The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1948
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.)' COURIER MOT'S THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19, ig 18 Honey inil* no tax upon the digestive system. The su&nrs of honey are primarily inonosncchaVirtes, dextrose nnrt !cv;:!oso, which iTquiiv liule digestion and can be absorbed quickly. Pennsylvania contains moic than 180 kno\vn caves. You gef the fin osi when you buy Ever-Good hickory-smoked ham. Ever-Good Ham has real lender-smoked flavor, real ham goodness that malcei jfr a joy Jo serve, a treat to eat. Serve steaming Ever- Good Ham for dinner, and mako Ihrifty left-over dishes later. Ask your dealer for Ever-Good Ham. Plateful of Nourishment Marshall Denies Soviet Charges Secretary of State Hits Claim That U.S. Sought Peace in 1943 'WASHINGTON. Feb. til. 'UPi — •Sectelnry of .State flfoi^e C, Mar- shull slid y('^le-rri;iy (hal there \va.s no foundation for .Soviet rharprs I hat (lie Unit I'd Stales .sought a .^epJU'iiU 1 pc.ire with Germany in 104:). Hr ;ilso tnld R nev>s con [i-re nee Hint t lie re \vas no basis whatever (or 11 mi tirs thill the Soviet* Union put mil "pence feelers" In ihe "cold •^ar" -nt rrcciit .V'crel meetings in Tiir i umnr .si ni led with reports that. Ainbuv-mlur Holier t D. Murphy, IJ s. |ioli(U';il ndvi.'ser In Her- Hn, has held n super-secret meeting with a hljjh Soviet diplomat. Tin* .Sovlel, leprc'.senlalive, .so tho rumor went, .sought a 'way nf etul- in^ the prc.sent diplomatic "wsir' Marshall was emphatic; in deny inn tl:e rep" 1 1• There is nothing lo ft, he .1:1 Id; j c.'cmtra.stiiiR color and eon.sistency. There is no [or such minors; s Using bright and Mark colors, such he knew muhiiif; of siu h » meeting. . HS greens, yellows, ml, brown nnd Murphy wii.s here week ami ! white, and fibrous vegetables and cniiterrod \\ith Marshall ami. other j more lender osie.s. Cook them all lihlh olflrhil.s on tlir forthcoming freshly and serve wuli a saner. an talks nn (ienunnv in ! These- vegetable dlnuer.s are pro- Unreconstructed Rebel Hasn't Yet Surrendered to the Damyankees GRAHAM. Trx. (UPI—The hard* IcrlitiB, llml ll.r "hovs in Kn y, n{ „,„, p £p« ( ;L ::, "=x —; ru',,r:'£: ,r^ lime. There Mill JR one unrmm- > . sheHrr strut-led rebel in Texas who never |"' ^ ,,.,?.* .,, ' i. ..,...„,,,*„,.„,! i,,,,.-,,,-.,.,. "i-^ i-unt'i. unn the bllifoM to his pocket as she i pnccd the room. Men like un attractive! \KA Slnfr \Vril-r A variety of plentiful vn«ot:ih]p.s : assembled into "a vt^elable- din- I . ner" crui solve the niealles.s nient I problem. AITFUIHE- them uttractively. served vegetable Hihmrn, Unclr Hob lo ..«. | vUlp Ark a h . residents nf this farm nnd oi! pro- i , foimht' duciiiK conununity, uirnpd (lie heart I' U*MH. nf his liitle ni;iif )iom«",vard fi!i! n\s JIKCI without tlie (nrmalify of rendering. Hi? hasn't surrcnd- ered yet. 'J'he ](]2 yi-iirs lhat he has iived | have softened Uric In Hnl> .^ome- | whnl, thoimh. Today ho tnkes pride in the fai-f that he i.s one of (ho 12 .surviving eonfcderates still living in Texas. enlislrd with Ark., a battle in which the t{iti>ku~ii tii'ver iiin^U'iT<l oul of (lie confederate Army. HP nnd hi 1 -* Faslnoji, hnmr. but didn't | war had taken ca only nhiis reman moved to Texas, i npmenls In Marshall's uM -Miir.shall .siiul UuU the recently negotiated Illo DC Jn- One bimch \\hit : tioti to the vai'ioii.s claims for sov- Jlomove tojxs from turnips; serub; ei'fiunl.y in AntmTi if a. Grcei:r-Tiirkey— The pare ami cm in cnb boiling saittri water ^<)-:i;i jninutr.s nr until lendei- Drain Melt inni 1 - Rari(ie, n<!d, pai'.sley nnrl pour over dleed tnrnl]i.s. With Kasy lloll;ind;i!sc One lnr(;e bimch brorcol!, ^-i cup real inayoniiiiise, \'.\ rui> milk, dash of salt and pepper, 2 tablespoons Remove tough outer leaves atid f-mis of siiilks of broccoli. Lot stand in cold water lii-'JO reel and split stalks, cook in soiled water 15-20 minutes or nnnaise, milk and sna^ and pepper. Cook over til thickened, Add lemon juice and I'inrt nnd serve over rooked broccoli- Sllenl C:irrnK wilh .Mushrooms fortified mjirs; urine, m rots and slice the !on« way . Cook in boil LUC nntll tender. Melt, margarine, ncirt mushrooms and heat thoroughly. WAFFLE SYRUP So Rich if stays on top of your woffle Instead of seeping In ... Keeps inside crisp Find New Method To Fight Diseases Due To Infection UUDAPI-IKT, Hungry lUI 1 ) — A Ht".v prophylactic and s her upon tic principle- of M^hlin^ inU'dious di.i- cusrs ha.s hi'i-n aniionni f(! by tlir duv cior ol" the i>liy.sLolo;!U al in.sti- Uitc ol tin 1 Hmlajiesi Utiivci.siiy. Pro/. Cirxa Miuisfeld. Imtjiuniiy i.s attainod by inj ins; iiiniHUH' jinimal brain cells nun Prof. Mniisfeld, who started hi* expernnt'ius .some H years concluded thai: 1. 'ihe toxin of every infectious yerin and every pathogene/tic virus is lirst absorbed by colls of tlic bra in and makes its way from there, by the peiiphrric nerves, to the viU'ious 2. Experimenting with sulpha Pi-nf. Mansleld found thai thoy do not kill the nrrms in the cc, dash 1,1 atetl lemon | human nr^anism, but keep them their products out of the "i 1 uiisin by blockLnj; the brain <:eli Thai- riUscnvery has been .sub- stantiulcd by cxtierieiicos thai if a cul is iniuU: thn-ou^h tho - nerve connectinc Ihn -sick orpan 'o Lhe central nervous system, the dis- cruspci tn clpvelope. Tho immunity a« the sain: 1 kind of inlrcllon has been rtpvpi- npecl by the organLsm. That made il obvious that although the infectious germ sure-ceded, by way of ihe blood, it mK'hini; the brain colls, it cou: - int continue its trip into the cells bnrn looketl into (lie fare nf Cnpl. I ..yon-- n rrmtlar U.S. Army officer si-ho roiiuiiiiiiderl Union trortp.s ru I he Hat tie- of WilMin Creek In Missouri :im! wondered if he had fired Die shot that killed him. "He was one of the Union's icn." Uncle Bob recalled. Lyou ad liei-n brcviuccl a Kenoral .shovL- ' before he wa.s kilted. One time, the ymjnj? soldie t took lop thorp. The j of thai ed. He finally i • those days a wild country. Hint: Beware of Women • A PRODUCT OF ANHEUSER-BUSCH Collect a Whole Set from Your Grocer! w$ ^liR-;iii. • Cooked Dressing Used to Improve Best Bean Salads Cftinied kidney beans ".viih a cooked dressing make a protein ricli meatless iimeheoii. Bran Salad (Serves fil Two cup. 1 ; ctinncct kidney b^nns, cup clmppeii s \\eet p;<'k]e. .1 hard-cooked eyp.s. sliced. 3-4 cup celery, chopped. '2-2 cvip boiled sai- nrl dre^sim;. lottucr. Drain brans. Add pickle and celery nnd LOSS toyelher. Add saint! liresjiiuy ami mix. Chill thorouahly Serve on .shrodcicd Ictiucc and ysir- nish with sliced cj-i;. Coiikctl Snhul Drcssinc Twif trnspoons dry mustard. 1 teaspoon ,s;<li. 2 tea^i^Hiiis su^ar, 2 table.spoon.s flour, cayenne. 2 ?££*. 1 1-2 cups milk, \-'l cup lesu on juice or vnu'piu', 1-2 cup Jortl- fied nut: em ine. Mix musturri. suit, flour and Mi«ar Heat ihe milk and add yrai!- ualiy. stiriini; constaiuly. Crxik is 1 the top par!, ol double boiler ovci boiling water or i)ver very lo\v )ie.u until I hickmed. st irrins; cons', an! Cnnk lor 10 minuses, slirrinu IMT Monaily. Beat the ei^s a;id arid | hirle o( ilie tliK-keneti hot imx'i. j TO ii;r ek^p M:x and add N> the • i emuiiium inixi IJLT and cn< 1 !ii]fun 3 muuitrs .s> irnnc con;-:;iiil- I ly. ] Remove frnni heat a nti atlri the i icmt'Ti Juicf or vinegar and fnrti- ', icd mnrcarine. >t irriiu: '.veil. Thry llanrr fnr .lerr> MINOT. MK 'UP' -- A popular r\e:it )irld *ach > in ti;r \ij;n2 n ol \Vrst Mrnnt is ••>[!>.> D.uire. ' !; IP liiiRiirrd from a lurid s»"t M\\ by ihr late Jrremiah }I;Jtimn. ed tliat \\\f dance be held atsiuially on his birthday. ^ cup canned O f t j-,p orizanisin, tw?cause the ncnx \vas .severed. 3. Prof. Mansfrld Miccoetied ii hralihy animals \vitl the brains of am ma I.s which ha\> become immune by havine rrrm cred from tuueivulasis. fnasirnirl as the injection of immune bra 1 .: cells holds no danger whatsoo^'^r ihe way seems to have been opened, to a new '.vide riinge therapy "I infccUonal sirkncss, Who Circle Around INDIAN'APOIJS lUlM- L. Dickinson, an uphnlMer.v shop proprietor, was annoyed when a yinuu-' '.vonuin circleti n round him .soverM times as ho showed her his samples-. Alier .she had left the .shop.Dick- in.son disrriverod that 5! EXTRA REFINED BRINGS OUT HIDDEN FLAVORS Plain or Iodized hiK from his \vallcl. lie deduced that the M""l lilted the wallet, pae-' CAREYS cai^-t^ FLAVOR.' Give vour kiicnsn uus Parcx "BEAUH' MTU" Pour a. small amount of iuil strsn^'th on drain'ooird. rr "Spread -.ritK wet cloth. Wipe sir, l~SKy ^'^ s '-^' e ciiimel with sime c'.j-.U ft1?£~—• Rinse. Mi-ccs your kitchen S'.veeter and tdsivterj Skinless Weiners Ib. 39<z Chuck Roast Ib. 49c All Meat - No Bone Boneless Round Steak Ib. CITY SUPER MARKET 09 West Main -We Deliver—- Phone 2668 Monday through Friday ot 9:30, 11:00, 2:30 and 5:00 p.m. Extra delivery at 8:00 p.m. Saturday. "Spend Your Dollar at Home" L:\I-RU Si/,o IB: l!v I lie Ciisu SI) l.h- Ciin IT 37 -l*i~ vV?'" •'• -"-s~ Premium Prukuges of Dclitious Molhcr'5 0<iti Bring You Lovtly Dishes! Etcry ptcroli.m package li.,l,l^ .1 K.,, lt j,,,j ., iLt( . tablcwire (or ymi! Scne a Imwl ,*( Mrcal daily 10 every mcniln.Tiitymirf.iniilj.V,,, •icrs «cl Mother's Ojis (.imixiv Btow ;..anJ Dad needs ils top l'>lif>iic-li^lnin K e Viumin B, and FooJ-linercy. \Viih 'surii hcriefus for citrine, il's n<i' Mr.iln-r's Oils is»\mcrica's most A s k for it in the premium package-! Mother's Offtt ti-ith Aluminum VC,trt \':ir PACKAGE) lion's irliiii !nr ticw ini!jl.»''y ;iid for rhrvjfi ri>mi! rir.s i.s in Ihr fiinl sf^- Vfs, I^csuli'tit Tn n UK ii is rxp< r;rd ro HMch 111? <lr<" i.^i'ni brloir rlcj^rirt- inv for a v <ic:ii inn Pi ukty. Au^irin -Tlir United -S-:i;r^ S-> lifip'-llll Of Cf'l' \\~.'Z n^tTf-IlK•!!' on ^ cirnft pnc r 'rraiy £r>r An.-:: n al '.lir mrrtmt: of ci'-^u 1 ic.s '-' h:cfi sturt-S in I/nirifiH FTiti.iy. Hunter's Thrifty Sliced Bacon Ib. 63$ 2-lb. Package Velveeta Cheese ea.$LQ9 CREAM •2* l.hs. NUT FLAKES 15 GRAPE HOTS Ki v <l Cross Fresh Pork Neck Bones Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 Ib. Pure Pork Country Style Sausaqe Ib. 49* 3 for Ri-cl Cross 18 27 l 27 A<l:nns 12 <)^. Cans ORANGE JUICE MO, 27 .lark Spriil GR'FRUIT JUICE ((111 25 r OYSTERS Can 25' 45 IUIT COOKTA1L % osuin — ': BAKTLETTPEA^S 39 Vallt-v — Nd. 2 Ciin LIMA BEANS Vila Valley—No. 2 Can TUSNIP GREENS 10 KinK of The 0/.;irks—No. 2 Can P/I1ISTARD GREEHS 10 Delicious l.ciiU'ii Dish KRAFT DINNER 2 ,, Knler the repsi Cola Contest PEPSI COLA l-'ri'sli Swccl. SIIKKDDKI) COCONUT llcrsehv's Chotolide SYRUP 25 CilSC t.h. Carnation IMilfc 3 formic Golden Ripe Guatemala Bananas .10$ Winosap Cooking Apples is. 57< For Garnishes Parsley bch. 5$ 10 Pound Bag Grapefruit 39$ Ik-iiu, Clapp or BABY FOOD . 2 For -Strained Wilson's BEEF TRIPE I.I). Tin 35 45 57 C We Feature PEVELY ICE CREAM Pint 25? Only $1.29 Large Size MODESS Red Triumph Potatoes 100 Ib. Bag $2.98 California Avocados ea. Fresh Cello. Spinach bag 230

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