The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BI/Y'fJIKVILLK (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS UgalCodeUrged For All Nations Toft, in California to •Feel Political Pulse, Would End UN Vetoes LOS ANGELES, Sspt. 16. (UP) — S«n. Robert A. Taft, R., Ohio, called today for development of a *codc of international law looking toward eventual elimination of the United Nations veto. He made the proiwsal at a news conference licie shortly after, his arrival from Santa Cruz where he began p. six-state lour to test his chances lor the Republican presidential nomination. Taft was asked whether he agreed .with Secretary of State George C. Marshall's appeal at New York Sim- day for the UN General Assembly to do something about aggression against Greece. • The senator replied that he ngrccd with the "general principle" bu 1 , that he did not know the facts. ••Whether the United Nations can do anything is another question," lie added. . TaTt said he had consistently criticized the UN charier because it gave the Security Council power to preserve "peace and security" but did nothing about enforcing "justice." Up said he believed tluit limitations could be ylaceo. upon the big power veto but thht innny charter revisions would b_- needed before the .veto could be abolished. The UN cuuncll is not a judicial body, he said, and lias "no relation to justice." "International ponce has to be based on justice and law." Taft said, "and we must let si»nc agency Uc- cidc whether there is a violation of the law. it's a judicial procedure." rilKSDAY, SKl'TICMHKU 10, 1917 INDONESIAN REPUBLIC TRIES POWER GRAB fast Indonesia, Borneo Charge It Tries to Boss Other States In U. S. of Indonesia, Already Guaranteed Independence In 1949 Republic (now fighting) J^JjJjj The United Slates of Indonesia is to consist of three sl;ilcs, cadi shown here in u different backgrouml. ItrLtlsh colonies are not included in U. S. I. Several small islands off Sumatra and Malaya can decide later with which slate, if any, Ihey wish to alflliatVk Federation will have an area of 735 CM} square miles—about one-fourth tliut uf coiiMni-nlat V. S. A.—imcl » inipuiation of 70,COO,000—about half that of the U, S. A, arc involved in the euri'tnl fighting. "* Only Sumatra ant) Java (and Hie little Island of [Minium, not shown) "'ITic HepublJc insists upon in[; Ijoss over alt Indonesia," •Sullan Miinm;tm?;l their HY S, BUKTON* HEATH NKA Staff CVirresporuU'tit LAKE SUCCESS, N. D., Sp])l. 3. <NEA> —Down Sn the incllnn Ocean, | "The of its want equality IHtlc more than a V-2'.s f light "mrth all .slates of the federation. We: of Australia, ft new (lcmo'.'ratic 11:1- ! didn't win it the Dutch to run us ns (ion LS being born. It will be tlui 1 ;\ colony, mul we are jusl n.s un- Truman Hears Missouri's Big Guns Roar ABOARD BATTLESHIP MISSOURI, Sept. IS. <UP)—Standing on nn open bridge, President Tru- man'Monday vvntchuil the big 10-inch guns of the Missouri hurl screaminc rircjtretilcs at a shadow largct more than seven miles away. As Mr. Truman watched, the three-gun forward turret of the battleship fired five salvos toward nn 1 oflsel image o^ the accompanying destroyer Dyess. Through special sighting devices, the Buns actually were trained 1.050 yards to the right of the Dycss. From his point of vantage, the President was able to follow the track of the 2,700-pound pro- 'jectilcs to the target area. The brief war games marked the first time the Missouri's gun had been unllmbcrcd since she sailed from Rio de Janeiro for Norfolk, Va.. where she Is due Friday. The Missouri—GOO miles East by North from St. Thomas — is nbout 1,060 miles away from the tropical hurricane sweeping up the Atlantic. If the storm continues its present course, the ship probably will cross its wake later tliij week but is not expected to encounter anything more than high sefcs. ' Mr. Truman and his family gathered aboard the Missouri's [anlail yesterday to attend services conducted by the ship's young catholic chaplain, Cmdr. Lawrence R. Schneider. United Stales of Indonesia, and a broad way it is patterned after the United Slates of America. II is easy for the bitter fighting in Java ami Sumatra to give a fii!?e Impression of the controversy that rases among the Netherlands, the Itcpubtlc nf Indonesia and the remainder of rntlone.sir.. The Indonesians nre not fighting [or independence. The Dutch have agreed in writing that Indonesia shall be completely independent after January 1. 1943. The broad basis of a United Stales of Indone.-ii'i —as free as Ihe United States of America -has been accepted by all parties. Why. then, are Dutch and Indonesians shooting ciich other In Java nn Sumatra 1 Why i-re Indonesian officials—who suy frankly that they "don'l give a damn what the Dulch want, niv.l quote us on that"—here to argue wilh the UN against Republic of Indonesia clainis? The Security Council has refused to listen to Sultan Sjarif Humid Alkadrie of PoiitianKk, of the territoiy o[ West Borneo, or to President Sjckorde Gdo Itokc Sock;uva- ti. or Premier Nadjaniiidin Daeng Malewa or Home Minister Klc Annk Agoeng Gde Agocng ol the state of East Indonesia. What they wnnlcd to te!l the Council was what they told me. over beer and iced coffee, It; a hotel room on New York's Park Avenue while here at Lake Succesi the Cotmcirwas tossing the Indonesian problem impolcntly around. to hnvo thm Jlojniblic hos.s tike .subordinates." All of the Indonesian i cprcM>n- tiuivc.s .speak EtitflisU, but the «-! rear Sullnn, though he never hii:; studied or lived in an .English - ccuntry, (nlks it like :'.ii American, For tha; reason as vull ,is because ol liis rank, ho en mud the burden of the conversation though Bust Ziuioncstii ts both inv t v aud more populous Borneo. •It is." .said the SitUtnr, "as thon^i New York, because It is larger, in- sisu-d on bossing Ihe other states in your federation." East. Indonesia, with u population ol somi; 1G millions, include.? Biiii. Timor, Glebes, the Moluc- cas and other tshmds. Without bloodshed or unplcnstuiL words. East Indonc.sia nctnined autonomy la:;i December and cstab'i^hcd a government with a Council, a Presi:leu. Hnci a cabinet. The first elected legislature met in April, 'West I3or:ico is only one or foiii divisions of thai islaml. It bccatnc solf-covernir.:- in June, with r.n elected Council. E.i.sL Borneo navv is orgnnizing its own fiee government. Central Borneo is to follow in a few weeks. When the SuH.\n gets back, these UIILV will combin--' to form the Iree Mate of Borneo. But-*nnd • this is a key to tlv* whole Indonesian problem as these spokesmen see it—neither East ln- loncsia nor 'Borneo claim to be in- Irpcii'.icnt nalicn.s. They think of themselves as two of the free states' which, together wilh the uinatran "republic," will make up the niuioiuil federation ol Indonesia. ICach area has the privilege oi j:>inin£ one of these three or -miiiK its own government. The Uepublic. on the other naml. considers itself a nuion, and wan'.s to b? rccogniy.ed as such, and when the U. S. of Indonesia i.s formed wants lo dominate the federation. •Mcsl of the Javanese and Su- inalrans would prefer to take their freedom peacefully &s we did, v.ndc.- the agreement made by their £ov- crmncnl wi'.li the I3uleh last October nl Linggadjati," ;.ald the Sultan. "I liai-e nu doubt that the Jap- I slatted the trouble. When the war ended many of them dc- ' sertt'd the occtipation army and I Joine<i tip with the Republicans More tlniii SCO of them have be^'n killed by the Dutch. They had s?t activity In Mic Rcpulillcan fight against the Dutch. It is a inatlfr of record, however, that two ixiwcrfiU behlnd-lhc-si;ene5 Republican leaders, Allinin and Tau Malaka, aro Moscov.'-lralned Reds. The latter, oxixilled by t!ie Dutch when he was Comintern representative lor the Far East, returned to Java during the Japanese occupation. The Indonesians are very bitter because the Security Council will not hear them. "There is only one j;ood name for what went on then-," said the Sultan. "It was a Punch and • Judy show. You can't call it justice. •"We wanted to let them know that the Republic docs not j-epresent all Indonesia, Maybe, we are wron;f in our contention that all states should b; equal. But they let India and the Philippines sit at the table. Why won't they even hear us?" IIR1TTI B ItUNKS BRKAK Em-nest Gardner, youth of Buck- inghamshire, England, by the time he reached his llith birthday, had suffered seven breaks of his left arm, six fractures of his right arm, a fracture or the collarbone, and a fractured left leg, all due to brittle bones. up a Republic of Indonesia, and they would like to have it control the whole area, in hope Ihut they In turn can control it. "But the. Dutch arc to blam;\ loo. They look it for granted we would follow them like pupi>ets, and discovered too late that we wouldn't." None of Ihe Inucncslans would discus:; for quotation Communist c•••••••••••••••••••••• f : Wanted to Buy : : Highest Prices • I Paid for Used ; • Tractors and J • Equipment I : Russell Phillips j I Tractor Co. • • So. Highway 61 Phone 2I71« Are You Planning to Move? We offer you this piccn of equipment designed for safe transportation in all types of weatlier. Ample Furniture pads and other equipment. to insure sufe handling. 24-Hour Service on Notice From where I sit... Joe Marsh Who Really Gets Penalized? GEMS DENOTK RANK Precious stones of different colors are worn by the various ranks of Chinese mandarins. The highest rank wears a red ruuy or pink tourmaline; the next rnnV; wears garnet or coral; the tbird rank berry! or lapis lazuli; and the bottom rank white rock, crystal, 'or other stones. Daws 0. K. Garage 120 Lilly St. General Aulo Hc'iiairing Radiator Cleaning & Repair Painting & Hotly Repair Welding, All Types All Work Guaranteed Phone 805 For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. T24W. Ash St. Just been reading the Pope County papers: "Officers In Drive lo Slop Transporting I>iqunr in C'ounty; County, Township, and Oily Forces Team Up Kaitl; Sheriff's Ralll Near Hector JVnt.s Whiskey, Sugar; Jury in J. V. Court Convicts on I.kpiur Charge; Twi> Fined $250 Eaeb for Fosses- sins Untn.veil I.ii[iior." These nre strange headlines to come out of a "dry" county. But, of course, Pope County inn't actually dry. even though it voted foi- "Prohibition" several years ago. And so instead of realizing revenue from legal sales, the county is spending a lot of money trying to catch bootleggers. Everything going out and nothing coming in. In counties where beer is sold legally, part of tho taxes go to the state's crippled children, the indigent sick, the old age pensioners, the tuberculosis patients, the public school fund.' the University, the teachers' salary fund. In "dry" counties, on'ly the bootlegger benefits, for he doesn't pay taxes. Nor does he bother to observe any of the restrictions placed on licensed dealers, such as not selling to minors nor on Sundays. The bootlegger wilt sell to anybody, any time. IT'S A SIMMK la discard shoc-.s which only need » ^ood repair Job 10 Klve lh«m immy more iruh'-s of wear-ability. Brlni; them here nntl l>c njrmzctl at hov,' little we charge to rcncw worn footwear, HALTER'S Quality Shoe Shop For Electric We* Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation 500 N. Fifth St. niythtvillc, Ark. ARKANSAS COMMITTEE, UNITED STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION HACO BOTO, STATE DIRECTOR . . . 402 PYRAMID BIOG., LITTLE ROCK, ARK. • Hold* 100 lh. of • Burns, any kind of coal, coke or briquet*. • Start a fire but once a year. • H tats a without refueling. • Your hor»e « WAKM every MORN I NO. Come in. Examine iti ex- duMvc,patented feature*. Hubbard Hardware Co. Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Co. Hubbard Furniture Co. •*i<>;>;>;>7*]>:>;>'yv>:vvv'»~vvv>>">">"vv>;vvv;yvvvvvv>'V'«"* i '»''#"*"*'v>"*":+ HAIRY VETCHj Balboa ;iml Common Hyc, Oals, Whc:i{ and Hurley $ Seed . . . Ready for Fall Heeding !•! 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