The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, IWi Cuban Police Revolt Flares Up; 7 Killed (HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 17. (UP) — An Insurrection* Inside the |x>wer- ful National Police £\>rce, In which seven 'persons already hnd been killed, apparently flared up ngniu yesterday when iwlicc fought a Kim battle with an automobile load of men in the vedado quarter. The police were in a patrol c«r. They did not suffer any casualties and it could not be determined whether the men In the other automobile had been hit. Seven persons were killed and six wounded in bitter fighting Monday and National Police Chief Col. Fnbio Ruiz said the leaders .of the Insurrection were either dead or lorkeri up at Columbia Army Camp. But reports had spread that friends of the leader, Maj. Emllio Tro, who was killed, were, going about armed and threatening to start trouble. Taking cognizance of these reports, Minister of Interior Alejo Cossio Del Pino ordered police In pairs, armed with rifles, to patrol the streets, lie also Issued a decree forbidding automobiles to go faster than -25 miles an hour. Television Otters Boon to Medical Teaching :<-$* EXPENSIVE BONFIRES Ten -thousand - dollar bonfires were built frequently by Luther Burbank when he burned the thousands of experimental plants grown in developing his famous creations. Read Courier News Want Ads A revolutionary advance in leaching medicine nnd surgery was envisioned after three hundred surgeons attending the 33ci anmiol congress of the American College of Surgeons at the Waldorf- Astoria in New York City wore given a closeup view of an operation, \vilh running vocal description. rjciriB performed in n hospital two miles away. Photo at left shows New York hospital sur- nenns removing u patient's thyroid (jland us the television camera above tliem focuses on tlieir lunds. At right, surgeons at the convention two miles away follow the operation via the screen on one of five television receivers. W (pj--! JS^*m^**te*t*tj[i T BY UFA SEaVlCC, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 1-n "Did you let it out around the neighborhood that I used to bo a carpenter? I've got two calls tonight from peopia who say they can't hire a man to do 'a few little jobs'!" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER I He Discreet xxvn GLENN was leaving j ; the Lair, and on his last evc- ining the Woodwards, mother and son, were giving a formal dinner [for the Staff, the invitation \m- iplj'ing honor to the departing Dr. 'Glenn. There had been a liltle isurpriscd comment over the party, jlhough it was a natural, social -thing for the Woodwards to do. In jvarious ways, the Staff members ;had entertained them; this was itheir repayment of a social debt. ;No more might be made of it. [ - -Everyone planned to attend, jfcowever, \yilh more interest than 'similar dinners had aroused. iWonld the Glenns really appcaV? iMalcolm, who must hate Woodward in a particularly deadly -way? Nancy, about whom the •whole Hospital buzzed? Martin, who had never concealed his dis- Jilce for Woodward? No one on the Staff would willingly miss the party. . Malcolm himself was very tired when he went home from the hospital that night, and dragged himself upstairs to dress. Jiminy, he was tired! He'd not go lo the dinner if it were anyone but the Woodwards. Funny, yon could be rude to n friend. To a man you hated as much as he did Andrew Woodward, you had to be meticulously polite. He showered, letting the water run stinging cold at the last, hoping its sharp stimulation would revive him. He shook his head impatiently as he began to get into his clothes; now and then his fingers brushed across his eyes. He heard the door open; he glanced over his shoulder. Nancy was standing against the door, her head back against the while wood, tier eyes shining. "You'd better be getting dressed," Malcolm said, feeling the words stumble on his tongue. "I'm not going to the party, Malcolm," Nancy said carefully. He leaned toward the mirror. 'This dog-goned tie. We have to jo to this parly, Nancy 1 . I don't waul to — any more than you do — jut this is a Staff dinner, and cer- [ainly the AHing Chief and his wife must show up." "You must, you mean," she said, still in that careful way, as if she spoke lines from a play, carefully wrillcn, carefully rehearsed. ,"! don't menu, ever again, lo do nny- Ihing as your wife. Not anything." Malcolm plopped with one slrap of his while braces stretched up and out beyond his shoulder. "What do you mean by IhalV" he aslted stupidly. "Just whalj say," she answered in a thin, hysterical tone. "I'm not going to act as your wife any more, Malcolm. I'm goinft tu divorce you — " lyfALCOLM adjusted t!ic braces, IU - turned lo the bed for hi; waistcoat. "You're cra^y," he mid flatly. "You know you can'l divorce me. You haven't nny reason — for one thing." "You'd better not oppose me! she cried. "H you won't give me a divorce. I warn you that I'll go away with Andrew without one." His vest buttoned awry, Mnl- cohn stood as if turned to stone. Nancy threw the donr open, went out, slammed it behind her. Malcolm rubbed bis linger tips together, looking into the mirror to sec if he could tell how he was doing with the buttons. Waves of light lifted and fell across the burnished glass. His cold, numb fingers fell of the buttons, delected bis mistake. Moving like an old man whoso senses arc dulled, ho lebulloncd his vest. Gropingly, be took up his coat and put it on. Ho managed to find his \valch, snmc tnoney —by touch he got the thick white scarf Nikki had given him, "olded it about his throal, clumsily ml on his top coat. Hal in hand, feeling for the railing, lia ivcnl down (be stairs. His car stood at the curb; he .valkcd past it, being very careful ns he crossed the side streets. He could Icll objecls indistinctly, and ')>• concentrating, lie wondered if ic looked as pea-green as he felt, le hoped nol. Going to this house, joining Hie Stair members there, hoped lo God he would not jctray what be was feeling, show ivhat was happening to him. Could a man sland among the crumbling columns of his life's temple and look as if the roof and walls stood securely about him?. IT it were in nny way possible, Malcolm Glenn wished to appear so tonight. fT was a pale, reserved man in becominti evening clothes who me up on the porch ot the Woodward home, gave his coal and scarf and liat to the white- jackelcd boy in Hie hall, walked across the living room carpel, and extended an icy hand lo the litllo lady in black satin, a fold of lace while against her wrinkled throat. People were about- Malcolm recognized voices, spoke to Dr. Hrnck, and to the Palliologist, Dinkin, and his wife. Me acknowledged Woodward's greeting with sliir lins, a careful tongue. He fell a tug at his sleeve, and gingerly beiit his head lo Mrs. Woodward. "DocLor," pbe said softly, "do you have a headache?" "You are a clever diagnostician," Maleoiin answered. His eyes clearing, he could see her shoulder lift in a shrug. "1 have had migraine—over since Andrew was bciiu," she said quietly. Malcolm made an unintelligible sound. "I'll be all right in a few minutes—" "Yes," she murmured, touching his elbow as if lu guide him. "Step t)iil upon the porch for a little while—the fresh air will be good for you. Dinner will not be announced for a time, and people will not bolher you there." (Tn He Continued) • , •': Free Delivery CaU PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20<I3 1014 Chickasawba Upholstering Add new colors In your home and prolong I lie life of your flimiture. 1. Expert- Craftsmen 2. Finest Materials 3. Custom Styling E. V. WALLS 21 sf Street at Gateway YOICKS.VOUNG 'Uf-JSJ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'D LOST YOUR LAST FRIEND.' WET HAVET, IM A WAY.' OUR PAL LARO IS MAKING LIKE THAT SQUARE IN THE POEM MISS KAY READ US--JUST FOR A HANDFUL OF SILVER HE LEFT US"/ BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS i MAIN OFFICE MCE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line 071 the left at the Arch 7 Crown Calvert Schenley Three Feathers Hill& Hill Old Taylor Four Roses . ; . . H Ft 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.40 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5% Beer Kb 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.SO per Case $2.8.8 17.5c; ... ...Ethyl 19.5c :AI! Brands Cigarets,ctn. $1.35 re 9 YEAH. WERE FED up WITH HIM AND KS PRECIOUS MONEY ' SWING THE AX. ON LARD • BUT SP6AK KINDLY OF US MONEy/ WE'RE GOIM6 TO NEED SOME OF rr ABOOT MOW/ STUDEBAKERS S CHAMBLIN SALES CO. £ J^ Sales—Studebaker—Service T) Headquarters for Guaranteed New r. ; m<l Used Cars and Trucks *P ^^ 1347 New Inl. 1J« ton Short Wheel Base ^"* TJ 1947 New Ford I'A ton Long Wheel Base T^ JfJ 1047 New International 1 [4 Ion Long Wheel Base •! 1946 Uodge !* ton Pickup A 1016 Chevrolet !i ton 1'ickup JT 1B4G GMC Y- ton Pickup f\ 1U41 Chevrolet ?i ton IX^ 1041 Chevrolet J4 ton Pickup -B^T AX. 1040 Inlernatioiial 1 ton IV. 1047 New Ford "8" Coupe |_* 1942 Nash Z-Door -pt J_| mil Plymouth 2-Door f", T011 Stuilebnkcr 4-I>oor '^ TJ IUM DeSolo 4-Door Sedan -Q S T U D EBAKE RS WASH TUBBS It's an Wind I'll KM B> THIS LETTER. TO DR. McAPPLE CAM'T FAIL TO BRING A REPLY THAT WILL SILENCE THE SLANPCR ABOUT ME Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BUSIER.' TRV TO ROLL ME O\6R OM ^A.y BAcvi/ -~-I \MAvM M/ I TEST MN DO ^DO VJ/VOfT ' EIJfT?-**- T. US 10 BE PRETTY SHARP Ort A PITCVV CALLED THEr SPir-V , GLAD- C IWORS.tUE MISSUS 16 ALLERGIC TO NOISE ?-«-- <5HE HEARS TOO ASAMV THUDS UOV'WSTMRS ISi WE "DARK VJS4EM THE VMW 1(4 Ar-TER AM EA'EN.MN!G AT TrtS L1BRAR.V / r~> --- Out Our Way ByJ.R. WiSliams IT'S h^RD TO BELfEVE BUT THIS IS "TH' FIRST D.-VWM IM ALL MY LIFE J'VE EVER BEgM UP TO S-EE--SO I'M GOMNA &1T RISHT HERE AM' EMJOV l^= \V.\TCH1M' IT ,S=^ OIT PAY.' F^——. H6P66THEONE i YOU PliTATEP TO THE MANAGER OF YOUR FARM, MR. MtKEE..ABOUTTH£ NEW TRACTOR [T. M.KEC. U.S. PAI.Otr I HAUE THE TRACTOR PICTURES WHICH 1 WISH TO ENCLOSETMI PEEP5, ANP WILL MWL 90f.\ LETTERS ON MY WAY JO THE TRftlN YOUR LETFER.S ? HAO ONLY BEEN A BIT MORE CAKEFL1 AS HE PICKEP THEM UP!! RKT> Showdown THE OLD PILLOW SOAK VIC FLINT r«tt OTHER FROM MISS Lr86YUNGTOBEDE- tlVHttOIDWi.VKfllNT-- "IWSONAILY? NOT THflT ITi «V Of MY BUSINESS, BUT WHATS All THE HUSH- HUSH A8WT? A "I'oisonaV THE OLD 6EH11EWAN WHO CAVE HE WESSESGER THIS IETTER TO DtLIVER TO ME &AVE HIM FWE-OOUARBIIL. HE KID WAWED TO NOW IF IT WAS ANY GOOD. BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE IT WAS ONE Of THE CXD URGE SIZE NOTES IK USt BEFORE THE BUREAU OF ENSSAVIMG DESIGNED THE SMALLER Bill. HOl-JDY, 5A-ODAU-' \PRETlr 5£RlOUs K'HAtS CS5 YO1JR.CMS5D.' •\Y 0055. nfi. CO,\vT£R, fo SEE You-' GIT o,<5 YCLJ h!O55 Bv FRED IT ARM AN COALTSR, THAT L "DOKI'T LIKE to 02 w\nt£D PLACES WITH ACS US5! ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAML1N KK~: THESE TRACKS A^E N FSESH, ^LL. RIGHT...DlNNV'S BEEM HERE. BUT - J * WHERE IS X HE NOW? S» ALL RK3KT. BOYS... SPRE ^D OUT A FIND OOR5 DlNOS.MJ^.' ONCS \\ = 6ET THE CRITTER. OUe PUBLIC ' EMEMV NUMBER. ONE WILL. r-'-T ••N V FI ND TH' COIN' PRETTl TCUfiK.' 'f- - 1 ifr--' ^J'-r.g'* ANH BUDDIES Huh? «y EDGAR iMAKTIN aooo WELCOMt HOflt,

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