The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1948
Page 8
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ATURDAY. FEBRUARY, Zl, 194i -• -• *-r n * i iiu v \LJL,EJ \ OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Our Boording House with Moj. Hoojjle T OIF5 - - I ^^^H L^— / \.lif^l I rr'i? -rvtst. n < r^ "\ I I 1 I"~ " ' " "" ' ' " V,*T7.1' •- —-• • • . . — • • - ---- - ^ BMTHEVtLLB (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS PAGE NINE WELL ._. >OL> AINT A LI "ALLER--VOU WOULW1 HAVE BEEN) SO AWFUL HIS KltlKNDS ft'HILE VOU V^ERB IM We DID S'OU rV\e6T NICE PCOPLC '. T IROt By MERRILL BLOS3ER \\6THOOS OF CRACK- rtG SP.FF.S s^lTl-l . ATOMIC POKIER ^ /> TEETH M6S11ED f TERMS TOR WIVES WHO GET TO-,H6 Ou' v \ VNMA.6V 5 s * PIRST.' 1 WANTID YOU To KNOW BOSWrU_,l SIMr-LV PO BEUtVf WHAT fve»y- POOY'S SAVINS ABOUT SAY GIVING UP BA*Kir- ©OVSA'OO'D HPMe i AT <1 "She wanted to give me her husband." C0r» ttll IV NH UKYICI. ISC, T, M.JIQ, U L n, m L CFf CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING He/p Wanted | HesponslbJe miin or woman, p:irt i me. to service iciite 01 cundy bar I >acmn«. Experience unnecessary, rout diecufiaerl at Interview. $^45 *sh needed. Cllv« address, pjione, arrl«d or single. Box 1311 c o courier . He/p Wanted, Female Kenlalt for typing and light book- ecplnn »nu reeoiUB. I'tiiniRtiellt iiobi- 01). 1'aM vacation, BOi-d workui« con- < tlons. Uoou starLliiK aalary. Apujy m ' eraon to Mr. Lfrumwlluhi. Jim own'. Ulore. 2,JO-pk-2i | H«/p Wanted, Male \ YVniu ilr»i elsist specialty BMesmftn man willing to Icurn. U you arc -r W write fully. Bo« 1760 Cleve- nU.. Ohio. 2,21-|)k-J2 live wire jalesjnnn with direct sales Iicrl«nc« to your IfnrtlnR IncUrlruml'i -".own nnd community—profitable repeAl bualnpRS [or sober untS let- lira man. If you on >ell and warn rorthwrui* connections flee me No • >non* cnlU. r. 6. Baker, Nabln Hotel I WANTED rMMEDIATELT axcluslve Agent tor iilsilsslppl County Very Jlbernl co[nrrtlsslon contrnct \akes It possible for roll to earn up I'JOO R week. ThU position open nly to ambitious. aggressive, well ualltled niRti. to represent nauonnlly nown tn»urnnce company. orRanl7ecl n IR94. tlolncr tmstne** In every statn i tne Union, and a recognized leader i the accident, health and hospltal- atlon nelrl. Policies contain i*omcetl- ive «dT»nt«ees (or Individuals, fam- ftrouns and bu^lnen flfm*. For a oort salesmnn who '.vants to be his bofs. contact Immccllfltely tor Tur- her dotall.*. All replies ronf UUnrinl. NaT'onal Onsualtv comnftny ^ost nfllre Box 2*11 North Little Bock. Ark^"<a5 Lost and Found Lost: One pair honi vim- neri p;]aRse». Also one billfold ontaininft pictures- Plinne |jtf>, Reward. ^P I 20-pK-24 flibsT. THREK""KF.Ys"ann gas cap k-un Blythcvllle Motor Co. key /older Between Driver and Plythevllle Reward :or return Je.M rrovlnce. 127 F Vlnf pnone J719. 2 n-cK-K XXX lANICE'S new visitor slopped short ul siKhl of her. slandins still to sliirc, withoul saying any- "Aron't you even (joint; lo say hello?" Janice asked. Her heart was thudding so loudly beneath the lovely bed jacket that she was sure the sound o! II tilled die quiet room. "H-liello," Bon .said, ill's voice sounded queer, as thouKh it had a diflicult lime gelling through his wlnrtpipo. "Hello, yourself," Jnnice returned. "You- you took swell," he said. still standing and staring. "Thank you." Jnnlcc smiled on him. "Won't you come In and sit down?" He cnmc in and sal down, rather lliffly, on a chair. She had never known Ben to be loiiguc-ttert before. Probably il was because most men were uneasy ,ln a room where someone was ill. "Aren't my (lowers lovely?" Janice tried lo put him at case. "Thank you so much, Hen, tor the ones you sent." She did not know which ones were his, but she knew he had sent som« ot them. He seemed lo he looking at the largest bouquet, a white vase filled will] crimson rojcs with stems that must have been three feel lone But Ben had not sent (hose. They had come at supDcrtime, between Jatiice's afternoon visitor and her present one. There had been a card wilh Ihcm. It had readi 1 am sorry lh»l you ,1,, m ,t want lo sre me but I do nut blame you, my meet. ] shall always feel tor yuu what these FFicE nurse By Adelaide Humphries tloidl HumrAiiei, Oi|t,Ibulrd b] NU StRVICf, INC. Private Rooms flMroom. cl#Ari and comfortADl* nrl- r»l» Jntrnncc. »17 CWckaswba. (.len- fl«men preferred. 2:l9-pK.a6 »«ro<>m. SH N. HlntrTT Pbonp 2338 317-pK-lB bMroom, clow In. Men onlr 8m nit I9M. room, nrionp 316-nX-J:! Bedroom, convenlrnt to h?th. sir-Am UtAt. Phono 33J5. 611 W. MHn ^^___ Comrortnbie riedroom for --"nt Cflll IIB-rt-3'lfi red ro.r* nullify, lit happy, J»nlce. Kvcr youri, Eric. The roses would fade and die, and Uric would forget Hint he had loved her, Jntiicc knew. IUM while- they lasted, they were very beaulifui. • • • "A RE you -~ r «w' 1 J' okay?" Ben asked, still thr o ugh that clocgcd windpipe. "I'm line," Jaiili'K snld. "Just flne." Snyfii" It, .,h« f mint i t |,,, t she wns. She was happy, nut sad. U you weren't," jjfn .wld, "I'd never have forgiven myself 1 told you lhal thai d.iy 'when you wanlcrt to go with me to find Edna Mac. 1 was afraid that fellow Mcllac wwili! make trouble." "I guess IIP blamed me because Eileen lefl him and he hadn'l been able to find out where she had gone." Janice suicl. "And, of course, he thought 1 had pr.-icii- callv kidna|i|)fd his little girl," "He might have killed you!" Ben growled. "And your father tells me you aren't going lo lei lliem prosecute him." "Why should 1? The poor man is sick; he needs treatment, not iniiiislienent, and I'm going lo see that someone helps him." Ben just grunleil al this, "i suppose," he said, "your doctor will do it for you." ^ "You mean Dr. Rlfhrfi ils?" Jnnice nfkcci. Her eyes held a shade of mischief. "You know who I mean." Hen looked glum. "I suppose," he added, "he's been here every day " "Dr. nichnrds?" "No. Dr. Holbrook." "J haven't seen Ur. llolhrook " Janice said, "Mrs, Holbrook wn* here." "Mrs. Holbrook! What did she want?" ( ^Karrtte ShuttU Him BELOIT. Wls.' IUP) — Jnme* IJrager took a pulf on a cigarnt : 2 and laitl it In an nshtray. The next thing he knew, he Marl been slim in die arm. The cigarette set off a bullet that wa.i lying in the ash- "CJive you— That settles evcry- Ihins ihen." "A'oi quite." Janice said, the mischief in ] lt >r ,. vcs <lc > >pcnini- "You see, I found' I didn't want' him. 1 found 1 didn't even want lo see him [ijtinin." "You—did you | c ]i hoi . ,), lll? Ren's blue eyes were im-icduli.u«. "Y" KS . 1 '"hi Mrs. Holbrook .she could keep him." Janli-e was enjoying Hen's disbelief, althouKh she knew lhal soon she must make film believe her. "I'm Koin« Mexico." she said. "Your mother told me." Den was bpRimiinj; to sound more like himself. There was a new look coming slowly into his candid blue eyes. "You don't suppose," he said, "after you hnvo n little while alone and K ct to feeling heller, thai I could lly down Ihere Ion, do you?" "There's no reason that I know of why you can'l," Janice wns sny- Ing. fiul her eyes were saying much more. They were tclllng'tilm Hint u-hiit he HioiiRlit mluhl he so. really was. They were snylllK, love you and 1 am in love wilh you, since now ] know they nr« one and .the same. Or, al loom, thai she knew tde diiTctciu-e was [lilfercnt from what she had thought it was. '.lanice!" That was all Hen could say. Bui il was not all he could do. When the muse pupped her head throUK'i Hie dooiway lo say llml Ihe visitor had stayed lung enough, she popped it oul agniti imme- diutely. She. shut Ihe door a^alll, l<»>. The patient was not tired: she was well. And love, ao Ihe nurse decided, cerlainly was somclhuig! She hoped lhal (hose two would make Ihe Cinderella story come Irue, that they would live happily ever afler. And somehow, she fell sure lhal they would. THK BNI) UuHTAINS. r|r«3 anything lhal you need cleaned to per- i fection IE hanmed easily at PEERLESS CLEANERS. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable prices, quick, efficient service) PEERLESS CLEANERS Phone Z43J Front heclroom. close lot water Phone 3002. in. consunl BABY CHICK TIME • BUY EARLY A • BUY THE BEST 1v Cnmnlcte Line of Feed W» Buy Poultry! Lewis Poultry 419 K- Main Phone 919 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any T. L. MflBRY 4Z3 MISSOURI ST. PH 3627 Action! \o use sta.ving at home when there's real fun to be hid! Try ynur hand al lilytricville'j newest sport. Bowl Tonight! ChitwoocTs Bowling Alleys East Main Street Phone 4929 Perfect Service VVr prldn oursp]vrs runrtenns, prompt i'erfctcl tood phu sprvitie canals the nioal. service, perfect perfect Elliott Johns, Owner Johns Cafe <10<r West Main I'hone 3900 Local & I.oiig Distance Han lh'. K Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any I'lnoe Buck Mcharg 401 E. 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Eat up all your dinner and you'll get to he a great big lady Just like Mommy' O'MAU.KY mid KAU'H LANE HIM UP AND FUr HIM INlllECAH CU M Tilt DRIVER* HAf AND llf*D fOR HIE MAIM BOAO <&?oc)t vttt shading W« uncortscious vklitn by tn« throat lihe a-terrler wlthi bit overcoat. VQUfe DESCRlPtlOW Of W,\5H IS ND1 f (tOOF IhM VOt lUM'SIKUr.KlS, ^ND Hdu rouiotj'T IIWE KMOWkl n UNLESS VOU PIP I'EMZIT FROMIHtt! WIM USE HftPPENEOf 'THW>SWb IT WOULD K FNSCIBMttK! ro HE MMKED W.IU8HS PRESENT HEIGHT ON II* WALL! IMMMIMRKI6 SflU THERE.IIILPRODE PAKtOT M STOW! VOU COUtS HJlrVE 9HH HI" THE KE1 FROM THE FCVICE.MrD WEU SO UP AND LOOK! TOLO TKAO HE'D ANSWERED IHE t\C 10 HELP HIS CM. \ LOGMEN GIR.L FOLLOWED THAD IM10 TUP BREWERS' A.UO WASH TUf 8 By FRED HARMAN IN $iriRcc><,MW ittwoti cofifeti WrtErJ 1 Wl THE MUST Bf REPAlOOH A CW0ROCIC/ tHE MORfOAcTt GlVE By V. T. HAMLIN -r>« A3i.Eii^; i... ^ .• MYWAMONDSf Dial 4474-4475 HOOTS AND HICK !!UI),)IKS M By EDGAU MARTIN

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