The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 15, 1947
Page 6
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^AGBTEN I)IA'TIIKVII,U5 (AHK.) COUHIKIl NKWS MON1MV, SKITKMUKK Science Seeks Vaccine Against Common Colds NEW YORK, Sept. '15. (UP)— A possible vaccine against Um common cold was report pj locia.v by f.vo Texas scieiitlsUi who used state farm volunteers ns "experimental ani- Flame Th'rower Helps Harvest Potatoes '%,,..,. The scientists, Urs. -Morris Pollard arid Cpleman D. Caplovitz, of ihi; University of Te.xns Medical Branch, Galvestoii, Tex., prepared lite vaccine in incubating chick embryos and also treated it with penicillin. Reporting in Science, official maf.-- azine of tho American Association for the Advancement of Science, Drs. Pollard and Capiovitz suict that those inoculated with tlic vaccine failed to develop symptoms of tl-.i; common cold — even \vhcn administered challenging dosages ol » solution containing the cold virus, The volunteers were from the Sugarland state farm, whose official staff'also coopeiatecl in the study. vPet Crow Does Nearly Everything—Except Talk OYSTER BAY. N. Y., I UP) — Mrs. Neil Walling hopes one day to teach her pet crow, Blackic, to talk. So far, he has made but little progress but he has become one of the best known residents of Oyster Bay. When he's not rinding as an animated radiator cap on the hood of the family car. he's escorting people down the street to work, flitting from windowsills, cawing the neighbors to wakcfulness. pull- Ing a cat's tall, or scrounging toys. Blackies was kept in a cni>e until JI;ii'vcslii)K of potatoes by a "scorched tvirlh" method is In progress nt Clcarwatcr Lake, Wis. l-'amicrs u?e llame throwers to kill the pol;slo vines, rnul allow the skins of the potatoes to "set. 1 * The heat treatment prevents bmisinu and skinning when the spuds are rluj; yncl h;mcllud. n worker lijjhts one of the ll;ime jets on v/li;it is tictuiilly a wctxl burner. I he was strong enough to fly. Ut ! beans;, tin-ad quickly made- friends with Mrs. j nine-tie leiirnccl to s-iv »>mr- Wr.Uing's otlioi pets, Hebe, Tootsic tlilnu which Mrs. WalllDK .says intiv and Kitty, the cats, nntl Tctlrty and | M . ".\i;i." but it is. of course, a Prince, the dons. Now, he cats from I sound pretty close to his cav.-. Mrs. the .same (ILsh a.s the rest, and I Wallim; kcc'ps lryin<; tu teach linn, includes meat, potatoes, stiin;; however.' and milk, in his chel. | An army \vovm has 'oecn V:no\vn lo cn;.ss all 8'1-acro lield, a tri]> of one-fourth mile, in junl 24 hours. l.s ami plan', pes:s oo np- trly S7.COO.LOfl.OCO of annual to American agriculture. q-i5 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL .. - OFFICE-r^— NQRTH \TI5!tlT« Phone 3151 I '•&';* GATEWOOD GROCERY j Phone 9751 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch "Sis has a new boy friend—hear that phony laugh and perfect grammar?" ;^.^- PKECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO53ER Filthv With II j,< ,;.*-. XXV I TOY night, the rain bod drifted - »way, and a moon ns big ns a .fecldon melon pulled itself up into the castcni'sky, beamed down upon the campus, the river, and 'such twosomes ns were forUtnnlc enough to be able to hold hands under its silvery smile. ! ;For their twosing, Mnrlin Glenn and Susan Perry chose the slonc stairway which rose from the deep green pool of the abandoned quarry to the quadrangle of the Law Commons. There were rock benches here, secluded, mid not too uncomfortable. The view across the river and the East Campus was an enchanting one. Susan was not m uniform, but she had brought her blue cape plbng, and Martin folded it about her shoulders ngainst the eve- fling's chill. She snuggled close williin his arm, and he laid his " check ngainsl the soft sheen of ftcr hair. Behind them, in the . dormitory, a radio played, and a man's voice rose in exquisite - beauty: j"-."Beautiful dreamer, awahc , ', now to me—" !Susan looked up -into Martin's face and smiled; he bent his head to; kiss her lips. "Susie," he said deeply; she could'feel the vibration of. his voice against her check. ( 'If I were to go away, would you go with me?" "You wouldn't do that," she murmured. She felt him stiftcn, as U he braced himself. *'I think I am going to do just thatj Susie," he said gravely. . She lifted her head, tried lo search his face, "Really?" "Yes. 1 think—1 must. There Is a chance to get into research lull-lime t at New York's medical center and 1 am going lo take it." *'I Know you've wauled to—" ihc said in a troubled tone. Ye*. IVi Doc today." wanted to. I told in her breath, he had hurt •-|"kll!" STic drcv; sharply j a.s it .ier, "What's the maUcr?" Martin nskcd quickly. She sat away from him a little, put her hands to her hair. "Jl's just—you picked a bad lime, for Dr, Malcolm. Poor thins, 1 knew something had upset him," She smiled rue fully. "1 guess it several .^ornclbinr^." "1 hiid to toll him, Susan—and he really took it very well, menu, he didn't object—" "OC course be didn't. H wouldn't. He'd be- the lost, one to lie your hands. 1 ' "Or to remind me how much owe him/' .said Martin bitterly. "It's not fnir to speak so! You brother h;is never considered the existence ni' any debt botweci you. I'm sure of thai." Martin's brown shoo scrubbed the rock dust under I us feel, "I told him, Susie, that I felt I had to break a\vay from him to—to secure my o\vn identity—ns a doctor." Susan gasped. *'Mart in Glcivi! You didn't say such ;i thing!" He looked down at his hands which swuns/looscly clasped, between bis knees. "I feel that way," he said to Sus;m. "liven if you do—it';; nonsense, of course—but even u you uo have any such nnlion --it \vas enough to I ell Malcolm that you wanted lo RO into research. You didn't need to hui I him - O!i, Martin, I could kill you! He has so much lo contend with, your accusnlum, Jerry w;ss in Inday, and I'm sure !ufs thinking of giving up mcdifhvj— And then —" She paused to rhoo^c words. "Then Dr. Cllcmi i:; bothered about the new Orthopedic Surgeon.'* "I!c luis a friend he'd like lo see laced." "Yes, but there is a move on In .ct romeono ch;o—nnr!— Can't you cc p , Martin? All tli;il comes on im, ;md \vh;il can he do? He ;m'L loll Jerry he ha:; to continue n mt'iliciuo. lie can't lei! you I'nnL ave lo stny here :nul help liin. He can't (U{hl loo hard for s IVI end's appointment a^a'iiMt man whn inJjthl be belter. An- her man mijiht fljjhl those Jugs, but Dr, MnU-uhn is an fair, ]ionc. s ;t, so—-: o decent! And a leccnl ni;:n is the mo:-L defense- .t'3s tieaturc ou etivtUt Oh, I could just cry- You needn't have piled it on him, too." " * * * ••••!.- 'jliTAin'lN looked miscvablo. "I ~ didn't ];no\\ r it, was a bad clay, Susie," he pleaded. "Ilul the i)i- rcclors* moL'tin.i^ is tomorrow— jnd I nncl to tell him Hint 1 meant to resign, mil ^priuy it on him publicly. He—1 tell yon, he; took it very wcil. Oh, l\r was politely rcj-rolfuU yakl he'd miss me, and nil Hint —but hiii main concern really v."is whether you'd u° with n\c." She lookt\i up, iic/r bi;; eves dark. "What did you loll him?' 1 Martin touched her r.rm. "I (old him 1 tionccl ynsi \v<vjUI. Oil, Susan. I do want you to jju witii inc. Marry me, nncl Mny with nie, \Von't you? Please, Susie? 1 ' But she \vns Blinking her licnd ~ru:\\ side lo j;kic. ' li l can'l, Martin. I couldn't leave Or. M;\lcohu nnv: —not wlicn he h:-,:; so ninny other troubles You must SCL thul 1 can't." •tin stood up, as if lo summon all his .'-Irensth. "I know just one IhiiiK," he ^aid roiiRhly. •'You'd j»n wilii me if you loved inc. You'd choose to help me instead of Malcolm, it it was me you loved." She : -tared nt the tall man, ier cape about her $ is if she were chilled. Had ?\v \Vo<uh'.;,rd IIP re:illy in love; with Mal- CIIciMi? \V;is Hi sit wliy j-he •V consider V.;ivln\'s svii 1 ,- f. r c^li'tn? Hid :;hc lovr Malcolm? Did :he? Oh, dear Clod, then here really \var; trtiuble 1 . (To lie Continued) '"':!"•»•' Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20J3 10-1-1 Chickiisawba •tARD HELPED SELL &-O-&OS, THESET ELECTRIFIED TiES'ARE GONG- BIG- IW SHAOVSIDE: AND HIS COMMISSION HAS put HIM IN THE" MONEV ' INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete L'rolection 9 Accident & Health Ilospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glaas • Tornado • Surety Be "ads • Aviation CUT . VCOOM ACI7 DONT FORGET, WE KNEW YOU WHEN/ ALOMS AN'Q PLAY/ L HAVE TO 5E5 BAMKTER ABOUT OPENING A FFAV I 5i Pt. Pt. Hh • • 7 Crown T.35 2.65 ^.15 '• I Culver* 1.35 2.65 4.15 • : Schenley 1.35 2.65 4.'(5 • I Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 • j Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 I I Old Taylor 4.35 5.90 : . Four Roses 2.85 4.50 2 15% Beer per Case $2.88 j JGAS, reo 17.5c; Eihyl 19.5-.J :AM BrandsCigarets, ctn. $1.351 u A ____ "t* JLl Sales — -Shidebaker — Service He;ul<iiiarlers for Guaranteed New and Used Cars and Trucks 13:7 Nov.- Int. i.i;. (,,i, simrl \VIiccI Ilusc ia-17 New Foul :•'. ton Lous Wln-cl Rusi: !l) *' New Intrniiiliuiiiil Hi Ion Lout' Wheel liase IS Hi Doilsc !i ton I'ii-kni) IOIG Chevrolet '.'• ton I'kkup 19 1C CMC !i Ion I'itliUI) 1!)11 Clicviolct '•';', lull 1!HI Chevrolet !i ton rirkun 1910 Intcrnnlioniil I ton I.'IIT New Ford "8" Coupe 19 1'i N'ash 2-Door Kill riyinnulh 2-))oor 1311 titinl[-h:i!<er !-l)onr IG3!) IK'Soto 4-Dnur Heclltn B A K E R STUDEBAKERg WASH TUBES I'ichire PEMEM3ER, THAT1SM2. MACK '5XAeLO_o*Jr MY iTU£>t~MTS ji\ -r clF,\ HEMU5THAVE BEEMCOHFUSEi IESS PICTURES O AMD NOT THE ONES HE C WE! ' ANNA! AMP LVHM 15 THIS SNEAKING FURTIVELY YOUR STUDIO EX-STU?i?WT, VVALHUSKI...T CAM'T EVEN RISK COWMM6 THc THINfi'5 COME LIRAWP I'M BET(JB.«or-J& THESE PHOTOS/ gL)T ANYWAY, 1 HAUE PECIPE1 A STUDEH f BALLET' - v W occ'oa- l UAH • CONTROL MYS ftHHft? BUT 1 DO NOT THAT MORE JEALOUSIES; FOR ONE Or HIS PKOPOKT10NS HE SHO',\J MUiH TAUEMT5! Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Omrlcs O. Blttner-W. M. (Bill) Wilson ^^••rffZt.ZSI-f-t By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OuK)ur Way EGAD.3/XSOM.' VODULD -L COLSLD DISCL05S T. SEES SWITCHED OM.MlSTA^-V ;.'. IF IT DIDM'T GET ME TOO-- FCOLIMG TO SEE WHAT I CAM MAKE WITH fHIS OTH.EK HALF OF- MELOM RIMP. CS' TO CXTCW A. TA5B> T.^BS^, — CLL5TCHAT IT SL>3COsl5CiOL)t>, B'JT QUICK GOT - F AW SL5S- COhiSClOUS AMMD.' KDfiAK MARTIN ItAl.rH T.ANE 8was late getting to the office, so I dropped in on Libby Lang to had any HE HA51BAYERSED JUNGLES, sivu,s\ RIVER; AVD KAIEO M3U!(TWH5 TO DEUVER A LEtlER DELIVER 11115 POISONMIY TO A\S. FLIliT. THE V.4H5.''Y5- ASO POISOHALIY ~ 15 ' CAM I 5E£ YOU COMfiOENTlAL A MiN'JFE. MR.HINT? ALONE? f\CTUF\U_V PROf \T '. TftftT CUDV-TbN UP IMO GOOD ' VIC.WiOAllTHE HE HAS SUBS!£TEO (XCLU51VELY

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