The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1948
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 10-IS BLYTHKV1LLK (ARK.) COUR1KR NKWS PAGE Idaho Senator Backs Wallace Taylor, a Democrat, Denies Bolting; Says Party Deserted Him WASHINGTON'. Fob. j.|. tUP) Ben. Glen H. Tiiylor, r>.. Ion., has bolted tlic IVmorrath 1 pursy to join Henry A. Wallace in -a iiahl for peace." He thus inario him.sdf available for the vice pt'f.suk'ntlal nmnmation on the Wallace Third jmriy lickci. 4i Taylor, former singing cowboy ".•Ice-led to tlie Smaic in 1944. a" ; nmmced his division late yesterday. He denouncer} she "fold war" policies of Pn'.sirU>m Tnimans Democratic "I am not le;mu<; the Deinocratic Party, it left me." Taylor said. "Wall Street, ami the mtimu'y have tttk- ,'u over. I received a mandate from ilie poople o( lihlro (o omy out the policies of President Roosevelt. In Hie Sonnte. I pledged myself to suppoi't a \vorld oi'gaiuzauon to piomotc iw;ue. "Our fore^n policy of .suppmlin",! reaction all over the world on a unilateral JJUMS ha.s weakened mid undermined and almost, destroyed the United Nations. 1 would be untrue to the people who elected nt.l if I took any action other than the one ! have chosen." In a radio speech, Taylor did not mention the third parly vice presidential nomination about which lie has been approached by Wallace supporters. But, his decision to cast his lot with the third |>;my clearly marie him avvuSnbte. He said me Democratic Pain is headed toward ".suicide,"—a party collapse which he said the line President Roosevelt averted itl 1940. The Democratic Party will not .survive. Taylor said, "if the voters have to choose between a Republican nveedle <Uim and a Democratic tweedle dummer." RAF Styles Exposure Suit for Airmen's New Look Mystery Blast Rocks Town In California AHGAWA, Cnl., i-Yb. 2*. tUP> — le.sllleiXI.S «t tlll.S OlllifOlllfa fcHlt- nlls rit^y we IT mystified todny by it blinding fUi.Nh of 1 IK lit Emit enrlh- tuikhiK nxir I hut luvixkened them hortly before mlclninlu fiiimlixy, I'lilii-e department telephone lines vei e jammed ivtlh ertlU from ex•n ed it'sidi-nis. Mnny thought there iiijiht luive been ftn explosion nt \erojel tsiiKmerrinu Corp., In near- ivhpL'o rocket motors me Flight-Lt. F. Latham, luft, nuls on the new deflated exposure suit designed fui downed airmen nnd boiiiR Icslrd at i he KAF expci'imcutal station in t'cirubcivou^U, Kn^Uu-.d. Uni'c on. \\\a suil \vluvh only l'2"/t ounces when folded, is intl;ttcd by tin. 1 wearer. Al rt^ln. L:nhnrn tlojtts comturl- ' Uieii 1 built. Aerojet officials said. there hud hei'ti no trouUU 1 The Hush of liKhl, nt npprnxt itui'.cly ll:iS Suiutiiy nJRlil linhtft ui) the pnl t re Run Gnbrlel VrUloy H \MIS Luvornpiuxied by ft t'oixeixs sum ihM vt'sidem.s s: Insurance Plot Claimt feature Murder Defense i KUSSKUA'IU.K, Al*., Feb. '24, ' (UP i - -Cross-exam In ut LOU of Sheriff Guy Hlcktnon upenod llir second dny of the first dcmrn mm'der ti In] of HolnMt ,1 tines, ;!'.:, \vlio Is clunked with inurderlhu his nxother- In-lixw, Mrs Nuiicy ('liauslry; hl.s Inother-in-ljt w, CnUiinbn.s c'lmn- sley; :uut Clyde Adams. In his tHKMilnn sUilcmt'Mts DP- Alton t-aled thin ttiiee vlt'i kill .Icnie.s At the t 1nl<l ofltc In-liiw nnd frit MI fcIt llit'v wen* fdinin mid Ills \vLfi*, Ruby. y Holunt ' would .show tlmt thr ^ m-lunlly intended to Ills insunnu'e immey. IP of his urtest, Jimr^ ']\c hllli-d hi\ mniher- Ihp oUier.s lid ;nisr he ppoplrs HMM( tfle to tlirv Here's Looking At You! . . . Tor a more imwacu- HIH-U lliis spring'. . . bring «ii!cd suits In us for rapid, fri'sh-iis-ncw i'lt'iiiiiiij{ and NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Dial 4474-4475 Ih , . . . ably ;is IIP deinotistratrs the buoyancy of the \Vtilcrproof suit, wliu-h is m^ulnted cold. Big Three Invites Smaller Notions To Attend Meet Navy Unveils Fast Jet Fighters for Use on Carriers U\r dri'k M[ n, w I ruin i hi- Ihull a cal;ti>;i|[h, i :d>o;H'd rjrrirr:- hi I' i'l j>: .1,. All r;i i'C)uij)|n'd \ — The agreed Florida Governor Asks Reversal Of »ridelands Ruling WASHINGTON. Feb. 2-J IUP> — Gm'- Milhud F. Cahhvcll of Floriria cliargcd yp.stcrdny that thR Supreme? Court ins-adrd lpyisliiti\'e authority ntul "\vrotc a now law" \vbii it granted the federnl government "jiowcr" over Ihe Tidelands in 19VI. Caldwoll asked that crjtiurrss act to "nullify the effects of ihat, decision." to present "ibe steady economic sirangulniioti of the states." Caldwell 'mruie the charge before R joint Senate-House Judiciary-SitL)- coLtimittce which is considering islatio]] which would establish clear .state titles 10 the oil-rich submerged LONDON, Feb. 24. iUP) big three Western powers yeslerdny 10 invite Belgiuni, 'Vlin Netherlands and . buxmbonrg to join them in i:\lks on Ocrmnn problems wh ich i he Big Foil r Forei 3 n ministers faili'd to solve hero last December, Representatives of the United States. Britain and France also agreed on a -six-point agenda. The ^ix nations will discuss, m the following order: 1. The reUuion.slup of Western Germany under the occupying powers to ihc European Recovery Program f Marshall plan). 2. The role of German economy in European economy and control of the Ruhr. 3. Security against Germany. 4. Reparations. 5. Political and economic orga- ni/.Mion of Germany. 6. Provisional and territorial arrangements, including Germany's Western boundaries. Sources close lo tho conference said it was hoped the three smaller j nations would participate by Wed- i nestlay. They indicated the securi- | ty Item on the agenda would in- ' elude "every respect of security" i:i 1 deference to the smaller countries, i overrun by Germany in two world \vars. iiiev. 11 must be livixl ! tiech by uii'iius of i .-.y.'ili'iii now u^cd to net :i larne iimn- inhi tin- iiir in a i i<']"s now hi si? IT I re •illi catiipuuHs. Uy Allit'it \V, U'iesc (Vnited Nn-ss Stuff Cnrrrspiinilnill SAN Dll'X'.O. Cal . Feb. 'Jl iUl J «--J Tlie Niu'y yest'Tdny luiveiled its i first rrirrier-bused fi^Utt'V planf.s ' to be propelled emii'ely by jet en- I Hie !'L<-\ ji n i sly, jet propulsion h;is ln-i'ji usctl on riii I'U'i'-biisett plunes, only in cnmicriLcm with i:ouveulii)ix- ;il pmprllrr-type enumes or us a i>'»[ih(t-r in aiding crufl It) take uf( from tiif ships. Governors Talks Over Plons for Schools The planc'.s ;ivc MI iu-\v that men who fly them haven't pollen around to fiivinj? them n naino. They still call tlu-m by the <iffici;i! dc'sij-;- nniinn, the l'J-1. The fitthrei- was detnonsiruttMi l«'j- the first tinif brfcire a f:ion]i of NARHVIUJ-;. Tenn.. 7-'el>. 2-1 iUP) nvir\tion wviirrs and photnursinliei'.i ' (TIU-. Jnn McCord was in' \V»sh- nt North IslniuJ Niiviil Air .St:ition • iiif:ii)ii tnd.-y In (hscnss plan^ for Field, neiir the frdfi.'il Ircislntioti aullini i'/inc Scm- Inn u Mt;ur.s to e.stixblish rogtomil 'olii-e Sut.W.G. Mtnucsiiid lie \vns | his iiiuoinobile on his wny (o k wheJ) ho .snw the'dusli. It Innked like it was down 1 Ki'oiind botwpen me nnd tin- He hoftrd iv I'tmi 1 but, heenUM* of Ixis rnr's inolion felt no jar. The Temple City .sheriff's .siib- st lit Ion suid tt K<> [ culls fvoin "nil over the* di.stvict" repoi'tiiiR on the mystery blust. states us the- first of their region LI I project.s. 'I'll Is proposal hn.s since been uppmved iiy other Southern governors nnd now M wntls both CmiRvrssloiiul ixxithnrV/ntlnn nnd tip. proral by al Irnxl .six fiouthem len- Islature.s. Hehiuiy. a class-A medlcul school with 11 plmii viihiiitiutx of between SH.nnn.OdU and $10.000.000, hns run Ijito flnnnclal dlfflcultle.s In recent yours throiifih Increased roKts and (Siit'fd income Irom pntlowmenl.s, Its Hoard of Trustees. has nf fered Die Southern states a runtrollliiR tn- ien\st Itx the Institution. here and ;n Reiyn Mexican bnrder. Rcnr Adin. William K. Itiurill. '• M-linr»ls. commander of Fleet Air WeM C'Ki-t. ! CJinenu said the KJ-l t;;iu tvuvcl 2(H) imlc.s with povv per hour faster than any plune now und 1 hound cr coDitniuui. He said the re- j dt*lt.'i;ation to leased performance figures Mum it : was MrCnrd lia.s a speed "more HKHI S50 mile:; the KM per hour." r ;il Collide I The FJ-l rannot take oil fnnn ville. he taken nvc G.E. Deluxe Combination Refrigerator $37975 G.E. Portable Automatic WASHER $?AQ75 G.E. Table Top 30 Gallon Water Heater 124' 5 Now... At Goodyear! T It I F 11 - A C J I O N HELP';...7:; J COUGH SIPTOL COLD! r Mt-Cord was tf> meel •n*ivs nf tivp other sv.itvs Tennessee CnixpTcssiutxa] to disnis.s Hie plans. U 'ifl n'i^o first advanced lion Hiat Meharry Medi- Negroes, al Nashby the Southern Givrs you ni-iip hra irritation cold. Sipl inslrtnl relief In * sUiff. il-rnlil «n,| coiixli. Ihroul ami lion rBriK-s* ilm- i o M ol li>o.K(>nii UK [ililr K ni in Ami htoncirtl tract. AH. I SIPTOL Children Play 'Grown-ups' One is Fatally Burned MAGNOLIA. Ark.. Feb. 24. (UF»> —An eight year old girl who wanted to act like n grownup and as a result was burned to death, was to be buried at Vivian, La., following funeral .services here today. When her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon DuPrce, were otit of the, little Martha Fay DoPree and her brothers and sisters .started playing "grownup;;." She put on one of her mother's d reuses and swished by a wood stove, in an instant the dress and Martha Fay were aflame. She died veMcrday. The U. H. Patent Office ha.s Issued more lhan 2,500.000 patent:? since n was established 154 years ago. coa.stnl lands. n Id well cnn tended that the coa.stal states held cloar ownership of the tkielnnris 'for a century an.1 half" before the court- decisirm Rave the federal government "para- notntt interest in nnd power over" he three mile coastal belt. ij!?n it I'onH's to lull icntr ice " l :lpt'ire. Xatitic l;il;cs <i b;ick - U to no one. For cxiimplo, JhrisfmH^ tree." which is re:illy li o/.rn lov.nlain in Dctvoii's Kvcrarecn Cemetery. If lias or SES You cf Here's How You May Help, "Whether You T-at 500 Pound* or 2000 Pounds of Food In a Year Von can't frrl chrrrful, be huppv RP* n>ep well. II your stomach is always \ip Bft. As n^c fldv.iiii-rv? tlie "o!rt Rtotnach" nr^^is more hrlp. The rea?r>n I.- this: JK'.'D:ytlnic fc>«l enters the etomarh R viral pa-strlc ]"lce im; ;t *.\Q-K normRlly to tirr.ik-isp certain fcxxl partlrlrs; Hsp'thc too<l n\r.y I< Ko\ir Iixxl, nrlrt Intll- pr,=:tlon nnd RXI frrquently C-I;:SP n mor- hld. tourliy. Irrtfii], peevish. n*rvou.=i ondition, lossol nppollle, underweight. WE DOCTOR AILING AUTOS! Located •In the Business End of Blytheviile! cs. \Vn fuok our dorlin-'s dr^rce in mechanic That's \vh.v \vc can spo|, trouble i' and fix it just as (juifkly! AL Ihc first sign of trouliln, choi'k and repair your car. N« K«ticr Sti'viee!) drive in and let us (\Yo Culcr U) Truckers LE ' 307 East Main Street SALES Phone 519 OLDSMOHll.K Designed to Meet All Requirements! General Electric Home Freezer , It If (on IHttf or ron-oTCinlc stomach rtliturhqnc^ j&i.i Is ri')«! to th^i 5FS Tonic formula ^ilrh rnntnln.T vory epoctal and potent nrilvat.lns: Iner<xtlent5. Alpo. 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