Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 2, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1891
Page 5
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I, t^lflfc-SP 1 - t l_, J F R E E READfflM'OOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. Welcome to All. MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Baught in any sum over $25 at lowest rates. Large amounts e per cent. GBO.B.FORGY. C r o k i n a 1 e The greatest of all ganits To be Had at The Grand Bazaar. declSdAwfta MONEY TO LOAN, n any nun at the LOWEST rates. Private fcodi <ml7, Money «lw»jr« In hand. No re 1 tap* or dft. I*T, Iat*r«dt and principal payable ID Logum- port. Special arrangement! a« to payment <rf principal and Inierent, made to inlt Pie.wlsheiol Sorrower. For further particular! apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth street,: opposite court House. DR. JE. M. HATCH, — MOHKEOPA'JTHIiT — Physician and Surgeon. Office, McCaffrey Block Broadway Cor. Sixth St. Residence, 1122 High Street, Loganaport, Ind. aprlcl&wlm Daily Journal. DR. w. B. SNOW, OFFICE and Residence 102 Pawnee St. LO&ANSPORT, -.- IND. Special Attention Given to Acute and Chronic Dlseaaesand Diseases ol Women and Children. Consultation Free. Night Bell Promptly Responded to. THURSDAY -MOKNING. APRIL 2. M O N E Y, General Immrnuoe and Loani. All kind* of In- •oranoepleoodln nr«t elans ooinpunlee. Endow- mant policies porobtfied, Bonds of unretyal. written for parties holding poelttenx at mm when a bond 1« required. 319 PKARL, ST. S. M. C loss on DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE ONE NIGHT ONLY. Thursday, April 2d. Playing to the Capacity of Theaters Everywhere. Wait forme Big Show. The Comedian, Aaron H. WoodHiJI, In the charming New England Comedy. TJ n e 1 e H i r a m Supported by a Strong Company! Magnificent Scenery!Superb Solo Orchestra! Music, Singing andDanclng. - - • e t. PRICES:—ffi, 50 and 75 cents. Seats, on sale nt Keeallng's drug store. DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. THREE NIGHTS. Friday and Saturday, April 3d and 4ifl, And Monday, l Make your ice contracts with John Baker. • . mch24dtf Will J Price and Mary C. Mayo are licensed to wed. ; Dr; Quick, or New Waverly,. .was in the city yesterday. • . .-• : .- ••• .-. , Mrs. Jacob Krieg is sick .with the grip at her home on Spear street. : You will miss it if you do .not come to the fire sale at the Golden Rule. " 'Squire "Fender.is back at his office after a few days;-tussle with the grip. Part of stock .from'CTaflin's fire sale arrived last night and is on sale this morning^—Golden Rule. Jas Burwick will give the railroad people and their friends another talk next Sunday- afternoon at2:30, The reserve seat sale for the Chimes of Normandy points to a crowded house Friday and Saturday nights. John Parker, the mail carrier, was around yesterday for the first time after a severe tussle with the grip. Ex-policeman William Koble is a candidate for Marshall : against Marshall Dean subject to the Democratic convention. If you want a smoke that you will enjoy and those around -you'won't be disgusted with, get a "Hene" at Johnston Bros. Win. Wolf, an old, well known and respected citizen is lying very seriously ill at his home, on North street Mr. Wolf is 75'years of age.' . ' Yes, "Blush of Roses" - looks like water. Is it water? Ask B. F. Keesling.. he can tell you more about it than any other druggist in Logansport. 9— Get an 8-cent challie at 4 cents; 20 yards of white .'.goods, $1; prints, 4 cents a yard. • See the new James- SHE IS UNVEILED. Tlie '•Mj'StcrloiiK Woman" at l,ii«t IDxpoWd. East End.residents who for the past year have had cause to complain of the antics of a supposed crazy creature who cleaves the gloaming up there, closely veiled and brandishing a revolver and a bottle supposed to contain vitrol, and looking- into the windows of dwellings, need no longer keep awake o' nights dreading a visit from this peeping, prying phantom of the night. The ••Mysterious Woman" has been unveiled. Last evening about 8 o'clock the woman was seen peering into the windows of Jos. Patterson's residence, corner^ of Sixteenth and North. Mrs. Patterson was alone at the time, but quietly giving the alarm to several' other ladies in that quarter a council was held, and a couple of policemen were telephoned, for. Officers Kloeclc-'; ner and Cullen went up, but arrived ust as the woman had vanished. Keying, however, on strong suspicions reated at other times as to the iden- ity of the person, the policemen went the home of Mrs. Darlington cross from the Wabash- station, and" ucceeded in ..gaining from the woman n admission that she had been play- ng the role of "the mysterious woman" all these months. The officers warned her that her next attempt at this masquerading would be met with arrest, but she defied their power and. said she would continue to do so if she so wished. She was very vague and uncommunicative concerning her reasons for her crazy actions, but said that the reason she "called" at Mr. Pa;-' terson's house was to see him about renting a house for which he is the agent. Her time and method of transacting- such business is certainly peculiar. It is thought the woman is crazy. The police will watch that quarter of the city and the next time the '-'mysterious woman" makes her appearance she will be arrested for trespass. Iinmlzrnm* Pouring In. New York Press: Immigrants arriv- .ing in the United States, to-morrow and hereafter will be subject to the 'new Immigration law which was/ic- troduced in Congress by Congressman Owen of Indiana and signed by th President just before Congress ad journed. The new law provides tha all immigrants who become publi charges within a year after their arri val shall be sent back at the pense of the steamship which brought them here. Since the passage of the bill the steamship companies have been landing immigrants by the thousands. During March, 1890, 29,3:36 immigrants arrived. Since March T, 1891, 4-1,712 immigrants have landed, being ex com pan j l-,37(j' in excess March, 1890. There are -five over the month of steamships due today, and probably all of them will arrive on time. The Westernland from Antwerp, carrries 1,330; the Aller, from Bremen, 733; the Devouia, from Glasgow, 220; and the Italian steamers Burgundia and Iniziativa, which will probably bring from 1,500 to 2,000. This will make the increase over the month of March, 16,000. 1890 over HE WANTED TO DIE. Benj. F. Mu*»cr, "of Pennsylvania, Tukcs Laudanum. Then Cut* Him , Throat—He Still Lives. Had JIlH Foot Crushed. . Last evening the Vandalia freight train .brought to this city from' Mar- monfr a H .year old' 1 'lad by the name of Prank A. Webb, who' while 'stealing- a ride on a freight train caught his right foot between the bumpers crushing the member fearfully. The trainmen took the boy to Dr. J. B. Shultz's office where the injured foot received proper treatment. The lad *vas then removed'to the office of the jail and given a pallet for the night. His- father lives at Andrews and was telegraphed for. Young Webb is a bright intelligent appearing boy and'accepted the situation very philosophically. He said that two weeks ago he ran away from home "to see a little of the world," as he expressed it. He was at South Bend yesterday and feeling that he had enough of the "world" decided to start for home, via Logansport and the -Wabash, He will probably be taken home this morning. Carter & Holmesj MAKERS of NECKWAER» -j /j CHICAGO,'March 23, T891. 3 OTTO KRAUS, Logansport: " - ' J Dear Sir—Your recent order is just completed and$ goes forward by to-day's express. V'e have used every! effort to make your Goods to the highest standard andf] trust they will open to your entire satisfaction and war-*! rant a continuance of your esteemed patronage. % We are Yours Respectfully, CARTER & HOLMES. The. above Neckwear has arrived and we respectfully solicit;your inspection. A. KRAUS. Planquett's Gliarmmg Opera • ; CMmes : 6fl Normandy ' Will be given by a 'strong east, large chorus -and full Orchestra. . . New and Elegant Costumes! Bright and tuneful mnslc. The production wlllbe.under the auspices of the lady mana- gfirsolthe ...... Free Reading Room And direction of Mr. Demorest. ADMISSION GOc. ..... GALLERY -2Ze. No extra 'charge lor reserved seals.:- .Tickets now on sale at Keesljng'sdiug store and by the ladles of the 'Reading Koom Management. The Opera <Plnaf ore Is also in active preparation and will be given with special scenery, costumet-. stage effects and large chorus, assisted by the Logan Greys: whi> In a body, t getter witlvhis Sinters and Cousins and his Aunts will, accompany .sir Joseph Porter on his tour of inspection. '..••;• F IMG If Q M I- I * VJ U I V} PI OPERA IND1AHAPOUS. SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST ACTRESS, towns dress goods at the Trade Palace. A book might be written about the carpet -and wall- paper-store of H. Wiler &Co's as their stock this.season is simply immense. Give them a-call. Kokoinofjazfette.;,Tribune: ."S. 'T. McConnell, G. : ,W. Funk and John C. Nelson.of Lpgans'port, are here to. day',.-having an important., case in court.' , •' • ' •'•"•; '-'• For two.days.the Trade Palace will have on hand-. ..a manufacturers' samples of beaded'wraps worth $5;'at the low price of. $1.75, to-day and tomorrow. Come quick. Four weeks of .hard .work in New York and Boston, recently spent by Mr. Sol Wise of the Bee Hive, wrought wonders in .bringing, to, gether an aggregation' of beautiful dry goods that, our ladies are proud to possess. Idaville ; Observer: George Young and wife of Logansport, 'spent Sabbath with his father Paul- and Rondo, son's of Dr. Ed .Delzeltof Logansport, spent several days with their grandmother at J. M. Townsley's. '. ' Miss^Lydia Gard died , at/her, /home in Washington township at.,10 o'clock yesterday, morning, aged 28 years, of consumption." : -The. funeral' will be held this morning at 10 o'clock from her late residence, burial in'the-'Miller cemetery. •-.-'.' •:• •.'...-.• •.-•• , • The Bee Hive was crowded yester- terday to such an 'extent,that they had to close their doors about'-;noonv.lime to give the multitude a chance to be waited on, and then to straighten up BERNHARDTI 'IN VICTQREAN SARDOU'S TWO GREATEST . '.; ...... PLAYS, - ; . - . . , APRIL 14, "FEDORA" v APRIL 15, "tt TOSCA" Pr*i*ntid. with tho same Great Company and tht «mt BfcborttB Scenery, Costumes end Properties M wore employed in New York PRICES-OP RESERVED SEATS: All Lower Poor, $3. AH 2d Floor, $2. All 3d Floor, $1 Sale of Seats Begins MONDAY, APRIL 6tfi, Stiiti ran bi MCiired by writing <x Wltjnpnlng . . Oickwn & Ttlbott Indluupolli. Ind. SPECIAL NOTICE.— Pirtiii of ten or rncrt on ntun nductd retti. Applf to L'onJ Agtnt the establishment again for; the after- noon^msh. South Bend Tribune: Quite a party of musical.-people will go from this city to Logansport next Friday to hear the "Chimes. of Normandy" as presented there by Mr. Demorest with local talent. It is to be repeated on Saturday evening- and "Pinafore" given next Monday evening. Co). J. T. Brye.r-returned from Washington yesterday. He has been assigned to. special work in Indiana which '.will- keep him iu this State for three or four months- The special to the Indianapolis Sentinel stating that .he had retired from theCensus bmeau contained more politics than truth. On Tuesday morning Benj. F; Mustier, of Marysville, Pa., struck town and spent the day in fruitless search for work at his trade, that of a carpenter. • According to his story told afterward, he suffered from Lhe grip and' was thoroughly discouraged. He had but $1.25, four-fifths of which went for board which he procured at the D'Armond house on Canal street. He determined that he would no longer endure the" scoffs and gibes of 'out rageous fortune, and his remaining twenty-five cents he expended, for laudanum which he obtained at Frank's drug store. This he swallowed, the whole three ounces of it, upon retiring to his room. The dose was so big, however, that he threw it up. About nine o'clock realizing that he was not dying as rapidly as he thought to do, he took his razor and cut and slashed his throat, and from the wounds thus inflicted bled profus- ly, growing so faint from loss of blood that he lost consciousness. His condition was not discovered until yesterday morning. Dr. Stevens was called. and the stranger was fully aroused. The doctorfoundthe wounds not necessarily serious and afterdraw- ing the gaping gashes together with some twenty or more stitches had the man removed to the county infirmary. The doctor says Musser will recover Musser is 24 years of age and is fairly intelligent. He said that he wa thoroughly disheartened by his absenc of funds and failure to secure work but declares that he is cured of an further desire for experiments of suicidal nature. The First Step. Perhaps you are run down, cant eat, can't sleep, can't think, can't do anything to your satisfaction, and you wonder what ails you. You should heed the warning, you are taking the first step into nervous prostration You need a nerve tonic and in Electric Bitters you will find the exact remedy for restoring your nervous system to .its normal, healthy condition. Surprising results follow the use of this great nerve tonic and alterative. Your appetite returns, good digestion is restored, and tue liver and kidneys resume healthy action. Try a bottle. Price 50 cents at B. F. Keeping's drug store, (j Ed Baker, a carpenter employed at -the Pan Handle shops, met with a severe, but not dangerous accident Tuesday afternoon while jacking.up a:car on the repair track, the jack lever Slipped out of the rachet striking him on the head and inflicting an ugly wound in the forehead. He was taken home and medical aid summoned. At last accounts he was resting easy. • T R Y BEEF, WINE and IRON, As a Tonic. Sold by H. C. P U R C E L L, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Neap Pearl. ""*^ THE SHIRT FACTORY That Enterprise Assnred—Work Cuni- menced Yesterday. Work was commenced yesterday morning at the new shirt factory lately opened up in the building formerly occupied by the Spiker &,,, Harrison wagon .factory. Twelve, girls .under the instruction of Miss Summers, of South Bend, an accomplished shirt maker, .were. given positions, and twelve others • will' be employed as aoon as more machinery arrives: In conversation with a Journal, reporter' v Davis, the manager stated that it was the company's intention to em- ,ploy at least three hundred, seamstresses which ought to prove quite a boom to Logansport- working people and ultimately to the city at large. Several years ago Mr. Davis says he started a similar establishment at South.Bend, which now employs over 700 operators. : As no -more than -twelve girls can be instructed at once progress must necessarily be slow at first. The fac tory -will be under the supervision of Mr. Harry Barnett. Commendable. 'All claims not consistent with the high character of Syrup of Figs' are purposely avoided by the California Fig Syrup Company. It acts gently on the kidneys, liver and bowels, cleansing the system effectually, but it is not a cure-all and makes no pretensions that every bottle will not substantiate. Kiudliclil Female Regulator Should be used by the young woman, she who suffers from any disorder peculiar to her sex, and at change of life is a, powerful tonic; benefits all who use ii. Write the Bradfield Regulator (Jo., Atlanta, Ga. For particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher & Co. to5 The LOHIN club Dniice. The distinctive social function of the season was the complimentary ball give by the-members of the-Lotus Club at Kreuzberger's hall last night. The affair was delightfully exclusive none but the members of the club and their guests from out. of town being present. Henry-Hart's iull orchestra from Indianapolis furnished the music for the occasion. A sumptions colla tion was served in the spacious banquet rooms in connection with the hall. The affair was decidedly recherche, and as the closing dance of the season for this high-toned club, crowned a series of most'iaJightful and elegant balls. The out-of-town guests of the club numbered forty or, fifty, and .Indianapolis, ; Lafayette, Richmond, -Kokomo, Peru.-Monticello, Delphi, and other neighboring cities 'were represented in the.persons, of .their leailinff society people. TheXptus;, Club, .bus: gained a stat.e.reputation for the elegance which characterizes its-dances and closes the season with the congratulations' of its friends. Mr. E. N. Talbott, the hustling real estate man, returned.to Chicago yesterday after a 1 few days spent at home. Judge Baldwin, accompanied him -to Chicago. f maiori'." : Those who take part in Pinafore will meet at the "Reading Room tonight for rehearsal, A full'attendance is requested. Hydrophobia. AiuonK- Domr^ir Animal*. JEFFKKSONVILW:, Ind., April2.—The',| people in several to-vnships of this county are afraid to g-o near tlieir own $ domestic auimalu for fear of hydrophobia. A month ag-o a mad. dog passed through the vicmitj', biting much stock, as well as a young m named Goodwin. Samuel BottorfV horse went niad, and also one of George * Bowers'. Nest a, floek of sheep fce-j longing to Bower* .ire showing-'signs oi^I hydrophobia, ami several have been V killed. Half, a do/,en dogs, supposed to' have rabies arc at larg-e. ' Death. of A » 10,000 IIorg«. ' 1'nd , April I — Waymare, owned by S. D. JPuett, died Monday nig-ht of heart failure. He wasoralued ' at 810,000 and had a record.of 2:27 made fl on the Terre Haute track. "* Entitled to Free DelLiery. HUNTINOTON, Jnd., April 1. — The Huntington post office will apply •f5r< .the free delivery service, its receipts for the .la^ quarter having- exceeded Sip,ooa •$•?'"' _ IMor« Uoilicn Found. LONDOS, April 1.— Thirty more bodies have' been recovered -from tne -Wreck ol the steamer Utopia, making the total now 422. . ... . , Henry W. Vooris of -New Waverly, is in a critical condition from a stroke of paralysis" received sometime ago. Yesterday his . physician feared that he could not live till morning. Mrs. Vooris also is very ill. The case is very bad as both are old people, and physically, almost helpless. Mr. Nathaniel, Yeokley and Miss Mary C. Hardy, daughter of D. J. Hardy of Washington township Car roll county, were married Tuesday afternoon by the Rev. Walker at West Sonora. The friends of the contract- ng parties wish them peace and pros- erity in their new life. Manager Skiuner reports the follovv- ng late additions to the telephone service: Randolph & Cheney, No. 89; Kreis Bros. No. SI; Dr.- Hallinan's office, No. 127: Martin Bligh's residence, No. 74 Horse Clipping. I am prepared to do horse clipping in first-class style at Earl Stuart's Livery stable. WAKNEII SICTRGKOV. ma,:31dOt BUFFALO, N. Y.,: April I.—A ..large barn on Vermont., street burned at an early hour. There were thirty valuable horses in the building aad many .-were badly burned,' Four,- had, to be shot to relieve their sufferings. After the flames were-, extinguished the charred body of Jolm, Maloney,' a hostler, was found. ,, .,,,' ...-' . .- .. • Suicide -of a MILWAUJIEK, Wis.y April 1.—A spe cial from West Bend,.-\Vis., says Judge Paul A.. Weil.'comniitted suicide \\nth revolver at B o'clock' a. m. He had been a sufferer from la grippe.' The -deceased was a~bo\it 00 years of ag-e. Do you know that you can. buy a chimney to fit your lamp that will last till some accident happens to it ? Do you know that Macbeth!s "pearl top " or "pearl glass " is that chimney ? You can . have it—your dealer will get it—if you insist on it. He may tell you it costs him three times as much. as some others. • That'is true. He may say they are just as good. Don't you believe it— they may be better for him; he may like the breaking. Plttsburg. GEO. A. MACBETH &, Co. f ' • r ) ' ' \ ' i.t~:.S£^LsL-k'A'«'« ? ^v^/.^te;^ .¥.'"„. .,- .,,?...,,^?.^ f i,.^ ,.-..,... a.. , ,,/ :,.,.. . AC. ..*..i.r.i,* ..,, ...l^r.L IJ-*-.^ . ;..,^1..><^J.'^,^K^ Both tie method and' results wiet', . Syrip of Figs is taken; it'is pleasaiil and refreshiug to the taste, and actt~; gently yet prorapljj on^e Kidneys, ' ;Liver and Bowels, cleanses the Bys- ( tern effectually/dispels colds, head ' aches and fevers and cores habitual ^ constipation. Syrup of Figs is^tlf' r ^ Only remedy] of its kind ever pro 1 , duced^ pleasing-to • the taste acd ac-' 1 ' ceptahle to the stomach, prompt inr,< its action and truly beneficial ,in~ its /;i efFects, prepared only from ^he' most /' healthy and agreeable substances, its J*j many excellent qu'alitiee commend n to all and have,made it the most' popular remedy known. ' •• Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c and §1 bottles by all learrLng druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on liand will pro- , cure it ^promptly, for any one who wishes'to try it. -Do not accept any substitute. " * CALIFORNIA //£ $Y8!JP C3 ' SAN R>Af/Clsdo,-C*i. I.QUIWtlLE.\KY. NFWVtiriK.Nl Fors,ilpl)yB.>' Keeollngand all Druggists. «

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