The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1947
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 19-17 BLYTIIEVn.UO (ARK.) COU1UEK NKWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 1m- For Sol* Fryers for sale. South til. C. Abraham. eep und trailer, scales. Cftii be tii' uncl pair plnUoi tu en at 1001 W, Main. ISc lie tc M« oni: Minimum Cbari* 1 time per I in* .„... times p«r line p*t 4*y times per lint p«r **y _ times per line per day 112 I line< per Hoc per day 1 Montli per line Count live avcrace wortfi to tka Ad ordfred /or three or ilx time* ind itomwd before expiration will be ch*rc- |id fur I he uuinber of time* the ad up- arfd and adjustment of blU made. All Classified Advertising copy »ub- ':tt'ti by i>erton» rf siding outside or 1 elty must be accompanied by cask. tes may lie easily computed from the Lbove table. I Advertising order for irrc«ui&r luer- llons lakes tbe one time rate. No responsibility will b« tak*» for uore than ooe Incorrect Juurrtlo* ol ny clutlfLed ad. For Saf* 0-rooitt house, Ixitti, sltnntoU un uvo low. Price $2500, ' " land. Mo. 0. A. O. Hnrress. Hol- !>:Jl!-Ur:-2i) i Warm morning heater. Excellent condition. Verj' t'luMi>, I'houe SMa. ccMiictil mixer with 3V* horse motor 111 perfect condition. SO!). Wi'j,i. Knd Aucilon. Phone 951. ul5-L'k-023 Ili*a ting nnd cooking stows Kltuls. West End Auction, of nil e 951. , . 9 15-cH-lt) 15 5 room house, fitnnll store :H-n' lot. Hiuvel ro:itl. t noil Gin Co. office. 13ay your coul before the winter rmo. JUl us (111 your bin. Phone 489. »ox 559. lUythovine, Arkftnsaa. ClIO'CX vi I loot! hay. Phone faG9. B:23-nk-9'29 t'or Ircsli fruits und vpiictobles. »Uo all klmls uf caimlllK fruits rioscm- aljly priced visit BUI Tlioimao'l's •«••,., MKt.. Hwy. 61 N"". l.ule model Cushman motor scooter, complete with back seat, windshield, etc. In ISO acres west of Calumet. Ark. §100 |>er acre. HO ju'i'es seven miles east of 1'orlageville, Mo. 60 acres in cultivation. $115 per acre. 120 acres east of Matthews, Mo. §75 per acre. Terms can be amm^ed on all tracts. See or call \V. O. CATKS I'lione 2«'l.'l 500 Walnut St. Hlytheville, Arli. '.) Hi i>k i) 22 seat, w.ndsuiem. «ic. in ( k 1 . t>;l(lv - m . l(le K excellent conu.t.on• He- * Venetian Hlimls. Deal tluced for quick sale Hume n( st<( ,„,, ,,,.,,., m - n *12!>. 8 2(. dh tf . ,,„.,. A T T E N T I O N— Farmers - Truckers - Dinners Wo Are In Production On AU sivies of ciistoin ihiilt Truck ('avers r Hay — Cottonseed — Soybeans Carney Awning Co. ! S. First I'lmne 2972 Illythevllle, Ark 10 ck 10 1(1 two story li Close 111- Price l Tor nutcK siile. dc-cd. H™ owner lot. St . HiylhrviUc*. Ark. 5:30 p.m. onu- on cornc-L' li:is >jce[i n-- 1'osst-s.suni \vlch 116 West Muln 13eu\e<-n " ii.m.;i |\Ve have exclusive listings on approximately 20 farms ranging in si/.e from -10 acres to large tracts. If you are interested in liuv- inj; or selling, or in making a loan he sure and call us and we will be glad to show or discuss these farms with you. Cecil Karls Noble (.ill Agency Osceola Telephone HI! lilythcville Telephone 3131 9 1 ck it 231 acres, llnie black soil, fi i NOMhwt-yt Jioju Jilyllit!vML(>. 1' of lious'^s nail barns, on Kisivtil i'ric^ J2UO iitr utre. \V. M. Hums. }tc:tllor BlythovlUif. Atk. IMifjiic Complete 5 yard dump mill lied la mick. Ooot! cuiuhtlon. I'rl.-i Llwrles UcynoUls (.'.arai'".-. S. MunHci. 9 lG-pk-2' 521M). U\rs<2 slw Estate llpalrola. condition. I'Jionc 2i57. Female Help Wonted re. 40:1 ICitst Vine Hi. SfIC afte[ Sales person wautc'.l. \Vil train riffhf applicant. 1'cr manent position. The (Jil'1 Shop. !l 17 «k 2f SALESMAN WANTED lArniy surplus — Tents — Shoes — Kahki Pants — — Shirts — Woolens — ]{,iots — Comforters, etc. 112 Lilly St., «/ 2 Klock Southeast Main St. 9 5 ck 10 5 Wanlftrt: Itc lln'nli' hnsilcr to suefcoi (i. \ViUker tf- supply COIISU;IU;LS will 20U laintlles. Products .sold 20 vt-ur. 1 Slate a«e. occii|)»tlnH. rcfen-nc.-i Hsiwlfigh'b DetH. AK1-210-YS Mem phis Tenit. Or -see \V. Durhour, fit Lilly fit. Blytheville. AiR. ^ if Attention Pickers — — Planters We lire ngalii making tiualUy Cotton Pick Sacks for those who want the best. Carney Awning Co. hl3 3. First St. Blythevllle. Ark. - k,'omj>lt;'.i: Scout w. Phone •H 1 r.'aht Vine S yon have :n •^'.iCtioji U L phonn finl. ;c]ulpinent. Practically liJ or can be seen ut L. • Q 10-|)k-9;iR ill lot us for mill Ion yLhlnu lo s or you In |l,ar>{e, well built, (> r»M)m room house with liath. close lo hijjh school. Complete equipment. Rental house on rear of lot will make payments. Immedi- ale. possession. Can he financed. See or call Max Logan, Realtor, or E. T. Ilubhard, Salesman, phone 20.11, Lynch Hldg., lil.vl.he- !) 11 ck IS I'l'wu Jolin Ui-urf. n A combines with HHilors In excellent condition with i:.vtra lirlLs jtiu. c-invoss. o.vtrn KCreons extrn blttdcs. rc-lnforcecl benrn. V/rllo K. J. Craves. Poplar Oro»e. ArU. <>.l2-|)k-9;20 Lost One brown leu Liter bfiu i:<miaimi! eloihe-s, on hl[;hway heLwet-n Slu'.e line ' nn<l Ulytheville. Tinder tact Box 100, ','f Courier lor 5IS/ rtu'iinj. U 17-pk-U Ride 'Em Cowboy! When we finish servicing your car ['or winter—your car is ready lo lake ;i!| ihc Ii;inl knocks aiul loiiKli driving you can tfi\'<> it. l)ri\v in today for complete \vinterixiii(f and overhauling serv'ice. PHILLIPS Now Open -24 HOURS- Day or Night— Bring Your FORD Home to ompany POBO TRUCKS-LAST LONGER Sth at Walnut 'hone Help Wanted fionu'Olli' toyb.Nin '•" -irs Lincoln thi>i'i)iv dm 9 12-ck-u :'.u Doorkeeper. Work with cuiiKt'iininl pi-r- KOllW'l. (ruiul l)]lv . \\l-Hv ( »{iviti({ (nil expcr'icnee, and! per'.soniil del nils. Hox iM\'T| Courier News, i! 17 ek !) 21 i NOTICE TO PUBLIC Tin. 1 Inw offices of Clour K. lirtul- Icy Imve town nmvril to '1)1 W. Muln. (Across MivH from Mont- t!<uiu'ry \\iml.i Wanted Jo Buy HUT Cash I'or wrecked or jidik autoinohik'.s. Wudc Auto Hulvanc, Norlh Hiway (U. lihouc :t7.S5. S r> ck tf for Kent > l>n your ow Ui'llt n lionr I'li vonrrvte work mill tave iu'ji-h' inlxi-r Ijy diiy iir v ^^^u. Bun tlla. lilr(lu-vlll» Notice Knjoy our di'llrlons solri'l. well- cooked fomls . . . swirtiy. conrlc- uusly smvdl Kvcryllnu* ycni clliui mil I mil ymii'self lo ii):ixiiuuin |)]r,i.Mirr :il liililliiiniii JOHNS CAFE 10!> \\Vst Millll St. Personal I :ini h:u:k In town. Oil l-ck-!l ML 'Say, ,Ioc ... I houjiht my used car at I'oole Motor Company, Steele. i\lo. l!es( used car values anywhere!" i) hi ck 9 22 - "RED'S" HACK AT OIJH S'l'OllE •'o.slifr's Liquor Htorc. 130 Wi'.sL Main .SlrtMit. Is now rciiily to ,S(!ivc von In nri>v.-n-i"orni!in'!i Klnt; Itcd I.atM^l Whiskey our ]|L-\V location. It's ir:is\- to rttid. .. next lo I-'ltxniurlrk'f. Jcwelery Store. 9 15-ck-y 12 For Hire < M - miiiiv:.!! 1111 1 u I. r >.|>k-'.!;>:' rn; I-KLIHY i s lmn . s ,,i,.Mniin im II. K. 'lllll) HKIIKU I(HAI. K.S'1-ATi: i LOANS l,jr l:n i; ,...l and MlL-M M-- li'4'tli)ll ul i»«tun. In-all iillfl :.\<i.'^ Ilirnis r;dl. (j-i- Ol will.' .'limn' •Jllllll. UII Kio.l K.-iHMCkv Illuli"- \llli-. Ark ij m-i-k'll i!i t valih- lor u.M-il, Miiinnn LU'in iiiu- nl IMlii-rt lliiirnian'H Kwn . ^l>l K. Miiin. mi. KM. Wanted Tractor breaking ulow. uu&tcr.i. Ulsc liarrow. illanter, cultivator. rllpniT coiiililiie. John C. HrlKtil. :|IH) 3 He- tonil St. Phone KI'J. 8IH-|]k-]|l4 Read Courier News Wnnl Ads. MASON'S For VISIT PHOTO STUDIO better photographs po.-iV c:imln dozen S2.00. Ontr i\t\y service on roll him at 4()c si roll. Ofif-n S) ;i in in 0 p in. ami Sumlny nft^ntoou. 120 Jjikc St. Phone 3-1II3- fl ]C-1»k-tl 2'j Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; HIM T. L. MABHY 123 MISSOURI BT. TH. 3(27 Services ALLEN IMCKAR1VS Kasl Knd Shoe Repair Service, 112 Lilly St., '/. Block Kast of Main. Workmanship and material <>uaraii- leecl. !) « ck 10 (i iii win" and n Iterations don p. Mrs. Ti. O Jlill. 1M N. aixili St. O'lG-pk-520 •alutlns untl pnpcr hanylnt;. R. I> FreciiKui. Phono 283». House moving, IS years experience. Plenty of equipment. ReTercnces. Leveling, foundation repairing. Virgil Foley, phone 2105. !) 12 ]ik 10 12 Frames made to order pictures, diplomas, O'Steen's Studio. 9 15 ck 0 Phone 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second St. JHylhcville, Ark. Free Estimates on All Work for elc. 30 • oil r:\nzf. call ^310 nflcr C p.m 9 17-T>k-2() ighl room residence clos* in. Missouri Streel. Price 850(10. Terms. Immediate possession. II. O. Campbell, phone 'M-Ki or 2'KiO. !) 10 ck tf pr.irllralty new. 17115 llearn. 0 I.S-pk-9!20 (Portraits of distinction. O'S(een's Studio. ck 0 30 llteautiTul new floral and weave patterns in Trim/ ready pasted wall paper have just arrived at Planters Hardware Co. 9 15 ck If (Reduced from S5.750 to $5,200. Five room residence, corner lot. S2.450 cash. H. C. Campbell, phone 4<I46 or 2JI30. 9 15 ck tf |SO ncrr blurk mixed soil. 7 room l.o'.;su 2 l-nrns. SJ25.00 nrr ncrc. |,"0 ncrrs. bluck tnixr-d soil. Joins »ooH town. 2 IIOHSPS. I )xirn. $115 00' per arrtr, |415 ncrcs. flno land, plenty of hn- pTOvpnicnts. prsxvol rontl on 3 Kldci Near Slcclc. 4200,00 nor ncre. I-JO nctf-K. Kootl 5 room liouso. and >»nrn. r-iir Parma, Priced to srll. .icrcs. ^ sooti honsrs and hnrns ut tn front This Vs n real brttvaln t Sl-fS.Ot) ppr aero. Iir yon want li\ml. sec us first. M. imrns. llraUor IlllythevtDe. Ark. | Pho»n .136; 9 I. 1 )-pX -9; 18 ilchrn cablnots; mahogany upright piano, excellent condltloti; single in apt e bed. bprhigr. and bRby's auto -seat, cnnvnn; swing snd ploy pen. Phone 2734. 9,16-pk-920 '. combines in poort running ordar. One with nintov. A. 1*. Murks. Clfar IJiKe. O.n-pk-9,20 MONBY TO LOAN Do you need a loan lo repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no rod tape. FHA approved rate 5'/. Afth for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 20:M Lyncli KldK., Ulythcvillc. J) 2:1 ck If 'or a Jlfensrd plumber or ror .export Btovn rCfialJ" work call Harry Mpyc-rs at Hubbrircl Hardware. 9,2-i:k-]0;2 Expert radiator repair for less. We have the best in radiator repair equipment. Let our trained man lx>il out and repair your radiator for you. Quick Service. Pickup and delivery. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Douglas Law5on> Mgr. Phone 2171. 8 9 tr Call Hill Davis for Free Estimate on Paperhanging and decorating. Phone -140!) 9 4 ck 10 4 JrliiU your family Isumdry to Mrs. MabJc TO('d 707 N. lltouclwiiy, lot prompt, Ni\llsr;ictory service at r^a- Mnmhlf! taltrs, [t 12-yin Wanted to Rent Yount; chrl.stInn couple Orslros apnrt- nirnt. D. E. Dnnlcl. I'luinc 20^2 dnv or 541 nlic. 3 io-ck-21 Wnnl to rent two or three room lionsr* or aparlmciH. rurnlshcd or unfurnished. Box ABC Courier News ' jlRht housekeeping mom. KltrhmieUe. bownstalrs. Close In or on bus llnf. Will consider partner In v/ho1e.~nU' food Items. Box AJf). FnrnUhrd or nnfnml<tnrd nparinicnt. Phone 27fi3. WORRIED... About Your Car? Bring it to us! Wlion cjir C'xpotisp HOPS ii]i :nul you h;ivo In mal<i' '.'. or '! vi'l.uni vi.sils (o M nulo sliop In K(!l. l.lic .]<ib dniifl I'iRl't, Ilicu it's limo yon did snninthii)<? jitjont. il ! Rrinj; your cur lo LAXGSTOX-\VKOTKN for c.\]iorl repairs by c;ii):il)lo mochfinios. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Buick Service Phone 555 FARM LOANS At Lowest Hntc I.OIIK Term (Juick Service A. F. Dietrich Unilcd Insiivanct' Ag Klli S. Isl. SI. IiiKrain Gin Supplies Oon'l leave Mlyllii-vllli^ to )niy (iln Suppllrs. \Vr nre euiupetl- livr \vitli uny inltl-;;<nilti linn un snp|)ly pi Ici-s. lluy hrre fur lii'tU'L 1 tiH't'chaiHliso mid luw- 1T prices. ^ U.S. Belting •£• Detroit Belt Hooks Crane Valves and Fittings ^ Pyrcne Fire Extinguishers Sec I'liinlcrs Hardware Now! Concrete CuSvert-ti!e KlzcH 10'* to 3G" • fRclnfdrccil or Nnn-Kelnfnrcert) Chrapi-r anil Longer I.usUn^ I1i:in any other Itrlilge M^lerlal. ('[iTicrclc units ftir S:inltt\ry Privy—Comirtilc Srptlc Twiihs. A. H. Webb llwj-. Cl N. ;ti Hliitc Line t'lionc lllyllicvlllc 111 Head Courier News \VunL Ads. Farm Loans At Lowest Hate ol' Interest Quick Service A. F. Dietrich United Insurance I (if) S. Isl. SI. hiKi-iim Hide; RADIO REPAIR I AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MOniJI,. HK- I.IAISLK WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 Wn call for and Deliver FRED CALUHAN fOlectricRl Appliance Co. Au(horlzc<) Motorola Kadto S:ilcs anil Service 10B Soull! f!snl SI. City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 fur Kzpert Kep*ui S2t K»«t Main HL Felix A. Carney PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Iteat Inlets Kirby Drug Stores CAN W ATK II A IP IN KIDNEY —BLADDER Disorders? YPK- Tr ll's Mnuntnlii Valley Mineral W:itrr. Hip famous liraHh wjit<;r from Hot .Springs, Ark:uts:is. iMoiniluitt V:il]i-y lie]!). 1 ; stjnuikilR kldnpy nclkin, r;onl]in hlruiilor iri'italiou. conilmt uric-ncldlly. V/hy not iiivi- Mountnir; Valh'y u tiinl? ft lias liolpnd many llitoi sands for nuirc dial) 50 years. Ui-llijlitfiil tn drink . . . (ii'livi-rcd just as It JKiws nl Hoi Springs. Ordrr a Mipply lodiiy. Ciill or v;ritft for Vx>nkli^t. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and DlTlii» Blythevllle, Ark. RECTAL DISEASES (All TTT*» PAGE THIRTEEN IHien I Wipe the Windshield Shall I, Tell, Him About the Lipstick on His Cheek? Thiil would lie n very sinull service for one of inir Million titlfiuUnls lo rentier, jb They're iiltio exprrts ut complete servicing of anto- nuiliilcH. HUH your cor hu<l winter luliricaliotit. Drive in HIU! let MS do nil iill-'roniid good jolt! LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. II r. Bonrtcc I Wreck*™ . Phone Tevuro 1'rntlnctii O / O Bclberllllt Tire* I DON EDWARDS "Th« TyptwrKrr Mrnn* HMITII, COItONA Bad KKMINdTON PUBTABL* 110 N. BF.COND BT. PHONE nn (EVBry Trunsnctlou MUST BE 8ATIBFAOTOBT) I <'il if I liiKiw whi'ltidr I'iiw'.s KOIK; tub sloop r adinirin' lln-l. now nwilov \n\ K<1\ at. SKAY COMPANY! AHen Pickard's EAST END SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Surplus Army Goods • Supplies • Shoes Son us for (lie very h?sl in Army surplus slmcs. ]S'r;irly nc\v—Kc- luiill—TII ISi: Itfliulll. Hundreds fur s:ilp. ({iioiidty I'riros Avail- iilih-. 112 Lilly Street 1/2 Rlk South East Main We Guarantee I RECAPPING with Hiwkinson Treads Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS Cost More — Worth Mort MODLNGER TIRE CO. 118 E. Main FbuMi _f I'RTCTI.I.A'S POP Hut \Voroh Gy AL VERMEE1 That's wonderful, Prisc/l/a! f'ni proud of Y I had to Jenny Lu s/x before / cou/d take it away from her/

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