The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1947
Page 7
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1947 Blytheville Paps llick Helena 25-0 Missco's Mighty Mites, 32 of Them, See Action During Second Game BY GKOKGK CLANK (Courier Nevis Sports Kdilor) HELENA. Ark., Sept. 19. — The Ililythevlllc Junior High School pow- Bcr laden J > apooses hung np the • second sealp ot the 19-57 arid sei- l^on in their wigw.r.n lasl night by |rleir-!Uini; tlie Helena Junior Hi^h jhpooses 25 to o at Hecrealion Pars The vising nnoi.:. v miles from • Mississippi County had an easy lime • wdli the homo town team and Hi" Irmly thing n, :i t averted them hav- ling a regu) lir field rl.iy was the ,-on- l.stant MibslUutiDK of Coaches Jainss ll-islicr ami Pop Moslry of the flly- lihevillc •riiie. T| !c two Jilytncvillc linentors used 32 phners in Hie fray. I ClifnJes -Run- lutes, the agile • left halfback of ihe visitors WHS • the bis? ground gainer of the night • knccki'ii! off three of Blythcville's llour touchdowns nml added their llone extra point. But you could liiardly call (urn tlic star of the game, • for just about every member ol ln:.vtlicville'.s three backfieUls brok.' |loos!- fur some pretty lair gains. 1'apy Score <)uukly Hlytlu-ville .scored flu-ir Hist tallv after five minutes and 45 second.; • of play in the first period. The Ilel- • |<na Paps took the bull on the ' • opening kickoff on their own 15- ; • yard strike am! returned it to the | 127. Alter linee plays had netted i I them only six yards. Short punted Ito Pruitt on the Blytheville 4U. I Pniiil, Lutes and Mel Hav com- Ibined forces to move tlie hall to Illic six inch line and Lutes crashed Iccmer to score. Dick Held, the sec- lond-.strini; quanerb.ick came in the Inline at this poinr, and hit center Vor the extra point hut was slopped "*ild ami lilythcvill-* led 0-0. Lme.s kicked lo Harness on the BLYtHEVlLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE sirvt* Fighting Irish jPiggott Mohawks : |To Meet Osceola jGriddcrs Tonight i i 11 OSCEOLA. Sept. 19.—The Oscej: oln High School Srmlnoles will meet . Ihe slrone Plggoll Molmwks in lhair 1 ! second game of the season al Ihe i season ill [he high school athletic ,ma Held toniidil. Kickoll 1 lime is schccl- *^| ulcd for 8 o'clock. ': The Seminoles were defeated hy the I'arkiu Tiyers 12 to 0 in Ihe season opi'iier last week and they will be seeking to oliscl Ihal defeat wllh 11 victory lonlght. The two learns will Ix' about evenly mulched wllli the Semlnolcs holding a slight weight lutvnntnue. Probable starting lineups: Osceoiu i'«s., riguiiu L.K.' L.T. 1, C>. C. n.T. H.IS. The New Sultan of Swat II. Griffin .... Mendei(;rasl .. Hathorne .... Kersey Langstcm .... Barber Walker Held J. Shaneyfelt McFarlam! ... 13. Shaneyfelt Tliir, trio, nil Iridi. will he strong factors in Noire Dame's bid for the season's lop grid honors. CapUlin Moose Connor, left, for leadership, Coach Frank Leahy, right, for strategy, and Irish ler-j ricr, Mascot Mike 1[, for morale. Q.II. u.n. p.n. J. Nettles ... llaiber .. .Stewart .. Johnson ' Clark .. Jackson .. Ballard Keith .. Morgan Underwood . Gthcornb leiena la who returned to the 25. j Lntes lo add (Webster tried center for four and their store, which took jKaff lo- ; t seven on a hand off from (Harness to tile Helena 22. Short picked up three through center (where the quarter ended. F-xactly two minutes and rt jialC later. Ulyihevill? added their second score ol the tame. Lutes took Short's punt en his o*n 42 and returned |io ihe midlield stripe. Lines skirted end all the way to the Helena 21 and Louis 'Anderson, second r.triiiL; fullba'.k. picked up one thru cen- (ter. Lute., circled end on what ap- Louis Anderson ami Bob Glover reeled olf some nk"- yardage in ihe I reinainin.; five aiKl-a-hah minutes | including a 'JO-yard j:uim by Glover i lot a liisl down. At the bcgiiuiini; of tlio third period ihe Hlytheville .strinj; reentered the gajnc louy eiious:!! for another ID poinls to a:]out five minutes. Robert. Real, tlie IJlj'the- ville lullbnck, .set n;) the game's third touchdown \vith n 15-yard j.nmt irom the Helena -15 lo ihe 33 an.I Lines s:ored around end on (he next play. Hav's pass lo Ilutchcr- son for the extra point was knocked down. The final touchdown was scored by virtue of a beautilul SHIIIL run.- buck bi' quarterback Mel Hay from liis own 40 to the Helena 17. u. Reid sliced oft tackle to the 15 and" Lule: jpeartd to be a touchdown play I scored around end. Lutes hi! tackle .stumbled over the rc-ferce on the | to convert, nnd the ac-cre tend 25-0 one-foot line and Pruitt crashed over ' Blvthcville. Ito score. D. Reid was stopped in |his tracks on ihe attempted con- At this [joint the Blytheville second string re-ente'fd and after |version and Blytheville led 12 to 0. about four plays the third squati Hecoml-Striniceri Sec Action i was seat in. However, at various m- \: wa., at this point that the tervals during the closing minutes. Blylheville mentors began snbstitut- Lutes was rushed back in to punt ing at will, sending in the cntiro- out'of Trouble anti then was taken second string, .which-played'thfr rsiMnitr™-- -- --• • maindrr o! the second period. '; l>.i]is nefense Wins Praise . . The second strin;; backfield com- Iposed of Diek Reid. Aubert Dozi?r, The Helena team was kt-jii coin- jjlelelv checked throughout the en- Its Todays Best Buy! tire first three and a half tjuarters and it wasn't until about midwiy o! the fourth period that they racked up their two first downs ot tho Kami:, the firs'. wK'i the aid of ,'l ti'.r-yard penally, and both were scored against the second string. Hlytlieville's otfense v:as superb anil ihcir < was almost ..itt-. They chalkecl up seven firs' clowns and gained a tolul of 253 yards lushini; while hol.l'ili; their opponents to two firs', riowns and allowed them only ll!l yards through rushing and four through ptissiii;.;. The l/mruiis: I'lylhcville I'os. Helena MtiK-herson .. L. E. ... Robertson Wunderlich . b. T McDnnahl Uhmkcnship . . b. G Robasnri llroke C. Nail Phillips R.G Wallace Piince R.T Oliilcweil Doer R.E Durham Mel Hay Q. n Wcbst er Lutes H.l! Hill ness Piuitt H.l: It'll I R. Reid P. 3 Short Substitutions: Blyihevillc—rtich- ardson, Grilfin, D. Reid, Criner. Cobb. Crniu. Mack Hay, Wcbli, Anderson, Mayo. Royd, Dozier. Glover, Gurner, Oneal. Koonce. and Martin, Helena—McRce, Pcarrow, How.e,.and ! I.ynn. i ToiiL-lidowns: Lutes 3. and Pruilt. 1 ILX'.I a points, Lules. Sncre bv (jiiartcrs: niytheville li 0 !3 Helena 0 0 0 Russians Wage] War of Nerves Against World LITTLE MOCK. Ark.. Sept. 19. 'UP)—Tlic abandonment of Europe by the United Stales would mean another greul conflict "within our time" in the opinion of Prank Alii- Ki'cn, editor of the Memphis Commercial A]i]ieal. S])eaki!ig before a Little Unek Civic club yesterday. Ahlgren declared that ilusslEi is at u'ilh the United Stales now "in everything but shooting." , "FiiiMsians are at war wllh u-> diplomatically, politically and economically." lie said. "They hope lhat we will pull out and go home." Ahlgrcn, who recently returned from a (our of Europe, bhuncil competition between the American and Russian rjhilosophie-i of government Jor Ihe uncertainty of Europe. ".\icst Europeans believe tluiL eventually (.here will be war between the United States and Russia," he said. "Therefore they arc reluctant to co-operate in solving present problems." Urging-that the United State,! "acl as an aid .ind assistant to Europe." the editor said the -Marshall plan for aiding Europe is practical and hopeful and will help Europe "where she is willing to help heisell." Wildcats in Win Over Catholics In Little Rock Tilt NORTH 1.! ITliK HOCK. Ark., Sept. 111. i UP)-The North Mine Hock Wllclc-ils stand today as a .sh(m][ conlerencc: "ontentiqr fol- •iiu! lliclr victory over a .slublxmi Oalhclle Ilii'li eleven, 1U to 0, Ins', In u delcnslve b:ii;le, the Wilclcms scored wild passes in the second [mirier in luke a l:l-lo-0 lead :it the hall. Jliuiny Hope ran 15 yards lor the liual mur.ter in the la-,I prilod for Complete, Prattetiom '. A4alntt AH "* ."'< INSUKABLf HAZAMDf Phoiic 3545 ^1 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Gfoncoe Hot«l Bi 124 W. Ash St. •'T.'-^ •'£t t 'A'*- 1 r*' f tVJ ^te'f$>.••<*«•:' naseball men asiree Unit if llabe Hulli's major-leni;ue hoine-vun record of 110 is broken, tlie feat will ho performed by Ualph Mc- Phijiran Kincr. who established a nc'w mark by inaniifacliirin}' eifihl in four consecutive ({allies cnroulc to his seeoilii Naliuntil League ami the IU-I7 hi|j Icnjine championship, lluro yon ace the finish uf Ihc yoimi; Piltsbni (jh ontlu-ldor's .swine, his i'rip, stance uml (lie position of the /eel us lie bells the ball out of s'ijlit Ark., died in a r.,i; Smith hospl- Mrs. Loveiinive said the child pill- led a ci;;iirilte V\f liter Irotn » lable. which llBhicd and cauiiht its elolh- Ing nlire. The child was taken '.o Ihe Port Smith hospiial where sh'j died IL few hour.i Laler. Funeral sei vices \\ere held In Ainu at '2 p.m. today. Too Loto to Classify 0— 25 0— 0 Arkansas Stoic College Student Dies in Crash PARAGOULD, Ark., Sept. 10 (Ul't -.James A. K Mcfiee. Jr., aiied 27, of lirouklyn. N'. Y.. Ark.'niMii State College stiidenl.. wns killed ind two other .stutlcnls were injure*! when their oar .struck u concrete 'iriilgo near here 1 hue yeslerday. Injured were: Kd ll.igij, 2:t. al;;o of Erooklyn. who suffered severe cuts and the loss of his left le«; and Bobby Wllkerson. 2'.l. of Joncshoro, minor cuts and bruises. l.Kinf; is blended hy ihe distillers of famous OLD l-ORIiSTKK, 11)1) proof, liimled in Bond, Ken- lucky Straight llourbon Wlmky. 1. The straight whiskies in King Kcd are 5 years or more old. : 3. King Keel—hack to you atamafcinftly low price! 1. [is fine Kentucky Hlcnd- ing makes mixed drinks , taste better. 3. Backed !>y 77 years of fine llrown-l-'orman whisky making. 6. Every drop withdrawn from itrown-Forman's air and teinperature-con- trolled warehouses. tlMtMlft: KING Is B1ENDED If THE QISTIUERS OF FAMOUS OLD FORESTER 100 PROOF. IOTTUD IN »OND KtNIUCKV ST»AIGHT lOUHBON WHISKr BROWH-FORMAN DISTItltRS CORPORATION . of lovitvill* in Kentucky .KIHC RED LABEL Blended Whisky * slrai£hl whiskies in (his product ate 5 yeais w moie oil 30-, r stFaight v^iiskies- ?()•; neulialspitils. 86 Prucl. ' ! Incidence of Polio Far j Below Figures tor 1946 LITTLE RCCK. Ark.. Sept. lit. i {j.P.i —Arkansas is still far bclow 1L*G in the number of cases nf IiUio reported, apparently having c.s;':i]ied a repetition of last sum- inr-i'.s epirlcmic. After Ihe first 37 weeks of 13-17. :'/.cording to the board of health's weekly morbidity report, only GO r;.. 1 • s have been reported. This c'.mprtres v.-ilh 275 cases last year. last weck'.i lotnl of five new. cases compares favorabily wilhl seven the picceding week, and 17 the correspondinc week in 1!)4G. Of the nc\v cases. (MIC was re]>orted in I ittle Reck, two were in Craig- hnad Ccmnty, and one each in Oiecnc ar.d Jackson counties. ilcad Courier News Want Ads 5,000 Railway Express Employes Out on Strike NEW YORK. Sept. I!!. (U.P.I Employes of the American Railway Express Agency, rcportcfl by the union to include f>,OfHI workers went on strike today lo enforce demands for a 40-hour week. The walkout, which Marled 'al midnight. threatened lo tie-up pohlain area, including adjaeenl freight deliveries in the melro- Now York and New Jersey coujv tics. The strike was called suddenly by Inral 808 of the Intrrnationn Brotherhood of Teamsters am Chauffeurs (AFL) which eslimatec that S.Clia drivers, helpers am rjnragemcn quit work. A spokesman for the local saic the strike was called because o: tlie company's "refusal lo accep' arbitration which was offered Ijj the union to adjust the demaiu for the -KJ-honr week." For Rent ms. Nlcoly . 'ri'li-illioiie u:io-iik-ii'jti Far Salt Notice old ,irl<-<>a -10 - OOr N|,.| M ls Hi,rl>,'i- nriii: Micro Olii- shun Arivjua's llhi|;hest HumplH-ey's peak, extinct volcano ill the Ean Francisco mountains, is the hichesl point in Arizona. It rises to a licit-lit of feet. Wanted all-Is (21 1II-J5 fitu; <• m|ii.-riiiii!!l i:i(nn> SI. )0 ino Uniwlui: trriv v/ltl ciiini to Flu. iir-counl iiiiiii. riirnlKlilnl a Mulili: Hotel. Do uo HIIC-llk-3 ALL AMERICAN * CANDIDATES * . [OPE. WU %^ FROf\ THE UNIU. Of TCXflS -&06BY 20 Vfflfc 010 Qt)flRT£R8flCK fROrA OftURS- LEO THf SOUTHWEST CONFERCNCC LBST vCfiR IN TOTflL WITH V420 VOS. -BftTEP 2>it IN THE MRTIOM FORWARD PflSSING HMD •\otai. IE IN: o.bock. V*. Ncrlhwtil IliT* Sa:urjoy al 2:15 P.M. KXl* KTHS KELD KGKH KFPW KHOI Pardon Leads to Job in Law Enforcement Field NASHVILLE. Tcniv, Se[)'. ilfl. (UI J i — Guv. Jim McCortl to<lay gave George Tons; n pniclon so lie can serve a-s deputy sheriff ol Franklin County. The ttinl juclgc ami iirosccuting attorney both a.skcd tlie pai-don because, they said, "the sheriff Insists he needs him." They added Long wns "technically guilty" of bigamy and was given a suspended two-year sentence in April, 104G. Infant Fatally Burned With Cigarette Lighter FORT SMITH. Ark.. Sept. 19. (UP) — Carolyn Sue I-ovcgrove. seven-months old daughter ol Mr. anil Mrs. David Lovcgrovc of Alma t:il of burns received Tuesday. SAY.WAITRESS- WHAT'G OM LITTLE, JR WHAT DlFFEREMCE ^ I DOES IT MAKE P? J FOR. THIS STRIP TO ^x TUR.W OUT EIGHT - VOU'VE. j QOTlAv EAT ALPHA8ET/ SOUP - ^LJ u-g<\t : Tr. MOTOR CO. ves-r bliithevillo Motor Co 2t7 d6e. 5, S Plymouth ECOND STREET PHONE 4-22 ) I THROW HH AWFUL WIDE LOOP OUT HERE IN thiS SECTION ! OF HIS PflSSING HBIUTY ! to Give the Family a Treat Fresh Lemon Gake Made with 100' ; Cane Sugar 69c ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY.' Telephone Your Order — Dial 2073 , HART'S BAKERY FARM (m LOANS Jlonic Office, Newark) N. j. LC-h'i; TtlVM PROMPT CLOS1NO LOW MAT! ('M.I.. wiM'n: on st'» RAY WORTHINGTON Ilfi K. Third St., Rlylhrvtlii), Ark. Krrvlntt Tills S^otirui K Years Aiitlinrltr,! Mi/rlitaxt l.nan Xollcllar tar I'KllDKNTtAI. INsilRANCK COMPANY OP AMKRICA JT New Numbers 4474 and 4475 But- Same Reliable Service "For Work Done Right CALL NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners 220 North 2nd Street Distributed By FRED S. SALIBA & Company 223 West Ash Street Phone 4437 MINNIE LEE JONES MUSIC STUDIO Teacher of PI A N O THEORY — HARMONY Special Classes for Pre-School Children and Beginners 807 Chickitsawlm I'hone 2994 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS ^> -Jl \t: OR ANY EXCAVATION No Finer Kecr In All llic World! S.J.COHEN Contractor -LYNCH-BLDG BLYTHEVILLE ARK If? -

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