The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1931
Page 6
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/*•* 'V SLVTttEVlLLK '(AUK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MAY 22, 1031 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ; THE COURIER NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS 0. H; BABCOCU, Editor , H. W. HAWES, Advertising Manager ". Bole National Advertising Repiesuniauvts: - The Thomas P. Clark Co. Inc., Mew York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Baa Autonio, Ban • Francisco, Chicago, SU Louis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as secona class matter at the po" .cDice at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION BATES By carrier In the cily ot Blyinevllle, 16o per week or J6.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius cf 50 miles, »3.00 pet ww »1 X) tor 6lx mouths, We for tliree mouths; . by mall In postal wnes two to six, inclusive, W.50 per year, in- zones teyeu and eight, S 10 ' 00 per year, payable In advance. No Juries In Italy Gradually all liberal institutions, p;ii'"" ticularly those BO tiikcn for granted in •-'• the .United States and Great Britain, are being totully eliminated from tlic :;; " .daily life of Italy. The latest edict is.•;'.';. sued by Signer Rotco, minislei' of jus- ,.,.„;„„ tice, lias abolished the jury system. In criminal cases, Signer Hoceo has "U; invented a new 1 form of court. He nays - he does not want to rely entirely upon '*„.'. ..'regular judges, because it is necessary ,."'.-" that ithe sentence inflicted .shall reflect the sentiments aroused by the crime in the public mind. Henceforth >'•""'-in such cases there will be a mixed '••' -bench, composed of seven judges. M.*™."... Two of these will-'be regular magistrates. The other live'will be "iisscs- • ,,.sors." They will be selected from the "•;'". body of the citizenry. Besides possess- ;„"..„,,ing the qualifications of education and -"-•'•-property, they must be of good -moral '^i^.' and political behavior—which, of course, ''•-'• >"' means, they must be good Fascists. "'"''" . From those citizens inscribed in the •--register as eligible.'to be "assessors," ninq will be drawn by lot for. every :.'!._ tijial. The first live will actually serve l"».'~as lay judfies, the. others being retained -m." as substitutes, in case of need. Signer II!i:iRocco foresees that these citizens will '••-!!!•'be as willing-, conscientious and useful il!'J*s the former jurors proved unwilling, ~;;;;. careiuss and harmful. Cheap Transportation From Gallipolis, 0., to Baltimore, by land, is roughly 300 miles. By water —down the Ohio and Mississippi riv- __ ers, through the Gull' of Mexico and ' up the Atlantic to Cliesapcake Hay-it is about 3000 miles. Hut :t Gallipolis business firm has just dispatched a cargo of pickles to Baltimore by water, believing that this will l>i: cheaper then sending it by land. A more graphic iilliirflraUon of the cheapness of water-borne transportation could hardly be found anywhere. It explains, perfectly why the inland waterways arc beginning to be popular with shippers once more. It explains why the Alahoning Valley steel district wants a,canal to tho Ohio river; why Chicago wants a deep waterway to the Mississippi; why tlic whole middle west wants a deep water channel down the St. Lawrence. A nation :IM fond of economy as the United States will eventually utili'/.u tin's cheap means of transportation tu , the fullest extent. • : DoWn'at the Bottom '•' Leonard P. Ay res, famous business ••• forecaster, points out in the current '•'•'• Business Bulletin of the Cleveland Trust !i! Co., that the bottom of the present ',". depression was reached as lout; ago as '.'.'. last December, as far as industrial, pro- Ill duetion i» concerned. ;;; Unfortunately, Colonel Ayres admits ;•; that we are still bumping along on the ;;; bottom. Furthermore, he points out ". that recovery depends on so many in;;' volved factors that there is ^10 way of ;;; telling when prosperity will return. However, his announcement is at ;;•< .'east slightly soothing. If \\\-c can't "•- tcr, it is something to learn that they "•• aren't going to get any worse. ",,,.. "Easy pickings," (is tlic ukulele expert says. EiQUT OUR WAY Creed Caldwell and ihe Audit Senator Creed Caldwell aduses the Junior Hoard ol Commerce that nil nudj', ol the staW highway department Is "imneccssary." I wonder If that advice is just as ccod ns that given by. S!nalor Caldwcll lo tlic state wlitn It purchased 7.000 additional acres ot land for the stale penitentiary nl a cosl ot ap- * proxlmalely J350.COO (fitly dollar.i an acrj) although Hi ihc lime Smntor Caltluell recommended the purcharc of Mils land, Ihc stale j^ciiKcntiai-y nlrca'Jy owed S2M.OOO (hut it couldn't pay and hasn't paid until yet. I wonder if Eeiialor Cald'.vell knows (hat Mcrclmiits In i'li'.e DHiir tire now lioldiiiK slate vouchers, which Uwy cannot cash, ioi- merchandise purchased by the state pcnlljntlary. I wonder If Senator Cnldwcll rcmanb:rs that ho tccured the passage ot a bill in the last legislature' to appropriate $200,030 to take c^re ot the oiitssandins obllgnllom of tho iienllen- tlary mid Iha'/Uio state lias been unable to sell the noics. I wonder it he knows that the state ireniten- tlary owes civi firm alone in Pine 131ufT $a,000 and it csinnot collect It because Ihc state Is unable to sell notes. We want to ask Senalor Caldwell while he is passing his advice nroimd to go to thesi merchants and lell them how thw cnn collect tl-.eir moncf,' that thn st.itc now owes Ihcni. • Wo want Senator' 1 Caldwcll to lell Mr. Jusiiti ^^aUllews how the stale can lake up $15,fMO.- 000 (flflcen million dollars) in highway no'.cs wl\cn they matiiro in July and how the slate ran sell highway bonds when there is no market for them, —Walter Scrrclls, Jr.. in Pine Bind Commercial SIDE GLANCES By George Clark In hypoglyccmla, die. puls~ !>-comes rapid and the vision blurred There Is nervousness, hunger and thirst. These symptoms disappear promptly after thi person is giv::i tugar. The drinking of considerable quantities of oiange Juice or grape juice promptly causes the symptoms to. dlsepixur. Undernourished individuals b:gin lo gain wsight promptly wht-n in- _ jccted with insulin anil tlic weight j Increases falriy steadily up to a certain point. When this maximum is reached the insulin app:nrs to !c£3 its ellc-ct prid may, of course, well be discontinued. Cases are icported In which undernourished individuals hn\Ji maje 'nvji-nge sains cf two and one-quarter pound', a \vc-3k and have been embicd to take up their work and to continue satisfactorily, although previous- j ly confined to bed because of mal- nutrltien and u-:akii3fs. THIS CURIOUS WORLD If JOHANNES | BPAHMS fc ONCE 9U&EO THJr ' TODAY IS BEFORE A cwcw AUOt£N.C£, 4NO "TRANSPOSED TH£ Et^'JIUS Pl£CE FROM A To 6 R Af WM£N HE F06JMO 7HF PWNO To .-> • SBWTONE 6£AOW 1H£ RTCH "Now, hero's three dollars. 1 don't mind you playing poker with the boys tonight, but if you start losing heavily, slop and come home." WASHINGTON LETTER BY HODNEY niJTCHElt NKA Service Writer I ISci-ah nkoul that. It is true that I the income statistics for 1929 show WASHINGTON. — Before the; that 4.035,000 persons, or only 3.3 I'oiie Sjiokc, the question ot tils- j ])er cent ot the population, 'made tribntlo:i of wealth In this country tcdernl lax returns In 1029. That wns shaping up as an issue on! 75 per cent of the national wealth which more and more was sure to; is owned by less than 4,000,000 b= hoard. wealthiest citizens has also teen No one can measure the prob-. computed. But it has to be able effect of a papal message ad- C ct out that nearly all properly tiresscd to the entire world, fid-. I owners and most incom,? tax payers vising (hat it is "absolutely ii2ces-l ,irc heads of families and adults; sary to reconstruct ihe whole cc-jihat yon have to count in the rest oncmic system" and "insure a I of the family [hat the 33 per cent moic equitable distiibulion of the I who filed income taxes accounted UEI'LV TO 11EFMX On May 22, 1011. .President Wil- soii wrcte a letter to Kcprcscn- ;a.tive Heflin of Alabama expressing surprise that the president's pcsi- regarding His attitude of tlie United Sta/.es in the w;ir against Germany hail b:en -misunderstood. The letter was written in response to one by Mr. Heilin to the president in which Heflin called attention to speeches made In Ihe Hous; by two representatives who elaimsd" that the president had faicl that the .United States had 'no real grievance against Germany." Heflin, therefore, suggested that tho president, to '.-o:fect a, false impression, make a disavowal of Ihe attitude accroJited him by tho two congressmen. In reply tlic president wrote, in part: "It is Incomprehensible lo me how any frank and honest person could dcubt or question my position with regard to the war and its objects. I have again and again stated the.. .VTongs which the Imperial Gcrnmn government has perpetrated against the rights, the commerce, and the citizens of Hi? United States...There is no hate in cur hearts for ir.f. German people, but there is a overcome the pretensions of the autocratic government which acts upon purposes to which the German people hav? never cc-i;ented." untied proceeds of capital and la*or," But it obviously will stlmu- [ O r only an Estimated 30 per cent Q r national income. And so it is late Interest in the United States,! argued Harah's figures in effect where tlic Progressives — notably : j^cw 20 per cent of tile population Senator Borah of Idaho and Cou- 1 owning 75 per cent of the wealth z?ns of Michigan in recent months j and that the wealthiest 3 r.or cent -have often shouted against tlic I have only about 20 per cent of the markedly ucoqual distriutlon of j national income. wealth and income. What seemed to count most, with Plenty probably will be heard h|, c Pops— what stands out baldly about it In the" next presidential i in recent industrial history— is the campaign and nnirti, certainly, in increasingly unequal split between (lie next session of Congress as a I capital and labor. The productivity PARADISE, Kan. (UP)—The streets ot Paradise are graveled. Material was furnished free by persons who had it on their properties. The labor was 'donated. Modern measure: Two pints make one cavort. "I can't make this out at all," as the in- flcldei\ siild bungling a. hot liner. strong attempt is macJo to piaster tax increases on millionaires to lelp meet the treasury's billion dol- ar deficit. i''aels Can lie Distorted Maybe you'd like to know the facts about the distribution of in America. Well, so would A Ilullywcod star .figures lie Rets S1Q a word in every film. And they fay talk is cheap In this biiiii control battle, all that the op- are asking is a little breeding- spell. of labor has increased rapidly, but that hasn't meant much to labor. AVagc.s Fail tu Keep SUp Senator Ccnzcns points out that the 'value of manufactured products in 1020-was SO.OM.OOO.OCO more than In 1027, but that wages paid in 1029 showed an increase of only Courier News Want Ads Pay. OFEFN /S3 BE'WSEM BROODS' irs UNUSUAL J.IFE T&-THE FACr THAT If HAS AN ISWMO, COTOrP KCO/Y\ THF aesr OF THE \f.<xv.o, K>f? MIU/ONG OF YEARS.... / AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS' HAVE" CHURCH EXCUSES - By Cenr»e W. Barham== Neither myself, my hired man nor • ail these things, that is. if they can my son-in-law lias been back to get tile money, and it would not church sine? they put us oil tho . smpiise ir.e one bit to sec them church board. Bill v:e have been* start tearing down ihe old house expecting them to call us just any and build anew one,for the preach- time. for 1 told my son-in-law anil er they have is no', satisfied unless hired man (and they agreed with . he's tearing tilings down or at least me) that they could net make a ! it looks lhat way to me (or he cei- success without my help and nd- ' tainly tore the old board to pieces. vice. Everyone knows that a man He got t'nree of us ofT at one time with my general knowledge and j and that only left two. But after special knowledge and training in j they put me, the chairman of the church management Is in demand. Aboard, my hired man and son-in- I ran that church for fifteen years I law oft they rc-organizeed, but and if I do say it myself it was run | without me there to run the thing exactly as a church should be run.'. 1 look fol them to make a com- I kept the expense down, and you | pletc mess of things, know that is a big job. There is al- I Now just the other day I passeJ ways someone wanting to do this or ! the church and they were taking :t that. It looks like just anything to i lot of flowers in. Now of ail the ri-' i nm the thing in deb'.. I hadn't been -diculous things—flowers in a church in charge but ten years un'.'.l they | house. Well, itm's somet-ing they began tD want to paint l!ie hous? | didn't try when I was nir-.niug it and get a new s'.ove. Some wanted to take out the tench wliisli I had made and put in the pulpit -v and put in some chairs. And now since I'm off for they knew I would not'permit the house of God to ta. all cluttered up with flowers. It will be-many a day before that church will bet a l>oard I guess they wiil do i man like me co manage ior them. cf income published by the tr<:is- nry every year. Everyone knows, as the ro|:3 says, tiiat the rich have been ii:I Ha TO Agha. oldest man, and U times married, rays that flying is safer than getting m.irrletl. Mo;;L men. however, will prefer a falling out wllh (lie wife. a lot ot ether people. As with • $573,030.000 over 1927. That sort most other figures, you can do I O f thing, Couzens says, "drys up various tricks with thusc statistics the springs of consumption. Thi difference is not pure profit, of course. One important development of tiie last few years has been comparatively stabilizer! or Ing up immense fcrlunea and that | lower production costs accompan- the poor arc very little better off: led by greatly increased distribu- Ihan (hay used lo be. The ycarjiion ccsis. niit concentration of 1930 wns a banner year for en PD-I wealth has been speeded on. lation dividends—the big pro:ns of: An American Federation of La- 1920 being distributed—but ti.C03.- ! bor official says the value of man- 100 persons were unemployed and' ufacturcd products lias increased perhaps M.OCO.OOO affected by; 50 per cent and real wages only 10 their 10- l s of jobs, other millions i per c.^nt. woik:d part lime and many others Julius Barnes says 40,000,000 lad their wages cut. I persons still employed are rcceiv- Such facts are incontestable, but I ing S1G.OCO.OC0.090 this year in then you get In such sliile:r.i nb :>.s, wages. If those figures arc any Bcr.ih's thai "three prr cr:u of [good they mean that many mil- tl-.e i>eople own 70 pov crr.t o! :I-.e" lions are making loss than $1,150 UTiilth." Or, to be more hljci.i!. he j a year or si!2 a week, which would said that four per cent o«ii:-d 80 j be the average wage. r cent. Such a state of jili.nrs 1 TSnrnes srggestert nwhile ago that ivcu:il Uc enough to mak.- IIHN; tit; about S5.CCO.CCO.OOO might lie taken ii.i s;'.if. amj Borah ntlrib'.iti-ii ihejircm the 310,000,000,000 ivago a:-M-r!ion lo -'economists a:-.d M-.i- kluy to employ these now uncm- (ic-nt:, rf (lie subject." j ployed. Meaning of course, wage Attack Uorali's Figures i cuts wiiich would reduce tlie aver- Hiit tlie shaipshcolcr^ i;.i t;ie: nge naticmil wage % couple ot conservative sido have tone a.-j.-r | dollars a wools. Insulin Aids 1; nderiiourisned As Well As Diabeles Victims 3AII.V HEALTH SERVICE!-: IIV I)K. SIOUI5IS FSSiJIH IMilni. Jeiirn:il of th,- An, Mc:li<^l Assicutinll. :in<l tlycii.1, tlio llc.lllb .M.ic.i;iiu Thr product called Insulin. .'• ;in extract of tho i-iv.:. . La:i;erh.in5 In the pancn-.i:-. . rocir.'.cd in the minds of iii.i-: ; o exclusively v.ith the -I:.::;; of (liab-.lif. The pancreas is o ri;:ill m-- IR near the Flomnch an:! I;-. . 'ievrlops a rocrctlcn w':n-ii • into the Intestine:; ami :r.d- - digrslicn of protein. '!;,• i .r.f Linj-rlians in th^ p..iv,r. , U-clop a srcrctton which •.<-.. the blocd and which K i .:. with the prcpcr use of Mi:nr bed,-. In 1925. n ;:.i::. i : fu«scr'Ml that ii>Miiiii i:.. us-d in (tjriiiv,- ,-.7opK- ».. ui:<ic:nouri:;lic(t nn:\ vo.\k ;., velcp^ng groatcr'y CTMSin; tluir weight i':.: I r.ecplc . r c;ini to b'. '' ' dccr:^::ri3 th.:n w:tli :?:;. !u-eight, but it is c,v;it; I:;.,-; !there will always b? a \i:..:.. . [ number of people who, licrai;<c o! j illness cf or.c typo or another, m.w ivn^want l~, gain weight rapidlj-. : i . In some cases lliero is ncl suf- i Hciriit fat In Ihc interior of the ..t!i: l-cdy lo suivtrt lb£ cleans proprrly. if: The devclopn rr.t of incre;isort .1 -,- 1 wcisht In such individuals gives •• i- '• tetter support lo Ihe organs mid . Mtiv'itli bettor snppcrl comes in- Jcrc-as:d health. :••- j Recently, Ur. It. U. Mclz has It' :r,adc an invrstljatlon as to the :r.~, ir.anner in whirl! insulin may \y •l:e ! oryloycd to bnug abmt incrrase •-. l.s 'i: weight. In ca^cs in which it is nK~t clf'.ctivr. Iho glands ol in.-.:o ' icrnal seciEtlon in Ihc .-i-d .:o not seem 'if. te acti::; pro;:rrlv. :jf^ Tr3 metho:! lnvol\fj; injcctio:i nil-)' Ihc body cf small .tars ~.\ i::siil;;i I 1'a tv.if* daily, t!.-. 1 . tic 1 ? biin:; urr.d:i;il- L... ;•-• inci'cci^o*! ;'c<Trd:n'z lo 111:: ion- : ..•n:! (iiUoii of th: pali.-m. Tl-.n piticnl I cc- i;'>:cs a gooj diet during the cj;irs^l i-,- cf lliS iiijcct:.-in-> an:l it Is im- ..r^ro pri'tr.nt to make certain that he is .th Kcclving enough .sugar in the ,-i:ct: :i-.j in order that hr may net develop I :ci«s of hyFOjlyami.i cr lack THE WELL-DRESSED MAN He's a little sensitive about clothes. The golf stockings, which he likes rather well, match his brown tweed knicker suit. .. his necktie, purchased uptown, bears an authentic label. His hat is right . .. his Oxfords all they should be. A well-dressed man — aged eight! • His mother, you may be sure, reads the advertisements. There are so many pertinent and.valuablc suggestions in them ... clothes to wear, labor-saving devices for the kitchen, hints on health, places to go, ways to save money... that in her busy task of making men and women out of active, intelligent youngsters, advertisements are really indcspensable! Read the advertisements in this newspaper... especially if you are raising a family! Advertisements . tell you what you arc buying before you spend a cent. They give you the latest ideas, the most recent devcl- mentsof trustworthy manufacturers. And with their up-to-date news of clothes and refrigerators ... of watches — airplanes — electric tubes — they keep you abreast of'your children! Read the advertisements .. . your children do! -.rxiis'o! sugar, which are fairly Etrious. | *&,•••••.•.-;.••••• -. ^ateiff&jt. '.»•/ '•_-.-,,.,:

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