The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SICI'TKMHKH 1U, I'M? ULYTHBVIU,E (AUK.) COUU1KU NEWS Many to Exhibit Finest Livestock District Fair Offers $2,000 in Prizes for Beef, Dairy Entries Premiums toinlins; $2.000 will be awarded winning entries in Uic Livestock nlvlsiou of the Northeast Arkansas District Fair at Walker Park Fairgrounds hcrp Sept. 34-28. Of this allolinent, SI,500 will bo used for premiums In the open .show for beef and dairy entile. The remaining $500 will be given as premiums In the -I-H Club and Future Fanners of America sections — $230 will be distributed a- niong beef caltle winners and the same iiinuunl among dairv callle winners. Beef eiilllc will tic jiidited Tluirs- <liiy morning;, SeiH. 25. and dnir,' cattlo vviil lie Judged that ufu-r- noon. AIL livestock entered for competition must be brought- to ihp f:iir- grounds not later than midnight -Sent.. 23 and shall remain there until 6 ».m. Senl, 28, according to Fair rules. Stanley praclenburB or Hi. 1. Manila, is .superintendent of the Live•stock Division. Premiums <m 1'olnl HLIMM The rules also state that".i there is no competition in any class, ribbons only will be awarded. Kxhibitors taking first and second premiums in any lot without competition will be paid the easli award on the lirst place only, provided the judyes declare the exhibit worthy or such pri/.e. Premiums Mill he awarded on n point basis. The total number of ]>o!nt.s awarded in any division will be divided into the total allotment to determine the amount of money given per point. Hcrefords, Aberdeen Angus, and Shorthorns will compete in the beef cattle department while Jerseys, Guernseys and Holsteins will be exhibited in the dairy catle division. Twenty-four classes arc listed for beef cattle showing while dairy cattle will be exhibited in 18 classes. C. A. Gilbert of Wilson is superintendent of the dairy cattle department. When bulls, jacks or stallions arc entered owners must have a caretaker with them at all times-, Uic rules state. The Mississippi C/»ii- t.y Fair Association will provide watchmen and caretakers for other entries. PAGB THREE UNRRA Cargo for China's Commies' Tlie big "C's" :,ini!;cd on the UN Hi! A relict and rehabilitation, supplies pirtuicd above indicale that they have; been iillonited to Chinese Communists. The goods pictured above arc part nf some 10.000 tons of cargoes impounded in Shanghai, awaiting (innl distribution agreement among Chinese Communists, the Nationalist government and UNRRA. Forrestal Due To Take New Title Monday Home Demonstration \Cluh Leaders Assemble i Young Comic Book Fan Dies Emulating Feats Of Superhuman Heroes HALEIGH, N- C-. Sept. IG. I UP) —Little G. Otho Woolnrd's hobby was playing with rcpcs and lassoes, (lie coroner .said today. He experimented w i I h k nots a nd he constantly rend comic books. Coroner Irviny M. Check said he believed the superman leavs of comic book lie toes inspired the stunts which nine-year-old Otho often practiced. lie was last seen playing in his yard b\- himself. Sometime after thai, the coroner reasoned, lie tied (he vopc to a fence, climbed on a chair and -worked out another of liis special knots—around his neck. His parents planned to bury Otho today. They found him hanged from the fence. The coroner said it was an accident. WASHINGTON. Sept. IG. President Trunwn is expected to swear in James Forrestnl as Hi? nation's first secretary of defense next Monday. According to the law passed by Congress just before it recessed, unification was to become effective the day ailer the Defense .secretary took the oath of office or GO days after signing of the law in any event. The deadline date is Sept. 24 and the President's South American trip delayed original plans for ceremonies which \vero tentatively scheduled, for today. The President is due hack, from bis Rio trip on Saturday — .Sept. 2u — but is expected to -'aait until Monday for the bwearlng-in ceremonies. After Forrcslal is sworn in as secretary of defense, his three top assistants will have to take their oaths of office. They fire John L,. .uIHvan, who will become secrelnry of Nnvy. Kenneth C- RoyaH, whose title will be changed from secretary of War to secretary of Army, and W. Stuart Symington will he made secretary of the Air Force. LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. Rent. Hi.— UP)—More than G50 Arkmis.i farm '.vomcn wore expelled to pat ticipalc in the )9lh annual mctuini, of the Arkansas Council of llonn Demonstration Clubs which j<ot utv derway today in Littlo Kock. Tlic principal spt'iilvor on tin first dn.y of a two clay program wa to be M. L. Dougherty, L,itUe Hock insurance man, discussing Arkan- sa.s' new health and lio-spitab/aiiou plan. Alteiuiing from North Mississippi County is 'Mrs. George I3uiu,h. pre-s- kient of the North Mis.sissii)])i Couu- ly Home Dcmon.slraticn Council. Theft Victims Recover Items Purchased by Youth Who Stole Cattle Daughter of Arkansas' First Governor Dies WALNUT HILL, Ark., Sept. 10.— (UP) Funera] services were held hero today for Mrs. Franres Brad- Icy Sevier Dooley, 84-year-old granddaughter of Arkansas' first governor. .Fames Sevier Con way. She died at the home of a daughter in Henton, La.. Monday following a long ill- i ness. LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sejil. lf>. (UP> — Although J. C- Staml- rklgc, 18. of Humphrey. \-< still nt 1 a rgo. inucn. of tliu loot \\ I \w\i he took from Arkansas farmer:; JR being returned. Stand ridge is .still bcMnj; souiilu j . by .slate itncl county officers. H.M escaped from the Van Burcn County jnil nt Glintoti last week. \V)HMI ho had been sentenced to five yeir.s Tor cattle theft. The articles which Stanch- it i'^c purchased with.the profits-from the sale of (he cat do were turned ovo.- to a receiver yesterday by PuUskt Chancery Court for distrimitiuM. UN Assembly Continued from l'.isc 1. irKUM'/c iH'ut'o or huslru war. "The munu'iit is t rui-lal." The* assembly opened with the United SUUOR uml the SovtH Union pirrmi'cd to continue on plat- lorms their nil-out diplomatic \ and iheir battle lor leadership of the world's people. Secretary of StiUo Gcor^ O. iM:\r.shLill. personally )e:ullni>. the U- S. clele^nllon. will try lo con.solldnio world, public opinion Soviet tuclk-s \vlthin the UN'—tuctics which the U. S. luis branded us tleliberiili'lv obstructionist. Without inetnionlriK tlie rilulo- iiutiic buttle. Aninhri ndmlitod tluiL present conflicts between nnUoiis were ncriluusly to war. llul lie pleaded ior I he IKC ol enson and pronioUon ol undcr- "We ail There ^ •' .innle roud to peace. The task is rlear and Irrefutable. 'The world that Is present her-: ran become divided only throng" aek nl »Liidorst:u\d;hi* mnnng tuen, lirouj'.h the inis(;ovem)ucnL of pco- )k's, or (Lu'ouuli failure on our part .o meet world expect nt ions." Anuiha was pessimistic about UvJ immediate future, predicting ihut lie nexi 10 years will be n period of :loubts and insecurity - 1111 inevllublc afteriuath of the world's ureiUest war. But he- asserted that it. wa.s for jasi sui'li tusks that the UN was created. "It is nol rnoii^h to b;in thr: liumbs ;iiul nn\ius of mass rir- st r ucli on, \Vc must corulrmn nol only the arms but the very ihi»in;]U of i\:ir. . . . "The ndvenl of rca.son will ^>o that of peace; it ciui never be based on force but on iclcn.s, since Ideas have lie en res]xmsiblc for the use of arms, ..." A rani id's speech foreshadowed the bitter debates to come between the U.S. and the USSR with both trying to outmnnem'cr the other. Intensify rather than case the Ensl versus West spiU. Some feared it may hits- ten formal recognition of two worlds instead of the hop^tl-for one. The Ursl Ensl-Wes*. row will come this afternoon with election of the tissemtly's ol fleers. ! l'icry Austrnlinn Porei«n MlnLstct 1 Hnberl V. EvuH, Imidcst and most veliemcnl opponent of the Bir; Five velu power antl of Russia's diplomatic tactics, ap|>et\rs to have the ncrcssary vote:> including that of the U. £>.. for thr assembly pvcsi- deney.'But he won't ;> f ct a vote from the Soviet bloc which Ls futilely irvinu to push Polish Foreign Minister Zygunt Moiizelcwski, 'I he best I he Hxissians can even vice prCAldtnU aiuV six main omniittes chalrman.slup.s. The renl fire works will start omorrow when Secret nr>* of State Georse C. Mar^liaU. jwrsonully lend- llio U. S. deU^iUion, will deliver jiinjor ilsliey address, selling forth his uHinlry's objectives. Murchnll will try to Rrab the initiative and continue tn keep Use lUis- ?lans on the defenslvt. Marshall is exacted to die U, S. policy on must of tbe major Ksucs the nfi.snnbly. Thn thrift are only ubout a dozen hcud- iiuis to more tlui.i 70 items, bm liners, even ihouxh tlu-y viLluull> blunki-t the world. Mtti-KhaU decided to throw his IMT.SOHAI ])rcstlRc into this nssnnbl\ meeting because ho was convince' hat the U, o. and Ihr Soviet Union i' r.'.'ar u diploma! Ic :<how(lu\vn. Tlie iiieelhigs will I'.ivo MuisluiH cliunrc to Irs: out ills new "con- alnuunt" policy which WHS evolved jy hi.s ue\v lonj;-]'aut;o policy planner. CJcornc I- 1 . Komian, lot 1 usr lnst the Umisilans, A innJDt 1 tenet of that policy us to keop the initiative. The assembly I'Isn will be u pi'ellminary ti'.stinj; utoumls for UK- critical Illy l-'our rcunicU ol l-'oi'oir.n Ministers mrclinn planned for I/)n- <lon In Novnubt'r. That Is where Mnr.sluill I'Xpi'cts :t slxiwdowir In his view ellhn' Ihti llnssHuis nm:.l I'haii^L 1 llu'ir policy in G; i nna,uy or else the U. S. will list- nil ol UK rnei'tiy to no! tlir Mi'lt^li and rivn<-ji to pnx'i'rd to bulltl iij> Western Ger many as a .separate nation, representation among the CUKIOUS COIFFUIIES Men o; the Skilluk tribe, of Af- I rica, spend years in Uaimn» their Read Courier News Want Ads ii 1 to "row into curious ha L-like shapes. They take great pride in their coiffures. Save a Little— Have Much! Life insurance is a fortune . . .' anil whether n policy is modest of .small, everybody buys It on the installment plan. E. H. (Eddie) Ford Lynch Building I'honc.s Hus. 2811 Ilr.s. .llftf 502 I.umcniti! St. Blythcvlllc General American Life Ins. Co. THE BEST-LOOKING TABLE IN TOWN! FARM SALE By Security Forms, Inc. In Cooperation with the United States of America '24.62 acres, subject to Elk Clinic; Ditch ri»hl-of-way, located approxi in airly live miles rust of CaruLhersville, Missouri. This land is partly cleared, some cotton planted. .Scaled V)itis in duplicate, on prescribed forms, v.'ill be received in the office of B. M. Morton, Area Chief, Administrative Services Division. 025 K. Walnut Street. Indianapolis, Indiana, until October t>. 1917- and thru publicly opened. For further, information and proper bid forms see Charles 11. Brock. County Supervisor."Farmers. Home Administration, Courthouse Iluiklin", KenncH. Missouri. FARM ( LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. J. IONG TERM PROMPT CLOSING LOW RATE CM. i., \vurn-: OR sr* RAY WORTHINGTON 11. "i S. Third S(.. ISIjl'icvillc, Ark. ScrviiiK This Section 25 Years Authorized Mortgage 7.ORI7 Solicitor lor T11K PRUDENTIAL INSfRASCF. COMPAMT OF AMF.RTCA -SALE- FARM LAND and FINE BUSINESS SITES Just North of City Limits on Highway 61. Desirable tracts for Subdividing. Also have M A, Chulcr Kurnilanil, ultli imp*•iivrinmls, ailjuin- IIU rllj- limits on Kusl Mlilr IHiMu.i Slrcrl. Full Infm mat ion Write Owner, Kl) KO(il01tS. Situ Antonio. 'iVxus 1521. Aliiiuo Null. YOU WOMEN WHO SUFFER HOT FLASHESthen FEEL CHILLY- Here's Good News! rf you bclworii tlio ngofi of 3ft *il(! :)tiul 'inliUIU'-liK'e 1 lici lot! pt'(<) wniuon/ Doci ttilrt iiinho iLiti'r ftont hot ilit»lu-B, led y, sit nrrrtinx. Irrltultlf. Wi-uk? Jin try \.yti\n K. Plnkhniti'A !)](] (O rfllCVl! 6'lCll Iddtc-uno' vvuiaoil ' '<mi|ionml rrKXitiir- M \ip rcriiatunco •I'SM, Coiiipuinul coiUnhis no i-y Miiny vvlbo liikc I'lnhlnim ly I" hd|> bi iii:;i1iist Uils nature (you know what i»ft menu!). Thin Krem medicine nlfto 1m* whnt Doctors call a *U«nachlc ionic Direct. NUIV.i Or -v>v, m> 7 ,.rt" l.YBIA K. M S Lydia E. Pinkham's VEGETABLE COMPOUND MINNIE LEE JONES MUSIC STUDIO Toucher of PIANO THEORY — HARMONY Special Classes for Pre-School Children and Beginners S(I7 (.'hii'kii.suwlm I'hone CAM. PATTEPNS ».' ADIi IN THE U.S.A.) Q v j HOLMES & EDWARDS STTRLIXC INLAID StlVIRFLATE 'I licic l>!ocks syml)oli7C silvcrplatc l)C;nily that I;i5ts longer. May we .loll you ;ilxiut il? The 5J-piccc Service for tight (illustrated) cosls only $(18.50 complete in llie bcuuli- ful client (no federal lax). im PITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING BBl ROADS Important Notice to Ihe Public ON BUTTONS ... AND DRY CLEANING Because of the recent increase in the number of dresses requiring button removal during the clean- ing process, we have found it necessary to hire addi- tional help to care for this time consuming need. The cost of this additional operating expense forces us to charge 25# for every garment with over two buttons for removal. This charge does not, of course, affect clothing with buttons that withstand dry cleaning. ille Ldy.-Cleaners Terms—Ot No Extra Cost! DRtlFUS 3IB \\F5T \\\\\ ST. S.J.COHEN Contracto City Cleaners Peerless Cleaners Hudson Cleaner C. & W. Cleaners Nu-Wa. Ldy.-Cleaners Boone Cleaners Parks Cleaners

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