The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS XT- 1 Blytheville Courier Blytheville Daily News Mississippi Vallcv Lender Blytheville Herald UU.M1NAN1 NhWai'Al'LH UI- NOUTllUAB) MiKANSAS AND SOU IHIiASl MlSSUUKl .BIATHKVI1.1.K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, KKBKUARY 2,'i, HM8 TWKLVB I'AGKS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT! Warlike Footing Grips Holy Land After Explosion £ 49 Killed, 100 Hurt In Jewish Quarter Of Jerusalem Burns Fatal For Child at Caruthersville JERUSALEM. Feb. 23, (UPI—The Jewish quarter of Jerusalem dug ii for its defeusf* on H \Yi\vUke looting today while probing in Hie rubble for the Ian of the. 150 persons In ndition to her parents, Patricia is survived by a brother. Barney Edward, and two sisters, Betty Lou and, Wanda Fay. Services for Patricia May Mc- Cnrvcr, eight-year old O rut hers villc. Mo., Kills who rtien" here ol burns received at her home Salur- dny, will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow at the Pilgrim Holiness Church In Cartithersville by the Rev Silas Sanchez, pastor. She was the daughter of Mr. nnct Roy McCarvcr, 904 Adams Avc., CuriUhcr.svillc. It was not known rtefinvtely ho\v Ihc nclrtent occurred hul it was believed that she imcl other children were playing with killed or wounded by a massive blast, fire. which wrecked the henrl of the area ! Her clothing becajne ignited and yesterday. 1 she died of bums after being brought The recovery of additional bodies to Walls Hospital hero, brought ihe known c^. .h toll to 49. I Tlie body was returned to Cam- More than JOO persons wore injured. ' thersville late Saturday, Burial will Anti-British resentment flared; be in Mnplc Cemetery with Smith anew. A British officer and two sol- j Funeral Home in chargn diers were wounded when their truck hit a mine near Roineiin. on the- Western approaches to .Jeru.suJem. j Enraged Jews, who blamed the Je-' rusalcm explosion on the British, killed 10 Britons in reprisal yesterday. Two were shot to death on hospital beds. Tins Holy City was rapidly taking; on thc :i|i|K?arance ol a war- T(I\K or besieged city. The Ha- Ranah Defense Force stnried jilac- Jns permanent fortifications, Including the dragon's teeth bar- Hers all over I lie Jewish fjuarler. Jaffa Road, the ma SIT lhoiou':h- farc, was guarded heavily by Ha- paniih. Barbed wire barricades were thrown across it near the British district commissioner's office near the entrance to police headquarters, ''There is no longer confidence in thc British government," thc Pal- ] e&tine Post said editorially. Rescue work in the ravaged quarter went oil all night under glaring •searchlights. British Army * ngi- - neers loaned the workers a , -il!dozer and heavy hauling iv 1 * 1 ' <-y to shift the rubble o f the mo:, destructive blast in Paiostinr .since the bombing of the K:i,t$ David Hotel In July. 19-16. The work was being directed by loud-speaker. Large notices pcvasd about thc wreckage read, "Do not speak, because yon Reds Bare Teeth In Big Drive in Czechoslovakia Communist Group Seizes Headquarters Of Socialist Party 102-Foot Water Tank Half-Completed \ Eich Disposes Of Auto Agency Interest in Chevrolet Agency is Sold to Man in Kansas City PRAGUE. Feb. 23 lUPi—Th Communist-controlled Interior ministry put oil n. J,UQW ot loi'ce in thc arty's campaign to control Czech - slovakia todny when it armed Pra- police with submachine guns, osted guards at slratettc spots. nrt temporarily seized (he National Socialist Party headquarters. At least three opposition leaders /ere arrested coincident with the eir.uvc of he-.uUiwu'tcrs of the Naomi I Socialist Party, tht- laryc-'l opposition group. Interior Minister Vaclav Nosck, Communist und storm center of ,hc government crisis, forbade foreign travel for Czechoslovak citizens. The police force of which ho virtual die tat or appear ed with carbines and subiviftrVune RUUR In tal areas and elsewhere in Prague. Heavily armed police pounced on thc headquarters of ihe National Socialists, thc country's second largest party after the Communist*. For six hours guards paced before the building permitting none to enter. At mldafternoon, the guards wilh- | drew Iron; ihc party headquarters. I Party officials re-emcred Iheb uild- ing. and from the balcony led the crowd below in cheers for President Eduard Benes. Communist union leaders called a \ one-hour general strike tomorrow 'resident Asks Action on Acute lousing Problem Congress it Urged To Okay Building of 10,000,000 Homes Ky DIMII w. nlldmi (I'lillnl I'l'ess StlLff <'onrs|>mnlL ill WASHINGTON. Feb. M. \UIM- Pjrsldrnt Trillium today miillnet 11 vast hou.-jliiH puiKnnn callUm foi 10.000.000 new dwellings In thr ne\ 10 years, resiitiipllon of pulill' hnnMng nnd e.xU'ii.slou of rent con (nils until April ;10, Ifl-io. In u letijtihy mex-siitfe to Connies. 11 hr uiwd tlmt Congress provltli- fund (o permit ruction <if ioo,0f> ]<m-iriil public housing nulls earl yrnr Mr I hi- iu-M live yrin.s Mi. Truman ulM> set forth n pro unmi to reduce building eosLs iin< to uitl otlU's tu sUiui vU'avnuce nnd StrrsslnK the need lor loiv-t'osi nnd low-ivnt housing. Mi Truman outlined n flvi'-twhu .short nnd lity Directed To Refund Tax/cab Fees Hiithorily Ley B, Eich of Blythes-ille sold his interest in Lay Eich Chevrolet Co., Walnut and Railroad, and will move to Tucson, Ariz., it was announced today. Mr. Eich's interest was purchased by William J. Sullivan of Kan-"""- " v "" B »••»•;-- •-»-• sns City. Mo., who is owner of Sul- ! Thcy »"-^te»cd to tie up the en- n^r« L^ i,- tire country with a general .nrikr of indetitiite duration it sweepuit; demands were not met- The armint; of the police and seizure of the National Socialist headquarters marked the first show of force in the Commimisl cain- —<'tmr!rr N r t*ws J'hoiti, Sliovrn above is the partially completed 500.000-gallon wnler i:ink ue.iiig fon.sli'iictccl by the lilythevilH 1 \Vau*r Company, which is ex- JCctcd to bi inn lower (he insurance rates for the city from the Arkansas in.snecM ion and Rating Hurra n In Lit tie Hock, the agency which determines {ire iiiMtrnncc rales in rilies throughout the stale. The tank is half-completed now |are busy on the pro- he ,sn!d will push the mil Ion "lur lownrd the KOH! ol » divmt hcmir 7<u every Amt'i'ltMiu Injiilly." f om- ll f 1 millU«s' l 'uiV livinr'^in "iub- 11 van Chc-vrolet Co. j president of the Loy Eich Chevrolet Co., a corporation. Frank W. Nelson, also of Kansas City, will come here as manager of the Blytheville firm. He is vice- president of the corporation and a native ol Holly Springs, Miss. Mr. Nelson was manager of the still he; r | Sullivan Chevrolet Co. Application someone calling for help." ] has been filed with Secretary of One of thc bodies recovered this i state C G Hal! in Little Rock morning was that of a nightgowned to change ihe corporate name of womim on a bed. the firm herc to f he sumvnn-Ncl- A number of badly damaged ; S on Chevrolet Co, No other changes houses were pulled down. Shop- ^ are contemplated, keepers along Ben Yehuda Street. 1 Mrs Nelson and their 16-ycav-oltS on which the blast occurred, in- j dauehtcr. Janet will join him here spected v.-hat was ieft^.or their bust- when housing facilities are nesses. f *t :•- - and riveters JL'ct spoc'dinf; const met ion as [ HIS wether mil permit. U is oxprcl- ed that the tank will be ready lor u. ; e by March 1. It will be 102 te^t hi^h and is bring built at a ci»it of rtijpi oxi match- SG5,OCO. Its completion will vcsuU in. IJlytheville be ap advanced from n Sc\'cn to a Ckvss Mix flic insurance rating and \vill provide additional pressure on ihc city's [ire mains. Il '.s 'orntod at tiio South end of 15th Street. The tnnk In Ihc background Js o-vn- ed by the l-'cderiil Comprrxs Co. hm* und hokls HO.OOJ gallons, or .H link more than onc-litth a.s murli water as tlic new lank will rn;i- '.:in How ever, lor visunl fj)itip.\ri- :,ons, the above picture IN not icc- v'Cin me tided because llu: compress l .111 A was considerably fart her in»n llu 1 photographer than was the iVA.' MtiMCLure wheti tlic phoiopniph was ci iimiied quiiiU'is. with fj'iciuls or \'f tn or donblrd Me warned tlmt "[he- ciiilr-ul [ JumslLiR shortage Is contributing to thr upvi'mu pri'.s-surc on Ihe .srllinu ] price nnd rcnliil price of housing." i •'While wi- need rent cnnlrol until | llti.s .shnrtngf run lie (iven-omr," I Mr. Trtnnnn said. "Ihe basic prob- ! HOCK. 1-Vb. 2S, UPi — An ordinance regulating mut llconv UIR tftxU-«U,s in HlythPvUlr WM Ircljirprt liu'iilUl todny by the Ar- tnn^nR Supreme Court. In it unanimous opinion written iy senior Ju.stlc ( - Frank Ci. Smith, the court suhl (he city Council did lol Imve the aufliorlty to set up a {riidiiitti'd scale or collecting Hc.i-nse frrs, It ordered tiie MKsl.sslppl f-'haticeiy Court lo jconcn tht 1 case 11 nd determine (he amount of money whirl) .should bi' I'emuiuled lo cab ope tutors whft had purchased license.'; under the new city linv. Whllt 1 the supieme emu I nsreert (hrtl I lie htiiU- legislature has I he to flllow rides tn Im- iiated tuxe.H the opinion tin hold that this pmvrr bi'i'ii I'unfei i i'ti, . in fact, r i.s denied." the new ordinance taxi owner* were required to pay $300 llM' tUc first cttli Opt'VHU'tl. V200 fOL' Ihe second and $51) r-nch for all oilier vehicles hi I hi* fleet. "Thr ortHiuinci' tukc.s tiii lurcamit of the kind "f titxls operated, yet U Imposes n gra<hmt.c<l tax \v)iic p h . Act IMS Kif I0:t!>' does mil aulhtn'- l/c." the opinion eonllnued The uppi-al was [I'oin » chancery ] court di'clslon uphnlding the ordl-i nailer afler v:d I in Id win. I M wit- nee'11 an<l othc'r owners luut protest rd. Mowcvor. Ihe high court agreed \\M\\ t'ovluui q\U'.stionert pwtions ot Hie ordl nrt nre. \vi-rr valid. II MIW nothing unreiiMmable about n S'*5 : foe .set up lor "regulatory nnd ln- i .spec I Ion pm pr^^p. l ^" nnd suld "wr I iliink testimony does not .show that [ $;r» lee I.s ImiKi.scd tor revenue pur- id K not uni en.sonabte In Southerners FaceMcGrath In Party Wrangle The Alara Cafe, whose inanager shot dead by the ait-ack rep tcrdaj .nomine, ' drawn shuUers. It was serving cof- ait-ackers yes- pjfened *WHH fee to the rescue workers. Many Trapped in E)cbrfs Thousands of Jewish rescue workers labored throughout the night Lo 1 reach victims still trapped in the P debris. While there was controversy over prvign for couuol ot C/,c.ehoslov- j Svia. * FifteetT policemen, armed with machine piuis and carbines, were posted at National Socialist headquarters. They permitted no one to enter, nor even pass along the walk in front of the building- Qutcl Crowd Gathers A sober crowd ot about 1^0 persons gathered around the ar.a. but no signs of stirring up '•Mr. Eich and family will |n Tucsrn, ArL". where ("^ h chR.sed a "ranch home. Air, Eich said he has no other plans at present. Bvail -| showed trouble, reside Mrs. Eich and their son, Loy Allen, already have moved to Tucso», where he has entered high school. A daughter, Gail, has been attending the University of Arizona at Tucson, for the past two years. , Mr. Eich and Mr. Sullivnn pur- who set off thc blast, there wns[ c hn sc d the auto firm here Feb 1, little disagreement on how it \vasji04i. and Mr. Eich has been active- accomplished. j m i l5 management since then. Two large military type trucks led by an armored car were passed through Jewish, roadblocks into 3011 Yehuda street in one of the main Jewish shopping centers of Jerusalem shortly after chum Sunday. A few minutes later, at 6:45 a.m.. a tremendous Quantity of explosive in both t nicks was detonated. Buildings caved in for hundreds' of yards in all directions and the effects were felt for nearly a mile. Four five-story buildings disappeared in a sheet of flame and debris. When the air cleared they were only piles of rubble 20 feet high. •Six hotels caved in. Including thc Eden, the Anutursky, the Atlantic, thc Migdal, thc HimeUarb and (lie \Varshawsky. Offices of throe Hebrew daily newspapers and about 50 restaurants were wrecked. Loss Set at 51.000,000 In all some 1.000 shops nnd .stoics within a half-mile radius were de~ & I roy ed o r [1 a ma g t-d. Loss \va.s set at more than $4,000.000. Streets were ^ See 1'ALESTINE on Fage 2 An underling In Nosek's office., ihc it Ue MidWest Gets New Teasing Taste Of Spring But Winter Still Rules Tlie urathrr in an displayed his wares across the country today, dreui:hini; Kou'.h A-laniic slates with n heavy rim), dumping snow on the Northern Rr-ckics ami giving the MidWest nnolhcr teasing inMc of Spring. Blylhevillr's ta^le of Spring disappeared ^rly Saturday with the return of snow. Uri|>ht sunshine yesterday .afternoon failed lo move i all o] Liie thin white blank tu Tht- UmperaUiiK dropped to 23 dcKitcs I here this morning to tf\« Bljthevill* one ot the lowest readings In lem I* to housliic production to eliminate the slwvtnv.e." To lower building r(>^t.s. he cnlh'd for more cftlclent hulldhiK methods, modernl/nt ion of ob.snlrtr builcJhiR codes, higher productivity, niul development, of nr\v building malei'lal.s, Mr. Truman also n-m-wt'il his n 1 - Cor ]>owei,s to nllucnle scarce materials n.s n mi v nns ci( s[)urri!iR housing trrm.sti urlloij He sides reco in in ending extension of rent conh'ols, he Nnltl It I.s "es- .sential [lint Coiif;'"<*.s.s jirovlde \'i- silly neeUud eiH'ircem^ut iMiihovHy which Is lacking." Me Mild this is ircdrd to ]uotect Irmnits »nnlnsL llcRiil rent liiL're^.scs atiti eviction. Utilise Priced Ton IH^h The prcsUlnt s:\Ul loo much of thfi housing In^'llt yrfir was "priced beyond Uie iiieiiU'01 who needed It most. To T Truman Visits Virgin Island In Caribbean AHOARD U-S.S. WILLIAM3- BUHG, Caribbean Sea, Feb. 23. 'U.P.)—President Truman put out from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands today and began a two- day . Caribbean cniisc that \vill j touch at St. Croix and wind up knou noihing si bout, that" nnd then broke the telephone connection. At Cum in mi ist head quarters In a building that formerly housed n bank, only one elderly policeman was to be seen on guard. There was no sign of anything unusual at thc headquarters of the ' People's Party, which was represented In the v.T.lkout from the cabinet last ' Thursday. Police guards were posted at the entrance of head quarters of the Slovak Democrats in Britislava, but the place did not appear to have been occupied, .Similar guards were seen at thc Bratislava radio, post- office and offices of the Slovak Communists. Nosek nlso i>sucd a ^variant of Jan Ursiny, former Slovak Demo- W. G. MsdcJEeton, Retired Former, Dies in Hospital \V. G. Middlcton. a?e 74. of Pride Addition died nt 8 n tn. today in W:-,!ls Ho;.pU;il. wh-ro he had been ill for a s-iovl time. Mr. Middle)'in ivas born in Clifton. Tonn.. nrri i'.;ici lived there nnlil lir nnnrd here in 1940. He was en- Funeral arrangements nre in- co:np]oTr br:t burial will be in Cnr- nl'-rrsvillr. Mn. }Ir is survived by hi.s \\ifc. Mrs-. H"Vi .0 MkUilct 'U. four sons. Clnvide .man, Ky.. Clyde Me, Mo.. Charles G. Middlcton Jr., daughter?;. Mrs. at the S. Navy's Gnnniaiiamo Cuba around noon vice premier who last year nfier hi.s re .signed .secretary was arrested in an alleged anti-state plot centering in Slovakia. The ban on foreign travc! and the police charges Ursiny Bay base Wednesday. Thc prcsirientiiil yacht Willintns- burg sailed out of Charlotte A malic Harber at 5 a.m. (EST) on the l\vo and one half hour run TO Si Croix. it was scheduled to leave St. Croix at 1 t>. m. The P resilient was enjoying ev. erything about this trip except the case of sunburn he picked up Saturday in Puerto Rico. Brig. Gen, Wallace H. Graham. Uic president ial physician, prescribed soothing ointments and, cMomme lotion. Mr- Truman quipped t hat p n r- haps the time had come to cnll Graham tlie presidential bra ut i- wcre viewed a-s a part of Communist Premier Kiemenl GotLwnld'.s campaign to seize complete control of the government and create a police state along thc iron curtain : pattern. I CDmmunist union leaders, supporting Gottwald. called R une- honr yencrnl .strike in all factories for tomorrow and threatened to paraly/R the country with a geti- er;! 1 strike if their demands were not mr.1. i n;is burirci muter n hem y fall oC sjiow that fell yc.-ti'rci:iy troni Kentucky Ui Mivs;K'luiS'.:Us. iS'.irrlsljuvg 1 , Pa., shoveled out irom utuUi right ' inches. New York city had six i nc lies, »ivi ng i he city a tot n ] of 57.1 inches for the seuson. The bU' metropolis h:ui rxi^'t Led ' 10 inches of snow b',:• the .sioini veered out (o .sea. Ncvertbclt'ss. IL WHS New York's fourth bip .snow- sloi'in of the scnwm in mlriition to a severe iec .storm. Rjjin Jell lodny fiom Not [hern I-'lorida North alony lhc <o;isi as f:ir as North Carolina where it dropped as sH-ri and ma tic highways hiixatdou.s. I?c.sident.s ol Greenwood, Miss., UT]-p cheered by forc:ist.s uf clar skic.s today. They huvr brrn be- siegrd by tho Ya?on Rivtr w)iich went out of Its banks la^t week nnd stood five feet ai>f>U' the surface of thc city today. Only waler- soahccL levees, reinforced by siuul- bay.s, protected the 15,000 residents Rain fell yesterday nnri hundreds of voUmirci-R and convict, 1 ; patrolled th e levers when the earthen barriers soft tied and Mayor Allen happen nl any time. Snffonl raiti Ihnl nddtlionul n thc river apparently hncl hit crest of 40 feet, six tributaries Political Expert* Say Dixie Leaders To Get Nowhere By I.ylc O. Wilson a.iniU'd Staff Corre»pond«ni) WASHINGTON, Feb. 23. ( U.P.)—SuulKcrncrs brought to Democratic headquarters today Iheir election year re- jell ion a^ainflt President 'iYuman's civil rights pro- ifram. 'I'liey were licked be- ,forc tuey alai'teil. i Admini.slratJon hopes of I loldiiij; lhc New Ueal-Demo- :ral ic line in big Northern dLiL'H fhis year depends irn- porfanlly on holding the Ne?n> vote. \VhaLevcr Southern Denwcrnls may say, leaders i>f tha party in the north will have ( 0 whoop it up for civil rights. Flvi! Koverjiors from (he solid •South will meet at 2:30 p.m. with Democratic. NiUloiml Committee Chnfrmnn J. llownrtl McGrnth to present llicir rojnplainl. McGrrah Is n .-senator from one of the Dcmo- crullc states of thc North. Rhode Isliintl. The governors could not gel far \\M\ him. , "I am not Rolnp io -say nothing can bo clontV 1 McGrnth told qucs- tloner.s hefore Ihe meeting, "If Ihey want to mnkc a complaint, I'll listen. If they wnut to tackle problem ns a problem, that Is wonderful." A protest committee of Southern and border -stale connre^itncn cnine ht-re to discuss slrnte^y nnti ntlgti slmlegy with tlmt of ihe governors, Mcmhcrx of Ihe governors' conference nre J. Strom Thurmond. South Carolina, n. H. Jesler, Te.xjvs, Ben 'J'. Luncy, Arknnsn.1. R. GICRK Cherry, North Cnrolinn, and William M. Tuck, Vli^inLu. »c-i». Wllllniii Colmcr. D.. Miss., I.s clinlrmnn of the congi-csslonal vtrw o( the MM'vices iwdtnnrrl," Marshall Policy In China Scored Powerful Rcpublicon Leaders Urge Funds To Stop Communists Ilj Ji>lin I.. Slirlo (Inllrfl I'rras SluTf ('inn S|MHiilr"l .. WASHINGTON, rvl). 211. iu.r.> I l>l ' ol(!st co »»»l"ee. N^miiers nr« —'f«o powerful Hctuibllcniw Um-w! ne >'*- Orf! " Hnrri s. Ark., Snm Hobbs, lIlDlr MIDiinrl loihiy liohilHl tlu- Al "•• ''• F '- S)kes. Pin.. 5. E. Cox, 'Ken.' Q-. lb<- Yn7,00 Imve flooded tuorc than 5UO.OOO acres of lowlands. The U. -S. Army engineers Und the Bif- Horn river untie r control in Wyoming when- 1!00 cvHcuec.s wc-re being cared tor by thp licet Cross. i Ht-vrn fninilies ivrrc forved from \ their homes fi( Grotnn. Npli.. where j tin- FJkhoin HJvpr sur^M out oT : Us bunks at the coiiflucncc with | thc Pintle River. An ice fjor^e ilam- lued the How, backing Il^c watfr over lowlands. '. Springlike tern pern In ir.s rr turned to the MitHVr.sV for thr .sr-cnud tnin> in a y week today nf'*-'i a wcrk-r-nrt cold* wave liati svnt tcmprraturc.s far below frcczlnp. Forecasters satcl the warmth would bft puslied aside by colder air moving down (rojn Cnnsulji, They said Hie cold would arrive tomorrow but probably would mil very IOHK. hen rent control. 'J. SUimil»lr » lilwhcr voluiin- of home biikliUnt! on a sustained bn- .sls, wltli .siifcial emphasis on rcn- \i\\ iviu.siiiR \vith thc propci' .sufe- pnnrds possible intlntlon- nrv c'tfccls fntlllrfe tn • IMbeftirM..'^-!'!!!!, .ii.. suontii]rjgit,.T^. linlnl.sLrRilon^if 4 fWz*&j?i' „. _..*!"•• • •'''*'• ' rr—^' Nolilc j. GicKorj-, Ky.. Henry Ijiircnde, Jr., I.a,. J. Bayard Clark,. " ™ " Tcnii., E<1 Gos- v viA.VI. Smltlj, Jnrhlde ' stitnig tnllllary aid In ntl- its "The i>nu:1 liability of relmllii- Jmtlon for Chinii Eind Lhe value of i fiief is open to (|iir.'sllon. ' 'I'aft said in an ad<lres's prpparcdl tor <U-Uvoi 1 v Uettive a Dolioil The kovmnn<"m4t' 'lor several lioia-.s in n closed-door hold room yesterday nurt conlerrcd Inler In (lie KvuniiiK with several at the coa- Tlicy issued * terse stnlcmcnt modcrnizlnK run-down arniis. Three Missco Contestants Off to Chicago pwcrr ready with R scries of quest- Ions Intended tn (Ind oia exactly hew lar Hie a>li"Inisti ntlon proposed In tt nnli-dlscriaililiHIon legls- Laney said the would ask luken t" I'csist llipn] in Gtrece. Hi- i:hini:cd Hiiil II" 1 "truth" of Ihf situiitton was IhiU Scci'dtai'? of Sfiitt- Oicort:c C. Miu-.shall it(H-.s not like ihe chines!' »i»! hiis no Interest in their problems. And! c '? v - - ._..... lie ncctiscrt rerlaln (.rnups In the i McOrnth whether Democratic lead- Slnlc neilailmcn! of nropaRlinltiz-1 "' s "T R " B '° " |nlsh thc laws iiiB «Rnlnsl Chtnns Kni-shrk 1 , lhrm| f b even to the extent of In- wllilc lins.sia wni. poinlnc niilltnryi nid Hi tii.s Coniiminl.sti [ovs. , "Unle.s-s vigorous action Is taken . immediately, nil Manchuria will ho Youthful Sfoyer Starts Life Anew By Attending Prayer Meeting in Jail Ity Alter visiting St. Croix, largest of the Virgin Islands, Mr. Tnnnan will hcnd for Cuba and then a Florida vacation. Mr. Truman spent Sunday tour\ inp St. Thomas and making ^ | speech at celebrations marking; thr ICOth annivcr.s;u-y of tlfe abolition j mat iris ot slavery in the former Danish i.sUinds. CHICAGO. Feb. 23. that il could turn thc yf a l;-\v-Hbi(iinp citizrn. Pi o.sec-ution and rirfe The ban on foreign travel \va,s issued nTtci leftist youth paper Ml.-mda Fronla rcpi.ricd that [\ivel Tf'-rid, youthful lcn<ier uf thc Cnih- olic Peoples party, had fled the country without a ptusport. Claims Tapers in Order Tigrid's olficcr here, howcvrr, averted he left on a scheduled trip j placed" i;T J a"j\nvVitlc'^"Ctit'iULiiiI''ii:i' to Gcnnnny last Thursday nnd thnt i u i he becomes of age. The stale wil 1.0UOIIKAN State of Illijiois R; 's^rd murtiernr in if,-; Two Mississippi County tun and one tnim wife wHl rc]ii'r?n-]n. . ^ Arkansiis on the radio quiz show | ft| j (] "n.F.D. America" over Radlrt Station WON Clilcnpn nnd Ihr Mutual network Tlnnsdnv nitwit at. B::tO. t ^ ] Counly Aficnt Keith J. Bilbrry an- '"M-n'tln'M^rrcii \vlih Tuft that] ""tl-poll tnx and nnli-dl.scrimina- nounccd Indny. the ndmlnLstrnUon \vns Inccmslsl-1 |] °" tcRlslatlon in general has hit Thc Arkansas con!rMrm(.s arc Knrl- rn t t,, rcqiipstlon billions for anil-I ll « Democrfttic party hnrd. BnL po- "----" ' -.....- i... ' f . oni , mmiiSt n: (1 i,, Em-ope while opposing effective aid for China. lo Communist)!," Tafl snlcl. if coninuinifini doininales Manchuria, how cnn \vr hope thai in f ut tire yen rs will be able to It on', of ,l:ipan?" tinp on n 'Rang" rule to choke off a Southern filibuster in thc Senate. Gov. Thurmond Mild the governors wcic In a "fighting mood" and were determined to get "party pence or ulse." Southern uproar against Mr. Trumnn's request for null-lynch, moled today | history into j t this end, under which Howard I.nnn, lit. pleaded guilty lo stabbing his play- male, Ixjnnie Fcilick, 7. and hammering him to denlh with a slab OT cone, re t e. +• As a rcsijii. T,:vii2 prooai>iV "ill be Mkicilr ton Middle ( on of Hi of ."Si Mk^dlPinn ;ind \v of Tllyihrville. C'u . ,1. F. Gnffith of Union City. Tenn, Mr.-. Albrrl Hi^tud of Ann Arbor. Mien.. Miss Nellie Middle ton ol Chattanooga. Tenn.. Mrs. Dnn Ham- ilic (if Guthvio. Ky.. Mrs. lioylt! JoJins, Mrs. Myitle Bailoy and Mrs. Clinrlie Cntinciie all of Hicknian Ky., and 13 Die in Plane Crash On Runway In Philippines MANILA, r. r., Feb- 23. IUP>— A prtssenpcr plane crashed and exploded today at Mati Airfield, near Davao city, killing all U persons aboard, Wi!nesses siiid the plane took off t from Mati. circled the field for Mrs. Harold Shumate of five minutc.s then went into a tailspin and crashed on it runway. Cobb Funrral Home is in charge Elm Grove Hereford* Win 4th Place Awards Elm Grove Farms of BJyihcville, operated by Clem Whistle, won fourth njaco *') judging of both senior heifer calves and Summer yearling heifers Friday at Ihn Arkansas Hereford Association's annual show at the .state livestock tl\CAv evfnmds in Little ROCK, il ivAJ learned hers "fattest" Woman Dies I NEW ORLEANS. Feb, 23 UPi — I Mis. Betty Horrctl. who weighed 750 pounds and called her.self the fattest woman in thr world, riir.rl U-sl night on two ho-spltal beds bolted together. Thc undertaker at FounrtMion Hospital, this afternoon wa.s trying iis papers were in order, Xnlionali7;itioti Keynote A resolution authorizinp the Com. muni-si strike cail also contained defer cons tit utiotial clianpcs along Communist lines, virtually complete! 11 at Eon a lization of industry, social benefits and wage in- 1 crcn-scs. Meanwhile the battle bcfvvccn Gott\va]d and Czechoslovakia's president. Eduard Benes, remained in TI deadlock. Benes still refused to accept the resignations of 12 cabinet, ministers as demanded by Gottwald. Acceptance of the resignations, offered last \vrck \iould clear !he \vay (or Rovevuiucnt changes \iUc- \i\$ Gottvvald and his nnui-man Communist ministerial bloc in control of the country. Benes returned to Ptapue castle last night after spending Ihr weekend at hi.s country home at Latvy. Tl-.e token strike rc.soUition was! J approved by a meeting of 8,000 fnc- [ a tovy council represeiHutives. Its ' to figure oia a means of the body into his hearse his establishment. Eight hHed her went K> gctttnp and to people " Into thc bed when s"ne « hospital lor treatment, age. Ioroi;i> taking Us usna\ "pa v mrni. to .soc-;ety.'\ gambling that he cnn DC molded into a useful membrr of thr community if he is not subjoctrrJ to , the com]):iriy of hardened criminals in a regular prison. L^MK will be sen le nerd :i'.H".' March 5. trie date Judge Daiurl A. Roberts said he will hear drfni-e attoiTif'ys r.rpuc their bc.iffs ih;tl Lanp'.s crinie lesulied from his jr.'ir- inp in a [xior neighborhood ar.fl broken homr. Dr. Hoy G- UimuK. thu 1 .>tw*c <TJimnolo^ist, .said L*;ui>; 'Ao.ild 'if Civrn spetial attention at wliaicncr iiisiiluir hr enirrs ile P\II: rs>''d to:11uii nee tlmt t.riiis; could !>'• rr- h;ioi1 Jta'.i'd b^faij.M 1 he is in '(!.-•* plitsUc H^ci 1 . when ; lu ;•' 1 ' 1 SJ'cat< .M hr>|5C from proper ^'iid- anre." "1 don'1 Vnn'.v how Howard I>*r.K u i',1 come out." Bnrnrk said. "b;it l:r will qer tlie chanrc tn comr nut man." en Frauk Si\u\ of Ihc C^»>'it stnlo eu.storiy. "Thry make snid. nt of I ")K He did nul si>e;ii; ol lhc; murder in v, Inch lie knifed aiifl battrrrd tlit* Fellick boy to death );».st Oct. 18 m a wooded section ontMdr Chicago, i ^", Tito muniei occuirrd rlurniK an ar- [ - r tjunient over S10 Limn had stolen I Irom his mnLhrr. Wikly. Roiitr '2. l.earhvflle: Mrs. Uu_ ford Yr.unc ol Vllythrvllle; nnd Viinre n. IJixon of New l,ibei ty. Tliev will rompctc with [aimers in id f.njii wivt-.s from <i(hcr stiitrs J for pri/es nnd tlie title nf "Master, rarinrr ot the VvVrk." TJie rontrslrtnts, I heir husbands nnd wivr.s will Ifave by trnin this ntternoon for Chicogo where Oiey ] v.ill be cue.-is of :h« Kurd Motor -schnnl Cu., s;tf)ii;,oj.s ot the* 1 tamo show, on a thrrp-ilay visit In that cily which will be climaxed by their nppcari'.'Aco cm tlie qul?, program. Thc tlnrr Miysi.ssippl Cnunty ron- tr ,1 an I.s wri r cht^rn l<> represent. AikiUi-sis f'li Hie nidio pri>(<rnin :il n special audition here Jun. !). On Ilir nnwork shcr.v '1'hurstlay nigln. Gosnetl Child Injured After Leaving School Bus Condition • of six-year-old Tom- rnie Lyn Ilryeans of On.sticll. .struck by 11 car nfler nlit;htfMR from a inix n\ Oosnrll Friclny. '*';»s reported :is fair today by attendants at W:ilis Hospital, w'hcre he is recovering from a fractured leg and neck Injuries. The youth, the son of Mr. and Mr.x. Lacey Ilryeans of Ciosnell, was struck by n car driven by a Mr. Springer, believed In lie from Bly- will c'impete willi the defcnd- chftmpmn of the Feb. H broad- acUire he'd likr fr> p; children. "I'd tr-1) them to remember nni ihtnx—hold your tctnprr." coniesVAnfs icure:ent tutee iof the rtiunlys hip fami fnmilir.s. ' Mr. WJIdy. who fa tins 4-'il) acres near one \\ord ->f ; LonrhviHr, won h<Miors in the lfl-Vl ^ nn to othrr ! ^H-sUilo "Plant to rrnspcr" and first place in the first annunl Mi.ssis-slppi County Soybean Yield Contest last yrnr. Mr. Dixon, v. ith his \v.ife nnd thfvillc. Reports lioin both his )inr- ( cnts and the driver, who was clear- j observers do not rate il in thc same class with Henry A Wallace's challenge to Mr. Truman's flection next November. Southern Democrats could withhold their electornl votes from Mr. Truman but they arc not, expected lo" do .so. The big civil rights controversy will come, at the Dctncoratlc National Convention. Protesting congressmen object to a civil rights plank. It w<in!d be [XKSSib 1 e for tlie dispute ihcrr. to inflame the South and anything might happen. Sharp Decline In Hoc* Prices In the MidWest etl of blninr. snirl the Ind tlnshctl out from behind (hr bus nflcn CHICAGO. Feb. 23. «UPi — Ho? nlirhliriK Mr. .Springer \vns driving | prices dropped shnrply at mnny big in thr o t >po.silft dirpclion Hie bus | MnIWe.stern livr.stock markets towns hcjulcfl. Mr, -Spi inpor \\-;\j^ nol held lol- lowinR thr nre id nil nnd il. w;is n erred the acridrnt %v:\s nnavold- Weather principal demand was for nationn- j County li/.ation of all faclorirr* and concerns' Lon - J.ul with more than 50 employes, compared to the present limit of 300. Other demands included nationalization of foreign trade concerns, building firms, printing offices, pharmaceutical factories, alcohol plants, public baths, Kamtoria and Me -said l.jni: pruytid Svinc!a> at.' ^crvii i's conducted at tht: }aiL H UYR the time he \v«s arrested last lall thai Lang at tended (he prayer meeting. T..nnp fold reporters today that he will try to Irani HIP t arprnin s trad* during the Um« he U under 1—3.^5. Aikaiis.i.'! foiurtM tartly cloudy iuiti w:n itif.-r <;lf)iiciy :uui wjiriii'.-r Joni;;]it with slitrwcr.s m t he ponion- Cloudy with .showers Tuesday. Colder in the West portion. Minimum UiU movnniR—2^. Maximum yesterday -3/>. ; Maximum Ealurciay—3fl. , .Sunset today - .T:5ft. ; Sun rise tomorrow -0:36. i Precipitation, IB hours lo 7 a.m. Total MIKO Jun. \ P>3G Mean temperature ' rnirtway bft- tween high and low >—'JH- Normal mean for I-V1).—4S.4. This Dale Last Vcar Minimum thi.s morninir—22. Prcnpilatimi, Jan. 1 lo Uii,s ri,\lf Special Sewing Classes Hum so»ih f ni Biyli^iHn tJjVc^i-j Are Arranged for Adults in soybeans. (nUnn nnd CTIIPMI- [ M-y cullk 1 . And Mi am) Mv.^. Ynuil^ | arc U-n.'int r;inm^ spuc-iall/.inR ill i cotton, < oni niKi .scyhi'rtns. TlH l v| fniin R0-;!cir.- on the HdUll^cin tnll- sklrts of lllytlicvlllc. t his Beekeepers Postpone Association Meeting One to inclement weaiher. manv mcmhrrs ol tin* Northeast Arkansas Utie^eepei.s A.s.vjeiation were unable to !ia\el If) Hl>i!ic\lllr to ntlrnd ft met-; i ni; M'hcdir'cd I or .Saturday moininn in City Hall and it was postponed. Only a few members were abie to be present and an informal dis- ruwiioM WPK held in plare oT the .vrhcdulrrl ruction of oltK-fCJi aud other busino&s. [ O r a (lulls "ill be- in ihe Home Et:o- ioiuiv^ Co; tune at Ulythcvitle High rhnt'l. n u a.s JitiiimiiU'eiJ t(Xia\' by Vi.v A. K. CaltUvrll, vocational home cnromirs instructor, First class will he held tomorrow fternoon Irom 3:30 U> 5:30 anrt an- in the evening from 1:30 Prices tumbled $1 to SI.25 per hundred pounds at Chicago, and a.s much as 41,75 at Sioux City, la. Livestock experts said the decline was caused by unusually heavy shipments of animals to market on a semi-holiday. Many packing plants were closed and could not absorb thc supply. Hogs shipped to the. 12 major .storkytuds today totalled almost 37,000. compared with only 50.000 last Monday, on a normal workday. Farmers hart been holding hogs off the market to steady the prices after the big break early this month. But most of the hogs farrowed last ;o 9,-10. Any person, who Ss unable Spring now^arc ready for market. to aneml either of these merlines f Some livestock experts believed thc HiaL today's large receipts Indies'.* iliat tanners nre going lo step up tlior shipments instead of falten- ini; tbtrir anunal.s stiH ninre on liigll- uriccd corn. John- Despite larger shipments, cftttls son forfeited bonds of S35.35 each | prices were steady to strong, tn Municipal Court this morning One prominent livestock expert 1 when they failed lo appear tn an.s-1 said that declining prices ^ntvt ' v cr clitvrfe.s of driving while under created a -serious situation lor 1 Ihe Influence of liquor. ' many raiseri of cattle »nd hoj». .should contact Nfr.s. Caldwcll R'. lliijh Sdiooj or l;er liome. Two Forfeit Bonds Marvin Britten and

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