The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 25, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS nil'! UUMlNAN'l Ni-AVSl'Al'KK Ol' NORTUEA tj'J ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLlV—NO. 283 Blylhevllle Cornier Blytlicville Daily Newj 'Mississippi Vftllev Lender BlyihevilLc Herald HI, YTHKVII.U-;, ARKANSAS, \VKI>.NKSI)AY, KKHKUAKY 2!>, I<M8 TWKIA'K 1'AGKS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Tractor Driver Hit by Truck On Yarbro Road BIytheville Resident I Faces Charge of Drunken Driving A heariiiE: fnr Joe B. Cunningham n! B'.ylheville on a charee of driving while under tlie influence of liquor was set for Mar. 0 in Municipal Court this morning following R truck-tractor wreck last nisht near Yarbro in which George Gilbert of Yarbro was injured. Mr. Gilbert was in Walls Hospital loday where lie was reported in fair oucUtion, suffering (rom possi- hle head and shoulder injuries. X- rays may be ordered today to determine the extent of his injuries, hospital attendants said. Deputy Sheriff Erwin Jones, who with Deputy Sheriff Holland Aikc;l investigated" the accident, said Cunningham was intoxicated and apparently did not see the tractor which Mr. Gilbert wu.s driving uu- til too late to avoid hitting it. Cunningham was driving a one- half ton truck and both vehicles were headed Mortli. Mr. Jones said. Cunningham apparently swerved slightly before crashing into the rear of the tractor, the officer said. Tractor Badly Damaged The tractor was badly damaged. The right side was smashed and the rear tire on tha£ side wa.s torn oil, Mr. Jones said. The front of the truck was damaged, though less severely than the tractor, he said. The truck was thrown into a ditch by the impact but its occupants were not injured. The accident occurred about 1:45 last night on the cui-off road |^ that leaves Highway 61 at the via™ duct North ol here and runs to Yarbro. Bond for Cunningham was set at 1 S550 in court lliis morning. Marie Craig of Blytlicville. who was with Cunningham in tlie truck, was arrested on a charge of public drunkenness. Her case also was continued until M->r. 6 and bond for her was set, at $31.25. President Truman May Shorten His Florida Vacation WITH PRESIDENT TRUMAN IN THE CARIBBEAN. FVb. 25. lUP> — The presidential yacht Willlams- bnrg pitched UirouRh rolling seas today cnrrylnK President Truman to Cuba and the end of his Caribbean tour, Water cascaded over the white bows ot tile presidential yacht as she sailed toward Guanlanamo Bay. The President will make a brief inspection of the u. S. Naval Base and then will fly to Key West, Fla., aboard his private plane, the Sac- I red Cow. I There were indications, howew, that pressing business uiight force the president to cm short His Florida vacation at tlie Key West Naval n:ls( ' His .schedule calls for him lo remain at the u. S- Submarine Iwso. there until a wcclc from Friday, IBllt the Sacied Cow's crew been ordered to stand 1> V in Key West for a possible return to Wash- inston on short nnllcc. If the necessity arises. Mr. Truman can fly back to the nation's capital in a few hours Since leaving Washington Democrats Show Concern Over Threat of Revolt Truman Makes Virgin Island Speech Leaders Realize That Southerners' Can Split the Party WASHINGTON'. Fob. 35. ll'l'l — A Housp judiciary suhcnmiiiit (cc took ;i new sl»p :it Southern Dr-morrals tcuhty hy approving :ui anli-lynt-liins bill as rccouniHUHl- <•<! tiv l'r''sj<li.rit Truman. Tlio lc«- Islallmi wuulil make lynrlilnc > federal offense. Hy Raymond L.ilir (United i>r*.ss Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. Feb. '.!:> iUl ueinoi-rmiu leader.s clnns' to tlu-i has liojJCs ol uriimniUK the imrt.\ storm today despite urowinK evi tlencc that Houlhmlois are serlnu aljDut thieateneci reprisals. j Party spokesmen said privntcl that nil moves were planned to an 1 pl'nse .Southern democrats. \\ ho ar on aroused over President Tnunan's Friday, the ['resident has kept in civil rights program. Admimstra- touch with national and in- . lion supporters admitted the threat Urnational affairs. He disclosed ', of a pally split appeared more yesterday that he has ordered un nvcstigation Into the recent boost in steel prices. He also endorsed the Palestine stand taken by U. S. Delegate Warren R. Austin before the United Nations security council yesterday. Austin proposed Big Five consultations on the security problem in Palestine, but ducked the issue of whether American troops would be sent to the Holy Land. S rrank Whitworth Asks Promotion City Clerk Becomes A Candidate for County Treasurer .serious thun ever before hut Relieved thrre \va.s .still hope thnl tempers would cool. The Southerners may Ijc stopped again todny by a House Judiciary Subco nmittee vote, approving nn anil-lynching bill, one o' Mr. Tru- mnn's proposals. Party leaders are wuiting for the next move to come dom the Southern Governors 1 Conference, still i to be called. The conference will I hear a report Lorn the committee i that conferred two days ngo \\-ith ' Chairman J. Howard McGrath of ; the Democratic National Commit- I tee. McGrnth rejected its demands I that Mr. Truman's program be | withdrawn. Some Southerners predicted new efforts in their states to clear the way for withholding electoral votes from Democratic nominees. A move in that direction already has been launched in Mississippi. Gov. William M. Tuck of Virginia reportedly is ready to recommend revision of state election laws to give Virginia's presidential elec * s Frank Whitworth. Blyihcville ' n free hand in voting for president, city clerk, today announced his can- • One source said Mils would not didncy for the office ol Mississippi mean Virginia Democrats wcve boll- County treasurer in the first Dem- ; l"B the party but would nut them ocratic primary July 20. • * n position to support some one Mj'- Whitworth said yesterday j other than Mr, Truman If they that he will not run for re-election I chase, as cir.y clerk. Miss Delia Purtle, county treasurer, said yesterday that she wilJ announced her election plans later. Mr. Whitworth has served as iarlK. Long Wins .ouisiana Race For Governor Kingtish's Brother Defeats S. H. Jones In Hot Political Battta NKW ORLEANS. I-V1), Oft, «UPi Tlu 1 people of Ixuilsiatiii. nftrr ol«ht yciir.s of vetni m uovei innrul , np ueari'd ttxluy t" Imvo liuuotl Mi novri tiorshlp m'n In yesterday' rimolf IVtnoci-nlis. 1 primary to Kin K. l.onn. bnntier <if tin- poiU ('onnol.s.seui' who v,i\vv tlunn .s yoais of ilictnlorshlp Thrpi- Ni-w Orli'»ns ui-ws|>a --tin 1 Itoin, SI Mrs nnd Tiuu's-in mi -which fous'hi L«iu« 1i> cixt. sitld [lutly Unit hi' wu.s n nut ed. At'tuiillv. l>i'inoi'iiillr ncniil- iiiitinn Is tlu- sinur us ctortiou In 1/iulsliinn, lirciiusi' o[ n ^liovtt^o of HrpuhtU'nns l.on«'s opikuu-nt wus .Sum Joilc.s. u I,;ikt- Clunli's coi por- nlUm lnwyrr. l^ns i-allril him "hH'.h hut. Kwi'i't Hnu'llln' H;im." "Sum- bo" or "Sum Ilonstnn." .Inni'.s tins President Harry Tnminn delivers an In Emancipation Purk at | Charlotte Anialie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, on the ItXHh anniversary I of Hits island's proclamation llbcrmlng the slaves. (NKA Trli-phoio.i Mother, Angered by School Strike, Threatens to Sue Teachers' Union Sen. Olin D. Johnston. -D.. H. C.. said his state should semi delegates to the national convention to oppose Mr, Truman's rcnomlnatJon unless he yields to Southern dc- city clerk since 1940. ;Iiis fourth : niand.s. After the convention^ he term in that office expires in ' snid. Hie stale convention should April. Under the late J. A- Bass, Mr. Whit worth was chief deputy collector in the Dlytheville office of the Mississippi County sl^.nff. He also served in positions of rcspon- Farm Bureau Leaders Get Drive Reports One community reported exceeding Its quota in the 194S Count} Farm Bureau membership campaiR and a grand total of 1.172 paid mem- durjng the first two weeks of the berships were reported solicited drive ut a check-up meethiK of North Mississippi County drive workers in the Rustic Inn here last I night. The first North Mississippi County community to exceed its quo- sibility in both the Farmers Bank ta in the 1948 drive was Clear Lake I ?. nd Tl ' usl Co ' nncl the Fi«t Na- \vith a total ot T7 members solicited to date. The quota set for Clear Lake was 75 and drive workers there Rre F. A- Rogers, Jim Alien Haynes nnd Jim Guriey. Drive workers it; three other communities, Half Moon, New Liberty and Calumet, reported reaching! the 00 per cent mark In their drives. Each of the three communities have quotas of near 100 members. The 1.H2 members reported by M] . wllitu . orth said ve.sterdav he North Mississippi County workers Pxpcct ,j To talk with the voters of the county personally before the primary. Mr. WhiUvorth's action will leave vacancy in the city clerk's office to be filled in the general city election April 6. The ticket for the city election will be. closed March fi MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. 25. lUV) — A high school pupil's mother threatened, to file a31 Injunction suit today unless 1,100 AFL tcacli- 01 s re tin lied to their desks immediately and permit led the Minneapolis public schools lo re-op en. The U'ucher.s stmuk yesterday vo enforce their demands for wage increases and n full 38-week academic, year. They have asked the board of education to increase minimum y;a»e.s [rom $2,000 to $3.000 and maximum \\ILUL'.S from $4,203 tu JT>,- CQO. Mrs. Guditin H- Jensen, mother of one of i Vie 75,000 pupils Riven an extra vacation by the strike, or- ik'ri'd In:r uttoinoy to ask lor Community Boo court order det'lfirniy the slhXc Illegal. Tlic attorney, Ariliur T. Nelson, saici the .strike was illegal hccuusc It itit erf ores with governmental processes and the rights c!mi Mr.». Jensen us a (nxpiiycr to have her child educated by Hie city. Mrs, Jensen contended that the two striking locals o! American Federation of Teachers were "trying to force tlie Board of Edni'u- tion in ticlliiR accorditig to tlum 1 the own beliefs." Thi: city's Si nubile schools were r.1o=cd down for the second day today except for necessary maintenance work. MittcoFair llrlurns troin 1,017 «ii Mir Matr'.s l.HVli prrirhirt.'v ,showi-d Hint Lon« hud i>;ri.()4i voir.-i ((» .jiiiu'.s' i;io.'tv!7, And l.onK uimaiently nmLrd u sluU- o[ flvi 1 other si nl i' officers, inclutiinR tt;i i llout onunl Rovernor. Into oflke wlili him. In one irsiirct. 1 .nun's nuparcnt r lection piirnllflrri the r^iTi-r of his nsfiu.ssinatwi hi'otlu-i. .Sen, ilury E 1 . i Klujifishi l^tnn. Hut'v wns lir- fenti'd once for governor with nil t hr tit'W.spaprr.s r»[ New Orleans jiK'iii^l him. Unl won hi P.l'Jii. .loni's Wnn hi KMn Earl ua.s tii-atru by .loni's In in-IO. nfU'i- lie hud smni tin- rr- miiiniiiK It months dt Ihe iimi'mor- slilp term of lUcrmid W. vchn wns sent to pit ROM in the Ix>uls- Inna isciuulals. Jnnr.s depended fin the city vote to rlrrt him MiSs 'hue. Yet l/tnu cnnieti New OileiMi.s. U-i,:)H(l votr.s to Jones' 5fi.(lfUl. Jont-s rairtcd. New Orlrutis irt thr Jan 'JO pritnury and WIIR .suppoi'lcci by the city ndinlnl.slratlon. Returns LiKilcntrd Ihiit LOUR even C n ve Jonc.s n hud he n t li i R I ti his own hometown. l.nke Chui U-.s. There seemed no doubt which way country parish (countk'M where the uncounted votes ^'LTC— hud xone. Lon^, 52, who can tnnlch ar- rcnts with- the Ron River Viilh-y'.i best rednecks, spent much of tils rampnlfin In the bnckwnntls purlsh- (•«. olninniig the "pott; lolh.s" as his Own ftnd^roUlaf - cif»rett«i' out of their Communists Gain Full Control in Cze choslovakia niiACUK, ]'>!). 25. (I!.I'.) —Hard-pressed President Kdunrd Hi'iii'.s iii'ccpted a Communist-picked cabinet today, imlliiiK I lie formal seal of nulhorily on Hie Communist seiz- urc of C/orhoslovakiii, «n(i Stale Police were reported to have firi'il inlo a mass of (lomunstniling sludcnts. - -- + Witnesses rc|wrl«l that tlie first .uilillu violence dared In Prague si- nullnncon.s with a CotntnunLit an. lumnccnictiL lo a cheering crowd' ttml Hpne.s hail towed to HIT ulll- inaUun-br\ckorl demand by Premier Klriucnl Gotlwnld for a hand picked eublnel. Tin? policy newly lodged undr' Coinnumlst control were reported to linvo tired Into (he ranks o( slu- dL'iits ninrchlng toward the. presidential pnliicc (or a scheduled Uc- nion.stratlon. Tho new cabinet coinpi'lKecl 12 Communists nml 11 other IctHsls ol pronounced Communist lennlng. number o! whom hud broken oin their pnrtlcs hi the crisis hid, led lo (he Communist coup. Stages Comeback Karl K. I.OIIIE School Election Deadline Hears Candidates Must File by Saturday To Get on Tickets One lulilltloiml contest. In count school elections has developed niu julh Incumbents whose Icmis t* lire us nmulivrs ot UlC Mlsslsslpl 2omil.v Hoard of Education hav 'lied lor re-election. 11 wns all lOimceil today >>V W""ly Scum Supervisor John Mnyiis. d^M^'MSfcu^ nVr here. Horn in Lu\oni "^Ir. WhiUvovth was born reared in Luxora. He i ,vas graduated frojii Luxora High School mid later from Nelson's Business College in Memphis. Married and a home owner, Mr Whitworth is 46 years old. He hns been active in civic affairs and is former preririeni of the Lions pick uninstructod electors, Pome Southerner^ \\*nnt (o defer (iecisious until niter l( t:; kiinwii whether the disputed legislation will pass or after the Democratic National Convention in July. But it is evident that some preparatory I action will come earlier. Southern Congressmen arc gloomy p.baul. j their chnnccs of beating tlie bills fmrt ' by Senate filibuster this year- They are as dissatisfied as the governors about McOrath's replies. Sen. Harry p_ Byrrt, f3., Va., commented that McGrath's .stand Monday had "added fuel to the flames/' Sen. John J. Sparkman. D-, Al".. said the party dispute was "really serious—"there's no way of knowing what will happen." Comnuini'v i'iitinUH>ii, in.sicad of , would be JitnRod on the following ihe usuai display of limn piodutrt.s, | .seven points: at, last night's meeting brings the county total to 1.994 paid memberships to date. Drive workers in the South-end of tlie, comity reported 812 members at a similar meeting held iii Osceola Monday night. The overall goal for the comity is 4 T 700 members. Drive lo Knd Mart!; i L. G. Nash of Blythevllle, president of the County Farm Bureau, presided over last night's meeting and urged the workers to complete the drive hy the next check-iij: meeting which he set for Mar. 2. A meeting of the Bureau's Executive Committee will be called for the | same time, he said. The meeting wiV be held in the office of Countj Jndpc Roland Green in the Court House here, ' Following the check-up inepting; (he group heard replies from Farm Bureau letters to Arkansas' delegation in Con press urging support, o! the proposed legislation lo eliminate Federal tnx from oleomargarine. The letters from Sena tors John McCtcIlnn nnd .1. W. Fulbright and Congressman ?:. C. "Took" Gatil- ings pledged tlie delegation's full support to the legislation. The group discussed the possibilities of an annual county-wide Farm Bureau picnic to begin this year and voted that a committee be appointed to further consider the proposal. Mr. N'a.^h stated that the committee would be appointed at a later date. Two Men Are Injured In Accident Near Steele Bustct 1 Henry of Joiner and George Williams of Rectcr were injured last- night when the car ID which they were riding overturned at Alkcng'Corncr near Hleple, Mo. Both men were at Walls Hospital today for treatment although i only Mr. Williams was actually hos- •t pitalized- Extent of his injuries was scriedulfrri lo he dctcrmired by x- ray.s today. Mr. Henry suffered cuts about the head. Tlie accident occurred about 9:30 last night. C. oi C. Board to Meet The Board of Directors of the Blylheville Chamber of Commerce will hold Us monthly meeting at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow in the Chamber's office In City Halt. Five Aaencies Probe Steel Price Boosts Seven Children :D/e When Fire Desfrovs Home BURLINGTON. Tn.. Feb.'2ft fUP* —Seven children were burned to death today in a fire which destroy- ecmive editor nf the Kcripps-Howarri will be the ft-atiim) thenu- of community booilis a I the \ftA8 Mississippi Ccunly Pair, it was annouuccsl today by Miss Gerinide Bond. North Mississippi County home demon- .stration apenL. The Pair Book Committee, composed of me tubers ol the various home demonstration clubs of the county, which is in • chari.i,e of the community exhibition booths HI th: fair, voted 10 stress cummuiiity ediu-ation in Ihe theme ol the booths at a meeting held irccntiy. Trie purpose of tlie nicc-'Jn^ was Lo decide on the rules (or the com- munitv booths aiid what activities would bt' fratmrd at the 19-l!i lair. The cojiimiltce \oird Unu booth* John H. SorreHs, Arkansas Native, Dies in New York NEW YORK, Feb. 25 'UI'' John H. Sorrplls, 51, former Aiknnsas ex- ed a farm home 14 miles North of here. Coroner R. O. Giles saul the seven children perished At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Waterhouse. The victims, all children of the WiUerhouses. were: Hetty Jean. 16: Helen Marie. II; James Allen. 9: D:>hs Ann. fi: Thorn-is K. 4; Mary K. 3. ami David, 18 months. The children were sleeping in i three beds in the only upstairs room of the two-story frame house. Three other sons. James, 20; Uon- ntd 18, and Everett. 2_'. and PXcrelt's wife, were in an adjacent Hummer WASHINGTON. P^b. 25. 'UP> — The government wns! to- ff ay for its most sweeping invt'.-,ti- in of the steel industry's price policies. Backed by President Truman, five -2.a\ eminent agencies and :i ronsrc-.ssiiinnl committee were looking into the industry's reernt S5 *o S7 a ton increase in the price of semi-finished steel products. The Justice Department Com- I kitchen and fled to safety before the merce Department, the President's kitchen also caught fire and was Council of Economic Advisers, thu i destroyed. Federal Trade Commission, tlie FBI and (ho joint Senate-House Kco- \ noniic Committee, all are conduct- I ins investigations. j The Justice Department led tlu ' way by sending FIJI agents into the i offices of 16 steel producers yc.sicr- • day to .see if there was collusion in : the price increase in violation of anti-trust- laws. Attorney General Tom C. Clark ordered ihc mvestisalion upon orders from President Truman. Tlie President demanded the inquiry by wire from Key Fla., before he started his Caribbean cruise. Presidential advisers regard the .si eel increase as a serious blow to White House anti-inflation efforts. The joint congressional committee' plans to call industry le-ariers ta tesiify about the boost next week. Rep. Jesse P. Wolcott, R., Mich,, committee vice-chairman, said he was Inclined to "agree with the White House position. "As things stand now, it -looks like nhey (the steel companies) have thrown fl monkey-wrench into the economy," he said. "Steel is .-;o basic that an increase would immediately be reflected in the prices of many consumer durable Roods and heavy good*," The father and mother \ve i e wsp n pc rs. died o [ H J i pa 11 attack parly today at. his home. His \vifc. Kulh. was with him a I the time of dciitlr- Sorrel Is wns born in Pine Bluff Ark.. Mar. 31, lB9fi. Ilr attended Washington ami Vx:e University, then obtained his first nov.^iapcr job in 1919 on the Pine IlUitf D.iily Ciuphic. Subsequently he worked (or the Daily Oklahoman, I he Cleveland Press, the Memphis Press Scimitar and the S r ort Worth Press He became executive rchu>r of 1 hr Scri])p*i-Howai-t3 new,sp;ipt'i's in Kc served as a first iiiiiiioiinnt in Ihe Army during World and dnrinp World War II juuy director ol censorship. Sorrel Is was the author of "TLic 1. Capture ultenthm .115 points) 2. Hold internal »'20 points t "3. Show problem T25 points) 4. Portray success of the ]iroJocL (15 points) 5. Title stand. 1 ? out clenrly <5 points) 6. Arranged attractively UO paints) 7. Adequately labeled MO points) Present at the meeting wore: Mr;. G. '[". Scrape of Dogwood; Mrs. Jim Luccy of Lcurliville, Mrs. Lee Slllc-'i of Yarbro; Mrs. C, M. AuboU and Mrs. Gnrrclt Abbott of FJat Lakt-; Mrs. I^-.sie Davis, Mrs. T. R. Wntson, "Mrs. W. L. Smith. Mrs. W. A. Anderson and Mrs. Uycr G.irncr of Airnm-el. BEythevilie Guard Unit Inspected by 4frh Army Colonel The Annual nimory inspect.ion of Comnanv M of thr Arkansas National Guard wa.s hesun here this nfternoon and will rontinne IhrouEli The drill .session tonight, according to Capt, Robert Hredcr. com ma nd- intr ofifi:iT. The annual inspect ton Is behiw made of every National Ciiiard unit in Ihc state bv nn inspection party representing Fourth Army Head- ing downstairs and escaped in their | Workinp Press" publiftbcrt in I9'.10. night-clothing. rUP) Memphis Man r Head Of Firm Here, Dies MEMPHIS. Tciin., Feb. 25. —Fnncrai services will be Iield tomorrow for W. E. Gape. MirtSouth cotton man who dirri yesterday in his 78th year. He was a native of ; Mrmphis. : Gage was president of the W, A. : Oase Cotton Co.. I lie l>o Soto Oil Co,. Memphis, the Blyihcville Cotton Oil Co.. Arkansas, and Ihe Kastman Cotton O;l Co.. Jone.stowTi. He was founder ot the Oak Dome Outing Club near Marked Tree, Ark., Gage's only .son W. Eastman Gage. Jr., was killed in Jamiarv when he [ell through a skylight while vUtting R cotton otfice in Pine Bluff, Ark. W. C. HiRgitison, manager of the Blythcville Cotton Oil Co.. of which Mr. Gage was president at the tim£ of his death, said today he planned to attend the funeral services in I Mem phi*. He is survived by his wife :»nd four children, .Tohn Harvry. Ann. William Gordon, and Elnbrrt Tnllifei ro. Don M. Scut.t, senior instructor; Captain Milhniin. of the adjuinnt- ;etierar.<; office tn Little Rock; and Muster Serpt. Henry I,. Hurst, noncom njls.sifined in.strnrtor. Record;, poi.snnncl and sum)lU:s will be Inspected Company M was organi/rd Jnn. :\(), lfl-17, and h;is an (lUlhorized slrenRtli of seven officers and ISO inrn At, pie.sent, the company complement of three &Hleers and ">fi men. Capt. Krenr-r said today that cnlLstnictius arc beitg accepter! to bring ihc unit to its authorised strengiti. he *»8 JiwL ; *s u poor" KB when he WHS ft' boy, Bui a.s far the L-nnnliy ndtp'e wcin, Knrl l> tutd the tkcccnt and apprarnnce on iis .sitic. Jones looked nnd actix tho part (tf a Mii:tv,s.sfiil corpora- Lion Irtwycr. Legion Backs Laney's Stand On Civil Rhhts Dud Cuson I'nst 2-1 of the Ameii cnn LCBlnn Inst nlgM voted to en dorse Gov. Hen l.anoy's ftgaUist PcesUtent Tnuuivn's civil i rights propasnls. Members of the Posl took I Ills stand nt their v.t-L'kly iiiofllny last in thr Legion Hut and thu.^ threw (lie support of thr hlythiH'ille Legion group behind Ihr Arkansas chief executive, who Is cilrrnnLly In WnshliiRion n'ith four other Snn- thcrn Rovrrnors to tlie president's a nil- lynching, anti-poll tax and a nil-disc] iminalion projlosals. The Lc^ionnajrc.s also decided la;l nipht to send ma^iizincs to Ihe vnr- ions veterans hnspitnls In this mea, Mciiiljershij) of tiif Posl for the cur IT ni yeji r now stands at 11-17, it was ri'jin] tni Kisl uluhi. Tn ] each the member.ship t;»;i1 <>[ niTi set for llii.s yrar. tin- Posr lias I;IMMI divided inlo (ivo teams. IliA "Reds' and the "Hlue.s," hi a mi'inbrrshlp j race. The contosi ends March Ifj and the losns \\ ill be hn:-1:i al a snppi'E foi Ihe vvinnrts Match 1H. James Ni-iiMlU'imiM- l-s captain of the "lied" Irani nnd Hoy Cunningham heads <hr- "lllue" learn. New York Stocks Weather Arknnsns Clotidy with occasional rain toniRhi. Slightly warmer in thr East and South poi- lions Cooler in thr North^rM this afi'TiKimi and in N<irlh nnd Wrst ])oi lions loixi^hl. Thursday, cluiidy to partly cloudy wilh occasion n I rain in Fast and South. Cooler in the North and West. Mninnuim this mornine—U Maximum ye.slerdny---.T2 ' Sun:-o1 (odRy—n:52 /011101 ro\v-- fi : ^4 .Precipitation. M hours to 7 am today- --.^J) Total since Jan, I --9.25 Mean temperature «midway bei lween hlfth and low)—50 Nonna 1 meati for Feb.— 4 3.4 This Dale I.asl Year Minimum this morning—2-1 Precipitation, Jan. 1 to this date I —3.25 'i p.m. Sloe A T <v T Amor Tobacco Anac'Xida Copper ,. Rct-li 'steel ...« Chn.<er . .. Geti Bk( trie Gen Motors N T Y, Centra] In; Harvester , . North Am Aviation Republic Steel , - Raflin f-ocofiy Vacuum ,. Pi.tiHaifi of N .) ... Trx^s Cnrp Soybeons J'rirr f.r>.h. < Soybean Experts To Meet With Missco Group liool clcclloiis. Mr. Mnycs suitl. Tin- mlillllonnl rnnU'.st dovcloiiurt In (lie lit>sm!]] illslrlol wlicro C. A. MiMKly nml .1. C. HiiKtil l>'»'« dl«l. Mr. lirlKlil «•«« »P|)" llllel1 lnst s ''' nr lc, rill Ilin un-cxiilrcd li-nii nl Mllcli- cll Wosl. i"»l l» »<>«• .W' kl "K ll 'I 1 ' 1 Ipnn. C<illllly Bniinl MrmlMTS Ulr C .1. !,ovmm<:<! :'' nr\vct and d II. SonRrnvrs or Osccnln, tlie U'o incnilirrH of thn Mississippi County Hnnrd "' Eilucnlloii whose tcnns cxplic tins yctir. linvc nlwl iirlltlons liir vc-tlcctlon. Mr. Mayes stntccl. No olhcr cuiwlldnlcs tor posts lliivo nimoimccd lo dulc. I'clll-ions linvc «lso hren received rruni finir olhcr inr-ii sckliiB to fl" four vnc-aiiclp.s In Hirrc communl- lics In DJTSS. Clnrcnci: Tnrpley has (lied, hrhiRliiK ll>e tolnl to three who nrc Hcnklni! lo [111 tlie one vacancy ill till! school hoard there. Dcwcy I Cox nnd W. 15. llarRi-nvc Illccl tliclr petition.'; Insl, week. The Ilircc inc-r :ire spcklnR lo succeed Vcrnnn Henry whose term expires this year. T\vn Viieanelcs rtl Ktowiili III Kloivnh where two vacancies exist, [m.innbenl. Fl. S. Jackson lm« riled (or rfi-i-letllon nnd CHnlon filinrp is scckllll! lo succeed Or. .1. 11. I.nnslnrd \vhnsc term expires lliis Or. l.unslord was ap- liniuted to Fill Hie un-explred I cnn of Hay I'hillips in lliat community last. ymr. And in Osceola. IncuinbenL E. F\ Bradley, whose term expires, lias Filed tor le.-cleclioii. This is llio only |>l:uc on Ihc Osceola t>o;irci to be Idled this year. The mldUional cijnlest at Gosnell luniks Ibe lolal to three now ex- istiiu; oi'cr the county. Other contests me In Blylhcvilln where J. L. OUIIH n:ut R. A. Nelson nrn seeking to unseal incumbents Rosco Crart- [)n and C. Murrny Smart and in Dyess ^'heie Ilicre is a llnec-\v race Fo] one vacancy. ley were Mivcc Social F>emocrnts, vu Independents, two National So- lullsts. two Peoples Party members nd two Slovak Democrats. Btndcnt members of a non-Com- lumlsl Kroup mni'chhiR to th« ii'csldent's pnlnec vcjiortcd that po- Ice Fired Into the group nbout 5:30 Mil. Persons ni'rlvlng nt the scene * Itllc later said the students were hnntliiK "C?.ech ixiltce Fire Into Jzcch students" nuri "seventeenth of Novemhcr"—the day In IMS hen Cicrmnn police shot nine Czech .stuclenU. .'ollce o!liel:ils attcmiitcd to dis- sunn'e tile st\uiPnt5 trom continuing anv Fuillier nnrt brealt up their dc- nionstrnUnn." Joseph Kolarclt. press ullnche of Hie American Embassy, who witnessed llic iiollcc action, re- ixirled. Flenes gave In lo communist dc- maiulj on<! anrt onc-hnlr hours before lie wa.s lo s|>cak to the nation and six and otie-lmlf hours before Die time limit set by Oottwald. The Communists hnd threatened to cripple C/.echoslovwk economy wllh a general strike unless the Kovernmcnt they already had seized were, turned over to Uiem formally. Hcnc.s 1 office announced his ac- ceptimce In a brief communique which also imUl he accepted the resignations of 12 non-Communist cabinet ministers who brought the Xjllllcal crisis to a head by walking ml ol \hc government last «eek. Goltwnld .Immedintcly announced Ills new cabinet. dottwnlri nnnounccd Benes' decision In a brief, wildly apillnuded ipeecti to a ninsslve crowd |n Wcn- cesliius squftrc- Th« t:oininunlsis h«*p*d Rior- mnus prejislirr <m Henrs to make him put l\ir. "oflirlal" slanip on their capture of Chechoslovakia. Tliclr coup was In thd mnp-up .slaRr, anil Ihey werr rushlnn to ccMsnlirUlc It formally. Oottwalcl and his Communist licutenanls called on Bcncs and presented the demand For Ills sanction of a new all-leftist government^ lo pick up the Communist program. As soon as the demand was presented, the Communist organ Rude I'ravdo splashed the bold, proclamation Hint "If the new government of Gottvv.ild Is not accepted loday. we shall hold « general strike." Uv all signs complete victory was within the Communist grav "• appeared that within a matter of hours the cabinet of their cholca would be nnmlnc the country they Scr COMMUNISTS on Pag» 12 Rock, extension nyifninm University or Arkansas' Acrtcullure and C. Ray of Little iiM, of thr College of ] t. r\dair of for (tie inriinrnt of Adrian- 'Bullets Fly in Ofiice; Bookkeeper is Killed, Mill Executive Wounded Poster Contest Awards Made by Jaycee Committee Winners oF the "Americanism Week" poster contest conducted by the Junior Chamber of Commerce were announced today by Harold Anderson, chairman of the Jaycee Americanism Committee, who said the winning posters will be on pub- ) lie display beginning Friday. The poster contest was held for grade school students on the subject of 'What Americanism Mean* to Me." First place winner \vas b. G. Hcrron. who received a 55 prize. Shirley Wade won second place and S3. while R. M. Sylvester received third place and a J2 prize. Mr. Anderson said the posters will be on display at Martin and Boydston clothing store, Railroad and Main, Friday through Nlonday. Receiving honorable .11 5-8 j SB 1-2 M 3-4 Unilrcl Slates Dr rillrurr \vlll ,s;K-ak a! Ihe tli mini mcrtiiu ni Ihc-^-ippl ! Comity .Soybean PlnnnL];^ Com- ! mitlrr in Hie Hotel Koblc at T:3i) loniclit. ! Mr. F'nklns ami Mr. Adnlr will I gh Monc mention | the |>oster competition were Robert :>, Kugenc Ellis. Jane Annls Nichols SVI.ACAUGA. Ala.. Feb. 2,=> iDPii- --The bookkeepei or the Dan- allri Uollaltl ••"!- KnitiliiG Mil!. iK-iit iii-ir wns An essay contest on Ihe same sub- '""t'lie mills' supc'r-|i ccl >vns conducted lor high school ktllori loriay and di. cuss soybea. the past yrar. , UioiiUcs on so' Hoth men during • are nu- Mar. | Maj open 3"f> 329 '/j low rac, 335',* 329'^ 33S'/j hHendenl was wounded critically in a Kimfighl in their offices here. .Sheriff Karl novel! leporied. Daniel Thorlon Tierce died In- .stanily. The suiiei inteiident. Albert A. Kirkpaii'ick. telephoned for an j i'.lnbulaiire bcfiirc he slumped into t ... I-I ! offer siispf.siions us to what should i • ll|l ''''i" , 1 , e l""'''' ( ' , , . ., ' 8.i 1-2 he done inward its bette.mciit. 1 »" w<>11 •"• 1 <1 >« behoved the two 93-4 Mnubers of the Soybean Plan- 1ncn vm "^ <">'>• P".soii5 in the 2.S n,n s Group, wliich is ' a sub-coni- !"»'« »' ""- '"" c ' 7' lc f« rl " *™\ « l-» initice of liie Mississippi County jlicld the reason lor Ihe Incident IS 3-4' Agricultural Planning Committee, i pending a lull Investigation. 17 3-S uill discuss plans fot Ibe second j 71 1-R iiuutal .Soybean Yield Contest to M 1-4 be held tills Pal!. 'Ilie committee ; 011 linMed tlie content nt its ineet- \ea)'. ,.? C Hale, of Bnrdette. chalnivan of the planning commit- teo. will preside over tonight's i Mar. 32CO 3286 3269 meeting. Members ol the May 330D 3303 3275 tee will be the guests of the Swift |Jnly 3231 323S 3214 Oil'Mlll Co., at a dinner which will ; Oct 2072 2!)80 2951 ptec«l« the meeting. i Dec 2035 39« 2913 suidents and Mr. Anderson said winners of this competition will be announced later. Winning posters were selected by n secret committee, Mr. Anderson said. Wholesale Food Price New York Cotton of August, 1947 I 1:30 p.m. 34211 NEW YORK. Feb. 35. lUP>—Tnfi wholesale food price index of D-.ia and Bradstreet. Inc., declined ^15 cenus in the week ended Feb. '24. bringing lo 61 cents the cumulative drop in Ihc past six weeks, the agency reported today. Tlie index now stand's at W.61, 9. new low since Aug. 19, 1M7, compared with $6.76 a week e arliej and the all-time high of »7.28 3215 reached on Jan. 13 this year. Tan 2SM all-time low was |1.49 on Jan. 31, 2013 1933. 1-.30 3269 3271

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