The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, SKI'TKMMICU 10, I'M? IJLYTMKVII.LB (ARK.) CXR!lt!KK NKWi? PAGE BETTER HOMES ON SALE! I ONLY I5'/2 fl. COOLKllATOK Was $469,50; Now $446.03 1 Only 5 ai. fl. DKKi'FUKK/K Was $259.95; Now $247.00 1 Only 7 t-u. 11 COOLKKATOU ICE BOX Was $103.50; Now ~$87.50 Monthly Payments If Desired! E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 319 W. Ash St. Phone 551 n HAUMT£D//OUSE? NON SENSE. MY WIFE HAS . JUST PLUGGED IN TOO MANY APPLIANCES ON THE SAME SOCKET AGAIN/" Don't overload your VMring system. When you build or modernize provide ADfQUATf WIRING. ARK.-MO. POWER CO. 74 ITE PAINT KITCHEN! SHERWlN-WlLLIAMS SEMI-LUSTRE *~ _\: WALL FINISH City Area Home Construction Up Building in 1946 Bests '39 Record by 50 Per Cent Survey Shows MINNEAPOLIS. Sept. 3. — Construction of new homes in 115 key metropolitan arcns of Die United Slates lust your was more llinn f>0 per cent greater thnn In 1939. the Himunl Investors Syndicate survey of housing construction jevcalcd here today. The Increase over 1U45. when civilian liouic building got under way late In the year, was 410 per cent. Tolnl new housing units buill in these key communities in 1040 wns approximately 412.455 against 101.511 In 1945. At the same time. average cost per unit ha.s increased by -Ifi per cent, from about 51,725 iii 1939 to $6,870 In 1946. There has also been a' sharp swing away from apartments to one and two-family homes, the Investors Syndicate survey shows. While In 1840 there were more limn twice as many homes built us In 1039. there were 30 |>er cent fewer apartments. "These figures," declared E. E. Crabb, chairman and president of Investors Syndicate, "indicate how seriously rental restrictions have affected the construction of rental housing. Although the demand (or apartments Is very great, builders cannot find it profitable to erect multiple-unit apartments and have concentrated OP. single-occupancy homes for sale. The small volume ol apartments built during the war and under rent ceilings will undoubtedly effect the housing .situation for many years to come." Housing Spotty in MG Housing construction In 194G wn: exceedingly spotty. the survci I showed. Despite the fact, that dc| innntl was great in virtually all of the centers studied, a number of them showed increase in home building over 1939. while several showed marked decrease. San Francisco showed a decrease of about 20 per cent under 1011 in the number of units built, from more than 7800 to about 0150. Po- oria, III.. Whit only al>out 15 per cent as many homes in 194C :is in 193!). slightly more than 200 compared with nearly 1500. Other places showing decreases from 19:19 were Bronx. New York, Kings and Queens counties in the New York City area; Chattanooga and Knox- villc, Tenn.; Jersey City; Philadel- ! phla; Tulsa, Okla.; El Paso. Texas; ' and New Orleans. Areas in which increased home, building was most marked included : Baltimore; Cleveland. Columbus, | Akron, Toledo, Cincinnati and Dayton. Ohio; Cook County (Chicago). III.; Milwaukee; Minneapolis, St. Paul; Atlanta; Nashville and Memphis, Tenn.; camdon. N. J.; Birmingham; Palm Beach and Miami. Pla.; Ft. Wayne, Gary, Indianapolis, South Bend, and Mishawaka, Intl.; £t. Louis; Richmond, Vo.; Greensboro-High Point, N. C ; Kansas Cily; and Los Angeles. Cities which built approximately as many housing units in 1940 .->.•; in 1939 include Hasten, Providence. Detroit, and Seattle, i Investors Syndicate also (omul that there has been a sharp shift away from public housing. Although 13 per cent of all housing constructed in' these key areas in 1939 v/a.s publicly built, only 5 per cent was public construction in 104G. Big Increase in Southeast Greatest increase in housing over 1939 was in the South Atlar.tia states where more than four thr.c 1 , as many units were built in 194G as jn the prewar year. In Nc\v England, the East North Central states. West North Central and Pacific Coast, building was about double the '.19 level, while increases of about 50 per cent were registered in the Middle Atlantic. Siast South Central and Rocky ^Mountain areas In the West South Central region ! building [ell to only half of the 1 '30 level. Best indication of the actual increase in housing construction costs, said Investors Syndicate, is a comparison of the cost per scjuarc fool. While some unit costs can be lowered somewhat by reducing areas and otherwise cutting corners, per square foot costs tell the actual price of living space. Whereas il cost about S3.50 a square £nol to build in 1939. in 1940 It. was around S6 to S7 — an increase of around TO'/; to ion:;. "The increase in building costs over the past several years." snitl Crabb. "has been inevitable in Ihc light of increases in commodity price-s, transportation costs and labor costs, and the scarcity ol a number of key items essential in completing a building. In addition, strong demand for housing indi- Get Light With Privacy in Dinette Privacy and cheery atmosphere are the two prime essentials ol the dining area. Yet in older homes they arc usually the most sadly neglected. Often the cause is faulty window arrangement or the nearness of a neighbor's home. In functional floor plans the dinclte is often placed in the darkest corner of the living area. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to screen'the view ot outsiders while gaining more cheerful daylight is to use jjlass block. A panel cxlcndini; from floor to ceiling (above) provides a "wall" of daylight. The easily cleaned block can he set into existing window openings which can be enlarged if desired, No curtains or shades .-ire required because the panel cuts out harsh glare and obscures vision Its insulating action filters out noises and prevents excessive he»t loss and "jswcatins" in coki weather. New Developments in Homes Bring About Push Button Age Ycars ago people used la Joke about the "push button age" when everything in ;he house would be controlled by the touch of n linger. Hut it's no Joke, .says Practical Builder. Chicago 3, judging from the efficiency and comfort now turf; controls everywhere in the home. There's a thnrmosliit located outside the house which "anticipates" changes before you notice them inside tlie house; there are zone controls that keep a bedroom cool while a living room Is ten degrees warmer; there are water heaters that send a flow o[ hot v.'nler (o nny outlet at ihe push of a button, with a warning light to >how that'thi! heater is in operation and nil ruito- matic shut-off when the wntev reaches a predetermined level; controls on any heating system tu maintain an even, comfortable heat and humidity in spite of atmosphcr- LempiTature changes; electronic systems open and close garage doors; •Irclric. burglar alarms cut the circuit upon attempted entry and prevent manipulation of the lock; protection against overloads and short circuits in wiring is possible with a shockproof, convenient clr- :uit breaker; radios play In any room in the house; mother in the kitchen can talk to dad in the lip- stars bath witli a new inler-com- munication system; and even clec- calcs there will be no rulict for number of years. The increase In costs, while significant, is not greater than increases in most other lines, particularly in heavy Industry, and such casts do not. appear lo he unreasonable nor beyond the capacity of our present economy." Investors Syndicate is one of the largest .holders of home loans In the United Stales and Canada, wilh total holdings of more than S225.000.000: trie blunket:; adjust themselves lo temperature changes and keep each half of the bed at n different 7,3110 of warmth us desired. It is really a "push button nge" and it's mighty convenient rihcltprn':- ttcal. Electric appliances have krp'. itep with I ho rest of the home, too. in providing automatic radio I urn-oil controls which operate in junction with the clock; cookers and roasters which turn olf yet keep food warm when it Is completely cooked; washing machines anil dlsh- xvashr:rs Urn', wash, rinse flhd dry their contents nutomnlieully. When the experts perfect an electronic bed linen changer and an automatic clothes hanger, the house- witn can truly change the title of her prolcssion to "chief engineer." Floors Made of Wide Variety Of Hardwoods llnrtlwiiod loiii; has been recoi;- nl/cd by huildlni! authorities as tlie mosi siiituble for residences. COM- miiit'tilly. it Is used almost, universally In well built- AinerU-iiii homes. Choosing your ilnorlni; innli'iliil. Iherefore. nmy be nu'iicly n ninlter of dividing wliiit spivles of h.nd- wood you prefer, anil whui style and Briule. A wide vurlcly Is manufactured. Although m ori' reudlly available (him If ha.s been fur several years, oak mid other luird- wood [loorlni; Is hi .-.m-h lu'avv tle- nuiiHl tluil. dealers are having difficulty fllliin; orders promptly. Of more than 100 species uf Ainerlruii Imixlwooil used commercially, several 11uvc |,ni]«-vtles \vli|-.:li estiibllsh tlu'iu us particularly a- duptiihli- to use as iliHirluii. Oak is employed most extensively, '['Ids Is ;lue hugely lo Ihe fuel. Unit II possesses nil Mir mpilslli's <>[ good ihrarlnn. inc-ludiui-. duraljllllv. bennty and e;ist "I iii:dnteiianve II also Is the most plentiful »l ihr flooring luirdu ouds; u l.s produced n M'vnal i;nuli-s nnd in stvip ilank uiitl par<|uci slyios. Next In ortlcr "f popularity uri hard miiiile. beech, blrrh ami PITHII They are stixiiiK, durable nn<l huvi other ipinlllles winch rniible them .o serve well as Ilnorlni;. but do not have the clmnu-tci bnc ,,„,..^ which distinguishes oak. A (l!!l«.-r- ence In cellular .slruciure accmuii 1 for the ctmtrasi. These woods an used must frequently In building where Inilflc Is henvy ami resistance lo wenr Is the inn jar ri'iiul- slle. Other" hard woods sometimes uscc nrn wiilnut, cherry, n.sli and lii-.-l:- ory. The latter is seen onlv rnrclj nowadays. The others are employed chiefly where utmsiml dec e effects are desired. Thee less iihiiiidant nntl Ihcrrrorii economical for ridicnil use. and n half roiim frame icsldencc coal filled in the rear of 1208 Holly In tin' rca of f>:H North lUth; cs- estlmutcd cost, $500. '' $1 ' 000 ' J. I' Lewis, for addition of a sicr l.cwls. for n four- sun porch to a residence at 111 • resldeiHT at 121 Knsl Kiist, Davis; estimated cost 1500 ti'd cost. $1.000. Juhn WiitiU'ii. for n garage nnd Mrs. Cli room friui Asli; cstlti Head Courier Ncw.3 Want Ads. It's the housewives' favorite! / Semi-Lustre Wall Finish Rives rich color and lasting beauty to kitchen and bathroom walls as well as woodwork throughout the house. Aniazingly Vvashahlc... cuts > liouscclcaning lime ! WE SELL, MIRACLE WALL FINISH winaslorms have cos! millions — don't let them cosl you a penny. Be prepared by covering everything of value with windstorm insurance today. Let us explain this low-cost coverage to you. •....- GAl. tn W.t* OKI ike drirsji NOBLE GILL Home Financing Made Easier With Lower Payments Mortem home finnncing Is liberal nml flexible—not tlic lienrt-brenkin.; procedure Hint exislcil n few yciirs ngo. No longer Is it ncccssnry fn;» family to skrimn nntl .save uiiijl it nccuniulHte.s onc-lmll or inort- ot I lie cost of the home. Down payments as low ns 10 percent cnn now be nrwngctl, nnd lon«- tcnn morlyage.s up to 2D ycnr.s lor ciillians and 25 ycnr.s for vetcrinw of World War II reduce monthly payments to n low level so Hint Uic budget for Vlicltcr is within the means of a grcul ninny mo:-'; lainillcs tlinn formerly. Low Interest rntts—-1 or 5 per cent today In to the oH- llrnr- 8 or 9 per cent—also play a part in milking home financing relatively en.'.}'. IxMidini; institution.; lodny are comjKtim; n[no]ii; them-- sclvcs for the home mortgage bur>- nr Four Building Permits Issued in Past Week liillliHugr iK'nulls WLTC Issuw from Hi,, office ol Cily Kn K liit>c Joe Gnrney diirliii; the ] wi-i- to the following: John II. Slianks Jr.. for a flv Apples by I ho • Do/on • found • liiishfi f)e sure Mom gets a good .supply Df Juicy ripe apples In time for school! Haling and Canning Apples $2.00 & 53.00 l!u. Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 H. Main I'liwic !>M "YOU SHOULIYv SEEN THE BIG ONE I PULLliD OUTA THERE LAST SUMMER/" Don't overload your electric circuits. Whan you build or modernize provide ADEQUATE WIRING. ARK.-MO. POWER CO. Fine Quality Fixtures Make a Difference! Kixluros of super!) ( |u(i|ily provo their worth in clur- uliilily niul in lieatily. lie sure you buy (iOOU fix- Inri'.s Tor (hut new home (if .voin-.s. ( We Feature: • CRANE • AMERICAN STANDARD • KOHLER "PETE" the Plumber 109 N. First Phone 2731 ™* ^ (i V* S ^ s^ ^^•' Up Against A Wall? You'll love il . . . when il'.s decorated with our at- tractively-paUernwt, room-riaUcrinjj, washable, color fast wallpaper. Make your home a joy for votir I'M mil v thin fall. • • . KXPKKIENCK1) DKCOKATOUS TO AlWSli YOU *AT NO EXTRA COST! DEAL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE "Your Wallpaper Style Center" ( 109 East Main St. Phone 4469 CAUTION! Faulty Wiring Causes FIRE... Don't, Uilie risks in Ihc cily or on I lie I'iinti . . . Id mil- c.xiieriiMiecd I'k'clricijins do Uic jol) rinliL. Aniiitc.tir wiring li;is causo fire to .stl'iko :i).;;iiii ;illd ;ig;iiii! \Vc do Hie job right— DIAL 2993 For Expert Electric Wiring - Any CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC 1 76 No. First SHOP Phone 2993

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