The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1948
Page 10
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PAGE TENT BI/VTHEVTLLB (AHK.)' COURIEH NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1!M8 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Itilr Ht« p«r Ua« Cor ooiuccutiTe mtrUon: f minium, CXiarv* Me , time p*r tine l*c | litUM per line per day I2e ( tlmefi p<r line per tJny »c f lltuefi p*r Hue p«?r clay ...... Tc || times per line i**r tiny &« Uouth ixr lln« We Count five average words to tho Hue Ad ordered for three or bii limes und *onped before eipinulun will b* clmni- id for the number* of times U>« &d *»• leered and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy BVlb- cllted by persons re&ldliiK out slue ol ihe clly must be decom (nulled by cbsli (latoe war be easily computed from Uie ibov« table. Advertising order for Irregular lneor- dons takes the on* time rate. No responsibility will be take lot pore than one incorrect insertion of my classified »d. All Rds are restricted to their proper (Insstlicmlon, slyle »nd iyp«. Tlic ponrUr r«rrY«« the rluln to edli o; reject any ad, Apartment For Rent wo p]f on fitrret. Apartment fnr rrnt, more. T»-o room (utnlRHed miatlmciu. rou- ilr only, no pits. 32S En« Miw Apartments Wanted WANTKD TO KENT Nicely furnished room nparlmont wauled h; two gentlemen. Permanon residents. Pall A. A. Fred rickson, at <I4G1. 2-lfi-ck-l Business Service Directory Coal and Wood For sale—good coal ami kindling. Plenty of it. We leliver. Phone 0-19. Lewis 'oultry, 419 E. Main. COAL "If it is coal you waul" WE HAVE IT. Also Hay—Across from BlyllicviDo Compress We Deliver Phone <MS!> •"lenty o( Illinois Coal' At HESTER'S COAL YARD PJIONK ?-18(> FOR Quick Delivery Courteous Service S. Highway Florists 61 Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION i Mnln A: Division Phone 2,sr>3 Don't cndnnKir your fa ny wltti laulty tires—BUY LEE TIHr.H * 12 IS-clt-u A7.AI.EAii -Mite.' Of*, i.'io I'urli. ill: lor desrrlj>ilv<- C.AIIDKNS, 2IJJ 8. •IVnn. Foods Battery Fryers Fresh Eggs Blaylock l-lalclicry 13-16 •CHRYSLER industrial motor and assembly with nil accessories complete. Ready for opera f ion. Sec T. l.'SEAY "MOTOR CO., 121 E- Main, phone 2122. 2-lK-ck-tf X. Highway 61, phone .'117 22i-ek-t Reach for Hart's Bread. Fuels DON'T BURN UP YOUR MONEY! WITH A SET OF NEW GENUINE FORD PISTON RINGS IN CASE OF BREAK DOWNS CALL OUR WRECKER There's No Place Like Phillips For Ford Trucks! See the New 1948 Bonus-Built Trucks BUILT STRONGER TO LAST LONGER Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Aiito Salvage iiT<-ek-ir For Sale IPW- i50 KftHon undrrwroxind ol! m.AN HI-;ATIr AUTO AND HOMK SUI'I'LV W MMii I'hoiie H28 ed wiuer hetiiccs am! still), nl] fll/.es. Table HKAT1NG !n^ aiu! oil fi stoves. Kasy to I top electric Bl.AX IIKATII AUTO AND HOMI<; SUPPLY W Mnln I'lioiir MR 2'17-rk-3 2 Jeep parts now available «t POOLK MOTOR CO. Wfl cnrt [111 &U your needs O«t gcnuSn* pnrts from o\\r com- plera Unc. ELLIS POOLE, OWNER *t OPERATOR 6outh HlghwRy 61 i\t Steeln. Mo Phons SV»»lo 49 Il'12-ck-tt We giiarnntpe RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next lircs be GENERALS COST MORR—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. *IB • MAIN PHONE 2301 11 8-ck-tr Expert Radiator Repair for Less W« hnvp the bpst in rnitlntm icyiilr enulpnient. Let oiir tra'nctl men boll out nnd repair your tnclUunt Tnr von Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co DOUGLAS LAWSON. Mgr Phonp 21 | »a rv Building Material Household Goods Rent an Electric Sander Rt'jiiitifify your floor now with an <>:isv-to-ust' flooi dpr. Savp timo. S;ivc moil cy. InslriictiiMis I'liniishcd. Moiilgoincry Ward at Walnut 1'hone 4153 Farmers Column ATTKNTION KAHMKIJS! One ton H)'I5 pickuj) truck, now motor. (.'<ui be soon at Mkl-Hoiith Distrilnitiuyr Company between 7:30 n. in. and o p.m. 2-0 ck if If yon arc suffering the inconveniences and discomfort of hard water on the farm let PI.ANTKRS IIAUDVVARIC install a modern water .softener on an unconditional guarantee, will apply. banners terras 2-11-ck-tf One five <lrH-K ]ipr wec-H capncl huttery broodor y. I'hoiie 32'/M for Sule— Two IHC No. 8 hrrnkhie [>lo-*s. one Jolin !>«>ro 12- plow. H anS M inihli ts'pt'. tlut'p botloin tiustrrs i-JU push lyj)c. three bottom luisli-rs wild pnwrr lUi 1 . Huslejs. null type F20 F- 1-1 .lohn Dccie busiers, «nc 711 disk J \v \Vtrturr. MiLlint^ Grocery, Yarliro- Ai k I'liotie tt'J. 2(21-pk-25 For Kn!e title ha IP, AIO. i'non« —800 hairs wheat atfnw J. W. Wldner, Porlr»KevilJe' W. 212-PX-27 For Sale, Farm We have approximately 8200 acres of tfood, fertile, well drained land for sale. All located in Mississippi County. Arkansas. Well improved and well located. Allow us to show this to yon and \vc will give you the and small location you want payment will hold farm until prefer—pay fall—or if ;}()'•• now and receive tliis year's (1048) rent. Prices are reasonable. Cecil L. Earls NOBLE GILL AGENCY Blylhcville Phone 3131 Osceola Phone 9.'i 2-in-ck-2G TANKS TANKS TANKS Attention Farmers and Fuel Oil Hunters. Get an extra fuel oil tank and rack. Be prepared for oil shortage. Hlyllievillc iMachine Shop Phone 2828. l-30-ck-2-30 211 ju-ics 2',j miles South tit to-,vii on llv-liwftv lil. Hoiul on Iwo stttt^ oi |il:ii-r. 11 ^00(1 live room house Tnl.s l.s rim- o! the hrst lociitert sm:il] Inrin.s In tJn-i snniori. Inst tlmn on the nmr- kcl II you ^rp Interested In a Mnill \\pjl-linptosed lertlle furln jipe tills, tup prlre is rl-^hl. antl ijos^p-ssion with flppfl. On the markpt Tor a short time WUU pospejslon. Cittl or srp I.U'l'lIlin CillAY. JiOAlty Ii ( >lil<ur-e iilioni; 513 Kl] E. Syramor.' St. lilythcvlllf. Arx. 2 lC-pk-2:i Kor Halv: 1-WO Allls Clinli.icr tractor, litct- niotlc'l with eul ivalor. 1 iv-o- Ijottojn 1-1 • nlACK-liuid John Deere oieakl!i« ])Lovi-; 1-IH jnuldle hiibter two bottom 12" to lit AC; 1-IH also AIJ new or hi good .shupp lor SIKOQ. irl atatc Line. 21 h'or Sale--FrotH niotintcd t\vo and three uolto/n htislcrs for John Deere tHKLOr.-;. JuriifS W. I'ery. 1 mile E-Jast 01 SCfete, or call Caruthersv[]le 2^!H Kor Sale: Choice of two tr.iclors. otily one lor side. 1JI-1G F ; lntinll II luul jiew cultivator. [,a:e Model \VC Alll.s Chalmers and eulllviitor. Tiihnucl^e Claim UJythcvllle Hume 2. Clear Lake Road 2 17-pk-2-i MIRRORS Custom Built and Installed for MANTELS and DOORS Prompt Service Arkansas Painl-GIass and Wallpaper Co. 105 K. Main Street — — Phone 2272 Loans Ko For Sale—City Property liroccry ttofe wun UVIH'R qititru rs ^ocil lutMtmti. Uoirit; nice bus u less Near tiwilt Oil Mill. WI1J give untne- uiate pos.-enMoii. 420 s Sixteenth K»ud wol s v,uh im>orlinod. located baths. L8 East CJwne pruix- riy vliii; In CXL-JUMVL- Davis. Joins IM's uncj flower Kliup. iillU says sell. This Improved aim rvrry- inui!; you <an rle.slre In a home, with tenant Jiouse in Lear. ronr room house hair block Irotn Main SUfet. Price $2X50. Has a loan of S110U. LUTHER GRAY, tlcnlty Hole ARcnC i'hone SIX 12U K. Sycltmore SI One !ai;;e lot with two iiyins nntl city \vaicr lu both hiilMlii 1 -;^ iJwelliti'Jis ijrlcrci 51700. lor both, l.otin Avants/Lange St. Leachvllle 2 ll-pk-n li Avery two row imite Kew llvc ™ om n'»'.<;e nml bath. %vm lurr nnn senior! harrow J n j ™rry KM A loan. Will take late model rne« on Route 3 at Half Mram c.ln ! "' as I 1!lrt payment. Price 56.5011. 2 17-nX •>•! I Klce emht room suburban home '.vuli ... T- bath. Jarsre lot. Five outbutklim" Pos.snr.slon wlih (! For Sale, Cars & Trucks FOIt SALE: — n perfect shaiift One A*m- Call 793 tip] Ford iftcr -1:00 deed. Price. 1 3 lour blorV-. Price Real Estate Loans H \. LOANS 5 r ' r HOME LOANS ' FARM LOAMS COMMERCIAL LOANS 7. H A-G. I. LOANS ARRTKACT KKAI.TY CO-MPANY WALNUT PHONB TM1 When sickness strikes with a blow, We call the best doc. (hat we know- And with ears that won't! run, It's the expert must come. So for the hcst as we know, Trade Ins on Aulomohilcs l,;itc' Mddel Used C'ars . down, balance like rent. five rooms nnd bath, an rooms niitl lxvU\ on same lot O Irom bus line, (.ioocl loratlo jo-^Ufj. 1'eniis. h'ovir room hnuse nnd two lots. Good lor:\llon Price $2250. Foiir room house. hn!T hloclc JTOIII bus line, large lot, SOxlSO. Price ^'2^50 ' OUR USED TRUCKS ARE RE-NEWED MONEY MAKERS We know a truck buyer expects the truck he buys to make a living for him, to pay the cost of repairs and to pay the notes. l!).|(i Chevrolet I o n K wheel Imse truck' Factory body. 750x20 (ires- nil around- l!ll(> Chevrolet I o n K wheel base, «ih and chasis. Tire si/.e 750x20 front—825x20 rear. 19-15 Chevrolet 2 speed Tire sr/.e 750x20 front. S25\20 rear. 1 !)-l(J Chevrolet,'cub over engine, Ions wheel 825x20 tires all around. • 19-lfi Ford \y, („„ short • "'heel l>ase, cub and i ehasis. Tire size 750x20 • —825x20 rear. • Mil2 I)o<l(ce, short wheel i base, 2 speed. Tire si/.es i Front 700x2(1 — 825x20 ! rear. | 1!)I2 Ford, Um K wheel j base truck, slake body i Tire size 700x20 all i around. ! 19-1(1 Internal mnnl 3-4 ; pickup truck. ; 19-10 i Ion pickup truck. International y t . i—1'Mfi Chevrolet '/.-ton trucks, low mileage. Holh <")k and run like new. Many Others to Choose from Easy GMAC Payment Plan LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut St. Phone 578 BRING n BACH TO XHEVROLET • FOR StRVICE-PARTS •ACCH'SOMES l'J17 Model OOHOE. four oin sedan \v1tti radio, heater Oi.- lamps nnd spat covers. door rils- drtrrmrr. Very low Model C oor Custom , defroster Hcclsin. nd plrt. tlc ern jinrt Ol rltv. Posr-csslon within in dnvs. ^rlee T47.SII. Ust your prn]H» ty with us lor fpil A^l* 1 . We iiiive other listings to sel Ironi. HERT ROKH Real E'Jtutr Brnferr Plume, 3RK> or 42'J1 room tiouse. partly Carolyn street. : mcch, thai in ; i Vrnrlhui blind?, now in slock ftefulr- inadc K ^;, minds n<>n] PiUnt store 109 E M(\1n SV pliouc 1-1C9. 9 24-cV-tr IT'S n. rlnrl- lotsiery lOL>tc ' TO niiiXc run ew with odorless I'iUni mul Wiil Mum st. I'lumo ntl HOME I'MxKK/KKS York. Kolpolnl IUHI Wlilti- K RiiAN HEATH AUTO AND HUM 1C SUPPLY 17 W. Main Phone Musicol MerchoncKse NEW SPINETS TKRM.S. AS TO PAY LOSO AS TWO /nsurance •LUMBER For Sole! If you own your lot. have; a little money, will furnish I! vou hiinlier to huild your j home. XI mill, Camp Moultrie Drive. : 0. S. ROLLISON Phone 3309 ! Protection against all INSL'RARI.K HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance Laundry • IJeccn Accords • Sheet Music • ICstey Organs 100 MO.ES FHEE DKI.IVEny MORELAND'S Music Stove 315 S. Second — Phone 4222 Blylhevillc, Ark. 1517 Mode-! PONTIAC. R KtrpJimlttipr i four roon nil rwdln, heater, tlefrostcr, scjii cov- I tinnsp atitl s, Kpm)i'_'lu Ptr. I rr?it c,in tier ! liMfi Moilrl CHRYSLER Royal four I u.ivid ii^al i^f/^i ,,,-ot- i rlf>ur srrlnn \vllh rncllo. hrntcr. drlrost- j pICUIl O j or . scnt covers. With low nillcn^c j vrry clran. YoiTU hnvn in see this It's alwavs the Modern. ArU'l I!) ^i iimiiM'' PLYMOUTH two <ioor 1 : Vwo .-o'mcr uus. SprciiiL Dchixe with radLo. hciunr etc j MI . on[ » S f-ven n l A rrry sootl buy. It also Ims FI new ; JIOUFP f5 liOO i^-l Distinc- mo ^-, E „,-,„ ^ roTOR f . a ""'"' nm "" wllh Your Kaiser-Fraxer Dealer |N T . IliKhway (il. Phone 12M2 22I-et-tf 2 n-rk-2-1 house \vlth chlrken arape. 52G50. S8.V) rash, rinanced Hee Eddie I) Kstate. Phone :t6^:t 2 19-jik-26 Studio, Where Portraits of lion is our plan Made at a price that you can stand. Modern Arts Studio •IKS West. Main, Blytheville 'I'hone -1131 for the finest in photography." Tenth, f-'onr cloor Ford '-ID Model dti ^ooti condition). One liu:t;a r :c trailer. A M. t:hlrkli;r. North 10th St.. third hoiiFe north Railroad. 2 l6-tik-23 1917 FlertHtif four door Chf-vrolft. Urlven 9.(JOf) niilc.«. In pcrlcct sliapc. hrts nrrcssorlrs, 1008 \V. Mnln St Phone Scales ii t ! m p niarhpt.s stales ;I I r. lor c r Kairh:\nks p hit lot in our dlsplny now nni.r, .SCOTT The Real \\n\c Car—tho WiUx-s 1 IK[.I> AOKNCY. 2394. Tliirhwav fil. IIOIIPC- on West fldr. room house. >4.2iin. *t,3flfl. ON Missouri om tintl tnre.o room LAKE Slroot, five Inrnlturr 34.750 ON three room house o lots ;2.350 POS - -rnis OLI ^11. Phone 2394 2 17-pk-l) 2 For Safe, Miscellaneous n nail yours old. Ico cream jinx r boiii:Hi October '47. cost 53600. B;lr[;alri n soul in next r^',s- days. D. c John- I "in. Hcu 16. phone 505W. Cariuhc for Sale, City Property Five rooms and bath in irood condilioni on Missouri Avenue. Immediate possession, can be financed. Modern FF1A built home with garage. ReautiCul shrub-i v ^!:.^!Zill^IZ hcry. One of our best locn-1 tions. Quick possession. Can' be financed. See or call MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch Building P . 2:i2-pk-31j| Bale Qat Straw See or Call CljarJie Eirotirlon Phone 768 1.23-1^-2,23 I 0110 2034 i 220-ck-tf , A iilrp TtirpR room house with inrfic ' rlo-sot nnn porch, concrrte driveway, i'rlce- redurrt! to S21M wlih SUM cash, HOME Bl.'SINESS. \V«- have Hie rliincry for mri*ni« chenille luntUi bpcispri'ads. rtc. CfJG Lake. 2,2U-p One sllt;tn]y used Hurrotiph.s i ro;;ister. phone 801, On T.oi South with ter s. r111 " num. Ark.. iU r»tta»rmtm nnd . Fishtail tnoiinttnt; Mrs. Woortrow Sicilian. '^cJfiH n platl- Ho . 7, UclU I 121 L \\ p Mam l.lO-i-k-2 23 I All Kinds l2-(-i<.-tt work ijdftTn Services Of oil stnv ntped. J'hon I'lAXOS Sewing COVKKS u vlri- .Mis .\! ire. Plionr 4 I) liuoj Heard'-: Temple of Music and t^S Its In your puce r^!is:r. New models oiler ntino:.t In comloit tii-ivc's :i number of ::z::Ciulal needs. No uaiuti^ necessary. I>C01.E UOTOK COI'ANY. KIHs I'oolr. o.\ner .^ Operator Snulh Jiii:luv^y fil nt Stcele. Nto. Piione Sti'nle. .1!^ 2 2u-c'it-?7 '•IG Korcl. two door. V-f motor, super deluxe body Xew lives, radio and heater '-12 Do<l}?c pickup, oversize tires, overload springs. A real c° (1 'l <"ie. i I.KK MOTOU S.M.KS fully insulated and Propane gas heat. Complete office. lO.xlB pump liousc .vith hoi and cold water, shower, toilet- immediate possession, call -127:1 or write to Box 585. City. 12-l!!-ck-27 I ,ix toojn roncretf block homo with all rurnlturr. lot SOxlSO on i;ood si roet. l n. Possession In 30 clays. Lo«- juice, will lltmnrc p^rt- fA\ A(:rc-tftrirv near TomMo. S2 ncres ; 1 open, no stumps, pood as tftr j I'ossrsslon wllh (iecrl If sold within 40 tjnys. Price S75 per acre. W. M. Rin?xs. Realtor THONK H361 E T. HURn-\RD. Salesman'! PHONE 4.29 (Continued on Next Page) I la'.e tnndfl Mnyt.Tt: \yashlng i •.mil pump complete with I iind stands. See fit 323 N. Second. H. H. Gnrnctt. 2.1'*"-p For Sale OI.T) NEWS1'AF J RUS COURIER NEWS OFFICE 10 ir> tr a 20-pk-24 House For Sale 400 N. Broadway Hnvi? n poorl nn-isc-: could ncnts. apart. 1 m.Ktc hutiontiolf [ Hollnnci. Mo Meat Choppers IIUCKI.RS. Cov t.lrs mn<lr tn cM.l rrd h^Hlfln rr. M»,. M " aiirr I'tio Income Tax i rr vcu: NEEO ASSISPASTF: line v,!!^ Jnror.ic Tn\ plc.v^e F Hl.YTrifA'lLIE.'ARK 'nr te'ei'h'i' Slicing Machines •tlr A]-i 1211 W Miiin [ Home Owners „„*' Let ns install for you \vitli ^ !( nothiuj; down and up to :.',(i — n\onths to pay — DKMINO WATER RVKTF.M n. ooR VCHNVrf? N OR ATTIC" KAN HUBBAU1) H.MtmVAKK CO 21S \V. MA1X Notice ; wi-,v i M.iln' 1>0 your o-A-n concr^u; work anrt ^xvo Rent ft concinp mixer bv dav or hri'-r' Phone 4489, Boi 653. Bjvriirvlllr \T'r; ^_^_^ 8 HJ-r/.-U Soil Pipy We nave tour nnd t\\o inch son n'p,- »nd ILttlnKi Tor ImtmdU;:* tl^iiM ty BLAX 11KATH Al'TO AND HOME SLMMM.Y 317 W. Main Plioni- F "1 a n-t-t-S'i Loans i.O.\N^ .\ P? W A^f, BlyinrvUlp Personal r fri^c (!ciunn l -lri\:if>ii DKl.t. sccvrr nks nnrl S**rvirr 1211 W Swop Co/umn 1012 CMC two I o, and 2-1 foot Nuliors trailer. Truck lia's new engine, two speed axle, 000x20 rear tiros -*"| Trailer has 1 000x20 ' tires i new paint job. Truck and ,„,, I trailer are in excellent con" c !dition. A real buy for only M.nn t.-2 29 Money to Loan Plumber Business Property For Rent Frozen Fond lockors. Frozen Foods. 21st and Main, phone 2602. 2-G-ck-3-6 No more looking. You'll find that advertiser In the Courier News Classified. Power Mcnt Sows Max AT'P!«)VKI> H\TE 5", •SK FOR OFT \TT-S 1-Qgnii, Realtor Blvthevtlip' ArS:' ' "'''" Typewriter T X/ PPWRUFRS I. Smith. Cnr irl.ihle will .sell, \vnrin tne inonry O. S. KOl.USON J'honc -''M'.OO l'^i\"e room stut'co house fully modern. 12n fool front- Hardwood floors, a bargain it SlifiOO. l-'or furl her information cal) or sen Gates Worthinsjton Co. at 115 S. Third St. Phone 2751 After 5 1>. m. call 281,'! or 2-21-ck-25 DON EDWARDS Tlie Typewriter 1'liTOr 33S2 BLVTJ(KV1I.I.K MOTOR CO Phone 4 122 2-12-ck-tf For Sale, Farms Two—80 acre leads, fail improvement , jji-avel 1'oad school bus, mail route. All smooth tractor land, electric lights in house. Well worth the money. Can lie bought for 1-1 down, fifteen years i balance at ;V-. Can Ket possession now farm this year. Dogs, Cats, and Pets Loan Money To (1 n farm land i>r oily. Wo also l,,iv i CONWAY & HOUCIIINS Glencoe Jloio! Kiiildin. Photonranhy TIIK VAMK Iv -• m Tor "'vn 'terror Hotel vnu'll find ••t.-n,,.l," 1,, I^ireclory. ?IO KKWAIMI l-'Dl; SlII'll'HKUn 1)0(; ::,....] rolor hrown^h hl^ek. \MU <•! lau, Mnir. e Machine Shop 21-11) or 282S Nice 3 lied room Residence Ideal location. servant liouse. storage room, jjarajre. Concrete driveway. Living ', room with fireplace 14x28.1 Aroola heat, weather strip-j pod and window guards.; Owner city, price re- 1 (Uiced to St 1.1100. ?(),0f)0 casii, lialance KIIA. \\'il'| also sell all I'lirniluro foi- 91,000. possession. H. C. CAMi'UKl.I, i Office 120- S. Second j Phones -1 1 111—21)30 "1 have no sidelines" 2-2:,-ck-26 Rmles Phone 3 Lnncl Co. :22 or -I HO A grorcry stni r near Hwlft Oil Mock niul rrnt, tilxicnilh. \vuh livhi Mill Will Ihp ijv.l'.rUnv Taking care of Your Tires is one of many Services we render . . . Maintaining the safe, smooth operation of your car is our job, with special attention given to the condition of your tires. Tire-checkinp is essential, we think, for the \vell- boing of every motorist. You see. one faulty tire may cost your life and the passengers riding with yon. Let us check your tires periodically and replace if necessary with genuine Royal Air-Ride or Royal De Luxe Tires. Real Buick Service is Found Only at Langsron-Wroten ATTENTION KAKMKKS IN ADDITION TO OUR MANY SEHVICES WE NOW HAVE BLACKSM1THING nniNd YOUR ri.o w I-OINTS TO i;a Expertly Sharpened 1'rompl Service F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Phone 21!>2 215 N. Second St. *D,AI. 555 FOR SERVICE

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