Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 19, 1895 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1895
Page 6
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KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement anc Sends to personal enjoyment when aghtly used. The mauy, \vno Jn-e better than others and enjoy life mor c , wiU; lees expenditure, *>7 mors P™ 1 "? 11 ^ adapting the world's best products t« the neft(?H of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in tu-' remedy, Syrup oi Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the t'orrc most acceptable and pleas ant to the taste, the rel'rosliingand tni,i beneficial properties of a perfect lav ative; cliuctii.illy cleansing the system dispelling <-"^> headaches and feyci> and permancntlv curing constipation. It hai civen salisfuccion to millions anu met -/ith "the approval of the medic;: profession, because it acta on the Kw oeys, Liver and Bowls wit.hout wea.:- oning tuom nr.d H is perfectly tree; froir every objectionable substance. _ Syrup of Fijrn i« for sale by an dni<: «j»ts m 50c and'Sl bottfw, but it is man afactureri by Hit- California Fig byrii[. yo.onlv, whui-e name is printed on ever)package, also the name, Syrup of A' i#> and beini* w?ll informed, you will «>•• uV substitute tf 1 GALENPAR ADc'sk Calendar i? n necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for. memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest O j a n—| u u of dainty silhouettes :uici''pcn sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sporu Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Hi', • cycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. ; The'Ciilendar will be mailed for five ,.2-r.erit stumps. ;••" Adclr.-ss Cfllcndur Department, POPE MFO. CO., Mention ihu paper. l'lll», Thtlr I'M" Pllta arc by far tho best cathartic to' use, but you must not abuse their use-by habitually depending on them /or daily stools. If you will use tlnehr.rt'a Pills jo'ii will find thereto •Offulato tbo bowela find afford regular •,nd free dn.ily stools, by nn occasional lose o( one plU Sold by B. F. Kees- Cnjf and Keystone drup store. Children Cry fot Pitcher's r-^sMria. If you Incik strength, with no appo- dto, takeRlnehBri'sPilis. Qjeadose. Sold by B. F. Keesling; and Keystone store. Children Cry foi pi Cher's Castorla. Pals Lips "I"! Ktnslu- ire a pure i-iRQ ot stomBoh worms In ihlldron, and if not removed thosjmp- tom-f ftro a ore alarming by frightful dreams, nervousness and spasms. The boat remedy to use is Rinehart's Worm ISozouges. They always remove all ilnds of worms and the worm nest. Sold by B. F. Keeling- nud Keystone store. Then Baby was sick, wa gave her Oistofl*. e rxxyims Jits, (io clung to Castor!*, nail CJillilren, »he g»vo them CMorfe. If your child has pale lips or is • fretful, Rive Rinehart's Worm Lozenges. Sold by B. F. Ksesling and ;ieysvone drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. XBuunherlalu'B Bye «od Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczem.i, Tetter, Salt- Shcuia, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped urns, Frost Bitesk , , , Itching Piles, Burns, Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated 5ye Lidi Vnr sale by druggists nt 25 cents per box. TO HOKSK^WNBBS. For putting ahorse in a fine healthy condition try IJr. Cady's Condition Powdeis They tone up tlie sj-stem, aid digestion, core Boot of appetite, relieve constipation, torrect iidnev disorders) and destroy worms, giving Mw life to an old or over-worked horee. 25 MU per package. For a»le by ' '~*~ FOUNDED A HAWK COLONY. A Pn ]>ir<l ISccnnirti IIJ" l^i-inlf r i>f >i I'or- nil(lsil>!« H""!; nt Illi Kind. Old Asii llrirl<'n. a fihlicrman and j hunt,ur, living near the inoutli of Allo- j wav's creek, Snlein county, X- •'•. lost a pet fi.-.h liaivk a. little; inoru than a J yu;ir iifTO tlurt he liad Imd in captivity j for three years. 'J'lio bird was a big j follow, and it never seemed to lake j kindly 10 Asa, who, on account of its | vicious nature, kept it lied up in the ( woodshed. A strong 1 rope fastened j around the bird's log held ii securely to it riii^ 1 i" f 'hc wall. The old bnildinjr was infestod with rats, and n stronff friendship ffrevv up between the rodents and the "captive bird. Whenever Mollon broiiffht up a fish from the erf-elf to feed the hawk the rats would come out ami joiu in the feast. This condition of things in Asa's woodshed pleased the old fellow, and he did all lie could to help ii along. When he went out to the shed one morning the hawk was missing. The rope ovideutly had been gnawed, in two by the rats, aud tlie hawk had walked out of the door and disappeared. Holton was incrmsuhtble over theloss of his pet, and he lived in the hope that it would return some day, bat weeks went by and nothing was seen o£ the hawk. Asa got. oui of bod earlier than usual one morning, and noticing a large number of hawks circling about over the pines back of the house, he took his gun and went over t,o get a shot nt them, lie had hardly got outside the yard, when, to his astonishment, the missing pet hawk flew screaming at iiirn from tho top of a neighboring tree, llulton knew it was his fortuercaptive, for a. fragment of rope fluttered from iCs leg. The old bird swooped so close to lloltcu's head that he only escaped being .struck by quickly dodging. The hawk rose in the air, and joining the others, led them oft' in the direction of the mouth of the creek. For several weeks Holton employed every artifice to retake the hawk, but the wily bird evaded him. Holton noticed that every night the hawks came from the creek, and after circling around in the air over the pines for awhile, settled among them and in the morning they left together, and in their coming and going they were headed by the old pet hawk. Asa made it a point to go to the pines twice a week and leave a lot of fish which were devoured by the birds. The «olony of hawks increased and now thousands of them roost in the pines every night. A little while before dark they come in from the water and hover over the pines, .screaming and whistling. The old pet hawk appears to be the leader of them, for they stay in the uir until that bird starts for the pines, then they all drop down and go to voost. Ten minutes after the last hawk has disappeared in the foliage of the trees it is as quiet as if no birds were there. A hunter invaded the roost one night recently for the purpose of having 1 some sport with the birds. He fived a shot into the branches of a tree and in less than a minute hu was knocked flat by an avalanche oi hawks that rushed upon him screaming like mad. The hunter fought tho birds desperately and finally managed to make his escape, but his clothes and flesh showed signs of the rough handling he had received.—N. Y. Herald. OF UFM gkssittss BflEN Eaoiiy, Q;ick!y, Permanently Restored. /co-kneM*) Ncrvounneitp, Debility, and all the train ' 01' evils from early errors or Ian.-:- excx-iscs. the results of ovfrnvurU, .sickness, worry, '-'-''• i '" u11 BtrenRUi, dcvel- cpincatur.il tonepiven to evijry urtrun and portion i o'-'i.'ioliofly. Simple, n:it> v-/'-'!.'!!'! ural methods. ImraeJi- - 1 7/0:'. I ' ".' ; '7 .';!'.! improvement Been. i';ii!t;re imposiihk 1 . -,'JOfl refercn'TCS. Boot, uxi;!:iu;ilioii and proofs mailed (soiled) tree. EBiEMEQIGALCO./Buffalo.N.Y. WOMEN AS MATCHERS. A Strict-Cur Tra^vdy. Thcj' had mutual friends, and that fact emboldened him to speak without the ceremony of an introduction. "Sloppy, 's"' 1 it?" he remarked, persuasively. "Rathrr," she replied. A freezing silence followed, but he had no intention of letting the opportunity slip. "You wear a vcwy long hatpin, do you know 1 . 1 " he saiil. "\Vealiy, the end reaches out quite far." "Yes; it's quite- a protection." "lint it's all rusty.' 1 "That isn't rust." '•No? How vewy queer!" "It is the blood of chappies who have spoken to me in the street ear without an introduction. 1 ' "That fellow must have forgotteu something," said the conductor, as tho chappie bounced from the ear without askiu" 1 him to stop."—Detroit Free Press. lie Itouil tho War >"cw». A Cniuaraan sat.in a ISroadway cable ear. He looked dull and depressed. Llis arms were folded within his voluminous sleeves. A gentleman, reading the Herald sat beside him. The paper was open nt the China-Japan war ni-ws. containing an account oi the fail ••' i'-vl Arthur. The Chinaman suddenly became interested as his eye caught the Chinese translation of the war news. The gentleman held the paper before tiie Celestial's eyes, which rapidly flew over the hieroglyphics. As the Chinaman finished the perusal he sighed, looked at the owner of the paper and remarked: ''Chinee- man gettea lickce, eh?" Everybody else in the car silently sympathized with his grief.—JT. Y. Herald. vrumjscii i* V.OUIV. .:,-• j<; They had not been ruarried/'-very long, and they hud a good cook, but one evening when he came home to dinner he found that not a single thing was cooked properly. He had done a stroke or two of good business during the day, but being natur- nllv an easy-tempered fellow he said nothing. When dessert was reached, his wife said to him, "I didn't tell you before, dear, but as a treat I cooked the whole of the dinner to-day for you myself." "Oh, that's it, is it? I owe the cook an apology." "An apology," she asked. "For what?" . "For the mental injustice 1 have been doing her all evening."—Boston Budget. _ MOPI Aru Not In It When It Comes to Dry Good* JSuyiiiK. The young man's countenance wore the professional stereotyped look of courteous persistence as he again remarked through his delicately-trained imistiuche: "It i.s perfect." "It i.s no more like it than anything at all," replied the lady, as much to herself as to the young man. and as she said it there was an air of superiority in her face and manner which betokened a self-poise which was not to be disturbed. "Anyone with half nn eye could see Unit," put in another lady with a toss of the head, as she paused for a moment in passing. The young man glared at the interloper, taking care, however, that nobody could see it but his confederates, lint he quickly ironed out his visage and sweetly suggested- that it was the "light." It is always the "light" with. the class to which this young man belonged. "Just like a man," the interloper remarked, as she moved away. "It is as ruu'jh like it as cheese is like chalk." The first lady looked very weary. It was evident that she had toiled long and unsuccessfully. She tried to con vinee herself'that the young man was right, lint no; she shook her heac more in sorrow than in anger as she murmured dejectedly: "Not a bi' like it." The 3'oung man appealed to his con federates. The young woman with pompadour hair declared with a "LTm," sniffed out spitefully. "Any fool could SRC it was a perfect match." Another young woman left off admiring her rings long enough to say, "Of course it is." A young man with hyacinthe lock smiled as he whispered something about "hens" to a gigantic creature with fluffy hair. The lady was not convinced by this cloud of opposing witnesses. She kept her eyes strickly bent on business. Suddenly she made a dice. "There!" she exclaimed. "That's it. Strange you didn't show me this in stead of the other." "Mem," replied the young man noth ing abashed, "I was trying to show you that all the time." ^ "Sure!" interjected young Hyacinthe; exchanging supercilious glances with the giggling creature with fluffy hair. "Of course," chorused Pompadour and the young person enamored of her jewelry. The young lady paid no-attention to these utterances. "Give me ten yards." This was all she said. When she had secured her purchase she merely remarked to herself: "Teach your grandmother to milk geese"' Woman is a born matchmaker whether of hearts or haberdashery.—Boston Transcript. Ton Million Ji'i'iJt <>'' *-»x* Boujrnt. JUKi.NKTTi-:, VVis., March IS.—Augustine Spies, • lumberman, has bought JU.OOU.OUOfi.-et of lugs uf the Meiiouii- nee Indian reservation, at Keshena, at j-G.iiSJ-f a, thousand. The Fence River Lodging company has bought the 7-niiTe 1iir:n of the II. Witbeeli company. • .•Vlllbl-i'Se \VIutl-rs JK-:u!. DAVTON, 0.. March IS.—Ambrose A, Winters, president of the Ohio .State League lluiluingand Loin: associations and"general manager of the Mutual Home i Saving association, the largest organization of the kind in the United" States, died .Monday morning. THE Egyptian Soudan lias nearly l,000,000 square miles. Ft is almost as lar^e as all Europe, excluding Russia. NO NEED OF IT, WORK OF FLOODS. Homes Filled With Weak and Nervous. Eminent Give As Esurance of This Fact. And Tell How to Overcome tlie Terrible Weakness. Now is the Best Time to Get Strousf and Well. T HE bestinvestment in real estate is to keep buildings well painted. Paint protects tlie house and saves repairs. You. sometimes vant to sell—many a good house has remained unsold for want of paint. The rule should be, though, "the best' paint or none." That means Strictly Pure White Lead You cannot afford to use cJieap paints. To be sure of getting Strictly Pure White Lead, look at tbe' : brand ; any of these are safe: "Anchor," " Southern," , "Eckstein," "BedSeal," "Kentucky," "Collier." FOR COLORS.—National Lead Co.'s Pure White Lead Tinting Colors. These colors are sold in one-ponnd cans, each can beinjr sufficient to tint K pounds of Strictly Pare White Lead the desired shade; they are m no sense ready-mixed paints but n combination ofperfectlypnre colors in the handiest form to tint Strictly Pure White Lead. ^A good 'many thousand dollars have been saved proptrty-o\vners by having our book on painting and color-card. Send us a postal card and get both free. NATIONAL LEAD CO.. New York. Cincinnati Branch, Seventh and Freeman Avenue, Cincinnati, That there is 110 need whatever for a person to be weak, tired and nervous—the three great curses oj our people—seems now a certain fact. Eminent physicians affirm the truth of this welcome news, and ample proofs demonstrate the reliability of the information we are able so gladly to give. Ic is certainly a godsend to those of ou'r people who have weak nerve and tired bodies, who feel exhausted in strength * nd vitality, who Cdnnot eat or sleep well, aud who are run down aud debilitated, to know positively that Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy is a sure invigorator and strength giver, and will invariably make a person strong and well. Particularly is it a blessing at this time of year, for in the spring almost everybody feels languid, nervous and our, of order and needs this best of all spring medicines. Doctors are enthusiastic in their approval and endorsement of this remedy. They heai tily jecomuiend and advise its are, and many of our best known physicians are loud in. their praise of its wonderful curative powers. Dr. B. D. Bickford, of Wolcott, Vt, one of Vermont's eminent physicians, states: "I have used Dr. Greene's Nervu- ra blood and nerve remedy for some time, first trying it on myself, and I found it did me so much good that I now recommend it to my patients The fact that I have used it in ujy own case sho »s that I know what I am talking about. As a tonic and in?ii*orant it is the best of all to build up a person." Dr. Hubert W. Lance, of South Woodbury, Vt., than whom there is no more eminent physician in the Stat8 of Vermont, says: "I have known about Dr. Greene's > T ervura blood and nerve remedy and the good results in cases, as a tonic, after hard sickness and the cure of nervous females. They have received great-good .from its us?. I do not hesitate to recommend its use. I do not hesitate to recommend it." Dr. Willard H. Morse, F. B. 8. Sc., of Wostiield, N. J., tb* great expert on medicines, says of this grand dis- cjveryofDr Greene: "The true remedy for nervous diseases is Dr. Greene's yervura blood and nerve remedy. It acts by affecting the organs of nutrition, aud entering into the formation of nerve tissue, which generates nerve force. Tins means the making of new nerves. Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and Nerve remedy is the American nerve tonic." The well-known Dr. Emil Neuuier, superintending physician of the JJ. Y. Lodge and Association Hospital states: "We ore using Dr. Greene's Ner- vura blood and nerve remedy at this Hospital for our patients, with good success." This enthusiastic endorsement by physicians, stamps this remarkable medical discovery as the • greatest tonic and restorative. Druggist tell you everywhere that it cures more cases than any other known remedy. In fact it makes all who take it strong and well. Oue reason which gives the people so much confidence in it is the fact that it is the discovery and pre- jcription of Dr. Greene, of 35 West 14th street, New York City, the well- known and probably mo.-t successful specialist in curing nervous and chronic diseases, and to the further fact that he can be consulted free of charge by anyone, personally or by letter. Tho Occan't* Salt. The Pythagoreans held that the sea was salt by reason of the tears shed by Kronos, father of Zpns. According to tho old Hebraic tradition the ocean Was originally a great body of fresh •water, but which was made salt by the abundant toajs of the fallen angels. One sect of Buddhists believe that Lot's wife (that is to ssy the ''pillar of salt" which was oncfc tie wife of fhe humble gentleman named above) lies at the bottom of the ocean in a certain narrow strait, and that once each year the waters of all oceans flow through that narrow channel. The Talmndic writers say that it was never salt until Moses wept repentance after breaking the tables of stone. . Lives and Property Destroyed in I Alabama by Heavy Rains. i No Need, to feel so Weak, Tire'd and. Nervous. Farmer and His Family Drowned— Live Stock Perish and Houses Wrecked. . Ala.. March is.—Xcws is coining- in of duro:ige done in several sections of. the state by the recent heavy mius. Thirty miles above Gads- clcu. 'near the Coo*:i river, ;i waterspout burst iate Friday- attornaou, flooding :i a valley 'for ."> miles aud doing immense damage. Many houses floated from their foundations, and a great number of live stock drowned, .lueolt Alverson, a farmer, his w5fe;vncif>-year- old son. who resided in a .small eabin. were drowned. The cabin was near a creek, which had swollen into the dimensions of a river, and was quickly swept a\vay with its oceupams. The cloudburst." came very suddenly, and it is feared several other lives were lost. Threo men who were ciUting timber in the valley are missing, and may be dead, liriclges were swept away, and thousands of dollars' damage done. Tlie Coosa. river rose 10 feet, in less than a.n hour. Near Fronts a. violent rainstorm and cyclone prevailed Friday night. \V. 0" 'fcopehind's house was "blown down and seven members of his family injured. MeGa-lvary's mill was destroyed, and a number of other farm houses wrecked, V>va no deaths are. re> ported. The loss is heavv. niKiMtroua Waterspout. G-ADSKX, Ala., March IS.—Further details of the waterspout on the Coosa river. 30 miles north of here, show that the damage was heavy. The river and creeks adjacent to it overflowed and for -10 miles inundated the lowlands, destroying crops and sweeping away houses. It is not known exactly how many lives were lost. One report says only three persons were drowned — .Jack Alverson and family—while another says six or seven perished. The inundated section was sparsely settled. A WOMAN LYNCHED. Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, carrying good news of relief from pain. Porous Plaster stands at the head of all remedies for congestion in the chest, the first result of taking cold, and -for all lameness and stiffness of joints or muscles. 'Jusl as (»ood n* Allco*"k">'.** Nol mt all. No iniiuiiuii it;))>ro.icIiCN the genuine. Allcock's Corn Shields, Alicock's Bunion Siiiclds, H:.vc no equal as a relief and cure for corns and bunions. Brandreth's Pills ore free from injurious snbstanoei. They give universal satisfaction. Awfnl Ueeil of R<i«tl*rj of mi Antl-Vljrl- lunco Committee in Nel>rn»lti>. OMAHA, Keb., March IS.— Mrs. W. E. Holton, living- in Keya Pana county, near Brocks burg, was out- raped and lynched on Thursday last and her 'body was discovered Sunday. The crime is supposed to have been committed by rubtlers of the anti-vigriliinee committee who suspected her of giving testimony which would lead to the conviction of some cattle thieves. The body was found lying in a ' room ' with a rope around her neck and there were evidences that she luid been outraged also. She was living alone at the time, her husband having been sent to the insane asylum. This is the section of the state "near the scene of the HurreU Scott tragedy. There is great excitement and talk of lyuchings. >"o arrusts yet. It is evident th<vt she -had fought a hard battle tor her life and honor, as the bedding and clothing were torn and scattered around the room. BIG BATCH OFTNDICTMENTS. New York's Extraordinary Gr.iml Oury ]Wakr« 'I.s Ki'juirl;. Isicw Yonii, March 13.— The extraordinary grand jury which has been out since January- 7 reported to Justice Ingraham in the court, of over :md termincr /Monday. Foreman LegffeU handed up a bunch of indictments numbering thirty-five, and also a presentment censuring the police department. The following passage occurs in the presentment: \ "Circum>WJ?cs and tcs'.inioiiy offered have tended to show Itnancial consideration, and iu some cases lax administration, luilccd the publicity with wlilcli tho !..«• is violate* and the immunity f rom iirrejit enjoyed by Hie law- brerCters is Inronslsiem with thc'law." President ciuvcliincl Unit :<• Birthday. WASHINGTON, March IS.— President Cleveland was ">S years old Monday. Mr. Thurber remembered the occasion and was the first person to congratulate Mr. Cleveland after he entered his office. The president spent the morning receiving congressmen and other callers. _ Heavy Fire Loss :it luk:i. IUKA, Miss., 'March 1=> —Fourteen business buildings, comprising one- third of the business portion of luka, were, burned Sunday. The loss will foot up STO.OOO; no insurance. The fire is supposed to have been the work of an incendiary. _ •Will >"ot Join chn Silver r.irty. ST. PAUL, March IS.— Ignatius Donnelly and Sidney M. Owen, populist candidate for governor at the last election, make official announcement that the people's parly of Minnesota will not join the free silver coinage party. _ Su^ar Elport Dtitic* Suspended. THE HAGUE, March 13.— Owing to, the heavv fall in the price of sugar the government has presented to the states general a bill suspending for a year from June 1 the export duties on sugar grown in the Dutch Indies. Grand £>\ike Ueorjje to AlEirlm- AiGIEKS, March IS. — Grand Duke George of Russia, the czarowitz, brother of the emperor of Kussia, has arrived here from Lividia, and will remain in. Algeria for the .benefit of his health for some time. —It is'an eternal truth in the polit> cal as well as the mystical body, : that '"where one. member suffers all' the members suffer with it"—Juniu*. produces tho above rosillts In oO days. It actf l)ou-i.Tfully ii'd quickly. Cures wla>n nil othors (ail. j'oiiuff riK'n will r^mn thoJr ]oi;C Jiiatibooti.uml old U10U will recover tlu-ir yontliTul vitfor by UKJUB KEVIVO. It quietly imd surely rraiores Nervousness. Lost Vitality. Jmpoiency, NiRlitly Emissions. LostPownr, F.-tilhic JMrniory. "VVflKliujr Diseases, and all (^fleets of sclf-.tl>usc or cxco.-sand iudisctvtion. which iiuIHn olio lor s'iKly. biiMniWHOrniiuTiaso. It •jot only cures by Ktarttus nt the fat of difcoartc. but Isncrcat ncvvp tonic imil Ulooil ImiWcr. bring- IDC baok the pink clow to imle choohsnndre- / •Uoriui: ;iio fire of youth. It wards ofl' J]iMraitj\ and Consumption. InKiiti on having RKV1VO. no ithcr. It can bu carried in vert Docket. By mill, Sl.OO pcrpacH.-KC, or fits: for S5.OO, with a poll- tivo wril.rcn iru:<r:>i'.icc to «'»re or refund f Ai& money. Cirr''Jar fijco. A<Ulr3hS 30YAI MEDICINE: CO., 63 River St., CHICAGO. ILL Foil SJAXK MY B. F. Kwsllng, Dmgslst, Lognnsport. OR.RODRItUtZ SPANISH TREATMENT A I GuerltnK ill Cvrr for LOST MANHOOD •jS «lT «tt«niiln(t aflnwnti, both of younit and mlddlo- ms&d men and women. Tua _ .^—wucB Remits o£ treatment. 1 KHHORS, producing wo«k- «w, Ncn-oiiB Doblllty. NlRlitly Bmlwloiifc OonBumption. X.wcTotUioGcn- f quickly c niifori<1uily, biii<lne«jaiidnjar- »r. Hi»1Hiroor.hp«nl«bJ«jrTe fdl,. GrHln.. Thcynotonlycuroy ? Wrlni}oH. OASO, but aro «. ervwt MiltVI-. TON JO and 1II.OIIB JUjil.llKli, brTnfcInK backr Uio pink Jjlyw to pml« '.hrrk> »nd n^turinit tlio F>ltE «»K \<>UTII to th» paliont. uy]nall,»l.(iiipcrboror« for *.% wllb wrlu ten tfUHrnntce to cure HI* refund Iho tnimry. UOOK trei. Tspwtak JiervcUmln C«.. lloxaa»». Sew \ *rb Hiniil by Hi'ii FL^lier, JlrnuKinii, All Fourth Street. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IX EXTKA F15K, FIXE ASD RKOAJ) POINTS TO SUIT AIX IIAJiDS. THE MOST PERFECT OP PENS. nlk'htlv cniliwliilw, itnuiliv. <-ir.. i-nr.-ly en.'.I li.v IM)Ai»t>. tin- front, iinilooHflVH'Uy. \vUll wrlUtnuuTirniur'-inoiir*. Swlduy Sen Fisher, DnifiEist, LOGANSl'OKT, IN'D. Our j.i;rntriouKe*. The lighthouses of the world number more than seven thousand. The United States ha.s over thirteen hundred bouses and as many posts. The latter am simpler in construction and not very expensive, since they are maintained on shore. Our government has been proceeding with the theory that the coast should be so sprinkled with lights that the rays meet and pass; that a vessel will meet the one in ad] vnnee before the one in the rear i» out of sight The annual appropriation for their keeping is now nearly four milli.n dollars. Kerosene oil is that which has been adopted by the lighthouse board a.s the luminant, though gas and, to a, limited extent^ electricity have been given a trial. Ga» is being used onjy at Alexandria, Va., and Newburyport, Mass. Kerosene is considered the best and the cheapest. His ever reliable. Electricity will no doubt b« adopted when congress can bo prevailed upon to appropriate money.— Scientific American. With meat and poultry courses it is always desirable to serve vegetables, sauces, or a cereal that will develop the ilavor or supply a food element • that would otherwise be lacking. With veasion nothing is more appetizing than currant-jelly sauce and mashed chestnuts: with roast beef serve horseradish, hominy croquettes, stewed cel- erv and spinach: with a fillet of beef, currant jelly, browned potatoes, asparagus, and baited squash: with roast chicken, currant jelly or crabapple . jeliv with boiled ,rice. After any of,these o:eat courses serve *hadd_ocks. celerv, or lettuce as a salad.—N. Y. Post." ________ —Joseph Jefferson was playing Sheri- • dan's comedy of ! "Tbe Rivals", ia Boston some time ago. His version of the play has been arranged in such a way as to give Bob A«res considerable more prominence, perhaps, than the author originally intended, occasionally at the expense of the other characters. William Warren, the old comedian, sat the play out, and tat its con elusion, was asked:" "How do you like Jefferson's Bob Acres?'' "Capital, capital," • i»plied Warren; " 'and Sheridan twenty miles away.'"

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