The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, February 21, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS UOMlNAN'l Ui' NORT11KAS1 rtKKANSAS AND SOUTHKAM'l M1SSOUKI VOL. XLIV—NO. 280 Blylhcville Courier Blytheville Daily Newi Mississippi Valley Leader Blylhcvillo Herald 'm,YTIil<:Vll,l,|.:, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, KKHKUAHY 21, 1018 TKN PACKS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Community Chest Agencies Get 90% of Budgets I Funds Distributed; " Drive for $26,780 For 1948 is Ended Checks tolalliiR $19,512 have beel .sent the organizations benl(iUnK from the Community Chest fund representing payments bused or 90 per cent o( original allocations Chest Board Chairman Harry W Haines announced today. Ninety per cent of the Initial ap propriations Is being paid bccaus the drive fell short of it.s quoin c $26,780 for this year, he said. The drive has ended and no fur thcr active solicitation will be car ricd out although any additiona contributions submitted will be cepted. Mr. Haines said. Payments made to the variou , organizations by F. E. Warren, Che: Board treasurer, follow: Boy Scouts iirl Scouts Blytheville Libary Ass'n High School Band dancer Association off Texan Not Worried >ver Threatened 'Revolt' y Southern Democrats NASHVILLE. Tenn.. Fob. 21. I UP] —U. s. Ally. Gen. Tom Clark, a all Texan. Isn't worried, atxnu the revolt" of Southern Democrats ver President Truman's civil glilft program. Clark stopped here briefly line e-sterday while oil rouu* to Wash- nglon, D. C. niter making a Jack- ojl-Jcfler.son day speech at Little lock. Ark. •Tile program is for the most >arl the same program that was in he Democratic Party's platform In 94.4." lie said. He predicted the. South will be "solid" for lire Democratic ticket again in November Southern Group iurls Challenge On Civil Rights Dixie's Democrats To Demand Truman Withdraw Program Puerto Ricans Greet Truman President Arrives In San Juan on Tour Of Caribbean Areas $2,100-C 450.0 2.100.C 1.350.1 1.2(50.1 Maple Grove Cemetary Ass'n. 67.! Blytheville "Y" 7.502.1 Infantile Paralysis fund 2,875J 3lee Club DO. 1 Lange PTA 90. Sudbury PTA 90.00 Central PTA , , 90.00 Junior High PTA 90.00 High School PTA 90.00 Harrison PTA 45.00 Elementary Book Fund 22.50 The American Legion Goodfel- lows received a SU50 allocation in December in order to carry out w lheir Christmas food basket pro- fcram. The "Y" received an earlier payment of $2.675.70, which with the above amount rounded out its 90 per cent allocation. Soybean Plans Committee Calls Meeting The Soybean Planning Committee or the County Extension Service wi'l hold us annual meeting to discus;, plans for the coming year at thi Hotel Noble here Wednesday night It was announced tcxlny by Count' Agent Keith Bilbrcy. The committee, which is headed by George Hate of Burdette, \vil have as guesls at the meetin Wheeler R. Perkins of Little Rock extension agronomist of the Univer sity of Arkansas' College or culture, and C. RH.V Adnir, Unitei ^States Department of Agrlciillur Jplant breeder of Stuttgart. Mr. Perkins and Mr. Adair \vi discuss the soybean price outlook to 1848 and is expected to make plan for the second annual Soybean Yiel Contest to be held next Fall. Members of the committee will b guests of the Swift Oil Mill at dinner preceding the meeting. U.S. Highway 61 One of States Most Heavily Traveled Routes Upwurds ol 3.!>00 aulomoblli's and I Hicks use U. between niytheviiJp nnd lh t > Slate Un« dully ami lrnl/u: imTi'rt.sti.s to tlu- south until il renehex A How 5.000 beuvi'en Mm ion mul West Memphis, arc o riling S, HlRti lhe Urn. of nun*; in a sxu vi-y mud* wi'inly by AikHii.sns vay 6\ Uy of limn s ron- i Imrnt Jewish Leaders Plan Campaign For Relief Fund Harry H. Lcvitch of Blytlicvll! ha.s been d^ignnted chairman ft Mississippi County in Ihe United Jewish Appeal for S250.000 000 for refugees, overseas needs an lor assistance in Palestine, it wa announced here today. In a meeting of Jewish leaders i the county held last night in the recreation room ol Temple Israel the following men were selected lo serve with Mr. Levilch: I. Miller, honorary chairman; Meier Gniber. iiist vice chairma-i; Sam Weiss of Joiner, second vice chairman; Dr. Rub'ji Vise, of Temple Israel, secretary; L. K. Hanvarg mk'l (Xcenia, treasurer. ~ Thc following committee chairmen also were elected: Arrangements. H. Wcinberg, nt O.sceola; Publicity. L. Applcbaum, Solicitation, Walter Roseilthnl; Collection, s. Jicdcl. The local quota and the campaign opening date will be- announced shortly. Some of the lasks facing (he constituent agencies of the United Jewish Appeal during 1948 are Ihe transfer Irom Europe to Palestine o! 75.000 displaced persons, including 24.000 children, continued relief and rehabilitation programs for an estimated 1.300,000 Jews in Europe ML. Levitch, hi accepting tho chairmanship, staled lhat, "W'j must ac'.7f. this possibility of undertaking tnc groal conslruclive job oi terminating the misery and hopoles.snc.vs that have plagued the Jews of Europe for more than a decade. We must act to guarantee that the heroic Jewish community of Palestine shall survive and grow. This community, like others throughout the country, ha.s in it h.^nris Ihe Intnre of Jewish people. Wr cannot fail—I arn sure we not fail." SAN JUAN. P. R., Feb. 21. (UP —President Truman began his tou of the Caribbean today with a plea to the world to follow the example of the United Slates and Puerto Rico in "the democratic way of collaboration between friendly peoples." He spoke briefly upon arriving ai the Isle Grande airport outside San Juan where he was greeted oy Jesus T. Pinero and a large oup of Puerto Rican officials and unmanders of American armed rce units in this area. The president flew here from Key 'est, Fin., and planned lo spend le day. He will visit St. Thomas In ic Virgin Islands tomorrow, and ail Monday 10 Ihe nearby Island of f. Croix for a brief .stop before niing back toward Cuba and thc .S. Naval base at Guanlanamo ay. Speaking shortly after he stepper om his personal plane, the Sacrc.J ow, Mr. Truman reiterated his beef in .self-government for Puer'.o iico and hailed the appointment o: ^incro, the first native governor s a step in the right direction. Praising thc relations between the sland people and the governmen Washington, thc President sale his "Democratic . . . collabara represented "what the Amcr can people are trying to encourag 1 n the world at large."' He offered thc cooperation be tween Puerto Rico and this conn ry as an example of the fact tha 'differing languages and diffenn cultural backgrounds arc not a obsUcle to democratic unity." Mindful that most Puerto" Ricai: •peak Spanish and that their cul ture is esscnially Spanish in it origin, lie added that "such diffci cnces can pro^•idc the basis for richer and stronger democracy." Mr. Truman wa.s lavish in iv praise of the Puerto Ricans 1 reccr economic accomplishments. T.; much lias been said about/ their problems and not enough abou; then 1 achievements, ihc President said. He spoke particularly of how they have raised wages and living standards, developed free .schools, highways, hospitals and utilities. Even with progress, however, economic conditions in Puerto Rico are what would be regarded in ih:s country as very low. Latest Interior D:;:ai imenl figures showed that ihc average agricultural wage is 18.4 cenL 1 ; an hour, with coffee plantation workers gelling as low as 11,2 cents. 1 iH'omes Arc Very Low* Of -100,000 families on the island. 85 per cent have an income of omy a few hundred dollars a year. An:] their diet consists principally cf rice, beans, bread, coffee and dried codfish which they were taught lo cat in the days when America :i sailing vessels skimmed throvigh the islands, picking up cargoes of sugar and rum. Thr pir:;klp"tU'.s talk naturally \vns aimed primarily at thc people of Puerto Rico. Consequently he devoted himself almost entirely to island problems, staling that cooperation between the federal and insular government* should increase. 11 y He* Chaney {United I'rcss Staff Canc spoiutcnl) j WASHINGTON. Feb. 21 <UPW Insurgent Southern Democrats pui. a chip on their shoulders today and all but dared the Democratic high command to knock it off. "We aren't out to make; R trade," insisted Rep. William M. Colmer, D.. Miss. Thc Southern con Kress men. he said, will demand "satisfaction" from Dcmocralic National Chairman J- Howard McOrath on I heir stand that President Truman should withdraw his civil rights program. That satisfaction, Colmcr added, will be the price of Southern sun port Tor Mr. Truman in the 1948 residential race. Colmcr is chairman of n Brour f about "5 house Democrats op- osed to the President's civil right;- roposals. He planned to appoint committee today to pom a detention of Southern governors who ill confer with McGrath and oth- r party leaders Monday. ' About 50 of the Southern congress' sen from II slates adopted a res lutlon yesterday warning Ihc aci imlstratlon thnl it is jeoparcUzlni Democratic Party unity by spon oring anti-poll tax, anti-lynchhi| ,nd anti-discrimination lefilslatioi: The Southerners said (hoy are eady (o fight nil such measures to he last ditch. Republicans, meantime, were dog their bit to keep Ihe war ins Democratic factions at each other's thionts. Rep. Clifford P. Case. R.. N. J., saiil his House Judiciary Subcommittee would meet next Wednesday to auprovp n.n anti-lynching bill along tht lines recommended by Mr. Truman. However, GOP leaders denied there is any nuillee aforethought in rushing the anti-lynching bill to the House flour. But they said they see no reason lo hold back just because the Democrats are feuding over Ihe issue. A senate judiciary sub coin mil tec wound up hearings yesterday an anti-lynctUng bill similar lo that under study in the House. Thc Senate group, however, is not expected to act on the measure for _\yeek or, so.. f - Anti-poll fnx and anM-lynching legislation has cleared the House on a number of ocnstons. But it always ha.s been blocked by n filibuster or thc threat of a filibuster in the Senate. The report shows that few hinli- • ways in tho "late curry a heavier (low o[ traffic than (toc.% U. S. ' II IK b way 61. i Highway department officials nrc ' tokiiijt lorwmd lo of thc trat- c couiH.s in the future when pro.s- ire Ki'oiips (icmiind new road.s and utJ^esled that ruad.s which do not iury a reasonable volume ol trnf- ic aj'c not likoly to receive "RO hc'uci " orders for construction of lew pavements. In Little Rock is was IiurV tiled hat delegations asking that "our clad" be pa vert will have little ' when Gov. Ben Laney or (li'l)artUK'nt official points out on the map Dint the road In qw.s- i>n carried an average of 40 or SO cats ouch ',i!4 -hour period lust year md that- Lmpvovcuieiit Is not economically fi'ii.sible. Ifll7 Iriiffio HeavU'sl In History Department officials who prepared thc map reported thnl traffic reached an all-time high Ihe state in 19-17, jumping 10 March of Dimes Goal is Reached Final Reports Put Contributions Up to $6,930 in N. Missco C. of C. President Outlines Plans For 1948 Activity Mechanized Farms Bring New Need tor More Industries Outlining Hie igui jmiKi-nm of IVu- chiimbiT nf Commerce, I'rcsl- lll'tU C. MUITUV KlUKI'l IllM Illuhl. liriH'd lhal as m;ui v iiulllstl Ics us possible be broiijjhl here tills J-cnr lo iibsoib liibor rrlruM-rt by Ihe ' Free Enterprise. Honesty Urged to Save Democracy >S[ >fii Id UK oil UK' subject, "Oni> Alorc (Quince," ChalcsT, Kviins, vit'o president ul' Hie Arkansas Power &,hight Com- iwny in LittIn Hock, litsl tii^lil, cnliei/.ed li'ciuls in govcrn- inoiil. anil business in Anu'vica and roundly scored condi- liotis in Hriljiin, which once was srciit hut today is following llu> leadership of Socialists. The March of IJiines Infunillc | ' In inechnnl/tMl (uruilng imillimls In this URriciiltiirnl nn-n. Spenklnj; nl Ihe unuuul t;h-/ lirr nf ComimM-cc baiuiiiel Insl nielli in the Holi-l Noble, Mr, Hniarl lol<; Paralysis [und drive lii Noi'tii'MIS-! ", l>l " oxll "" l '' ljl I5 ° ""iilM're of the sissippi County has ended with the I '"'".'!'.""!' ""'''' wl >'i's thnl to achieving ot Its assigned Koul of $li,930, it was iinnouiu'ed today by Arthur S. rroddl Harrison, cnm- liilimi chairman for the Norlh Iliilf of Ihc county. Contributions made by residents of North Mississippi County [>lm the polio drive's share of the 1!HB In {Community Chest funds amounted to the Sfi.MO sel as n (main for cent over HH(i, and 20 per cent | thl.s area. above 1941. ihc pre-uar top. Traf- | Mr. Harrison yesterday thanked fie now Is 70 per cent urcalcr than i Mrs. D. W. Crnnfovd of' Hell, the riuriUR the mid-war yenis of 1043 and 1044. As iniphl be expected, highways leading out of Little Rock carried thc greatest over-all volume of traffic. A short stretch of highway 70 from West Memphis to the Mississippi River bridge, however, topped even tlic capital city (rat- It carried an average ol 11.000 'chicles each 24 hours. Second busiest spol In the -stale \as on highway 70 leading out of . rontrllmlors. Mr. Hnriison said lhal I displmTd'by Norlh Little Rock where K.OOO cars ' thc Uons CUll) „, Mllnll|l „_ ' > >asscd each 24 hours. Tlie traffic sors 0[ (h( , , lvlv( , []mi , coll(:( . u . (1 „ l.tons Club of Manila. Joe Wheeler of Lcachvlllc, Mrs. A. N. Church of Roseland, C. C. Unnijston of Number Nine and E. H. Ford. 1,. K Isaacs and Mrs. Gilbert Hammock. all of Dlythevllle, for Ilielr work as mai'i.v local chairmen In the various com-' rmmltles. He- also expressed his I thanks to North Mississippi Conn- I Hans who conlributed lo the March o[ Dimes. In announcing the unal lists ol mit on stnli' ]ilBhwiiy« went ns v fls 25 cars on some gravel :H!K. Most of the traffic Ruin, roatl officials said, could be attributed commercial behlcles nnd occurred on local highways of the .state rather than on the U.S. highways. LillU- Koclt-llcnlon Road Crowded Cliiet Knsincer Alt Johnson said that the most heavily traveled 20- mile stretch In the state extends from Little Hock to UelUou. with •MOO cars clocked out of Henlo'i and 1.600 out 0( Little Rock. Thc traffic count rose as tbc heavily populuted areas vceve approached. Traffic on highway 65 leading through Clinton and picked mi considcv^Ul past 12 months, dupj thc lack ol service .on bound M. and " on the roan leadiilf: Hni t ison was J.fiOO cars s Other lieavily-traveled road included: Highway 11 between Fort Smith nnd Van Qurcn, 7.200 cars; Hlgliwny 11 between Fay- lolal of $500 for Hie'March of Dimes. Other contributions follow: Carpenters Union No. Hb-l $K-I."25, Hlce-fittx -employes $-17.30. Illylhe- vlllt- Motor Co. employe's $21, Dr. lYpptT DottlhiB Co. employes 510. Schools- Pint Lake $0.10. Oosuell $130, Milllgan RldBC $41.10, Anno- rel J30.05. Donald lien (Hosa District! $0.50, Forty and Elgin $12.80. Carson Negro school $ Illnck- wntcr $7.10. Kinncy school SlO.fiO. Blytheville High Scliool $14, Doynton $10.tiB. Sbacly Grove $9.50. Hnr- i-lson Negro school JjO.20. Shonyo Negro school $054. liecciveil from Chairman of Women's Division: U. D. C. Chapter $2, American «CToni])llsh (lif lam |ii OKI urn "encli aiul every our ot us imisl pin our shoulders lo llu' wheel and pmli " Mr. Smalt's talk was pivi'ci'dcd by u review ot the Chiirnbn'.s nc- llvitlc.s during 1SI47 pi-c.sciited by Knrmer S. RnKliind, who scrvi'd as president last ycur, Alvln clloi ilufliuan Jr.. clialr- man of Ihe, chamber of Coinim-rci' Welcoming Committee Introtluix'd bu.sines firm executives and pvo- lesslonul men who came ti> Hlvthe- vlllf. elurhlK the past yeur and welcomed them lo [lie rllv. <'lly lllth ftir iTiiiiLsirlr* In prcviniUns the Chamber's plans objectives for thl.i yc:ir, Mr, .Smart said "We hope lo serurer as Industries for Illyllievllle as possible. "We will sock RiKXl. subsliuilial rumpnnlr.s lhal will co-opcriilc with the <-Uy." lie pointed out, lhal Ihe Chamber of Commerce illd not waul persons the udvoni ot nitded mechanical fanning to leave Hie city and polnlcd lo an In Industries as a menus of rclulmnu those workers. Mr. Smiirl also pleilKi'd thc aid of the chamber in civic mid rducu- lloual I'xpruislou programs. Hefci'- L'inK Ihc muve lo acquire a slie for ii new hl]<h school here, ho said "we will continue to co-opcr- nle wllh the cdiicalloual torces until thc lob Is clone." John A. Costello, 51. leaves thc Dall i Parliament) In Dublin, ufli'r hclnt; limned Pn-mlrr of Hire. He replaced Kiunon n<> Vnlrrn. (NEA llnclto- Telcpbolo) Survey Shows Food Prices Much Lower CHICAGO. Feb. 21. UIPi -A special Labor Department survey showed tortny that loot! prices reduced 3 1 • per cent in tlic last mimth, but Rroccrs said housewives had clamped onto their pockelbooks lighter than ever. Food dealers said housewives apparently were cutting their purchases until prices drop even lower than since the WR break in thc commodity markets on Feb. 4. Clagnc. commissioner of tile ettevllle and Rogers, from 3,100 to 4,700; Highway 07 out ol Tcxarkana, •1,^00: HiRltway 07 Kast of ilopc, ^.(300; Highway GT out of Arkadelphia North. J.200; Highway 7 North of El Dorado, a.OOO; Ilinh- way 7 south of Hot Splines. 3,300; Ilighwny 7 South o( Cnmdcn. 3,1011: Hiehwa v 18 East of Joncslioro. 4.000; Hisliway 67 North of Newport, 3.300; Highway 20 West of Helena. 4.600; ami lllgl'vcay H South of Datesville. 1,200. Johnson said that a trnlfic count ol 4.000 cars a day was considered m-rossnry in order tn Justify a foiir-latie highway and that such roods w.-rc "a long way off" in Arkansas. Only about SO miles in the entire state would justify blls ol i Nnsh * 25 . Mrs. Richard Wntson $1. Other Individual contributions: Fred S. Snliba *10. Clmrles H. Ncwcomb »2. Bank of Dell J29.44, S. Moslcy Jl, Mary K. Moslery $1, Dr. J. E. Bensley $5, Dell Theater 823.17, I. Rosiiithnl. Inc. $,•>, Mrs. H. H. Mathls SIO. Ark. Paint. Oleisn and Wallpaper Co. 52. J. K. llardln SI. Prances R. Aflllck $5. Joe II. Evans $2, Dlytheville (.cclon Auxiliary SIO. Flora FrCRO 53. W. II. Klsncr, Lcr.chvllle. 51. L. F.. Old Jr. SI. Mrs. Cal Oossctt 55. Mary J. Scrape $5. Sam Johns, Smoke House flllliards 110. From Number Nine community: Charles C. LariB-ston 525. T. N. Johnson $5. F. W. Ucan SB, Gerald Johnson S5. Recce Moore- ?2, J. J. Moore ?IO. Loyd Prrnili $'". super-highway at present, John- said- r^au Blague, commissioner ol tnc . . , ^^ • Bureau of Labor Statistics. an-|M|SSCO GfOVGl nounccd thc results of a telegraphic I survey or prices on 20 foods in 12 K'lrN' ^Weather Arkansas forecast: Cloudy tonight and Sunday. Warmer Sunday nighl. Occasional rain lonighl and Sunday. Minimum tiiis morning—30 Maximum yesterday—60 Sunset today—5:48 Sunrise tomorrow—6:30 Precipitation, 24 hours to l a.m. today- Total since Jan. 1—8.TJ Mean temperature (mldwuy between hirh and low)—15 Normal mean for Feb.—424 Future Farmers in B.H.S. Elect Chapter Officers Clifton \Vix-son was elected president, ol the Future Farmers of America Chapter No. 46 o! Ihc Bly- iheville Hish School at an election of officers held this week. Other officers elected were Carl Wyatt vice-president, Hobby Mullen, secretary. Clinton Abboti treasurer, Billy Wayne McFarland. reporter, and Lloyd KoonU. sentinel. At the Hireling members of the Blylhevillc chapter discussed pluns lor Uie coming year and the- livestock and public spenking contests to be hold at Wilson and Jonesboro March 19 arid April 3-4. Snow, Sleet and Rain Reported Over Arkansas Freezing rain, sleel. and snow moved back into Arkansas today ss thc weather bureau in Little Rock predicted continued subfreezing temperatures throughout the state tonight and Sunday.' The stale's latest cold spell blei' in last night and skidded the mercury to a low of 19 degrees at Harrison. The lows ranged up to 3. r i degrees. Blytheville reported a low of 30 degree.? this morning and a maximum of 60 yesterday. ' Precipitation — mostly freezing rain and sleet—were reported In evcr v section of the stale and continued to fall today. Stale Police rported it least one highway dangerously coated with ice last'night That was Highway 11 between Wlnslow and West Fork ! in lh» extreme Western part of the cities. lie said thaal between Jan. 13 and Feb. n, food prices dropped 3'- percent hut ••there has not yet been me for a clear trend of retail prices as a whole to emerge. He said the largest decline was five per cent In Chicago. The leasl was in I.os Angeles, wh'.-re there was no change reported. The lar^csl price slushes, he .said, were on pork chops, lard, bacon. e;: r :s and lettuce. Prices of onions, potatoes, canned tomatoes, coflcc and milk were higher lasl Tuesday than on Jan- 13. He said the retail food drop would reduce the overall cost of Ijvins index l!i per cent but rises in other living costs, such as rent and clothing. ml«ht offset the reduction. "Whether these 'price cutsl arc maintained or extended depends largely on the extent to which Ihe droii In primary markel prices Is reflected in lower wholesale costs of foods in local inarkel-s," lie said. Housewives, grateful for the slight help in the task of .spreading tlieir husbands' wages through each week, apparently were determined not to let prices rise again. A Milwaukee food store chain reported lhat it had to cut butter five cents a pound because homemakcrs virtually had stopped buyipg at. thc higher price. In Foir Condition. County .Judge Roland Green said today lhat thr greater part "' Mississippi County roads rrmlinecl in fair condition following 'he re- rent eold spell which covered them h ir.e and snow. XuiinKe lo the nnmty IO:K!S was slight, he taid, and only one i road In the county ha.s been closed. Rental Control Bi!l Draws Ire Of Both Parties WASHINGTON. Feb. 21. lUP) A hill lo extend rent controls for U months came In for harsh criticism today tiotn senators of both The 10-III objectives also oil) for an expanded program for Mitr relationships between processional and businessmen, Mr. Smart said. In lliis connection, he mentioned thc possibilities of promotional days nnd pointed but that IllyUlevlile consumers can purchase any "name-brand" merchandise here itkUtout Ukliw UxU iuon»y Ic lur -- ' Jurors Accuse Lumber Dealer New York Charge Involves Dealings As 'Gray Marketeer' NUW YOIIK, Fi'b. 21, (UPi — Isn- ilorr Ol hmibcr donlor who was nl 11 recent conuro.sslonul Invest I - Iliilton ns a "vicious urny tnnrkelcr," (acrd » clmi'KC of flr.nL decree Mr. Evans spote before members of Mic Blylhcville Chamber ot Commerce nl their annual banquet in Hotel Nobli! ami ttpproxlinateJy 150 members und their valves heard him deplore conditions in tlic field ot business and In ihc field of labor which in niyMicvllIe and America L'ndaiiKer five ruiri the vn T foundations of democnicy. The speaker plended for a return lo the- American wny undi-r which Mils nation itttulned ie.s.s through \\ willingness to met Ji desire to inkc urenl pfide In lu i fruits ot honest Ifiuor. / The speaker [Ls.scMed that buil- iH'.s.s needs lo \ci\vn nne\v that ill im.sinens extols lo serve those who buy thc produce from Hie .soil ^n^ Die products from the factories And (her M'rvlce.s ihnL ore needed to ninkc jutidncU tiKclul lo HyMf u r ho buy them. ' c placcid LnhuL' In Die sumc catrv / ly n.s bu.sinc.-vs nnd snirt that botn i i\\c gi'iivti risk of losing l^lw "one- more cluince" of .stivvlvnl hi th« form which made AmertcEi th« ^iei\te.<,t, of all ntitlons. - r '. ITrRi'K Ntnv Htt<<liii'Ks rolli-ics Lust nlKhl'.s IjunqueL murkcd lh« ofticinl be ill nnlng of a new yeat 'tor the Ulylhevflle Cliumber Ot Cijdip merce, Funucr l'"t^3iin<l, tlic reliT"' Ini; pir.sldciH, pre.sented hl.s am^Uftl report and C. Mnni\y Stnarl, pftt- Ident /or I04U. .submllted K brief \ milling of iiclivlUcs (or Ihe iiew " >vtir inut .siitiv.e^l.otl the t>n a program lo obt»ln hum- ituUi.strtc.s for Ulylhevlllc *nd the tidopllon of business pollOMC wliich will keep more Hlylhcvftto *" dollnr.s in Hlylhevlllo nnd .slop' th» Mow of currency lo competitors in oilier citlt'.s . Mr. EVIL us wfus InLrodnccd by B. A. Lynch, president of the Farmcri ,;, New York lawyur :\nd Uank mul Trust Cotnpnny, and : time.s pru.stdctit, of thc Bly the villa Cl^nmbitr of Commerce. Mr. Lynch served l$,sl year tis chnlrmnn of Hie chamber'.s hidn.ilikal commjLLcc and ML\ Smnrt announced thai he would continue In LlmL capacity. To drive home his point Lhat eh 11 lose l]fi'-"oric" n\or» ' A QUCOIIH Oi'nnd vlury handed up nn Incllchncnt yesterday on*cliarnefl Ijy tlu'.Cry.slnl Lutnlwr Co, tf"wTp^>pii" r iprnd' th/lT mon.-\ here," he wild. He ll.sLcd ]'S inuiMier objectIvi 1 mi In Chun HUT of Commerce mrmbci'shlp lo at least ^0 durins this year. Tn Scin] IHspl-.y In I.iJlli' Ruck • Somtitlmr- In Mny, Mi'. Smart said. Ihe IJlylhevllle and O.scrola ' Chtunber.s of Cnmmcrco will prc- ! .sent In Lit lie Unck n procnim on Mississippi county nnd Its products. Hoth Chnmlirrs, lip snld, hfivp nc- ceptcd flu invitation of tlir Greulnr I.ll-tle Hock Clunnbei- of Commei-cc to jjrrficnt such n pH'Hium, "If \vc nil co-operate," Mr. Smriil con eluded, "\\r cnn caoli s:i*' m;xt year thai 'I .-iiu a hotter clll/rti living jn thc best conumnilly In tlic .state I hn\ r o done my part tn mnkc ULylh^vllle n bnlter plnce.'" '"rviewinn Ilif iirtlvltlcs of t.hf Chumber of commerrf: during last year, Mr. England pohilrd to work accomplished through various chamber ['ornrnlttees.' v 'Die Duro Chrome Corp, uood nnd met at resin urnnt fi: \ Uiirp ! mnmifnclurfng firm. !rx::ilrd ;it the j air base nnd llir Rice r-'tix nnnex was completed last yenr. A farm trailer factory al.'io located n{ thc air base. Mr. ICnulaiuI credited 1 hr Cluunbci's Industrial. Commit! CP, of Wlnxlon-Kulem. N. C. The Mrftv chm-K<:d Mint II jmtd $l,. r i7rt for .•ihi]inn'n( nf cork luth wh)r>i n^ \v»s (U'tlVi't'cd. inc.slilcnt of the Truns- Highway 77 South County which was closed at Floodway two weeks ago while repair 1 work was eblng done on the bridges .spanning the Iwo Floodway ditches, will remain closed lor an indefinite period. All other gravel roads are rough hut passable, he said. Patch work on the county's roads began last Ssm- day and will continue as long as weather permits, he soid. The report on the condition ni highways In this county offers considerable contrasl to report* fiorn other areas where extremely heavy damage was claimed because of freezing and thawing. Srn. f; .said h -sidetrack Hie bill Lt-mporruily vote a 30-day exicn.sion of prwicnl. controls- "so Hint somv rn:t;rssaiy chants cat] be nimle." Thiil i.-; ihc- sirnLct;y. Holland L-oiiLtnted ttiiit only a MisM?sipni : st °[>sap exlension cnn keep controls Continental Lumber CCM]),. said he contracted with a Brooklyn company to deliver the material. The hefty draler Mild he ti led lo make laftt-mlmile! lint Ion by M-iuilm; a u?rtl(lurl check to Ihe Queens (ll:strli;L nllorwy Tuestljiy, one day lieforr he apjienrerl before Ihe wrniul Jury. GinMiei'K nltinctcd attrntlon recently when he trnttncd before the Joint CtmKi'OssirinHl IIOU^IIIH Com- mitlec. nurhiK FI .sharp verbal rxt Ken. Jusrpli It. McCurlhy. II.. Wls,, calli'd Oinsbery a "VU-IDUS uray rnar- kelt'i'r" hiTiinse of his diralhius In (iinsber^ surrendered lo MIL- district atunney's r>lTfu i an hour nfter the Indictment was hnnded up, AL Ills iippcjirinici: before the Kiiiinl jury, he suld the missing lath | wn.s lo have been delivered by J). '-'---' .Sons of Brooklyn. Farm Bureau Leaders Push Membership Drive The Mississippi County Farm Bureau will hold two membership drive check-up meetings In the comity next week, it was announced today by L. O. Nash of Blytheville, president. Drive workers In South Mississippi County will meet at the Court House In Osceoia Monday night to make initial reports nn drive results In that section of the county, and workers In North Mississippi County will hold a dinner-meeting at tne Rustic Inn here Tuesday night for the same purpose. Both meetings «r« tchcduled (or I 7:30, h« Hid. Spcssai-d b Holland, O.. Fla.. Iirflfl "J !'v »• A- '^m-h, ^ numi- c tlioui-ht (he Senate slionl:! n »;» l!l ' '" ^^'»»K H^sc InduMrirs j Ihr litsl.Tllatlon of inifMc ll^ht-s i HIV/ niHlni'V, ny fi]i(3 I lie p;irl:iii:^ mt l - icr juopo.sitl in In- vntrd ni) in Ihe rnimu'ipnl rlrct inn April (1 W»TC move iimu^ui ;itt'd by lh:- Ti -,\1Vc. Commitlcr, lir:idcit by Jiinn's Terry. Mr Emjtaml s;ikl. He-surfacmt; of EltKhwity 111 I ruin from dying.Feb. 29. The House will take up a 30-day extension Tue.s- | 1 day and thc Senate h expected to \ , approve it eventual! However, Senate leaders was thc rr.suIt of nctlon liiken by , tbc Hoad com in ittrc. he said W. . . J * p a , n I C. III'^Bln:on was cbairman ol this push ahcud Monday on the Ion?- ! bill. range Sen. Eusene D. Millikin. R. Colo., Attacked B provision of the bill thai would make violators liable lo a $1.- OOfl fine nnrt a one-year Jail .scn',- etice. Millikui .said he thought tii^ »TimiiKil penally is too sever r an.t lhat "sfime form <if t-ivil remedy" .should be- Miib-stitntrd. Stocks Irrequ'or And Few Deals Are Completed NEW YORK, ?"eb. 21 «UP>—Thc stock market wa\ irregular totlay as trading fell nff (o thr ?lowe^l SM- of hern last Saturday afternoon,1 urday pace in more than 4'j years was .abandoned yesterday by South I with volume for thc Initial hour of Search is Abandoned For Man Who Drowned OSCEOLA." Feb. 21—Search fr>r| R body of Carl Gentry, 22-y $••- nld Osccola youth who drowned in the O,-renla Chute, nne-mtle North cnmnilllrr lasl year, Agrirtillurc CoiTiniit Irr llnsy Thr Agt lr ul tn re Commit tee. under HIP ehnlinianshlp of Chris Tompkin,s. uii^rd thai more huhis- 111 e.s be !>r< n i e h i ( 1 ir i r (o a bsorb workfrt.s i eliMMxi by Jru:i i-jisi'tl Envbnfl .stated, ' | - SI "' Hauled by Siipvriniriulriit of j l<1|ll: 'V- Schools W. tl Nl<•holsini. Ihf Kd-l' 11llly iic.itioii CommitliT laum-hed Ihe ' ll1 '' a Cith-.en-s school committct', which | '/['V," at?]- iK-raine R corpornlfon known Employes Cheer Ker Tax Decision WKSTPOUT, Conn , Feb. 21 • IM'i -Imhistriull.n, Vivien Kellrms | lodiiy {lemnmliHl nn Irnmt'dfntc jnmrl ti-.'-l of hrr ictu.siil to willi- | hold (rtii i;il Inronir tuxc.s from | As srvi-rnl of li-'i- :(« workers i .-lii-i led her on. Mis<, Ki-IU'ni.s M>id, '-if tin- KoiTNitiipiU U fulr Ihry will brhiK nn 1 to courl urtw." She rrvt'ulccJ Unit federal nuth- oiiUc.s hiive written her Ihnl they propose to do nothing until tinar- icrly rrlurn.s an* <hic April .10. I-'nrerl with n maximum ppnnliy or 30 yriirs In prison f\tid a J38.000 fine, Kcllrms said: "I broke the Inw delib^rnteU'. This Is not a h.iMv clrrlslon. v Shf ;;:iid lli;it wit htioldin^ (uxes \\iis - c .t i icily n wur-ilmi' measure n iliiiinrin-; the law \ [hit withholil Soclul'i chnncc for survlvnl as H grcnt nation iroiiKh departure from thc ilomo- •fll!c WHV iri Rnvernment, in business uiul iti ]»bov, Mr, Evntw singled out llifi nut o motive Inrtuslry and bricklayers. He prefaced tils remarkji with thc assertion Lhat "he WOA not criticising nny IncUviihml or any ]fc decliueci tlmt, tlio niitomolivft huluslry stand!! lo Us "one inoro clinnce" utiles-s ll rclurn.'i lo normal inarkclln^ procedures which permit n rtKtomcr lo go to nn authorized tlr:ilcr nnd buy his fiivorllc make nt nutoinolilLp. nl nn nulliortzcd piicr. llr di-rhirnl (li;tt thc biMi^ln? KhorURe.s r:innot tin rrllcvcd at a |ir[rc Ainrrk-iins cnn nffnril to p^T .so Icirif* ;LS tirlrkliiyrrs persist In K \\ork il.iy \vhlcli flints llicm pl;ic- \\\K no inure Minn '^KO bricks In In tlu* HOO to 1,4100 for the average rr:iMsiTi:u; In tills Held, ;ind Hi,- i.fmo bricks which Ihe cx[ints cnn plurc wlicn they work ;il tt)[i speed for rl)(ht hours. Mr. Evans explained that he used the Uo HHislrnUon.s merely to \\- lusirnlc condition.-i which exist lo- day nnd not because tlie two In- RlRtice.'i .stand alone in the practice of IjuMue.s.s and Inbor In this nation which nUaincri urea in ess ns a irsiill, of competition and n wlll- to wotk. nnd work hard for an honest dollar. "It we fin 1 to solve our problems of ttie day," Mr. Evans said, "we must produce more goods tinil we imi>t reUim '<> thnl good practice ol ire<>KMi%iii(c si-i'vU-c lo the con- .summer «,s Ihr mini tor our en- (iciivor. "l)ia itig l lur \vnr 't ^ as -stated that, one busine-ss firm was reported to have been so brazen that it dnreil lo place a sign in a store ndmontshLnK customers lo 'be kind to our ctcr'ics because we cannot rrplace them nnd we have more customers than we waul, 1 Times Arr Changing "Times are changing and °"c of dny.s business will be aware' ol the fact that It again has more clerk.s than customers unless trenrii of ilays oi shoila»i's in eoods wre Sec KNIKItl'KISK on Tape I \V//son Henry Accepts Mississippi County peace officers. The search was abandoned after party composed of South Mis.sis- ppl Comity peace otfu er.s aurt ili/enfi. including several Mixsi.s- Mppl River fishcrmon. had failed lo locale trace of Ihe body despite only 90.tK)0 shares. The slowness of trading reflected the customary Saturday slack plus the approaching IOUR week-end. On Monday all major U. 5. conimt\ity and security markets will remain closed for thr Washington's birth- weeks dragging of the chute. TI is i day holiday but believed lhat the body has tloatcd - resumed In the into thr main river channel. ; Tuesday, Gentry drowned when the boat he and a 12-year-old companion, Charles Ashley of Osceola, were repairing capsized. Ashley swam to j 5?.fcty but was unable to jtlv« HS' ftlstanc* to hu friend, i ehange* wert imall. dealings will normal way Weakness in grains and irregularity In cotton were also factors In the show of tndiffenrcnce to the atock murket on Wnll Street. With only a fc". rxr^plions, price I n.s thc Citizens School Building As' sociatlon. Inc., and Ihp drive carried on by it lo obtain SfiO.OOO to purchase A sltn for a new high school. A sinking fund to hr used for inclucinft morn industries here was scl up by lh r chamber last year and now contains more than $!.300, Mr. England said. Moury for this fund rnmes from surpluses rein a i nine after operating expanses of the Chamber air riKl. he poinird out. The Ckinmbt'r nf flon f virt 1 membership las', year reach) d mi all-tirne peak of 3;JO nicml>ers. Mr. KnfZlaiict reported. He credited Worth D Holder, who became manager of Ihr Chamber early last year, with doing a "very line Los An- gclr.s Wrt.s Hill I-Vh, n before Rotary Club. As employes of lhp cable Rrlp plant pocketed their hu-rcased pay, they voiced approval of the plan. Plant MnnaKer ,Tosr|*ii Dlpnbna ! snorted, "we're able to pay taxes v. it hoi it anyone helping us." Mrchanlr John CntaUIo chimed in, "It's a «oocl thiiiR Job." James Roy was toast mixslcr at (he banquet and Introduced as out- of-town guest* Redman Jr., Carol Evans and Jim- and Mrs. Ar- my Henry. Lhnuiy Lowe' was ac- thur Rogeri and Mr. and Mr*. Har- companist Wilson Henry, manager of Planters Hardware Co., since it opened here, has resigned and accepted a position with Paul By rum Hardware find Implement Co., it was announced today. Mr. Henry, who has been in the hardware business for the past 2G sonic bod v years, will be in charge ol the marlc a brrau." And office Man- I hardware .department of (he Paul nan- Clare Yuchimnn arided. " C v- D >' l<l ' m company. eryonc has a certain amount ot ! Sam Hauley. formerly assistant le.sionsibihlv. It'.s a privilege for manaRer.of Planters Hardware Co., evrry ritirrn to pay his own lax." " nns succeeded Mr. Henry as mana- - - jger, ry Pun!us. all of CXsreolA. Mr. Rog- i ers is president of the Osceola ! Chamber of Commerce and Mr. • Panlus is sccrctaiy-m a linger. During th(* banquet, three vocal numbers were presented by the Blylheville High School quartette, composed of R. C. Allen. C. G. New York Cotton Cotton close steady. open high low close Mar 3189 3203 3186 3203 May 3213 3230 3213 3223 July 31(52 3173 3161 316S Oct 2936 2948 2930 293S Drc 2110 -'91* 2903 3908 Spotj ciofe 33,13 up 6-

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