The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1931
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY 1931 RLYTHRVTLLK. (ARK.) COURIER NRWS PrlPUT! BUT FUTURE Where Reno Crowds Spend Their Money "Ghost Towns" of West C n st The'c Shadow O v nr Widc-Che-i Nevada City KDITOK'S NOTK: Tins Is the wr-i-i nf tu'D evrlusivr sterlet on J "H'blml the Kfnrs in Kcno." by] I'hilili J. Klnnntl. N'KA Xt-rvic" wilier.. Y': c tfrdny. SJminft tcM of Hie ciprratluns of tin- il!vcr;-c mill. BY 1' J. NICA Service Writer I 1C; vrMil.193). NEA Si'i-vU:?. In".) HENO. N<!V.-|!!:i ' I.Wl'll V> tilt droii" nf I' 1 * 1 i-"-"e]- for t,;-o w wh'i^l cf famine in o;iy Reno Fiviihl'ir- r-Mii>: "Over she po^s! Ovci 1 slin tro?s! Wlicrc'll she itnp? Nobody knows*" •And the same applies tn Ihe rilv of Reno, HOT se^'al weeks alons \vith legalized yambliii'*, and v.'f 1 !) inty Us fir^.t "io:ilh cf "quick-aml- rav; ellvorcM." / Where .':>'<VI1 .'.top -or beltle down — nobody knows. • * • Meantime. thr gambling whrpl? spin steadily. the divorce mills Br!n:l steadily. And spring finds: ltfnr'\ hoUs. IwuriVnft Houses, niurtments and near-town "duile ranches" crowtlnl. Kino's strcpK crammed with .••inked nnlos, ami hundreds more mi'llne tliroii c ]i tile Iraflic jams. Thcu.sTimls of CaUrcrni.ius coni- inc in fcr wri-k-cnil vacalions. Itratauvauls wnikili? at C'apac- ily. nml aH lines of business prospering. M< re irl nirr-r c-pmKin- (-Irh opening — an*] all crowded, alter nronb, nights and early mornings, with fair p:itri.n:ige even in fore- nooni. Krscrvalions pouring in and letters of inquiry showing that tlie summer vacalicinists f-vr-r wide area ah^ntlv h-ive selected Kcno as the place where they'll reek exciting surcease from everyday allairs. Wl'.crc'll it step? Nobody knows —yet. ''It's too caviy to hazard any- tli'ns but !•- nuess," say business men. "Wait until tlie second or IhiTl eron of divorcees are through." tinder the old Nevada divorce law. a. .six months' residence <xa r necessary. This meant the cli- vcicce -A-ould purchase consider- nb!o clothins liere with the change of season. The.' residence provision was enacted later And now- thnt a sis weeks' residence in the stale is sufficient, it's up to business to do smart mt<:- cliaiulisini; and study buyine habits all over again. The state Is c'ollntl with ab.iiulcned ghosts oi tvlial were hell-roaring big towns in various mining hooius. Ne- vad'.ir.s. as a result, are keenly a^-c-re that there is change. So they are aiert to tryin? li suess U'r? future, rather than supinely figure tile pay streak in- cvhaustable. Tt'-s n little too early yet. to tcl! whether the "new crop" will jus! "live out o( trrar suitcases" in- tte^d of buying from the smart ::!'i[.ps. Reno wcmen demand goot rVi'>p«. It's a case' of stocking jud- icio'.isly. ' "I've made it a noint to spcnc considerable time on the floor o late." says the head of ore bis e: tablishment. "I find that sinci Icfaliued gambling and shorter divorces, the traffic into the store is the srratcst it has ever been, and l!i?'. any loss in the sale cf gowns is more than made up in otlie lEl'-s. such as gifts and novelties.' Lingerie, hosiery, etc.. hold up ii iles. There is increase, also, in BUSY COHXKH iccod with (he full HANK CM.'II" AT KKNO win-re the liitklc sodiless O f rluuiro I if Mi; law r,f Neva:!:. Is slloivn lu-ve. Olsrrvt lliu various guiws, nut all of \ihi.H arc shuwn. •a'Ja; it's our duty to see that it s hcirjstly ccnjiiclcd. We have .no oom Ic; cro:ks uiul rackeiC'er^. -li:-y liave found that OIEI, and [;ive wide berth." ft bij rnsli cf <!!voiT»e.->. a)?o vlait ctlicr relatives in Haytl day find were accnmpaniwt to Ihl 1 end Csri;Sbersvl!le b?forc her r-:- city by Johnnie's mother. Mrs. T nun to her home in Savannah. D. Rhoites of lilytheville. ,)'' ., ', , I Mls - ws D - Llil(1 Stewart mid John ILss-P.osinc Simmons.of Herrin.' nlc p],iiii,, 5 s , )Pllt Hl , Ke! .jc-cn. Society -Personal A number from here attended the :ootcr Alumni banquet which lield f.l the Cooler higii schao! building Tuesday night. Mesdanu'S T. C. Benslcy and C. P. Howard on:l Mrs. Sim.s Micliie intended the show at Blythcviile Thursday evening. Mr. ana Mrs. A. J. McCalUim had as tiieii 1 gtiesls Su'iJ^y their daughter, Mrs. Bill Wocdard ana I two children of Comer. Rev. Elmer P_>al of Ca:ut*'.'rr.- riile delivered tl.e baccalaureate address at Cooler Sunday. Commencement exercises v:er: Hayll Sunday. Ark . M «. Mr. and Mrs. J. If. Bmitii vis-! Jenkins. ited Mr. and Mrs. Emory lirojks of Cooler Sunday. Mrs. Mable Martin, owner and operator of (he lake farm, is suentl- Qulte a number of local attende dtha baccnlaureule. service at Cootcr Sunday morning. Til address svas delivered bv licv. El New Potatoes Ib. an extcnde'rl linn: at h;r ho:nc j mer Pcale of Caruthcrsville in Lincoln, !feb,,., v . , | Mr. Ml i Mrs . T A Da vk am Walter DcL-lslo and little daiigb- i Miss Haltle Brown and Mrs Lue> ler. Betly, visited their mother and ! lilankenship motorc:! to Caviithers- Brandmoilier at • Portagcvillc Sun- ville Sunday afternoon for a shor. ^ n >'- . • . i visit with friends Mrs. oils Fowler and sister. Mis? i Mrs. E. A. Boon returned to he- Rnt.T Wall Ijft VV;dn«s:lay inoi-jiiii^ home in this city Wednesday from for Jcncstoro, Ark., srtere Mr.- St. Mary's Mo., where she was call- Fowler will cnier the A. ami M.;ed due to the death of an uncle college for Ihe summer term. Quo Beiiner. nt h ' . v!s: shopped in Blythcville Monday. Frank Harper ncco:niauied Mis - --- Eunice Guthrie to her home a Jackson University for the slimmer Black Oak, Ark., where she wil. e j,1'' . Isjjend the summer. She has boon Cape I-rane nnd William ''Bus-I here with her s:stsr, Miss Hull v 1u , Iucsda >' fcr wltn , . hcr l );lr ents M Wmd V s!l ° wl!1 emcr versity for the slimmer Inez Bteele. Thrlina Pattcrsan! Wi! liam Carter. Vernon Bishop. Eax- tcr Southern. Elmer nullocfc. Cha Crawford, Henry Jentin;. CoiKu Hlciings. Harold Steele, Alber Weedy and Beaumont Smith. Charles York v;ho hai b:en i ••vith typhoid fever Is p.b'.e to be bav' at his \vork. The B. Y. p. U. association o: this comity held a meeting r,t Tyler. Mo.. Sunday \viih approximately 150 prerent. Dr. ant Mrs. Alvin Stephens entertained with a dinner at ihiir home Tuesday evening honoring the graduates. boot-s. The short itay now necessitated makes tfo trip here more cf a vacation than actual residence. So hcrseback riding is as popular as golf, swimming and gambling. The payroll of courthouse attaches, attorneys' steno;rapherr ami clerks, to say nothing of the hundreds of high salaried dealers gamekeepers, lookouts and ease- kreiev.i at the trnmbling houses r irat,:rial. too. Add to this the money It-ft In town by the gambling vbitors. * • • Ueing referred to as "the v.ick- filest city" ('t worry Rene fcifcs. "The games are all on the sqi'iaii?. f.iui nobc<ly Is ur^cd to risk a pen- nv." they remind you. Drop into any club, day or right You'll find it filled with'a milllns U.roii3—rich, humble, Chinese, white. Divorcees and their escorts, business men, cowboys, all go about their pursuit of pleasure, whether il be in gambling or in jcs'. looking on. Tlrrr.'s no crow;l cf "panhandlers' 1 following for a rlckup, no arzi:in? about change o: play. And whiV liquor can b? had in ncno without loo great c!To~t. y.u don't find IntDsicatcd people orciind t!ic clubs. Police reports ?hcv.' arrests arc just about ll'e fr.m? as a y or ago. far the same offenses. ITo shOD'Jn^s over gcinblins, no holchips by cl.s- f.«rnlc l.-scif. "When the law first went in:; iumniervilie. Mrs. Grace Jordon o' Coottr ;uid Mrs. Bcss:c Thompson of Memphis .ire spending a few days hern >^ he hn'jjegussis of Mr. anrt Mrs. Tony Jordon. ShcrifT Sam Smi'.rj of P;ttibo:o, "itifs.. visited in the home ot Mi. inrt Mrs. G. W. Dowdy Sunday. Juige Laden Robinson attended 'ales of riding habits and riding j 'ot'.rt in Caoe Gir.irdeau Tucsdiy. — - • • • Mr. nnil Mrs. p. S. Payne of the lank of'Steels spoilt Sunday af:er- 'O"n wi'.h Mr. and Mrs. Frank 5illman o£ Cnnitiiersville. Rnv Woi-kman of Portageville is •pendin; this week here with his "others. Hei:ry and Elmer Workman. Morris Riib»r.s(cin visited in Os- i •cola Sunday. i John A?b:l! visited in Eiylhcvilb I Mrnday evening. i Mr. and Mrs. t/iui<= Wik'n o' ; ''ortaCTville visitor! wit'' Mr. and ' Mrs. I,. A. Shields Sunday. j Mrs. Llndsey Smith nf Cirnto- : -svill» is visitju her narcnts Mr I md Mrs. J. F. Vick. this week. Mrs. Maude P;c>:irtl rHnriic 1 ti ler home in Memphis Sunday n(- 'er spending a v>eck hero with rlcnds. F'innrts ct Mrs. C. W. Shnd.T vill be pleased lo;i that F!S.-! is 'i improved, and hopes (D tr to hp out soon. Tc-nn., is visiting with friends relatives in this city ttm Mrs. N. ICO'.iry, Mrs. Sam Hamri infl MI5SM Sallle and Wadad Hamra visited relatives in Memphis and Covmston, Tenn., Tiifsrtay. Lcn Burns was a Blythevilla visitor Sunday. Mrs. Jewel Matins of this city has accepted a position with (lie NiuboHis Brothers Store company.' formerly Tlis Hub, in C?.rut:iers- Mr. and Mrs. Cap Taylor accompanied Miss Anna Laura White to Blyilieriiic Saturday where she left for parii of Miislssippi for the Mrs. H. E. Doerner left Saturday morning for Los Angeles. Ca!.. (o spend Hie nmnucr ivith her inothcr, Mrs. M. Resan. Mr. nnri Mrs. Johnnie Urodes visited in Brownsville, y;m ncsday. Flio:-lie;ls are of Persian origin, and were originally attache:! u. sandals in older thai' the weaver; might keep their feet above the nurning .sands. right. KC. 9 "ALBIOHT The All-Vegetable Laxaticr Hectic Days- (• Sleepless Nights •b'r Ralph Vick is spending this week m Wilson. Ark., with his sister ««. J. F. Douglas. Bcnnic Robinson left T»-5iav -Dornin? for Hannibil, Mo., to vLsi: h!s brother. He will probably fc; !"ne a month. Mr. and Mrs. Frc1 F.i:ilt cf Blv- •licvillo v'Miecl the hitcr'i pirontv Mr. anrt Mrs. c. W. Shrnder of >nls cily. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Workman ".nd small SDH. James Tfjnry. vls- i'«l n shori. while in i'orla"?evilh Sunday wilh M rs . Workman's Cao Taylor visited In c and 'ifccl. (IVre. w.13 a. nood of 'dips' Mr. nnd Mrs the usual csrnUal followers. dnm;h!"r Minni" but we rc.mirrcd Iheni up right itl-mvlllc and lirawi.lncio FrH.iv away, and '' thrm r.vt as Mrs. w. M. Spencer'.'mother o" ragranls." Police Chief J. M. Kirk- L. C. Spencer of this city, k vl<=- l«y says. "Oambh:i 2 is le;al In Kc- iting here for a few days. She will .ich worry you, keep T OO MUCH work, too much menial stain, loo Ttuicl then "NERVES". How they torture you, tire yi you awake nights! "NERVES" make you irritable, restless; give you Headache, Indigestion... ."NERVES" make you look and feel old weaken. resistance and pave Ihc way for serious nervous or organic trouble. J. M. Fciter, a druggist, suffered tortures from Over-wrought Nerves. He had dozens of so called "Nerve Remedies" in his store. One by one he tried them without relief until....But let Mr. Foster tell his experience in his own words. "I t/iinfi Dr. Miles' ,Ycri;i!ic is Ihc best nerro medicine inndc, nnd tfml n bcllcr one.cannot be intide. Dr. Miles' iVeruinc ions the ouli/ wafi- ci?ic on the shel/ or in (lie prescription ciso (hat pal me on my /eel." J. M. f'osler, Druygisl filaryiville, Ohio j-AD Hn K !ish 1,-C J/W 2 Uis. 1J HKAN'S I'ri'sliStrinjc- 1AC Ics?. 1,1). ID Bananas !b.5c Bargains for Saturday and Monday CAIIUACK N(!\v C BREAD * 11OLLS 5 C Oranges Doz. 35c H.OUKriiim C(i(»l(P1 ir 21 I.Its. liOc -IS l;bs.<)l,13 MKAI, White Crcsim 21-IJ). Sitcli Coffee Old JuilKC or iMiixwell House Ib. 32c Fresh and Meaty Ib. lOc I'if? 7IC l.b. i li mm ,,„. w LIVER Calf ,,, 40 C VEAL K. C. Hlionlik'i- IKc; Sli';ik I,I>. 2r,c Stew, 1.1). 15c LAMB ROAST M. 22' NECK BONES... 5 C BOLOGNA u, 15 C AI'I'LIC .[JUTTER ITTER OCC Quart Jar L<J CAKES Complete I-int Each 15c ;ind Soap White Eiiglc or Silver Leaf 10 Bars 29c Shoulder lilu 'huk Hi!) 1,1). IV \' t u Chink Ijl). l. r )c ' Hrisltul LARD O ' mr ' 0 " n ; ljl ,.ir BACON MI. Horns Lb, 19c KAl.T MKAT liest T liest 111C Siile-s. Kb. 11 2 Machine Sliced, Very Best SugarCuredBreakfastSlab FRANKS ..... 15 (: WE1NFRS .....20 C BERRIES Fresh Qt 15c ROAST VK \^Tf. SAUSAGE l>or L10 c ' HENS and BROILERS Lettuce, Large Heads 3c BEANS l,b. 4 2 BANANAS ,,, CORN I .it lie Folks 1AC No. 2 C:in Each 1U HUTTER ['tire Crennicrv 1,1). Beef Liver Ib. 20c OLEO Un ™l7;!,25 c BACON Fancv Sliced OCC !?. 25 C SAUSAGK I'urc I'oik OAC S2fl c Hens and Fryers Full Dressed CORN Fresh Ear 5c SQUASH Lb . TOMATOES- ORANGES Potatoes 2!c OKRA Vresh BEETS " r CA .gF 5 (; CUCUMBERS ,,,15 C CANTA- LOPES Ea. lOc EGG PLANT ^17. PEAS Fresh "TIT 7 2C RHUBARB School Day Peas, Can lOc ROACH I'0\VI)KR Ketl 1QC l)e\il. C:tn iiJ TOMATOES. B .,.25 C BEANS ,c : , ns 25 c CORN FLAKES . Kello^g's 3Pkgs.25c Quart ,art39 C SYRUP "Ti GRAHAMSS15 7 1 Package PaSmolive Beads With tach •! A Purchase of 1 Package af Regular Price 1UC COFFEE s ,, : , $1 Uf-ACKHKRIUKS ;iN(! I'OWDKK OOC jilnmel. 1-1,li. Can La PEACHES Coffin " \(>. 'i\'i Can Ea,18c M!LK KaslcI!ra d21 c SHRIMP .an 19 C C;»ns 15 Sugar, Limit 10 Ib. 47c

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