The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1948
Page 11
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY M, 1948 __ _ »UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIKR NKWS WfcLL.WHAT DOVOU VvAMT-THKTEE CHEERSf I'VE HELPED TO BUI IP TH' PIGGE EVER PRODUCED AK1' FELT MONOREP IF TH' BOSS SNMLEP WHfirJ HE SAID GOOD MORW1W 6RAVY IS OFF .AN' THEY PUT ME ON THIS DRLM FOR TH- BIO&EST CRANE TH' VMORLP/ BOV, THAT'S HE GETS THEM SOUK SPELLS WHEN HE SEES ALL TH' ANP PAPER STORIES OF 6>UY5 kYAKIKV A HOLE IMOJE. A HOME ELJW, OR * TOUCH POWrJ. VOO IWAMGINSG TK6 HARP ABOUT f Vis-Re- CX)T-~BO IF I GST ANOTHER SWING W THW CHOMRI'LL SAUTE' 1 HoPe BoTHYoo ACTORS MOWTW& MISSUS HAS peorvv MOSCOW Tt4^^ O f \ iA »-*'^"'«* "•—•<—*i ( r M PRtsorAf \ ' klE\i(C ulrr t OFFICE nurse PAGE ELBVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Lost and Found Lost: One pair horn rim- led glasses. Also one billfold ontaining pictures- Phone i26, Reward. a 20-plc-24 IX5ST. THREE KEYS Bud Kas cap. I r JIh airttievlll* Uotor Co. Icey rolrter. «lween Drlrer «nd BlytheTllle. Reward I sr return. Jeu ProYlncr. 121 E. Vine I hon« 371B. 2 n-ck-tl ' By Adelaide Humphriei t, Nl> S»HCf, INC. Private Rooms Bedroom, clnn »nd comfortable, prl- ale entrance, SIT ChlcVftsawha. C3en- temen preferred. 2;l9-pfc-22 Bedroom, 314 K. Ninth. Phone 2338 2.11-pk-lS Room with kitchen prMlepr. 101 E. Idroomi. BlTthevlUe Hotel Phone l(29-pk-2 29 rJtce bertroom. clo§« In. Men onlv- 10 W. Walnut. 220-CK-27 Jioii3*keer»lnff room, pnone Bedroom, eonrenlent to bath, ateam ie«t. Phoni 33JJ. «11 W. Mam. 29-«c-3|9 K1c*ly fiirnlihed bedroom close. In, :tlchen privileges. 118 B. Davis. J:l8-pk-ll Comfortable bedroom for rent, call Kronl bedroom, close In. constant ot water. Phone 2062. 2jlB-pJt-2l Wanted to Buy One ping-pong table. New or med. :•!! 793. 2;17-dh-tf Tr«j Take Ride FORT WA\^E. Ind. fCJPl—Sher- fl's officers were incredvilous when omeone telephoned (hut a "tree i moving down the state high- fay." They arrested Robert Holt, » on drunken driving charges. His had trees protruding from the lood. He had left the highway to tlov through ft plum thicket. XXIX r |THE next afternoon another visitor was nnnounccd. "No," Janice said. "1 clon'l want to see Dr. Holbrouk. E 1 lense say that I—" "But it isn't Dr. Holbrook," the nurse corrected. "It's Mrs. Holbrook. Ot course, i( yoti—" "I'll see Mrs. Holbrook," Janice said. She was curious to see this visitor and to find out why Mrs. Holbrook was calling instead of her husband. Elissa Holbrook was much more beautiful than the picture on the doctor's desk. She was. in fact, about the most beautiful woman Janice had ever seen: very blonde and aristocratic and exquisitely groomed. Apparently, Mrs. Holbrook was Similarly impressed with Janice (The first thing she said was, :"You're lovely. 1 expected you to Ibe pretty, but Eric did not tell me iyo« were so very lovely." . Janice did not believe that she looked lovely, but it was aic« of Mrs. HoJbrook to say so. "I brought you a little something." Her visitor laid a square white box by Janice's side, drawing off her white kid gloves as she • sat down. "I'm glad f didn't bring flowers," she added, looking around and smiling faintly and ittmlerstandingfy. "Yes, 1 do have enough flowers," Janice admitted; then, having opened the box, she pushed aside the tissue. "Oh, this if gorgeous, simply gorgeous!" It u-as a dainty bed jacket of white satin trimmed with creamy lace and a blue bow. "I expect you're wondering why I came," Mrs. Holbrook said. JANICE was wondering, but she J said thai she was glad Mis. Holbrook hnj come, no mailer what her reason. "I Imd about decided," Elissa Holb ink said, "ii'hcn J heard abou. 'ou, how brave yon were and . that perhaps I ouglit to chan^x. my mind and give lirie a divorce. Now that |' vc seen you, Janice. I am sure of it." "But now that I've seen you," Janice said. "I don't want you to do thai," "You mean you don't want Eric?" ElJss.Vs violcl eyes grew larger, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Holbrook—(or everything," Janice said quielly. "1 don't know why, but I don't even want to see Eric again. I'm terribly sorry, loo, if I've caused you any unhappiuoss." "You haven't." The doctor's wife smiled at her—not her usual amused smile but one that must have come from deep within her. "You've really done me n great favor." Janice supposed she was only being kind. For Mrs. Holbrook was obviously kind as well as beautiful. What a fool her hns- mand was not to appreciate her. "Now," Elissa's smile broadened, "I can really make a success of our marriage. You sec, my dear, 1 guess I didn't appreciate having a good husband. I shall stay at home, instead of always running ofl somewhere or other. I also thought I might adopt some French war orphans." "Oh. that would be marvelous!" "I Iliink il will be." Elissa said. "I think Eric will get to like it, loo—having children in the house, growing old Ki-acefully. I know h« was willing to make any sacrifice (or you. but since 1 know him bet- ler than he knows himself, 1 honestly believe lliiil he will be jnsl as sal idled, eventually, not to have hail lo make m>y." "I'm sine you are dijht." Janice agreed. She knew that Mrs. llol- urook tvas IrllinK her, quite (runk- ly. thai licr husband would soon recover from his love. Eric would lintl thai he could live without Janice. And this ( |i t | no t luiit .lan- icc. since she Imd re;ilhcd—Jtist in saying so -Hint she wa\ no longer in love, either. • * • ]\]liS. HOLBROOK «iid that sh« musl be going. She thanked Janice aqaiu. She laughed, • gay, excited laugh, her beautiful face even more beautiful now that it looked KO animated. 'I reeilly mean it. my dear— thank you for everylhiii({. I hope you Rot well soon and have a nice vacation, and I hope you. too, will find happiness.". That same clay, nder supper, the nurse said there was someone else lo sec her. Janice thought she knew who it would be: someone she wanted to see, yet did not want to see. She told (lie nurse to ask the visitor lo wait a few minutes. She said she would like to put on her now bed jacket. She also would like a mirror and her lipstick. "Tlxil's the lic-kct!" the nurse exclaimed. "We are gelling better. Wanting to prclly up a biL That's always a good siRri." The jackcl was every bit at gorgeous on as otj; he blue bow was really quite fetching. Janice was pale, but with a becoming, delicately tinged paleness, and her hair, tied back like a little Kirl's, was a soft dark cloud against the pillows. She WTIJ confident that she looked oil right, even lot- tlii< visitor. (To Be Concluded) "If she refusal to eat her strained carrots »nd spinach. the doctor lays rt would do you a world of good to sat it yourself'" & HIS FKIKNDS By MERRILL BLOSSEt BUT WHY ON MET HOW CUM 1 MA.KE 00SWELL. BASKETOM.L* MC, £H7 LOOK J DEAD HERE. ' (JACKSON/ HEUO, BosweuJ i WAS j TAIKIN6 ABOUT YOU; L WAS THAT B05WELL JOHNSON WAS OUt BOY WrIO COULO B* AN ATVH.6H WITHOUT NEGIKTIMA TUT fINER THINGS/ I'KISCJLLA'S POP By AL VKRMEER Yes, but you Inhale, don't you? VIC FLINT By MICHAKL O'iMALLEY mid HALI'll LANK U»awmy cHanca while Gooch»nd Dirk struggled. I worked one hand around into my ppctal for my knife and started wwirtg. PIANOS New and Died Music Instrument* Repairs ft Supplier Sheet Music Records Radio Repairs * BROOKS MUSIC STORE 07 K. Main Phno* 811 CURTAINS, drills. nnyllung thai you need cleaned to iier- (ection Is handled easily at PEERLESS CLEANERS. Work Ouaranteed. Reasonable prices, quick, efficient service. 1 PEERLESS CLEANERS Phon« 2433 Trip P»y« Dividend!! QUINCY, Mass. (UP)—Distributing Ihelr- three sets o( twins unions relnllve.s here, Mr. ami Mrs. John J. Walsh went to New York, np- pearect on a quiz program on the radio and returned J615 richer. Boston Social Mlmler BOSTON (UP)—Boston's expen ditures lor social and health averages M4.6S per capila Rnn compared with the national aver age of W2.W. Steel Oil Barrel Racks Anj Site T. L. MABRY us Misnorjmi ST. m. tm Action! No us< slaving at home when ihtre's real fan lo be had! Trj your hand al Rl.vttiRvilk's newest sport. Bowl Tonlghtl Chitwood's Bowling Alleys Kast Main Slreel Phone .1929 The Right Place To Buy Your Car . . . EAST END AUTO SALES 503 East Main Street Clean Uied Cars— All Phone 4191 J. W. Uvelady Al Larman G rover Frtzier Here's Looking At You! . . . for a mure immaculate, nttractive appearance this sprinjf . . . bring soiled suits to us for rapid, frcsh-as-new cleaning ;inr! pressing! NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS DioJ 4474-4475 FLOWERS BODY SHOP New Location 118 So. Lilly St. • ALL NEW EQUIPMENT • GUARANTEED WORK • ANY MODEL CAR or TRUCK All Jolis Restored lo Factory-Like Condition. No Wreck R Total Loss! Our Work Must Satisfy Our Customers! FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN Wf WILL PICK UP AND DELIVER YOUR CAR Late Model Cars A Specially WE INSTALL AUTO ACCESSORIES civil vvir among crooki Tlwt'i what r had :Urted, mysolf in the middle of it. WASH TUHBS Hy L1WLIK TURNER F WJ.TUBBS CAN SURJWE TOD REFER, OP COURSE, 70 Iffi BXACTLV! WE HWIE ...1NHILI IN OTHERS THE 1 * CHMCE ir viia of FEB. fc* stuwiHG SlfU Wf,T IN RODENTS \ MMWM.S APPEAR TO uriERLV l»55W«!/OPp'oRTUNITV TO EUEM THE FIRST I TU6 EFFECT OH HIS BRAIN CELLS "EVJ HMMtPOllS I" J DR GKUSEK? "EEKS, THE , SEEW TO SHRINK cats BECOME BRimE_. Jw EftSILS CRUWBLEp BV WOOSHr IMPULSES! ^. GROWTH ' "/ OBSERVE THE By FRED HARMAN * JSfcisje-ti'lOMEY i WI5HK01KTJ * r \~ ') "C-* I CTrV / U<r ^•nr^r- 1 W^'T CHAWfiE ALIrtE OF HIS SOUR OLD F/VT£-A* MUCH A5 LIKE tO ' lo lose. .'JV£ 60T PERSUADE JOKJA5 CRA0RCXTK WHILE 1 -TALK 10 CKA8KCXX By V. T. HAiMLlN BOOTS AND HKR RUDDIKS By EDGAR MARTIN

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