The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1948
Page 15
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TTURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1948 UT OUR WAY By J, R. Williams Our Bearding House with Maj. Hoople RMTHEVIT,T,E (ARK.) COURIRR NKWS 1 SEE SOWS BROUGHT HIS COWHIDE IN HERE TO CUT STRIPS TD WELL, QUICK 6IT IN H AN' LOOK UNDSR IT.' THERE MAY BE BOOTS EV'EM A 8EP--E TH BOYS UNDER IT, BE IN' CUT TO RIBBONS--He . NEVER LOOKS. I L JUST GOT A BULLETIM FROAV '(He WOOPLE -THEY'RE ANAJAV POP FOR TWI-SVOW& Hfc CJIM. JEFFRIES, TMB MMO« TOR A FCee OOTDOOR REVIVAL OP siWPLe I bUPPOSB I OUGHT TO YCIL FOR —- 6UT AFT&R LIVING DAU&eeoJSWAlLfr4ES6 F6EU LlK&TUB < HEROINE IM* TUB PERILS Of- PAULINE*-~ TWtS IS 7OST < ANSOTl 16R WELL,CAki SOU GET OOR ROVERS DOT LEAD PAGE FIFTEEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING •"ive room residence with h. Now vacant. Move in lay. Price ?3,750. $1,300 si), balance terms. H. C. CAMPBKLL Office 120 S. Second St. Phones 44<!6 or 2930 'I have no sidelines" 2-18-ck-21 or Sale, Miscellaneout Bale Oat Straw 8«« or Call Ohirlle Brogrton Phona 76S OFFICE By Adelaide Humphries ei, | Mtx HEVICE INC c '' sllccrs - • lla '"B "machines, ers, meal case.!. Bevem- ' «y SURPLUS . TCD c. I,YSTK. ephon. MM. w. u t t JiU-pk-JO Jl.moud engBSCment .1,4 ..utuuu engagement ana wtduinp ; Ml Hslunll matlattiiK In plitl- „ *' Wcxxlrow Slgnian. Dell « ;,,,. W [l n ' um P- Complete with H Uarntu " "^ **' S^t" 1 ". For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COtmiZK NEWS OSTIOB Kclrlc Addr« 2700 model- OrBpho-type electric model E w' van, phune 3471. Boi 213 city. Hc/p Wanted l"pon»lBl. m»n or woman, part to «!-»!« route ot candy car toe*. E.xpcrtenc« unnocewnry discussed at Interview JM5 needed. Olve address pho,"' 'led or slnRle. Boi BH c:o cmi/ler 2 19-PX-J2 anted: three t«dle« for rnieclal K. Car essential, four lioure n"r »10 per day. live da,-s per wee" te Courier N ew «. Box Bo __^_^ Lost and found XXVIII IT was rallier nice, Janice decided, being a patient imtend of a nurse. It was nice just to lie in a comfortable bed with frcsh- smelling linen, with Hie shades half-drawn and the room filled with flo« r ers. Of course, she reflected, she -should be on her way to Mexico. But (iiis was almost as good. Mexico would keep. Everything would keep. She did not want lo do anything or think about anything or anyone for a long, long time. The nurse, her while skirls rustling, her face lighted up with a cheerful, purposeful smile, popped her head through the doorway to inform her patient, brightly, lhat she had a visitor. "But I don't want to—" Janice began, then she saw who the visitor was and said all right. She could not refuse to see Belly June. She had refused nearly everyone else, except, of course, her family. "You mustn't stay lone," the nurse warned, ushering Betty Jane in, one finger pressed wurn- ingly against her lips. "Our patient is dome nicely, but we don't want to tire her." "Oh. I won't! I']) only slay a few minutes," Betty Jane promised. She handed the nurse a bundle wrapped in green wax paper lhat could only he more flowers. 1 wonder, Janice thought, if I'll get this many flowers at my fun- era). Not that the flowers weren't lovely. But in her present mood Janice was too indifferent to be grateful tor Ihem. Still, she thought, smiling at Betty Jrpo. fhp was jjl:id it wasn't her funeral. Slie was not u><> in- diircrcnt to be glad lhat she sull was alive. • • • \fY, you look wonderful!" Betty Jane said. But she did not sound as- though she meant II. 1 must l«ok H wreck, Janice decided. She had not, up until now. cared? She still did not cnre too much. "How's everything?" she said. She rlid nol care very much how "everything" svas. but it was polite to ask and Betty Jane would expect much from her. "Just fine! Just fine!" Belly Jane said. "I know you musl be worried, thinking I wnn'l be able to take your plnce. But honestly, even Miss Willows says I'm doing all right." "I'm sure you'll do much better than I," Janice said. "I coukl never do that," Betty .lane said modestly. "Bui tlic office is all I have now. Thai's one reason I had to come lo see you. Janice. I wanted lo lell you. only I don't know how. . . ." Her voice [altered, but she managed to go on in a moment. "Don't you be sensible, like 1 always thought I was. What I mean is. don't you put the office first. If you want to stay away a long time or anything —well, just you do it." "Thanks," Janice said. She was not rjuile sure what she was thanking Betty'Jane tor, but she knew that the other girl .vas trying to help her. That was why Janice added, "I am goin;; to stay away. As soon as I'm able I'm going to Mexico, for a vacation. And"—U seemed now Hint Janice was beginning lo think, whether she was ready or nol—"you cnri | e tl Miss Willows siimcthiii B [,„• me, If you will." He-fly June said lhat she would be ,bd to. She said she was glnd J unite was a^'mv way. • • • J'M not raining back." Janice said. "Thai's whal I want you lo lell Mis« Willow.-. And I think she will imdeisland —1 think she'll be Khul." "I'm glad, luo." Helly Jane said, nntl Ilien siie burst out crying. She mniKigi'tl t ( , slop almost immediately. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't menu to. But oh. Miss Hilary, please niiury lhat nice young man of yours! If y,,n don't, I iusl know you'll |j. to regret it. No man will keep on wailing for n girl forever." "Whal makes you think that?" Janice asked. "My Bill, he up and married sorm.piio ohc." nelly Jane ca- • an .irutiment lhat was ttmvinring. "A girl he always said he couldn't slaml, loo. liul I krpl him waiting too long; he thought I pp- my work before him. Common sense and love ,!i n'l nii.v ,il all." "Maybe you're riiiht," Janice said. "Anyhiiv I'll think about all lhat you've said. I'm terribly sorry, Hetty Jane, about your young man. Only, truly, I feel sure that he couldn't have been the riqht young man. and thai the right one. for you, will come along some day." Jrimi-v's wordr and srnile were so warm and sin. ere that Ihey almost convinced Ihe other girl. "Oh, Ihnnk you. Janice," she said, "so very much! I'll try lo remember whal you said, if you'll remember whal ! did. n n t I know I mustn't slay any longer, or say anylhing Tnorn." She was right, ns just then the nurse popped her head through the rfooru-a. again to say the visitor, had slay d long enough. "We inu^l nol lire our uulidil?" <Tu lir Cnnllniiril) "May I remind in two remind you that this is the fourth girl you've hd your* that you would marry in a iiiiiiuto i! yc could find a place to live?" KKKCKKKS A HIS KKIKNIJS By MERRIM/BLOSSEB 1N- VADfp PRIVATt LIFE, RETARDED 5 EPUCA- TiOM HIS MOWER. HIM DOGGONE IT, THERE MUST 8e SOME WAY OF APPFAL- <> TO THAT BOOK-IMPPY , (SOZO'S ettrCR. NATLIRIT' Private Rooms Mlroom. clean and comfortabl«Tpr7^ edroom. 3U N." Ninth. Phone 2338. ' com with iltchfn prtTtlfeV 101 Sedronm.v Blnhevllln Hotel CURTAINS, draws, anything lhat you need cleaned to perfection Is handled easily at PEERLESS CLEANERS. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable prices, quick, efficient service! PEERLESS CLEANERS Phone 2433 Nobel film More than !5,150,000 has been awarded .since inauguration of tile Nobel priz-j.s, vrlilch "are sii-en lo lending men ami women for service lo lUtrnlute, science and international peace. Book .-nialciiM were highly im- ix»)lil!>.r w'lifn they ftrsl were made fewer. Irian a million In (luring the first yeiu. Today thnn 200 billion hook matches ar- 1 the United Stntcs i\n- nu.illy. 1 hoxise^replnjt room pnonn I 2 I«-pX-23 i cdronm. convenient to bnth fltim t. rnon. 33JJ. «1I w. M«ln § 1 2 9-CK-3 S ; "Om kltchtn prlTlle^rs ~Amo~ ' Ic hot wot^r. 331 E. Dr\vls Phonf rurnlKhed hprtrootn rlos« In hen prlTllegt9. 518 «. Dmli ' >mforti\ble bedroom for rent. Call 2 lR-cfc-3 IS rent hertroom. <-lo.<e In. constant • ater. Phone M«J. 2|18-px-21 Wanted to Buy 0 P' n «-IX"l|t ttblt. K«w or M«ed "_; 2-17-dh-tf Sheriff T**e, R.r, , CLUSTER. C«llf. (UP). When bird foresters begun cutting j « bi» locust tr« in the y»rd > ween the jail and the court se, office workers lenned out of dowx and begun betting on ch building 11 would foil. The ft toppled and a)] bet* vert The tree fell on the cur of riff Arthur Friills. Action! No DM flay Inn at hom* when there'i real fun io be h»dl Try your hand at Rlvthrrille'i newest sport. Bowl Tonight! Chitwood's Bowling Alleys Kast Main Street Phone 4923 Here's Looking At You! . . . for H more immaculate, attractive appearance this spring . . . bring •soiled suits (o us for rapid, fresh-ii.s-ncw denning and pressing! 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INSPECTOR GROWL 15 HEADING TOR THAT AR4RT/MFNT IP I OOW'I SHOW UP 6Y MIDNIGHT. AND IT'S I1H5 NOW. A QUARTER Of AN HOUR AND THE fOP5 Will HAVE YOUR 7R£«ORE. WASH TUBBS Hy U-JSUK TUKNKU LOOK AT ME. EASV...DO 1011 .. | WO'S RlSHT..,mT 1 IMMIHED All THQ5E KIS..IPON'T TOTHNK'. V*e FOUND MOTHIMO 10 CONFIRM MV OF TORV... DON'T! POR lUBBS'SWE... kMD FOKMItlE:!JVE GOT TOXNOH HIM I'M NOT lOSING MS SAW TV! IH&D MU&T'VS SUSPECTED I rflKS GDWO TO IHE POllCt AMD SET OUT TO PUCREtHT M STOM! HE'S CLEVER, EASV... BUT HOW COULD HE DO IT SO HELl IKI A FEW HOUR3? HMM! ms, itn VOU CM RECW.L THM HftS WH BEAHN6 ON THE CASE! HE »W HME OVEKIOOKEP SOME LH1LEPE1ML THW Will GWf HIM AWM! IT SEEM WPOSSIBU! AMP ^ET... I CAN'T DISMISS IT ^S * DFLUSIOM. By FRED HARMAIS Hin DAUGHTER LETTY Go-ur\ TO m 5CHOOL, RED RYDER. WELUREO.'Y LITTLE StAMER WHAT'S TrllS / PID rAOST OF W£ I HEAR A WORK-MART' AESOLJT [ VlOMLT HELPED.' CATCHIN)' A BAhSDIT ~ S-SS ^co»_^_i»Uit MiaiMVif^tHf t jj Mfcij t.r*r&M." JJy V. T. HAMLIN IS ANVFULLY HEAVY...I'VE SOT TO oar: HOOTS ANI> HKK W/DDIKS Hy KOCJAR MARTIN

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