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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, September 19, 1947
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BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OK NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XUV—NO. 152 Blythevllle Daily News Ulytheville Courier Rlyllicvlllc Herald Mississippi Vnlley Leader BI.YTiIKVlLLrO, ARKANSAS, KHIDAY. SKl'TKMHKK IS), 11)47 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Missco Educator Accepts Position With State Board County Board Asks Delay Until Vacancy Here Can Be Filled The Missi.s-sipp) County lioiini ol K<ltJc":iUon yesterday approved uvo ix'lilions nskim; scnnol district con•'•' f >1 ithi t ions and uccci>tc<i the resU;- iiLiiicn of Philip J. Deer, county supervisor of .school?, who told BiwirM i.Mt.'n:br?rs he had decided to acctspi KM appointment as supervisor of vcemxU :uul reports in the State OciKii-LrtfcnL of Educaikm in Littlo K.xk.. Mi'. Drcr hits bpon consider!M;.; tlie appointment, tendered him .Sept. 8. but tiki not, announce his duci-sion unnI the batu'ti's meeting in the Court House y ei':l a y aiiet'iioon. Prior lo accepting Mr. Deer's resignation, the Board grunted petitions rc<iuesliiiM thai Clear Lake School District No. 4 be dissolved raid annexed to ni>t!ievii:e District No, 5 and that Whitton District N'o. 0 bn menjL-d with Wilson District No. 25. Ii^ contrast to consolidation hearings early last month, there was no oppcsition to ihc merlons granted yesleidsiy and voluiij took less than 10 niinuics. After voting Lo accept Mr. Dscr's resignation, the board descided to contact the State Department "1 Education to a] ratij-e for his re- ini'.inin" Sieve until Nov. 1 while they .seek a successor for him. His appointment is scheduled to become effective Oct. l. Itcllring; Official X'rniscd 'I'hc ne\v county supervisor v;iU he selected by the board. The board has no candidates in niiiul, ii was indicated at yesterday's meeting. Mr. Deer said he was accept in ? the post because of the professional advancement it offers. While «ill live board members .snitl they wanted him to remain Jiore. they agreed that they did not wish to block his opi'.ovUimly ior f>uch advancement, The board lauded the work done by Mr. D?cr during the five years he hii.s been county super visor schools. The post, of supervisor ol records ami rcportb is a new office in the State Department of Education. In presenting the petitions fo annexation to the board, Mr. Deer said that tin examination of signa- turps on bo^h showed.that.rreavly al qualified electors" in the Clear Lake and Whitton districts had signcc Uie petitions. B:ith petitions had been circulatei by school officials of the districts Hurricane Due to Bring Rain for Arkansas, But No Fierce Winds LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 10. (UP) — The U. S. Weather lluvcau here said today that Arkansas would receive rains from (he Gulf hurricane but would not experience high winds. Bureau Director Walter C. Hick- nion said heavy rains already have begun falling at Jackson and Vicks- bui'H, Miss., and that they would reach Arkansas tonight or Saturday morning. Hickuion said the rains would continue all day tomorrow and [lusslblv tomorrow night. He explained that the ivann. moisture-laden winds ate moving toward Arkansas from the Gulf Coast area and will ui> condensed into rain by the cool ah. The rains possibly will be heavy but not "tor- iriitial," he said. 21-Gun Salute Greets Truman at Norfolk Base As Battleship Docks After Trip From Brazil lo (he United Slates piled up (Itn'iiiK l / Ky AIi:itlUMAN SMITH United Tress While House lU'itorlfr NORFOLK. Va., Sept. 1!). (U.I 1 .)— 1'residont Truman today to face erilk'al domestic ;uul internalional problems \vtiich 10,8'15-mile air and .sea trip to Soulh AnieriVa. As the big battleship Missouri which brought thu pro.sidenliitl parly homo tiom Hio de Janeiro .slid carefully through Hie waters oJ' I Ins Naval Operating Base, a 21-tfiin salute boomed out from shore. The Missouri returned the salute 4. — - ... while still underway. Then the hi.; , . , , ul the piL-r in (lefoiviu-u lo Ihe Preside i it's \\ i::)ir.s. 'I hi- W.]Jiinv,.sl;ur[; i.s expected lo cmlM- leisurc'y ui> the Potomac and arrive in iW:i-shiiii;ion tomorrow nl about H a.m. KDT. Returning ftom Ins fir^t real va- nttion since taking office in April. Taff Puts Price Blame on Truman GOP Senator Offers f 6-Poinfr Program to ' Lower Living Costs SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 19. <UP> —Sen. Robert A. Tail. R.. O.. today blamed the Truman iLClmmt.stratioii lor the high ccst of living :itul of- ered hi-s own six-point program or turning prices downward Taft listed ihesr points in his •osrani for .stabilizing prices: 1. H must be roco»ni7.etl, he said, hat prices will noi ;eturn to prewar cvels. and the coiiiilry should work o jstftbiliz^ wishes and prices about. 0 to [JO per cent alnve 1339 figures. .ncreeseti production and rjome de- ;re:isc in "abuonnnl demand" .should 'Ml prices hack Lo that level. The :xlem to wlik-h v/r^zc.s have risea :i]ore than 53 or L?, per cent above 1539 probably can be offset by increased productively of labor in many industries, lie ?nid. 2. There sliould be a further reduction in government .spending and tederal tfix-.s. Taf 1 - said, "and \vt: should hfive it at onre in order w :iead cff tlic inflationary effect of further increases in wayes in Ui? higher bracked," 3. Tlicre should b: a reduction in r-xporUs of those products whicli arc short in this countiy, such as corn, find the administration should use its export control powers to reduce the total volume of imports. TaU saici, much of .the increase in exports was froiny to other North and South American countries iiiiri not for European relict. Urges Education Campaign 4. "Much can be accomplished b} n campaign of eriucation/' Taft said "There have undoubtedly been sonic excessive profits, and the president and both Iho Blythevillc and Wilson I has been risrhr, in urging imor districts also bad requested the nier- j those who have suuJ'i profits a re- gers. The annexation moves had duction in their is fai been previously rtis^usscil by the JUcUcr from an economic suiu< districts involved, Mr. Deer said. i for corporations to reduce price. Miss Delta Turtle, county trcasur- ' rather than increase wages or clivi was nntirircl by ieiter to transfer ciends further." - — 5. "Further wages increases shoulc be discouraged to the extent th.i they mean increases in prices,' 1 TaT said. He atso recommendcti, how ever, that the minimum wage .se by fedcrdi law be raised from 40 tf j-j cents an hour. G. "It may be cie.sira'olc to under take campaigns for the voluntttr rationing of products like niea where excessive prices show tha there i.s n. shorla^^ compared wi demand. The country as a whole i callus; morn than ever before an therefore many people arc in a posi lion to save on food without hari to ihcmselvrs. If tiu-y do, they re ducc Die demand n'id they .shoul induce the price for the benefit these who arc no:, so favored higher incomes." battleship nosed into its berth on the Souili side of Pici 7 of the N;ivi>l base. The Presidential yacht Williams- bury wailed on the North -side Df the pier to-carry Mr. Truunsn, his wife and daughter, Margaret, up Chesapeake iBay aiut the .Potomac River to Washington, When the Missouri tit'tl up at its b:rth. Mr. Truuian was piped over the side to be greeted by Vice \Ad:»i. Gerald B^fjan, and near Adm. W. L. Ainswoi'th, of Ihc 5th Nwval District. Mayor Uichard D. Cook of Norfolk also met the Preside nl, who appeared bronzed and well rested aitcr his 12-day sea The greetings at the pier were brief, Mr. Tnunan and his presi- dcntial party then strode briskly ncrcss the pier to llic yacht. There was no honor yuar:l and no band l:y still aunoyo<l b\' ,\ bfonchiul :'oui;h pi<;ked u|) duruv,: his "yotnl will" visit lo tin 1 nrnz.Uan capital. H:s •^ cJuily -snnljaLhs during the •d;iy ri'uisc failed to .siuihe the coujOu l-'arc-s TL-nse Siliuttion OJH-O back nl his While House desk, Mr. Truman will devote hiin- ^cll lo u review til 1 Oiu nn'.L'cusin^ly tense world sltu'ition and to tiic mount u in o[ jiaper work that has piled up since he loll, three wee' •> at;o. No iippciinimenls have b::cn made r Monday. Tlu'io was a possibility Mr. Trillium i.vnuLd call in his stule (tcpart- inrnt aiclcs on Monday foi' the <1ls- eussi<t]i ot ihc Kuro|>ean food I nJ dollur crises, the Uorcler Incident Tri'isU- »nd ollu'r criUcul dovrl- opiuonU on tho riipUnnulic Iront. 11 Strri'liiry ol Stule Cieorgi* C Marshall, now hc?iiaiiii< I lie Unite- Ktutes deloi;nltiui In iho UN Assembly returns lo W^shin^ton no.xt week ho wiil Kive die I'rcsUlcut u lill-li c;n diplonintl" (Icve'upiuenl.s. Ot hoi- wise, the I ask will fall to Under- sc':iL'iary of State Robert Lou-tt. 'I'he .State Department will l:i> tvu ML\ Tuiunm's dost; ncM wee.i tho special report ol Lt. CU?n. Alhor C. Wedt-meycM' on conditions in Chi • nn und (he udvisulKlSty ol furthe l Amerii'im aid lo Chiang Kal-Sliek' I Sec 21-tJUN SALU'I'K on IMRi- 5 South Arkansas in Path Df Hurricane Sweeping Westward from Florida Russians Attack 'Warmongering' By United States all assets and liabilities of Clear Lake and V/Iiitton districts to the annexing districts. To Appoint T\vu Directors Carl Byrd. superintendent of th? Wilson School, said ihat two mem- beTK of the WhiUon school board, would be named to ihe Wilson board to fill vacancies. Mr. Deer praised this action :u» a "generous" move 'indicative of iho cooperation shown by tine two dis- He also lauded the manner :n whi'.-h the annexation moves were handler';, terming llinni nn example yi "democratic procedures." "This i.s a step in the right direction toward improvement of thi: fiimmentcd. (|U;iiiLy of our schools," Mr. Deer The" annexations approved yesterday reduce tlic number of school di:^nc!:s in MKsis.;ipni County lv ^0 and ;irc '.lie Ufth end sixth consolidations inucle in the past lhn:c The board's earlier decisions l'> consolidate Milli^an Ridge and Biowu districts to the Manfln district, however, have been appealed b\- remonstranUs !o Circuit Court. Annc.vattou of the Clear Lake district Iniosls the assessed vulun.- liun of the Rlylhevillc tlislrirt 1<" wiDiin »20,000 of the S4,C(H).<WO murk anil incrctisc* llic enumeration In 34fT8, The cleur Larte district's assessed vahnitioii is S157.773. raising tJic ni>t'ncvillc district's valuation to S3.S8l.385. Enimiuraiion oUi-t^c Clear Liikc district Is 2G5. n Prices Looms Corn Drops Limit on Chicago Market; Food Costs Under Scrutiny (l!y United Press) Wheat, corn nnd oats prices roppcd again on the Chicago oard of Trade loday. with corn ropping Hie .lull eight-cent per ushel limit. Wholesale^ produce jirices bud hesun what apparently crinld develop into :i definite rinu'mvard (rend, but there still was little evidence that Die family grocery bill was on its way down. Tn that connection, congrc.ssional jrlcc probcrs were told during a icaring/at Manchester. N. H., that Thanksgiving turkeys would cast about 80 cents n pound this year. That would be about 30 cents nore thari they cost last Thanksgiving according to Leonard K. Sheriff's Deputies and Fleet-Footed Boys Capture Burglar Suspect in f ielc James Nance. 21-year-old West Virginian ex-convtcl, Is being liel in the county jail hero loday on charges of house breaking and burglar following his capture early yesterday aller a mile-long race tliroui cotton anil soybean fields. „ Nance, who admilted br.rglarl^Sng llic George Hunch home i North Highway 61. was captured after sheriff's deputies and live youth ran him down, ending a cnase through a mile of cotton anil fields west of thc'-highway about n mile north o[ Hie city. Notified by Mrs. Hunch Ihat her* — home hail been ransacked, ShCi'liT's Deputies Holland Aikcn and l-Jrwin Jones found Nance fleeing across the field: While Mr. Jones circled the fields 'Ul oft Nance's flight, Mr.-. Aikcn; accompanied by Mildred Bunch, son of Mr. anil Mrs. Hunch, lUidolph' Lambert, L. T. Burnham, Monroe Bcsharsc and l-'loytl Ash pursued the fugitive. Mr. Aikcn said the five ran Nance; down and returned \vith young sharse, once n member of the Chick Vishinsky und His Stooges Want Press Freedoms Destroyed UNITI'.'I) NATIONS 11 ALL, Flush- Ing. N. Y.. Kept. 1». i(jl'| _ White liussla. following the lead of Its inolhri- Mull-, today duplicated tho Soviet attack on the United Stales a.-, a "warmonKri " „,„[ seconded Ihe Soviet donumd Mint Ihe American press be denied freedom to crillcino Ku.ssin "on pain of criminal punishment." UM dulcKiitc K. V. Klsclev's ud- drcss lo the UN General Assembly was almost a carbon copy of the vitriolic: denunciation «f the united Ktnte.s made yesterday \n Soviet vice 1'orclgn Minister Andrei Y. Vlshinsky. Other delegates '.UTC largely ignoring the anvil-! ehntgrs and the Soviet i-L'solullon which would l.i and the U. S. as an instigator and fomenler of a third world war Fierce Winds and Driving Rain Hit Hard in New Orleans Area J*,v ( IIAIU.KS NKTHAWAV • United Press HUff CorrcsjMjnrtent . NKW OKLKANS, Sept. 10. (U.l>.)— A devastating 1 luiiTinim; struck Now Oilcans and (he Gull' Coast today, nuisiiiK huge properly iliunagc, floods and casualties. Tho Weal her Hureiiu here wiid thu storm would carry hurricane winds into Southern Arkansas hy tonight. + The Ueyncs Negro hoiisli)g"prp' r •liin IB-mill levy voted at the last | scmlms <«-r.4i.e school election will add S3C20.I8 n .iBanisl the city. Hie Blythcvillc district's tax rcvo- Alabama Fishing Village Resident Flee Hurricane MOBILE. Ala., dipt. 1ft. (UPI- The H~d Cross hurriedly evacuate:! .sonic 2£?,3 residents of Lhe -small fis!-,i!!ii v,lla«e. Bay.ju La Batre. today as n rising lido caused by the great tropical hurricane sent gush- in:: .sea v.aler into the fishermen'^ homes. The last ol the Bayou La Bait.; residents was evacuated with water aiicady three iecl deep on the low- lying area. The onto; irmga ol ihc howling storm iashcd the-Alabama gi:lf coast, hour wauls total of about S75.QOO. Including the Whilton district's nssrsi-ctl valuation ol S'165.935. the WiNon district's nc'.v valuation will br Sl. r ' P '0,t'.6. The :iew enumeration vi\\ tc 1.C10. counting the 517 slu- dcnls in the Whitton dislrict. Added lax lund rcccipU will oc «8SK383 for a new total of S31.372.S5 uunuaiiy. New York Stocks 2::nf p. ni. ^-'tock I'rivcs A T & T ................ 159 5-8 Amcr Tobacco ............ 73 3-4 Chrysler ................. 5!>. Coca Cola ................ 100 1-8 Gen Electric ............. 3(j 1-2 non Motors .............. S5 3-.I Montgomery Ward ....... ftl 1-4 N Y Central ............. 15 ml. Harvester ............ 82 3-4 North Am Aviation ...... 81-8 Republic Steel ............ 26 7-8 Memphis Expecting Stiff Winds to Hit Tomorrow MEMPHIS. TCIlll.. Sept. 13. (UP) —The wc3th"[:r burca'i here today issued a warning to avfcralt that wuuls would reach a velocity of GO miles j:er hour in ?usis here tomorrow. Tlic weather burcu;] said the winds woukl reach a speed of 35 mph late this afternoon and -10 to 53 mpl] during the night. Tlie tropical hurricane, according to ;he bureau, was roported 2o miles northwest or New Orleans, traveling northwest at about 15 mph. ore the' congressional subcommittee touring the East Coast to investigate high prices. Dodge, a Chichester turkey raiser, said the reason was high prices of labor and grain. For instance, said it now costs Si instead of 40 cents to dress n turkey. Another unscheduled witness, James Colby of Litchfield, described himself sis the "squash king" and said he could suggest, mi remedy for high prices "except maybe, cat more squash." Colby said he didn't have too many business difficulties. He re-i ported he sold his .siiuash at two cents a pound and that a chain j store bought 90 per cent ol his crop, retailing it at three ccnls a paunrt. Grain prices on the Board of Trade continued yesterday's decline during which they dropped the full limit allowed for a single day's trading. I Com Leads Drclinc I Corn led the dei^mc. opening at I S2,5'i a bushel and plummeting to I S2.M, compared .with an all-time! high of S2.65'S reached only lour! days ago. The steep clrop today was attributed to a government rcpoi t which said that 53 per cent of Ihc corn in the nation's 12 major corn producing -states was "largely sale" from frost. Farmers had feared that an eaiiy frost might cut still further this year's poor corn crop. Wheat dropped 5 to !!58 ccnU a bushel and oats were dov. n 2', to Meanwhile, housewives in muay cities found that they could buy bulter a few cents cheaper. Under the caption "butler market breaks." one. Chicago chain store advertised butter p.t. 79 com., a pound. It had hit SI.02 in same gold coast shops. Butter tumbled si* cents a pnu^d in stores at Lincoln, Neb., four cenls in Milwaukee and two cents in Louisville. Ky.. and New York City. There were scattered reports of other food price drops, but in many cities the sky was still Ihe limit. A grocery chain in Atlanta. Ga . cut the price of baby beef six cents a pound. Cream dropped four ccnls a quart in two days in Lincoln. Seafood was plentiful and cheap In Me* York City. Nance, who was whittling when V approached her, was using a knli similar to one owned hy the Ihmc family. She also noticed thai a <loor which she closed was open. Officers 'said Mrs. Bunch became suspicious and returned to the house to llnd il hud been ransacked. She drove to Elytheville and passed Nance en route. Search for Loot I'utilc Nance was captured only 30 minutes after the burglary, lie later football squad, holding him in u tol( \ t| ornccrs llm ' t ,, c (11I - CW hammer-lock. .Admits Kutering Nance, who first name Was -Hilly mittcd breaking into^ home and taking bc-tw cifr $20 ind $30 in cash and two watches. Iho loot awav as he fled. He took officers \ here he believed he it, but none ol it was told officers that he had, served two terms in au Indus- Mrs. Archillion Dies at Age of 82 Blythcville Pioneer Was Member of City's First Methodist Chapel j Mvs. ICIinn /Vi-clillllon. wild had l>rkiiiKccl to Ihu Mellintllst Cliurcli In HlytliCTllli) loiiufcv IhiviLiiny oilier living piM'smi, illetl nL li:in n.m. lo- (lny Hi the luiinc nn South Fi'iiiikUn Slrcot wlii'i-i- f}\c hud lived most of her life. Jihc hiiil been 111 for some Lin 10. filic WHS H2 yours old und hntl been u ini-iiilKi- of the Methodist Church lot' 'JO .vcnr.s. Shp hud (inltcrt with Dlytlio's Chupel und nllhoni<li she has been ncLivc in .icvcrol churches, innong which were lit l,ux- orii. when shn llvctl there,- mid In Mcmiilib. wlieru xhc nlso lived, she hntl nrvi.'r chiniKcd lier nieiiibrrsiili). Thu United StiUes wns not svllli- ! sl>(! o[ll: " spnkc of the duy she DHL Us siiprortcrs. Aiiinill-ui'K ,lns,' |J" ln «l lll c chnrvli mid rccnllcd Hint An:c dcfondccl U. S. ;m- n l'™lnieted ineethiK wns being held Soviet proposal wa:i corlnln, overwhelming ^oviels went through against the hcndrd for de:cat. Tim ., . tlic routine prbceiiliro curly loday of asking UN Secretory Ooni'ral Tiyi'.vc I lo to place it on llic As- ibly's ngonda. No one was liouie when Hie bui'B- trlnl school In West Virginia find lary occuiTcd. officers said, hut Mrs. I ">al |ie has been committed to an Bunch in-lived jusl as Nance was I insane asylum four limes. Begin- leaving. When she went to the rear j "ing his career as a burglar when of the house to burn some trash,! "> years old, Nance said Nance came from behind the house and nervously asked her the way to Dlylheville, they said. Mrs. Bunch then noticed. that Fenders Damaged in Two Accidents on City Streets Radio Stiulcbaker Standard of N Texas Ccrp Packard 11 S .SUV] 8l-» '203-4 70 1-4 5G -1 7-3 70 :l--l Temperature Soars to 92 Temperatures in KiythcviHe yesterday .soared lo 93 degrees For the t.ccond .straight day but dropped "1 degrees during last night lor a lo\v of 65 degrees, according to Robert E. Blaylock. ollicial weather observer. Weather ARKANSAS—Fair today, mostly cloudy with showers Saturday anil in South portion tonight. Not so warm Salnrday, Bumper and fender damage rc- sullcrt when cars driven by J. R Roberts and Mrs. Fiankiin Wortli. boih of Blylhevillc. collided late yes- torciiv afternoon at, the intersection of Broadway a:id Chickasawba. Mrs. Franklin war. North hound while Mr. Roberts was driving West. Mr. Roberts told olficers that he was blinded by tlie sun and dirt not sec Mrs. Franklin s car until they collided. No one was injured and no ar- rest.s were made. Dainag.™ lo two other vehicles resulted '.ate Wednesday afternoon when cars driven by Samuel Guice, sailor stationed at the Puluxcnt River. Md.. Naval case, and Clyde Gillord of Dell collided at the inler- tooTinn rit Ash and Division streets. De Gasperi Wins Partial Victory Strike of 1,000,000 Farm Workers Ends In Northern IraSy HOME. J;c]'t. 19. (UPl .strike or more th;m i.ttOO.OUO f^rin workers in North Ilnly was .settled totlay. removing one of tlie keyslonr.s of national iiKHation which tlirealcned to npscl the i;o- vcrninrnt of Pcftnier Alciflc de Gasperi. 'I lie CnMiniunisl-ciciniinatet] I'ilior federation orcieird the farm woik- ets ^aek to Ihc job. Employer and union representatives reached nn agreement ,'.Oiieh ended Ihc ll-tl;iy strike. It hnd been n.sccl as a : ]irin!ilioard :r>r a lal>Tr ciisis coupled with :i Leftist eani])aiun a- the Christian Pcinoeritt ea- btnct. The .settlement runic a (lay Ije- fm e the "Day of Protests" at;runst Ihe BOvcriiinriH. e.'illcd by llic Communists and teft Winjj eialist-s. The Leftists have hren snipini; for more tlian a week at the cabin'ct lor \vhieh their rc])ie- .scntalices were ousted lasl. Sprnif;. •I lie strike ended less than 12 hr.:irs after thf labor federation ordered il extended to Tusrauy F'rovincc. The stcclcm?nt hallctl. at, treaty." temporal il>'. the healed labor agitation throughout ttic country. Interior MltiLslcr Mario Scelb.1. rienoiiiieitu; llic tabor agitation as l-clitii;ally inspired, said Ihat conditions in Italy did not favor a coup by the eoir.miinists now. but: 'Tew people believe the Italian Communists have di.scnrdcd their program o; violent conquest and the institution ot a totalitarian dietatoi-ship like Fa.scism." Scelba said the intciior ministry "suaranlce.s trantiuitity" during the protest called for tomorrow. A one-hour general strike called in Messina. Sicily, in protest sninst the liicli cost, of luing threatened to c!( \rlop into a full uork stoppage by Monda\ p if labor demands \\crc not met. 'J he Communist. Party called on Christian Democratic workers to "unite tomorrow with your bro- Ihci's in protest against hunger, miseiy and Hie high cost of living." The Left Wing Socialists similarly he had been stealing ever since. A preliminary hearing for Nance is scheduled for tomorrow, officers said. Trieste Seethes; Trouble is Feared Communist Agencies Ask 'Protection' From the Italians 'l.'IUESTK. Sept. 10. I UP) — Ami: rican and British Iroops worn rea dy lo "meet any eventualities" to day as Slovene Communists organl- /alions besought Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia lo "protect" them gainst the Italians. The organualions in (/uestion belong to the "Democratic I-Yonl of Slovenes in Italy," a subsidiary of Tito'.s "Liberation I-'ronl" for partisan political action in Yugoslavia "I hey charged iti a message to Tho that the Italians wore eonduethv.' a "pogrom" against Slovenes in tin; third of Vcnexla-rjlnlia lhal remains inside Italy's border. Ill line with this. Ihe Yugoslav Tanjng Agency said a "fjolvcn- lan-Halian organisation" in the to>.n of Siau had warned that Vhn "Trieste" ma.s.^Co will be compelled lo lake orders and security into their own hands if terroristic activity Is not stopped." The "nemocratic Front of vcnes in naiy " told Tito that ttic Italian government had "broken the solemn pledges of the peace] They said "Anti-Fascists"! and Slovenes in that part ofl Vcne/.ia-Glulia still Italian wcrei not protected by law and exposed I pogrom" with ihc knowledge ofl Italian authorities. ] Lavoratorc, ttic communist, new. 1 ;-1 paper In Trieste, embellished this theme wllh details of "atrocities" committed against Slovenes and I Communists In the cities of Gor- Ix.ia and 0/ontalcone. "Fascists armed with pistols and machineguns," Lavoraloio said. "are driving around (owns and villages in broad daylight and .shooting nt democratic workers and Slovenes." liey In Gi'ere as nn effort ;o prevent n world war. Kiselcv Dotnmures Hio I'act Iviselt^v l)ltlcrly denounced the riccnt Rio de Janeiro IntcrAnierl- eati defense li'eaty mid eonllnuii- lion of thi; Anglo-American joint rhief:; of slnfr In Washington as siBns that tlie Western world Is preparing n war against Russia. "Who ure. l.Ucse unllims iilnil'l otV" he nxkcul. "It Is ncce-ssary no\v lo (tike jiicrn.Tiireii to-prevent aim)her holocaust." Then almost duplleatlng the f«- inuus |llirns« of tlie llrlllsh Pi'e- mlcr Neville Chnmberliiin at tlie time of the Munich agreement, Kisetev appealc<t to the assembly lo take action, agitinst warmongers In order to create "iience for our time." The Soviet proposal to punish " .varmongcr.'i" — c.siicclully Ihosr of the U. «. press — wns n 'move designed to Impose through the UN on the western world tlie same \inrt of controlled pi' and res- .ralnt:; oti freedom of speech Hint exlsl.-, in the Soviet Union. The immedliitc tnlcrprelntton of tlie proposal ll.v tlie western ix>w- eis was that the Soviet Unloii wetild 1iii]lo::e on them Ihc same kind (>f controlled press and res- tnilnls on frcrdom of six-ccli ex- IstiiH; within theiRovlct Union. "It would be completely contradictory of our concept of n free press and free .speech." one U. S. official snld. Vislilnsky Masts It. S. Soviet UM Delegate Andrei Y, Vishinsky himself" could linrdly have hoped lor support Iroin more Hum live UN members within the Sec \VrtIl MONCKIl n" I'^B'- S Blyllu-'s ChnfMil. On this pnr- tlcnlar Simdny, lier family,' which Included five nous n'ntl two ilmiRh- Icrs, loaded In the wiignn with some neighbors and shifted up the road from Clear Luke to B|ylhcvll!c. The ject wa.s largely willed «wsy here and many buildings downtown were damaged. At noon, tho center of the .storm had moved 20 miles Northwest of New Orleans In the direction of nnlon Rouyc .which, iilren'dy" felt' high winds. Weather Bureau said the storm would carry hurricane winds into .Southern Arkansas by tonight. A rrpnrtrr In Bilnxl, Mix,, *aid ears were "tloalinic like coriui". »n Hie .slrerts nrar the beach thcrr an Die storm whipped huge waves (into the lund. The tide at Bilr.U was lr> to K feel above normaL All of n string of rcstnuranfi nnd night spots on the bench were reported badly wrecked. : ., . In New Orleans n three-block nrcft extending for several miles along shallow Lake Pontclinrtrnln . was Hooded. Many bountiful homes lining the bike wore damaged by the water. i The Red Cross snld water wps shoulder deep in .some areas. -The roof of a tluee-story hen 1th center near the Tlmes-Plcayuuc. building wns blown oil. \ „,,: i Winds up to 120 miles an hour slammed New Orleans, knocking down signs, scattering debris, breaking windows nnd knocking out, communications nnd power lines. A Weather Durcnn advisory srild the powerful storm yould hurl overland to the Northwest from here nnd retain Us hurricane fo'rcc for road wound throush the woods and I " L lcllst 10 ° mllo .9 l»lan<i w|th gales they only passed a lew clearings and 5w <*'l>lng 200 miles from .center. ng.s the six-mile Jaunt The late Rev. H. 'We linvn got- and damrhlcr, We three were bap- houses on Blythcville. JUylhc. pHslor u doing most of tin Ing and prnylitB "When we got she often recalled said to my mother: ten your husband loo, and her tcncher.' Joined the church and tized Hint night." .Inim Htytlir. Chapel At Hint lime Rlylhn Chapel was on the old cemetery between Wnl- ntil .Street and Chlcknsawba Avenue. After the chapel burned, the present First Methodist Church was organized, Mrs. Archillion was the formcS- Klnui Concly. daughter of Mrs. Ho.- bccca Concly and Jiimes Concly. und the slep-diuighlcr of Andy Metheriniiton. She was bom and reared In Mississippi County and lived in O.sccola purl of her childhood. Funeral .services will be held Sunday ut 2 p.m. at Gobi) Funeral Home Chapel with tlic llcv. Allen D. Stewart, pastor of First Methbdlst Chinch, officiating. She Is survived hy four daughters. Mrs. Maud Uiinn. who made her homo with her mother. Mrs. Jerry Ross of Memphis. Mrs. E. A. Woodford of San I.uls Oblspo, Calif., niul Mrs. it. I,. Green of Memphis. ph, Schooner, 7 Aboard, Rides Out Hurricane ST. Pt.TEKHHURCi. Fla., Scp If). (U.P.1--A U. S. Ccasl Guard cutter lodny sped Ihrouuh gulf wains lo rescue .seven men who had ildden safely throuc.h the hurricane in their disabled fishing schooner. A Coast Guard flying boat radioed early toddy lhal i'. had .sighted the stricken. 41-foot Pilar 21) miles off Venire, l-'la.. where il was driven l>y hiuh winds alter il lost anchor off Tampa. CJ. !l. Williams. o[ Tampa, the c.caft's skiuprr, radioed caili.:r that the bllpe pump broke during , ]lc i]y O f the height ot tlic storm and all nelly of Mrs. N. Connelly Dies in Home on South 18th Street Mf.s. Ninnle Connelly. 71 years old todiiy, died early this nimnim; at her home on South mill Hlrecl after a lime Illness. She wn.s the wife of N. C. Connelly. Funeral services will he conducted tomorrow nt 2:30 p.m. at Holt rmioial Home Chapel liy the Rev. I). H. liledsoc, associate pastor ol I-'irst Ba|itlst Church. Burial will he at Maple Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Connelly liad made her liomc In and near Dlylbevillc for the past 32 years. Other than her husband, she is survived by l\vo sons. Hcrrus Con- Detroit and Erskin con- Hlythevillc; a dauglltcr. hand- had since been kept busy Mrs. Mary McDonald of Cliatla- nailiiijl water. [ nooga, Tenn.: a brother. Ii. S. The Coast Guard culler Juulpcr Vaushn of San Diego. Calif.; two rushed toward thf Pilar s report- si.-.ters. Mrs. Ix'tlic Ashcroft of ed location to rc-.cuo the men oc-, Washington. Iiul.. and Mrs. Dollic I(»rc possible fm-thcr mishap. House of Columbia. Tcnn., four might cccuv. grandchildren and three great Augustine Havrirro. owner of the. t srandchlUlrci\. .sohoonr-r. rcpoi'led from Tampa that i lie men had sailed Tuesday for a M-day cruise of gnlf snapp'T banks before the hurricane's sudden wcoUvard turn. urged participation in the Oomon- sl rat inn, LaGuardia, Former Mayor Of New York, Near Death NKW YORK. Kepi. 19. <UP> — llcalh near today for Former Mayor Kiorollo If. LnOuardia. tlie beloved ''Butch" of New York's millions. Dr. Meyer J. K:ir.>li. a consulting physician who h»:s been attending UiGuardia since he l;r.a:nc ill of cancer last June, said "Mr. Li- Ouarrtia appears lo be gclUhg slowly \vorr.c," Trading Suspended NKW ORLEANS. Sept. 19. <UP> linsincss on the cotlon exchange here has been suspended mull further notice of, the hurricane. N. Y. Cotton Month Open High Low Close March 3203 .1223 31GO 3183 May 3191 3219 3152 3162 July 3113 3145 3085 3100 October ... 3^15 mti 319'i 3202 December .. 3200 'J'225 3165 3180 Spnis close 3Mfi imclinnijod. Alleged Drunken Driver Gets Jail Term and Fine J. C. Chambers was fined $50 and costs and sentenced to 30 days in Jail after pleading guilty In Municipal Court yesterday morning Lo charges of driving while under the iiillucnce of Intoxicating liquor. The J:iil sentence was suspended i«nd- ijig good behavior. Soybeans CHICAGO. Sept. 10. (UP)—Soybean quolations: Open High Low Close Nov. .. 333ft 132 3126 326a March 33(1 32!) 329 S29n Two Hurt In New Orleans The first Injury rcported-herc was 39. >ho »uf- when strucK i'glaai. . '••,/A's.. ..'. d Norton, IS," md. Police said ., by a skating rink when II collapsed and struck Ills head. : , The torrential rains flooded some streets knee deep in the city and to tlic North of New Orleans a largo nre« was Hooded by the overflowing waters of Lake Pontchartrain. The U. S. Naval Air Station near the lake was completely under water. Two thousand persons had been hurriedly evacuated from the lake area just before the full force of the storm struck. Some of the Army- trucks transporting them were Irap- ixxl by roads blocked ,by water and the evacuees walked and scrambled lo dry areas. The Red Cross said .damage was heavy In residential sections of the city. Police on emergency duty" were ordered to report to headquarters every 15 minutes from their stations. They were . stationed at every place where people weKe congregated. --..-During that eerie calm I 'toolc a. look at Canal Strcel at Union and St. Charles and here' are^some of the things I saw. r~. Broken signs made 'toot-going tricky. Shattered neon tubing lay all uround. , . Ruslness Housrsdose- ~ Virtually nil business hoi'iie's, In- UIR eight tulle avenue circling fxike Pontchartrain -were-- being damaged by flood waters. Virtually all business houses, including the stock exchange, closed. and the city's 600.000 people, swelled by refugees from the low bayou country, moved inside board- up homes and shelters to wait, out the blow. At 10 a. .m., a slim wooden s'u- licrstructurc on the air cooling: plant atop the 12-Iloor Whitney National Bank building blew off and crashed onto a laxicab In the street in front of the St. Charles Hold. Three persons in the taxi. including Ihe driver, miraculously escaped injury. Police said there was rib disorder. Ironically, the only arrest made during tlic night was that of a man charged with stealing a car in Miami, hit two days ago by tl\c storm. Some 2.COO persons were sheltered in the Municipal Auditorium. Two mothers gave birth to babies there and were taken safely to a hospital in ambulances. Meanwhile at New Iberia acting Gov. Emil Vcrrett offered all the state's resources to the city after Mayor Dclesseps Morrison requested that slate patrolmen be assigned to the flood-threatened Lake Pontcliatlrain area. Heavy ra|ps caused • flash- floods in city streets and In some places water was knee deep. The 'city called for skiffs, wooden boats and barges to aid in rescue work. Periodically during Uic morning Mayor Morrison broadcast to the people. urgiHg them to remain calm and assuring residents th*t all city departments were functioning. Navy Helps Kvacute S*r HURRICANE M Ttft

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