The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1948 BETTER HOMES Joint Ownership Is Recommended Risk of Legal Tangle In Case of Death Ended If Couple Owns Home L. H. Hays' Nine-Room Home on E. Highway 18 Completed "Have the title on deed to your home recorded jointly in the name ot husband and wife. It's as Important as life and rrre insurance." That Is tlie advice given by attorneys and mortgage lenders who have seen countless frtinilirs. .suffer needlessly tn of death or of lawsuits over debts. In most stnte-s, joint, ownership IK possible and In such case.s husband and wife nre culled "tenant;; by entireties." If one dies, the other owns the.housr. t{t> will, no estate administration, ami In most .stales, no Inheritance tax is required. In Case of Creditors Furthermore, should one of the "tenants by entirety" be sued, creditors cannot take over the house, although in the Itnlf dozen or so community property stales, a widow might find herself half owner of the home with creciUoys owning the other halt. The lime to hike Ihe precaution of jrtinl ownership Is Alien the home is purchased If the house In buying a new home or even is already owned in the husband s ! an old one in an established iihch- name alone, ownership can be. j borhood. tlie purchaser i.s advised^* TIN changed by a new need, hut should Russians Take Credit /or Licking Japs LONDON, Fc^ 24. CUP)—Nlcolnl A. Rulgimln, Soviet war minister, Rave the Red Army ct'cdit today for whining World War II in both the Atlantic nnd I'aclfic. He warned a meeting celebrating Utilities Should Be Checked to Avoid Expense —Courier News i 1 1 into. •{• The fow-ljerltoom rcsidoiicr of Mr. and Mrs. I,. H. Hay of Blyilu;- ville has been romijli 'ed and liimlsciipintf to complete the three iind a luill-nrre tiome .sue is rx|H'CU'rt in ^rt nncicr wuy in ahoul two wocks. The Hays' he mo, which has been ocnipifti by tlirni for Die past two weeks, is located on Kiisl Highway 13. The uoniuins nltio rooms, including fit; tipMair.s Ijecinxim A two-far Knrag4>. \vilh a ori"-ronm .servants' quarters above, is locaU'tl ;it the i-net of a Lengthy breeze-\vay on iho southwest corner of the Five Building Permit* Issued Here in 2 Weeks Only flvc buitcUng penults have been Issued here in the past two weeks, records in the office of City Kngineer Joe Carney .showed today. The permits were issued to: Frank Hodgea, for a five and one- half-room frame residence at 8H South Lakci estimated cost, $2,500, Carlos Cable, for a two-room Ira me residence and for a garage and coal shed at 919 South Lake; house fares north and is approximately 100 feet long. Mrs. the husband have debts, care must be taken that the chance does not have the Ifsal effect of n (mud upon creditors. If a couple buys a house- jointly before they are married, the sub- I meet considerable sequent wedding will not protect then]. Therefore « new deed should be drawn after marriage in the name of "John Doe and Mary Doe. his wife, as tenants by tlie entireties." If the .S.1U-, is vaBiie about the! Interior decoration was .[one by Jim Price of Hlytheville. Interior existence of r.u-ihlles. it is best to , walls arc of sheet-rock covered with a washable paint. inf|ihre a! the municipal building ] ' _ office. Otherwise, (he buyer may inrxpected ex- ] Oak Floors May Be Finished in a Variety of Colors Specialist* in home decoration, •mphasizhig that attractive floors are a vital part of interior de say that modern oak floors can be < finished In a variety of colors to i suit almost any taste. _ , Usually the- color is achieved with stains, althugh colored wood filler ! often is nsed in combination with i stain. Most home owners prefer i brown, dark or natural tones, but This Is especially important when it coint'.s to siHVt'rs. L-'\fn in many old noii;hb(j]-lir^Kis .srwi^r is .sliU . li a i Kite (I through ccsspodl-s. Wlion: no ,st.'\vrrs oxi,->t, ];to]iei[\- o'.vncr.s often iire ivquiri'd to have lliem in.stallrd nt their own expend 1 , 'The s;uii,' is trim uf pnvin^ nncJ fiirlw. Inquiry al>o should be 1 tniicle whi'iluT die piopovty undtr consideration is within E\ t I'll nk .st-wcr or other public inipuivcmt'iii tU^tricL wlu'fo extensions cue planned. If It, is. the buyer ctiti he vivtiially ccr- tnin (lint )ie will be nsscsscid several hundrrd dollars eventually for iniproveiiu'tHs being made ninny blork.s a\vay*fro]n his home. Heforo closing any real estate I transaction, buyers should asX wlir- | ther the Mreet ha,s born ficrded ti> i tlic nuiTiic'ipality. It is has not. most municipalities rein?,, to insull .^e\s - - e rs i paving, curbs and tiecs. FIX LEAKY WALLS ^AQUELLft Controls water ttepage inside err ouliide . . . above or bclou> North Missco Home Demonstration Agent Advises Bath for Rural Home In building or remodeling t liotisc.aiiti at least 24 inches IOIK-. l s need- plan (or nt least one bathroom even ed for bathroom supplies It should though nimiiiiR water i.s not avuil- ' ' able nt present, advises Miss Gcr- Irude Bund of Illytlicville, North MLssissippl CouiKy Homo Demonstration Attent Lor a tc the bnthrnni .so it i,, ea.sily accessible from nil parts of the house. Where (uai'tiral. it s' „ ltd open olf a small hall, not dii.ctly into the kitchen, dining room or living room, with only one bath it should Mie located to be reached without eoiiiK tluoimh a bedroom. Tthc bath .should l> ( > on the main door of \^- ami 2-sny honse.s. The bathroom shouhl be .si- all . ennue,h nut to becme a sloreroorn for extra furniture, vet larye enoiigii not lo appear crowded. A roim as small as 5 by 7 !eet will accommodate Fire Loss Adds i To Problem of Housing in U.S. T;i Ihr ("ac-p of IhP country's sc- vci i 1 1 iH^in;.,' shortage, rnouyh building ma to rinls aro being consumed in rcM'1mi\inl ami intUistrial fires tn build 200.000 five-room houses. n<'nri.3;ng to statistics recently rHr.i; : rtJ by a national fire safely or^tm/ation. Mui-p ihLiii MO.OGO building fires. \vutx H !>:opcrty loss of S 5 (i 1,0(10,000, v.< i '<• i<>|ji>! led Inst year. Many of ilit> fires had their origin in i ho i-uofH. As ii result, safely offi- ciiili ;:if H'CMJimionding thuL fireproof in fire rersistant materials be - -'d tor mofmp; both homes and pxloiul from floor to rr\Um; with mchi.stru-1 buiUlm^.s. two or throe sols of clours. K( ' m[ " hn ,, ; ;ue frequently caused Titf and tnlnid linoleum rue both by chimney .sparks of by branch satisfactory Moor imrritip.s for n <':imr(! hy the- witul. WUeti these bathroom. Where linoleum is used, .spark* fall cm incombustible mi>imi> it should be foved at tlie coniprs nnd extent! up the walls at least , Four inches. live was Wiled yesterday when an air roninre.ssor tani< ex])lotied IhrotiKli Hie roof of an adjoining building and dipped through the ceiiinR of his office. Tlie victim was Jatiics J. Mitchurn, president of Mitcluun and Sciiaefer. co|jper.s]nttlis. .Mltchiim was seated at his desk in the company offices when the explosion occtin'ed- Witnesses .said Ihe tank exploded in a building next door, blew into the nil- and ciunc- down through the root of his oflice. total estimated cost, $1,050. Hen Howard, ior a four-roo frame nnd brick residence at n West Main: estimated cost, $1,00 Asa B. Baker, for a three-roc concrete block residence on Wi Fulton Street; estimated cost, $1,0 the Soviet Army's 30th bhlhttay that the United States. Britain and France arc nursing plans for a third world war, and he said Russia docs not want war. Sneaking over Hadio Moscow, he .said that "in 1942, successes of the Soviet Army decided the outcome of the war-only after that did the An^Lo-Amencans open np a second front. The Soviet Army turned to (lie struggle against Japan. H destroyed the main army of Japanese imperialism and forced It to capitulate." New Oi!-Burninq BoiEers Designed For Economizing BISMARCK. N. L). i UP'— During I lie- fixtures for a three-iiicce bath, n severe cold spell, a hotel man- llourver, e'j by 8 to 8'j feet is ncrer chattued the sicn on his mar- more convenient [or a nib. A half t|uee- He took down the ti.sual "Wei- balh or shov.-cr bath may have a conic Visitors" Ficn and distributed, smaller room. "Warmer tomorrow—we hope." und on all fyjr f»ccs. Sc« us ( iofomwtion. ^ mnsunty complete E. C. Robinson Lumber Company 819 West Ash St. Phone 551 nunv favDr the inlercsUnsi. bright cnlor effects which can be achieved by employing brilliant color Mains and bright fillers. The choice depends Irti tu'ly upn which shntic blends more effectively \\i\\\ the j^ n * t color scheme of the room. Oak flooring is produced In .several grcuics. all of whirli take dark stains exceptionally well. The hi^he era tie.", hcnvevt'i. possess Mich striking ncitural color tones ih:it muny sp< ciulist.s rf romnu-nd use of naf - urai color stains which ncrc'iuiui'- them. Inridentally, the itiinn'tablf natural brruUy of oak is ono ti! its oui.statirimc charncti'vi.-Ucs. along with durability and e.isc of nuin- tcnance. Today, more than over before-.! the bip demand in nil lu-ating is fuel raving, according to the Phmi- \ bl«K and HcaliiiR Ituiustrica Bvj- ! reiui. i This demand for Iho utmost In j fucl-savinn eficienc;. is reflected I s i /( , s in the design of boilers. Oil-burn- l iiiir hoiJci'.-i liavc been designed so' that powerful water ci;cuiatkm is' up the instant the burner tones' on. The water travel is controlled nv natian uib and shower ananic- baffles winch direct the flow r,f : ri = d rpnnir rhill , " . ment can be -.orked out in a Mat water over the sections exposed to' ^'1 shoi d bf ,7 ^ "" - 5 bnitom ;ub Oiu- valve can handle 1h flame. ( ( [ L(Mst Multieple flue construction Tubs miiy he bnuuht vin-vinw in lensuh of tJ-iiu'l\ intervals. The ~> ;uid 5 1 — foot tti!>s are mr>M I'oinmon Most tuh.s an* from ^8 to 34 inche.s in width. A combi- they burn themselves out without e.aU'iiNfr h;nin. Thfre are a number of roofing matesuils which fall either into the fii rpruof or fire resist an I categories. Amons those mo?t wiclels used are .shingles made from as- be:-ius fibers and portlanr) remem Nrither ol tht-se iiiRrcdicms will bum, so the .shingles, nre completely fireproof. Asbestos cement products also are available as a durable, fireproof siding. Tin- ' sirliug is producer! in -a variety of interestiny surface textures to enhance the ap pcarance of a building. Shingles and siding of asbestos require no perservritue treatment and will last the lifetime ot the structure to which they are applied As further pny.eciion -Aiv<uiv>l roof fires, authorities stress the importance of keeping chimneys YOU'VE READ ABOUT THEM . . . NOW You Can Hove Ore RIGHT HERE IN BLYTHEVILLE Sniithway Glass-lined Wafer Heaters! An Electric Heater that Docs lite Job! 50 Gallon Heater $175 30 Gallon Heater $145 ami aiiotlier cold water | for lub and shower. Commercial shower stalls usually recniire not snrrs maximum ceilini; heating sur,i, .,V, . ' face with greater absorption of the moie than a spaco .12 Inches square. hpRl unjts frQtn (hc ^ I.a..uones vary in .sl/c niiri slutpc. . T -i by ! inches thick, ''the ai;ihnnLie.s say. and fines shouUJ be lined. The wet base ronstnirtion of boilers permits water tvi circulate ai-onad nnd under tlin fivehox. There is no loss o( radio nt heal brr;uiso the firrbo.v is romplotcly Mirroiniciecl bv \\:itcr. rurthcrmni e. the wet base inakrs i( possible to in si all tlin boiler on the wooden floor of a kitchen or utility room. Hiph-cfficiency niMiIatinn under for better way V.TV fovy ar<' movr- tliiin 2^ 24 inrlics. Most .Ini-ii ioric.i «rp nboul L'(l incliis wicio and 17 tn !8 indirs uv.'p. In most iiistallalions. a wa\l <lraiil is move c-olUTHh-tlt ihnn n llur drain, r-snooially if Ihr lavatory is ='i?ir,o!-lfd nu \\-all brackets. I A i«T>-stP]i :or rliildrcii clirai- ' naics placing tlie la\'atorv too low ! for adults. ! A medicine rabinct with a mirror lhc jai-kel o! thr modern bmlcr re; door and a liclit to each ski,, or 'Iccts 95 per cent ot the lieat. hnrk one licht above Is convenient, j " H0 'he boiler. VVllcre praetii-al. tile mii'i'or .ihoilld Modern boilers are dc:-icncd nlid be directly above the lavatory. A engineered so that they can be sell mirror for shavinc shmilrt not be up easily, quickly, nnd tightly to than 8 mche.s ftoin A \vall cor- sa\'e time and laboi-. ner. , Because of these high efficiency Tlie space actually required fnr features, boilers ran be constructed the >v:Uer closet is llsuall v ah-mt I'l inches \vide and 2-1 to 28 out [iom the \vall. All water and drain pipes should , In nridition to their iusulation lie in an in.side wall it jxis-sibtc. tcaunes. boilers are altiartivc in Pipe. 1 ; on outside -.\all.4 slinuld be appearance. The colorful jacket of insulated to decrease freezing haz- n boiler Is in keepiiiR with the most nlos ' i modern basement or utility room Leave n removable inspection , panel on the. wall containing thei sub ]>!um!>ine. Miss Bond sucarMcd. I Allhouth the con'.ia spends a .The i»uel may be in a closet at sveat deal nt the time in maV.,m? the end of the lub. i hi.s bed. he will not sicrp in Uie A small closet or a stoiacr rab- . same bed two nidus in success- inel. not Irss than 12 inrhe.s deep ion. Expert Needed to Build Right Type of Fireplace home owners \v:inl a fire plate, boil: as a somce of aurclian heat and to proMi;<- checrmcM and in the lionse. But unless the cliiinney Ls built by an expert, it, \v::l be a .source ot untold annti.vance and expense. It must be designed to draw well in any weather so the fne burns brightly nnd without smoke. An incompetent contractor or workman can easily botch the job. The whole appearance of tiu- can be altecicfi iiy i;s chimney. Cape Cod homes have no iicht spindly chimney .stuck on one about so compactly that a boiler of very ,, nd an EnLUlsh . tvpL ; lmnf , ,, rc , ls ^ inches s.nall s,/e will be emiro'.y adequate I llonvVi but'tresed'ehimrev" and a 10 heat larpc homes. hm];;e 0 , ]noll( ,, n t ,^,.,, n 'requires a chimney desipneti on the simple, lunctional line.s ol the Manufacturer is Killed By Blast in His Plant . . . — A manufaciUring conii>finy execu- A clean, smoke-fiee, odoi-free way of lighlinu your liome. Gives powerful, ileody, v*hite light. Wiih beautiful Aladdin V/hip-o-litc shades - . . and v-hen you elcclrify, an Aladdin etecrric converter will changa your Kerosene lamp inlo a fine electric lamp in a jiffy. 21 3 WEST MAIN ST PHONE 20IS SAVE and be more comfortable, too, with. Insulation, Weatherstripping and Storm Sash. We have the materials you need by famous manufacturers. See us first and save time! All Remodeling May Be Financed Over a Period of 36 Months! For Friendly Building Service See L C. Robinson Lumber Co. 319 Wesh Ash Street Blythevillo, Arkansas \ Phone 551 ALSO- 50 Giillon Smithwnv Rejfular Wilier Hciitcrs .Metal Tank $130 V/e Are Able to Sell and Install Any Complete Bathroom As a Unit —NOW! Call on us for all your plumbing and Keating Needs! JESSE W. PROVINCE Plumbing and Heating 127 E;is( Vine Street Phone 271!) The Amazing NEW WATERPROOFER That Saves Roofs Of Every Type! £ofi for home and industrial roofs, Ihe low coil end matchleis durability of "Ever - Ploslik" EtateiJte Coaling provides the , answer lo all roofing problems. Only ONE COAT Is all you need lo odd a tough, wafer-proof suiface to your raai . . . regardless of Its lype, "Ever-Plaslifc," fills and seals of! cracks and crevices . . . and sets in o smooth, unbroken, rubber-like surface that resists acids, alkalis, oxygen, nilragen and extreme temperatures. INVESTIGATE! Sold *' Only by Authorized Dealers Deal's Paint Store i 109 East Main Phone 41G9 Largest Stock VALVES PIPE FITTINGS See Us For Your Needs! A GOOD VARIETY OF KITCHEN SINKS AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY See Us For Automatic Oil Burning Water Heaters "Pete" The Plumber 109 North First St. Phone 2731 That "New Home" Will Only Be As Good As Your Plans! CONSULT US ABOUT WIRING, OUTLETS AND FIXTURES Many a fine hnmc has proved unsnl isfiiclovy frnni an cleclijcal juiinl of view because someone uUinned live outlets and placed fixtures on a *0ur journeymen electricians know. Ihcir job and know it well — it is always liest to consult with Ihera when you are pla Then you're sure lo be satisfied. CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 116 North First Street Phone 2993

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