The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1948
Page 8
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PAGB EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Dixie Democrats PledgeWarFund $75,000 Is Sought To B«gin Purge of Civil Rights 'Radicals' Br Harold Foreman (United FTesc SUCf Correspondent) JACKSON, Miss., Feb. 2,1. (UP) —A group of Democrats from at least nine Southern states today .claimed a pledged war chest of • bout $75,000 (o begin a purge campaign against the national parly's •radicals" who favor the controversial civil rights program. President Truman, whose request for the legislation brought a storm of protest from the South, iivesum- »bly icoultl head the faction's purjrc list. The meeting, attended by about 250 party leaders from the South, was held' at the invitation of Clov. Fielding Wright if Mississippi, a leader of the Southern opposition. After an open meeting to cet things started, the delegates went i into executive session and whatever strategy was developed behind the • locked doors was kept top secret. Reporters were told only ihat the group "heartily endorsed" a previous sueKCslion from Mississippi Democrats that a national protest meeting of "true, white Jeffersonian Democrats" be cM'etl. Wright told the open session .Ihat he thinks the nation should have only two parties—conservalu> and radical. H is his aim, he said, to drive from the party "the radicals who stole the Democratic Party and are ivmrchtnc under false colors." He emphasized that he does not advocate forming ft new political party. Money pledged for the anil-civil rights fight will be used to finance s major newspaper and radio campaign to let Southerners know objectives of the opposition, sponsors said, A group of colonels on the Mississippi governor's .stall promised to touch "loyal party members" In Jackson for $25.000 of ttie money. A Pooch's Peek Assassins Slay CubanGunrunner Monolo Castro, Under U.S. Indictment Shot To Death in Havana Oiu' nf llic dops entered in New York's WrMinmslt.'!' K <• n n e 1 Club Show put.s his paws CUT Hie pitrtilton SHI roundiriK Ihe exiii- liilion ;it Madiyon Square Cai'd- *-n. ;>mi ^ives his eonipeUloi .> HIP niu'c over. Ski Train Goes Out of Control f atlmr afld \ Under Killed MON'TUY, FEBRUARY 23, l<Mg Brockets Drawn Up for SE Conference Meet Officers Named by Sons Of American Revolution LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 23. IUP Tile Rev. James L. Blakcncy of Ark- ' ndelphia was re-elected president r>r , the Arkansns Society of the Sons of the American Revolution here yes- ' terday. Other officers re-electcci included: J. N. Heiskcll of Little Rock, fust vice-president; Mayor Sam M. \Vassell of Little Rock, chancellor; the Rev. James M. Workman of Conway. chaplain: Robert W. Moslry of Conway, rcRistror; Edwnrri O. Mitchell of Couway. treasurer". Joseph Brooks of Little Rock, genealogist: Dallas Herndon of Little Rock, hlstorinn; Dr. John H. Reynolds of Conwny, librarian; and Mn- son E. Mitchell of Conwny, secretary. Society medal.s were presented by Vice-President Heiskell tft the Rev. Mr. Blakeney and Dnnaway for their participation in World wnr II, BIRMINGHAM, Ala., FYb. 23. IUPJ —Kentucky's favored WikicuUs and Tulaixe'.s second seeded Greonlo,s were driven in sopsxnue brackets, pointing to a probable | clash in the Ihuils of the Soiith- eastern Conference Championship basketball tout name tit Miircli. 6. All seeded Learns drew opponents in first round mutches for the Louisville. Ky., tournament in pairing JT Announced Lodny. . Tlie ^Vilrtcat.s, defending champions and basts, finished their conference slate without defeat uy trouncing Geon;m Tech Saturday niRlH. Tulnnc. with n wins imcl one ficlcat, lias t\vo more conference HAVANA, Kcb. M. (UP)— Manola Castro, prominent Cuban revolutionary under federal Indlclmejnt In Miami us a Cailbbean Ritnrun- icr in connection with the recent dominiran expedition, was shot to death in downtown Havana last iiluht. Another man with Castro was illed and two were wounded in a hall of bullets th,at riddled Castro's car, parked at the curb near the "Uncle 8am" restaurant * block from the national capttol. Castro was shot ..even times. A suspected attacker, Ortiz Faes, waj arrested by police several blocks away allegedly white fleeing from the scene of the shooting. Fae.s was identified as * member of a .student (jroup. the Insurrectionary revolutionists, which were opposed to the faction of the university student* Federation ltd by ' Castro. • | The shooting took place only a i stone's throw from the Prado, where ! thousands of Cubans were congregated to watch a street carnival. - Was Spurts Director Castro was national clirecior of spoils in Cuba. He died In Central Kmergency Hospital after a mid- niBhl operation. Killed with htm was Carlos Tu- chol Snnper. n member of the Dominican expedition which was intercepted at sea l)y the Cuban Navy while sailing to overthrow the, re- Rime of President Rafnell L. Tru- j jillo Molina. Wounded were Ignaclo Valdes and .Jose Mlro. Castro was arrested by U- S. federal agents In Miami several months ago and charged with srnm;p,liilR cntraband arms to Cuba in connection with the Dominican expedition. He was released a^irt permitted to return to cubn alter he posted SM.OOO bail. The shooting was believed connected with political differences amonK student groups. WAEDENSWIU Switzerland, Feb. 23. (UP)—At least 20 persons were j killed and so Injured yesterday ' tt'hen » special six-car ski (rain j carrying 349 passengers went out ] of control on » .steep hill and crashed throufth * three-story concrete building. ! Only the rear wall of the build- j tng was left standing and rescue workers searching for more victims Kxtay tearrd the *nM would col- la |xsp on them if they attempted to move the locomotive. NEW YORK, Feb. 23. (UP>—A| 27-year-old former Air Force sergeant argued a"d bickered with his father until he could stand It no more. Some 50 subway commuters saw the two, Felix Lcwkow&ki and his father, Roynl, 51. arguing on a station plHtform last niglH, A train roared Jnto the station. They yaw tho younger man push hi* "lather toward the tracks. But, ns he (ell. the father Blabbed the son's arm •Tin going to die, too/' they , heard (lie son shriek. j The train passed over both their [ bodies. The older man was killed | instnnily. The .son, hi.s legs ampu- 1 Uvlcil. 'lived for two hours and 20 ninuccs, "I pusher! my famer." lie told wlke. "I'm no fcood. But he's no Dempsey's father Dies HALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 23.— (DPI—Hyrum Dempsey, 91-year- old rather of former heavywelRht, champion Jack Dcmpsey died yesterday In a Salt Lake- City hospital. Attendants attributed death to "causes incident/ to age." For Service On TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES Call 2513 JAMES STANDRIDGE Nnrris PrinlinK Co. Old Fill Good TROY, N. H. (UP)—Edward W. Pierce of Gardner. Mass.. shot a 16S-pound deer here on his first hunting trip in Sft years. ThcoreticaUy every team in the tournament has i\ crack at the championship, decided not by the | ret;ub]- season piny but by the ] gruelling tliree-daj affnir at the t season's close. liulrli Indies Has Strike JOGJAKARTA. N. E. I. HJPi — The lirsl inbor Mn'Ke in 'hr uvo- year old history of the Indonesian Republic is rcixn-ted in Magelans. Sixty workers o[ the Aroma Cigar Company struck for higher wages and partial payment ot salaries 111 kind. Taylor's Decision j To Join 3rd Party j Expected Toniabt I WASHINGTON. Feb. 22. (UP) — Sen. Glen H. Taylor, D.. Idaho, ts ' expected to announce tonight his decision to run for vice president on Henry Wallace's third partv ticket. Taylor, who once .said it would be "political suicide" to Join the third party movement, will explain his stand In B radio address (CBS) at 5:15 P.m. GST. ! Wallace asked Idaho's "singinp cowboy" two months ago to serve as Ills running mate on a new ticket dedicated to a "positive yeacc program of abundance and security, not scarcity and war." Taylor apparently has revised his estimate that it wculrt be suicide politically .speaking, to Join the third party. After a Walalce candidate won a special Congressional election in New York, the Senator said he "really" thought. Wallace had j\ possibility of being elected president. Your Farm Bureau Investment 1. Assures you a voice in nrtional, state, and county affairs. 2. Makes you a part of a united, strong agricultural organization. 3. Helps you bring better roads, schools, and medical services to your family. 4. Gives you a guarantee that research and information through ths land-grant colleges will help your production keep pac« with that of other groups. 5. Provides insurance services for you at cost through your own companies. 6. Brings you state and national Farm Bureau publications. 7. Protects your farm and your industry. 8. Is your indication of faith in agriculture and th« future. It's Good Business to Belong to th« FARM BUREAU JOIN YOUR COUNTY FARM BUREAU TODAY Spring Planting Oats We have Spring Oats, Alfalfa, I'li.stiire Mixtures and Lespedeza. Lawn Mixlnics For All Kinds I'icld Seed, Come U> See Us- Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main St. «56 / I'liones 85' FLYIN'SFUN by RICHARDSON YARBROUGH v/ 'Flyin's cosy — but it ain't that easy!" PIPER DEALER CHAR1 @)PIOBICT< PHOME2717 BHT««UE,.IIC good either. When he fell, he held | Thai Wan a onto me, and I fell with him." Police .-aid the two lived alone and had quarreled constantly since the son returned from service in the Air Force. Read Courier News Want Ads VANCJiBOHO. Me. (UP)_ Eighlj feel of snow fell in a single storm here in February, 1868. It e.slabJ lislied a snowfall record for (li(j nallon which still slancis. The Indies of snow foil during a bllz&ar< that lasted three days. another big to all FARMERS and their Families DEERE DAY menu A £ H( r ' •featuring iv :; I Stuait£rwf'n Barbara Wooddell William Wright |Hobart Cavanaugh s • ADMISSION BY TICKET ONLY If you don't have tickets OT need more...ASK US FOR THE*— s See It! 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 25th. at the Roxy Theater Missco Implement & Hardware Co. 110 West Walnut St. Blytheville, Arkansas // does no car ever did K &»' '* U NDKK the liroird bonnet of Ihi-s fashion-plntc hcnuly is an L-II- ftinccnii^ Iriimiph us sensational as H'B simple. For tills Is (lie liiilck Rotuinuister with Dynnflow Drive,' and here for the first time in any car the. fimver plant i/w.v what fears itscil to do. Here l» America's lirst car that permits yon lo ftlidp swiftly for\vanf, accelerate, stirVSc up hills, slow No gears ev«r fhiff in DYNAfLOW DRIVE* \n BuicV'i new Oynaflow Driv ilown. stop, start <>IT all over again — iriilitttit itny tiL'tii'stiiftinil, crcn tllltttllltltic. In a hamlful of seconds yon ftet front standstill to highway speed witlt ski-run smoothness irnmarrcd by hall, lag or hesiiation. In H normal day's driving through city and conn- try yon do nothing hut accelerate, brake and sieer. Yon never lonch n clutch pvdal — Ilicte is mine. You never shift a gear — no gears crer sliijt rmy- n7it'rt? in tltc car. nd tomplfx geor.cKangfffl or« mode unneteiiary. You limply lei a >el*c1or levet aod llcp on tKe gal. lh» power ptant daei liie icif, adjuirinn ineli to varying driving condiUont with uller imootKnen. You tloil up — cccclerole — climb hllli — ccuii* — itop - licit up ngnin oil v/ilhoul touching |K» lelecloi lev«r. You just sit like a kinjt on u bift soft cushion — start (lie engine —set a lever —step on the gas treadle —and go! i Mow conic tliis uciir-miracle moloring? I low come there's no geiirsbifHng — cilher manual or atttoiuAtic? Only in Dynaflow Drive Iras the principle of the oil pump and turbine been fully developed for an an Immobile transmission. Only here does smooth-Rowing oil replace sliding gears as a means of changing Hie engine's driving force to meet the needs of starting, ac- ct'leraling, cruising. Only here tlo you more forward in " single, iiiiinfcrruprei/ succp o/ A")ii-cr entirely /fee of the usual steps through Ion', second and nigh gears. ^\iid with this close-to-n\agic ilriv- ing yon have positive control under all conditions —an anchor-firm parking lock — cushioned going which can never overload or stall the engine. llig news? But naturally! So why delay vishing MS! Come learn more abonl Uynaflow — and sec if this single feature alone of the new lUiick's 30-odd new advances isn't crowning reason for Setting an order in right now. '(Ililicaatatritiarmlim RtlaJmaslrr mailrli. , . Wfefbetier alitomibiles '• *~^.8tebuilt : BUICK BUICK alone has all Htes* features *OrNAFtOW DRIVE * TA.PCK-1HKU UflING * VJBRA-SHrflDED RIDE * SAfltt-RIDE KIMS * Hl-fOISCD FIStSAll POWIH * QUALRUFUX COJl SPRINGINO *Fiex-nr on RINGS *fiCMD RITE 5AMNCE *filGFO rOROUE-TUBt * SOU.VD.JORBEB TOP IININS * OUOMAMC iPAKK ADVANCE * UN SMART MODE1! * goor Bf IliHfK Tun, in llfNKV J. TAUOS. Alulual fV.f,vo'k, Mondoyi and frtdoyi LANGSTON-WROTEN CO Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555

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