The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1948
Page 9
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FEBRUARY go, 1948 BT/TTHEVTLLB (ARKJ OOURTEH Publi»h»d Every Friday In th« Interest of Farm Familiw of Thii Agricultural Section. FARM NEW S-FEA7 IRES iron For B*tt«r F*mta| FMtur*d For ThU Spring Planting Oats We liiivs SpriiiK Oats, Alfalfa, 1'nslurc Mixtures and lA'spcdo/a. Lawn Mixtures For All Kinds Field Seed, Come to See I's- Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main St. 856 K1 ' BUY high quality economical CONCRETE denied READY-MIXED To Fanner^ We can supply Ready-Mixed Concrete for any kind of job—foundations, sanitary dairy barn floors, feeding floors, to pave a muddy barnyard or other farm improvements. Prompt, quick delivery exactly where and when, needed. ^ Our Ready-Mixed Concrete is uniformly dense, endur- ~ ing and strong—as you expect of good concrete. The "mix" is right for the use intended . . . accurately proportioned at our central plant. Even a small job gets the benefit of large volume production. Concrete is the modem way to build firesaie, long- lasting improvements, moderate in first cost and requiring almost no' maintenance. It is truly low annual cost Construction. If you need help we can put you in touch with competent contractors. Hughes & Company CONTRACTORS 10(h * Railroad Sis. Phone 3531 : uture of Cotton .ies in Research Mississippi Business Expert Urges South To Launch Big Program iome Shoves Cheaper UNIVKRSITY, Miss,. Feb. 'M — rhe future of cotton will rise or (all M relation to the effectiveness of Is research pvofirnni, ncrnrdliiR to n article by Di. M. K. Home, Jr. n the February Issue of the Hnsl- Bulletin, now iH'hlg distributed jy tltc Bureau of Ilusiuess He.sonreli t Hie University of Mississippi. "Unless cotton sets n research which is bie enough nnd ffcrtlve enoiiRh In meet Hint clial- encc (of competitive fibers), we •an expect stnKKcrlng losses for Hie cotton farmer m the years ahead," Dr. Home said. On the other hand, he predicted hat "if cotton Rds adequate research, supported by adequate developmental woik and merchiuuilsini; >rugifinis. thc]-e is no cause for defeatism but i;ootl cause for optimism •ibnut Hie competitive position of this liber." Now hcnd of the nci>nr(nien(. of Economics at Ole Miss., Dr. Home presented the material in this article last .Inly In Washington to the Spec inl Subcommittee on Cotton ol the Committee on Agriculture of the House of Rcpresenlatives. At thnl tiijin he was sorvlnt as director of tllizfUion research for the Nationa Cotton Council. Based on an extensive two-year study of Ihe United States demand for cotton. Dr. Home's report forecast an increase in consumption <rl 1.084,01)0 bales In major "end-use markets" for I9:ifi over Hint). "Separate studies of each market conducted by well Qualified experts in tbclr respective fields." produced this conclusion which Dr. Homo broke down for 73 major items. Showing the greatest, expected loss, tire cord was expected to drop from 610.000 bales in 19:ig t n 81.000 In 1050. while plastic laminates can see a prospoclive. increase from 10.000 to HG.OOO bales. Dr. Horn? listed three forces as causing Ihe overall increase feu 1950: cotton's superiority in essential CiUalttief such as launrierability and fittrabili v: the growth of national pOEmlat'oM; and "ft substantial improvement in General business conditions for 1950 as compared with Farmers in Corn Stares Ponder Whether to Sell Their Fat Stock >v,&» -, r "•• v > . . . Hut most o( Ibr jmrkcrs stuvnl home, leavin, row upon row eiiiptj pen* In storkyariln, l||<r (Ms, our In Kanva kept eallh- au.l h.u;K nfl Ibr market In em] their imsrdirc. Fly C. W. I'll.v, ol tanners nvrslnrk ]irle« wonlil 1947 Hybrid Corn Reported Released By University FAYFMTEVIIJJC. Ark.. KVh. JO.— A rrport on Ihn IMU||» n( th« 1941 hybrid corn tt.sU conriiictrri »t «U Mr«(loru In Aikmuns by th* A«il- llu-sl Kxprrlmrnl. SUllmi |, n » Jlisl lircn rdraM'cl by Ilia Unh'rr- Mty or Aikansai. H WM pri-pni-fd by Hen )•>. McOullimi, n.vhlnnl »«roiioii)l*i wlilt (!!»• «l«llon, «-ho was In charge of tin work. 'Ilie Icsls WM -(. rniiiliicloi) «t Dm ninln ulnllon M F'aynKrvlllr. llw four branch txprrlnma st«llon« In l.ff, Alkfm.TK.s, Hoinjulejtil, anil In- <l<'l*iirtrnri> I'oimllrs. nnd lh» suli- stnl1nn In OrUlcndrn Oonnly. 'nirv show Illnl corn hybrltU [K>| form ilHftifiilly unrtrr dldcrrnl c-ontll- llujis ami (|I«B« wlilch am best In mte locality may HIM do MI well •'Isrwhm-. Thus It Li very liniioiliuit UlHl fnrmcr.s M-lm a hybrid whli'h will do well In Ihcir imvl ol I he slate, Mr. JSIfCullllm iwllil.i out. T\v<i m> w IciUmrs at nils yeiu'.i M'linrt »!•(. K.Mictvl n'commmrtiv- tlon.s u.i <« (lip lijbrlit.i ivlildi will pi'rtunu |jr*( on upland uiul bottom bind Mill... Him a Ksliii K ol nil In- rtj \vhtch liHVft been i<i)pi<iv<'[1 f"r use in Aiknn-m* on Hi,. IHIMK Mvo or nun'e yciit.s of le.sttUK- opli'.t of Ihe reiHirt. "19-n Av- knm:i.i Corn Yield" ran I* oblnliiPri from county extension o[- tlcrs m [rom Hip Ilnllrdn Ofric-e. Unlvei'sJly of Arknittsi.t College ol Agriculture, Fnyotlcvlllp. ner I'nrklns Co, vlce-pre.sident who's been In the business slni'o he vvtis M, nr c belling on the same Side as the .stubborn producers, lie's buying, nnd thcrMjimls of 'Is storage Should cotton lose its quality ad- XliA Special Cnrresiionilriil MUrVCIK. Intl. iNKAl—To sell or not to sell? This is the problem now pii/.- /ling thousands ot Midwest, corn and livestock fanners, and they nnd curing' rooms cam help liettinR thousands rT riolliu-s on their decision. You do or you don't, and clthe may cost money. Kmply stnck [x'ns in easlern Indiana livestock collect- point testified lo the fact Hint "We are loaded with meal linughl at peak prices and we'll have to take !:!|j losses. "Hnrlmryrr wild. "Hut that's part nf (he business Ibis bis] and w> are taking onr gamble along with those who produce the livestock." farmers In this—one of the richest U.S.A livestock areas—are betting on their bogs and cattle against a market thnl has crumpled under them. They re hanging on. convinced that basic shortages will rctum prices to snmcthini; nearer what they think is normal. And eastern Indians la a good sample ot what's happening all over the corn and livestock belt. ff Jo c Blakely. Delaware Conn- . hold 'on, hoping for" lllogo wisher" ly farmer. U betting wrong by | when the market goes down, they'll holding ion powers at. »23 a him- hang on. «wrarlng It can't go much drcd pounds, he will lose form $150, loiver and Ls bound to rise. Me, to SHOD every time the market goes : i -m spiling." clown one point. This could wipe •' Most farmers make Ihelr decision out profits for tile whole past-wnr l, n . srll u pon |, ( | v ice of form service GRIFFIN SELF-POLISHING LIQUID WAX for quick and fa»y shines IUCK mom TAN ILUE oxiiooo BABY CHICK TIMB • IUY fARLY • BUY THI BIST A. CompUU MM «f Political Announcements The Courier Ncwi has bee., authorized to announce, the fnl>ow- lii|! candidates, subject to tin KCLicinl city election, April 8: I'Oll AI.DKKMAN (Second Wnrrt) .7. I,. (,]orite> Naljeri This Is a time u'hen basic philosophy and psychology oi the Individual fanner has a lot to do Nvilli ilKniis. There's mi old corn- conntrv adage: "When > hog Is ready to sell, SEl.lj." f'nrmrri on | Ibis side of Ihe fence maintain thnl | while the farmer walls In doubl. the hog continues to eat. "On a rising market," one ol (hem said, "the- stubborn fellows i and he knows It. () iU(ILs, (arm m.-ignzlnci, and coim- BuL eastern Indiana ami western : ty agents, allhougli Ihe latter are livestock men bavp been holtl- chary of ' saying anything. Indlvl- 55 - ' dual decisions are basrd largely 225-300 upon Individual circumstances •— . K ainma So1 " 1 ' ffll[I1(lls 'JOHN DEERE DEALER to PlAY HOS1 TO FARMERS and THEIR FAMILIES vantage* owr other product*, "It intl * tio » " erloc1 ' will have to have, offsetting price reductions in order tn remain com- f petitively strong," HIP economist i continued. A .strong research uro-i , i , i. L - grnm becomes mandaforv tf cotton ' p0l]nri 10B ' S whlch bnn K lowcr prl-, \veipht of Ihp animals, rnmWlon, | * " > cc'.s am) have diopiiert more Iban nv:\ilabllily and price of frrd, elr. tlie others, but arc regarded as ex- AccorftiiiK In (nun servlCf exprrt.s, pensive caters whfch won't put r>n these decisions over n Innp tlmn much more weight Many of these perlac] nre what roaly count, A RCKK) pc i llrr,'5 nre liolriinx back thplr bet- ' farmer wlin opera IPS his land inter a Hi mn Is, tolllponlly caii make nmnry rve.n Curiously enough, some slock on * long riownhlll stratflh. they huycj-5 liko John Harlrncypr, Kuh- i cl.ifrn. DOCTOR JiM'sfomng Stuart twin, is Feature Picture in big John Deere Day Program COMING TO THE ROXY THEATRE Next Wednesday, February 25th GET TICKETS FROM US! MISSCO IMPLEMENT & HARDWARE CO. West Walnut St. Arkansas State College Gets Registered Gift JONESBOno, Ark.. Fob. 20 — The Arkansas State Collie IV- purtmrnt ol AKricilHlU'C wn.s Rivrll n further boost in tlip development of Us Ih-c.stock herds wlit-n •••DcHglHflil Jiffs II" a rrgislrrecl SjMitU'ri Polanci China ?ilt. was presented In the College b} 1 Mi.« Cbarolyu Rnkcr. co-oilier (it Lhe Jonesboro Delta Steel Dulldlni; Com pa ny. MI.-V.S Baker purchased the cllt. al- the annual Spriup sale at Cntrnn. Mo., from Ihe herd ol H>r Uolta Realty Company ot Kermett. Mo. on Fa}), ft. and .-ilie i^rosentrd Ihe prize sow to the college In Jnnes- boi-o. The presentation was mafic lu be- rult of the Jonesbnro Deltn Strel Huilding Company as its contribution to the movement to as-Mst Arkansas state College In building up its registered live-stock herds. Tilts ^ movement wa.s irmusuii ated by bus- ine.v n^en of Northeast Arkansa.s a few weeks ago, led by the Jonrs- boro chamber of Commerce. The movement has been gaining momentum ever since, us indicated by fiifU that have come to the College rerrntly. Census Figures Show Negroes Leaving South i WASHINGTON, Feb. 20 (UP) The bureau ot the Census reported figure. 1 ; tndny shou'lMK R ]»!(,• rnt- ; ion of NcRroes Erom Ihe South to ; other areas of the country. j The number of no n-white hoi is e- 1 holtls on Southern farms the bureau .inkl, had dccrcR5e:J by About '• per cent In 194T cornpaiTd with lf)40. Bly(hev»le, Ark. MALONE Plaster and Stucco \* not to he forced to reduce It-i com- ! petlilve price, hft said. 1 Phone 2029 "NOMMTERHOWWE AUUi,HGE THE FURNITURE. 1 STILL FEEL SOMETHING. IS UACKIN&." ' ' B«n'f ov«r 4 yeur wlrlns iyit«m. Wh.T. y«» *rnli* pr*vld. ADIQUATI W1*IN». Ark-Mo Power Co. Rugs Cleaned Wn clrnu nny type rug with itimr- nntcert corrrctncnn. Your fo snfr here. We li»v« » «])fcl«HM nt work »lwny». Illjaiirvllle'i onl^ cinniilrln niu c]fnner«. PEERLESS CLEANERS IMion. 24.U T I SMALL SMARV IF VOU DONT spewo TOO rcviNti TO Keep IT A / "Tli*r«'» no tffrr.U about OUR prli-r-tjtgc In th« 0|irn for >'ciu t« nr#, And lhal'i whj our himinro nev- •r Iff*, t Thunk. tn TRADIMO FOST >>«rit«ln-»ronnnijl* PHOHI an »io WIST ASH I Lewis Poultry 41* K- Main Pknti* I4» For fUrvl(« On TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINIS Can 1511 JAMES STANDRIDGE Norris Print Ing Co. Delinted Cotton Seed (Actual Six*) STATE OER'I'IhTKD CHEMICALLY UELINTED COTTOM SEED cost lew to plunt. Th«»« pure all «cd urt treated and tree from all wed bonw dlM».wi. Quicker Kcrmliintlon, plant and plow thi! immi w«k. Rcduc* clioiiiilnif tixpeiue. Um any b«ftn, corn or pea [ilanter. STATE CERTIFIED VARtl TIES packed In attractt»« M 1*. bans. Come hi and book your requirement* today, w< fiu hold untU pUntlni tlmt. BLYTHIVILLI $OYBIAN CORP. M*, Ark. Kmnrhmi Lcnchville, Ark., Cmrdwelt, Hornersvlll. A 8«n«th, Mo. CHICK SUPPLIES YOU CAN COUNT ON W* inrit» you to make our' star* h*adquart«rs lot yoyr chiclci and poultry n»eds. W« «p«cialix« in QUALITY' »uppli«* oi iaii price*. J AMERICA'S FAVORITE FEED FOR AND SUPPLEMENT GRAIN pitk PURINA HOG CHOW Grows hogs fa«t. Cuts eorn r*quir«- rn«nl In two, SOTM you mon»y. •You'r* money ah*od wh«n your chick* live and grow — la* I. That's why It to CHICK STARTENA HENS LAZY? H*]p p«p th«m up with t h • famous all-purpoM app«tix*r... SNIP MORE MILK feed voir cilvis CALF STARTENA Eacfc bay SQTCS lour cam (StO Ibi.) .( .{Ik and <«•«• iar L K. Ashcraft

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