The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1948 Security Council Gets Tough Issue International Army Advocated to Prevent Land Strife Holy LAKE CUCCESS, N.Y.. Feb. 23. (UP)— Four prominent American!, including Mrs. Franklin 1). Roosevelt, an American delegate to the United Nations, urged the UN Security ouncil today to Jorm an international army for Palestine without delay. New Edition of Who's Who Contains Lot of New Names/ Editors Disclose By Georjre Hochreln Unlttd Press slatl Correspondent \ CiriCAGO, Feb. 23. (UP)— More tlian 5,000 persons including crooner Frank Sinatra, broke Into Itie ] r reference booh of the famous "Who's ! , Wlio In America," for the first time ! ; today. I Sinatra, along with Pan- '< Ictte Qoddard, Cowboy Iloy Rouen, and Minerva Pious, radio's "Mr.s. Nussbaum," appeared in the Dii'ii- nlel edition ol the Blue Book of famous people. The new edition was placed on sale today. Tlie bi(! crop of new "pciionalt- tlcs"' In llic book more tlinn made The four Americans, acting on tlio | f b t , ^ WBrtlmc o ,f lc ci« .o nf tha fnt^fnl nn^iiriK- rnilMPIl ' i •*"..* ,w u eve of the fateful security council debate of the Palestine partition program, also called for the lifting o{. the United States embargo on arms shipments to Holy Land Jews and the consideration of political and economic sanctions against the Arabs. The appeal, issued through the American Association for the United Nations, was signed by Mrs. Roosevelt, former Governor Herbert H. Lehman of New York, former Undersecretary o[ State Sutnncr Welles and Sen. Elbert Thomas. D., Utah. left out this jcnr because they automatically lost their prominence wtien the war ended or they loft tlie service. The now edition carries the Wo- graiihle.s of 21,194 pcr.sons on Its 2,970 pages. The publishers say the odds are about 3.000 to 1 against anyone with aspirations to appear in "Wlio'i j Who 1 ' but graduates of small col- I leges have a four limes better I chance o! getting listed thun I hose from big schools. Among the persons listed this year were 35 ex- I plorcrs. seven bridge engineer*. Their action coincided 'with | riph , t |j n b e tic specialists, 15 imprcs- olhcr developments lu the ferment- nr | OSi 27 criminoloBists, two magic- ing Palestine situation: 1. The Jewish agency, official spokesman lor Palestine Jews, formally charged Great Britain witll Strengthening the Arabs' fignt against partiiion and encouraging full-scale war in Palestine. 2. British Colonial Secretary Arthur Creech Jones, London's chief trouble shooter in tlic Palestine issue, angrily denied charges of impartiality "to one side or the other" in the embattled Holy Land. He defended British policy In Palestine In a radio speech delivered yesterday at Chicago. 3. Warren R. Austin, chief American delegate to the United Nations, went to Y/ashingtori to receive from Secretary of State i 201 lines. It co«l the publishers S50 ians and 52 astronomers. Nobody can buy his way into the book— nor out ol it. Both hove been tried. All the persons listed are screened by a five-man editorial board. The editor's make certain thru the btxik's "characters" are not nccl.-;- sarily "the best, but the best known." The oldest person in the book thus year Is a 87-year-old engineer from Massachusetts, Calvin P. Adams. The youngest is the 11-ycar-oUl ; pride of Holly wood, Margaret } O'Brien. Tliomfis J. Watson, president of the Internationa! Business Machine Co., U'.TM up the most space with \ Ozark Romeo Goes on Trial For Murder CLINTON. Ark., Feb. 23. (UP) — Selection of a jury began this morning In the first degree murder trial In Van fiurcn circuit court here ot 49-year-old L/onnle A. Hob- bljis. Robbln.s is charged In the poisoning last New yctir's Eve of Ills mall-order bride of a week. 54- year-old Mrs. Sue Dudley Robblns of Abilene, Tex. The first juror cho.sen was Vernle Hudgens. a farmer. In their questioning, Prosecuting Attorney R. E, Hush of Harrison and Ills assistant. Opie Rogers of Clinton, Indicated they would ask the death penalty. , Spectators crowded the small courtroom and overflowed into the corridors and yard. Defense Attorneys J. F. Koone of Clinton and N. L. Henley of Marshall filed no motions as the trial got underway. Mrs. Robblas died four hours after the couple arrived at her new home, ami her husband was arrested a few days later just before he was to have wed ft Little Rock widow. Meanwhile, Robbing 71-ycnr-old nother and their former employe, Henry petty, of Mount Ida, nre awaiting trial as accessories In the slaying. Squads of 100 were assigned to each major building to dig In the debris. Dead and Injured were rushed to hospitals and morgues. Blood plasma supplies gave out and long lines of volunteer blood dohors formed at hospitals and clinics. Nurses and doctors arrived on the run to set up first aid clinics at the scene. Jlaganah guards Isolated the area, refusing entry to any not bent on rescue work. Some victims, bleeding and dazed wandered through the wreckage seeking relatives. forward with a definite charge as to who placed the bomb' 1 he said. "By Indirect methods Is has been conveyed to us from Arab sources that they are not connected with this outrage." The British ordered all troops and police to "clear out of all Jewish areas" In broadcasts over the police radio. The attacks against the British, however, broke out later in the day. Two RAP men walking In the j street about 300 yards from the ex- Hysterical onlookers cried, "This' plosion scene were shot dead. Is not an Ar^b Job." Others shout- • " •••-- ••"••—'"'" " ni-mc-^ cd, 'Ciet them, those Britons." Ilaganah guards said they let the convoy through the roadblocks because It was led by a British police drive In an armored car who said that it was an ordinary security patrol. Arab sources said that Abdel Hus- selnl, commander of Arab forces In , the Jerusalem district, admitted re- I sponsibility for the bombing. How- vcr, he was In Bgypt and coulA not ie readied. The Arab higher com- nittce refused comment. The Jewish Agency executive met n emergency session and spokesman Gcrshon lllrsch said later that Three others were wounded. Among the weekend casualties was Guy Cox. reporter for the Udtish News Service exchange telegraph, U'ho was killed while trying to run an Arab sniping area in a car between Jerusalem and Jaffa. The new flag ol Trieste free Stale is raised at a road post on the Italian-Free State border during ceremonies by Trieste police. Approved by the Allied Military Government, the (l;i« is similar to the old sl.indnrd of the Islriar. Peninsula. George C. Marshall the first In- I j 0 ,„.]„(,' his biography. President Minneapolis Teachers structions on the United Slates position in the impending de-bate of the Palestine problem. Augestin will unveil America's position- . ' ... _____ ^ Security Council convenes lomor- | i'|sh e( f" (he first edition in 1898. row at 10:30 a.m. to consider the y,;,|. m ij.s died several years ago UN Palestine Commission request | .[•„,, present publishers have car" Truman's only cost 55. The idea of gathering up the bio- i graphics of famous people und nul- ling them between two book rovers to Strike Tomorrow MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 23. iUi>> — PALESTINE (Continued from Page 1) powdered wllh shattered glass resembling snow. The casuality list was considered light because of the early hour. Most of the city still was sleeping. Hayauah iron by the htmdretL swarmed inlo the area of the holo canst and organized rescue work »r part of It— soon after the i ^clones to A. N. Marquis who pub- i Union teachers today rejected rVi,,ii<.il ,.nm./i,inc iniimr- ',.... .i-. rj~...* I., ifloft 1 pnmni'niiii.ip nffpr Hint would h for a UN army to enforce partition. Karel Lisicky ol Czechoslovakia, chairman of the Palestine Commission, planned to make a personal t \ v ^ on hj s policy that "anybody tan Bc i j,,i o t|,e book if enough | )co) ,i r nre interested in them " j n ij nc with that they included ft compromise offer that would have averted a city-wide public -school strike set for tomorrow. Superintendent ol Schools Willard E. Goslin announced that "I suppose the strike is inevitable." The strike, which would Idle about ITCH In British Army and police i station In miforms had touched off the blast.' killed five Xot Made Vet j "Tile Jewish agency or Hagannlv A car carrying a British army chaplain and n British driver was fired on. Both were wounded ser loiisly and the driver later died. Shortly after dark several masked gunmen, believed .to be Irgunists, Invaded Wallach hospital. They entered a room where two wounded British policemen were in bed. They shot both, killing one and wound- Ing the other. At about the same time oilier gunmen Invaded the Hadassah Clinic on Hassolel street nnd killed another wounded Britain. The heaviest toll was taken when an electrically detonated mine blew up near the Mea Shearlm police Jerusalem. The blast soldiers and wounded six. Four Arabs were killed in ether Sore Throat is not yet hi n position to come scattered fighting in the Holy Land. for "Comfy'onA 'Afiafy*\\\Q MENTtiOLATUM TWINS due to cold* For fine soothing comfort, rub Vicks VapoHub on your throat andclicst.Tr.yitl H(5 UUUllUll/, L ll'J I VVAPORUB Relief At Last For Your Cough nptly b«- Creomulslon relieve. „.-...„>., ,~- c.jtise It KOCS right to the seat of tin • rouble to help loosen «ncl expel . l &nd J 16 * 1 r »*. t«ndtr, In- r , ( ?" ch!a L mucous mim. s. Tell your druggist to sell you n with the un- CREOMULSION or Courfii, Ch«,t Colds, Bronchi* MENTHOLATUM appeal to council members for quick I sketch on the Russian foreign mill- : I2.4CO teachers and 75,000 students in and affirmative action on the pro- . . - - posal for a UN force. The statement, by Mrs. Roosevelt, Uehman, Welles and Thomas \varn- ly liberal at about. 45 loads. Inquiry slow, \vith some steer sales stead} with lost week's close. Top gooi and low choice steers. S21-S28.50 a few loads and" small lots mcdinn to good steers. S23.55-S25; othc sses moderatc-ly active and fully ', steady. Good heifers and mixed ' yearlltlRs. $24-520.25; medium kinds, S19.50-S23; good cows. S20-S21; common nnd medium beef c'>'.vs, $17.50-319; canncrs and cutters, S14-S1T.50. • When henH-cold misery makes you gasp for air, and nose feels rnw and tender, rc'Hch for soot Iling rvk'iilliolatimiBiutll-H-K.A-T-IMi! Mcuthobtum contains comforting Camphor and minty Menthol, two famous, fast-acting ingredients I hat help thin out thick mucus, reduce swelling, soothe cold-inflamed membranes. Soon soreness oast's up, head starts to clear. Don't take head-cold misery lying down—use Alentholatum. »LSO RELIEFS CHEST-COLD TIGHTNESS, NASAL IRRIH1IO.H MB CHAPPIHB ed the council that world confidence In the UN will shrink dangerously if the partition plan IB thwarted by the Arab world. The group said the Security Council should prepare to send the UN Army into Palestine by May hter. Vyacheslav Molotov, tuvl his deputy. Andrei Y. Vichinsky, lor the first time. 02 schools. Is set for S a.m. tomorrow. when Britain gives up Its Holy Land sol , ol corning, Ark., who was fa- mandate, or sooner ii requested Arkansas Soldier Killed lit North Carolina Crash FORT BRAGG. N.C., Feb. 23. (Ul 1 *—Officers today Investigated the death of T-4 Benjamin A. Wll- Mother-in-Law-to-Be Gets Compliment WICHITA, Knn. (Ul'i—Mothers- in-law will like this one. Hugh Frederick spent S13 to call his girl friend he Ihet overseas. tally injured .-yesterday 'when •.*!! Atlantic Coast Line^traln struck tu\ ^ —^ she lives in Lille, Prance. But BhBclyKi gone tojthe country ot" be' reanied'^ by tele-. A rescue crew finally treed Wil-1 P none - 3° llu & tfllked witn her sou from his mutinied car but he died less than five hours later In a hospital here. His wife wn.% at his side when he died. Nebraska farmers Open on Coyotes Farmers in this central Nebraska area have organized to redi \- the mother, "Was worth 11." he said. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Feb. 23. UPi—Livestock: FREE BOOK - On Rectal Troubles Why Ncjjlcfl May I,earl to Associated Ailments 40-page FREE BOOK-- tells fact* about Piles. Rectal Abscess. Fistula and other rectal and colon disor Hogs: 18.200; salable 12,000; un- dcrs; also related Mlmr-nts and lat! even; weights under 230 His., steady to 25c lower than Friday's average; „.„„„„ . „ , i heavier \\>ltiVits 25 to 15c lo\\er'. ,250,000 loss they suffer each ]sows _ mosti ; 2Sc lowcl , Bulk good rom coyotes. | . in(j c i ]0 | cc 180 ( 0 230 n, s ._ S2:i . The marauders usually are worst I < n January and February, when .hey hunt In packs ot 10 to 12. The harassed citizens believe there are one to six of the animals per est corrective treatments. Thornton ifc Minor Clinic. Suite 1472. 926 Mc- Gre, Kansas City. Mo. IT'S HERE! Good Used General Electric RANGE- $ 149 50 jsmmie Edwards Furniture Company !-IU to 250 Ibs., S21.75-S23; 250 to MO Ibs., $20-522; 300 to 350 Ibs., S18.25-S20.25; 160 to 110 Ibs., $22.2o-$23; 130 to 150 Ibs.. $19-522; 100 to 120-lb pigs, S13.50- section in the vicinity. j s ig. g(xx j SOW5i ^50-lbs down. sn.SO-I The farmers plan to use coyote ] SIB; few, S18.2S; over 450 Ibs.. ' "getters." mechanical devices 1 $10 75-S17 50. stags, SH-S10, which shoot cyanide into the mouths of the animals Cattle: 4.200; salable 4.000; calves, 1,000, all salable; steer supply fair- Katy Turner uses nature's mirror at Cypress Gardens, Fla., to produce this attractive picture ot reflected beauty. Draughon's College of Mechanics Post Office Box 835, Memphis, Tenn. \\ill give you specialized 1 raining on motors, motor tiiiiG-up, painting, auto elcclricily, body and fender work, clutch, brake, transmission and deferential repair. A complete training, approved for VKTKRANS. 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