The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1947
Page 8
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BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NKWS BLY t'HKVIl.Ul CUUKIKK NKW8 • TBX OOURIZR NEWS CO. B. W BAUtaS, Publisher JAMES L. VZRHOOT, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager ;•. .• i ,.-••' Bole National Advertising Representative*: WiilMC'Witmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta. Memphis. Published Everj Afternoorj Except.8und«; Intend as second* elaai matter at the poit- office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act nl Van- October V, 1811. Served by the United Preai SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the city ol fllythcvllle or any <uburv«n town where carrier service Is maintained, *0c per week, or R5c per month. By mall, within t radius at 40 mllns, MOO per Tear, $2.00 [or six months, 11.00 {or three months; Oy mall ouislde\ SO mile zone, HO.00 per year payable In advance. \Aeditation So whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them; for this Is the law ot the prophets.—Matthew 7:12. • • • Many men argue that this rule will not work in the business world. It 11 Is practical In one phase ot Hvlnj, It Is nradicn everywhere. High Price Pendulum Frederick C. OLhman, daily items on this page often deni. with the humorous and sit the saint 1 time drive deep into the economic KOIW. which plague the nation, today oft'er.s a bit of encouragement—even though, as he suggests, he may be wrong, or n little bit early with the signs of a certain trend in the American way of things. Othman sees A trend to lower prices, and the shadows of coming events point to possible lightning-like speed with which prices for other than bread and butter necessities may come down out of the stratosphere. And wiiere there is speed there is danger. As surely as dawn follows Hie night, the abnormally high prices, which are forcing the dwindling casli reserves in the average man's purse into the hands of the food processors, will topple. The situation exists here in Blythc- ville just the same as it exists in cities throughout the country. And if you do not believe it, just linger for a while around the markets where shoppers go to buy bread and meat, particularly the meat counter—with its steaks at u figure near a dollar per pound. There women linger, ask prices until the butcher turns red in the face, and shake their'heads in mental agony before- passing out of the store empty handed. This is the situation with an altogether too largd a group of Americans today. It is far from a happy situation. ; It matters little who is to Uamc. And a lot of others in business will suffer the results along with those who are guilty of price gouging, guilty of false economies, guilty of unforgivable greed in their haste to garner dollars which have no value except as a medium of exchange. If the shadows which Othman sees of coining events are not mirages, then this land of freedom and of plenty may be in for a dose of bitter pills. If the shadows are real, and if history means anything, America is about to enter a new era and a lot of common sense 1 is needed by the man in the street, and the man in the clouds of* luxury to shape the future along lines which will permit this nation to settle down on a sensible foundation where the laborer can earn an honest dollar and spend it for goods at reasonable prices. Unti! that time arrives there will be hunger in a land of plenty, and the threat of bankruptcy for merchants who become the victims of the cockeyed times which follow in the wake of wars. Experiment in Education A- few days ago in New York City, several hundred fellows of the American College of Surgeons sat in a hotel and watched an operation being performed-in a hospital a couple of miles away. Thus television broke away from its previously limited subject matter and entered a new educational field. This experiment, Hvliich consisted of a series of operations on four afternoons of an international Clinical Con- greas, required thfe development of «ome new tricks fay the RCA engineers who handled the (elscnsl. The results, which may have been short of perfection, present some intercstinir possibilities. There arc several advantages of televised .surgery (assuming (hat the image is clear) which are obvious lo the layman. The spectator gets a better view than he would from the surgery ampithealer. It is less expensive to televise an operation than to make a movie of it, and Die result. !K immediate. Network television would permit medical students throughout the country to .sec the best surgeons at worlt, and to study interesting and unusual surgical cases almost at first hand. H might even be possible for practicing physicians, tied down by the demands of a busy practice, to keep abreast of the latest surgical tochnii|iie.s and developments without leaving home. TUKSUAY, SEl'TKMWOU 1C, 1-J17 VIEWS OF OTHERS The Finns Have a Way Thi-re is one country in Kurope which !:; not trying lo borrow dollars. Instead, Finland is repaying dollars previously borrowed. How Finland does Ihls Is Illustrated oy a recent news Item thut Finnish shipments of woodpulp to the United States wore belli!', increased Just n:; rapidly as Ihe Finns could increase Ihoin. A simple people Finns; they get dollars merely by producing sojncthlng lor which Americans nrc glad lo pay dollars. In contrast, Cnnndft needs dollars. The United States would be glad lo pay Canada a great many more dollars for paper if Canada would produce more. One reason Canada doer, not produce more Is that one of the provincial governments prevents tlie paper mills from expanding so they could produce more. There Is the "controlled" economy ugaln. It Is quite true that the continent of Europe was ravaged and Imixn'eri.'jhcd by war. i r cw countries suffered more lhan Finland, twice attacked and the battleground for two dictators, Yet Finland does what she does, paying huge repartitions to the Husslans. though deprived ol a part ol her territory. And In addition pays on old tlcbls. We wonder whether Europe needs u Marshall plan or whether It merely needs some Finns in key posts. And If any Finns are left over, we could perhaps use some In this country, too. —WALL STREET JOURNAL. BARBS BT ItAL COCHKAS Hailstones as big as your list were reported falllni; in Italy. Whcwl What's the plane [me? * » Members of the Te\as Little tie low the Kncn Club have come out against lomtcr skirls—anil believe us, Ihty have a Icj; to stand on. * * * Many auto dealers have quit taking orders. Maybe kidding the public gels monotonous. — • • The high iirke of liquor has meant less for some. Others jet soaked. ft * * A Potsdam, N. Y.. girl put. ft nickel in a parking meter and tied her pony to it. The pony didn't kick, so neither did the cops. SO THEY SAY It Is my firm 'belief that not only tlic economy of onr country but Hie peace of the world is endangered by the failure of onr steel industry lo provide additional steel capacity lor a sound productive economy and provide sufti- cicnt steel to meet world-wirtc demands.—Henry J. Kaiser, industrialist. • • • The united States is asked to consent lo an international control in a form not only contrary to our established system of tree enterprise but requiring the exercise of aulhorily beyond the recognized constitutional powers ol our own federal government.—Earl o. Shrew, president. U. S. Chamber of Commerce. * * * Our clanger lies not in the Inevitability ot war. In point ot fact. Russia may prolll more in the confusion of peace than from the risk ot war.—MaJ.-Gcn. William J. Donovan, wartime head of the Office of Strategic Services. • « • The government of the United states will not sit Idly by while the territorial Integrity and political Independence ol a member ol tlie United Nations are challenged.—Hcrschcl V. Johnson, deputy American delegate to the UN. The people of tlie United States do not wish to appear before the British people as a Sl'ytock. —Sen. claurle Pepper cm of Florida. • « • With $2 corn, you're not going to get beet at the OPA price ot $18 a hundred pounds on the hoof.—sen. Kenneth Wherry iKi of Nebraska.- » * * 1 lived in a period when we did not have the school-lunch program. I wonder how I ever got through it. ... I got plenty of lunches and. may I add, we went out and did some work for some of those lunches. We knew how to work. The trouble Is today nobody wants to work; everybody wants to have everything handed to him.—Rep. Frmnk Kwfe <R) of Wisconsin. Todoy'.s Lesson in Political Botany " I4OVJTAKETHE MUSHROOM, rOR IN4faNCe.THE CURIOUS Coming Events in Prices Cast Their Shadows, Othman Thinks UN Delegates Must Cut Way Through Red Tape Before Getting to Meaty Issues of Sessions (This is the second of four dispatches in the forthcoming session of the U.. General Asstmbly.) Affairs. NEW NATIONS FOB t:(HIXCU,S Early in the proceedings .vill come election of new member-i to UN councils. Three now non-permanent, members must lie fleet-;! lo the ll-nation Security Council, to succeed Australia. Brazil and Po- Ky I'E'l'KR KDRON NKA Washing Ion Correspondent WASHINGTON, Sept. 10. <NEA1 — First fe.v weeks of the United Nations General Assembly will ))C .Innd. Six notions must be "siWlcrt spent in I he .somewhat, dull, rnd lor the 18-member Economic and tnpe business nf getting organized. Social Council. The Argentine has Hearing « lot of reports nml a proposal to increase this grann's r-lecti'ii; a president, seven vice- membership to 24, which would [.residc'iit:; and the chairmen of's'.x mean six more. Because the United Uantlmr; eommillcoj; arc first, im- 1 States lies been given trusteeship •xirtnnt business. These H officers co!i>tiuup the (iencrnl -Assembly stccrlnK committee, which really runs the, proceedings, ^t. is res.nojv =itk\ lor the agenda.' 'TonlatlvclV on Ihis ii:;t are some (52 issues now troublliij; the world. More may " added as the session prciKrcssps. over the former .Jap-mnmiated citic islands, two additional non- trusteeship powers must he elected la.lhc Trusteeship Council. : " Some time will have to be consumed by reports, .secretary Gen- bo" era! Trygve Lie has a. number to .file. The three councils must make . . Over the presidency there may be reports' on what they've been doing a battle. Dr. Oswaldo Araniia of in the past year. After them come, who presided over '.'.!<"' spe-' the UN specialized agencies — In- einl session on Palestine, wi'.l pro- j ternational Bank, Monetary Fund .................. , jably be nominated to suc;-»i>il him- 1 -: Refugee, children's. Aviation. Edu- 1 membership <clf. Ex-UN President i'nii- Henri tationnl. World Health, Food ami! Australia has put on the General Epaak or Hr-lBinm is expccli-J to be" 'Agricultural orgnniKations. Incident- ! Assembly agenda a proposal to rc- eniKlidale. Mrs. Vipja Lakshmi' ally, Russia lias bovcolle:! eight of ; vise- completely Hie procedure for | long-winded debate, it is easy for •'• the impatient citizen to gel not only lost, but also disgusted TFN AITUfANTS FOR ADMISSION First bout before the Political and Security Committee is the matter or UN membership. There are now 55 member nations. The Security Council has approved admission or two others — Yemen and Pakistan. Over admission of trn other applicants there is trouble. They are Ireland. Portugal, Trans-Jordan, Outer Mongolia, Al- b:iniu. Austria. Italy. Hungary. Bulgaria and Romania. Outer Mongolia. Albania, Hungary. Bulgaria and Romania are definitely within the Soviet sphere of influence. Taking them in would Increase lo 11 vote.s tnc Russian bloc of nations, which now includes only Chechoslovakia. Poland. Yugoslavia, the Ukraine- and White Russia, besides the U.S.S.K. ilsslt Finland has not yet applied for TIM DOCTOR SAYS BY WILLIAM ,4. O'BRIEN. M. 1). IVritleti for NKA Service Chickenpox tan be serious in adults who failed to develop the infection when they were children. Severity of the illness is related to the extent ol tlie eruption. Chickcnixrx is probably caused by a special virus, although it has not beta found. Microscopic examination ol bils of the .'-kin in chickenpox show a striking resemblance to the- changes .seen in stiinglt-s and, at limes, Chickenpox is preceded or followed by shingles. Susceptible Individuals contract ehickenpox readily. The incidence of the disease lends to increase with the coming O f C0 |,| weather; closed windows favor its spread indoors. Epidemics of chlckcnpox occur at two-to-foitr-year intervals, al- Ihough .small outbreaks and isolated eases may develop from time to lime. One attack usually confers permanent immunity. The Incubation period or chickenpox is two lo three weeks. Slight lover, general acting and :,orcness. loss of appetite and headache herald its appearance in children. A skin rash appears the second day. At in-st, chickenpox resembles early stages or scarlet (ever, but late;typical pimples and Wisiers appear. The final sta;;e Is infection and crusts. The cycle takes about three or.lour days to run its course. It may be difficult tO'di.stinguish ehickenpox from smallpox, chief difference Ls the character of the eruption. In smallpox, the extremities and luce show the most .severe reaction. Another difference is thai. in chickenpcx.'tbe eruption Ls foun-1 in various stages, while, in smallpox the entire eruption is in the same stage of development M1I.K OR SEVEKK Mild Chickenpox may not show more than a dozen pox. while in . severe injections, especially in I adults, the patient is extremely ill and the skin is covered with ihe 3ruption. Because ot the severe Itching, secondary infection and scarring is a common complication. Special skin care is necessary in -liickenpox to prevent excessive secondary infection, skin should bs ;ept clean with .soap, water and al- •ohol. and preparations containing Jhcnol can be applied to prevent scratching, n i s better to have hlckenpox when young, as the di- ease is milder and the complic.i- ions fewer in childhood. • • QUESTION: I have had heart rouble for years. Should I take lieumural? ANSWER: Not unless your physician recommends that you should. It helps to keep elols from forming n Ihc coronary artery of the heart.. + HV I<'KKI)f:ilK'K <;. OTH.MAN' I United I'ress Staff Coi r( sporuk-nl J •WASHINGTON, .Sept. 1C. il)Pi_. Th< President of a steel company testified belorc the U. S. St-nato that a', leas: one firm's ele-Liic rc- frlyeraloi-s v.ert 1 piling up in warehouses. His implication was tlnv, most, folks faced with buying shoes today lor ihe kitls, and meat and milk, couldn't afford fancy ice boxes. The dtslrihulors <il une naliun- ally Itninvn radio atit'i-rtised '-SlUU Irade-in ^]li)\ianeo on your old set, resardlcss of age, make ur • condition." This tmmglil the price "1 tin- supet-duller AM-FU phonograph comblimtion in the mahogany console tloun from S'-ili-) lo $1C!>. Another equally well-known radio dropped from s:i?5 to $187.50, with no trade-in ho:'u:i-pot.-us and 15 months to pay. A leading jeweler advenised ror the iirst time since tile war: "Generous nlknvaiu-e for your old watch in trade for a new one." Trick deals of many varieties brought the price ot automobile lires almost everywhere to pre-war levels Federal feelers of the business pulse said IheSB anil similar developments were straws all right, indicating direction nl the economic winds. It was a little early I" br making any Hal predictions about slumps, or even lo let me quoit 'mi by name, they adclcil. but slill tiny felt Hint Sl-a-rwuml buller wasn't (loin:; business any l-oiuli: cif Indj.i, glamor ruini': of all' these outfits. ntcrnalional c<in:"crei>ct=s. will pro- I Finally come reports from the bally he nominal. rl. Si> will Her- ' siy principal standing committee.-: ;ett Vare Evult ol Australia. in- nf the General Assembly. They sire ernalional uadily -ii'.d spi-.I-esman the Political and Security, Krnn.i- for tile small nations: t mic: and Financial. Social and Onl- All these candidates come frr-m tural. Trusteeship, Budgetary and countries outside taj HOVK-: .^piiei-p r.egal commiltees. if influence, [iussin-.i b; );• i-:in-titlalc j Like Congress, much of the wort: expjctctl tr> be Ky^nnini Mnnd- or tin- UN is first threshed out in /elewski. Polish Minister o:' Foiric.n cominllteo proceedings. In their admission of new members, and to take away from the Security Council its sole rij'.nt to approve or veto applications from non-member countries. Thut may provide one of the livelier debates at the lorth- c-nning Genera! Assembly session. But with these procedural matters out of the way. the Assembly can begin debate on som« more interesting filiations. IN HOLLYWOOD lij KltSKINK .I01IWON NKA Staff CnrrrsiionilnK HOLLYWOOD. Hcpi. 10. iNEAl exclusively Yours: Robert Donat, is ailin;; ayain in I/>r.don and mav never asain appear on ihe M-rcen. He's about re-tiring to a I.irm near .San DU >i.o. Call:* J:O!'.'! H!:',::' ;ind Cohnnu:.! LUY !eu I- in:; and sllr may take a .suspension tor not reporting for work in "I etV.. I : all in LoviV She \vunts to fail- on; - of her contract. lli:^:ev and better berur.y oontcsis — that's what Iliis romitry needs like a hole in the Imiti. Aiid Cali- loiniu. ot cotii'.se. no'.v will have the blijcesl one. Not Just n liule dinky. "Mi:Ts America" contest, liut a "Miss linivcise" contest. It's scheduled lor n.'xt year -it Otoan Park, Calif., and 2:> foreign countries. I'm told, already have agreed t-.» ship (AT-.- tlirir prize bea'iitler-. Of i-ouise. if Hollywood is .still mad at the rn^li?;! only 25 pev cent ot' th-.' HriiNh contcstanl. will be- up [or Tennry Dorscy just in.nlc a S.KiOfl otil-of-rourt srUInutnt \\iUi the: sdiilrnt hotly of Xortii Carolina I'nivoisity. Tliey suetl liini fi'r S'!OA;1i', charsini; he played a stmlrnl hi.|> «illi only half his baml. WHAT (TIMI> OKDKUKI) I-inda Uariull's three-lunnt-i t;> Kuropr «as apparently what Cupid ordered. She a'.ui Marlcy wde aotiiig like ueM; at. the ojicnins! of Andre's ne.v Fi'.'iieh ifstaurant. the Coronet. Krnrcinlier Ihe plot (tf "\ siar Is Horn"? It's licins; repeated in real life in llnllywuml risbl now. ,!i>sr|i!i 1'cvney is lieius hailed a,i a new star for bis work in "Hotly ami Soul." His \iifc. oure one of the screen's liifigcM stars, ean'l set a job in lliilly- wood. Her name is ^lilT.i Circcn. Susan relet's ucw lid Air hnmc (lo be iniill wilh ihc money she's | gelling for "The Sign of Ihc Ham") I will have an annex thai will mnkc I it a n'iniflturc Warm Springs. Ga. It will include a swimming pool wilh Iiealcrt wnter, ami therapeutic Installations for Ihe treatment nf paralytic cases. U. T. niggles are counting trip just Pl'V Dunald O'Connor tr> rake in a (jolcl- cn harvest at the box-office Estellrj Taylor is loutiiiK Gail Rus- scl to play Estelle Taylor iir the film biography or Jack Dempsey which will be announced .soon. SOCK BALLAD Abe Burrows' latest contribution to popular song titles: "All the Ouys and Gals Get Up on Their Toes When Tommy itorsey Beat.s Out That Khythm on Benny Goodman's Nose." Maria Monlez won that battle with Universal-Intel national anil ijets tnp billing over I>oug Fairbanks. .Ir.. in "The Kxile." Press ai;cnts, as you probably already have discovered, slop at nothini;. One or the tribe. Eddie Jaffe. wanted lo (jet .strip-leaser Ann Cono's photograph in a certain inni'azinc. lie vaily tried all sorts or methods, and finally sent the magazine two photographs — one of himself and one or Ann. who Is quite a beauty, with this note: "I Ihink it's odd that tlie homeliest press agent in the world works for ihc most beautiful f;irl in the world." The maga/incr returned bolh photographs, unused, with the note: "We agree that you arc the homeliest press agent in the world, but wo do not agre that Ann Corio is the beautiful jilrl in the j world." nati. O.. and Allt.i Harvey of fjTitisville. Ky., led the field al the end of four sessions. Today's hand was defended in the tournament by Weisbach in the North and Harvey in the? S.nuh position. The double of a Hire? no trump contract usually asks partner to lead the first suit bid by dummy. Many players employ this convention against slam contracts also. Harvey had failed to open the bidding. When the opponents reached four spades, he thought that, he could dfleat the contract with the right opening lead. He gambled, tlicieloic. that when he doubted four spades, his partnei would read that he wanted the club suit let]. |/5 Years Ago \ In Blutheville— • • •••••••••••»«••••••••,o Mr. and Mrs. Tom Heuton have is their guest ror the weekend, Mrs ieatons mother Mrs. W. S. Copu- and of Paragoultl. Miss Carolyn Haley has returned from a visit at Searcy, Ark., .vherc she formerly attended school. Mr. and Mrs. U. S. Branson rc- urned yesterday rrom Searcy, Ark., where they accompanied their daughter Miss Maureen Branson vho will attend Galloway College Tor the coming year. A meeting sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce will be held tonight at city Hall at which time there will be a discussion concerning the proposed sales tax amendment to the Arkansas constitution. NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR, PKRMIT Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas Inns issued o permit, No. S52 lo Robert Sheiby Bunch to ?eH and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises descriDeu as ,M:iin St. Manila, Arkansas. This permit issued on the 2nd day of Sept. 1C47 and expires on So for v.'hat they're worth I'd like to list a lew punctures in tlie inflation balloon which have made hi?-:sin!; ntjise.s in my own ears; thev may not mean much yet—and :;tnl again they might: My photo-fun brother in St. Louis a while back ^ame home, tugging a de luxe picture enlarger for his darkroom, plus considerable other expensive photographic equipment. He'd bought the whole load at exactly hall price. Tlie dealer, with whom he'd Ions done business, had phoned to say his store was so full nf merchandise and lip was so pressed for cash thai he was offering his old customers 53 per cent discounts on everything in slock. He told my brother it was this, or bankruptcy." Thr "I can net it for you whole- sail-" operators were springing up everywhere. Some of Ihcrn actually delivered; one ill least produced Uvo famous-make lable model radios ut S17 each, instead of the S3-1 advertised price. A fellow reporter, as pleased as he was dazed by what had happened la him, . ( ,ho\ved me a gilt he'd bought for iiis \ufc—a handbag of cobra skin, manufactured by a celebrated maker, and bearing his label with a suggested retail price of $55. It was a beauty; my friend bought it from one of the firm's salesmen lor $ia. Not since the thirties have I run across any similar .salesmen's sample bargains. The ladies' coats or niouton, n fancy name lor processed sheepskin which sold .so widely last year "or $150, were going this .-:easoii for less than $1(!G. Tile Cliicat;oan who made a mddcn fortune with the first ball-point fountain pen at $12.50 a copy WES trying to tell his factory. It now turns out pens at 59 cents each. Si> long as a nietlium-^nod hain- tniri;er saiuhvk'h eost.s 4i> cents i. won't be wanting :».ny of tin- above menlioniMl merchandise, myself. And that's the. trouble, claim my unnmmuus fi'onumisls. Nobody will. the 33 day or June. 1S«. Kc'oeit Kiitlby nunch Permittee. Shipment of Bassinettes Just Arrived! ' TOT SHOP 110 So. 2nd St. Phone 2308 McKEMNEY ON BRIDGE Double Asks For Specific Suit Lead JiV Tile club happened lo be ft natural opening for North to make, and Harvey trumped. He then cashed the ace of hearts and Weisbach gave him the eight-spot; so Harvey led a small heart which North won with the king. Another club was led back. «nrt the contract was clown one. If Harvey had come into the bidding with hearts at any time, as many players would, his partner would have opened a heart and the contract would not have %VIH I AM K. McKENNEV America's C'anl Authority \Vrillcn for NKA Service -_ -For the first time in the history been defeated. Harvey likes to bid of the world championship Mas- distributional hands, but having ters pair event, the von Zedtwttz both majors, he felt there was no Bold cup went lo the middle west, reason for hurrying into the bill- on ! when Frank \\Visbacli of Cincin- ditiR. Chancellor 1IOU1/ONTAI. 1.8 Pictured 12Kditai •V 1.11 last,.-, 10 Gem 18 Typo of fuel 19 Apportion 21 Love- i;il[t 2:! French river •M War jjoil 26 That thing 2'1 "Kinpiiv Slule" (;ib ) 2ftSi/.c ,if S |,,,L 29 Symbol lor t ei ioin 3V. Ill the thin;; :I3 Area mea«m-e :MSun sod :1G Russian river SSChaldLMit city 39 K)eel .-11 Mule 43 Jot 45 Inrto-Kmi)- •Hi Him lion •18 Woody plant SI I'anl violently M Precipitous 56 Shrieked 58 Makes mistakes 59 Hi- is chancellor ol --- • VERTICAL ' 1 Hawaiian \vre;ilh 2 Dropsy .'ILikc ;in oasis •1 I'iece (ub ) f) Indian G Diminutive tif Alonso I 7 Arid •K Musical note !) Purport 111 l.:iinelliiostral birds I1 Meadow 12 Symbol for rhodium Hllighl (ab) I'l Symbol tor xenon 20 Allcmpt -.'.2 HiKlenl a:) Shop 25St»nlcti tree 20 Gill's name 30 Ever (contv.) :H Roisterer 35 Coin 36 I lac cm room 37 iVutive of Uulg.u i.i 10 Hoarder •12 Floi ida cily •H Near •IG Electrical unit 47 Dined •1'J Koyal .Scottish Academy (ab.) T>0 Small shield .W.Oc-c-an r-'JPaid (ah.) 05 Postscript (ab.) •15 Personal ( ; ib.) r>7 And (Latin) IT

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