The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1948
Page 5
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1948 BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE Man Is Killed In Night Club Brinkley Resident Shot While Trying To Separate Fighter* By Unltert Press At least four persons died violently in Arkansas over the week-end Including one in a Forrest Cily nigh club fight, one of burns and two by drowning. Curtis Davis, 29-year-old Brink ley night club employe, was shot to death during an argument at madhouse two miles east ot For res,l City. Officers .said today that Woodrow Complon. 28-year-otd em- ploye of {he same establishment, was being held in si. Francis Comity Jail. Deputy Sheriff Ray Campbell said CompUm pulled a pistol (luring an argument with J. U. French of Brinkley and that Davis was shot when he attempted to separate the two men. In Little Rock, Miss Fanny Mae WiJkins, 39-year-old garment plant worker, died of burns suffered in her home. Her housecoat was said to have become ignited [rotn r stove. At Dermott. Prosecuting Attorney J. F. Gibson said he had filed negligent homicide charges against the driver of a truck which somersaulted into Douess River Saturday drowning two young women. The accident happened on a gravel road between Montrosc and Lake, Village. Gibson sajd charges were filed against Jack Burns of El Dorado. Tlie bodies of the two women. Hattie Weeks of HoUanddale, Miss., and Catherine Breedlove of Lake Village, were recovered. At Blytheville. Patricia McCarver. the eight-year-old daughter Mr. and Mrs. Roy McCarvcr o( Ca- rnthersville, Mb,, died of burns suffered when her clothing caught afire. A Roaring Good Bedtime Story Railroad Head Sees Chance to Be President lus wilr fin nr In, "She walked Iti with liquor on her bmith inul sivUt .she \\nnlct) a night of miut lovcv" Hrix'ohno tc's- UlK'd. "Then she \VOMI In dm \VI-L-, piilh'd oul lwo knivivs. Jubbod one ni (iiy buck niul sUilibM me In ihc ICR with Ihi* oilier," Hiwolmo sit hi ho dLsaniied his \viti 1 but, wn.s so shocked 1m drove to iv ftui'ior 1 . 1 ) home 25 iiillc'.i rtwiiy to be iL'oiUotl, Heiul Courier News Wivnt Arts. Hot Ncwk Tip llAKUISHUnci, I'M. (UPJ — Tlic .VHUIIK reporter stcpiwd Inio the office and nskcd If Lhere was anything dnlnx. "Nothing, son," .taut the chief ot police, "exctiJt there's a building on (Ire acirtxvi the slreel," Bingo, an n\cil young lioness who likes bedtime stories, literally roars wilh laughter as her trainer Dick Clemens reads aloud >" bed from a Mother Goose story book in a Memphis. Teim.. hotel. The animal performs in the Hnnid-Murlon Shrine Cirrus. Prayer and Hovering Tern Credited With Keeping Sailor Afloat in Sea CHICAGO, Feb. '23. (UP)—HobuM 1 R. Voting, hend of the ChcsR^oukr , mid Oliio KjiihoHd, thinks thai uy ' 1952 ho has a ehinice of becoming president of the United SlnlCfi, Advertising AKP inaRrtziup said today. Young Im.s never held « political oil ice anil hn.s voted both the He* publican and DIMIIOC mile ik-kris. ihc magazine said. In ivn interview i'ciwvted by \\\v magazine, Young MUi UitU "tliei 1 ^ t'c 10,000 business men who could make a belter prcsUlenl titan any or the men now beUis considered." Tlii* Interviewer asked, "Snchul- inu youtsell?" YovniR nocldod, the reporter .sciit). "He said ihdl he was 'primarily concerned with pulling the rail- roncis Iwck on their feel,' but hi- would take (be blgRcr job if It were 'ollrred' to him," the .slory said. "He is dlsguslcd with bttlh pur- ties but has 'more respect for the Democrats; they're more consistently reprehensible.' "Ho believes Pi'c&ldenV Trumnu Ls the -loRicix] 1 choice of the UtMno- ernt.s this year but that in 1052 the Hemm-rais iniRlit well pick him," the tnai;a?,itie .snid. Young, who nl.w heads the Al- lenhrny Corpovatlon. is a imlivo ol Cnnadi;n;, Tex. 5 Husbands Show Wives How Pickting's Done NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UP)—Downtown, John Orman and Gene Myers are bankers, Tom Evans is a lawyer, Jack Eakin is an electrical engineer, and Charlie Andrews is an advertising man. But once each year they gather at. ABOARD S. S. SANTA CLARA, At Sea, Feb. 23. iby radio to New j York) tUPi — A .ship's carpenter ,^aid today tliat ni.iyov and a --ea- I bird that hovered overncad like -* | "gnotl spirit' 1 kept hop** ulive duv- j int? three lear-riddeji hours in the : open sea. j Toinas Montanoz, 32. of New York, j fell overboard from this Grace Line () f i Caribbean .ship Friday during a boat drill. He was not missed until the ship had sicamed 25 miles away, "A tern nnne and circled nbove me." Motuanez snid. "I felt it was a £ood sjjirit come lo keep me company. Capt. John Fora tin. .skipper of come to keep me company. They tell me the bird was still above me when I was sighted. "I played to God to help me stay afloat, "Wli°n I he ship came back to me f could nor see her because the suit water in my eyes for three hours had temporarily blinded me, but 1 could hrnr the propeller. I tl'icd to work my way (oward it. Before 1 heard my shipmates shouting to me I wavrd and shouted n great deal toward the noiyc of the propeller, thus cxhausing my la* ; strength." "Night of Mad Love" Brings on Divorce CHICAGO iUP)—JudBC Jos S;ttintli crautecl a divorce to a wiuv.e wife siild she wnnied "a niKht. of mad love," tiled to kill him with two Nello Dvocollno told Die coviu he was In bed at midnight, when urund as ways to relieve week-end crowd!MK in the cit'ylockups. Sunday Courts ship, said the rescue wa.s a one in 1/-M lljeaal 1.000 chance. He credited a pussen- " c '" •««=»" per. Norbcrl Berghqff. of Fort Wayne, Ind,. with eyes sharper thnn binoculars for sighting Momancz' bobbing head after tile ship bad back-irackcd on its course. Seamen Raiinondo Rivera, 45, and Isidoro Marcan, 50. both of New CHICAGO iUP>—An ecclesiastical canon law of 511 A.D., an English court ruling in 1505 anil the couri decision on a Chicago murder case a centvny ai:o Indicate Sunday court here would be the Orman house, chase their wives | York, dived from a lifeboat com- mantled by Chief Officer William Humphreys, of South Amboy, N.J., to drag ^loiv.atie?. from the water. After his rescue, Montanez told Ship's Purser Harrison Mitchell tnc following story: "I was leaning against the bulwark, but I lost my balance aurt overboard, l was unable lo shout before .striking the water. When I camn to the surface, the ship traveling at better than 17 knots was out of earshot so I riid not waste my breath. "Within a short, time Hie vessel was out of siRhi and I dirt not ex- j pect to see her a pain, but hoped I some- other ship might pick me \:\i. Little blue herons make a late; -At about the time the ship dis- summer pilgrimage to the north- [ appeared a torn came and circled ern states Irom the deep south. i above me. I felt it was a poori .spirit out of tii kitchen atid become, what they proudly call a first-class picking learn—tomato pickling. They work with production - lik? smoothness, with Banker Orman calling the signals and riming a Kub-as.setnbly line of glass jars with the iiecessary dill, garlic and onions in them. Banker Myers washes tnc tomatoes. Lawyer Evans quarters them. Engineer Eakin inspects the quarters and packs the jars, and Andrews, the advertising man handles the brine and screws DH the tops. Evans, first to finish, also is the coffee maker. Municipal Judge Joseph H. McGarry reported to Chief Justice Edward 5. SheK'.er ot the municipal court lhat in an 184B Chicago I CUSP the state supreme courl held 1 a judge would be guilty of murder | • if he sentenced a man to death on : Sunday. The <lcciKi<m was based on the English court ruling In the. 16th ccntry which cited the canon law. From the decision. Judge Mc- Gniry concluded that clerks and 1 bailiffs would be justified in refus- ; ing to serve on Sundays, since they , would make themsclfs liable to suits for false imprisonment- He said the municipal court act would have, to be amended by pon- < ular referendum to make Sunday 1 courts possible* They hiivn bcci So You're Ready For Spring Cleaning! THEN HERE'S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW -— About Cleaning — Where to get it Done Rugs Cleaned We clean any type rug with j;uar- aivtecd. torvectness. Youi' best is safe here. We have a spccinlist at work always. Blythevilte's only complete rui; cleaners. 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