Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 2, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1897
Page 24
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OAILY_PHAHOS THURSDAY, DEC. 2. 1897. QITYISIRWQ. See Hauk before Christmas. Visit Walden's bankrupt shoe sale. Clarence Terrell was over from Peru laat evening. No. i leat lard 5c per pound at Abe Stern's meat market. Claude Z-jokof the Chicago Record Is in the city vlsiling relatives. Attend discount sale of ladies' jackets this week.-Trade Palace. I5c will buy adrink of Golden Wedding rye, eleven years old, i!6 per cent proof, ac MiHale's. Adam Heroneinous has opened a meat market at the corner of I'if- teenth and Wright streets. Miss Dora Powien, Steubenvllle, O.^isthe guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Potts, of 710 North street. Mrs. Stella Sebastian-McClure will leave for Chicago In a few days to join the Bostonian opera company. Mr. George Strecker and bride will entertain the local lodge of Elks, tonight, at their apartments on Broadway. Natural gas bills for November are due and payable at the company's office on or before the 10th inst. Dr. E. F. Donaldson and wife, of Wabash are visiting the former's sister, Mrs. K. F. Johnston, of 2307 Broadway. Colonel D. 7/. Foster, of Fort WayiTe. was In the city yesterday, the guest of Mr. H, L. Mueller, 616 Market street. The next meeting of the North Indiana conference of the M. E. church will convene at Hartford OJty, March 23, 1898. The Broadway Presbyterian church ladies will serve coffee, ice cream and cake with their oyster supper Tuesday evening. It is estimated by state gas inspector Leach that the waste of natural gas at Alexandria is 25,000,000 feet daily, which at 5 cents per thousand is worth $1^50. Although the days of trapping for fur hides are long since past, considerable business in this line is being done along the Wabash and kel rivers and their tributaries. Muskrats and skunks are rather plentiful, but minks are scarce. Eleven drilling outfits are at work night and day In the Peru oil field. When the present wells are finished, the work of widening the present field will be commenced. The intention is to develop the land east of Peru, as it appears to offer the best prospects. There will be a meeting tomorrow evening at 8:15 of the retail clerks at the ^councllTchambeiT Permanent officers to elect. Every clerk In the city Is urged to be present, and to those employed in the meat markets, the initiation fee for that evening will be 50 cents. The Adams township gas and oil company, which recently lunk a worthless well on the Crooks farm, will try for oil again. This time on the old Jacob Barnhart farm, now owned by W. H. Carson, which is two miles northwest of the old well. The derrick Is now being built and the drill will soon be started. The new location Is one-half mile southwest of the village of Twelve Mile. The postofflce department is sending standard clocks to the various postofflces where carriers are employed. They will be used for registering the arrival and departure of the letter carriers, with a view of making their work more systematic, and doing sway with extra time, which the government desires to avoid. One of the clocks has been received for use In the Logansport postoffice. The wife of one of the prominent citizens of Logansport has a mania for auctions. The other day she attended one of these sales and purchased what she supposed to be an old fashioned molasses pitcher, but upon bringing it home her husband, who Is accustomed to handling them, declared her prize to be nothing more nor less than a "stein"— nothing more nor less than a beer mug, in common uie bv the Germans. GEOKGETOWN ACCIDENT Daniel Gordon Caught in a Belt at the Flouring Mill, Carried np to the Liue Shaft, Tbm Fell Fifteen Feet-His Leg Broken and Hand Badly Cut. Daniel Gordon, one of the proprietors of the Georgetown flouring mill, narrowly escaped death at 2:30 yesterday afternoon. Wbile walking about the mill he accidentally stepped Into a belt extending from the line shaft, near the ceiling, to one of the grinding machines. He was carried up CLAlflS ALLOWED By the Common Council at the Session Last Sight The following claims were allowed last nignt by the common council: STREET DEARTMEST. Pay Roll _ $254 99 Henry Tucker, carls 16 50 A Pritehett. street crossing ss o5 K. S. Kice Sunda 349" G. A. Linton, hand rails Third street bridge _ 104 82 City Treasurer, hay and straw !1 if Lux ATalbott, brick and stone 15.") uO FIRE DEPABTMEST. E. S. .Rice sunds - - 2 36 Samuel Miller, f ervlce as extra flreman 1 Linton i: Graf, Bunds 9 40 J. E. Reagan, horseshoeing S OC Henry Tucker, eunds 16 SO MaryHoffer washing- 520 El en Urown. washing 4 00 City Tre-.surer. oats..'. 13 92 John Neville worK - 02 SEWER DEPARTMENT. Payroll $ Z\ 4& Bobert Cromer. eewer pipe ............... 7 J. H. Foley, sundB _ 50 BridL'e City Const, Co,, casting :» 00 E. S. Mice, sunds '•> 16 to the shaft, when his left leg was \V.H. Kieser, hrict _ 12 HO E. 8. Rice, sunds ™ 3 that It PARK DJSl'ARTMEMT. Payroll ? 00 3fi C. W. Traut, cups 50 E. S. Rice. Sunds Linton & Graf, pumps TOO Melnotte Bobee. asst engineer _ 1300 Fred nay 'Odman 15 00 City Treasurer, postage 200 Log. Journal Co.. printing 17 15 ELtCTKIC LIGHT DEPARTMENT. Payroll $ 7'S 75 Herman bunker, hauling coal 20 Ou Frank Haskett, horse bire 10 iiO L nton it Graf, eunda 15 90 E. S. Bice, eundj _ 3 00 Log- Jonrnal Co.. blanks 3 50 Klect. Appliance Co.. sunda.....-« 755 City Treasurer, 1'reitht !l 42 POLICE DKPAIMEKT. Payroll _...fS8825 WATER WOHK3 DEPRATMBNT. Payroll t OS 10 MISCELLANEOUS. MisceUaneous claims 5.S IS drawn up in such a manner was broken just below the Knee. Bjth bones were broken, His left hand was also cut and bruised. Upon being released by the belt Mr. Gordon fell to the fljor, a distance of fifteen feet, and sustained.numerous bruises about the body and head. Dr. Souders who was summoned from Burrows, set Mr. Gordon's fractured limb and dressed hl.s other injuries. Mr. Gordon Is a brother of Hon. W. M. Gordon of Jefferson township, and one of the oldest and best known citizens of that locality. EAST OR WEST. Does the Pern Oil Field Fxtend Towarfl vWabanh and not loganfport. The discovery of oil at Rich Valley, or Kellers Station, eight miles east of Peru, la of local interest in Logansport from the fact that it may Indicate that the oil field lies east of Peru and not west. The Peru Journal, whose representative visited the well, says that it is a fair one, and the indications are as favorable as at Peru. Sand wasieached at a depth of 883 feet on top of the hill, and there is at least 20 feet difference in the elevation of this well and the DONATIONS For Uie Home of tbe Friendless Month of November. Following are the names of persons who donated to the Home for the Friendless during the month of November, 1897. Mrs. John Davis, 2 cans fruit, Mrs. Wn>. Place, 2 cans of fruit and 2 packages of granola, Mrs. D. Armond, apples and sweet potatoes, Mrs. W. W. Haney $1 00 Mrs. A J. Murdock, lo.OO, Mrs. Brethwalt, 2. cans of cherries, Mrs, Grable 1 san fruit, Judge Baldwin 36 heads of cabbage, Mr. Parkhurst 6 pumpkins, Mrs. Frank Swl- Your Winter Wants Demand Attention. This is an unusual season. The warm weather of the past month, has caused many to forget the lateness of the season. - WINTER IS NOW HERE - Your home should be well equipped with Heavy Underwear and Blankets. Now is the time to bay, when you need them, as we are giving Special Prices this week. ©PROIAL.S IN BLANKETS. 100 Pairs Fleeced Cotton Blankets - 3Q C 100 Pairs Heavy Fancy Blankets - 3Q C 75 Pairs all Wool Scarlet Blankets - - - $1 89 75 Pairs 1J Grey and White blankets - - 2.48 Anil Better Goods in proportiouutclv Low Prices. Our Underwear department is ovcrrtovrins \virh Bar-mins for you all THE QOKDEN RULE. Another Slaughter — IN— Shoes. wells of the People's company on Dukes'lease No. 1. Oil was found on the first screw and continued to increase until at 13 feet the fluid covered the tools and showed about 20 feet on the rope. Since then the drill has been sent into the sand 22 feet, but no exact measurement has been taken. The operations ceased at this point and the directors began the leasing of l-un-i. Up to last night 2,500 acres had been secured Another point of local interest is that the Rich Valley well is located on the farm of a brother of Frank Jackson, of Clay township, this county. The Jackson heirs, of which the Gass county man is one, are the owners of the old home farm, of more than 500 acres, adjoining the land where the well is located. V£R1 GOOD Was the Primrose & West Minstrel Performance Last Night. A crowded house witnessed the performance of Primrose & West's minstrels at Dolan's opera house last night, and everybody was pleased. Barring the Al G. Field's show of last season It was the best entertainment of the kind ever given in the city. The first part was handsomely dressed and i the music was exceptionally good. C. F. Semon was reported sick and Billy Rice, an old favorite, appeared on the bone end. Handsome and graceful Carroll Johnson held down the tarobo end and Introduced some clever specialties. The olio was made up of entertaining features. Trovolo, the ventriloquist, gave an exhibition of his walking figure; the Schroder Brothers, the acroboats introduced new acts; Ezra Kendall sprung his wit and humor and gave the audience many laughs, and the performance closed with a splendid zouave drill under the command of Mr. West, Mr. Primrose was not with the company. He is with "the half" of the show, now touring the south. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER SALE OP SEA.TS garC boqueC of chrysanthemums,Miss Manda Goodwin 4 cans tomatoes; Mrs. MpElhaney basket tomatoes, Walker & Rauch 1 pair shoes.Cathollc bazaar 8 loaves bread, 3 pans biscuits, roast of beef, 4 pounds butter, 3 gallons pickles, Mrs. Norton 1 jar jelly and jam. THANKSGIVING DONATIONS. Mr. E. S. Rice, Thanksgiving turkey. Royal Center Union, 6 cans fruit, 2 pounds cornstarch, 1 pound soda, l bottle catsup, 3 pounds butter, 1 pound coffee; High school and 8th street school 6 cans corn, 3 cans tomatoes, 3 cans baked beans, 2 quarts gooseberries, 1 bushel apples, 3 pounds dried apples, 1 bushel potatoes, 1 peck mixed vegetables. BROWH IS BLlCK, 97c for Men's $1.50 Dress Shoes. 98c " " Heavy Shoes. 69c " (i Satin Calf Shoes. 25c " " low cut Rubbers. 98c " Ladies' Dress Shoes. 96e " old Ladies' solid comfort Shoes. 64c for old Ladies' Wool lined Shoes. 93c for " " Button Shoes. 92c " Boy's lace Shoes, 86c •' Youth's lace Shoes. lOc '• Ladies' Slipper. Everything as [low in -proportion, 408 Broadway. Can THR TAILOR Suit You in Style and ^Prices. ite AS Snow Is your linen when it comes home from Marshall's laundry. And his Xame In Mud Green. for Shooting at 9 For the Elks Minstrels Begins O'clock Saturday Morning. The sale of seats for the Elks minstrels will be opened at Johnston's drug store at 9 o'clock Saturday morning. The prices will be 75, 50. 35 and 25 cents. The reserved seats include the first three rows in the gallery. In order that everybody may have an equal chance, no seats will be sold until the general sale is opened, and no person will be permitted to purchase more than ten tickets. WORLD'S FAiR. CHICAGO, 1893 Tomorrow With every 25c worth of starch we will give you one package of starch compound free, worth 10 cents. FOLEY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Lafey of 915 Twentieth street, a SOD. The McKlnleyville (Kenneth) push will be strictly "in it" before she close of the present term of court. The jury in the case of the state against Joseph Brown, another colored fellow for shooting a "black mark" named Greco, with Intent to kill, returned a verdict at 7:30 last night finding the defendant guilty, and be will do at least two years time in the southern prison. Cloagon. Hilton. Last evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W Hilton, of 2020 Broadway occurred the marriage of their daughter, Miss Alfaretta Hilton to Homer Closson the drngglst, Kev. F. M. Huckleberry officiating. A large number of friends and relatives of the contracting par ties were present After the cere mony, an elaborate -wedding suppei was served, The table was very ar tlstically decorated with flowers white and pink »elng the two colors carried out with carnations anc roses. Mr. and Mrs. Closson have begun housekeeping in a cozlly furnished cottage on High street. Both the young couple are well known in society circles. Fred L. Todd, of the Lafayatte Call, acted as best man. Cap to red His Man. A. M. Schoolcraft, of North Manchester, arrived in the city last evening in search of a man giving his name as Ed Smith, wanted at Wabash upon the charge of larceny. Securing the services of Deputy Sheriff Smith, Mr. Schoolcraft found his man at the Peru dairy, down the Wabash. The prisoner was held in jail here until this morning, when he was taken to Wabash. The fellows real name is Hayes B. West. Uoon being arrested West furnished a bond for his appearance. -He gave Mr. Scoolcraft as security then jumped his bond. No. 60S Broadway. Wagon will call for us a trial. Both 'Phones 110. your work. Give Foil Line of Office Supples.! Inks, pens, rulers, rubber bands, type writer supplies. LONGWXLL & If You, Want lobe in the Swim • You had better vie HOOLEY — Make Your— Fall Suit Or Overcoat FALL AND Winter Woolens. The most complete assortment of Up-to-date Fabrics in Plaids, Checks, Stripes, Serges and in. fact anything you want for a first class Business DRESS SUIT. Prices the Lowest in the City. John F>. Carroll, 1222 BROADWAY, ==PATENTS== American and Canadian Patents promptly obtained, Patent, Mechanical Perspective Drawings prepared, Inventions Developed. Spry Block i B B. QORDON. Annual Gas Rates He will Fit You When all others fail. L t A RTIFICIAL and Natural Gas Bills are now due and payable at the company's office. Natural Gas Consumers desiring to avail themselves of the Annual Rate, commencing December 1st ,can do so by calling at the office and arranging for same. All bills must be paid on or before the- 10th of each month. IF YOD WANT TO BOY Good Shoes AT Lowest Prices .See. Walter Maiben. Special Attention Given to Fit and Single Pair Orders. See us for Holiday Shoes and Slippers. Every Pair Guaranteed Valley Gas Ci. C The "Domestic" Office. Now is tbe time to provide your* self with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock include! all the leading makes. My terms are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing n toe bouse. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th R B WHIXSRTT

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