The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1947
Page 10
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f AGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, SfcrTEMRRn 10, 1017 For Better Farming Featured For, This Section's Pro' f ' gressive Farmers. FARM NEWS-PEA! Published Every Friday in the Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. Prison Becorti . Worst London fof Our. federal penitentiaries, refer-1 London had a fog which was j>rac- matorSesr prison camps, hospitals, ticnl.y continuous from November, aiid'Jalls now contain,'approximate-1187P, tO'-Februnry, 1880. It was the !y H.7SO 'inmates; tile largest num- woist period of fog ever recorded ber of federal prlsoiijrs on record. |there.. * CONVERT© * FARM TRAILERS 3 Bale Capacity Timken Bearings $184.00 e • 9 Ft. 8Oz. 3 pound PICK SACKS Luxora Farmer Uses Sulphur And DN Dust to Win Battle Against Cotton Field Spiders l.UXCRA, Ark.. Sen!. Ifl. — J. H. shown lhat sulphur DN dust will Quillings of Luxora estimates tint; not only kill all Ihe red spiders it ic Jins saved 25 to 30 bales of c.u- hils but will Uaslvoy llielr eggs. .011 this year by uslnu sulphur ml Mr. OiUhmg.'; made three appli- DN diisl on the part o( his.coston cations ;il ftvr-dny Intervals on infested by red spiders. Mr. Gall;- j infested spats, stnrllng nbnul, :i Ings sni<l Ills collon was ctaiiingeil niniilli a|>o. The <lnsl was applied at by red spiders last year, and Oils tlie rate of 20 pounds per acre. On year he was determined to do one field lie marte only one appllca- somelhlng about It. lion nnd reports Ihal uood control At the sUBKeslion of D. V. iMaloch, wi>_s obtained. According to Mr. :o\mlj' agent, for South Mississippi j Gainings Hie dust is' relatively in- Counly Mr. Gathinus purchased a J expensive and is non-Irritating, six-row duster thai he mounted on Mr. Oalhings is also convinced one of his tractors. This duster -.uislthnl Indirect, methods of control especially designed lo ap'Ply du. 1 ;; tare worthwhile. Last Winter after to the underside of the leaves, which | Icnrnliig lhat the mites are active Is essential In the control of rfl ! and feed 'lliroiiehout the year, he spiders. As a furllicr aid In dust- destroyed all vegetation nround lilt! Ihc underside of the leave.-. Mr. j ditch banks and turn rows where » Quillings nltnchcd a small iron • severe outbreak of red spiders had till! South Seeks New Hybrid Corn To Compete With MidWest Crop rod about 18 Inches ahead of the dust nozzles. This rod bends the cotton plants over so that Ihe undersides of Ihe leaves are exjjosvd to the dust. This attachment jjivc.s best results before collon IKIS made i liirgc stalk. Mr. Maloch ul,so suggested nsSnj; iiilphur DN which Is a new insecticide regarded as superior to .sulphur aione. Experiments have oceiired the year before. This he suy.s there have been no slfins of red spiders in thai field. For most elTecllve control Mr. Oatliini-'s thinks ihnl all Winter hosts pliinl:;. which include vloiela, | polkberry. hlackllorry. and others, on the- margins of fields and' n- rouncl stumps should b'e destroyed. Then dust should be applied when the- mites arc loumi'in the field. MY HENRY I.ESF.SNE Nlw\ Special Correspondent ATLANTA, Oa.~<NKA>—Can the Soiuli ever become a corn bell and tlierctiy become a great livestock foumry—lorever the dream of the economic planners lor Ihc South? An agricultural scientist, a Russian by birlh, who is half finished with an eight-year test of liOOD strains of coin to obtain the perfect hybrid, tjellevcs th.u it can. With the Mid-West's corn crop badly hit by weather this year, this scientist's experiments take on a new Importance. The drawback of the region al| ways have been the problem of fce.d, [ most of which has lo be imported. j Hec-atise of climate ami other eon- id:! ions, it can't urow corn economically like the Mid-West. Yet. despite Ihis great handicap. i the Southeast has iiuill np a con'. sidcrable llvcslock induslry as it Good Supply of No. 1 Soybean Bags We pay top prices for SOYBEANS! CARL WALLACE BOB SMITH THE "61" IMPLEMENT CO. LW/ffi No. Highway 61 Phone 2142 Core is To Prevent Truck Mishaps LITTLE ItOCI\. Ark., RrpL 10- — Farm trucks, busier tlian usunl because of the markcling activities nt hat 1 vest time, may swell the highway accident toll imlcs.5 jiroper precautions arc tukcu. J»mc.s I/. Guttis, extension agricultural en- gmect- of the UtiivcrsHy of Arkansas warned this week, Of the 98,7(32 trucks recorded in I !nnin highway ami at regular stop Arkansas from Jan. 1 through June signs and do not proceed until it 30, approximately (H.100 or appiox- i is safe to <lo so. Highway warning sit? us mean to reduce speed a nil proceed with caution until past the hazard. "Avoid excessive speed, and don't cultivate the habit of 'driving on the wrong side of the road. Slow down for turns and use proper hand .signals. Always be on the lookout for pedestrians and never drive while sleepy or under the in- !?H5 people killed in automobile ae- ! cklents in ifl-W. This'is an cf :jO ]ic]- cent over ratal acci- : dcnt.s in Arkansas in 19-15. ] r l"o reduce tiii^ tragic Mr. • Gattis oifers these suggestions: "Keep your truck in yood mechanical condition to reduce all chances of a mishap. Don't gamble with improper lights, defective brakes of .steering mechanism, or faulty ac- cessaries that may obstruct the driver's vision. "Know the meaning of traffic signs and always obey them. H i. 1 : a violation, of the law to disregard reyulatoiy road signs. Come to a full slop hen entering tho halt" the acreage, Pu.sturehmd acreage has Increased enormously. Today Georgia Jar- mer.s, for instance, derive as much income from livestock its from col- lon. The situation is not greatly different in other parts of vlie Southeast. T!ie fanners; have learned, too, to lii'ow grahi sorghums, hitherto con- lu.rd mostly lo ^mi-arid areas of . tlie west, as u supplement lo corn. • Thorn hns also been considerable j uiic recently of dehydrated sweet ; potatoes as u corn .substitute. ' White the Southeast can't grow ' pern economically, it can produce ' sweet potatoes easily and iirolifi- cally. A discouraging factor, though, : is that -sweet potato production re- j quires considerable cheap hand Ja- imately 05 per cent- are owned by farmers, he said. And shire rural people operate such a large number of these trucks, they cun help ma- terliilly in keeping tiie number of accidents down. Reports of the National Safely Council show thnl farm motor vehicle acklont fatalities are iucreus- ing rapidly. The 7,000 farm residents killed in motor vehicle 1 accidents during 194U represent a 21 per cent Increase over 1045. In ml- dition. there were 250.000 non- Iluencc of Itcmor." Three Oil WeJ/S Added . e were . non- . D . 14/ — . , * fatal farm motor vehicle injuries!'" Booming Wesson rie/d cUivinc ID4f>. In Arkansas there were ! AND STEPHENS, Ark., Sept. 19. (UP) —Tiirec new oil wells have been jttlded lo the booming Wesson • Oil . Field ht?re during the past two days. LVCIM nnd Prenii-:s brought in th-j Lttikons No. 'I from tfic Glen Rose Sand at 2.G15 feet and reported ix toUil oi DJ fcei of s:ti«i in formnUons j from Nacatoch at 14Ca feet t ! Lower Glen Hss" at 117DO feet. U. S. to Referee Indonesian Row With the Dutch UNITED NATIONS HALL, Plashing. N. Y.. Sept. 1!).—The United ShUcs was picked today as the impartial third member of the United Nations Security Council Commission which will *.ry to settle UK* Dutch-Indonesian dispute. Australia nnd Belgium, the former nominated by the Indonesian Republic and the latter by the Netherlands, .selected the United Stales to round out the pence-seeking commission. UN headquarters was notified 01 the decision in n. joint commimtriu" from Australia Foreign Minister Herbert V, Evatt and Ralgian Premier Faii^ Henri Spaak. Both are here s.s chief delegates lo Ihe Gen- oral Assembly. . i • • f i ^__ l.i'lipilcff A hjlirid roi'n particularly suited lo i ho region may change the whole picture of livestock, production. The experiments are being made by Dr. O. A. Lebedlff, :i Ilussiaii- born associate agronomist, at the Georgia Stale Experiment Station He thinks that within a few years Georgia farmer;; may be able to compete will) the Corn B?lt. Dr. [ Lebedclf came to America in 1U25 with a group on tour, har; degrees from the University of Connect!-, cut and Cornell, and joined the Agriculture Experiment. Station in 1SMO. His aim is to get the four best strains out of the 2M3 ami cross them to form a lop-producing hybrid. 1 YOU GHOUUDA SEXN THE BIG ONE I PULLED OUTA THERE LAST SUMMER/" Don't overload you- clocHic circuits. When you build or modernize provide ADEQUATE WIRING. ARK.-MO. POWER CO. Be sure Mom gets a good supply of juicy ripe apples in time for school! Eating and Canning Apples S2.0D & $3.00 Bu. Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 E. Main I'honc 973 SALE We have on our \ot at Osceola, Ark.—New John Deere Tractors—Model G's, B's, and A's; new Fords and Internationals, Model H's and M's. Also Al! Necessary Attachments See Us Before You Buy JI MM IE GWALTNEY Osccnla, Ark. I'lione 485-K STACY McADAMS W. Memphis, Ark. Phone 341 Whitaker and fiiacy completed : the Airs. Pearl Wesson No. 1 in Hot;g sand at 3.C9.1 fcer and reported -\1 feel saturation. Botli \vells ore goini; on pump and arc not gauj- tions cd. H :i\,t:".i'L, ihey will easily make o the | the 100-barrel allowable. McAHsier Fuel Oil Co.. brought sbutlnvcst uxlension of the field for in tl'.e J. FT. Morgan A-l in Ihe new Ihc .srconri success there. GROUND GRIP OUT-CLEANS OUT-PULLS OUT # Hundreds of field tests prove the new Firestone Champion Ground Grip Tractor Tire deans up to 100% more effectively, pulls up to 62% more, lasts up to 91% longer and gives a smoother ride than any other tractor tire. No broken center tire can duplicate this performance! Jl! >A Lff^fc" n >H -1,1. it! i' <t^« ¥J i| ''»'^^ fes > *» <r i t isi n isMB'i *y«w GIVES YOU PROFITABLE ADVANTAGES O Matures crop earlier© Makes picking faster and easier- © Stops boll rot- O Attracts good hand pickers© Reduces trash and leaf stain in mechar- ical pEcking- 0 Makes mechanical picking more efficient. A PRODUCT OF AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY For Further Information Call or Write . W. H. Pease The Best Today—Still Better Tomorrow" 207 W. Main St. Exclusive Distributor Blytheville, Arkansas PHONES 3418-3153.—3721 SEE THE GREAT MEW FORD TRACTOR FASTER FARMING Including Ford-lrnproved Hydraulic Touch Con:.c?-New Four Speed Transmission ALSO A QUALITY LINE OF BASIC IMPLEMENTS loofc For Our Display RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR COMPANY Douglas Lawson, Mgr. South Highway 61 phonc 2171

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