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Public Opinion from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania • 4

Public Opinioni
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
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4 Public Opinion, Chambersburg, Tuesday, December 16, 1986 Panel urges pay hikes for top officials 236, $85,700, $135,000. Judges of U.S. District Courts, Court of International Trade and U.S. Tax Court, assistant to the chief justice, administrative director of U.S. courts and director of the Federal Judicial Center, 821, $81,100, $130,000.

U.S. Claims Court judges, 17, $72,300, $130,000. Deputy administrative director for U.S. courts, 1, $70,800, $120,000. Circuit executives, 12, $70,800, $110,000.

Bankruptcy judges and U.S. magistrates, 542, $70,500, $120,000 for judges and $110,000 for magistrates. i I MBfflMB h- WASHINGTON (AP) A federal advisory commission calling current salaries of top officials woefully inadequate is urging immediate pay raises of 60 to 80 for Cabinet members, congressmen, judges and the heads of government agencies. The recommendations of the panel chaired by General Foods Corp. Chairman James L.

Ferguson would boost the salaries of President Reagan's Cabinet members from $88,800 to $160,000 and those of the 435 House members and 100 senators from $77,400 to $135,000. Reagan's salary of $200,000 would not be changed. IF APPROVED by Reagan and used as part of submitting his proposed fiscal 1988 budget to Congress on Jan. 5, the recommended raises for about 3,000 top officials would be automatic unless both the House and the Senate voted to overturn them. Similar recommendations from five previous commissions on the same issue never have been enforced in full.

And there were suggestions Monday from members of Congress that boosting their pay into the six figures is as politically unacceptable now as in the past. "The idea that officials can't live on incomes already five times greater than that of the average American worker is absurd," said Rep. Carl Pursell, who vowed to oppose any increase. ALL OF the officials, along with the 2.1 million other civilian federal employees, already are scheduled to get 3 annual pay boosts on Jan. 1, compared with an annual inflation rate of 0.7 over the past year.

However, the panel of six corporate executives, two lawyers and a former comptroller of the currency said the inflation-adjusted buying power of top federal officials has dropped 41 since 1969. "No group has fallen so far behind inflation as those to whom we entrust the reins of government," said the panel, known formally as the Commission on Executive, Legislative and Judicial Salaries. Periodic cost-of-living adjustments over the past 10 years have totaled 31, the commission said, widening the pay gap between corporate and government leaders and making it "increasingly more difficult to attract and retain the best and the brightest people this country can offer." OTHER THAN cost-of-living increases for all federal workers, the last time Reagan recommended a large pay boost for top government executives was in 1981. The recommended 16 raise then was rejected by Congress. "In simple terms Congress has been unwilling to take the abuse for voting itself a salary increase," the commission said.

"In an attempt to circumvent the dilemma, congressional pay has been linked to that of top-level executive branch officials and the senior ranks of the judiciary in the hope of seeing congressional salaries rise with them." Lawmakers last year established the mechanism for the automatic raises, giving themselves 30 days after Jan. 5 to allow opponents to organize votes for overturning the boosts. CONSUMER ADVOCATE Ralph Nader called the recommended increases and the method for putting them into effect "a back-door sleazy maneuver institutionalizing hypocrisy and feeding widespread public cynicism of government officials." Following are the annual pay figures listed by office, number of members affected, their present salaries and proposed salaries: Executive Vice president, 1, $100,800, $175,000. Cabinet officers, 16, $88,800, $160,000. Deputy department secretaries and heads of offices and agencies, 72, $77,400, $135,000.

Under secretaries of departments and chairmen of regulatory commissions, 192, $75,800, $130,000. Assistant secretaries, department general counsels and members of regulatory commissions, 460, $74,500, $120,000. Directors of major bureaus in Cabinet departments, 99, $70,800, $110,000. Legislative Speaker of the House, 1, $100,800, $175,000. President pro tempore of the Senate, House and Senate majority and miniority leaders, 5, $87,600, $160,000.

Senators, House members, four delegates to Congress, the resident commissioner of Puerto Rico and the comptroller general, 541, $77,400, $135,000. Director of the Congressional Budget Office, deputy comptroller general, librarian of Congress and architect of the Capitol, 4, $75,800, $130,000. Deputy CBO director. General Accounting Office general counsel, deputy librarian of Congress and assistant architect of the Capitol, 4, $74,500, $120,000. Judicial Supreme Court chief justice, 1, $111,700, $175,000.

Retired chief justice, 1, $111,700, $175,000. Associate justices, 8, $107,200, $165,000. Judges of Circuit Courts of Appeals and Court of Military Appeals Cumberland VaSey Family Physicians will be moving to their new facility on Thursday, December 18. The office phone number, 263-1619, should be used on moving day for urgent problems. Our new location will be opening for business on December 19, 1986.

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Federal law enforcement sources who asked not to be identified said Monday the department filed a motion requesting appointment of an independent counsel by a special, three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals. Word of the decision to turn the matter over to a special prosecutor came as the firm, Wedtech Corp. of the Bronx, filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of federal bankruptcy laws. Wedtech said its financial difficulties "are of recent vintage" and blamed "adverse publicity regarding allegations of improprieties in the context of certain transactions entered into in the early 1980s." According to the law enforcement sources, the independent counsel was expected to look into whether Nofziger had violated federal ethics laws when he intervened at the White House to help Wedtech obtain a $31 million Army contract for small military engines in May 1982.

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The court is not expected to announce a decision until 1988. In other action, the court: Ruled in a case involving a Massachusetts "pro-life" group that the government may not regulate election campaign spending by some political groups that incorporate themselves. The court, by a 5-4 vote, said a federal law to curb corporate corruption violates free-speech rights of corporations formed primarily to influence public opinion, not to make a profit. Agreed to study the government's power to bar people from the United States based on their membership in or alleged affiliation with Communist governments. Refused, at least for now, to reconsider its past rulings that let states require some girls who seek abortions to get permission from their parents or a judge.

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