The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BIATHKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS U.S. Vulnerable To Air Attacks • Wartime Commander Says Russians Could Repeat 'Pearl Harbor' WASHINGTON, Sept. 19. IUP> — Gen; Henry II. (Hap) Arnold, wartime,, commander of the Army Air Forces, said today Russia has almost five times as ninny first-line combat planes as the United Slates, *'Our present Army Air Forces nil together could "hardly defend Ihc Northeast Atlantic Coast," Arnold said in an editorial in "Plying" Magazine.. "First-line combat planes of. the Army and Navy logelher total just- 2,900 today. Russia is supposed lo have 14.000 . . . and her \ combat air force today is reported to be larger lhan the American and Brilish air forces combined." Because of Inck of air power, said Arnold, Ihis country is ns vulnerable to attack now as on Pearl Harbor Day in 1941. I'll is quite possible that we arc even more vulnerable than we realize," he conceded. "The development of guided missiles and rockets in other countries may well hnvc progressed farther Ihnn we think." Arnold said nny surprise attack on the Uniled States will be made by air via the Arctic Circle. At present, he said, ths U. S. Air Forces are not properly equipped to defend Alaska. Kill DAY, SKI'TK'MfjlCK )<), 1M7 PemisCOt UpS BlythcviHe Man ! Negro ScoufS Funds Used for Conservation CARUTHEnSVILLE, Mo.. Sept. 19, — Arthur Wagner, Pemiscot County AAA Committee chairman, announced yesterday that nclcll- Uonal funds had been approved for Pcmiscol County farmers desiring lo carry oul ccrlnlu ndriltlonnl conservation practices for Ihe rcmnln- dcr of 1947. This action Benefits iff)* B °Y S tr °™ Prison Terms was laken because farmers were handicapped by the late, wet spring, and also by Ihc eight-weeks stop-order which took place (lending Congressional action on funds for the 1017 program. Mr. Wagner said farmers may secure payments for such conservation procedures as construction of )onds, lerraces, terrace outlets. Madison County Woman Freed of Murder Charge HINDE'VILLE. Ark.. Sept. 19. (UP) —Thirty-four year old Mrs. Gladys Wagner was free today'to return to her HincLsvil'e farm home. But it Is a home that has twice beer, struck by tragedy. On two oc- • For Dependable I RADIO I REPAIRS ! Phone 578 i We Pickup iincl Deliver 1-L.OY EICH • I Chevrolet Co. ! 301 W. Walnut St. farm drainage ditches, and improved permanent pastures. In approving Ihe conservation practices, the county committee will judge applications on four factors: 1st—Is there a definite need for Ihe Cno Hlythcvllle innn passed up h!.s old-axe insurance checks for 34 months because he fuiled to get In touch with a social security office when he first became eligible to receive benefits, Wc.sloy Malison, manager of Ihe Jonesboro social security office, stated loclay. A person is eligible lo receive Ihc benefits upon attainment, of nge C5 If he has worked long enough In jobs covered by the Social Sci-urily Act nnd hns retired from such work, nut to actually receive the checks lie must file an npplicatton. Hack benefits for which he could have been eligible can be paid for only three months before the month In .vihich he files. '"Hie Blylhcvillc man got in touch with our of>:tcc," Malison said, "atler he read a news item in the Courier-News on this subject. Fortunately, in tills case, lie did not need benefits badly as he had been working part-time during the 34 months. He was, however, working on a job not covered bv social se- praclicc requested? 2nd—How much curity and could have drawn his conservation will be obtained? 3rd old-age Insurance checks at the —Will it be possible for the farmer same lime. CHARLESTON'. S. C,, Sept 1!) i UP) — Three while youths lorinv pleaded sillily to imoriiilng a Nr"- gio Boy Scout camp near here and were spared prison sentences on Ihe pica of Negro scout leaders themseh-es. Presiding Judce G. Duncan ajc-l!- ingcr sentenced tin* youths to Ihrco years prison at hard labor for firing a shot pun into a Nemo scout camp here and slightly injuring ihrce ne- gro biys. Bui he changed the sentence I" five-year- probalion afler Negro scout Ioudcrs asked for clcmcnc- to- 1 the while youths. ! Thc while youths, who claimed they fired into Negro Camp Piijck- to complete the project prior lo cemtoi 31. 1947? 4th—Are person- equipment and services available la carry out the project requested? ncy only as a prank, were Hollis K. Chanotej 1 . John Murray. Jr.. and George Mallhow Pierce, nil of Charleston. / Bellinger termed their offense "one ol the most atrocious affairs I ever heard of." "rherc is no excuse for this sort of Ihing," he added. In order approval • l lional conservation practices, an applicant must have sUncd a 1017 Farm Plan Indicating his intention to participate In Ihc conservation program. Mr. Wagner slated. 'Pcrsons past Ihe ngt? of tif> who Sr^^cS^Cy ^vcTT, CaruthcrsY'ile Negro of benefits by gctiing in touch Dies in Fire at Home I with our office. Even who to receive committee arc still working should inquire u- carry out these addl- baut their possible rights. For the convenience of residents of lllythe- vilie and vicinity a representative of our office is at the stale employment office. 11D South Second I Street. Blytheville, from 11 to 12:30 o'clock each Thursday." Men Sought for Theft Of Milk from Babies of Victims of Hurricane NEW ORLEANS. Sc[>t, 19, (UP) — The Hed Cross liad ILs own nominations today for "meanest men." It reported that a group of men outside a schoolhousc being used to shelter hurricane refugees was grabbing milk sent to the bulldim; lor babies. Lester J. LauUjnschcacgcr, chairman of the New Orleans Red Cross unit, said it was the; first report of disorder. Police were scnl to the school to disperse l)ie_mi.k-Brabt)ers. u-ho'tind assembled nl the doorway. Pupils entering School Undergo Health Tests CARUTHERSVIL.LE. Mo.. Sept Id. — The cnruthcrsvlllc Parent- Tciicher Association Is conducting a genera! health examination of all Grand Jury to Report On Labor Dispute LITTLE HCCK. Alk., S?|>t .19.— <UP>—Cirailt Judge Cus Full: >«:, expected today to receive liniil reports from ;i Pnlaski County Grand Jury investigating i labor dispute ;", Little nock's Scott Paper and Bax Company plant. ' Tile Investigation Involves char- Res of an alluded "lockout" by company own-:.-; c: iii;l->n employes. The charges \vcre matte by Fred Floyd, Little ll'jck representative of the International Puli>, Sutfite and P*a- per Mill Workers. He said Hie company has refused, iince Sept. 5, a "bnck-lo-work" offer of a number of striking workers. Hurricane Victims Get Emergency Army Rations I MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. Sept. 10. <UPj —The Memphis General Depot lias been supplying abani, 141.030 pound:; of emergency Army C-raliuns to hurricane-devastated areas in Florida, it wa.s disclose'.! today. Col. L .C. Dill, depot commander, .said Die rations were being flown by ferry flight to fields at I'cnsa- cola and Boca Raton, Pla., for redistribution. Meantime, the Memphis Army Air Field and Millltieton Naval Air Station arc acting as havens for nearly 350 Army mid Navy planes which flew here in the last, couple of days from variant bases in tile hurricane zone. caslnns n .410 snnqc shotgun killed mcivb^rs of Hie family—the latest, beinc the E2-yenr old head of the family—Henry Wagner. Less than n year ago the same gr.ii. in the hands of one of their five children, killed a (laughter. Mrs. Wagner was cleared of criminal responsibility for her hu.sbandV death yesterday at a preliminary hearing before Justice of the Peace E. S. Stamps. She had admitted shoolins Wagner after he had threatened to burn down the hon.^ In a fit of rage. Mrs. Wayner. and her two oldest children—Gordon. 15. and Joann, 17.—testified thai \Vayncr became violent after his two-year old daughter. Charlotte, playfully struck him with a hammer handle. Tearfully, the children told how their mother intended only to frighten him out of his threat to set fire to the house. He lunged for the gun and was severely wounded In the abdomen. Wngner died in a Paycttcvllle hospital Wednesday night. Temples automatic plied holy a coin. of ancient Egypt had machines, which sup- water on the insertion Caruthersville Army Officer Represents U.S. At Denmark Air Show CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Sept. 10.—Friends here learned this wecfc that MnJ. John li. Kngland. of Ca- ruthcrovllle, attached lo the Air Forces and stationed near Munich, Germnny. was the United States representative to a group of foreign ccrmtries that presented an air siiow [it Aalbori;, Denmark. Aug. 3031. before -!0,000 spectators. Countries participating, included the United States, England. Sweden. Norway, Denmark and Russia. Representatives from each country met prior to the air show and planned the event. Mnjor England was attached to the Office of the Mili- ary Attache at the American Em- assy in Copenhagen as Liaison Of- cer in charge of planning the vent, and represented the U. S. ir Force. An ace fighter pilot during the i six-year-old children who are entering school this year. The first of a scries of examinations was held last week. ,v.ith 50 examined in the grade school gymnasium. Other groups will be taken this nnfl subsequent weeks until all 150 slu- I dents have been examined. I Examinations are made of heart. | lungs, eyes, cars, nose, throat and teeth, and records are kept of ih- findings. These individual card.* will be analyzed later, and refill; sent to parents, with corrective recommendations or subtle 1 ;! ioni if CARUTllliliSVILLE, Mo.. Sept. any. Mi ot ebtions. if 1!).—Sylvester Harris, M-year-old Tlie examinations are hcln« ron- Negro, was burned to deatli yestcr- ducted by Dr. needier cornf | day when his 'two-room lint on Kast health physician, assisted bv Mrs | 18th Street was destroyed by fire. S. C. Christian, county 'lien It'll • An oil cook stove explosion was nurse, and a ry.iss Poe a fieU given as the cause of the lire. worker for the Crippled Children's The properly is owned by O. J. service. The P. T. A. committee Matthews, and includes three two- which is assisting them is composed room flats. The body of Harris wa.s of Mrs. Howard Funk. Mrs. J J found by firemen near a window! Richardson, Mrs. S. C. Abcn.atiiyi wh!';li he apparently tried to reach I and Mrs. Bill Wilson. to escape the swiftly engulfing I names caused by the burnliif; oil. While the firemen were fighting this lire, another alarm summoned part of them away to Negro rental properly on the East side of town where a trash lire set fire to a wood and coal shed, with only slight damage. I STEPHAN MUSIC STUDIO Piano and Violin * rEDITH STEPHAN, G. S. M., London, England ! 207 North Fifth St. Phone 850 _._ nniyersary 'bale Caruthcrsviile Man Named to State Group CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Sept. 19. — J, H. Farrar of this city, who has been active In American Le;;ion 11:fairs and al present is chairman of the Missouri American Lesion Slate Employment Coin- mission, hns been appointed by Governor Phil M. Donnelly or. a mcmb?r of Ihe Slate Coordinating Committee to sponsor and promote _ National "Employ the Physically I Handicapped Week" In Missoi cceiU war. Major Enslnmrs tonrl Kntcnr-pci ee n Missouri. f duty in Ocrmnnv hns bsen ex- , Mr - ^"'ar s' a l«l today tna!. he ended' three years.'Aside-from His l lnri "cceplcd t«e appointment. The Pemiscot County Farm Bureau to Hold Meeting CARUTIIERSVIIAE, Mo.. Sept. 13. — J. H. Farrar, secretary of Hie Pemlscot. County Farm Bureau, snlcl late yesterday a meeting liad. been scheduled lor tonight beginning at 7J30, lor farmers of Pemiscot County. The meeting will be held nt the Courthouse in this city and matters of legislation are to be discussed with the Pemiscot County Representative to tlie State Legislature, Hon. John T. Buckley of Haytl. All farmer.'; of this county \vcre urged to attend, Mr-. Farrar staled. Price is not the only factor in making one diamond different from another. Color, cut anil rlarity determine the true value of these precious stones . .^. and only an expert can advise you on that difference. Buy your diamond where satisfaction is £uar<in*ce</. Mim's Di.imOEi rinp. In !i.-LncUo BUDGET YOUR PURCHASE GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE <>I>cns al 0:15 p.m.; Slarls 7:15 'Friday and Saturday 'Wild Bill Kickok Rides'^ liriicc C'abul and Coinlame Brandt Final Chapter: "Lost City of the Jiinslc"; Also Sliurls Saturday Midnite Show Starts at It): 15 p.m. "Alias Mr. Twilighr" \vitli .MiclKtel Duanc anil Trurly .VIiu p sli;iU Also Slitnts 'THREE GIRLS in"BLUE" (In TccliiHctiloi) with .lune Ilai-er, Ceorsc MontKonu-rr Vivian niiilnc Paramount Ni-ivs ami Shorts New Theater Manila's Finest Shows liVCRY NIGHT I!ux Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. i ) Malinee Saturday ,V- Sunday Sal.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cunt. Shun-in;; iiitics with the Air Force, he is at- cndini; the University of Munich t nights, where he is Inking a course in languages. first meeting of the committee was held Wednesday in Jefferson City, and plans for observance of the week will be announced soon, Mr. Farrar staled. jovernor to Address tnter-Statc Conference LITTLE EOCK. Sept. 19. (DPI — Gov. Ben Laney mid a number of olhcr prominent Arkansans will join U. S. Srcrclary of Labor Louis B. Schwcllcnbach as principal speakers al the Inter-State Conference of Employment Security Agencies in Hot Springs. Sept. 30. Laney and Hot Springs Mayor Earl Hicks will welcome the dele- Rales as Arkansas plays host for the first lime to the conference. Other Arkansans who will be on the program are Lt. Gov. Nathan Gordon. Board of Review Chairman Eugene Baker, lirig. Gen. II. L. McAlisler, Garland County Prosecutor Sidney S. McMalh, Arkansas Power and Light Company President C. Hamilton Moses. Fort Smith Newspaper Editor C. I'. Burns. University of Arkansas President Lewis Webster Jones, and Arkansas Employment Security Administrator Purifoy Gill. Rill says lhat at the mcclint; comprehensive discussions and future plans will be made concerning employment, unemployment e-om- pcnsaliun. and veterans readjustment allowances. Read Courier News Want Ads. 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