The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1948
Page 11
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1948 BLYTHRVTU.E (ARK.) COURIKK NKWS PAGE ELEVEN )UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopJci STEP ON THEM OM MY ELBOW, THEM CM TH' SEAT AN' MERELY BKi HUP- AM 1 THE ELEVATOR SOFTLV... SMOOTHLY.. \ POWERFULLY I'LL PUT THAH BULB IK1--I CAM REACH IT WITHOUT AM ELEVATOR.' HAND IT HERE.' VJHY MOTHERS GET GRAY ARE VOU FOLLV ,WAKE OR IS THA.T .MOTHER CHEESE SS 'i. -~ l.ET Mfe GOEbS ~YOO'LL HOOHC A, riOsiO&RAPtA TO 'W& HWR £o WHeM T«c <5lTS DO\MM IT'LL. RCMDER THE MOONLIGHT 6OMWA' /»- C6AD,Tv.'i6L>s. / novo Lrni-t Vooksiovo ABOUT 6Cier-SC&/ I'W CHARGING 1lll<S INSULATED CKMR \MlTH A HIGH POTENTIAL. OF STATIC ELECTRICITY —~THE- CtlftRGt vJllU RePEL Di>jT PARTICLfcS AKSD ULIMIM(\V1= THE- . N\ CHOWE OF DU'JTING.MUCIV 6Ht£K DRL-ARY t 1 n\.?r^uu si A\VAN NOLJR DUSTRftGS GlRL<=> CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING For Sale, Misc. flaby Buyuy. 522 Lumerate. $10, riO-pfc-aS Used scales, sllceis. aaaing machines. I BSD registers, meat cases, nevera-je 1 o-lers Keft Dell Scott, 1211 W Main ,r plicine 2*6i> 1 2'J-ck-y29 Oood oil circulator. Phone 729 hMom © BY 1OMI" SANDBERG SHRlBER. DISTRIBUTCD BY NEA SERVICE, INC by lone Sandberg Shriber luxe StorVUne baby carriage. LJsrd lilt It cost *50 new, will take 117 K Sixth, phone A110. 2'2l-ck-25 Two hot wftter heaier*. Ca!3 «3a. 2 20-pK-27 Hefp Wanted, Male L hve wire salesman with direct aides I experience to your lending Individuals n town and community—pro 11 table ind repeat business for sober and netted man. If you can sell and \vaiu «h while connection* «ee me. No is cilli, F. 8. Baker. Noble Hotel. W A NTE D IM M EDI AT ELY Exclusive Agent for Mississippi Couiuy >ry liberal commission contract I makes It posalble (or you to earn up | to »200 a week. This position open I qualified m»n. lf> represent nationally I known insurance company. orRanlzed • In 1R94. dolnK business In every- state I In the Union, and R recognized leaner I tn the accident, health nnrt hospiial- llzatlon field. Policies contain comneti- 1 live advantages lor individuals, fum- I good salesman who wants to be his n boss, contact Immediately Tor iiir I ther details. All replies -~onf Idrntlf ' National Osualtv Comnany Post Offlre Box 269 North Little Rock. Arfcan=as 2 21-ck-2 Lost and Found Lost: One pair horn vim Imed glasses. Also one billfol I containing pictures- Phon 1 926, Reward. i'ao-pk-2 WLOBT. THREE KEYS »tld gas cap fc^ HlyUie?llle Motor Co. key folder. iH-reen Driver and Blythevllle. Reward \ lor return Je.w Province, 127 "E. Vine. I Pftone 2719. 2 17-c!c-tr Private Rooms Bedroom, clean and comfortable, prl- ifcte entrance. fl!7 ChlcXR.5a.wha. Gcn- | llemen preferred. 2 19-pX-26 Bedroom. 314 N. Ninth. Phone 2333. Bedroom*. BlFthetllli Hotel Phone li»-plt-2 29 I I CHE sat motionless in the chair.' ^ iooking at the shoe she nctcl in her hand. It was a uretty shoe, a new one. It was toe less, in the current style, with shining big buckles and high sling ncets. She glanced down at its mate on the floor. She'd dropped U there few minutes ago when the fear began touching surface. It lay on ;ts side, the sole turned away from her. It was iust a shoe. She shivered and her eyes moved lo the door The key was turned. For the lime being, at .east, she was safe. Sc long as she remained here, in her room, with *he door locked, no one could—no' one could what? i Th* fear hovered above her, ] caught at her. plucked at her ; nerves, fler teeth began lo chatter. She closed her mouth firmly. gritted her teeth together Her mouth (elt stiff and dry. She was shaking all over. She couldn't seem to stop. You'd think she was ill, you'd think she had a fever., But that was silly. She wasn't sick. There wasn't anything at all Ihe matter with her—except for the fear. She hadn't known before that fear was physical—tangible almost. . . She jumped suddenly. Her hand fiew to her mouth in an invoJun- tary jerking movement- Someone was in the upstairs hall, trying her floor and finding it locked, knocking then and calling her name. "Ann. Ann, are you in there?" It was Laurie. Her sister. Surely there was no reason in the wo rid why she should be afraid of Laurie, her kid sister, only nineteen, ten years younger than Ann. Yet she couldn't answer. The fear constricted her throat, lightened the muscles, so that she wasn't able to reply. And then she heard someone else, joining forces with Laurie in the hall. "1 tried the door," Laurie said. "It's locked. And she doesn't answer. 11 * *'Try again," someone said. "Maybe she didn't hear you." The low voice belonged to Rinda, Dorinda Bruce, who had been Ann's roommate in college eight 2-2 CKu;s & HIS KUIKNDS Ho.swell IK SH By MERRIU, BIXXSSEE "II they suggest bridge, lot's change the subject—they are the only relatives you've (jot thiit I ciotl't enjoy figlit- ing with!" I'W NOT HAO, 1 &osvveu.. JUST TERRIBLY. . TERRIBLY HURT! I MLIEVEO IN YOU, BUT "WO FA1LSD MB I MOW ALL f Bur ALL 1 oip VVAS ouir TYOU ARE. in A THE BASktTRALL T«AK\ I WAY ! YOU THE WAY YOU TALK ' /KILLED MY FAITH YOU'D THINK X WAS A r-'AND THE TEAM'S MURDERER ; y CHANCES fOR.iws -^ CHAMPIONSHIP) WflL. DON'T LET IT WORRY I Give up.' I'M A NO- GOOO RO>Tiie . BUT j SHOULDN'T LIT (T ORRY ME, SHE SAYS / I'KISCM.I.A'S I'Ol' in the KuUire \\t A I, VERMEER Miy, darling! never told me. are they Carlyle's going to be in the big leagues- and Priscilla VIC Fl.INT News f<»r ('iimpuin liv MICH A HI- O'M.AU-UY and RAU'H I-ANB "Ann, Ann, are yoa in there?" It was Laurie. Her sister. Surely ijere was no rrason hi th* world whr the should b« afraid of Laurie, her kid sister. Nice I 310 w. years ago; Rinda, whom Ann had why she'd never noticed the corn. ] Slic and Hitida and Laurie were to meet Rush, Ann's husband, and Tommy Bishop, Laurie*s fianc«, at the country club for lunch. At one o'clock. Ann had been busy during the morn ins a ^t' by th e lime she'd hnd her tub and dressed she, was a little late. She started down Uie hall, hurrying, running almost, to\*ard the steep narrow staircase. That was when the little corn screamed in outrage. She knew from experience that it would a die and 13) rob a!] afternoon and 'so she went back to her room to change her shoes. She had tnken the shoes ofT and was holding them in her hand when she saw th wnx. She scowled, turned the soles upward, ran an inquiring fingernail along them, looked at the wavering line her nail left on the soie. After a minute she raised the shoe to her hovi&eKeeplng room, pnone 2.16-PK-23 Bcaroom, convenient u> bath, it earn i Heat. Phoa« 3'J25. 611 W, Main. ComfortAbi* Bed room for rent. Call Wanted to Buy A grocery »tore In Blythevllle or | aome town In Northeastern Arkansas • ncl Southeast em Missouri, Give full i partlculHTK and consideration In tlrst letter. O- C. Strln^Cellow. 520 West 22nd St North Little Rock. Ark. ' V CURTAINS, .. anything that you need cleaned to perfection Is hanalert eastlj' at PEERLESS CLEANERS. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable prices, quick, efficient service! PEERLESS CLEANERS Phone 2«3 r .MALCNE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 lot seen since graduation until hat day two weeks ago when Rinda arrived at Tophi 11 tor a long delayed visiL "Ann! Ann!" Laurie called again md pounded with her fist upon he door. "Darn it, Kmda, we're ate already. 1 thought I heard her in the hall. I thought . , . She xnows we're due at the club. Tommy hates to be kept waiting." In one quick rxisn Ann crossed the room, scooped up the brown shoes, replaced them in ihcir box ' the closet, stuck her feet into pair of flat-heeled strollers Hurrying, so they wouldn't be suspicion?. She went lo the door, unlocked it, "Well . . . I" said Laurie impatiently. "What on earth . .?" "I had to change my shoes" Ann said and her voice was steady even though the memory squeezed at her heart with Jghl-Dinrhmg fingers, made her sick inside. r FHE eyes of the two girls went to her feel, lo the flat strollers. Laurie frowned, eyed Ann's smartly tailored suit, the hat with the pink flowers and dotted veil, with which the brown moccasins were certainly not at all appropriate "I have a corn." Ann said. "1 put on my new brown pump? ant: they nearly Killed me." She managed a rueful smile while her heart pounded crazily at her foolish choice of words. "I won't be able to wear them until after J have the corn removed." "Well, come on." Laurie said still impatient. "We're late.' The funny thing was she die have a corn. On the outatde o her little toe. She hadn't notice* it until she put on the new browi shoes. She wore loafers ordinarily and they were loose and old am comfortable and probably that wa nose and snifTed. It smelled exactly like a new shoe. She traced another line with her fingernail. Slie could n't have stepped, in anything; she h;idn't worn them before. Probably it did at the was something they store to protect Ihe leather although you would think new shoes were slippery enough without the addition of—well, it might be wax IV looked like wax. She was puzzled. Not frightened yet nor scared but puw.lef and just a little uneasy- II seemed so odd. Then she shrugged nrtd went to cAnsel f'> r anolVttr ]>;u hoes. It wns as she stooped 10 gc ier moccasins that she =aw the an of wax. On the floor of her loset. Where it certainly did not iclong, She knelt there, on bc-r knees, or long minute. 1 ;, looking nl the can. Then she removed the fl:il lid. The wax had been barely used. There was only a little dent in Ihe smooth surface. But it wouldn't take much lo wnx the soles of a of silly shoes that bar! no toes and idiotically high heels. Idiotically high heels. The phr.ise Uig^ed at her memory. It had a familiar ring. Of course. Hush. Kvcry once in a while lUish said, "Gripes, darling, those are idiotically high heels. One of these days you're going to break your pretty neck." Apprehension crowded down upon her. quickened her breath, Don't be silly, she said lo herself. Don't be silly. One of these days you're going lo breuik your pfelly neck! A prophecy? A dark prophecy uttered innocently ennti.Ejh perhaps bill planting a seed? Giving birtl to an idea? CHE put the can of wax back whei'c it had been on the close 1 floor. She went back to Ihe crluiii She felt as- tho^'.h someone had hit her in the stomach. Now wait a minute, she said to her?elf, wnit a minute. Kush saicJ those words, sure lie said Xhcni, bin he never dreamed they niitfht come UTUQ. If he thought for a rninule they might come Irue he'd make her wear strollers all the lime. Ot ballet slippers. Or tennis shots Hush didn't want her to hrcalt hei neck. Certainly not. lie was her husband, ite loved h: r. I'm letting my im-minEition run way with me, nh^ '.he'light. I'm Ann Bnncroft. Mrs. Rush Bnn- rroft. I live in a town in Oliio. It's i i little town. A pretty little town :t's full of nice orrlinnry friemth jicoplc. There isn't n soul in the whole town who would want me to break my neck. Of course not! Why would they? She looked r>£ain "' the shocf beside her stockinged feet—two shoes with colorless v/.ix deftly applied to their already slippery surface. Someone—her mind shied desperately away from the thought but wi'" an ,.^placable delcnmna- lion of which she hndn'l known she was capable, she forced it bai'k—someone had applied that wji>; to her new shoes deliberated in the hope that Rush's prophecy would come Irue and she woulo indeed break her neck! Uecause of the staircase. She closer! her eyes and visualized lljc perilously sleep parquet sUiircasc that led from the first If Ihc second floor nt TopJiill. Thr house itself was almost a hundred yc;irs old. And the parquet stnir- cn?e. slippery as ?rnoolhly polished ice. hat] been considered a noble vork of art some ninety years 'tgo. Laurie had always been afraid o[ IhoFe stairs. Laurie wanted hero torn out. replaced with snrne- .hing more modern, more sensible Hut Hu.^h would Inugh and tea^r tier out of it. The stairs reminded him of past grandeur, he said. Why did Rush like those wicked stairs? That's exactly what they were. Wicked. Did Rush tbinfc Hint one (lay Ann mi.tjM slip on those steps, those dangerously steep steps, and pilch forward and break her neck? Ann. who alway.' hurried. She could hear Rush say indulgently, as he had said so rnr.ny times in the post, "Ann nc\t;r wiilks. "he hasn't lime." Deep Instinctive fear rose to a perk. She was scarcely able to control it. And that war when Laurie en me lo the bedroom dour 'and c;i!leii iinimtiently, "Ann! Ann, »ic you in there?" (To Be Continued) C?£? diovefo Van DOT Plank's place, where the police had found hi* hidden diamonds. STRANGE DOINGS, FLINT. AND NOT A PRtFTY WAY TO DIE. THAIS THE WAV IT . GROWL. SGMYA SHOT iN UER FLANK AfJDOlKK )T HER WIIIMHAT AFRICAN P£AR.IPIlON!DYOl>(ROM Ht FARMHOUSE, YOU KNOW THE REST ft roRiUHc.uJSftcroR. V 1 WANT TO UStlH£ PHONE. 3QRRY TO WAKf YOU, MR. CAMION. TUIS'lS FLINT. YOU'RE BACK IN BU51NE5S i.y AGAIN. SEC YOU W THE Mf> MORNING WASH «y LESLIE TURNER ; we UEP! iou fHDN'i set w TOfcW,..NCH> YJmNT W THKT ROOM! II' GOOD! WE' IUCKH IMP Pip HOI REVOMtU" USIEM.IRIS... C/VN NOD FIND THE WMtFROM HI5 WAK1MENT SU1EKED 1HIS BUILDING BUT.EHSV! 1IW Bl&fc\ lHER.E,..rtlTOES YWERUHE HOttti^l RED RYDEIt Tlircnl FRED HARMAN AAART CRA&ROCK CLASH OVER A \^.V^^3'^ K FROrt FOREC1.05IIJ& (W foi)« PLACE ' " • IF YOU DiDfM HAVE; THAT GUN. I'D. BREAK YOUR AI.LKY OOP The Answer Is: "Okay!" V. T. HAMLIN l Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; Hltt FJAHY C'HU'K TIME • BUY EARLY • BUY THE BEST A Complete Line of Keed We Buy Poultry! T. L. MABRY Lewis Poultry 123 MISSOURI ST. PH. J821 419 K. Main Phon« Local & [.onj* Distance Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any I'lace Buck Meharg 401 E. Main St. 9 Phones: Day 1677 2986 \C< ~O CC<P...LST MAT H££ DO!N AT Tf^E MOMENT.' BOOTS AND IIKK IHJDDIHS An By EDGAR MARTIN ^ J) ^i —

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