The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1948
Page 11
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PUESDAY, FEBRUARY «4. 1948 BLYTHKVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NBWS PAGE ELEVEN UT OUR WAY By J, R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplei 5OPA5 1CXJK IUA SEZ HE ADMIRES TH' CALMNESS O'MEM WITH PIPES.... BUT HE'LL HAVE A MOUTH AS WIDE A5 A WHALE FROCA HOL.PI M' ITTO KEEP TH' SPARKS OUT O' HIS EVES AN' EARS/ AN A OK PRAIRIE F1RC THAT'LL RUIN THE CALMSJESS OF TH' WHOLE COUNTRY r-OR PAYS; U£AV£MS.' X i\\QST HJVJ& GlVEM A TRIPLE TOO KFAW A 3OLT OF "TV\fir 3LMCE/~"— AAACTVfX 16 tLEC- L'D BETTER TORSi OFF TUE: CURRENT AMD 6EAH" A, G\MtFT 1H6 OAfMR HE CWN3GED REPELS DOST AIL R16HT PEOPLfe TOO- lisses Only Twice i 37 Years NOWATA.Okla. (UP) —America's inday School attendance c-liam- Mishtp—unofficially, of course— * Utle claimant Mere, Mlsj I :'.n'tlt. c&mpbell. IA bank cashier. Miss Campbell i isn't missed a Sunday school I us since 1920—» record of un- loken attendance for 27 years. I She confesses, somewhat abash, th»t «he his ml3«d twice. Once 1910, and onc< In 1920. I'jnny Side of Street 1 ailed Dangerous ILTON. Maw. (UP)—The lunny I ie of the itreet IB no place for | :destcrlan5 in February'* sunshine, Harvary professor of meteor| ogy contends. '•February sunshine is bright and all $now on sunned roofa to loosen avalanches," said Charles F. Brooks of the | rnversity's Bine Hill Observatory, "Cautious pedestrians," he ad- j sed, "will walk on the shady side th> streot." ili-mealt Efll^h t -of Ch Delinted Cotton Seed (Actual Size) & BY IONE 5ANDBERG SHR18ER, DISTRIBUTED BY NF.A SERVICE. INC by lone Sandberg Shribcr I STATE CERTIFIED CHEMI- ICALLY DELINTED COTTON I SEED cost less to plant. Thes» Ipure all seed are treated and I free from all -seed borne diseases. 1 Quicker germination, plant and I plow the same week. Reduce I chopping expense. Us* »ny bean, 1 corn or pea planter. I STATE CERTIFIED VAR1E I TIES packed In attractive 50 Ib. [bags. I Come in and book your require- ImenU today, n» -will hold until | planting tlma. BLYTHEVILL1 SOYBEAN CORP. BrjtherUIe, Ark. Branches: Leachville, Ark., Cardwell, Hornersville & Senath.Mo. TJIK STtHtYt ABB Bancroft— S1r«, Huib Hunt-ran— •atliirnlr b*- cuMr* irrrlBrrt. Somranr tan* wnxrd ifcr • air* at her new UTO^TM pun|j« Aotnron* nhn CTltli-ntly **«nt* *rr co «IIp und (•)) doivw thr iirrp • i*lr<?a»e •! Topblll. Ana dlK-nTtr* ih* raa »I WKB !• her rJflipi. MraawhUr. L.aorie an* IU«4a »rr walll* K impatiently (or fe*T !• «:* *» tk* c«nntry tlttb with fhrai (• •§«•*! {*••*! nnd Tommy. Lao !•!«'• danrr. (or Innrh l.iiurlr !• ABB'* I W-yrnr-old «Ulrr Rinda TTBK Ann'* eollrjrr ronm- nntr. Inir com* to Tnphlll for • lonff drlajrd vfafi. Ann mnkta *m- II "THEY walked down the upstairs hall to the staircase, the three of them, Laurie and Rinda and Ann. Rinda, tall and dark and elegant; Laurie and Ann both smaller, Iheir soft red hair marking them indubitably as sister*. Then Laurie iiurried on ahead, running almost, ;is Ann had started to do earlier Laurie's high heels clattered noisily on the steps and it was all Ann could do not .to cry oul. to tell Laurie not to run, to warn her lhat the steps were treacherous Except thai to do so would be to ->ive herself away, admit her Knowledge of danger, her awareness of peril. She hit back the words and Laurie reached the rurved landing, wheeled by the grandfather clock to say. "Til get the car started—" and flew on down, out of sight. Rinda laughed. "She makes me feel my age," she said and Ann nodded. She and Rinda went down the ?tcps together, as they had gone down oilier steps in the past, side by aide. Steps that had led to classrooms, to house parties, to week-ends in New York. (It was married, Rinda who had said, "Wear those laughed, ?hoes with your suit. Ann. they're beautiful.") Ann shivered, moved i little away from Rinda. and then -lanced at her surreptitiously to see if she had noticed. ! Silly of her to move away from Rinda just because flinda had admired her shoes. Just because Rinda had said, "Wear them today," didn't mean that she had waxed their soles, that she wanted to see Ann break her neck. But she must be careful. Little things—such as instinctively moving away from Rinda—those were the things she must gtiard against because they were the things that would betray her, They reached the foot of the stairs, went through the hall, and out the front door into the sunshine. Laurie was already behind the wheel of the convertible. Th« top of the blue car wa down and the sunbeams played familiarly .in Laurie's hair. She was racing the motor, the car door was open. Ant. Ann knew, suddenly and irrevocably, that she couldn't go with them. She couldn't. She was afraid. T AURTE looked tip impatiently and Aim 3Ciid, weakly, "1 can' PlttiCKl.KS & HIS FIURNDS J,ook Who' By MERRILL BLOSSER Her* COP*. IH* if *'l don't sc« why you've suddenly turned against ham- burgers—\vo practically lived on thorn the first year we were married!* 1 THANlk'S TO i AM NOW 'DUTVS FAITHFUL CHltD/' LAY O^.MAC- DUFT.' I HAVE eur I'KISCll.l.A'S POP Tho Convert VKRMEER are fairies, Prisdtta! dut you in them s&e them. Why, I c&n see them right tow, dancing in the trees.. vavt'ng their (Ttfgtc >"'"^t Jeepers, your& right! / seo them, too... hundreds of them/ VIC FLINT Llfoljy Score's Bv MICHAEL O'AIALLUY ami RALPH LANK In her mind's eye she saw one* again the jtardentr plunging to his death. She heard his scream of terror an he (ell. Ifad it horn an accident? Or had the bridge been ftiipposed to collapse—not when l.uke stepped upon it, but wtien Ann did? say swiftly, "Oh, nol" Then, lest htr refusal .seem too abrupt, she added, "I'll be all right And you mustn't take the time." "That's right," Laurie said, "Tommy loalhci being kept waiting?" Rinda said, reprovingly, "You shouldn't spoil him before you're Laurie," and Laurie knowingly, and said, "Someone did lhat for me before I got the chance." "1 hate leaving you," Rinda said and Ann replied, "Nonsense. I'd uch rather b* alone during one f these bouts. You have fun. And ! at so much we won't' have to vorry about H inner. It's maid's ay out, you know. She"watched them drive off and len sat down on the steps of the orch. She leaned back against a illar. She felt oddly breathless, s Ihoxigh she had averted an un- \no\vn danger. She shoved her at on the back of her head, /alched as the postman brought ..... C-RTAINS. dra:)c.:. anything tliat yon need clenned to perfection is handled easily at PEERLESS CLEANER'S, work Guaranteed. Reasonable prices, quick, efficient service! PEERLESS CLEANERS Phone 243;* Hi rid a had started down ti steps but she stopped stock-still turned around, peered up at her Rinda said, "What's the matter Ann? Is something wrong?" She wished her lips would n 1 persist in being so dry, her Ihron so tight. "It's my head," she saic "It's bursting. Migraine. I guess I've had it all morning but thought it would ?cl better." llo\ easily the lie? came to her lips "I'm sorry, Rimla, but I'd belte ?o to bed." "Come on," Laurie called Hinda. giving Ann an anxiou look, went down to the car an explained. l.nuric looked up, her T;ice in -UmUy cuiu-enifd. "You do look a litlle green around Ihe gitl.s." she said candid. :y. "What a shame. Shall I tell Rush better luck next time? lis Ford sedan to a slop in front of her, leaned companionjibly out if tiie window, the mail for Top- clutched in his wealhcrbcnlen land, "Hot, ain't il?" Me held out a nagazine, a book, three or four .etters, "You didn't fare so well today. Mostly bills, looks to me." Ann smiled but her thoughts, inside her head, were whirling Jike lust mutes in a shaft of sunlight Dizzily. Crazily. What would he she wondered, if I told him someone is trying to kill me? The post man said anxiously. 'You all right, Mis' Bancroft? You look a litlle peaked. The heal She sighed and said, yes, wasn'l it hot? and, reassured) he drove ofl down the driveway. Siie pulled herself to her feet It look a certain amount 'of etTort She had to get lo her room. She wouldn't feel any semblance of safety until she was inside h«i own room with the door locked. She'd lie down. Maybe when she was Tophi 11. The address scrawled in almost childish letters was a far cry, too, from Rindn's distinctive penmanship. The envelope looked as though it came from a five and ten. She frowned at the postmark. Cheyenne. Cheyenne, Wyoming. Who on earth was writing to her from there? She didn't k."ow a soul in the whole slate of Wyoming, let alone Cheyenne. She slid her finger along Die poorly glued envelope, drew oul two sheets ol lined tablet paper, read the pen- led worus. "Dear Mrs Bancroft." Hie lellrr end, "1 would of sent you a bill fore but I was called home sud- n by (he den In of my father Now lhal 1 am hack here 1 have decided to stay 30 1 am enclosing bill for the work I done on the >ridge in the garden the week be- ore I left. I would of told I.ukr nit I didn't see him before I Icf; that lie better have someone die<:k the brittle again in about six months because when rope is cx- d to all kinds of weather that way it's easy for it to gel (rayed. Right now it's in A-l shape and you shouldn't have trouble with it jeforc fall. If you'll send the check 21 Ford St., Cheyenne, Wyoming, I'd sure be real obliged." It was signed J. M. Stark. rci) COUtD HAVE KNOCKED «t WIR IIH A FOUNTAIN PEN, tIBBY, WHEN I AW THAT CHICK CAMION GAVE ME^ ' VOU \OUSAYEDHUJfWElRY BUSINESS PLENTY WHEW YOU BROKE UP VAN D£RFIANK'S RACKET. TACKY THOMAS AND ME BOWLIMG? I WTO- THC MIGHI- WASH TUIUJS Through the WH«? By LESLIE TURNER TTJA/KDLY she looked at the second j^heet of the letter. It was bill. For $7.50. For iriFpcctJon and work on the swinging bridge in the Bancroft garden the 23rd of May. You shouldn't have any Irouble with it before fall. j This mart — Ihis person whom she . had never seen, Lhis J. M. Stark.— 1 had been in the Bancroft gardens , on the twcnly-lhird of May, He had checked the pretty little swinging bridge. Today was the .seventh of June. This Mr, Slnrk had checked the bridge a work before Decoration SUT THM MACHINE'S WO MEMS, IRIS". OR.\yOU SHU C>\N 3KUCER COULDN'T M«!E UOUED IT TO /KM^OW MLIEOE /AUt> HE COULDN'T / WO...THERE MUST UVCE HW CM TUB / SOME OTHER WAN INTO STREET WITHOUT f THM HOUSE HEX-T 6 SEEM...HOV I POOR 1 . WE'UE GOT TO WITH SO MN4Y \ SEMtCH IHE WEST WiM \ O- THIS BREWERS X \ rROW KOOF TO \" KKI) UYDEK !,ols of Protection FUED HARMAN oul of this blinding sunshine, '.his j Day. He had checked it and left hot glare, things won Id resolve themselves, become normal again. * • * CHE didn't realize until she was *^ inside her room and had locked the door that she was panting 5lisMly. Her head dkl luitl. Thai was lunny, after sho'd nunle up She sat down on the edge of the bed. Her weight made Ihe green 1 saw the pirnir basket as it hurtled il in A-l shnpe exru-lly one week before the ace idont. Arrriclctil? Had il been an acci- dcnl? The thought, like some evil imp. hnrl been waiting to pounce. In nor miini'F rye she -;i\v oner ;i^;iiti lh<- gardener, l.ukiv [>hm<;nu'. lo his ilonlH. Slit? ho;ml bis scream of trnor, of npony, as hu fell; ,<-hc fWHATSTHElflOlJ&LE \HERE, CRA&ROCK? V. FlffHTlN JO.^IAS CK*$RdCK ; ROM FORECL05IK1 O.^YOUR. lt\ WifHIH RIGHTS'I60TtA PROTECT ME AFTER 1 RtrVNDED rt-fO PAYOFF HIS tOOTE, SriERlFF/ ALLKY OOP car Is Down V. T. HAMLIN c dust riifTIe crumple slightly . M on the carpet. She locked at the ' o Ann fell only a sweeping relic! ( IcUcvs she held in her Vv>ivt. Three that Laurie didn't arque. didn't weeks ago it had been Rind.Vs elter. . . . The tnp Idler was a far cry from the fflFhionahle stationery Hind a orolesl. ofTor to cnll off the whole luncheon. When Rinda said, in her soft voice, "I'll come with you and tuck you in, 1 ' she wa? able to I rind used to pay sho was cnming to IhrotJgh the soft spring air, it? •illin« nut. An arri'.'eiU? Had il brcn ^r accident? Or had the pretty little bridge been supposed to coll.ipso — not when Lnko stepped upon it, hut when Ann did? (To Rr Cni'tlntird) Plaster and Stucco Phorre 2029 Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; Site T. L. MABRY • 23 MISSOTRI ST. HAHV CHICK TIMR • BUY EARLY • BUY THE BEST A Complete Line of Kcecl We Boy Poultry! Lewis Poultry t1<) ^ Mnln Phone 91?) Local & Loritf Di.sUnco Hauling Moving a Specialty Any lime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Mcharg 401 E. Main St. Phones: Day 1677 Niilhf 29Rfi THE CITV I 9€HC7LD N^\ U. FRANTIC...OUT CSJ THE ytOT CiE^TLESS HOOTS AND HKK IUJDDIKS Agreed By EDGAR MARTIN

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