The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1948
Page 4
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rovm THE BLYTHtfVlLLE COUKiKH NUWg TM OOURXn WEWB O<X a. 1* '''UAUilsa. Publisher JAMES L. VERHOEFy, Editor TAI7L P. HCTMAN, Advertising Muu«fr Bol* W»iion»i Advertising Representatives; W»llto« Wltmtr Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Mempbl*. ' Published Every AJternoon Except Sunday Entered u second clas» nisttet at the po«t- efllc* *t Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Con(KM, October ». : 1917, Served by the United Preu SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Bj carrier In tin city ot Blythevllie or any suburban town where carrier service lj maintained, 20o per week, or 85c per month By mall, within a radius ol 50 miles. $4.00 per year, $2.00 lor six months, H.OO tor three months: by mall outside SO mile z^ne, $10.00 per year payable In advanc*. Meditation And 1 say unto Mice, Tlial thou are Trier, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail aculnsl It.— Matlhew 16:18. » * » Bee the Gobjiei Clmrcli swurn. And Jounried oi) a nock! All her promises are sure; Her bulwarks wlio can shock? Count" her every precious shrine; Teh, to after-ages tell. Fortified by power clevmp. The Church can nevci (ail. —Charles Wesley. BARBS Too much time is wasted en people who arc too hard to please. • « « Students In an Illinois college arr furhlildr-n lo brine knllAng to Hie dinlne hall. Imaelno ipachettl wlnrtlnjr up an „ »carf. * * » A university professor says it l.ikes intelligence to be R modern wife. Yeah—husbands come home with such slick alibis nowadays. * * » ' . One way !<> avoid puds under Hie i-yrs, noticeable upon arisini;, I 5 to take your slides off when cntcrlnj the lnnisr lair. * « < According to » di>nllst, H'omen are belter patients than men. Because they can't talk rtur- Ing treatments? CIO Gives Toft-Hartley Law An Orderly Test After a lot of slioutin^ IW( \ |,i-r.nsl- beBting, Hie Taft-Htirlley f,a w is nlx.ut to he put to a sensihle test. The CIO «ntl its president, Philip Murray, are going to appear as guinea pi^s 'in a test o'f one of its provisions. The pru- cedings promise to be onlcrly and unemotional.. Everyolie has reason to rejoice at this turn of eveifts. For the fearful to- do about this new labor law has aggravated the uneasy postwar relations of unions with government and industry Labor leader*, aUmg by a curb on their broad powers granted bv Die Wagner Act, launched a generalized and hysterical attack on the law as a whole. A few months of actual operation have shown that union labor i s not being crucified by the ne w restrictions. I hey have shown that the charges of slavery" and « lne beginning of fascism-are unfounded an,) unfair. Unions have bargained, won benefits and gone on strike, just as before. the law i s neither perfect ,,„,- r clea, , ts ,,-sponsor. .e.utlor t, admits 111,., . The court lost, which i probably will( , llp in the ; '; Court, s hould clarify one of it ' ' troversial provision*. The law's authors apparentlv lllcilnt n. the provision ulKlcr ^'^^ stop the «pending of union dues in •uort of a poHtica, statui w , a ''^ mi « hl . «»t » S «e wi , the provisions seemed di at th. taking O f editorial " r, h, (agalnSt a caildi ^te in pubhca ,on s whici, were not . out of mem C1 " S Ult we out of a general dues fund ' m*d« it clew th«t h*. wa» not acting "In a aplrlt ot rie?i«nc« and bitterness," Th« du« process of law by which Mr. Murray'i act it to be tested in proof enough ot the exlrawitfance of earlier RtlnckK on the Taft-Jiartley Law. For Ihnt law'* application is still subject to the u.siuil checks ii|>oti its constitutionality. There is no reason to talk of slavery and fascism when labor hits act-ess to n (air hoiiriiij? of all its (fi'ievnni'es. We hope the calm almosplici-e in which the first real test of the law lias bfrii launched will remain. Kach provision that labor spokesmen have railed against may be tested in the same manner. It will take time, but it will be done in a sane, orderly, democratic way. And it can and .should be done without any further campaigns of exaggeration, emotionalism and incitement to vengeance. About 'Militarists' To those Americans who decry the miJitiu-y influence in our government, we commend the present Army Chief of Staff ami his two immediate prcdc- ce.s.sor.s. It is Hiving Gen. Omar Bradley !ngh but well-deserved praise .to say that he is fully qualified to follow Georj-e C. Mai-shall and DvyijflU D. Kiscnliuwei- in that post. All three are great Americans as well as K reut soldiers. Their careers arc marked not only by military brilliance but. in war and peace, "by H (Icon regard for human rights and' human dignity. It is impossible to read's, their records without being convinced thai they are genuine lovers of peace. A blanket condemnation of "militarism" is a disservice to these men. This country should count itself fortunate to have had three such eminent humanitarians in its military service in time of national peril. No country can have too many Marshalis, Eisenhowers and Hradleys. VIEWS OF OTHERS" Southwestern's Rate Case Southwestern Bell ha., now substantially increased us pending request for a telephone rate adjustment in Arkansas, bringing the total additional yield to $1.74B.OW. of which S210.000 would be added to the telephone bills ol Little Rock subscribers alone. The matter Is now before the Public Service Commission, but the fir.u public hearings are not scheduled until March. The ArknnsM case 1, not unique. During the » year the various .tibsidim-y corporation., ol .-Uneriom Telephone and Tele?raph Company have, requested rate Increases in virtually every state In the Union. Southwestern Bel] has rate cases before the public service commissions in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma as well as In Arkansas, and i. requesting a total of slO.818.- 000 In additional annual yield. The, 5 « r .,.s c ,s nre. of «,ur s e. enormously complex. Local rast iaclon, furnish only part ol »>' Picture, and ,he relationships between the wibsiduuy operating company and the parent organization, are hishly complicated. The Arkansas Public Service Commuss.on , s f cmi!la!r ,„ hnvmg its hearinss scheduled well rtown the list, for man,- of ,h e «,, rt , IIB ln nthcr J( "U be applicable in some d r? ree to the case tmtler consideration here. As of the first nf the year, accordinc to Ii g - -es con,,,.!,,, by „,„ Sl . lmm P()st . Dl5I);Uc ^ ™>e cases brmiRht by the ls AT .,„„ T xiniaric, had been decided In 57 sUtes. Thirteen rate incroiwe., wore srantcri a-s rrqwsted. but „, l'«oth w H cases major re<U , cii on S were made and one sUtc-Tcnncsir.-rcJectod the rcqu-sl In its entirety. Tl.e l«*V of the Arkansas Public service Couumss;™ is ,„ „,,„„,„ the |CIephonB ]M:I.V a fair return for II., MrviccS| wlli , •;: n ;; r < ime ^^ ** ™* *^« . J«> .f.rd rate ch;,, S es. As experience in other si., cs nas demonstrated. „„, ls not „ -thematica, , omn ,,, The ^^ ^ ! I" «cl S h many factor, before It arrive, at » Mund decision. — ARKA.VSAS GAZE1TH. BLTTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER yg^, 'Keep Following It, Son, You Can't Go Wrona' ^liiiifr"™"'— ^lifpu, ; !?!?f- Georgia G/'s Gef Good $4,000 Homes But Indiana Vets Suffer THE DOCTOR SAYS By Erlwin p. JorAin. M. n Written for NEA Service Contrary to what many people , say and think, tapeworms are se ! htld h !" eM C3USe of """"•« '« *am dow " lSht. Nevertheless. tapeworms can P .1. ge J; M l ° llle human lntcs - annVrl t themscll '« to tile wall and grow to enormous size, ~* ... ,, "r Harman W. Nlchoil wior Pr<>S5 Su " forr«pondan«) WASHINGTON, Feb 21 (UP) — IniS Y™ " " UU "' not to mention un Ira m *° 0< wbrew " (tln »' freXln, " llam MeD <"""« Wh«l«. ncach ^ Con K res »'»an from thi peach and peanut state of Georgia, Just, mentioned casually that ni«; U'o u _ .. . .. •""• House Veterans Commifte* ll eerans Commute* vas hearing witnesses O n H R 4488 - k "™" as 'he Horned Bill It ategy is to Direct BroacLAppeaTfa otes Among Discontented Minorities in U. S. By Peter Kilsi . political advent hat the attempt :. cry unhappy or misfit individual In the country. This eliort to reach the underprivileged may be a deliberate effort of ,Vallac e platform Is an i Chicago professor offer something for ev- : Tugwel, had been a ,eading spirit Dem"crat PCA *"* Amprica " 5 Jor Wyatt-Leon Henderson group of "-^" '-' Nit liberal ^ , — „, vt LUC (.apt;wovni Or i "»•*••"•"""* 865 in the feces. All tapeworms held ">B made up of a head, charac- \ boot - linV.~ i 7"-"" to lhe Ileiul l>it» I rtiana ^ another yearling in'concre?." ««m«nir e .Xn^ ta »^ip^ Cd a " d SPUUmd m lhC ' S Suce?^r^; e aran^^ dS t ( : L ' By ' ! -'' ly ' '" ^ "" ^ " different ki s of havlor of the tapeworms. Most inlections of human bein«s come iro.-n swallowing the cg»s of "a tapeworm in food which has not been cooked enough to destroy ilicm. When the kind or tapcworr, us determined, from examination of the segments, or egg,, found in the feces, appropriate treatment can be begun. This consist., of drugs called -antiielmintks.- There arj several of some ol vi-hlcn have been used for centuries Identified by Hcsil The choice of the" proper anihcl- nuntic to use is difficult and the first treatment is not always .successful. Fortunately, the .success of the treatment can be checked to- finding the head ol th e uarusiie The cure is not complete until the . head has been separated from the i intestinal wall to which it I, a*- i i in the stool and I his slate refused to hold together" And worse—or almost worse—they I cost a couple times more than Mr. Mitchell said he had made a personal investigation among hi, 01 buddies back home In Tndiana and found the situation leaving an awful lot of nice things to be de- sued. He got. pink around the ears just thinking about it. He said, that " 'V s book »'<: contractors were He described 101 - °' tlU ™' anynow - t •'jack-leg carpenters who had' be! come contractor., over the night- leaving their tools behind them "" The Indiana ColiBressmai |t was a fine tiilm; fw'a'v 1°,,, h »i«elf strapped to said teran a II Intestinal fjat ,von,,s. 01 - tal)P . rtej^ dian^ 1, "^ f '"° !U Amr ' * worms. must be looked for a cfiil- ! the e! nSbi't ' O ° S '' , we » t °" '"»" drcn especially when the ch.ld is ': hi. bio d air ami n hl '° U8;h not domg well and the cause O f the i notes w£h t he o er '!?""* '"' trouble is not_ found elsewhere. ] full of holes as s«is\ che"?e Wea' ' ' the United states. the Wallace organizers. They think n ^« s. Recently, Henderson wrote Tuewell ' (her stripping so rollgh lt ' n[ , ert shave. Floors sagine. Water rush hereareexcerntr n u" * ,"•"• * iit I'cm.ijui for Drier rollback, and curbs on inflation is an appeal t o every family bucking the high cost of living. Abolition o the poll tax and Jim Crowism. Plus demand for passage of aini- lyuch laws and fair employment practices. Is,an appeal to the colored races. Repeal ol the TnV-Hart- ley law i., an appeal to labor. Death for the Un-American Activities Committee Is a bid for liberals Stopping the universal military training program is an appeal to conscientious objectors. Banning use of the atomic bomb is an .in- Pcal to pacifists. Furnishin K arms tn Palestine is an nppcal to militant Zionist.,. Abandoning the Marshall Pl.ln is the line taken by American Isolationists. The whole forcltrn policy program follows the Communist, line—ending the Truman doc- ll " ' trine of aid to Greece and Turkey, ; 1931) stopping further aid to Nationilist ! China. Offers A I.Kile Somethinr (o All Rome of the objectives on this list mav lie found in Ucmocraiic or Republican policy statements. Lumping them all io K cthc down S240 as his campaign contribution. As his train came east, he had collected it from Pullman porters, wallers and fellow-passengers in rallies held In the dining car alter meal hours. PCA thinks It csn pet all the money it needs from '• " Dcr "." he wrote. l these ^voluntary hat-passings. I "T" contrast. Henry Wallace has I The' non-conformist character of ! nhn-itv W "u '" creilsln S strength and the Wallace movement is also shown < he Is lhe i ptrs " nried me 'hat! by its leadership. Wallace himself i the tradition ? v^?,. 6 .^ 1 *"""!" 11 °' i couldn't get .long with Truman and American hatred o ev^ta?™ ,' *?'•??* ™"' °" P ' M{15S and Mr the Democratic majority. Campaign ' concern for t™<£££ m ™?^Z* I f°l2?f' f Har £' *"*' "*»™«l Irom St. Louis where they , hold tfle . Symptoms vary, but commonly in- dlcoa " 0 "' and *> Years Ago In Blytheville — nan and American hatred of exploitation and and Mrs "T 1 *" £" C '™,'? r I," 1 ',, C ° mm0n ™" "w"h yesterday 'fr „ °1" ' n^ter^^r; *»> "" «??' —' ^^c^t/AtmunSrato;::;;; mk'tter^rtSc 5 ^ to a ";Sf no|sp M^^f dri5 w „„„ , , „. - ....—.„., .."Henry Wallace is a^.st™ J--— ^- M "' Wcr " Er Ebn " "»attacks for his alleged radicalism In furthering the welfare of the share croppers. National Chairman Elmer Benson, former Minnesota Farmer- Lalior governor, was allied »-ith Father Coughlin and Gerald Smith In "Henry Wallace 1,To-v V ' I ancl Mrs ' Werner Ebner for- s srA:; ±± ?-^- rr^r"^-- - say this Is the distinction fri( appei --- Miss., where Mr Ebrer is connected with the Natchez Box Co. Mr. and :- to St. Lou Tujivell S:iys Nice Things About Wallace Prize exhibit of Wallace leadership, however, is Hex Tugwell ex- New Deal bralntruster, ex-Governor n we do. the human " thal "' " . In the face of Ml the only K rcat v odforMne^h 's. T. J. Seel motored _ May Investigate 's Qualifications WASH!NGT ™. ™- 21. -UP, race is n' . lis 1 m ,,, ' r ° Ugh ' R !f' C!mrles Kerste ". t lis 1 m ,,, g ' PP ° . ask the House to in- the Qualifications uf IN HOLLYWOOD" ^••••••••••••••••••,«, t . v<>BV ~ BvcM BT KRSKiNE'ToiTN^oTJ* NKA Staff Currespundent any. prortucers."-Sfaltl<. -Why the campaign rnrn? My husband i theater and with the film, wages, etc.. « hi-h ,o, make o " SO THEY SAY drcws for cfcciding not to piny is ny more 'liccls' <HI the screen 'A;IS Ijntlly [ limed. It was published In nur lo- I en] paper riijht undr-r a picture of (D.-ina in jail for being 'drunk ami belligerent.' "—University of N'orlh Carolina. (You're right. The timing was b;irt—on the part of Mr. Andrews.> "I'm tired of sreinir pictures based on books. If thp picture can't br martc likr the book, then . rlon'l makr the picture at All" Albany. N. V. "Mr. Johnson, I have Just four words to say to you—'Stop hounrl- Ini thp stars'."—Berkeley. Calif. C'lasRlm Wanted I "I'm a high school student and today I'm on my soap-box. Why don't they make more classics? We school kids don't have too much time to devote to ouUsUlc reading and we'd like to see the classics on the screen instead ot so much Jvmk " —Greenville, S, C, "I'm a N'avy vrt. 1'lfaw Ifl] your picture people lo Quit pulling 'rti,. ch»r*e bultonj on their actors *n Props. Kx-servicemen arc getting llii-lr fill of it."—Boulder City, Coin , "What Hollywood needs is movie Thp tax bill which f,,,,u i'" a " lvho cn " art w 'thou( so mucli «ent'« desk will ^co *"" '° "^ PrrM " '"- .t ul !.> lhry look 11ke . InrtlR » * turos for the young people? The adults poke fun at the bobby-,oxers but who cures,"-Swiss. N. C. "Have seen three picture, lately v.lilfh feature sipnt-N abutting whil looked like cniellr (o anl- mrils 1 knoiv some of Ihese ari> faked, hut If |i.rv arm 1,'i » n«w don't for >our Hollywixxl HOLLYWOOD <NEA>-The pen- pie Uik back, to Hollywood, to one; another and to me: } in my opinion, any picture which : lias more than one dead body in ) , , it is never good. The last picture I ; living from our popcorn ale, In saw was so lo,K and bnring. I want. | cidentnlly. popcorn P !S ^ acked »i h ,'„" u" Vf - " " em mArie «"^. I vitamins and much bet er for ch II could have had a down ending, ! drcn than candv P!e"c let un nn but they 1 M( | to wind „„ will, at the popcorn tirade "iseMUe W«h leas, lour dead bodies. Can't they] "I'd like mor,. rcalUv ^d "' '^ make different plotsr-Tnrrancr. | makr-b f ,irvc In pifl.rrrs Thrv nrT- Vnnr cohm.n p,^ 1, ..... An- Z*"^ f.^U^ t™™ majority of case., there Is a belter North, It u true, l ,<, „ (,„.,,,hand, but ho could convev IhI, fac t I to his partner with a bid of diamond,,, which would show controls. Over three 'dlan South would bid threp h"aru North four hearts Sotlth's four no' Inimn bid loan, some of them attennrtTo • inspect 15 or 20 houses a dav M° Mitchell allowed. I "They don't have time to do much more than go past the places and wave at whoever is in the win, now. he shouted, getting pink all over again. lie said it was getting so bud in Indiana that a GI can't get a loan iron, the banks once he is turned down other places. You can't sting a bank too often, he said Mr. Mitchell finished and 3 huj'wfll fell on plushy Room 356 of the or 1 f'l House Office Building, with th, blue drapes and red carpets. Mrs. Edith Nourse Rogers of Committee, said for the record sh« was sure the Congress would pa<s some kind of legislation to help the OT find descent housing. Within hlj means, and maybe even vine-covered. U.S. Vessels of War Head for Greek Ports 1 NORFOLK. Va.. Feb. 21 <up> — Pour of six gunboat., turned over ...ii-Iaborite" Leo Isacson if i,'""'. '" '^ K" nDO <'>« turned over New York to be a member of Con- ! L°! . Greek- Navy by the United l States m December will leave the ornus and out of rc;irh O f ||,e average American pnrkotlmnk."—Den- ver, Culo. I.;in ;l "I fee! sorry for the 16-year-olcl Denver high school girl whose letter admiring Lana Turner you used I wonder what her mother thinks of her admiration for i,an»? I think Lana's love affairs are a disgrace."—Casper, Wyo "I J"St saw 'The Senator Was In- riiscreel.' Betides heln« riisiuitlnr It was >n Insult in our Intelligence,' T elT the studln T want mv money b»cV."—Oakland Calif. •,7.£'i*' ! l ys mind my ow " business but this is too much. Some ot these so-called fans running down Lana Turner. Lana can net as well as any of them. I think a lot of these letters are lr>-• • • Calif. gress. Kersten said that while he wa-s not made up his mind, he was "disturbed" by the support which the Communists gave Isacson, a Henry Wallace candidate, in Tuesday's by-election in the 24th New- York Congressional District. "' think-there should be an in„ I™."! 1 '" ! resU S« tio " if there are reasonable grounds." he snid. 'and Irom wh.H . I read in the newspapers I think there are?." two ond, ™ nd Norfolk Naval station for Greece today, officials said. The four, each carrying a crew of four officers and -to men are scheduled to stop at Gibraltar to refuel and proceed on to Piream. The trip will take 20 days. Fifth Naval District spokesman said work on two other gunboat* was nearing completion at the Naval shipyard at Portsmouth, Va., and were expected to begin their overseas journey in three \vekes. *KJ9 VQ95 • AQ J 10 + AK2 AAQ 10 V AKJ1062 • 52 + QJ Rubber—Neither vul. Soath We»« North East Pasn 2 N. T. Pas» Pass < y p as . Pass * *• T>~M Pas* 1 3* <N.T. 5N.T. Redouble Pisa Opening— Double Fm XI Laugh-Maker , MCKENNEY" ON BRIDGE biddin, ahown - . U i u , uiese i B) ackwood, snd North with two Jealous cats,"—Bell ! >C( ' S co "ectly responded with five hearls, then *lx hearts, showing two kings. I do not know what East doubled on. His double could only locate any missing high cards for the opponent.!. West opened the wvra of spades to indicate the top of nothing but, I would have, preferred to open th,. four of clubs, fourth best, of the longest and .strongest suit Mow south could have 'counted 13 tricks that he could take three sundes, six heart.,, a diamond iind three clubs. But he made the mis- lake of finessing the diamond. He should hav r discarded the queen, jack and ten of diamonds In dummy on the last three trumps In his own hand. However, he was only guilty of i the same mistake that the aierage By William E. JTcXenney America's Card Authority Written for NKA Service I had an Intnr-stlnr; inter recently from two H-yrar-old boys who have been playing bridge for three years. They sent me today's hand, which came up In a rubber bridge HORIZONTAL 1.5 Pictured entertainer 12 Type of molding 13 Hospital resident physician H Golf teacher IS Boy's nam« 17 United States Legation fab.) 18 Irish sea god 20 Wild plum 51 Route (ab.) 22 Wear away 25 Greek gravestone 27 Flower 28 Fails to win 29 Parent SOiVote in Guicio's seal* 31 Populace 34 He performi on the . 38 Angry 39 Deer tracks 40Biltcr vetch 41 Amounts (ab.) 45 Negative word 46 Perched 47 Awaken 49 Sloths 50 Peslcrinjt 52 Louse ogg$ 54 Fleets 55 Plant part J VERTICAL 1 Boring instruments 2 Indonesian tribal group 3 French article 4 Diminutive of Lemuel 5 Liquid measure 6 Preposition ^ Indiarf SLOW haunt 9 Weslern Reserve (ah.) 10 Habituates 11 Cuddle M Entreaty 16 Exists 18 Dregs 23 Station ' 2-1 Expungs 25 Traduce* 56 Complela 31 Expires 32 Mistakes 3.1 Subjugate 35 Bestow 36 TerritorialisrB 37 Hops' kilni 11 Dry 42 Monkey ' 43 Hauls 44 Steamship - (ab.) ; 47 Man's name I 43 Abstract being 51 Part of "b«" 53 That l»ing

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