The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1947
Page 10
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f AGE TEN ' BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEITEMBliK 1C, 19-17 Bragg City, Mo. Marshal Posts $5,000 Bond '- CARTJTHERSVILLE, Mo.. Sept. 16.—O:t Kilborn, city marshal an:l Deputy sheriff of Blast' City, titoaj'ged with murder !n connection with the death Wcdiiesdny of Floyd I Durham, 24, also of Hragfi City. | was at liberty today tinder W.OOO bond pending preliminary hearing Sept. 25, before Magistrate G. W. 1'alcs in this city. Prosecuting Attorney Elmer Peal said Marshal Kilburn came to Caruthersville Friday aiid .surrendered when a warrant wivs issued for his arrest. Durham wns shot near the Bragp City Softball diamond Sopt. 4, when lie accosted Marshal Kilbntn as the latter was arresting a Kennett. Mo., tnxicab driver for reckless rtnving. Following the shooting, Durham was taken'by Kiluuni to the I'resncll Hospital at Kennett, where his condition was critical, "ultimately resulting In his death. Physicians nt the hospital said the revolver bullet penetrated the right lung, mid thivt death was due to- hemorrhage. At the coroner's inquest, held at Kennett following Durham's death, testimony of cyc-wHncsses dilTered. One group contended that Durham was shot without provocation, and the other stated Kilburn fired only aftor Durham attempted to interfere as Kilburji -was trying to arrest the taxical) driver. Witnesses testifying at the inquest included Bobby Martin, James W. Baker,. Harold Thompson, \V. V. Hargrove, and Billy Sullivan, the Kennett cab driver, all eye-witnesses; and Dr. Rollin Prcsncll of the hospital where Durham was Exodus Jews Settle Down in German Camp Jewish refugees, forcibly relui'ncd by the British to tlu Oppendorf Camp near Lucbcck, Germany, nf'.i'r an unsuccessful attempt lo enter Palestine via the S3 ICxodus 19<I7, unpack their belongings outside a hut in which they will he iiuailercd. i^holo by Al Cocking NKA-Acmc skill correspondent. treated. Following the .shoolinn, Ktlburn took Durham to the hospital. :md brought Sullivan to CiirutlHTsviUc, whore he pleaded guilty to recklo.^; driving and driving while, intoxicated, and was fined $25 and casts in the court of Magistrate Yntes. Funeral services for Durham were held Friday afternoon at Bragg City, and intermt.'ni wns in Oakridge Cemetery near Kennett. Read Courier News Want Ads. OK<;ANIO TITM-: F.dward ! originate dtlie tit!- 1 Prince of Wales, borne by the heir to the IMitish throne, in the K«n century, v:hen lie conquered Wak's and named his infant .son Us I prince. [ BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 315! COPR. 1947 BY KEA SERVICE. INC, T. M. RFC. U. S. PAT. Off. "During vacation Junior was up at dawn clamoring for breakfast, but now I have to call him a dozen timesf Do you think he's studying too hard?" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER .Money Mad xxvi WITH the nerves of several of its members stretched to the limit, ;md all the doctors feeling as if they walked upon etfgs, the Staff and Directors met lo conduct ;uch business as had accumulated. j The meeting was csyecinlly sig- [nificimt because the orthopedic swing wns nearly ready to be put | into use, and today, surely, would | be settled the important position iof Staff Surgeqn, Today, each ar• riving member was noticeably til- jiUaicd lo find Dr. McAn seated Jin his wheel chair at one end of (the long table. Did his presence ;mean his resignation, the appoinl- Iment of his successor as Chief of iSlaff? ; Routine business of finances, jpalient-reports, and so forth, was [quickly disposed of. The Chairman paused for a pregnant inin- jute,. and looked down the table lo »where Martin Glenn sal, his dark Ihpad back, his eyes ludf r closed. i Pop fbinbled in his box for a (tissue; Malcolm's hand steadied ilhe container for him. "Blasted : shame," Ihe old man muttered. Martin was on his feet, standing at ease. He glanced at Mal- jcolm, then turned his attention to '.the Chairman. "I've nothing more lo say, sir, than is in the letter nt your hand. That lefler .offers rny resignation lo the Board and states my reasons for doing so." i He sat down. ! Malcolm made a soft sound in this throat. The Chairman nodded >lo him and Malcolm stood up. ."May ! suggest that— er— Dr. ;Glenn's resignation be changed to a request for a leave of absence?" 'He turned to glance at his brolher. > Martin nodded, his cheeks red. |"I'1I gladly agree to thai change," ihe said quickly. ;A : some discussion of possible replacements for the diagnostician, the chairman opemta Ihe subject of the Staff appointment for the Orlnopedic Department. II* rti.-ido a little speech, explaining that this man would he on a par with Dr. Malcolm Glenn in the Women's department, thai the pediatric surgeons and physicians would work with him as the various- gynecologist:; worked with Malcolm. He glanced down at his papers. "I have several letters of application for the position. I think it would be desirable to entertain discussion from the members present of any names they would care to present." This was routine procedure; this was the. way such men as Andrew Woodward hart been chosen to serve the Hospital. Someone suggested that the Chairman read his letters of application, and he did so. Then Malcolm asked for the floor, and the Chuirnum sat down. Malcolm talked easily and well Ic mentioned the name of Dr barrel!, now Resident Orthopedic •Surgeon in an Orcyon hospital. He isted Barrett's school, his degrees )is hospital affiliations. He dropped the paper from whicl lad read this data, and looked about, the table, his eyes smiling. "George Barrett is my friend," Lie said. "I went to school with intn. 1 have known him ever since. I have seen the suit of doctor he is. The professionals iu this room know that certain dor lors have an especial gift which is beyond Irain- ing and experience. 1 saw thai gift present in George Barrett." He talked on, frankly admitting that Barrett's professional advancement, his fame, had been retarded by personal misfortune. "But he is still an especially line surgeon. I give you my word that you would make no mistake in appointing him." He sat down. The Chairman thanked him, and nskcd, almost mechanically, for liscnssion. His altitude was that they must all accept Dr. Glenn's opinion. ... f\R. WOODWAHD made a diffident sound. The Chairman .ooked loward him. "Yes, Doctor?" The big red-headed man slowly rose to his feet. He stood there for minute, seeming to consider and choose hir, word*. "I would he the ast one to <|tie:-lion the fact lluit Dr. Glenn has Ihe welfare of Ihe Hospital at heart. If he had asked for the appointment of his friend — ux such—I should have agreed silence. If the mailer is to be solved on a coldly professional oasis, I am sure Dr. Clic'tm would object to my failure lo mention the man he know.^ 1 liavc in mind for the position under consideration. I have discussed this matter with him, and he agreed (hat the man I will name is eminently filled. So—for the good of the Caroline Lehr Hospital for Women anil Children, toward its efficient service, and ils increased prestige, I offer for your consideration the name of Dr. Ivan Gregor of the Children's Clinic in Chicago." lie paused, standing easily, to let the men at the (able nod to each other and buzz over the name he had dropped like a stone into the muddied waters of the meeting. Malcolm .slumped into his chair, defeat plaiu in his face. He scarcely listened lo Woodward's clever exposition of Gregor'a desirability. What point was there in telling all that? Enough at Ihe table knew nboul Gregor, recog- nised his eminent position in orthopedics, to insure the man's sc- Icclioti. It was Martin who asked if there was any chance of the Lair acquiring this paragon. Woodward assured him that Gregor would accept the call. He had, it seemed, taken the precaution nf going lo Chicago anil sounding him out. Malcolm sat and watched what was going on in futile rage. Ho scarcely knew when the vote was taken, the result overwhelmingly in favor of calling Dr. Gregor to Ihe post. (To Be Continued) " Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20J3 1044 Chickasawba j Upholstering Add now colors home and prolong of your furniture. . . I HAVE=/ LISTEM, TO GO TO / HORATIO WORK AT /AUSER.! WHAT MAKES YOU THIMK YOU'RE THE ONL/ Guy THAT EVER. MADE? A BUCK.' NO USE YOU K<DS WAITIMG-/ MY FIMANCIAL AWE Wl TAKE SOME TiME ' AH. HAPPY, CAREFREE YOUTH! (SI6H) So 1M WORKIWG AFTER. SCHOOL. SO I'M GIVING UP KID STUFF ArJD SAVIM6- DOU&H I JLS THAT BAD? !•*•••••••••• GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch 7 Crown Culvert Schenley Three Feathers Hill & Hill Old Taylor Four Rases . . . . 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I '.MOULP APPRECIATE f\ WRITTEN STATEMENT FROM YOU, THAT HIS BKAIEM PLOT WAS DISCOVERED ND 1, 8EIWS OF VEPV 501)WPM1M>,',TOS PBOMPTLV RELEASED. HAVE U5ED TH:£ INCIPENT TO CAST POUBTONWlYSANm; AK5 S'-OCK CERTAIM FFDERAL 'Jlli-i-DEEPS, TAKE A LETTER.TO PK. PEVSROKE .LOS LOCO ASYLUM—DEAR SIB: WU WILL RECALL THAT I WAS BWLeOAOED tkTD Y0U8 ltJST|- TUTIOW L&5T YEAR BY AN VUSWOZY SWIHM.EE 1. Expert Craftsmen 2. Finest Materials 3. Custom Styling Bv FRED ITARMAN 21st Street ;il Giilcwa He'll Settle Things Now BEEN SHORt 0^ W CALF FOR. ABOUT AfEAR IF RYDER'S STEAL 1,^ f-Yf STOCK IV\ LOOK Al t-UT, 5A^DAIL-' Tr)£ CALF BELONGS TO OUR coi-i 5 5LAPPED HIS SO OVER. TO RTDER'5 PLACE AS5D HERE .'WE'LL A sHowooi-)^ WITH RIGHT By J. R. Williams trie MAJOR'S LOOPING Trie LOOP OM SOME 6OOF-V HE CW*T Plli THE TW3 OW SELF/-«~~ AW \S COMItf UP AN' I'M STIFF AS A PLASTER. C/V5>T.' I'fA A& SOFT A=> A EC INS A TAL CORRIDOR, ' T- DO t^EED — T'LL TRADE A FevJ EASY PRACTICE GRUNSTS \WITH VOL), BOT J DOS SOME A GUY WHO'LL WEAR SLJSPE-IMDER-S IM A FOOTBALL GAME.' A GUY WHO COULPM'T KETCH HIM I\J A TUB GAIWItO' OM HIM WITH THE ELASTIC.' Mou RASSLED iNi COLLEGE BUSTER—VJ1LLVA .-1 HELP A\E LlfABER jl UP? X'LL PLAV By V. T. HAMLIN Call for Dinny THOSE GUVS AFTER. \\-ne\\'.' HE^D;^^' FOE ~ PUACE.TCO... FISGERIN' ON CUTTfN' FROM TEAMIM' UP 'ITH Oil DINNV. GOTTA BEAT EM TO '!M SADFRV. IM rt.V. I DONE BUT NOT BV TOO COMFOE.TABLE K FLIN OU>~GW GIMME THE KDGAIl MARTIN . BY MICHAEL O'MAT.l.BY and RALPH LANE IT'S PERFECTLY GOOD, SON. IT'S CXD ISSUC CURRENCY. O>lt OF THE 1AR6E SIZE- FIVf-DOUAR Bllli THE GOVtKNMENr RETIRED YEARS AGO. UTTW WR xx) MKMWUX TURN IT !N AT IHE YOU A NEW ONE ME TO HUS TO PUT THANK* »« HI ND IF YOU'VE TO THE O(D 6OV. Ti-i ii HE'S OOt fl WATCHDOG

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