The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1947
Page 5
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KUIDAV, KKl'TKAllJKK II), 1947 BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COUiUKK NKWS Red Cross Aiding Victims of Slorm High Tides Endanger Gulf Coast Areas Below New Orleans W/.S-.IINOTCN. rcpt. ID, <U.P.> —The Red Cross s-.iiil today that Osceola to Hear Sales Lectures Sept. 22, Oct. 8-9 OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. 19.—Dates for the series of three sales lectures to be given by E. c. House, I New York retail sales consultant, lo Osceola salespeople were announced ' loduy by Harry 1). Paulus, secretary- manager of the Osceola Chamber of' Commerce. I ., ... • Mr. House will address Osceola re- cxtremc y high tides piling up t:ll | merchants and their salesmen en the hurricane-swept coast and ,„, Sept. 22. Oct. 8 and Oel 9 Mr pushing i:p the Mississippi are cn-ji. iiu ] us nr , 1( l. The talks will be one d'.uis'cnng the lives cf coastal and hour i'l length Hv;u area residents below New, Mcimwllilc lho OsccoiA ^.^^ ,.,.' '• ., ,. or Commerce is contacting retail Ihc Red Cross said 20 disaster merchants here [or the purpose of "workers from its southeastern area I enrolling salespeople for the lec- stafr are in C r en route to New .lures, and a large enrollment is Orleans ami ether points in expected, stmhcn, Louisiana and Mississippi. Ml , Ilollsc wlll - „ the <•„ H ,- i° SS c ''»""-''- s »'»»i: ! ries of lectures in BlylhevlVl" Sept. "•c (.Hi const as far as Corup:;. 2U O ct. 1 and Oct. 6 Chnsi i luivc been alerted," the Red Cross said. "''• Krank E. Wilson of Wash-j inuton, National Keel Cross medical '(Vsastcr director, and Dr. Hurton F. Ai^tni, 3,,MthensUT!i Area medical riirectcr, were ordi'i'cci to sflwke to the Bra/ilian Assembly. The return trip ou the I.iiss'.mvi was extended to give Mr. Trumuu ;i rest. Tlie battleship cruised at a leisurely 15 knots — less than half its top speed — wlitlu the President relf.xi'd with books, simtath;; utul deck .-.trolls. Highlight of the sea voyage was Mr. Truman's initial! >n us a ••shellback" wiiii;i was tarried ctit according to the Navy's traditional ntual when the Missouri crossed the equator. HURRICANE 1) • *V J j/1 / I Continued frujn ("age 1. no to Louisiana from the hurri- caiK-.stricken area in rlorida. •Shelter headquarters hav;: been' set us; in tlie Nev.- Orleans City] Ha!) and the Municipal Auditorium.' government. To Study I'rice Situations Also ready for (lie i iiie; executive's peru.s: 1 ! is a report by government on the price, supply and is iu ^ .jlc Cross! in determining whether Congress will bo culled into special session The Red Cra.s : aid that because! l!lir > K ' lU - r'ort! Al "° lime 'hiring his 10,845-mite 'junket did Ihe Pre.idcni announce the Florida hurricane'" sl:mcl oil '"<: s i ]et: ' ; >l session issue. ••• *' ••• "">>•" -i-... <\niuik>i mi... .lue'uies <m ine [;nce. supply anc Two thctisiind refugees have, al-1 forci;;n aid picUucs. This survey i: ready arrived in tKw Orleans from expected to play an important roll wire communications lo .^.. LRiidcrdalc, Palm Beach and ether (Continued from Pnye I- •- m. 10:30 a. m. sva:er Pontchartrain had reached Walker Street three blocks away, a large area. PiUients were moved army bomber base hospital, low section, to a downtown pilal. Lake Charles. La., and c.ulfp^rt. Miss,. Naval reserve units were ordered by the Naval District i I'oiichnrlrnlii and on the South al the Mississippi Kiver —• wns a scene of fruntic uctlvlty long be- foie dawn. Carpenter;; worked in it driving rainstorm to board up expensive shop windows. Lumber trucks rumbled through tlie streets to deliver boardinu. Utit there was nol enouc.h, and nntny o: the windows were lett to the mercy of the onnishmi; storm. City iiuthoiltlves anx:ous:y wiili'h- cd tne path 01 a rising river tide that was pushing ahead of the storm. The fan-shaped deltn adjoining the city Is a cluster of Is- j.iiuis and nnushc.s that could be inundated by high Balers. Injuries at t'rnsariil;* As it skirted the half-moon roln shaped gulf coast, the hurrleiine nainpeieil at 1'cnsacola, l-'la., with flooding its .sprawling naval base and caused I at teas, two injuries and considers- from thc'uU' |>ro|>erty damage. Wind that rose to 102 miles an hour in gusts at 1'ensacola broke a number of windows, bowled over trees, and ripped down power lines, Hlcctric power was turned off in PAGE FIVE of iilonilc onci'Ky Is e;ilabllshed— and Insist upon universal disarmament. Vlshinsky, who was prosecutor of the famous purge trials In Kus- slit which resulted in countless dcnlh sentences, minced no words in disclosing what he would do with such "warmongers" of lln press and other citizens In Ihi Soviet Union. ,ie Mild; "Should any person lu the Soviet Union make a .statement, even In Inflntosliual degree resembling (these by y. s. "warmongers") full of criminal greediness for i new manslaughter, stitli a state ment would meel will, a sever, rebuff and public disapproval n a socially dangerous act leading to serious harm." j Overplays Ills lUlut The general reaction to Vlshln- poilunlly. New (he II. S- wauls lo abolish the security Council. Disarmament The If. 3. :md Hllliiln are ' 'unwilling" to disarm and President Truman "proved" thai Ihe VI. 3. is c'd In a "furious" luir.s ran: when Jie promised In his Brazilian speech lo maintain u. H military might. Albin bomb—Tlii cLstriiels the will 01 the majority' Ail;aii"i., lor a jicrmit t-j sell beer at in refusing to destroy her atomic rcHil at Smith lull, LllMhcvllle bombs ami seeks only to retain Mississippi County. and bnmbin,; potential Indtislrl-;'of Arkansas for permit to sell »nd (••'liters <if the Soviet Union, Ural' dispense vinous or spirituous liquors area and lor beverage til retail .pn.the'pteraV, '••' ' "' ' as Mountains Imhislrial uthcr viliii places." NOTICT- iti.T Is hereby t'lvcn that the •isl'imd will within the time I by law apply to the Conunis- U. S. "alone ' | .,inner ot Revenues ol the Stale o( lios- sky's ng altuck the city early today and hcxspitnls headouarlcn, here (o active "a a \y.. rcsor '°" l ° " n "^"^ c »'™' 1 ' M| The Navy was evacuating rcfu- !^ v ,,i i;ccs from Hera cutoff lo n school 'TWO gymnasium in Algiers, La. reported at ihe rntns and winds suddenly stopped and tlie sklc.s lightcna:. it was believed the dead ctilin center ol the hurricane was passing over. |)c ,, s ,, ns wm> cu{ b . „ ,, ,.|. <ss ni ' rcnslKO \ u - one when a endous window blew in on his bed while lie slept. A bis; plate glass window crashed In at the First Jiank and '1 rust company. At Mnbnr. Ala . wimi velocity Weather exjwrls broadcast imine-! reached 71) miles an hour at •! I'.ni. diatcly that everyone should stay and the 2.M!) persons living or. put. After the center passes, they said, the winds on the other .side would be stronger thun the first. The Naval Air Station on Luke Ppnlchai train \va.s under three leet area are sLill disrupted, answer., to welfare inquiries have been slowed d(;wn. "At the jjrcsent time they are being flown from Atlanta by plane to Miiiini. from where they are distributed to the Red Cross chapters so that they may be answered. 1 the Red Cross said. , It C!i.|>hasi?ed that "rcjjcils show nol more than four killed and IG injured in ttie entire Florida hurricane area." Bui it, was understood that Mr. Truman still is not convinced of its necessity. t 'the President left Washington Auj. 31 aboard his new four-engine transport plane Independence. The ih'ijlil to Hio covered 4 893 iniies. Tho Missouri cruise ale up another 5,8tiD miles and the round-trip represented '.he greatest distance Mr. Truman lias ever traveled :ts chiet executive. During his official visit in the. Brazilian capital, he addressed the closing session of the Inier-Ameri- can Defense Conference and also Ilayon l.a Hat re, Soulh of 4 .own, wetc cvacualeil because of expected hl|;h lides. Home power lines were 101 n dou'n in Uie eily and win- , vl dows were broken. No disunities of water but planes had all been i were reported. removed before the storm hit. The i The storm now .slamming Inland was churning furiously nml had bowled across south Florida DONT MISS Presented Daily En Front of Grandstand Features FREE! | lake was churning furiously 1 water was tumbling over a 10-Ioul j -seawall into unoccupied lowlands | Despite warnings, thousands of j persons appeared on the streets during the calm, emerging from I jammed hotel lobbies, stores, shops I and public buildings. | Clauds in the sky appeared to ; be making a reversal in direction. I At 11 a.m., Ihe Weather Uureau broadcast an urgenl appeal to persons on the streets to get back inside. All Officers on Duly The city was in a state o'f emergency. All the city's firemen and policemen were ordered on hurricane duty. Center of the storm .was M miles or so to the Southeast al 0 a.m. EST. but Moisant Into n.uic:ial Airport already had clocked winds of 80-mile velocity. The barometer was falling steadily and was down to 29.15 at. 8:15 a.m., a drop of .(S3 inches since midnight. The storm struck directly at the month of the ,Mississippi sending waters of the \j\g stream swirling over the low country South of here. New Orleans, which lies below sea level in a bend ot the river, hoped its seawall along the . Mississippi would protect il from floods. New Orleans, which had not experienced a hurricane since 1915 and did 'not expect this' one. was c-.uighi, short by the storm ami preparations ucre mostly makeshift. In downtown New Orleans, b«ad Canal Street — which dead—ci two days ago, causing nn estimated 550.000,000 damage lo pioperty mi,. , croi>s. ng last night Its far-reaching outer gales hud swept benches and cities on the extreme northwest Florida coast. Al Apalachicola. rla., winds hit hurricane force for a time, nine houses were blown oown. seveiut persons were injured but no one killed. Power in the city failed. No duniage was reported iron, Panama Citv where 30-mile winds wore reported. WARMONGER Continued from I'age 1. Soviet Kpboix: for a resolution which would: 1. Publicly condemn the United' States—to whom a large number of UN.. members are looking for ecctiomtc aid and loans—as a swashbuckling atomic, age "warmonger" spoiling for and fomenting a third world war againsl Russia. 2. Accuse tlic United Stales. Greece and Turkey—'die only tliree nalions cited specifically in the resolution—as gross violators 01 tlie UN lor tolerating and supporting "warmongering" propaganda against Ihc Soviet Union. 3. Call upon the United States to destroy its atomic bombs lit her monopoly In the atomic field.! The i:iuli r^ncd stute.s that he Is Marshal Plan and Truman l»i;-] a cliU.-ii of Aihsnsas, of good inor.xl li'lnr—llotli lliese violate Ihe UN rliiinu lei, Umi he Inis never been charter, prove Una ihe u. .S, has J convicted ol a felony or oilier crime abandoned international coopcra-: Involvuii; inmul turpllucle; thul no lion and seek to ".subjugate" world'license l.i si'll heer by Hie under- to U. H. political and economic j 1ms IJITII revoked within I'lv.; "•__. _ _ | Veins last | aM; and that the under- I'wo Worlds- The U. divide the world Into on (.he North at the banks of Lake I once—before international control' overplayed his hand In a shcicklni; manner. Some believed he may have destroyed some support he might have counted on lo tight Secretary of Stale George C. Marshall's proposal lo revamp the VIM and, as Russia clmi'Kes, abolish (he Security Council and Us veto for lho big powers. Many uf the European nations arc cautious to the extent of bclnc visibly com lo Marshall's proposal, notubly Client Britain, liul Vlshln- sky's im mode rule denuneialion ol the United S:nles as ••prcparini; both secretly mid openly [or a new war" may cosl him some possible UN supporl. The (list half of Vishinsky's Iwo-hour speed! was relnllvely moderate iillnek on the u. fj.'s Truman Doctrine, the "Marshall plan." and Marshall's entire program for the UN presented Wednesday, lint Ihe hall—Including the designation of nine Americans, including UN Delegate John foster Dulles, ns leading "warmongers" — weakened whatever strength was In his earlier argument. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, a UN delegate, expressed the average view, she snld: "Mr. Vlshlnsky at the otilsel seemed to be innklng a very clever speech. lie went, on too toiiK. however, and mined Us efrccllveness." Mrs. lioosevcll herself 1ms been a critic of some parts of American foreign policy, especially tlie Truman Doctrine. Vlshinskys speech eliminated whatever doubts there may have been in some quarters that this assembly is an all-out diplomatic war between Ihc u. B. and Ihe USSR for Hie moral leadership of the world. Each accuses the other of trying lo wreck the UN and of following policies that will lead to war. Links liriliiln with 1). S. Vlshtnsky's address, the most unrcsttallied Soviet attack on u. S. policy u date, was based primarily upon the thesis Unit ihe U. S. and Us present capitalistic leader.'-. —baring economic crisis and loss of profits—ore determined to start another wnr. Great Britain was bracketed with the u. S. as n culprit In the eyes of Russia on many Issues. Following arc the principal Soviet charges agalnsl Ihe West: UN—Ihc U. S. and Britain, try-1 ing to wreck the UN. are by-passing and ignoring il at, every op'-' two camps and lo croulf an anli-Kuvlct bloc uround Cierimiuy as a base of u H eeonomle expiinslini. Among Amciiean;i vlMhinsk cused ol ••warmoneci-lm:" was Hep William .!. Horn, ».. K C lie accused Horn ut niaklm; n! cynical statement worthy of a! warmonger when Ihc II<nise dls-j cussed Ihe proposed "rellel" us-i sli:nmcnl,s for Ihe c,re;'k and Turk-j ish governments mi May i. ][,.! s<Tks~lc> K '" IH ''' h.i.s ni'Vir been convicted of vloliitini; the laws ol his slate, or ur.y other Mute, rel.ilIng to Ihe »:t!o ol alcoholic liquors. Jim Mndkins H inscribed nrd M\orn lo befora ! liu lids II) day ol Jjcpl., 1!)IV. Mi... Maisiiall Hliukaid 'l-'AI,' Notary Public. My Comml.'..',!un expires M'.uch 1), •s slaline, thin, "llicj Soviet ^Jnlon cannot be lulled by $-ll)U,CUO.OCQ bill by a hii. ahforce NO IK i: <)!•' I-'ll.l\(! Or ,\1'['I,1CA- •IION Ml!! I.KjdtJK I'lvltMIT N»II.T i.-, liircbv i;lvi:n that th" uin;i<r:,n>nfd tins hied v. 11 h I tin G'om- inl.s.sinnei ol ICrvcnuc.'; ol Ihe ytnle ise.4 dcscrlticd Street, Blythevllle, Arkansas. Appllcalion Is for permit lo issued for operation lie the IBtli day of Scptemt>er.'ls47 frfti; lo expire on the 30 day 'of June, .CITY DRUG COMPANY, lh'c ! .*"'' V'Uy E. C. Williams,.vice.'>res. Reconditioned Motors for Sale MA, 0001) MOTORS! liuccnlly I'cconditionod in oiii- shop, usiiig latest factory methods. Come in 1-:SO II. P. to \y± H. P. 'I'lioso motors will do the jolj. Sco them today! Medlin & Lane Klcdric Company 12!) So. First 1'lione 2180 Billy Ray and His Unusual Act Billy Kav offers ;i new jrrnmlslaiul allraction that has woii acclaim at ;i .series of lari>e fairs Hiis summer. Hilly Kay docs jiijjKlinjf foals on (he imicycic thai oilier aclors finti very hard lo execute willi Iwtll feel firmly on (lie ground, lie rides a unicycle of quite some hcis>!il and while whirling around the silage <m this vehicle, juries as many as six hoops al one time. This youn^ Swedish hoy has a fine personality, his nre.-'cntalion will he c,ne of Ihc outstanding acts lo he Keen (his season al the Narlheasi Arkansas Fair Walker Park-- Sept. 24-28 LOTSOFFUNFORALL ATM 'RACES OLD CAR DERBY a At the Mississippi Co. Fairgrounds L 21,2:30 p.m. ,r AND EACH SUNDAY THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER THRILLS! SPILLS! FUN GALORE! * Full Racing Program! • Stock Model Racers! See the Jalopies in Action! ^ '! ADM. 60? Sponsored 6y Dud Coson Post 24, of the American Legion U S E D C A R S Our Used Cars Have New Car ZIP! Tl ic nx'omiitioncil i-;tr yon Ol.h: MOTOR COMI'ANV inn' sitlusinitn .says it. is . Open Nights 'Til 10 p.m. ol' lo crops during (ho wtii'k, otir iiulo salos tli!))iirl inenl will vciiiain o|)t'n Siuulays mid niKlils 'lil *i():(l() o'clock. buy . at is as finis .. truly ami 1'nirly priced liio way want il! Phis Lliul, you can fi- ur unto if you wish, with monthly payments thnl niakc the car yoni-.s in iu> lime at all! Wo Sell Goodwill \Villi Our Cars! Ellis Pooie, Owner & Mgr. Soutli Highway 61 at Stcclc, Mo. Phone Stcelc 49 Outstanding Values In Scarce Merchandise! Now at Hubbard & Hoke en! Size IliK'liiy ollicicnl Ihruo liurner raii^c willi spacious ovi'ii. Aijltiiiiiilic lic.'il conlro). Hiyhly |inl- ishcd while jinrci'ktin finish. Now ;\l Ihis low price. This nical IKW linn-saver will iron u ;i hand iron will . . . and do a hcllvr and faster joh! You can sil while jou iron. 50 These modern lininms will do I lie same joh as your vacuum cleaner . . . and il costs much less. Now only— 39 HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY 50

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