The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1948
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, in 18 ULTTHEVIU.K <ARK.)" COURIER NEWS PAGE THREM Senator to Seek Investigation Of Simultaneous Increases in Steel Prices Across the Nation lly Austin ('. Wehrwrlu I'niled 1'ri'ss Staff t'urrfsiiumluni WASHINGTON, Feb. 23. <U.I'.» Sen. John J. Spnrktnan, D., AU- today urged a Justice Department investigation to &ee If the steel industry viola toil ami-trusi laws in boosiinx pnces. "It's difficult, to hcc how different companies, with different operating locations ami different, costs, can always agree on exactly (Ue same price increase," S]K»rkman said. He .said there wns -tin justifies-4» linn" for the $5 to $7 a ton boast f announced JaM week on .srmi-fin- t^;shrd steel. E\on a.s u was. he. said, t 51 eel companies wen- pay hit? "b't divideiul.s and om i company even rjaki an extra, dividend." Spar km an called tor an JUiU-tnusl inquiry a.s Pirsidem Truman's Council i>{ Economic Advi.sri'.s be- fian a study of Junv the new boost Will Jlffet'l lively UiM.S. Fears Itrjirri'iissiims Some expert on the govcrnim-m'.; "economic general siaff"$feared i'j Chilling Spin had clashed hopes for at least a halt of ijsiiiK prices. Tiiey said the elfeci.s event tiiilly might be higher nmional costs for 40 per cent of American industry — more costly autos. home appliances, kitchen utensils, etc. In short, everything made of steel. A:s part of the study. Chairman Edwin G Nollrse and hi.s t'.vo colleagues on the economic council arranged olf-the-ieroril mretinn this week with leaders of steel and olh- Decentralization Of Capitol Urged Wisconsin Senator Would Use Television As Means of Voting WASHINGTON. Fi'b. 23. (UP) — Sen. Alexander Wilry, R., Wis.. SUR- geMA thai Congress .should make plans right no** to "legislate by television ' in fhf event there is a iia- linnal emergency brought on by j atomic lxnnb attack. I He envisioned the possibility of a bombed-out capital, in which in members ot the House, ami Scim'.c would gather in various sections <<1 i lie counlfv and cast thoir votes "wo Di« When Truck '/tinges Over Bridge l,AKK VIIJ.AOK. Ark, Fell. 71 Ul'i—Two women were killed Hat- irdny when the truck In which they wete ridittjt with two men plunged iner R bridge raiting (Ivn miles ILOILI the Mississippi .state hnf. The deud M-re identilied as Ca- tlieune Hieedlovt 1 , of Itike Village, (I Hatlle Wicks, o[ llollandule. Miss The (wo men Identified aft Jncic, minis o! Bl Dortidn, Ark., mid Rny- Ijiii n KIIIK, of HmnijniK, Ark., swnnt to short 1 . The two couples were ridliiK In the cull of llir truck on a Riavel highway brl\vei>n Montrtxse an-,1 Lake VillrtHe. The truck hit an bntiurnt mill wen", over the mil. Sheriff John Dings of Chleot County .said thai nil )>ut the ilsUt liont wheel ol lh« truck was submerged. The bodies ol Ihe two women were recovered, one from the tub, the ollipr «ntnnuled fci near the river bunk. barbed wlro« Head Courier News Want Atls, Whte Die averaiji age o* farmhouse* in tin United 8!al« '» aboMt SO years, thrce-nu»rter» ol the New HitKland farmhouses »r» nbtnit CO years old . industries. They will include all- j by television on important legisla- to maker.s. All sovernmcm economists ' I uve I Wiley 1101 share Noutse's (ear thai sicel prices would have "Ear reach- ins repercussions." Some comiiHTce. dcpartmenl cx|»its said .steel prices have been too low compared with those of oilier basic commodities. Therefore, they said, the increase wilt have no serious effect on the nation's economy. Others, however, argueri that it would not only increase the general price level but stimulate demands for wage boosts. As support they cited last nifhl's i.iinouuci- mci'il by CIO President Philip Mur^ay that his organization was determined to seek "substantial wauc increases" and s:ep up its fi«ht tor price-ration controls.- Murray, \\iio also heads the CIO United SteeUvorkctrs, ciici not mention the steel price increase. But he said in ?- statement that strong inflationary pressures still exist de- , . . folded Joe Gilison pilclu-s and pins knives arottnil her. He i c on Uiuinj; lo kecu from cai vins; his spouic in Ne.\v \ork bpo jiicn's Sho\v Ihi'tHcr-cliller. board, blind- He i chc.s rls- made his proposal in a spcecli read for him Friday night on an NBC broadcast by Rep. Lawrence H. Smith. R., Wis. Wiley bf- ranie ill and was unable to appear for hi.s .scheduled adiires.s. But his .speech reasserted tlut answer to national .security. The choices. Wiley said, are "decent ruhzntinn or doomsday." "order or chaos," "vigilant preparedness or sinu^ iiuTtia." "Then a tonne uoinb.s bltisting WK.shiiigton, New York, Detroit, Lns Angeles. Clucr.^o, Philadelphia. Ho.stoji. Si, Louis. Milwaukee nn'l NV\v Orleans could destroy our principal a^eticie.^ and offices of government." he -said. "They could obliterate 70 per cent of our industrial facilities, kill or maim one- half of our national population and. Psychologist Seeks to Aid Wives In Waging Battle Against Boredom By Ki'ii Ford United I'M-.:. Stuff CiiiT CLEVELAKU. Feb. 23. " (UP) said tmi;ty 111! 1 men would set their men stalled off each d;iy in liie rifcht Inum- ot \ mind by ifriunt; a poem at Incnk- | fast, for example. But, .said Dr. Doris Twiehell-Al- i leu, don't Jet ll^e loast burn while (Loiiif: ii. Thai wohid IOIIHC U]> tiling generally. j Routine, plus luck of mKuuiuuion, : causes much and on* 1 [ of the prcaU'Sl ihreats to marri:iL:". | she said. There's lots of \vnys to beat buie- ciotn, a^conling to ihc lady with ihe ; hyplienated-hantlle. Tak« for Burdette School Has founder's Day Program r-iundrr's Day I'royrnr.i was plv- spno the recent commodity market of democracy and hunin . in one terrible flash, end the world \ pj t . ij ln housewite-iru-nti ot U break and prices. the skirt in some lood Janitor Paid By Police in Damage Suit 67- his CHICAGO. Feb. 23 lUP'i— A year-old former janitor and wife were making plans today to i tetirc nr; Ihc $20.000 which Ihey will, receive from 11 policemen in .settle-: nient of a d»ninge suit- Hector Verburgh and Iiis N wife,, :vSu/.anne. had sought S 125.000 daina- fc:cs for alleged illegal arrest and inislveatmciit. by police during thr investipation of the Su/anne UPR- nan kidnap-slayiug two years ago. The aged couple agreed to an o\it-of-court sctUPinont nf $20,000. It will be paid by the 17 policemen. The City of Chicago will not contribute to the settlement. I Verburgh was & janitor in an i apartment building in the neighbor-' hood where the Dcginni girl wns plain and dismembered. In his suii, lie charged the police with torturing i him to obtain a confession. j Wlllam Hcirens, the 18-year-old j University of Chicago .student, later; confessed lo the crime. He \v«s given a life .sentence;. Many prominent police officials.' including Police Commissioner John Prendergast, Chief of Detectives Walter Storms, and Ray Crane,', chief of the uniformed police, were' named in the suit. Verburph is now farming a small j vegetable garden on the outskirts of Chicago. He has indicated that he might like to return lo Belgium to relirc. j and happiness. 1 As immediate moves in the interests of safety Wiley suggested that: 1. Congress should plan for decentralization of its own branch ->f government, even if this means •'legislation by television simultaneously from 30 or 40 different poini.5 of our country in of a national emergency." 2. The Armed Services .should re.- lam their personnel for decentralization and take the central head- quart rrs of the Army. Navy and Air Forces away from Washington's Pentagon. 3. The Civilian Del ens* Unit of the National Defense Departme:i* .should speedily mobilize the best brains in the land for adeqate, practiL-i>i. realistic planning on de centralisation. freedom j ivichclt-AUen who played fclschni- kowsky whslc wa.shiiiL; the living room run. That made 'the job a creative dance, not jiut tinny rubbing," she said. For the most part, the j"h of get- Um; the day smtcd off on ihc viplu, loot resTs upon the lady ol the house, she said. "The woman must set the mnod and airuasphere. hi.slead of fretting over ihe prospect of doing ihu , breakfast dishes. Learn some poems and si art the innrnhiR by rrriiintf thpjn." said Dr. Twichell-Ailcn. More important yr-i. said I tie le- injue imnd-prober now tioiui; ie- seareh on personality, if you Iei-1 irritable in I he morning just keep , c[iuet. Above all. don't nag. That " I can wreck the clay faster than foilLs l.iy HI the Bunlctle School. :;fter winch a social hour was he.Ul. The pnv^iam wa.s opened wi'.h tin 1 sim;inK ol the P. T. A. S"ng i.fu-i uhirh » piaver was given In Mrs, !!. I,. Rusliing. The Wei- j i nmr iiddn.-s \\:ls given by Mrs. ,'. ' J. Miiis'im and Mrs. H. L." Kubanks rrad i)ie piesidcnts message. A Inijiiie to our Sounders \VLIS ::i'.cu iiy Miss V<-rna McKnown, Mrs. Karnest Rue. Mrs. Marvin bane. Mrs. Duyle Turner. Mrs. Ruth Alexander and Mis. S. S. Patterson. Music ,\as presented by the glee club accompanied by Mrs. Statl- lord. Those who participated in the play, ' Lvaileiship Eternal" were Mrs. Mikiierl Trail as narrator, Mrs E. A. Hanks. Mrs. Shed Bevill, Miss Loi.s Fields. Mrs. J. E. Crook. Mrs. Arthur Hicks anil Mrs. .1. H. Mc- Nuir. A jyvM'.. 'I Teach School" was given by !,. H Aulry. Rfujm count was won by the fifth grade. Enr ycncr.iUinis liccn devoting t lo tins fiitc.U ot iv.itts \sL; altoutiuir Pl.uc Si-miiy, DREIFUS llriiifiis . . . \Viiiir Uiiiniiiiiiis :UG \U!iT MAIN SI. IIQIIII IK MIMfHIl, lUTHlVSlU *»0 D At Dreifus 10-Day Special on WATCH repairing We will clean your watch FREE OF CHARGE while repairing it. Where parts must be furnished, you pay only for the part and labor . . . We clean your entire movement free of charge. 1-Day Service to Out-of-Town Customers let <t$ make yotir o/<( watch - •• 5-DAY SERVICE again ALL WORK I GUARANTEED I FACTORY TRAINED WORKMEN REASONABLE PRICES! Thol't riglil, our friendly itore is head- quaften ior putting your watch in tip- lop condition- Regarcflesi of moke or condition, v;a spocioliic in repairing, cleanino, adjuslirty your timepiece. Coino in tomorrow ai;d sovo moncyl DHEIFUS Mrisl llrtiit'iiK . . , Wuiir lltiuiiiuuls 4 31lf MST MAI1V iT. . ILHHIVIH.I mo o 72o/t'f6e One BLESSED RELIEF FROM PftlNFUL ftGONY OF AND 4 The present trend of federal ayrmrirs to move bnrk to Wa.shing- t o 11 sh oukl oc re versed. CVrnniic 5 reek tiln nnincc] or iron Jap Demo Party Head Fifth Premier Since War TOKYO, Feb. 23. <UPi—Hitoslii ' Ashida. vctenm conservative tHplo- n\:it ;uul pv^.^idcixt, of the Demo- era lie Party, Saturday was elccleti Japan's filth premier since the war at- a pk'tiaiy se.ssian of the Diel- Asliida immediately announced lie wouici nttenipt to form a middle-of-the-road coalition cabinet next Monday. The 60-vcar-f)!d former fo.iTign minister in the la^t cabinet was expectPri lo bo fully acceptable to Gen. Do\i':i\as MacArirvur, supreme allied cotninander. SlK'rdlxml Playful CHICAGO <UP> — A speedboat swerved and threw Miss Gcorci.i ilronks inlo Lnke Geneva, \Vi.s., thn Nntinral Safc'y Council report?. Then it veered" a pain, to.^.sed her 10 leet into the flir and caught her neatly on it,s prow. in the morning mail, she said. | Rest thiu«. she -.uUU'il, is lo be [.simply "orderly and friendly." | In the battle against boredom. ; she .said, one musi appreL-Siitr li!V .ind bo excited—bui about wluu, .she didn't .say. Read Courier News Want Ads is f.jiind l;v many hero in ilif fan '' I kno n hniiii.-I i'l.i'f of rlir ianif.n,'.-.^ iilni bud \\' illiaclvil fi'rl so painful One Icasi ;itli' c |ia wlli'j iir ll ft.rc^ :dl civet. xtnfnl of C.-211S in wnlcr l.ring iir^nil roinforl. lili'.ved rrlirl Iliat rhcuiii.llio -tal. Aeii at lliu ftoro lor C-JJJ3. 300 Fi^ctrical Mechanics Besf Equipped Service Plant In The South Recognized Electrical Center of Arkansas ELECTRIC COMPANY El Dorado Little Rock West Memphis Contact Your Nearest Foe/on Service Plant ONLY 1 OUT Of 10 HOMES HAS ADiQUATI OR PROPER" HEATING! NEAT YOUR HOME CArys/er dirfemp The Right Place To Buy Your Cor . . . 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