The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 15, 1947
Page 3
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PAGBFOUR BLYTIIEViLLE -(ARK.) COUfctEll 'NEWS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1947 Arkansas Needs Moire Hospitals University Reports On Survey Made by Advisory Committee •FAYE1TEVILLE, Ark], Sei>t. 15. — The nculc need for additional hospital and health facilities 'in Arkansas is revealed in a survey published by the University of Aik- ahsas Buieiui of Research Sn cooperation v>ith [he Arkansas Department of Public Health and the Arkansas Hospital and Health Ser- vkes Survey Advisory Cominlttee, Dr. c. O.. faranncn, liiircnu director, has announced. _A plan Is Included for providing adequate health facilities for all persons in the state. The .survey was made at ilie request of Gov. Ben T. Lancy under the sponsorship of the Arkansas Department of Public Health. He appointed the survey advisory committee to assist in making the survey and establish cooperation with several public and private agencies interested in developing more aclc Army's Inspector General > Completes Investigation Of Columnist's Charges WASHINGTON'. Sept. 15. (U.1M —MuJ. lien. Ira T. Wyclie, inspector general of the Army, has returned from Italy \vhetx 1 he investigated Living conditions among CH'fi in Ihc Mediterranean Theater (he War Department announced today. Qen. nwight ID. Eisenhower. Army chief of staff, ordered the inspection ,ifter Robert, lluark, Scripps-Hmvard columnist, charfjcti thnl l_t. Gen John C. 11. I.ce, the lltealer com'inander, \vas livint; in luxury while enlisted men lived under intolerable conditions. The War Department, refused comment on Wyche'.s findings or when the report would be made. Army spokesmen said there wontd be no statement released until after Eisenhower -studied the Wyche report. classilled institutions. The nervous and inciHal hospital, which is owned' and" operated by the stale; lias almost half of llxj total of 10.U97 hospital beds arc in general hospitals. On the basis of estimated rc- quiranenl.s for adequate scrviirs. quate health facilities in the state. | "'c report states that, Ihere should The Rt Rev. Msgr. John J. -tlealy. ^e nl least (1,080 Bencral hospital director of Catholic hospitals in '>«l.s '<> serve the entire state. This Arkansas, was named chairman of the advisory committee, and Dr. T. "T. Hoss, director of the Arkansas Department of Public Health, was named co-chairman. '. Trie survey revealed 101 hospitals in Arkansas, not Including those operated by the Veterans Administration and other federal agencies. Of this muiiber, 95 were classified as general hospitals and the remaining 12 included one nervous alid mental hospital, two tuberculosis hospitals, two maternity l\omes, four nursing liomcs, one children's hospital, and two uii- wotild require all addition of approximately r>,5000 Mcncral hospital beds. The report recommends art expansion of the slate's nervous and mental hospital from the present number of 4.T7G beds to 9,745 and that the number of beds for white tubercular patients be increased from the present 1,151 beds lc> about 1.500. The report points out that at present there is no hospital in Arkansas specifically designated for chronically diseased paticnls. Hospital facilities in this category Any Chdllengers^ J Mrs. James Robinson, of Potlstown, Pa., says she is Mrs. Most-, Childrcn-Below-Schdol-Aije for 1947. Her claims to the title: llioi seven youngsters, shown above, who range in ago from fouo months to live years. She has four others in school. ,j Cleanliness No Bar to Dreaded Polio; It Can Lead to Epidemics Four Killed } \ln Tragedies Over Weekend (fly United Press) The? drowning of n 2'J-momli-old cliilcl In a till) of water at Hacker i, Ark., yesterday brought to four tlic nuinhKf of accidental deaths in the state over tin. 1 weekend. Other [deaths included two fataUties in liiutamcblle p.ccldeiu.s and one nmn 'shot by a police officer. The thild, John Archie vturl, son I o! Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hart i of Hackelt. drowned when he fell j into a tub of wnlcr lit the fninily'.i home. At Clnrksvillc, Gladys Marie Rich. nrdson, aged 13. was lalally Injured j x^'heu .she fell from a iiioving truck on Highway G4. '1'iit; tlau^hter oi ; Mr. and Mrs. William Richardson i D! Oiarksville. tlie Blrl w»s riding in (he bed of the truck and lell when slie grabbed for a dropped handkerchief. [ In the other auto accident. I!. P. ' \Vi!.son o! Eureka Springs and Jop> lin, Mo., was ci'iislirtl to death ;n the (rab of hl^ one-ton truck follow- I ing a collision witn another truck i on HiHlnvay 23. .six miles north or j Eureka Sprins^. Deputy Sherilf Norman Faulkner reported that the second vehicle was driven by Ola Par well, who ap- Iparently escaped injury. And at ly.ike Village Ira Cooper. about 35. of near Jennie, was slioi and killed by Sheriff John H. Bigs.s Saturday as he alle^edl 1 , 1 advaiiccil on the oi-licfi' and threatened him. Prose-cut in" Attorney John F. Clib- •iou of Dermott, who \\ - ent to Lake village to invc.stiL.ate. said the ca.s'j would be submitted to the grand Jiuj- n'hieli convenes Oct. Q, He said his i»vc.stigiaion had convinced him lhaL the shooiing was justified, bnc Blows Own Horn Negro Deaths Eddie Lee Davis. Ncsro. died at Kennedy General Hospital in Memphis Saturday. He was 23 and a veteran of World War II. Funeral ;jer',-icc.s will be heid Thursday at 1 p.m. at Caston Funcrnl Home Chapel with M, D. Hemphill officiating. Burial will be nt Mount JSIon Cemetery. He is survived by ills mother, FiiimLc Mae Simpson, a step-lather. Willie Simpson, one brother. Johnny Harvey and Ills grandfather. Hilfvs Brown. Cant Sit! PIN-WORMS CAUSE FIDGETING AND THAT AWFUL ITCH One of the warning eicna of Tin-Worms it » nitfgliiir r«tcil Itch which often canaca ildiiclini* anJ broke" deep, unj may lead to «v«n more serious dUlrt'53. It la no loncor m-cesssry to put up vftlh the trouble caused by I'm-Worma, because rcionce has at last found a way i« Jick these stubborn posta easily ami Enfoly. _.Get JATNE'i f-W aUhe A«tuteri of Tin- Worm*. f-W IB a medically eounj treatment boa«d on an oflic tally recognized dnii: «lem«nt which haa proved very effective j n OeaLinjr with thte ugly infection. The email F-W UbJets act In a special wny (o destroy Pin-Worm*. P-W means Pin-Worm rclicfl (llniltfil Tresti Staff Corre.spundenl) WAHM SI'HINOS, On.', Sept. 15 'Ul ] > — A^iei'ica'.s higli .standards of cleanliness Ironically make her people vulnerable throughout, a ut part ot their lives to infantile paralysis, I3r. noberl Ward of New York told a conference on poliomclilis today. !n udvancetl countries, stich .should have at least 3.UUO hospital beds. The University o( Arkansas School of Medicine and University Hospital, the report declares, is the center of medical education In the stale. Tlie Function or llils institution, the report continues, is not only to educated physicians and technical personnel, but, also to assist in maintaining and Improving the quality ol hospital and medical care In the state by means of post- yriiduate programs. 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Millions of bottles sold, act a bottle of KSS Tonic from your drug store today, S3S Tonic helps Bulid Sturdy Health. ns Japan, the population is exposed Lo the polio virus in infanev, Dr. Wnrrt explained.' I Us victims either develop immunity or its inninxs them or kills them off before they reach the age of five. Bui. "in a teas where modern unitary conditions prevail, early epciitcd exposure to virus is not he rule and ttic population uc- omes .susceptible to the disease In !pfctomic form,-" Ward said. He ;ited the Invyc number of victims vho contract the disease after ina- urity in the United States, the Scandinavian countries and Aus- nilin. Ward, who is on the staff of iho Department of Pediatrics at New York University and a member 01 :he Bellevuc Hospital children's .nedical service, was a featured speaker at Ihc opening of n throe- clinical conference on polio- mclitis sponsored by the Warm Springs foundation. The foundation's founder, the late President Franklin D. Roosc- Velt, wns himself a victim of Mic dtsease in r'middle Hfe. Nfdst of 'the nation's lending authorities on the dread disease wen; here for the conference. Ward described the pcculinrUics of the poliomclili.s virus which make'research inlu the disease and its prevention and treatment, paramount problems in medical science. To .start ^vith, he said, the polio germ is one of Uic hardiest known viruses. It can be kept iionnant-r- but alive — in an ice bcx years. Ether, which kills most bacteria, is an excellent prescrvatu e for tlie infantile paralysis vim:;. There is no known agent Which has a. comparable effect on an active polio case that the sulfona- inirte drugs have on other infections. In the laboratory, polio experiments work only on humans and several higher types of primates i monkeys.) making research costly and cumbersome. The polio virus is evacuated by a great number of persons who have developed natural immunity from the This wus proved in an extended analysis of .sewage from a Manhattan disposal plant Although the sewage flowed at the rate of 400.000. V 00 gallons a day the virus was found in analysis of a casual 200 cubic centimeters. The traditional prevalence of infantile paralysis in the late Summer and early Fall weeks leads to a strong belief that fliers are i prime .spreader of the disease. "Positive results wore obtained not only from flies trapped in rural areas where potential sources of virus were obvious, but also from urban epidemic areas where no obvious source was evident," Dr. Ward said. If yon knew Scnisn like si:a knew Sousa, you'd have good reason to blow an oompah on the sousaphone. She's Lynn SOUSEI, 19, granddaughter of l!ic Into John Philip Sousa and is pictured in Hollywood where she has just landed a contract as a film sinker. Dreams belong to yesterday ries to tomorrow 9 . ^ i . . - ando home iiml fricmk now lonn »li So many "f °>" dreams liavc (V*= y j imiieil into real cs. We mai- >^*f r . lied llic pirl Co I)(J>0 "t our-Jnllj lie inrc nicmoiici will IK* a Lmily monun'.cin now, u. r cliiMrcn, cm plcasum paiicrn of our lives. iviil, ciinilotliuy and helpful vhilc all are t«j^ti!K r JNO. C. MeHANEY & SONS 1 "Your .Monument Mt'n" that the sheriff requested thai H IK; .submitted lo Uia yrand jury. j i Nothing i 1 for the I headnchc 1 /ilso so-jt % tlie pain. ^Liquid Nothing is more quickly Dfiecltvc for the relief of neuralgia ami headnchc than LlquVd' C:»jiiulii\e. /ilso so-jthcs np*et neivcs itne La tlie pain. Use only ns direct oil, ^ % 1 I I m ^ Features Presented Daily In Front of Grandstand • INGO Wed, Sept 17 — Legion Hut 8 p. in. 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Serving This Section 25 Years Authorized Mortgage 7-oan Solicitor tor THK PRUDKNTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA Uncle Arthur Another famous performer from Sweden, constantly growing in popularity. This is not just another act, lint a GRKAT one. The opening trick in Mr. Arthur's act is the unbelievable feat of balancing his body by supporting himself on the lip of one finger placed in a bottle which i.s setliii),' on a liiph pedestal. Yours is a great loss if you fail to sec Mr. Arthur when he is featured at Northeast Arkansas Fair Walker Park— Sept. 24-28 MINNIE LEE JONES MUSIC STUDIO Teacher of PIANO THEORY — HARMONY Special Classes for Pre-School Children and Beginners 807 Chickasawbii 'hone 2091 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor -LYNCffBLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • 'fkonz 364-6 a>ul2525

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