The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1948
Page 3
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY M, 1948 Sane Competitive Capitalism Stressed in Charting Economic Future for Japanese Subjects By MI1.KS W. V,M'(illN I'liltcd Pres* Staff Correspondent TOKYO, Fen. 30. IU.P.I-OII. Douglas MacArilnir, In lilt c itm- j»lgn to smash Japan's wartime "Aalbaisu-MilUarlft" coalition, envisage* the development in this country of san« competitive capitalism, according to Information obtained by this correspondent. Th« general's program is kept snlficicntly elastic to permit, variations that may be callcii I or on (he basis of world political develop, nienta, ^ _™_ __„ MacArthur called attention to this , dency to consider (Malls in the light factor In his letter lo Sen. nrien j of changing world politics. RLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER KKWg Courses Offered For Negro Maids . VcMahon In which he sairt the Jap- : Phese people never will consent again to become the slaves o( mill- Urist-c.iiiitnMsm. ami Unit any such I restoration of effort would resuk in "a blood hath :«rou])s such of revolutionary violenc It Is not likely, however, that there will lie any change which would permit anything resembling Adult Training Plan To Include Classes For Household Helpers CI.ISSM lii job relationships and job training for Negro women will be held ai |]>c Negro Mies' Imlui- hull on South Klin Street for four Missourian Murdered; \Veneiuela it Alabama'* Arkansas Angle Checked Best Customer in 1947 rt i-.i, •>« ' MOtiiu-;. AI«.. r-vo -x. mpi — PAGE THRBH rc check!,,* the bushuw c nnec.oi' »f Kaiwn, C,( Y I.uxlucssnnui J A Hoover. 54, who „•;,. bay ,i«m l«»i Saturday in Missou IMccllve Fred Wilson or (ho Kan.=as City Police IX-parlmen I's homiclcic division said the "Ulcers hoped to turn up a ch.e to th e mo- live for the murder In Hoover's biislncv, connections In Sebastian County. 11 «" s known that on Jan. 37 days bi'Klnnlng wns an- ""over<d plans to open 11 nounced yesterday afternoon by K ' l;llt;l ' <'™' mine in the MniisMeld- " ..... ' ..... ' ' «. Irfwls, adult training director the Dlydievllle school system. of the Znlbntsu Mitsui and Mlt- ; snbishi. In his letter MiicArlhnr called j Elastic l'rn|;rani Sontht nttcntion lo a speech made by Sec- ' What is possible, on the other retary of the Army Kenneth C.I hand, is that variations may be Hoyall In San Francisco last month.! made from time to time to hasten Royall, after iccalhnt: the original | the date when Japan may become Instructions given MacArthur for i self-suppoi ting in line with the creation of a peaceful Japan, said: j American thesis (he Japanese "Since then, new conditions have j people must have a decent living arisen—in world politics and eco- standard if Iliey are lo lie .saved nomic.s. In problems of national de- from extremism, whether ot the fense. and In humanitarian con- Hiisht or Left. •Ideralions. | -n tf n,,yall speech, which Mac- ' Many <!!mises HehiK Made i Arthur- so heartily endorsed, and "These changes must now he ' Mai-Arthur's own k'cw Year's' mcs- I fully taken into account in deter- ' sage to ihe Japanese people make mining otir future course but it ' these points: should Iw remembered that these! 1. Japan shah tie "pi'rmitied" to developments arose In large after the original policies were set." 'Hie changes to which the secretary referred still are taking place [ 1. putt } maintain sue indusliios us will sustain her economy and shall have access to, as distinguished from control of, raw materials. Classes on Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday and Friday nf next week will be given In four subjects and classes on each subject will be held three times dally so that Negro women who ciinnol attend one ol ihc classes may attend another. Mr. Lewis said. Ir.-ilning classes, offered to household helpers, maids, cooks, ol- fice workers and laundry cmplovc.s will be held from 9 n> 10:« ii.'m.. 2:30 to 4:15 p.m. and from 8 to 8:45 p.m. tiislniclor for the classes, arranged here through Ihc Trades and Industrial Division of the Arkansas Suite Department or Kriu- cation. will be Johnnie Washington, Ncjro woman, who is n .specialist in vocational irtiiuini; ior 1 women nnci a member ot Mechanical and ColU-nc taciiliy, .May l.cail In Nij-ln Sc-lii>«: She will ciiiuhii't ihc clas-si-.s cording to ihc iollowing schcil first class. ci>-opcralioii with ol l workers anil tniilnu-nu Midland area, while nt Kin Kmith It.-id leased MOO acres for rtie i Hi.s body «ns found in Hie rh.-ir- rcd remains of his ntiuiniciblle. a In nit a Missouri roadside. Ills pockel.s luiil been turned inside out. but police discounted rouhery as a motive tuvause of the o[ Ihc clue and some valuables on his body hadn't Ixvn Me had been bcntcn to death. Building Restrictions ' '<y State Official I.I'ITI K ROCK. Ark.. Feb. at _ it'i'i Sec. of Rtaie C. O. Hall lias askc<i h,. stale Legislative Council id do snincihlHK lo prevent the 1<(1 . construction of commercial imild- Ihe ,\ r . i i"'--s adiaccnt to the capitol grounds Normal I ni '^i 11 '^ Jtork. I Hall si-in Council Ctlaliman Imol I ,1 allies H Cainphrll, .stall- ropre.scn- tative Ironi Hot Sp:lnv,s. a C"Pv i>f the legislature's resohitlon asking the count 11 to rc'.-ommctid steps which would be necessary to prevent .sucli construction next to ihc cupltol grounds. The legislative council inert. 1 ; in ' Hoik March 12, derklcil unlay that the Republic, ot toincr in Ijittn America last year. \ Malrolm n. ljuvs. In clmrce of j the Mobile office, juld Hint equip- ! nient and supplies valued at over' JlO.IXXf.iWO icfc the pon lor the South American couiHty in l!H7, Cast Iron prc.ssnrc pipe, comwlc rcinlorccmenl bars, oil and Km well machinery sm| ccmpnt mado up the liulk ol the exports. Kviiience of thr growing trade rchiltoiis tictwcen Alabama and Vcne/.uela \\ as seen lu the announcement l ha! ThoinnA J. NH- ', leady, lirsl sivrrtary of HIP U. W. ^Kmliav-y at C;arncns, will cUsmss Iradc with Alahamu blisincsMllen here March 1. Six Held for Stealing 1948 Autos from Truck MBMI-HIS. Tend., pyi,. 20. uri'i ^ix' persons wci e under ai rest today on federal charges ot sii'iilini; loin I1)IH aiilomohlles from n Irans- pinl nailer near Huinillon, Aln. Tlu- federal charge was transporting a stolen automobile ncrasx a .Mate line mn| (licit (com nn Interstate slnpmcid. The mi identified Ihc,-il men as Albert II. Clayton. 3(1. alias "Smiling .lack", truck driver ior DeuYis Transport, ot Memphis- Ml. and Mi.s. Holi Yielding. 'Jll and '.'fl; Jalltc.s Vu-ldiuv 1 . W; F.'lhi'it l.ivvcin'* Clamnn. is. all o| Fulton. MIS.S., aid Tinman K Caddis. ^\. allns "Pm- .snm". of Cioldcn. Clayton wn.s nrre.iled in Oakland, (•nlif.. and ihe others In Tupelo and Pulton,, Ihc Pill said. Imergency Federal Aid Offered to Mississippians ., .. 'i- I resident Truman has onlncd ] Vd- cral Woik.v Ailiul;ii.strM<,i I'lillln II. Fleming to extend IMMCU-CIICV federal i.ld lo Muod-stilcken 'iiicu's 111 Ml.«tsslpp|. Till- While House saiil lln, K |., o f nir \nr\M. Tiitlahalch.'c ami i- u ld- wulor Itli'iTs have ri-aclu-d such se- voreil,. mill jiiuunliii,!,. n,.-n 1,.,1,,'ni aid Is necessary io help rcsMcn'is i>[ Ihe area. In :i Idler lo Fleming, Mr. •|'rii- man said Iliul Hie Kcdouil Works rtdmlllistnitlon shoul.l make .surplus Kovcrnmcnt iirnpeiiy m iin- area nvniluljlo to local govci nm.-nl-, (here. rifliiliiK ivpiiftcd (o Mr. Tiuman hut the flood .stage Is cspccieil lo lit a new record lodny and Mirp;is.t lluiL record Saturday. Hit Police Robbery Gang Broken Up NAHIIVIU.K, Tclln., l-'cb. 2(1.— with robbliiK a *afe In SprlngfleU recently, but, olflcert said Chey >r« ji*i.>i i > u,i,r,, iciin., I-CI). 2(1. — iM'llltf inicsliinen l • < lile Tcnne,-Jcc K u"rh''lU' U ;in 1 csl ll of ' A1 '"' ' J ' UV '"'" "'' lle<l " S Jamo ' i T - has been establislied hi North Koiea inocracy. with an nrniy estimated to number j 4. A living standard for the Jap- 200.000 men. and reports of virtually I anese people must be m-iintaiued ' Mr ' '* wis "'''""^ " lis training complete domination of Manchuria ; alone hues ivhich will K uc them , I >ru «'' nm " "Pilot conference" »,-by the Chinese Soviet government. | the courage lo repel the approaches ! s ' B ' lcd lo : ' : » 1 ' 51 ' interest and dis- In conversation whh MacArlhnrlof "totalitarian demagogues from covcl ' ' lec ' t ' s lo1 ' locil1 aduu NcB about application of ecoimmic and within and without." financial directives received from a. Care must be taken lo bring the Far Eastern Commission in t about a reform nf Japanese finance Washington and United Stules trov- P nment agencies, this corcesjjon- •nt always notccj the gcncrnl'A ten- ancl inclnslry in a way thai will not "stcrilixe the busitu\ss nbility of Note: SHOP OWNERS CLUB MEMBERS HOME OWNERS THE KIWANIS CLUB Has Avnilulile x l.iniitefl Xnntlicr of :{'x")' American Klajjs. (iet Yours Now for "Americanism Week" ONLY $2.00 While They Last! Jesse White Sign Shop Has Yntii's —. — Hurrv! traininE. If th r cliisscs arc suct'csfnl, lie said, they may he followed up by night school classes on food sanitation problems for Negro kitchen workers and courses in safety and sanitation techniques. The four classes starling Tuesday are free. Mr. Lewis staid Govern incut llKuros show thai of every 11)11 persons who were dismissed [rum their jobs last year. HI «-rr# dismissed because they could not net along with others or did not know how lo follow directions, he pointed out. Final Rites Conducted For Mrs. L. D. Edgcrton f'AIHJTHKRSVlLl. K. M<>.. rVb. 20. — Funeral services were held here Tin-srlay for Mrs. 1,. n. I5di;ci Ion al Ihc Methodist Church, conducted hy the liev. Flnytl llrower. mhi- Uln. and Intmiiciit vvas in l.lttlc I'rahie coiuetciy. Mi.s. l^cl^crton died .Saltiiday niglit at l tie faintly home here on Hotith Ward, Khe suffered a stroke lhat afternoon while having her cye.s rMu,iii ul l : i] lt j ,ii,) 1U) ( i-c,. OV r rL . Surviving are her luiMKind. 1,. n Krigerlon. one son. Gilford, three d.-iui-'hters, l.ila ,M, IV ( uu| Reiinle KdEcnon. all nf this'city, ami Mrs. K. B. McDowell of Greenville. N. C. One sun. Dow Edscrton. pre- ccedcd her i n death. Also surviving are five grandchllihen. University of Arkansas Plans Now Buildings TEXARKANA. Art... Feb. 20 FAYETTKVIM.K M-k Fell ">0 *—Tc.varkana police were con- (UPl Un^.-psin- ,,f i t, " , tlntiine their investigation today - un ' 1 '^»5 o( A.kansas Pres- Into tlie imdechircd "war" on the city's plumbers hy unknown van- dnl.s. \ r irtually every plnniliiiiL: c.siab- ashmcnf in Ihe city has been rlnm- accd by persons tltroivins: woori blocks, bricks or dynamite bombs. | 2 Caruthcrsville Men Seek Same City Office CAHUTIIKKSVU.I.K. Mn, j.vb. 20. -•'I'lie polillciil plrllire [or the annual dlv election here April nth, came Ililo focus here curly thl.s week, with Illlnn of two ( nndldaU-.s (or Dip piwl o( clly colK'dor.s. l(, l,. Tinslcy. (In- Ini-lunljcnl, has 'not pulillclv iiniiouiu-cil hl s Intcnllon B s yet for return to Ihc olllce. Thase \vho have filed arc Hosroc Colcr-r. World War 1 veil-inn, and I! W. Iliilrcl. World War 11 veteran Ncillm Las previously lid,I putillc otlicc. Illstrltmtcil l» I. I). I'li-inlujj. lUjllicvlllc, Ark. Ask for it by name. , Vandals Declare War On Texarkana Plumbers idcnt Lewis Webster Jones was pre- piuim; lodav lo cllfiaKc nnhilccls to .submit plans for a Imildiim nl line and applied,art.-, on (lie P'ay- cttc\-lllc campus. Hi. Jones was authorized yestcr- d;;v In- ihc Hoard tit Trus(ees to '-linage Prof. F. D. stone of Yun- University nnd J. J. Iliirnlson n( Foil Smith (or the Job. Dr. Stonr has designed many of Ihe ollt.itami- In-? theater buildings ot New York City. The new Imlldlntt will house the departments ol Muslr. Ail, iin.-l Speech, and ivl]) incliKlc<K<mi. studios and a "little theater." Read Courier News Want Atls. FINANCING Is Par! of Your Dealer's Job Let Him Do The Work- When you are purchasing an automobile or appliance, let your draler arrange the credit. Thrre's no need ftir you to go through a lot of red tatic, making one trip to buy nnd nniJher to finance. Just tell your dealer, I want to finance on the ... Ho II fill out the papers on tlic spot. That's all there Is to it. Yon can make the unall monthly repayments by mail, if you prefer. The cost is extremely low. FOR ONE-STOP SERVICE — FOR LOW COST — FOR CONVENIENCE — Finance through your dealer on the O. C. P. Credit Plan General Conf rad Purchase Corp. 12TW.AshSt. Phone 2928 ."^S^ Styled For SPRING HYDE PARK CURLEE MANCHESTER FROM $32.50 Sprmjj is nn i(s way . . • and your \vinft-r elolhos ni-c nn the wjiy out. Clmose ynur suit \v;inhol>c from a.s snHpp.v a rolled inn of men's clothing as you Jiitve ever seen- Fine cjuality (iabardinps . . . Hhapc-rclainiiiK \Vnrs|ed,s . . . Smooth Her- Tweeds. They're offered in nil colors and . . . and remember- IhcyVe designed by America's (ailors. C'hdwse yours today! MARTIN & BOYDSTON Everything for Men and Boys" Ciapette •/ /SOJ)A /.'.'A GRAPETTE, DREIFUS NOW NAIIONAUY ADVCRTISEO Gotham PRODUCI Of OLLtNOORIf WATCH CO, INC. • FIHt WAFCHES SINCt 18(1 ' ' PAY ON OUR EASY WEEKLY TERMS Tnick'-ln Your Old Wittch 0-REI.F BiS See What's New In PH1LCO GLORIOUS AUTOMATIC CONSOLE RADIO-PHONOGRAPH Changes up to 12 Records Automatically . lust .11 mi- lit I {.imlsuinc f full -«.]/:« r.htiOipluHiuLM.ipii console with ^[of ions (nnc 1 .iru! hi rUiJ new 1'hikio !CA- luir 1 .. NII\V in stock . . . come early I » n«w Aulomalk RaeortJ Change, l 1 ^)* vip «» 12 [cu.nit AiitunutK. j||y, (.iun^Ji in it Uy, «]iticily, x^'Htlj'- i : (H<l-]uoof. • No H»*HI*i To Chanqt. I'cmnricnt ti'.ini for I lutus.i u-1^ nt JVAVS. • Till Fionl Cntin»l. i:\dusivc t'JnlcD in- v<ii'iviii l"f my* |'li«iin\i;rji>li into lull view for <-,(v, , convenient lo.nliii^ nt"; Jf.l Jiul Sliott \\'.ivc .stAiiuiis, Ma Tone On R*«Jf.l» And R Famous Phllco "1201" Radio-Phonograph JUST PUT A RECORD IN THE SLOT . . . AND IT PIAYS! Arna/in^ new l'liil<o r.i'lio- any record Jlilnnuricjlly. . . no fmsinj; with Ink, comroli or ruC'llcs. l'i>ucii'ul H.llO icicptnin with siipcrl< tone. ssai»psx^s«srar,fSf33Ma3r<E , ™— ,.- • . -Ti*:/. NEXT FALL! 6. G. Hubbard & Sun, inc. Furniture

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