The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1948
Page 5
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2i, 1SVI8 BLYTHKV1U.E (AUK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE FIVE High Court Rules Against Railroad 'Minerals' Clause in Deed Not Binding, Justices Declare LITTLE ROCK. Ark . Fob. 24. 1 CUP>—The Arkansas Supreme Court 1 yesterday held that because baux- } iie was generally unknown in 1892 it, could not be included in a "coal and minerals" clavisc included in H deed at that time. In a four to three opinion the court quieted liile to the bauxite on 40 acres of Saline County land In 81-year-old J. n. Carson, reversing n lower conn decision. The Saline Court had upheld a contention of the Missouri Pacific Railroad that n held title lo the ore under K reservation in the deed, drawn up 56 years ago. I The liiRh court said such a construction would Rive the railroad the right to go in and mine the bauxite—which is a surface procedure— utterly destroying the value of the land. In other action the court: 1. Reiterated its contention thai ou t-of-state persons must prove U'cir intentions of becoming permanent Arkansas residents before asking for a divorce in the ^tate'.i courts. The opinion held that Samuel Brown Deal oi Wankcgaii, I!l., had failed to prove such intentions and reversed a decree granted by the Carroll Chancery court. Attorney's Fee Upheld I '2. Agreed to speed up action on a | request that it approve a S20'J.iiOt) j bond isr.c (or I inane ing a Clark j County hospital. . 3. Upheld a Phillips County jury in awarding Sam Rorex ot Lit lie Rock a $5,000 attorney fee from Dr. J times Dockman of Helena. Rorcx claimed the fee after bein..; employed by Hot-kman to represent him in combating a United Suites Income tax claim for S66,3Co in back taxes. 4. Affirmed a Jetiev:>on Coumy jury in asessing a maximum ten- year sentence against Carl K. Melton for pandering, A| 5. Agreed with the Saline Cir- V cult Court in dismissing Herman H. Crouch's claim for damages a:le<:;- etiJy suffered at Ihc hnnds of two Ben ton policemen. Crouch contended that, he was badly beaten when attested last March 30 on a drunkenness charge. Record Demand Races With Petroleum Supply Doctors Sew Up Wounds in Man's Heart lirit (;rl!(1n i)f Muiilln nnil . Cliuini MonlK'tmeiy ol Marked '. ss W. Hill moll :MII| Miss Mnry Ihi.viirs nf i Mis* Nell Rlddlck of .Cnruthei-R- nry JUock of Drll niul Miss Ku- 1 HIM of Manila county clerk. Ho Mrs. T JCN! Mhv.ii . ^ % Melton KinnoV of lllythcvlllc and ' Ciilvln Wlonkcn nnd 'MI.S.S Helen Davlson of LeachVllie. Hcnrtmnn of Dwlght, III. Robert, Hambrlck and Miss B«lr- iicstccn Brown of Leachvllle. L. P. Peterson of PorUgevllle inl Krvcn M. S\vivl ami Mi.s.s Jcanni! Miss Myrtle Stone of Haytl, Mo. M. A. Smith (.( (Sorliain, III. I Billy Gene Scott, and Mis» Lell* Only by speeding iiulroleum prodnclion to the utmost can oil nu-n avoid hi'iiui swamped by ll^o record cicm:m<l now h.ppint; nl Ihcir heels. The chart jibove, bi*srd cm Anu-niMii Petrolenin Insti- •tnte fiKures. coinpurp.-t demand (not l« hi- lurifusc'd will. jicUir.l ronsuinplicin) with supply since l.J-U). J'oslwiir ck-maiKi is hufjer lh;in in llif w*r yc-ars. Skclchos sliow the nine nivalosl users of pcliu- leum Abnonnn] increase in their demands, plus distribution trembles, me wh;U <:;aiso todays local shorlaRcs. The Army and Navy, lor instance, say lhry'11 need ^•V.),«(lll barrels a day in 1J1»; the nation's farm tractors will use an estimated 2,^1,000,000 B :ill«ns durhig Hie year. Antarctic Department Created ;^ uler °f Yemen By President Videla of Chile J,K. P».. 1-Vh, 21 i - A former Navnl lurillrnl u[- ItHlity desei ibVd a five-horn I opiTnliou dm hiR \\hU-h h- 1 ! pl.'u'i-i) 18 .st I rites in lhi» limit mid • nimr Ihan 100 otlu'is in the limn, • st'iniiirh iintl iliujihriuim of j\ 111:111 I fium n M'lMnUli'U'tl bul- ' ll'l \YmiIld. Tlit 1 put lent. Will liun \Vomls. '>$. VH., was reported In n "vriv xnisfiu'lory" rniullllon ill PhiH'llt\\ lllr IH'lHTill liosjiil^t. Till' 1 IxuspUal s:iul lu- was utili 1 to ".spcuV; irirmly" th-.spite thr >ifamily ol •- wounds. Wimds wiiti iidmUti'd lo tin 1 ho.spt- l;il Siiiuiiluy uli;lit onr hour uftrr hi- \vjis loniid In Ills bedroom. [V- \\c ^iot himself with :i :A-J r;dlb]<- n"rolvi'.s The bullet Imik Ji rnuiM\ fniTowhiK thrnimh Ilir left vrmiklc, piercing bis Imin niul Momiu'h, und slut tiering Apkl'll. [Jr. rtobt'il K, liriim. foimrr ' cuimnumlrr mid now n member til thr ho.spiuil M.itf. prifornml tin j npi'ialion, H'-si.sVM by n i Chern.shivie, iinolhfT Muff [ tmd Dr. Curl ,l;tmrl.son, vilJe. Killhll'Ul MitlirL'S Were to close the 2 1 - inc-li In-art wound, i Hiiini .s;tid, and u lolnl of UTi \\rtvi needed to rinse the hin^, Mommli ' und diiiphiiiin ptTfoi alums. Tin- ; mpliirrd .splron was irniuvrd. i Police- Chief Drvson TUIIUT, Her,-- ' ei-hford, Mild Woods was dcspondi'iil | MIH-O he WHS "leJi-Hi'd for military | irrviro l>ri nuse of n clirsi i-ondiliuti. '^ AT KIRBY'S THIS WEEK PUNTA ARENAS, Chile, Feb. '24. soli<lato our .vovcrri^uty in Ant- fUPt—PiT.sidcnt, O;ibi in! Gonxulc 1 / arctic ten itory," Cion/.alc/, Vidclii VicJela crofted an Anlarciic Dc- pat'tjnciu mcnl Assassinated Gangster Style Marriage Mint State Yields in Row Over Hempstead Lands LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Feb. 24.— (UP)—The slnle has denied that H wants to do farmers onf nf their land by obtaining the vast- Hope proving grounds In Hcnipstcad County. Executive Director Hendrix Lackey of the Resources and Development Commission declared ycstcr- day that the state feels former own- ! ers of the land have a priority in buying it back. The state requested, ownership ot the proving grounds from the federal government, under provisions of the Wherry Bill. At the time The . appHcHtion was announced it •*!-> suggested that at least some of the land be. usec 1 for a hunting preserve. ' However, in a letter to Congressman Or*m Harris of the Seventh the Chilean ^ todny auri dec] ;n eel Chile's boundaries tmw stiTtch "from Arica u> the South 1'nlc." Go i)7 rile 7, Vuln];i in ad his an- noiuicretnent in a*;p lo Con- sres.s which ' lie made public here on lii.s return from the South Polar region, where he asserted Chilean sovereignty over islands and areas now claimed by Britain, Arica, mf ntioned by the president , is a .sE'fU'oa.^l lo\vi\ near the extreme Northern border of Chile, "Chile, as from today, extends from Aiica lo ihe South Pole." the president said. "H i.s no longer bounded politically by Arica and I the Straits of MirxeUun." j He announced tnat the capital of the A nt arc Me Department will be Puerto Navarnino In the pro- j of Magellan. i "Your president has come to you after complying victoriously jinri with ligitiinate pride with one of , i lie most UmtiamemM d\itirs ol i the government, to defend ami cou- Dfstrict. Lackey declared: "If and when it is definitely known that the oricinal owners wish to repurchase their lands for agricultural use and ilm the federal government will make such disposition that will protect their interests and those of ex-servicemen who mp.y wish lo acquire homes for iliempelves, ihr slate • ill ^hully relinquish any prior rUiiir that it may have to .such lands." said. "This .sovcroipnty \v:i.s t rrtiuinit- tod In us jis ;in irronunriiiblc legacy from the* inotlirr country. "Tho hi.stoiic Irulh i-^ that anl- firt:tic sovrrfi»nty was exercised by Chile, ainonc oilier means by i-f- Ic'ctu'c ocTupatir>n of an unhospua- ble (eiiit(i]-y by the efforts of heroin sons of this land. " Ex ploita I LO it of i hose vesou i cos industry was curried out almost a ceiHLiry ago in I ho A nl a relic and has ^iven Chile iiiTfiitnbk- OCIMI- paiiiui unrier tntrrnatioiutl law." In Aipoiitina. menu while. I'resl- cient Juan 11 Peinn told n workers" mceiiiijj the world be con- vuit'cd thai AT'-iemma "will no vet .srtcrifici' her sovereignly even thoiit'h she must die in the Attempt." : Areemina has laid el aim to lands in the Falhhnid Island tlepenrienc- ies which Brifain considers hoi" own. ' AiRriUina ant! Chile will hcgln negotiations this week on :\u a ) •«;- mcnt to e.slablish bnundaries between the Antarctic territories claimed by each. BOSTON i UP i -The "Abe Lincoln." a 35-year-old coitl-bui niny fire pumper, is still used by the Boston firo department. At n midwinter fire which did $1.000.000- damage ^q a warehouse. "Old Abe 11 was coa led u t> to pi'ovid e ice - nvl 1 - ing steam that, cleared ladders aod trucks in half the time it would have taken 10 chop thorn free. CAIRO. K^>]>t. I'V-b. -'1- <U!" An Anil) League fiiet-lindiiHi; coin- inUtre repot u-d inday ttu 1 late Imam Vrhin of Yemen wn.s asMissiiiiileti In 1 Chicago v-aiv^su-i' style. An *AI\U»UW>bile pulled ;il(nu;: : ide his and ihe killers innnprd bullets into it. killing I he I ma in. his grandson rind UYl) tli'.'IHls. A i* is patch In the Cu iru newspaper At Atirsim. which Kent a ctn- Kvpundi'm with I he Arab Ueamie CoimniUe*'. said thai upon hcnriu;/ Ihc 1 news oi thu luuim's shiyhk);,. three o£ hi.s sojis rushed to Diir cl Saacl palace atul tried to sei/r: Hie AtUu-rems ul Abd All Ibn el Wn- /ir. wlm Inter was proclaimed Imam, | iUlcmined to "reiison" with the princes. V.ut 1hey be^an .shoalini;. | touclunt: uf! a neiu-ra! mo lee. the (iispaUh said. Two nf flic pi'ilH'fs were killed and ihe third was wotiudeit. ; The dispatch said Ihe coup had been pi sinned "Um;; n;-n" and ihe i-onspiriutjrs tueivly had heen^iwinl- ing a suitable tiimiirttmily I" slrlke. H s;ud amnlu'i nl Imam Ilrhia's sons. Pi inee Writ el VIak Ibrahim, was lender of the pint, Ibrahim hud ', bren living n\ Acini, Saudi Arabia, > ft!tier, he \v;is • r"!"^"f'i'! from ja!l, where he hail been sent by Ilehia, With the Courts Circuit Johnny L. Lawery e( al \-> Maylord 11 n ek wi nl h e t a L MUI /or 5:i?00-00 damages resultini; from nn auto accident. Kscnjics Irnn l.nni; BOSTON iUP»--A!H'i !4 years in an iron hint;. Cerdu Surovsky, Ha ntteiKied a cone' rt here. H WHS the .second litne .sin- li;ui Ijien out. (Uiur.s in tV;e e veiling since being j,stricken with infantile p:sral:.MS. | offu e (ulldwiiif: couples obtained ifie heen.M's \'e-,1ei day In the of Miss Kli/abeth" Ulylhe, GIRLS!! after entering •LYDIAE.PINKHAM'S T»?SJ04^!X. : •*^u*,"; r-~ - ...... „_• ~~ v --'A \.^-*^S ^^-^ -- :- :rc'IV-<.a-« GRIFFIN STWS because it has a hard-wax finish BLACK • mOWN • TAN • OXBLOOD Great News fi 'or every motorist who Ireatlies! */ Come in —see the real thing in automatic all-season heating and ventilation! H EKK'S an amazing new sy.sicm that combines /rah air . . . attl'inialic irarinlb . . . .\nA sheer magic! In winter —ii kecp.s c;>r air auto- nimicall) 1 ru (lie desired lemper.mirc . . . wilh a penile hlatikct oj u.irmth instead of the oM-style blast of heat. It circulates warmth fore and aft, side to side. Does away with window- foggim; problems. (7/iv.t \nu a complete change nj air mice a minute.' On rainy days —it picks dry, fresh «ir right out of the mist . . . keeps interiors crisp and windows clear. Hurini: heat \va\es — it circulates a <]uict How of fresh air throughout [he car . . . t'icn ti'hcti ifintlfms arc clvsctl ai:il Ihe ctir if <-tinnling ffilt.' Sec it and you'll agree — it's the successor to all the car heating and ventilating systems you've ever known! So drop in soon at your nearest Packard showroom. Sec how the new Packard Kights let you "tune in" the best of c\ery season! ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE Eickard MOTOR SALES CO. Inc. \o 13 sc Mavhig A! lioinr uJini lliprc's real fun to be li.itil Try vrmr hand at Illyllicvillr's IHMV- rsl spnrl, Hmvl Tnnitilii: Chitwood's Bowling Alleys K;isl .Main SI reel Perfect Service \\'r prlflr mrrsrlvcs on mir ruurtrniiis. ptoinpl srr\irr. I'crfpet footl plu>i prifrrt service ec)ii.ils tlic or t feel meal. Elliott Johns, Owner Johns Cafe Main I'tumc S'.MIO Sprinp Planting Oafs \\'« have S|» <);ils. Alfalfa, 1'iislnrc .Mixlurcs ;ind l,os|H'<U'/a. Lawn Mixlurt's Tor All Kinds 1'iold Seed, Conn- to See I's- BlyihevilSe Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main St. 856 I'hmirs R.VI The Rioht Place , To Buy Your Car . . . Walnut& Franklin Phone 3524 EAST END AUTO SALES 503 East Main Street Clean Used Cars— All Makes! Phone 4191 .1. \V. Luveliuly AI 1 .a 1111:111 (irover Krazicr \\'ii\lor is nut nver—\Valeli viiin viliuiiins. Take AVl'lNAl.. KiK'ltl vitamins in nil. The hesl multiple vilamiii vim can Iniy. Twn hollies of lot) eaeh A $4.78 value for $2.69 If you need Vitamin li. take HAYTOL. Contains Imlli Vitamin K and 1(2. 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