The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1947
Page 11
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FRIDAY, SKPTKMBKK 19, 19'17 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN ^ > Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. Published Every Friday in the FARM NEWS-PEATURES Suggestons For Better Farming : Featured For This Section's Progressive Farmer*. ihal'i why Magic Chef js the No. 1 cooking choice of women ill over America. The/know lhitM»gicCh«f'» 48 advantage* will make iheic cooking easier, better and more appreciated. See the ntw Magic Chefs at Weis Butane Gas Co. Blythcvillc, Ark. Balanced Farming Competition Hears Final Stages for 1947 With Many to Receive Awards LITTLE ROCK, Alk., Sept. 10. —» •— Enrollces In (he Balanced Fanning I _ . . . _ _ Competition are entering the final \PUIOSkl Farmers GfOW stretch of this year's contest. Re- \Q wn Crtvfr Crnn Spprfc cord books are to be completed and • W " *" over <- r °P ^CCOS turned into county Extension offi- ' , ,,^r-,^ * , o , ccs by October 15 ; LI1ILE HOCK. Ark.. Sept. - Get a Jeep on the Job • Almost every hour in the day you will find a good use for the "jeep" as a truck, light tractor, runabout or mobile power unit. With its mighty Willys-Overland ! 'Jeep" Engine and powerful 4-wheel-drive, you caa go most anywhere in a "Jeep,"- on or off the road ... in fair weather or ia CouL Get a -'Jeep" on the job. It wil! pull plows, harrows, seeders, mowers; tow 5,500-lb. trailed payloads; haul 800 Ibs. The -'Jeep" will carry men and tools across town or to hard-to-get-at places in a jiffy. Wherever it goes, its power take-off is ready to run your machinery right on the job. Come and see what the amazingly versatile 4-purpose "Jeep" can do for you. ' • ''». • SEE THE MIGHTY 'JW AT ' Poole Motor' Company ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator South Highway 61 at Stecle, Mo. Pho. Steele 49 The first of Hnlanccd Fium- ing competition lias nUrnctecl almost 14.000 Diitrnnts with every county, except .four, represented. Lociil prizes, offered in 10 counties, total $5,358. Emphasizing " program of livinu nt home, .soil con.servntion. diversification and home Improvement, Iho competition is si*>nsorcd uy the Press Association, the Agricultural Extension Service and the Arkansas Power and Light Company. County acem.s and liomc demonstration agents will select county judging committees, which will examine ihc records, visit farms ami select winners. County winners will ae invited to a state bano.uet to be held in Little Kock in November. Records of each county winner will be sent in to the state office of the Extension Service, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. A committee npimintcd by the director of the Extension Service will study records, visit the farms whose records appear uest and select state winners in each classification. State winners will compete with champions from other state. 1 for the Commercial Appeal's Pbnt- to-prosper sweepstakes. Designed (o promote a more stable and prosjwous Arkansas aRriclllture, the Balanced Fai'ming program is divided into classifications to fit the various types oE farming practiced within the slate. Tenants, sharecroppers and landowners are in separate classes in order to equalize competition. Negro farmers have llicir section of the contest subdivided Into classes to fit the various types of iarnmiy. _ 19. 1 Hie "problem of culling winter Ic- juine seed in time for etuly plunt- iiK hits bL'en iwrli'.illy solved by » lumber ol limners in Puliiski coun- :y who have Ijreu producing mul Imrvestiny their own seed. Musi ol these fanners have not. only .ssivetl seed for their own needs, but are iiiiil:inii this a BOO;! rash crop, according to County Agent. Slnnl?) Carpenter. Wnlliu-e IVinbcrton of Sa:>tl )i;is necn .savhiR vetcli need lor 10 years, Mr. Carpenter said. Mr. I'enilK'vton -states lliul \^iiei\ ho saves his o\vi .seed he not only has them whet he nets remly lo plant, bill, when he. plants more seed than he would use if he hiu 1 . to go on Hie market am buy them. Instead of planting 20 tc ","> iinunds per aere. he uses ahou 40. He believes this heavy ticcdln: pays in the amount oi humus aiu nitrogen he has fo.- ttirnlnu under When jiIantiiiK vetcli lor .seed, hi uses abaut 8 pomuls per acre witl a bushel and a half of oats. Many farmers like lo mix vetch and i;cas with .small grains. The .small grain not. only give them gra/- ing durinij the winter, but, when the catllo arc taken off. this mixture gives an excellent cover crop lor turning under. Assembly Line Lagging Behind McLaughlin Trial Slated For October KCH.\. Kcpl. 19. (UP)— The I)S- Hli'.li Cnmt s'fsti'rdny con- Ikov. lormr I Lnn ti> lUe li w:ui (onvk'Ut IVIkov \\-rr, nvc-rtliunv Hi liy c.siatili.siihiK oell.i of rcsl.slunco wllliin the ranks of the Army. lie. K.-nirncc of Nlcoiu louder of ihu opinsl- ftisi. KovcmmciiL wlio <j[ treason. ni-ciisi'd ol plotting to n»viTinunH. cliidiy coup m military, >n wiiicn premier Kerens The United States and Great Brl- liiln protested against the condemnation oi Fnlkov. They charged that 11 was n miscarriage of Justice, and naked Hie Russian chairman of the Allied Contrpl Council in Bulgaria to Intercede with '.he government. Tliu request wiis rejected. ... Clmviiderlsllcs of hair may be KK Individual pud unchanging as lust Spring at those of lingerpriiHs, it Is saW. Automobile production is still behind pre-war (Imires. In 10-11, about 4,800,000 passenger, cars and tnicks came oil tin; usrembly lines, or about 400.000 per month. On Iho foto-Krapli iifonve, WO'VB placed the 1941 nvcrnuo monthly proiUidlon line over tins 11)1(11047 figures. The shaded area .shows ho\v much '4ti-'4V prailui-Uon Tell below prc-wnr flgurcs, while the libcU peaks indicate in'oduc- 1ion in excess of the Ml average. HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. Sept. 19. (UP)—The period between Oct. U and 18 has been left open on Die docket of the Garland County Circuit Court for resumption of the cases against ex-major Leo P. McLaughlin, City Attorney Jay M. Row- limd a'nci other defendants indicleJ by a special grand jurj- early tlm Spring. Circuit Judge Clyde H. Brow announced the dates yesterday after refusing to disqualify himself. Judg. Maupin Cummings of Fayetteville Tvill hear the pleadings on an exchange of circuits with Brown. Attorneys for M:Laughlin Iwrl contended" that a special jud';e should be elected by members of the Garland County Bar Association. The action followed the failure of two efforts to have the ca.'cs transferred to federal court. However, C. Floyd Huff. McLanghlin's attorney, said the United States Circuit Court of Appeals will convene in Kansas City Oct. 13 to consider in appeal from Federal Judge John E. Miller's refusal to take the casis out ol .state courl.s. The appeals court, meeting recently at St. Paul. Minn., denied the ex-mayor's request for an injunction which wouitl prevent a resumption of state court, proceedings. Farm Produce Prices Jump To New Higfis WASHINGTON, fippl. 10. (UP) - prices lor foods nml farm products jumped to nll-lfmc highs last, week, lh-_ i Lai:or Dcpiut- mcnt reported today. The department's bureau of labor .statistics said wholesale farm products rose 2.7 per cent for the weefc ended Sept. 13. This surpassed the previous hiyli mark reached; last March 15. Tt said thai, wholesale foorl prices rose 3.fl per rent, exceeding the previous peak established last Oct. 10. The department said that its ov- ernll wholesale index jumped a sharp l.U per cent last week, the JHh consecutive week that the index has gone- up. It reached n new rju.sLwa rpcak of 157.4 per cent ol the I92G average. Tliis was 29.3 jxir cent above the corresponding wenfc a year n^o, but 5.9 per cent below the aJHitne peak of May, 1920. - ; Wholesale prices for grain rose G.4 per cent. Corn, wheat, livestock, poulti'y, eggs, but-ter. flour, fats mid oils rose. Raw cotton dropped. The department said there was RII incinase of 0.1 per cent in the wholesale average [)ii"e of all commodities other than farm products anil, foods,., •! . ./. ,. MapU; Mooring, gasoline, crude rubber, burlap, wocl, silver \vnrc r.:nong the item:; whicli showed increases. The wholesale index covers IHJU commodities. Broadcasters Seek Rights To Editorialize ATLANTIC CITY. N. J., Kr.-pl. 1'J. (UP)—The 25ih ninntal coLivrjititri tlie National Association f if Bvoaclca.sLcrs adjourned yesterday after priKsiiij; icsolullnns enlUnji; tor n new code of practices for Uu- radio Industry anti demandiiig that radio .stations be given Hie right lo edUoriulixc. • 'Die resolution ashed thai sLancl- arilfi presented to the eouvcntion this week be adopted toy ihc NAB board of directors us quickly us possible but only after full con = Lderiir tion of objections raised by members during floor discussions. Jam[?s F. O'Neil, national roin- innncier of the American Lvgion, said at the convention yeslerday that Juvenile dnliiu|iioncy Is "America's Public Enemy No, p and called ' on the nation's bro:idensLcrs Lo bun programs that mi^ht ylainori/.e cinne. I hid. c o lo'll tfive box Xi* \V uiu all I lit Mako Ihir, New Yoctr one ol r.ocurily lor your possessions. Bo suro Ilial everything thai i., valuable lo you isi pro- loclocl by insurance thai liar, boon placed v.'itii aound companion, whoso records cf iiocurily cuo uncrhallcncred. NOBLE GILL -SALE- FARM LAND and FINE BUSINESS SITES Just North of City Limits on Highway 61. Desirable tracts for Subdividing. AlM> have XI] A. Choice I':M niluicl. \villi Improvements, adjoining I'lly limits nn Unsl Side Dlvlslnn Street. Fur h'till Inlormiilion Write Owner, HI) ItOCKUS, Sun Antwiio, Texas Alamo Null. 151(1;?. "HAUNTCD HOUSE? NONSENSE.- MY WIFET HAS JUST PLUGGED IN TOO MANY APPLIANCES ON THE SAME. SOCKET AGAIN/" Don build t overload your wiring system. When you or modernize provide ADEQUATE W/RINC. ARK.-MO. POWER CO. Advertises Early WESTPORT, Conn., Sopl. UUUI'i — The following ndvcrLiscmcnt jip- penred in ycstcrttiiy's issue of the WesLporL-Hcrnlcl: "I'm expecting .to, ho born m Jiin-; u'nry but. I;won't c p van hnv(*a plucc U> hung my "tliiipcr.s \ yon will help us find a place ;o live 1 !. My daddy-to-be to a new tcaclii't 1 in Hi 1 ' West port .schools and wo \vculcl fill be very hnjjpy if ;vc could find fi homo. Won't you pi cruse write my Tall men live longer tiian r.hori men, thin men longer than Kit n"/ n, married men Hiagcr bacl^clors, and vegctiirians longer than carnivorous men, according to statistics. ) high quality economical - -.^ CONCRETE delivered READY-MIXED To Farmer!,: We cart supply Ready-Mixed Concrete for ^ any kind of job—foundations, sanitary dairy barn floors, j feeding floors, to pave a muddy barnyard or other farm " improvements. Prompt, quick delivery exactly where and . when needed. 1 Our Ready-Mixed Concrete is uniformly dense, endur- ^ ing and strong—as you expect of good concrete. The "mix" j is right for the use intended . . . accurately proportioned at our central plant. Even a small job gets the benefit of large volume production. i Concrete is the modern way to build firesafe, long- lasting improvements, moderate in first cost and requirinjt almost no maintenance. It is truly low annual cost construction. If you need help we can put you in touch with comp*» tent contractors. HUGHES & COMPANY CONTRACTORS 10(h & Railroad Phone OLD TRUCKS p Lots of big eggs now count most, for these are days of high egg prices. Stock up on fall and winter needs for high production. 'Whether you food complete Mash or Mash and Grain ... BAG ". . . n family needs things lo be coniforUible In the American iiomc today. Thai's why all the buying and i selling Going on our TRADING POST way!" i We Handle a Complete Line of: i SHOTGUNS AUTOMATICS PISTOLS RUVOLVEUS Ammunition For All Mikes Can Be Vounil at the —TRADING POST— I PUOMf SVi »10 WEST ASH Here's a way to make old trucks look new—quick. Drive them in and say, "I want an Apjttarancc Reconditioning Job done on these fellows." And you'll gcc it. You'll get perfect fitting new International fenders, radiator grilles, hood sheets, doors, glass, hardware, headlights, bumpers, bumper guards and scat cushions—just what you want to put your trucks in shape. Next, paint jobs if the trucks need them. The cost? Not great. The result? Marvelous. Act now. Get your trucks"Ap- pcarance Reconditioned," orr TWISI TOO, WHEN YOU GET YOUR TRUCKS "APHARANCE RECONOUIONED" Mel Wottr Heoler end Detiollcn • Stot Covtfl • Elilon ITccTric Ronif Vindtrl • Sof-T-Slep • SOS Fire Gunrd • Whiz Automotive Cliermtah ' Spot Light!,F»gLio,hU and Driving Lighli • Clearance light*. Flog*, FCarei, Direc- <i«r«l Signal!, other Safely Devket. PURINA 3-GALLON WATERER Sturdy. Guard helps keep water clean. Kggs arc made from I food. Purina Luycna and Purina Liay Chow plus grcin are built to help your hons lay lots -,of big eggs. Choose ^the one you need. >Wtien You Buy PWUMA You Buy EGGS! DRY COWS Special Purina feed builds dry cov;s for easy calving and heavy milking after calving. Ask for . . -,' BREEDER XHOWS . 4 • Contain extra minerals and vitamins to provide 1. Peak Production "<$ 2. High Hatchability Balance Your Grain We recommend Purina's special supplement, made for f-a-s-t growth. It's . . .. PURINA ^ SOW & PIG CHOW INTERNATIONAL' HARVESTE 3/2 SOUTH 2™ ST. INTERNATIONAL Trucks FRESHENING CHOW L K. Ashcraf t Co. Ulk. 0. of Frisco D-psl HEADQUARTERS PURIHA"CHOWS PHONE863

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