to me throng! khe Children^ Hospital." H looked down at Woodward, nroun {he entire table, his eyes pickin ovit those men who worked with the ch ildr en. ' 'I come h er e as Orthopedic Surgeon and head.— oss, if you like the word—and I o!" His wonderful smile (lashed a second, his dark eyes held teady upon Andrew Woodward's ice. "13oss of the Orthopedic and 'cdiatric Department. And when say boss, f certainly menu nil tat the word can imply. It is the nly arrangement under which I ottld wovk. You see, 1 am very ure the Caroline Lchr Hospital, s a whole, is imcfcr competent nidance, that its welfare i* in ne safest possible hands." He urnecl and bowed gracefully lo lalcolm, "Rut in my smaller ingdotn, I watit sovereignty. And ovcreignly I mean lo have." \gain his eyes gathered up those nen who* would work under him. Or else, his expression seemed ay. •\TALC( ±Ji lenc ALCOLM watched him, lis- .cd as he wcnl on to tall the work they could expect Ir lo in tne orthopedic wing, and his earl shook off some ol the weighl vhich had oppressed it. This man vould work for the Hospital, as Vlalcolm had always worked for t, believing in it,-wanting to build t into somelliiiig worthy ot its jhysical beauty. Once Woodward £ot in a reminder that Dr. McAn v/as Chief of Staff. Gregor's quiet, "1 understand," brought . road smiles to the faces of the doctors at the table. When plates were being changed for dessert, Gregor turned again to Malcolm. "I once read in r biographical discussion of yon Doctor, that you sing. That you could sing professionally.' 1 Malcolm smiled. "Fortunately for Ihe public, I don't. I confine my vocal activity to Sunday vespers, and occasional barber shop renditions with the interns." "Fine! Singing amounts lo n vice with me. I sing bass. Naturally, there arc few oiH'orUmitics 'or n bass solo—next to n solo m a tuba, I think there is nothing so depressing. Hut in n duet—nil, )r. Glenn, 1 can see ihut you and [ shall net alonjj together." Malcolm chuckled. "From now on, then, all strange noises within ,he Hospital tlo not necessarily conic from the O.B, department." + * • "QTRANGE noises, i n d o e d!" cried Gregor, apparently de- lightod with this interchange. "1C you did not have,the headache I see you du IKIVC, Doctor. T would suggest nn immcdfcito demonstration. Tell me, would you have mi- gniinc?" Malcolm sighed. "I'm afraid you've hit it. Doctor." G rcgor looked pleased. "Fine! Migraine is my sideline, my hobby. I fully mean lo make a startling discovery about it some day. T already have ten people so afflicted who send me their symptoms, their reactions. I demand cooperation from you, Glenn. And then—think! I can watch you 1 ." "Do you have a family. Dr. Grcgor?" Woodward asked, making a show of bei'g politely bored nl this pother over a hendnchc. "Yes, I do. So soon as 1 find a suitable home, I shall bring them here. Though they shall not bolh- r you, pnvUculiivly. Away from .he Hospital, I am a passionate rather. In the Hospital, my family does not exist. I am an aesthete of surgery." He smiled at his own' extravagance. Then ho said, and soberly, "I am not one lo take the smell of ether into my i ionic -nor do I choose to bring the lo\vcls and diapers of my household to the hospital for laundering." Malcolm's hand dropped to Grcgor's .shoulder. "You're right!" he said firmly. "1 have always thought that a doctor's family lias no move connection with, his profession than the family of ;\ banker has a right lo spend the funds put into bid vaults. You and I shall <ln more than harmonize in duets, Gregor. We seem lo sec eye to eye on many things/' Dr. Gregor nodded; only his eyes smiled knowingly into Malcolm's. "We'll wovk together," he promised. -^atf (To Be Continued) t?3«P Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 •" *\ GATEWOOD GROCERY j' Phone 9?5l Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch 7. C , rown 1.35 Ca'verr ............. 1.35 Sehenley ............. 1.35 Three Feathers ........ 1.35 "I"*""' ............ 1-40 Old Taylor ............ Four Roses ........... it 2.65 2 .65 2 .65 2 65 2!" 4.35 2 .85 4.15 4.15 4 15 US 6 90 4.50 5% Beer per Case $2.88 j GAS ' rc 9 .......... 17.5c; ......... Ethyl 19.5:j Ai! Brands Cigarets,ctn. $1.35! Upholstering Add new colors to your home and prolong the life of your furniture. 1. Expert Craftsmen 2. Finest Materials 3. Custom Styling E. V. WALLS 21st Street at Gateway MOT THAT l CAKE WHAT HAPPEMS TO VOID FLOYD MORE. BUT ISM'T PATHETIC? —1~* W ^ mm^m \ i,, - ^-:\ i n /•/ MTA srBvicr. me. T. M. »t:c._u. s. f*Ai._Qf¥-_L iHIS IS A JOB FOR- SHERLOCK COCK due k .WATSON . JAY POSO STICJC/ S T UDEBAKERS 5 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. n Sales STUDEBAKER Service Let our skilled mechanics take care of your cars raid trucks. Complete Hue of parts. Prepare for winter now —let us install a heater on your truck or car. Complete line of accessories, radios, fogliglits, seat covers, butteries, flares, bumper guards nnd a complete line ot FIRESTONE TIRES. 19-11 Chevrolet 2 speed axle. H.'25 tires ]flll Chevrolet 3:-! ton truck ]9'!0 Ford - 1 ton stsiko body 1047 New Ford 2 Speed '-'fie S.25 Tires 19-17 Kc\v International K-5 2 Speed Axle 8.25 Tires 19-n Now Stucleoaker l'; Tun I-ont* Wheel U:\se 1941 I-Toril Coupe 1Q41 Dodge 9. Door A real Fhiy 1939 DeSotn 4 Door—CJenn 1939 Plymouth 2 Door—A real Job Triule With Confidence with Chamblin. f^i These Curs Citrry a 30 Day -Guarantee! > •-, STUD EBAKE WASH TUBBS Right Uetwecn the Eyes'. B* Our Boarding House with Moj. Hopple! Out Our Way By J. R. Williams ANSY f\VOR& IMPROMPTU 3OL5STS BEFORE MEET " Bi& <=,LAN\" _, iF YOU Jv ENTERED TH& KIMG ^ . . .. . ._ _ _,\T VJOULD BE BAD PSYCHOLOGY OF AW ME OF THEM W TH' BUSHES ROPE THAT F_ T HROU&H dEMTLEMEkl, I'M (30IH6 TO BE QUITE FRANK! i KNOW YOLJ'YE BEEM PUZZLEPOVER UMFORTUMATE tWClDENT THAT BEFEIL ME LAST YBAf! I DON'T BLAME YOU, SINCE you COULPN'T <NOW THE REAL FACTS. BUT THIS STATEMENT BY DC. McADDLEr, HEAD OF THE INSTITUTION, WLL SHOW THE UNDESERVED MOI6NITIESI SUFFEREP! HERES TH LETTER M SAVS yau'lie BEEN WAlfM' FOR P, AS CHATS OHATCH PIDPLE Bv FRED IT ARM AN PPED BY TO "feU-YOU I'CAfJ'T i rtl<3HT SCHOOL OME-XJ01' BE 1R1CK6 LlfflE BEM5 S to M.lJCV OOP TUD KINS -CB 1 COP M\v H\\E BUM OUT. BUT NO DAME'S 1_*.MP DID MY P1M- EVER CLOUT.' , VIC CHIDES. YOU'VE BEEN MY BROTHER JftKUS'S FOR YEARS. YOU DREW THE Will DISHIS OAU&HTER ftNITR AND LEAVING All Of HIS MONEY TO ME. A CCOL HA IF . LUCRETIA, HICWN SOMEWHERE IN THAT HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET.' A Cool Half Million BY MICHAEL O'MALLBY and RALPH LANR JANUS HAS A VERY BAD HEART. IF WE SHOULD Olf TODAY, THAI H41F MIUKWWOUID BE MINE. IS THAT RI6HT ? IW A lAWVER.LUCRETIA LET'S GET DOWN ID fACIS. WHAT'S HAPPENEDBtTWEE YOO ANO JAWS': YOU KNOW. IT WOOID BE A PITY IF AIL THAT MONEY 5WCXM.D SLIP THROUGH OUR FINGERS. ' CESERTERS & (5ONNX RUN LOOSE IN MY KINGDOM.' Cioixl Old Fot>7.v By V. T. HAMLIN DON 5^ESLfKV-ED HlM.i^OUI-DN'T KXCV' THERE'S MOKE TTHIS THA.N MEETSTH'EVE, Wf 1>1 6ON)NA, D1S TIU. T. OUT WK>'.' liark Sta^c Uy EDGAU MAKT1N

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