The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1948
Page 2
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PAGB TWO BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY- FEBRUARY 24. 1948 Reds in New Bid For More Power Ouster of Socialist President Sought In Czechoslovakia TalmadgeWins ™" Mn '"*"" '" iu " d Georgia Party Chairmanship PRAOTJ*. Kb. M. (UP)—A Com- xxiunUt campaign for control of Chechoslovakia appeared today to have succeeded in Slovakia and was hammering h»rd at the main opposition National Socialist Party. The Communist-directed Interior ministry's state police wore reported, moving fust against the National SocoalisW throughout the country. Party officials said 20 or 30 of their • leaden had been seized. The Com- munlsti accused the National So- coallsts of plotting armed rebellion. After being severed for hours, communications with Slovakia wero partially restored. They brought a picture of wliat amounted to a Communist coup in th8 Eastern province. Slovak Democratic Party officials at Bratislava jsaid the Communist:; had taken over the interior ministry ol the provincial administration. The officials said live Democrat members of the provincial cabinet still held their offices. But their position was obscure. The Slovak Communist leader, Gustav Husak. notified them yesterday Hint Ihcy were regarded as having resigned. Deny Mayor's Ouster Bratislava officials denied reports by Slovak officials here that the Communists had ousted the Slovak democratic mayor of Bratislava »n.1 given his job to R communist, Dr. Anton Basla. Communist-led trade unions backed the Communist drive with a one-hour token strike throughout the country at midday. "We are mobilizing, comrades," Evien Erban, Left Wing Social Democrat and secretary general ol the trade union' organization, told ihe striking workers. "Let reaction mobilize loo—a few thousand Fascists, stiuienti, bluer: marketeers and the poor remnants of Slovak fascism. The trojan horse of reaction In Czechoslovakia opened prematurely. "Today when on the Western borders new bastions of imperialism are built, it is clearer than ever I that wo cannot build a wall protecting the Slav nations and peoples' democracies with reaction at our backs." Officials of the opposition National Socialist Party said that 20 or 30 party officials have been seized up to noon today in a countrywide wave ol arrests. General Strike Called At the name - time Communist dominated trade nnlou workers throughout Czechoslovakia walked out »t 1 p.m. 16 a.m., EST) in a one. j liour^general strike demonstration. : The general itrlke'^wM'called to •:»upport Communtat SPtwninr TC)C- ment Gottwatd'i" atfi'inpi to seize 'complete control'of the Czechoslovak government over the opposition of President Eduard Bcnes. The Slovak Democratic Party Is one of the three parties whose min- | Istcrs resigned from the government | last week In protest against Communist efforts to create a police itate In Czechoslovakia. ATLANTA, Oa.. Feb. 24 (UP) — Herman Talm»dj?e, banished from the governor's office by the Georgia Supreme Court less than a year ago. today held legal control of the slate Democratic Party by virtue of another decision by the Mine high court. In a 6-0 decision yesterday, the court upheld the claim ol Talmadge adherent James S. Peters to Ihe chairmanship of the Georgia Kve- cutlvc Democratic Committee. Peters had engaged In a months- lonn legal war with William S. Morris, appointed state party chairman by M. E. Thompson when he became When Airliner Crashes CARACAS. Venezuela, Feb. 24.— | (UP)—A Venezuelan commercial j airliner crashed yesterday In heavy tot; In Tachlra stale near San Cristobal, Injuring 13 ol the l(i porsoiu aboard, The pilot and co-pilot, most seriously Injured, were brought, to San Cristobal last night on mule back. Others will be brought out us soon, as transjwrtatlon can be provided. Guantanamo Next Stop for Truman Yacht Ffoocf Control Funds Okayed By Committee governor after the. Supremo Court ousted Taimadgu, Thompson acknowledged the court ruling by announcing his candidacy for fiovernor In tills year's election. He said he had moiled a check for $500, "tlie usual fee," to the Talmadge-controlled committee, Thompson forces had based (heir claim to party control on the fact that Thompson become nominal head of the party In Georgia after the Supreme Court named him governor In place of Tulnmdnc. They pointed to the tact lluit the National Democratic Committee recognized the Thompson factlor But Tatmadge. son and political heir of Ihe late Eugene Talmudgc. •mid he "didn't give a damn" what Washington did and promised "we bo buck" when he left the governor's office after a 03-day tenure early last year. The Supreme Court decided, however, that young Talmadge's clilm i to the governorship was unconstitutional and elevated Thompson, then lleutenunt governor, to the office pending a special election in 19-18. Although Talmatlpre has not formally announced for governor, he has been campaigning for months and is expected to announce his candidacy sooti In the primary election supervised by his adherents. WASHINGTON, Feb. 24 (UP) — The HoiiBG ApproprlnUnns committee today recommended the following appropriations for flood control projects In Arkansas for the 1940 fiscal year beginning next July 1: Narrows reservoir. $2.800.000. Blakely reservoir, $3.200.000. Red river levies below Denlson Dam In Arkansas, I>oulf»lanr\ and Tcxns, $1,000.000. Bayou hodcau reservoir In Arkansas and Louisiana, $500,000. Nlmrod reservoir. S75.000. Crawford County I.cvec District, $000.000. Gnr'.lens Bottom Drainage Dis- Ity Merrimun Smith (United 1'rew White HOUM Reporter) ABOARD WI LLIAM8BURO IN CARBBEAN, Feb. 24 (UP) — After a strenuous three-day sched- Ic of sightseeing and upcechmaklng, 'resident Truman took things easy today as the presidential yacht moved toward Cuba. The President and his party are due to arrive at the U. S. Naval Base at Quantanamo Hay tomorrow. Because of a painful sunburn which he picked, up at Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, Mr. Truman planned to remain below deck most of the day. He sent messages of appreciation to Clov. William Hastle of the Virgin Islands and Gov. Jesus T. Piti- cro of Puerto Rico, his hosts during Ihe past three days. As guest of Hastle, Mr. Truman I yesterday visited St. Crolx and Icelved a colorful rural welcome I inhabitants of the rum and su^ar country. School children turned out In their Sunday best to greet him and A native calypso band serenaded him. At one point, a triumphal arch carried the words: "Mr. President, we are with you In November." However, th« support of th« Islands will not help Mr. Tvuman U the polls. St. Crolx' nearly all-Negro population of 14,000 has no vote In ,-he presidential election. In. an Impromptu speech, the President predicted^ that Improved air facilities would stimulate commerce In the Islands. He said he hoped some day to return and to find the islands on a "self-support- Ing basis," ^\9'(Stoye explosion Kills Four Children GLENS FALLS, N. Y,, Feb. 24.— (UP)—Five person*, including four children, were killed txxtay when fire storied by an oil stove explo- Moi\ destroyed a tv-o-plory frame farmhouse near here. Six D/i In Fir* NEW CASTLE, Del, Feb. 24.— (UPt—Six Kegj'ocs were burned to deatli today and four others were rescued when /Ire .swept a six room, two story frame building In a nearby section known as the BuUou- wootl. Meetings The Order ol the Eastern S\«T will meet tonight, 8 o'clock, at th» Masonic Hall for Degree Work. Fur was won. chiefly by men in the Middle Ayes. hid 2, $700.000. West of Morrllton, $500,000. Conway County Levee District fl, $33,000. Conway County levee Districts 1. 2 and 8, S3QO.OOO. Little Rock to Pine Bluff, levee, $400,000. GRAPETTE IHIR STY " NOT Special Treatment Sought for Youth Admitting Murder By Robert T. l.ouglirnn (Untied Frrss Stuff Correspondent) CHICAGO, Feb. 24 (UP)—Criminal court author! tics and social workers gave up the Idea today of sending Howard Lang, 13. confessed sJayer of a plnymate, to Boy's Town, Neb., lor rehabilitation. MsRr, E. J. Flanagan, founder of the famous Institution, said It would be a "dangerous" for Lang to be sent to Use institution unless he received ft year of phychlntric treatment first, Flaniigan cmphUled that he believed LniiK "could be saved" and molded into a useful citizen but that the institution had no personnel or equipment Tor meeting the boy's psychological needs. Lang plendcd guilty Saturday tu killing seven-year-old Lonnle Fel- Hck in a forest preserve lust October after engaging In sexual irregularities with the younger boy. Samuel Andalman. attorney for The Communists yesterday seized Lan *- changed the youthful defcnd- ders of the Socialist party on charges that they were preparing for an armed uprising against the state, thus opening the way 'o liquidate the three opposition par- tie* in parliament. At the same time the Social Democrat Party, which formerly collaborated with the Communists, announced it was ready to talk with the Communists on forming a new parliamentary government. This can be done only if the Communists break down Benes' insistence, reiterated last night, that all parties must be represented in any new government formed. Slayer's Conscience Helps Officers to Solve Old Case ant's plea from Innocent after receiving court assurances that everything possible would be done to rehabilitate him Instead of Imprisoning him the same as an adult criminal. Flanagan said that before he came to Chicago he had not realized thtvt ft matter o( sexvml perversion was Involved In the case In the light of that, he said, it would be "unfair to admit Lang to Boy's Town at present because o* the Inck of facilities for caring for such cases. "T .still believe the boy can ot saved." Flnnngan said. He siii?geste a year o( psychiatric treatment a' some other Institution aiirt saU LaiiR mlcht be admitted to Boy's Town after (hat. NASHVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 24 <UP) —Forty-eSght-year-old James Ark-! er. a Negro, is a step further tndiu* toward clearing his conscience, ' The Davidson Coimly Grand Jury indicted Acker for the 1931 pi.siol slaying of his wife. Police had kept the case open for 18 years, finally marking it "solved" hue last \veefc when Acker cntne to the police nation and gave himself up, .vnyimt his conscience had bothered 'him ever since the murder. Bodies of Men in Jeep Found at Base of Cliff ELIZABETHTON. Tenn., Feb. 24. i UP 1 '—The bodies of two Carter County men, mlsMn? since Sunday, have been found by schoul children rvt the bast* of a 200-foot clifT. Nearby wa.s the wreckage of a "J^ep" which the men had been The men were Identified ns Jakr Ciunp.K'll, 3tJ; and "Pink" Watson -17. 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