Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 2, 1891 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1891
Page 4
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John Gray's , 'CORNER" On Lace Curtains, Window Shades, Poles, =• Window Draperies, Fringe, Chains, and Cord and Tassels. All Fresh Goods, not damaged by Water or Fire. .,...THE_N.gw_Yo f i;l5;, r .Mail and Expresi says 'editorially: It is fitting and proper that ex-Representative Owen, of Indiana, shoulc be appointed,as o.ur Washington corre spondent to-day intimates that he wil be, the first National Superintendent of Immigration, for he introduced the bill creating the office and knows jus 1 what the law requires. The office is one that can be made useful if the right man holds it. The new law is difficult of enforcement, and it wil] take hard work on the part of all the officials concerned to make all its provisions operative. FINE PERFUMES :-: A T :-: Parvln's :-: [-' 12th-st Drug Store. :-: Daily Journal, Tariff Pictures. In Stockholm, Sweden, women carry mortar ajid bricks up to the masons, and they are paid about 30 cents per day for this kind of work. Hod carriers In England, average dally wages, 83 cents—16dt.Iep. United Stutes-riiverage dully wages— $2.4-1-20 cities. When women do this work In the United Slates for the same price as In Sweden we: shall be able to build just as cheaply.as they do In Sweden. How. happy this will make free traders. —New York Press. A wise Policy. The Mexican Government is in correspondence with the Department of State at Washington on the subject of a reciprocity treaty. M. Romero, the Mexican Minister, is authority for this statement. The United States is attracting its neighbors by its trade policy as needles are attracted to a magnet, or the magnetic ^needle to the earth's pole.—Ex. ~ • FAVA^EECALL. It Is Thought to Mean. That War Is Intended. "- King Humbert's Ultimatum as Shown by Some Interesting Diplomatic Correspondence. A Deep Conviction. Senator elect Palmer of Illinois, is a free coinage man, but that has not prevented Mr. Cleveland from cordially congratulating him -upon his election. There is a suspicion in the West and South that Mr. Cleveland's aversion to free silver is only skin deep anyway.—Boston Journal. Published every day In the week (except Monday) by;w. D. PRATT. Fried per Annum, Price per Month. - .... 90 OO - - - - SO THURSDAY MOKfqiJG', .APRIL 2. ITALY'S IRE- Quite a sensation has- been created by the recall of Bara Fava> the , Italian Minister to - the U.nited ; States. Thejconfessed cause of the action is t ~"*5is3atisfaction .atitbe -position of ,the United States on the New Orleans massacre. It would seem that our system of government is misunderstood or that the' 'Italian government is attempting-to influence the people of Italy by an actof buncumbe.. ,fh& latter theory has been: advanced ->by " men posted, in diplomacy, and seems more plausible. It.it certain that no such action would qome,. with : any sin!- -Cerity,: f rom a Nation familiar with ^^mr system of government .since 'the United States has dote all that. could : be done-up to this ti»e in. the dlrec^ tion of investigating-'ancl acting- • upbn information received. However, aa the people of the... United,'' States. . are surprised at the action; and .are-.-at ,aj loss to account for •Hahey-are 'Dually. unablo at this time" ,t6'' judge "of " the wgults or to determine what results 'Italy may desire. It is the general opinion that war is not probable, however, and no serious alarm is caused by the action; - Italy has a powerful ;navp which ranks third and above that of the 1 United States., While a temporary' ad vantage wpjiid 'be gained at the opening of a contest the result would not Tje at all doubtful; The resources of the United States are £- almost unlimited and the patriotism ^of its citizens, greater than that'of any Mother Nation.- Italy' 1 'is'a member of • the triple alliance however, -with • -A.ustria.and Germany and while their • sympathies and aid would not natur- ly, under-the terms of'/the .alliance, |?be given - against the ,-Upited -States, it to might be gained iy 1 ---complications. JEngland also is close to the alliance if .negotiations heretofore', pending have not already made, th'at 'Nation., a mem- •ber. The war cloud-is not alarming yet and there is no ..danger just now that the oalmy day : s-.of Spring will be • made oad,by the ahse,nce of the gentle -strains of the hand, organ...,.- Does Not X«aCfc"' Enterprise. Sunday's Logansport Journal printed an eight-page supplement containing a write-up of the principal industries and advantages of that city. The Journal does not lack for enterprise.—Michigan City Sews. STATE NEWS. &. Column Full of Especial Interest to Indianians. Mnst Give a Special Bond. Ind;,. April 2.—In accordance with the provisions of section S of house bill No. ,558, enacted. by the last legislature, it will be necessary for each county school "superintendent to execute a special bond. Under the pro- .visions of the act'the bond must be executed within thirty--days after the passage of the,bill. The .thirty days will' expire Saturday next. .It, .was not "discovered at once, that the act had an emergency clause attached, and owing- to the lateness- of the notice it is going to hurry some, of::the.superin- tendents of the distant counties to comply with the law within the specified time. The act provides that this special bond shall have'upon it at least the names of two free-hold sureties of the county in which the superintendent resides. I.ATHST VIEW OF THE SITUATION, WASHWOTON, April 1.—Now that the first ; 'scare" is over the belief is growing that the re-' call by his gov- crnment of Baron Fava, the Italian minister, has no serious significance as affecting the relations between the United Stat e s and Italy. Indeed, in spite of reports to the contrary, it is •ery doubtful if BABOST FAVA. he baron's recall had anything to-do with the New Orleans affair. There is nothing to indicate that it had ia the etter of recall which the baron pre- ented to Mr. Elaine. In that the baron vas simply told to turn over the egation to the Marquis Iroperialli and ome home; that his services in Washington were'no longer required. Some of the. r more'sensational papers have -it that thejtalian government 'had in the letter of recall expressed dissatisfaction with the way this government was acting in the New Orleans, matter, but that is not true. No reference whatever was made to that affair and no reason given why Baron Fava was recalled. Nor did the baron ask for his passports, as the early sen-' sationalists had' it. . F.x-Secretary Bnyard well reflected Washington sentiment whsn he said: "Baron Faya was probably recalled for some personal or political reason at home." It is well known that there has been a change in the Italian ministry and that a new policy is being urged upon the government. Baron Fava may not be in accord with that policy and has simply been recalled to make room for somebody that is. He has been in Washington ten years and is somewhat given to eccentricity. It is not at all unlikely that Prime Minister Rudini desiivs to send a new man to Washington in the way that at the beginning of every new administration we .send new men abroad -to all the courts. The war phase of the episode which -was rampant has , • Doctors on Trial for Body-Snatchlnp;. LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 2. —The trial of the body-snatching ease against Drs. Grant and Blackburn, of this city, was begun at Jeffersonville, Ind., Tuesday afternoon. - About, a-year-ago the two doctors .were 'caught is -the Cemetery at New Albany, Ind., -in.,the act/of robbing 1 ., .,,,,t^e ,,... grave, .-., of, • ..Young Pierce, ' w'hx/ died, .in Chicago a.nd -•whose' family' are prominent in New 'Albany^'' The'brothers of the dead man • headed a party who • : w«re concealed near. : the grave., .-. A 1 - negro : who was with the doctors attempted to escape and was'instantly killed.. -There was imminent danger j>f, lynching and- a .change of venue was taken to Jeffersonville. , . ... . Will InvestlR-fttc the Neldiffer i Murder. MITCHELL, Ind.', April 2.—in the case of' the murder of Sol NeidifEer's wife, •who was found dead at her home 8 miles east of ,here ..last Wednesday, many of the neighbors, were not satisfied with the facts brought out. by the coroner's inquest and the prosecuting attorney has taken the matter in hand and will hold a court of inquiry ' near Lancaster. The whole neighborhood has-been summoned and the people for miles around will -' attend 'the meeting. Considerable money has been raised as a reward-for any information that will lead • to the - detection: of the murderer. : " ' ' - ' : : ONE of the ;extremfe:alliance' papers says "What the ' people want is a ^-cheaper money for' j.tis" '• ..?asley to. get' and will pay. debts, jusj-.-the. same as a ' -dear money.". Thi^i, 'is, .the ..frankest f confession we, have. seen. . . :.The fact is: ' hero admitted that; 1 what is demanded xby the extremists fe'- ; that ; ' i 'the;govern- 'ment shall ""by legislation',' 'cheapen : money so that debtors can.: pay debts ; with. it. The poor man who by a. life work and economy, ^manages to lay up two or .-three thousands dollars to live on in "his old age and who has money loaned out is to be paid back in a cheap' currency, made so by : government, easy to get and consequently worthless. This is the idea of the purposes of a government enter stained by some of the. inflationists. -with Collecting Illegal Fees. ' - Ind., April 2.— Geoi-ge F: McCullough, one of the most prominent politicians of the .state •• and who has been clerk of the circuit court . of this county for twelve years, has been arrested charged ...with'- .collecting more fees than the law allows. McCullough is. worth SlOOi.000. and interested in many manufacturing, interests in this ;city and Indianapolis. It is claimed he .has illegally .collected fees to the extent of several 'thousand' dollars. with Tax Dodging. N : Ind., April 2. — Prosecuting Attorney New has filed suits in the circuit court of this (Boone) county against several large- property holders, charg- 'ing them with having falsely listed property for taxation. . The defendants are Mordecai Owen, Samuel R,odefer, J. .C. Brown, Henry T. Brown, William S. : Ritchie and the estate of Charles Davis, deceased. .' • 'assengers Shaken. Up. N; Ind., : April 2.— An Indiana Midland;passenger train, -while running at 'a high rate of speed, jumped the track 9 miles ' west Tuesday morning. One coach was overturned. John Spickard received a broken leg and the other passengers were severely shaken uiv wholly subsided. At the-state department there is a general disposition to belittle the matter, and there was no idea that the dogs of war were tq.b$ unloosed. ' '-" --"" •' Baron Fava has not left Washington nor will he for some days. It is not likely that Mr. Blaine will make other than a reply of a personal character to the baron regretting the severance of: his relations with tlie government, and expressing the usual and perfunctory' expressions of "distinguished consideration," etc. The menacing action of Italy has drawn direct attention to our defenseless seaboard, particularly among naval officers. While our new navy is emerging from its decrepit condition, it is still in a somewhat chaotic state. The cities of New York, Charleston, Eos- ton, Portland and others along the Atlantic coast are particularly defenseless, as they have few effective fortifications and no torpede or other harbor protections such as have been liberally. designed by congress, but never executed. We have available 12 armored vessels, 13 single-turreted monitors, 6 unarmored steel gunboats, 3 torpedo' boats, 1 dynamite cruiser, i torpedo cruiser, 1 practice cruiser, 7 iron and wooden gunboats and 18 wooden gunboats. This constitutes our - navy afloat to-day. There are a number of other fine types of war vessels being builti and these could be floated within a short time in case of emergency. Compared with the navy of Italy our pres- sent fleet is considerably outranked. The Italian gunboats are not only more enormous but more effective than ours. Three of the Italian warships are the largest ones afloat, being each larger than anything in the British navy. According to the latest statistics at hand Italy's navy consisted on Januarv 9 of a total of 238 vessels, of which 12 were warships of the first, 14 warships of the second and 17 warships of the third class. These warships include 80 ironclads, of which 23 are built of steel. Their total tonnage was about 150,000, their aggregate horse power 170,000, their armament consisted of 353 breech- loading and 49 muzzle-loading guns and their crews of 10,600 men. There were building at the ' time 5 first-class ironclads with an aggregate tonnage of 62,600, 7 torpedo rams, 2 gunboats and 8 torpedo cruisers. The Italian navy' is counted next in rank after the French navy. Its' vessels, are all of modern construction and armament and' Italian seamen and mariners have a well-earned'reputation for bravery and efficiency. The total of all:ranks of men in Italy's naval service is about 60,000. SURPRISE IN JfEW ORLEANS. NEW ORLEANS, April 1.— The news of Baron Fava's recall fell upon the members of the Italian colony here like a thunder clap.' There are 20,000 Italians here, occupying, every sphere of business and. social life.' Some of them are capitalists, leading merchants, and most estimable doctors and teachers. They feel that they have received a severe shock from their native land. Ten millioas of Italian money is invested here, and to its owners war would be ruin. None among them pretend that the slaughter of March 14 was a blow struck at their countrymen. Of the eleven men who were slain for aE^jc'd crime the Italian consul ciaime,a oniy Mour as nvs countrymen. One of these was afterwards .found to have declared his intentions to becoma tin American citizen and another was a criminal and fujfLiiye fro^a Italy. . AS SEEN IN -HOME. ROME, April 1.—United States Minister Porter has requested the Italian government to exercise patience for a^ few. days, pointing out the difficulty which the American government was obliged to encounter in settling the New Orleans affair. Baron Fava has not as yet cabled any official or decisive answer to the message of recall by his government. The rumors that Americans have been imprisoned in Florence and other Italian cities are absolutely without foundation. The general situation throughout Italy is tranquil, and a disposition is manifest to await patiently the issue of the negotiations now in progress between the governments of Italy and the United States. The tenor of Baron Fava's note to Mr. Blaine is that what Italy asked and still asks is the federal government's guarantee that regular legal proceedings will be taken against the culprits in the New Orleans lynching and that the federal government will admit in principle its obligation to pay an idernnity to tho families of the victims. The note adds that Italy cannot and is not called upon to discuss American institutions, but must urge upon the federal government the'observation of the principles of international law. Italy hopes that the federal government will appreciate the- obligation incumbent upon' it as a . government of a civilized country to accede to Italy's just demands. If this should not be the case, the king's minister must, by order of his government, declare that he quits a post where his legitimate action as the king's representative has proved inefficacious. It is believed that unless Baron Fava receives a favorable reply within a week he will leave Washington for this city. HUMBERT'S ULTIMATUM. ROME, April 1.—A correspondent here has perused the dispatches exchanged from the outset between the government of Italy and the government of the United States in regard to the New Orleans lynching. The substance of them is that Italy asked in the main that a fair legal process should be instigated tigainst the culprits, regarding them as common assassins. Italy likewise asked for an indemnity for the families of the men killed in New Orleans by the mob which invaded the jail thare. - To these requests the United States authorities at Washington answered that the constitution of the United States gave but limited powers to the federal government in regard to interference with the various states of the union, but the United States government affirmed its good intentions in the matter. At this stage of the proceedings 'Baron Fava in one of his letters to his government, remarked that the reply showed an evident desire to gain time, and that it was no practical solution of the question. The answer from Washington being regarded as unsatisfactory, Italy instructed Baron Fava March 27 to press the • two original de- • mands upon the United States government, and, in the event of his fail ing- to obtain satisfaction, to leave Washington, after consigning the care of the legation at Washington to the first secretary. Mr. Blaine's answer being regarded by the Italian premier, Marquis di Rudini, and his ministerial colleagues as unsatisfactory, the Italian government instructed its minister, Baron Fava, on March 27, to press the two original demands upon Mr. Blaiae, and, should he fail to receive immediate satisfaction, to leave Washington en conge, consigning the embassy to the charge of ,the first secretary, Marquis Imperial!. Minister Fava carried out these instructions, and as a result the United States government was informed by him that as it had, in the judgment of King Humbert, failed to fulfill the duties devolving upon civil governments his presence as a representative of Italy was no lonc-er necessary. This action is not a complete rupture of diplomatic relations, but is merely the first step in what may become a complete rupture. The rumors which have been circulated in the United States to the effect that a number of Americans are detained in Italy as hostages are wholly unfounded. The public is tranquilly. • awaiting the issue of the negotiation between this country and the Unite* States. During the course of an interview the •Marquis di Rudini said that personally he was most kindly disposed towards the United States government, and expressed the hope that the civil authorities of the United States would not Jfail in their duties toward society, justice, morality and the law. Publi> opinion, however, he added, demands a more energetic tourse of action. If the United' States 'government, he continued, does not- perceive that it is .in the wrong, a diplomatic rupture is inevitable. •'• Robbed ftn Old Farmer. HAEKISBUBG ( 'Pa., April 1.—Two men entered the house of Michael Strominger, at Levyisburg, Tuesday night and compelled the aged farmer to hand over 82,000 with which he intended. paying- a debt on his farm. They bound and gagged Mrs. Strominger, the old wife of the farmer, and when the cloth was removed from her face it was discover ed that she had been suffocated. The men escaped after calling upon a physician to attend the aged woman.. Highest of all in Leavening Power—W. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, i ABSOLUTELY PURE Both Olecl. TKKKU HAUTE: Ini, April 2.—Patrick Hurley and .Michael Garvey, the two victims of Monday's disaster at the blast furnace here, died Tuesday. -MetliocIlHt Conference, HUXTLVGTON, Ind., April 2. —Two hundred ."ministers are attending the northern Indiana Methodist conference here. : His l.ile Crushed Out. FORT WAYNE, Ind., April 2.—Charles Jahn was crushed to death in tlie Pennsylvania railroad shops here, Tuesday. -. . , : Kil'tccl-by the Cam. . WoBTHr.vfiTox, fiid.. Ar, r jl o,_;' ! ,] v i n .. Woodson, of, -this.place, j-unm-d. n-ojri u" train Tuesday and was U.iJed. THE MARKETS. : Grain. Provisions. Etc. CHICAGO, April 1. FLOUH—Quiet and firm. 'Spring Wheat patents, $.1.60irsHiW; bakers' 88.30® 3.75. Winter Wheat Flour, fa 60 ©5.00 for patents aed S-l.40O4.no for straight.?.. :'• - •"•: •'•'• WHEAT—Ruled weaker .with moderate trad' ing. No. 2 cash, 1.03J£@1.03'-J;'May, SLIMa®- 51.05, •— . -. • . ;,.•-• ;. • ; CORN—Fairly active and lower. No. 8 and No. 2 Yellow, Sltfc; May, 67@98c; July, 6, THEY'RE ALL NODD1N', The Sleep Pasting Contest Beginning to Tell on the yarticlpauts. DKTKOIT, Mich., April; l.—The six sleep fasters, Townsend, the old six- day'walker; Cunning-ham', ship chandler; Stevenson, New Orleans steeple pointer; Watson, upholsterer; Hunt, steamboat derk, and Bowerm'an, hotel nig-ht clerk, began the second twenty- four hours of keeping-awake at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon." All' the men have' been in training- =for the event for - two weeks, 1 , and, expect to,, stay the 168 hours neees's'ary'-to - .get part, of the S500 prize. - -Old. Townsend already yawns fearfull}' and'does not look,as if he could not stay another day, but says he is all right for a week. ; TEeimen do not show lack of sleep except-Tqwnsend. and watch.--each otherJike a cat does a mouse. Manager Whitbeck is with the men all. night, and crowds/watch them. by day. •"- -..-'-. •"''"•'/ : '' : ..-• OATS —Lower. No.-a, 5S=i®54c; Mny, 531,4® 54%c; July, 5l'<,@53c. Samples steady. 'No. 3, 53©54o,; No. 3-White,. M@i6c; -No": 2, 54©55tf' No. 2 WhIte,-54'/i@5fic. ' HyE —Scarce and flrm. No. 2 cash, B8c; April, -S6c, and May, 87Kc. Samples, S6y,@ 87Vic for No. 2, and 83@SOc for No. 3. L BARLEY—Market bare of offerings. Good malting salable, ~2©75c; common to fair light weight, OS@72c. MESS PORK—Trading unusually active and prices ruled lower. Prices ranged at 812.37^@ 12.60 for cash; *12XO®12.57H tor May, and S12.80@13,00 for July. LARD—Market moderately active and prices lower. Quotations ranged at *6.65@6.70 for cash; $5.S2tf@6.87'/S for May; arid i7.07^ a, 7,1214 for July. BUOTER—Creamery, 31@27c; Dairy, 18®25c; Packing stock, 9@9c. PotJLTRY-Live Chickens, S^@9c per Ib.; Live Turkeys, 9®llc per 16.; Live Ducks. 8©lls perlb.; Live Geese, $3.0035:00 per doz. OILS—Wisconsin Prime White, 8c; Water White, 8>jc; Michigan Prime White, 9&c; Water White, lO^c; Indiana Prime While, 9&c; Water White, lOc; Headlight, -175 test, 8tfc; Gasoline, 87 deg'3, 14c; 74 degX 9c; Naphtha, 33 deg's, 8c. : LIQUORS—Distilled Spirits ruled firm.at$l.l4 per gal. for finished goods. : NEW YORK,. April 1. ; WHEAT—Declined %®l»ic; May, Sl.iS 5-]6® : 1.12?j; - June, $1.10J4@1.115j; July, Jl/OQjf;' August, 8l.04?8@1.05fi: September, $l.03j£®' 1.04WC; December, $1.05V4©.1.08^. CORN—Weak; ^©l^c lower, dull. No. 2, 79!^@81!4c; steamer mixed, 79tf@81c. OATS—Dull and weaker. Western, 58@66e. PROVisiOKS-Bcef flrm and quiet. Extra mess, $7.00@7.50;,, family, 89-50@10.50. Pork, lair demand, flrm; new mess, 8I3.75@14.00; old mess, $11.7i©i2.35; extra prime, 511.50@12.00. Lard, quiet; steam rendered, $7.50. l>*;»tli. for Train Wre»kers. '' .:. SACBA.MBXTO, Cal., A-pril.-. L—GOT. •Markham has signed the bill making- train wrecking punishable : by death. During March 5,321' immigrants from- Italy landed at New York, nearly double the number that landed -February. CLEVELAND, 0., April i. PETROLEUM—Quiet. Standard white, 110 deg. test, 6&c; 74 deg. gasoline, $y.e; 86 deg. gasoline, 12c; 63 deg. naphtha, 6&c. Livestock. CHICAGO, April l. CATTLE—Market fairly active. Quotations ranged at &5.35@6:SO lor choice to fancy shipping Steers; 4.65@5,30 for good to choice do; $3.75® 4.50 for common to' fair, do.; 83.35(84.00 for butchers' -Steers; i f2.50S3.35 -for .Stackers; $3.00©4.25 for Texans: .$3.S5®3.90 .fpr> Feeders; M.50@3.50 for Cow8;''Sl.50<a3.ob"fdr'^BuUs, and ?3.00@r>.(X).for Veal Cairns.- ,'.:,:,<•'.'.- .'.. HOGS—Market only moderately active.. Prices ruled 10®30e lower. Sales ranged at 83.10®4 *3 for Pies: I4.10@-l.80 for light; R25®4So lot rouga packing; S4.4u@4.85 for mixed, and 14.M ®S.10 for heavy packing and shipping lots. BEECH AM'S PILLS ACT LUCE JVLA.GHC ON A WEAK STOMACH. 25 Cents a Box. OF ALL DRUCCI8T8. • Condensed K. R. hme-TaDles. Pitteburg, Cincinnati, Chicago t* $t. Louis 'Ej, (CKNTBAL TIM,) ABKJVX Bradford Division . uur> J:85am».-.....Easte nZjtprewi ..... -. lflO»m* ' A Big Keiv.ird Offered. SOPHIA, April L— The Bulgarian government has offered a reward of §5,000 for the apprehension of the: murderers of the late minister of finance, M. Baltcheff, and has granted a pension for life to the murdered man's widow. Mortar-Spotted SMn Covered with Scales. Awful Spectacle.' Cured in Five Weeks by' the Cuticura Remedies. ~ About the 1st of April last I noticed sbine fed pimples like coming out all over my body, but thought; nothing ol It until some time later on, when it begun to look-, like spots of mortar spotted on, and which 'came off In layers accompanied with Itching. I would scratci every night until 1 was raw, then the next night .the scales,-being formed meaji-whlle, were scratched off.agaln. 'In vain did' I consult all the doctors in the county, but without aid. Alter giving up ail hopes of recovery, I happened to see an advertise ment,,ln the newspaper about jour .Cuticura Remedies, and purcha.sed'them from my druggist, and obtained almost Immediate relief. I begun to .notice ^tnat the- scaly eruptions gradually dropped off and disappeared one by one, until' I had been fully cured. I had the disease thirteen months before I began taxing the Bemedles. and In foui-'orflve weeks .was ; entir-ly^ cured. . My -disease was. eczema and psoriasis. 1 know of a great many who have token the Remedies, and thhnk me for the knowledge of them, especially mothers who .have babes with- scaly eruptions on their heads tmd bodies. I. cannot exp ess my thanks to you. Mybody'was-co-- : ered -wlih scales, and I was an awful spectacle-to behold. Now my skin is as clear as'a baby's. GEO. COTEY, Merrill, Wls. ..... Accommodation...... 8«0»'mf 9:45 a mf.MarlonAccommodatlon. 450 p mt Richmond Division. 8:00 a m*... .Night Erprew..-!:..^ ijJSVai* 11:10 a mt ..... Accommodation;.;..., 55'l a mf 1:30 p m*.... T 1ayExpre«e ........ l-25nr/i« UdOp.tnt...- .Aecommodatton, ..... 230 pmfr IndianapolU Division. ,. 3:208 m*... .Night E<pre«'s... ;' 130 p m»....DByExpre*» ........ Chicago Divl8l«B. 12*) s m*.... Night Express......... S10am» 1:05 pm* ....... .Fast Line ......... 126 pm' 1A1 p.m* ............ Fast Line — ... ..... 1:47 p m« liaoa mt ----- icconunodatloiti--... «:80Dm+ 7:16 p mt ..... Accommodation-..-.. .. 6:16 a mt State JJj»e Division i l:30pmt....lI&UandEipreM _____ g^Oarn*- 7:46 a mt ......... ExpreM ..... ;„>. 7:25 p ml lliSa mt ...... .Local Frelght.:....UdO a mf Trains marked • run dally. TralDgmarked t ran dally «ioept8aDdar, ' Tandalia Line;' SODTHBOTMD. ..... . . .., Local FKiteht ............. *«.A. ..:_..._„.. EDO ant Terre Haute Eipreig..;.;._...._ ..... _... 7^6 a at Mall.Traln ..... ;..;. — .............. . — m ,tM.ya ' HOSTS BODKD. Local FrUght ......... . ......... .:..,...,.,...... fi.-OO s n* Mall Train ....... . ......... „.... ......... ...;_ iDrtG'a'n'" South BendExpress ___ . ....... _. ........... g : 4S n m • • Through Freight, ____ ............. _________ 8:6* pm Close connections for Indianapolis via Ooliax .now made by all our Daiaenger tralna,— J ci iBdgworth, agent. ' ^ Wabaali Railroad; ' New York Expres, dally..,....'.;....... ... Ft Wayne(PBS.)Accm.,except Sunday 8:18 am ' ? Kan City & Toledo Ex .except Sundaj-lldS a m ' Atlantic Express, dally. ................ .... 4.-06 p m- Accommodation Frt., -except Sunday. 6:26 pro ,;,.- -. ... • WE3T BOUND. . -• . Pacific Express, dally......../...-.........;.; 752 a ni ' Accommodation Frt., except : Sunday_I2:I5 p m •Kan City Ex. , except Sunday:......-..',;... 3:45 p m LafayettefJPasJAccni., except Sunday 6:08 p m St. Louis Ex., dally ...... .... ____ „... _____ 1032 pm Eel River »Iv., LoKauxport, Wc«C Side Between I>of«ii»port and Chili. • ' l: '" .''•-•'-- BAST-BOtlNl).;--' !: -'••'' ' : Acoomro odation, ex. Sunday, L'eare. . 16 SO a m Accommodation, ex; Sundayvieave.. 4:40 p ; m '" ' ' Accommodation, ex. Sunday^Arrlve., SdO a m Accommodation, ex. Sunday lx irrlve_ 4:10 p u WANTED. W ANTED a lew persons In each place to do writing at home.. Enclose lOc. for 400 page book with particulars to. J;H. Woodbiny, Station J>,NeWJorkClty.- : --- ' » <oct21dly Cutieura Resolvent The new Blood and Skin Purifier and greatest : of Bumor Bemedles, intenm'ly (to cleanse the blood . . _______ otall Impurities, and thus remove tlie.causej, and MUM- Wanted;' salary and expenses. Cuticura. the treat: SklnvCure and:Cutlcura '.lit Jill- nentplace Apply at once, smm im Avnnicifa «th, Do 0 ,,Mn^- c .»«™.,n« «„ Nurserymen. Chicago opportunity. Ceo. A. Btott, »4» w v . M. Y. Soap, an exquisite skin Beautlder, externally (to clear the skin and scalp and restore .'the hair), nre evert species of agonizing, Itching, burning, scaly, and pimply diseases of the skin, scalp; and blood. . . ' Sold everywhere. Price, CuHcura,. 50c..; Soap, 25c.; Besolvent, $1. Prepared by the Potter Drug and Chemical Corporation, Boston. ; : Co., Perma- Browii a2d2m W ANTED—An active,, tellable man-: 87O to 88O monthly, with Increase, td/'-e•—--- > a responsible/New Manufacturer,/Lock York House. Beferenees. Box 1685, New York. "How to Cure Skin Diseases," jages, '50 Illustrations; and 100- testimonials. DTA/fPLES, black-heads.'red.' rough, 'chapped, . Jl ill and oily skin cured by GutlcuraSoap.: • I CANT BREATHE. Chest Pains, Soreness. Weakness HacklngCough,.Asthma, Pleurisy, and ^Inflammation relieved in one -minute by the Cutlcnra Ami- „ _, „,„.,,„ 'aln JPJa»ter. Nothing like it lor Weak lungs I Paul, Minn. (TWaiouse Is responsible.) tolm. TELEGR APHYS8&. placed In railway service. Best school --of Tele- praphy on earth. 100 young men wasted now. Send for circulars. VALENTINE'S SCHOOL, JaneevlUe, Wk. mar27d2m W A NTPH Two or tliree good men VY rvli Jl JCiL/ to represent, oar.well known house fortown and < Ity trade; local and traveling: $100 «nd oxnenKcH per month to the right man. Annly qulw, stating age. ' JL. JU Slay Co., ilursBrymen; Florists';anriSpedsmsn,,Sil,

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